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Jacob Dzhugashvili: Lies about Stalin - an attempt by current elites to justify the plundering of the Soviet legacy

Joseph Stalin's great-grandson, artist and public figure Yakov Dzhugashvili, in an exclusive interview with the online publication Verb, told why he would continue to fight for the truth about his great great-grandfather, saying bluntly: We need Koba today.

Lie like a virus

- Is the anti-Stalin hysteria reigning today in the global media annoying you?

“A lie insults me, and I will expose this lie with all the means at my disposal and try to convey the truth to people.” Stalinization is the enlightenment of people, an explanation of what Joseph Stalin wanted to do, what he managed to do, who and why resisted his reforms. Without exposing the lies about Joseph Stalin and stories The USSR of that period can not be any Stalinization. Today Joseph Stalin is dear to everyone for whom words such as Justice, Fatherland, People are not empty sounds.

The fact is that the lie about Joseph Stalin and the USSR of that period was created with the aim of undermining the authority of the country's leader, so that people would be repelled by any attempt to comprehend the nature of the phenomena that occurred during the period of his life and his role in these events. This lie is not directed against Joseph Stalin or his relatives, but, first of all, against the Russian people. By lying about it, they are trying to deprive the Russians (and together with them those peoples who, together with the Russian, built the first in the world society free from parasites) the ability to resist both external and internal threats. The lie about Joseph Stalin is a virus created by subhumans that destroys the defense mechanism of a people and is responsible for recognizing danger. Finally, a lie about him is an attempt by the current elites to justify the plundering of the good that was preserved and multiplied by the Soviet people, says Yakov Dzhugashvili.

Georgian youth do not know Russian

- In Georgia, Joseph Vissarionovich remember, love?

- The attitude of people to Joseph Stalin in his homeland today is determined by their awareness of the country's leader and the USSR of that period. These are the two most slandered topics, and to understand them you need to have access to specific literature, and this literature is mostly Russian-language. The authorities in Georgia have been pushing the Russian language out of Georgia for almost ten years and have achieved “quite good” results in this matter: the younger generation practically does not know Russian. But even that part of the population that does not consider it “the language of the invaders” and continues to join the world culture through the Russian language is not particularly interested in the topic of Stalinism. Most Georgians today do not even have the desire to deal with these issues, as they are suppressed by their extremely sad financial situation, as well as the monstrous in their meanness, anti-Soviet (and essentially anti-Russian) and anti-Stalinist propaganda, which is poured from TV, and in Georgia four million people - two dozen channels! You need to have a stable psyche and have a strong motivation to not lose heart and resist in such conditions. Therefore, it must be admitted that in Georgia the Stalinists have no effect on the mood and consciousness of the people. Despite such a sad state of affairs, the positive image of Joseph Stalin — in articles, cues — like a powerful beam of light pierces the minds and hearts of people, causing them to think about this man and his affairs.

How to revive Stalinist justice without violence

- Do you have a Russian passport?

“I am a citizen of Russia, moreover, I am a participant in the initiative group on holding a referendum on adopting amendments to the Constitution and the law on“ Responsibility of power ”to secure these amendments.

- What is their essence?

- Life is arranged unfairly. And injustice comes from power. The power is unfair because it has the potential to be unfair. How to achieve justice without revolutionary violence? It's simple, but you need to see the root of this injustice of power. Why do members of the government and their minions do whatever they want in power? Because they are not responsible for the results of their rule - they are not punished for the harm done to the people. The driver will be punished for an accident that happened by chance, and the authorities are not responsible for anything, no matter what it does! Is this fair? We need a law according to which in all elections every voter except ballots with a new composition of power will receive a draft verdict for the old, replaced composition of power, and in this verdict there will be three lines: “Worthy of encouragement”, “Worthy of punishment” and “Without consequences”. If the majority of voters decide to release the old composition of power without consequences, the authorities will leave their powers as they are now - without consequences for themselves. If the majority of voters decide to encourage the authorities, then the President or each member of the Federal Assembly will become a Hero of Russia. And if voters decide “Deserving Punishment,” then the President or each member of the Federal Assembly will go to jail for the duration of their term in office.

- How are we going to judge?

- Each voter will judge the power solely out of his own conviction in her guilt and merit. And in order for the verdict to be objective, voters are required to answer themselves a simple question: has their life improved, worsened or not changed during the period of the government’s rule. Agree that any voter will be able to answer this question, regardless of his education, cultural level, etc. We, citizens, take the responsibility to submit to the authorities, but once every five years we will judge the authorities for the results of this our subordination. That is justice!

Katyn case

- You pay special attention to the Katyn case.

- Not so long ago, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow indirectly confirmed that the Germans shot Polish officers in 1941. The outcome of the court with the State Duma was sensational. No, the lawsuit was denied, but in its decision the judge wrote in black and white twice that the Poles in Katyn were shot in September of 1941, i.e. - Germans. This is a big win! This is no longer journalism, but a document in which the general knowledge of this fact is established in court. I congratulate all honest people. And, most importantly, honest Poles, with this victory! And to all scoundrels, including Polish, I advise you to stock up with validol.

- Who helps you fight the process?

- In 2009, a publicist Leonid Nikolayevich Jura contacted me and asked my father, Yevgeny Yakovlevich, to allow him to file a claim for the protection of the honor and dignity of Joseph Stalin. The lawsuit was filed with Novaya Gazeta for publishing an article by Anatoly Yablokov “Beria was appointed guilty”. According to the laws of Russia, only a relative of Joseph Stalin has the right to file such a claim. My father agreed, and Leonid Jura became the official representative of his father in court on this case. However, the father considered it obligatory that his representative along with Leonid Nikolayevich was Yuri Mukhin (, who by the beginning of the process was sick and was in the hospital. (What happened to him there is a separate story, which almost ended tragically for him). Then they were joined by Sergey Emilyevich Strygin - the author of the independent investigation of the Katyn tragedy. For three years now this trio has been terrifying at the “fighters against Stalinism” only because “they are fulfilling their dream!” After all, they demand the trial of Joseph Stalin? Here is a court for you, come and prove his “crimes”. Lawsuits showed the complete helplessness of prosecutors Joseph Stalin. Unlike the studio of Ekho Moskvy radio station or the office of the editor of Novaya Gazeta, in court our opponents were forced to answer for their chatter. Our representatives actively helped them in this by asking various questions to which they were obliged to answer, as required by law. Historians conducted an amazingly large-scale work to expose lies about Joseph Stalin and the history of the USSR. Yuri Mukhin, despite being extremely busy (he himself initiated two criminal cases under the “Russian” article for extremism) and underwent heart surgery, he managed on the day of the meeting or immediately after writing exhaustive reports on what was happening there. Now these reports are combined into a book called The Trial of Stalin. I note that the media, both official and supposedly oppositional, kept a united silence about these processes. Even Ekho Moskvy and Novaya Gazeta have chosen to remain silent, although they were directly involved in the trial.

- You had a loud trial against journalist Vladimir Pozner.

- I was able to attend this process, and had the “happiness” to witness this “TV-boltology guru” in close proximity. Ironically, the process took place on December 21 - on the birthday of Joseph Stalin. The bottom line is this: Vladimir Pozner accused Joseph Stalin of shooting Polish officers in Katyn at the end of one of his programs in his traditional replica. When he learned about the lawsuit, he was on the air of Ekho Moskvy, saying that he was ready to prove in court that Joseph Stalin was involved in the shooting of the Poles by documenting. When he arrived at the court session accompanied by two lawyers (one of whom was clearly on friendly terms with the judge), he laid out on the table two of the four documents from the most famous folder of fakes in the Katyn case. The judge responded immediately, and made it clear that this document was hidden far away and forgot about it. Vladimir Pozner forgot about this “document”, as he forgot about his ominous promises to document the involvement of Joseph Stalin in the shooting of the Poles. Instead, he began to defend his constitutional right to chatter, i.e. - personal opinion. I note that all the “fighters against Stalinism” in court proceedings, instead of giving concrete arguments in favor of their allegations, were engaged in defending their right to personal opinion. During one of the breaks, there was a dispute with Vladimir Pozner regarding the “documents” brought to the court. It became clear that he saw these papers for the first time in his life. Moreover, he never even heard that these papers are fakes. What does it mean? And this means that Vladimir Pozner, knowing about the topic of the upcoming court dispute and having at least two weeks before the start of the trial, did not even deign to spend at least an hour of his time and “google” this topic on the Internet. So, for example, to my remark about one of the “documents”, namely “Beria’s letter”: “Could Lavrenty Beria have ordered something to the“ troika ”in the 1940 year, if the triples were abolished in the 1938 year?”, Vladimir Posner blurted out: "Mog!" One word - "guru."

- How do you feel about the western about Joseph Stalin, who is going to shoot Alexei Balabanov?

“He promised to make a film about my great-grandfather, stating that“ Joseph Stalin, who was already a completely debunked idol during his youth - a bandit, a thief in law, would become one of the heroes of the film. He was actually a thief in the law - it is not proved that he personally participated in the robberies. But not proven that did not participate. Therefore, I can both do so. ” I would like to emphasize that a lie about Joseph Stalin is not an insult to us, relatives. She does not offend me personally. This is the humiliation of the Russian people who, in the shortest possible time, built a powerful industrial country that won the war from the army of all Europe (after all, not only Germans fought on the German side). Finally, the people who conquered into space.

Manufacturing of “famine”

- In Ukraine, in the anti-Stalinist policy, the main focus is on 1932-1933 famine ...

“This is what Professor Grover Fehr says, the author of the book 61 False Khrushchev:” In the 1930s, the Ukrainian nationalists, with the help of the Nazis, began to fabricate the so-called “famine”. Now the late Canadian explorer Douglas Tottle (Douglas Tottle) argues this in his book Lies, Hunger and Fascism: Myth about the Ukrainian genocide from Hitler to Harvard (Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard (1987). I read an article in 1987 in which he debunked the lies of Ukrainian nationalists. I was amazed at what Douglas Totl wrote and went to Toronto (Canada) to meet him. In 1988, American journalist Jeff Coplon He interviewed him and others for the article “In Search of the Soviet Holocaust: The Famine 55 Years Old and feeds the Right ”(In Search of a Soviet Holocaust: A 55-Year-Old Famine Feeds the Right). Ukrainian nationalists lie about the so-called“ famine ”is necessary to justify their cooperation with the Nazis and the killing of millions of their compatriots, including Jews. They killed up to 100 000 Polish citizens during the so-called Volyn Massacre. Polish researchers Vladislav and Eva Semashko (Wladyslaw and Ewa Siemaszko), Ukrainian-Canadian researcher Viktor Polishchuk and Russian historian Alexander Dyukov document this massacre. In order to justify at least a small part of these crimes, nationalists need to insist that the USSR was worse than the Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists, and it was so bad that there was nothing worse than communism and “everything else would be better.” Similar false stories about Soviet atrocities are also promoted by the right-wing nationalists of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Usually they are based on Nazi propaganda sources, which are most often simply reprinted. The Historical Memory Foundation of Alexander Dyukov publishes papers on these falsifications.

Joseph Stalin's great-grandson is convinced that exposing the anti-Stalinist lie is necessary not only to restore historical justice, but also to return to our peoples a protective mechanism protecting us from dangerous ideological aggressions, because knowing our history, the ability to distinguish lies from truth, the original from fake - one of the foundations of such a protective mechanism of the people.

Interviewed by Dmitry Fakovsky, especially for the online publication Verb
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  1. sincman
    sincman April 12 2013 15: 45
    How to achieve justice without revolutionary violence? It’s simple, but you need to look at the root of this injustice in power. Why do members of the government and their minions do anything in power? Because they are in no way responsible for the results of their rule - they are not punished in any way for the harm done to the people. The driver will be punished for an accident that happened by accident, and the government will not be responsible for anything, no matter what it does! Is this fair? We need a law according to which, in all elections, every voter, except for ballots with a new composition of power, will receive a draft verdict for the old, alternate composition of power, and this verdict will have three lines: “Worthy of encouragement”, “Worthy of punishment” and “Without consequences”. If the majority of voters decides to let go of the old power without consequences, then the government will leave its powers as it is now - without consequences for itself. If the majority of voters decide to encourage power, the President or each member of the Federal Assembly will become a Hero of Russia. And if voters decide “Worthy of punishment,” then the President or every member of the Federal Assembly will go to jail for the duration of their term in office.

    What a great idea! As in nature - the natural selection into power of the most worthy representatives of the people. The nouveau riche would simply have no desire to break into it.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov April 12 2013 16: 34
      The idea is good. But utopian as it seems to me ...
      By the way 8 company Where are you? You are the main debunker on the site. You haven’t been seen for a long time or all the same, on my advice, have you started to drink tablets? And Stalin no longer comes at night? Happy for you.
    2. yak69
      yak69 April 12 2013 21: 29
      Dear forum users!
      Congratulations to all on the great Soviet holiday - Cosmonautics Day!
      The Soviet country was the first to launch a ship with a man on board into space. This is the beginning of a New Era. This is the victory of the entire Soviet people under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (the fundamental reserve of which was laid during the reign of JV Stalin).

      On the issue of the results and achievements of the USSR and the Russian Federation (under the "leadership" of the liberals).
      NAPOLEON April 14 2013 17: 50
      we had almost the same thing remember when Putin won the first time his first decree was about the inviolability of the ebras and his family. yes
  2. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 April 12 2013 15: 48
    whoever is in power is writing history ... yes, Joseph Vissarionovich is sorely lacking in the current critters from the government ... He would certainly send a lot of paskudniks to Kolyma ...
    1. Hudo
      Hudo April 12 2013 15: 54
      Quote: Sasha 19871987
      whoever is in power is writing history ... yes, Joseph Vissarionovich is sorely lacking in the current critters from the government ... He would certainly send a lot of paskudniks to Kolyma ...

      The father of the peoples, at once, would put all the liberal liberal stuff to the cause without listening to anyone.
      1. vezunchik
        vezunchik April 12 2013 17: 06
        So the leaders of the Communist Party say-there are no people like Lenin ... In every generation there are leaders, both good and bad. It’s just that the Leader alone will not do anything. We need an idea and a community ready to fight for this idea. And we all live by the rule - it wasn’t mine ... And we are waiting for the hero or priest of the king! But everything is in our hands ..... When it becomes impatient, people quickly organize themselves ....
    2. kris
      kris April 12 2013 17: 40
      Quote: sasha 19871987
      yes, Joseph Vissarionovich is really lacking in the current critters from the government ... He would certainly send a lot of paskudniks to Kolyma ...
    3. kris
      kris April 12 2013 17: 43
      Quote: sasha 19871987
      yes, Joseph Vissarionovich is really lacking in the current critters from the government ... He would certainly send a lot of paskudniks to Kolyma ...

      and right!

      1. opkozak
        opkozak April 12 2013 22: 02
        Quote: kris
        Joseph Vissarionovich is very lacking ... He would have surely sent a lot of Paskudniks to Kolyma ...

        Are you seriously asking?
        1. Nitup
          Nitup April 12 2013 22: 28
          Putin needs to be removed from this picture.
          1. mankurt
            mankurt April 13 2013 13: 27
            Putin in this picture just has the corresponding expression on his face - deep regret.
            I do not think that the GDP is delighted with the deeds depicted along with its neighbors, except for Joseph Visarionych.
        2. Kaa
          Kaa April 13 2013 03: 14
          Quote: opkozak
          Are you seriously asking?
          On Zakhidny, as always, your opinion? Progebels, eh, Mr. Kozak?
          1. opkozak
            opkozak April 13 2013 13: 21
            If you, dear Kaa, are interested in my opinion. I'll give you a link. Link to a Russian site.
            Putin earns 20 times less than the President of Ukraine
            In 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin earned 5,79 million rubles - in Ukrainian currency this will amount to just over 1,1 million UAH against the income of the President of Ukraine - about 21 million UAH.
            According to the declaration of the President of the Russian Federation published on the Kremlin’s website, the spouse of the head of the Russian Federation received just over 120 thousand rubles in the same period, reports.

            According to the document, the head of state owns 2 apartments, a land plot, a garage and another garage space of 18 square meters, a Skif trailer and three cars: GAZ-M21, GAZ-M21-R and Niva.

            We will note, according to the published declaration of the President of Ukraine, in 2012 Viktor Yanukovych earned 774 thousand 877 hryvnias. As interest on bank deposits from financial institutions received 4 million 62 thousand 437 UAH.

            Also in 2012, the President of Ukraine from the Printing House “Novy Mir” was paid royalties in the amount of 15 million 551 thousand UAH, in accordance with the terms of the publishing agreement concluded in 2011. The balance of funds in the bank accounts of the head of state at the end of 2012 is 23 million 881 thousand 320 UAH.
    4. AntonR7
      AntonR7 April 13 2013 07: 56
      11 th
      Then let's remember Peter 1, I think he is more fair, but he is still a criminal, the then "collectors" robbed under the king, the urk.
      1. Egoza
        April 13 2013 08: 50
        Quote: AntonR7
        and he is still a criminal, he robbed the then "collectors" under the tsar, an urk.

        Robbers rob for their welfare. In order to eat and drink sweetly. To fill your pockets! WHAT STALIN PUT IN HIS PERSONAL POCKET? (Xnumx)
        (2) Name at least one case where Koba personally robbed collectors. Location, year, etc. Or is it on the principle "everyone knows this, everyone says so"?
        1. AntonR7
          AntonR7 April 13 2013 14: 08
          for the first time, he robbed himself of his beloved, did not forget, but for the second time, at the beginning of the century, Stalin was known in the south of Russia as an agitator and head of a terrorist organization that committed one of the high-profile robberies in 1. Already then, according to historians, he showed qualities that would distinguish him in subsequent years: a tendency to violence and paranoid. Harold Schuckman, doctor of historical sciences, senior researcher at the University of Nottingham, characterizes Stalin as a closed, treacherous and somewhat paranoid personality.
          HERE is real confirmation to you that he is a criminal, any person undermining the stability of my state and no matter which regime there is a villain and a traitor. I want to make it clear - I am against anyone who is against my country the one who is to blame for the collapse of the USSR is the same bastard as the one who destroyed Ros. Iperia.
          1. Egoza
            April 13 2013 19: 19
            Quote: AntonR7
            Harold Schuckman, doctor of historical sciences, senior researcher at the University of Nottingham, characterizes Stalin as a closed, treacherous and somewhat paranoid personality.

            University of Nottingham Harold Shuckman! You can not read further! laughing
            1. AntonR7
              AntonR7 April 14 2013 21: 32
              You will grow to a scientific degree and then laugh)))
          2. NAPOLEON
            NAPOLEON April 14 2013 17: 56
            his father beat him as a child, he recalled it himself. and at the beginning of his career he was a Georgian nationalist. hi
        2. AntonR7
          AntonR7 April 13 2013 14: 10
          And here is the recollection of the man who investigated the robbery by Stalin:
          At the end of the XNUMXs, a description of the robbery of the Tiflis branch of the state bank appeared in one of the Russian emigrant newspapers in Paris. The main participant and leader of the gang of robbers was Soso Dzhugashvili (Joseph Stalin). The author of this description was B. Strelbitsky, who seems to be either an assistant to the chief of the Main Security Department or who held a very responsible position in the Police Department. It was this person who was commissioned by the Minister of the Interior to investigate Stalin's impudent daytime robbery.

          According to the descriptions of Strelbitsky, the situation was something like this. Prominent members of the Social Democratic Party found out that on such a date and in the month of 1906 the Main Branch of a state bank sent several hundred thousand rubles to the Tiflis branch of the same bank (forgot the exact number) with credit cards worth one hundred and five hundred rubles. Dzhugashvili (Stalin) organized a gang of 12-14 people (all Social Democrats). The gang knew exactly about the day and time the money arrived at the railway station and the route along which the money chest would be transported from the station to the bank.
          The Pyrotechnics of the Social Democratic Party made two bombs, which the gang seized a few days before the robbery. On the day of the robbery, the whole gang was placed in two houses at the crossroads of two streets of Tiflis. The money chest was transported under the military guard of a horse platoon. When the supply and security arrived at the intersection, where they were to turn onto another street, Stalin dropped one bomb from the roof of the corner house. There was a terrible deafening explosion, and parts of the bodies of the torn up security ranks flew in all directions. There were screams and groans of wounded security officials. The horses carrying the cart were also torn to shreds. Immediately after the explosion of the first bomb, Stalin threw the second one at that part of the guard that was behind the wagon. Again a terrible explosion followed, they say, even stronger than the first and again terrible screams and groans of the wounded.

          It was precisely at the command of his ataman, the robber Joseph Stalin, that the whole gang with revolvers in their hands rushed to the carriage with a cash drawer and, with several revolving shots, finished off, it seems, the three remaining unscathed guards. In the blink of an eye from the nearest alley, a carriage of social democrats-robbers rolled up. The whole gang in one or two minutes loaded a money chest on this cart. The driver (also Social-Democratic -R.), Having overtaken the horses with a good arapnik, galloped rushed along the same lane from where he appeared after the explosion of Stalin's second bomb. Several Social-Democratic (Social Democrats-robbers) went with a money chest, and the rest (the majority) instantly rushed off in advance prepared reckless men to their safe houses.

          The audacity of this day's robbery literally shocked the whole of Russia. Almost on the same day, the security department became aware that the robbery was committed by members of the anti-government political organization of the Social Democrats.
        3. AntonR7
          AntonR7 April 13 2013 14: 11
          you’ll get tired of writing))) and they say the comment is long, so I would add
      2. antidote
        antidote April 13 2013 13: 44
        Urka is six, and Koba did exs as a major felon. It was not for nothing that when he moved to Baku, all the kings of the underworld obeyed him silently. Before the revolution, he was a gangster, after whom only Russia survived
        1. AntonR7
          AntonR7 April 13 2013 14: 13
          Russia, if not for the Bolsheviks and Stalin, had emerged victorious from World War I, and thanks to him, she was plunged into the abyss of the Civil War
          1. Proud.
            Proud. April 14 2013 19: 20
            Yes, you CHO !? By the February revolution, conclusions had already been drawn as to why the Russian army was pursued by defeats (with rare exceptions). Unpreparedness for war, harshness, shell hunger, etc. And the order No. 1 issued by Kerensky (the provisional government) practically disintegrated the army, desertion became widespread. The state that was called the Russian Empire was crumbling into pieces. For example, in March 1917, the Central Rada was created in Ukraine as in fact a body of republican power independent of the Provisional Government. The Rada headed the movement of the Ukrainian people for self-determination in the form of autonomy, with the prospect of secession and the creation of an independent state. Kerensky "sent" ambassadors to Ukraine as to a neighboring state. The state that entered the war (Russian Empire), by the fall of 1917 ceased to exist. The Civil War is a consequence of the two revolutions of 1917. What does it have to do with the Bolsheviks and, even more so, Stalin. You get the following: "Here's a bastard, it's Stalin's fault .That shit..l some kind of h..r, the USSR is to blame. "
            1. AntonR7
              AntonR7 April 14 2013 21: 42
              There are blame and the Bolsheviks and the generals who were in the conspiracy, I would write a lot about this, but it is long and tiring therefore I recommend reading the memoirs of people living at that time, in particular Milyukov, Denikin and others related to military affairs and politics. Revolutions do not happen so suddenly, a revolution needs to be prepared, and this is a huge amount of money for agitators, bombs, newspapers and so on. As for the unpreparedness, for almost such a war almost all countries except England felt the need for weapons, among other things, Germany switched to food production. We won a lot of cards before us and victories, precisely because in February 1917 there were enough ammunition and people, the conspirators were afraid of the success of the upcoming spring offensive and were in a hurry with rebellion, and Milyukov admitted by the way after his resignation in 1917. that the revolution was conceived by them immediately after the start of the war, since they saw this as the only chance to undermine the stability of the state. Read the story of the gentlemen and different sources compare the facts.
              1. Proud.
                Proud. April 15 2013 00: 33
                And where in your commentary, confirmation that the Bolsheviks and Uncle Joe were to blame for the defeat in the First World War? Memoirs are interesting to read, but they are not unbiased materials. Especially if these are memoirs of politicians or military commanders. It is more interesting to read the analysis of such works based on the study polar sources, supported by the facts of the political, economic and social spheres, a certain period of the life of the State. Of course, revolutions do not happen all of a sudden, it must be prepared. But this is not enough. For a revolution, a “fertile” ground is needed, which was “prepared” in Russia, in all the spheres I have listed above. Plus, to all the problems, the Russian Empire enters into an unnecessary war for it. Or necessary .., Russia directly, in order to bring down the "ferment of minds." Or in a relative (for England) which is not one hundred years pitted Russia against Germany. Those still "silver-free peacekeepers" ... Or in an attempt to "work off" the loan that Russia owed France (27 billion francs). The first Frencha loan, Russia ate back in 1888, and got hooked on them. And the country, hooked on other people's money, is not a mistress for itself ... In general, there was a complex of reasons. And whose fault is it? In my opinion, the low qualifications of state power, in general . Hence the Two Revolutions, and the Civil War later.
                1. AntonR7
                  AntonR7 April 23 2013 13: 12
                  The Bolsheviks are guilty like anyone who undermined the stability of the state by revolutions and conspiracies, and the Russian war was beneficial as well as any power that has an interest in Europe, in particular, the Dardanelles were promised to us by England and this is only a small part of the known. And who knows what the powers were discussing backstage.
          2. Khamsin
            Khamsin April 14 2013 21: 07
            You at least do not study much history. And study different sources. You will have your own point of view, more rational. Not Stalin influenced the outbreak of civil war. He was not so omnipotent then
            1. AntonR7
              AntonR7 April 14 2013 21: 43
              Of course, he was not omnipotent then, but his guilt as any revolutionary, and therefore a person undermining the stability of the state, is obvious.
  3. avt
    avt April 12 2013 15: 51
    “Could Lavrenty Beria order something to the troika in 1940 if the triplets were abolished back in 1938?” Vladimir Pozner blurted out: “Could!” One word - "guru" .__________ laughing good One word - a mighty old man, the father of Russian democracy. laughing “I would like to emphasize that lying about Joseph Stalin is not an insult to us, relatives. She does not offend me personally. This is the humiliation of the Russian people, who built in the shortest possible time a powerful industrial country, who won the war against the army of all of Europe (after all, not only the Germans fought on the side of Germany). Finally, the people who conquered into space. "__________ I would say differently. The first is to inoculate the inferiority of the people to the winner in ALL directions, starting with the intellectual disdainful stigma ,, scoop" and not think, get up and not create. And the second is the animal fear of the "elite", which comes not from the mind, but from the spanking of the ass. And what is funny is that they eat into three throats, and they envy the deceased and take revenge.
    1. ziqzaq
      ziqzaq April 12 2013 16: 33
      Quote: avt
      Vladimir Pozner blurted out: “Could!”

      All demagogues, boltologists and others say firmly:
      Hands off Joseph Vissarionovich
    2. vezunchik
      vezunchik April 12 2013 17: 08
      Pozner had to be held accountable for defamation and incitement of conflicts for a long time ... However, someone covers him ...
      1. Canep
        Canep April 13 2013 05: 16
        If Posner is pinched, then the stench will be immeasurable, he enjoys the support of the United States and the rest of the democratic public. He once spoke about the law of "Dima Yakovlev" on the central channel. The deputies were going to pass the law so that foreigners could not work as presenters on central channels.
  4. Hudo
    Hudo April 12 2013 15: 51
    Cantata of Stalin

    Music: I. Dunaevsky
    Words: M. Inyushkin

    From edge to edge, along the mountain peaks
    Where the mountain eagle is flying
    About Stalin the wise, dear and beloved
    A beautiful song is composed by the people.

    This song flies faster than a bird
    And the world of the oppressors is trembling viciously
    She will not be held by posts and borders
    Nobody’s borders will keep it.

    She is not afraid of either a whip or a bullet
    This song sounds in the fire of the barricades
    Rickshaw and coolie sing this song
    This song is sung by a Chinese soldier.

    And raising a song about him like a banner
    A united front paced rows;
    Burn, a terrible flame flares up,
    The peoples stand up for the last fight.

    And we sing this song proudly
    And we praise the greatness of the Stalin years,
    We sing about life, beautiful, happy,
    About the joy of our great victories!

    From edge to edge, along the mountain peaks
    Where are the planes talking
    About Stalin the wise, dear and beloved
    people sing a beautiful song.
  5. Nitup
    Nitup April 12 2013 15: 54
    It is obvious to me personally that Stalin was a great leader, thanks to whom Russia became the number one power. Yes, there were repressions, but, if you look, no tens of millions were shot. About 650 thousand people were shot. The Trotskyists made great efforts in organizing mass repressions. Their actions led to famine in Ukraine. And all responsibility fell on Stalin. But he did not possess all power until the 40s.
    1. Krasnoyarsk
      Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 16: 26
      63 th
      SHIELD?! 650 thousand people? In Stalin, responsibility for the rout in 1941, for the famine in the USSR, for executed officers, etc. hangs. All the achievements of that time are drowned in the blood shed to achieve them.
      1. Mikado
        Mikado April 12 2013 16: 51
        Quote: Krasnoyarets
        All the achievements of that time are drowned in the blood shed to achieve them.

        From your words, I conclude: in order for us to have such achievements now, we must again shed the blood of all evil spirits and parasites.

        By the way, where does the photo of this captured Red Army man? And why did they make him so photographed?
        1. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 17: 02
          40 th
          Tukhachevsky, Blucher, Egorov parasites? Residents of Ukraine parasites who died of hunger?
          1. Proud.
            Proud. April 12 2013 17: 59
            Forgive me for interfering ... Well, albeit not parasites, just ra .... yai, with megalomania and lack of necessary knowledge. About hunger. Not only Ukraine has suffered. The North Caucasus, including the Don, Kuban and Stavropol, part of Siberia, Kazakhstan, the Volga region. The famine was the result of a combination of causes and errors. Not an intentional action.
            1. Krasnoyarsk
              Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 20: 38
              10 th
              Grain at that time was being pushed abroad specifically, taking everything from the peasants under the clean
              1. Egoza
                April 12 2013 21: 02
                Quote: Krasnoyarets
                Grain at a time pushed abroad

                Because the West also had hunger at that time. The West refused to take payment for machines and equipment of various gold. And machines were needed, otherwise there would have been no breakthrough in technology, industrialization. By the way, these machines still work in some places! And the army would have no weapons !!!! And far from everywhere, everyone was seized under the clean SPECIAL so that the peasants could be destroyed! A lot depended on local leaders. The same chairmen of village councils.
                1. Ruslan67
                  Ruslan67 April 12 2013 21: 38
                  Quote: Egoza
                  The same chairmen of village councils.

                  M ... to at a post worse than any enemy am
                2. AntonR7
                  AntonR7 April 13 2013 14: 15
                  it’s just that we need money for modern weapons and developments, and we were selling grain
              2. Proud.
                Proud. April 12 2013 22: 08
                Well, why write an obvious misconception? Just on purpose, if we talk about the planned economy of the USSR, the plans for harvesting grain were reduced. The amount of exported grain (according to previously concluded agreements) was reduced, and very significantly. I will not bother with numbers, if you wish, you can find unbiased And the theme of the so-called "Holodomor", the result of the diligent work of the Britons, and then their last-amers. The most famous forger of the "Holodomor" - the Englishman R. Conquest. Not for nothing Yushchenko awarded him the Order of Yaroslav the Wise, V degree. respect for the international spirits until the meaning of the Holodomor 1932-1933 by an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people.
          2. Cutter
            Cutter April 12 2013 18: 28
            These degenerates and enemies of the human race are just parasites.
          3. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 April 12 2013 19: 02
            Quote: Krasnoyarets
            Tukhachevsky, Blucher, Egorov parasites?

            Also what! and the cure for them is only one bullet in the forehead am
          4. воронов
            воронов April 12 2013 20: 07
            Quote: Krasnoyarets
            Tukhachevsky, Blucher, Egorov parasites? Residents of Ukraine parasites who died of hunger?

            Tukhachevsky, who lost the war with Poland, the executioner, who drowned in the blood the speeches of sailors in Kronstadt and peasants in the Tambov province, Blucher-alcoholic, Egorov-coward and a traitor, according to their affairs, they were given
          5. sasha1973
            sasha1973 April 12 2013 22: 56
            Read the story CORRECTLY. And not what is being presented.
          6. Khamsin
            Khamsin April 14 2013 21: 14
            You probably watch modern films concocted by leberasts? Only in these films the people you listed are practically lambs for the good suffered.
      2. Vadivak
        Vadivak April 12 2013 17: 16
        Quote: Krasnoyarets
        In Stalin, responsibility for the defeat hangs in 1941

        But do not quote Volkogonov with Roy and Posner, but where were those who on the night of June 22, contrary to the order, were drinking. Something at Kuznetsov not a single ship, not a single plane was destroyed. Do you know why? Because he was disciplined and acted in accordance with a telegram from the General Staff dated June 18, 1941 "on bringing the entrusted and units into full combat readiness."
        And then, based on the fact that the troops should be deployed, this directive went

        "Directive of the General Staff No. 1 of 21.06.41."

        “Military Councils of the LVO, PribOVO, ZAPOVO, KOVO, OdOVO.

        People's Commissar of the Navy

        1. During the period of June 22–23, 1941, a sudden German attack on the fronts of the LVO, Prib. OVO, Zap. OVO, KOVO, Od. OVO. An attack can begin with provocative actions.

        2. The task of our troops is not to succumb to any provocative actions that could cause major complications.

        At the same time, the troops of the Leningrad, Baltic, Western, Kiev and Odessa districts to be in full combat readiness, to meet a possible sudden attack by the Germans or their allies.

        I order:

        a) during the night of June 22, 1941 secretly occupy the firing points of fortified areas on the state border;

        b) before the dawn of June 22 of June 1941 of the year, disperse all aviation, including military, across field airfields, carefully mask it;

        c) bring all units into combat readiness.

        Keep troops dispersed and disguised;

        d) to bring the air defense to combat readiness without additional lifting the subscription. Prepare all measures to darken cities and objects;

        e) do not carry out any other events without special order.

        Tymoshenko, Zhukov.

        June 21, 1941. "

        Why didn’t they fulfill the order? from June 15, orders began to arrive in the western districts, the Directives of NPOs and the General Staff on the beginning of the nomination of parts of districts closer to the border, to the lines of defense (as Marshal Vasilevsky writes). These units didn’t go for a mushroom walk to the border, they were almost full strength, fully armed and ready for battle. That is, most parts of the western districts were in fact put on full alert even before June 22! And such orders in the districts themselves were given from June 16–18.

        “Directive of the Commander of PribOVO ...

        14 June 1941 year

        No. 00 218

        Commander 23 SD

        Cc: Commander 11A

        I order:

        1. 23 sd to withdraw and park in the forests southeast and south of Kaunas. Exactly the areas for the regiments are doomed to be identified and determined during 14 and 15.06;

        2. withdraw all parts of the division and take with them all the supplies that have been drunk on the first mobilization echelon;

        3. in the winter apartments will leave the minimum number of people needed to mobilize the 2nd echelon of the division and to monitor the warehouses with the property left for this 2 mobilization echelon;

        4 speak on the night of 16-17.06 and go to the new district only by night crossings. Concentration of the division to finish completely by the end of 23.06.

        5. in the afternoon to settle down at rests, carefully masking parts and carts, in the woods;

        6. The plan of the division’s transition to a new district and the application for the necessary vehicles should be submitted to me by 12:00 on June 16.06.1941, XNUMX.

        District Commander Colonel General Kuznetsov

        Member of the Military Council of the District Corps Commissioner Dibrova

        Chief of Staff of the District Lieutenant General Klenov. "

        They just had to be put on alert, but they were betrayed by their commanders
        1. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 17: 23
          30 th
          If there was preparation, then why did the Germans stand near Moscow in winter, and with their binoculars could the Kremlin stars be seen?
          1. wax
            wax April 12 2013 18: 10
            In fact, the question is completely different, why the trained and well-trained German and their allies army, which had behind them the industrial potential of all of Europe, surrendered its capital Berlin to Soviet soldiers.
          2. stas
            stas April 12 2013 18: 11
            Krasnoyarets, history has already answered your trick question - 9 of May 1945 of the year.
            The defeat of the Germans near Moscow frustrated Hitler's initial plan to defeat the USSR by November 1941.
            The war that the USSR waged against Hitler did not exist before and will not be in the future.
            1. does it
              does it April 12 2013 21: 57
              Quote: stas
              The war that the USSR waged against Hitler did not exist before and will not be in the future.

              you are not clairvoyant?
            2. does it
              does it April 12 2013 22: 38
              Quote: stas
              The war that the USSR waged against Hitler did not exist before and will not be in the future.

              YOU are not a case of clairvoyant? If not then; CXXXI. I must finish my work with prayer. Oh, Jupiter Capitoline, and you, Mars Gradiv391, the founder and installer of the Roman name392, and you, the keeper of the eternal fire of Vesta, and you, all the gods who extended the power of the Roman Empire to the extreme limit of the land, I invoke and pray to you publicly: protect, preserve maintain this state, this world, [this princeps] 393 (2), and when he fulfills the long-term service of a mortal, as late as possible, determine his successors, and those whose shoulders would be firm enough to bear the burden of power over the world, which how we feel he endures; the intentions of all citizens, if they are good394, [support, if the wicked, crush!] Vellius Paterculus "Roman History" everyone remembers the consequences ...
          3. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 April 12 2013 19: 04
            Quote: Krasnoyarets
            , and through their binoculars were visible Kremlin stars?

            Good optics am Do you remember the final?
            1. Krasnoyarsk
              Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 19: 55
              18 th
              30 million corpses of Soviet citizens.
              1. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 April 12 2013 20: 37
                Quote: Krasnoyarets
                30 million corpses of Soviet citizens.

                For what period? For what reasons ? List by name please request fool
              2. A. Yaga
                A. Yaga April 12 2013 20: 52
                Quote: Krasnoyarets
                30 million corpses of Soviet citizens.

                Of these, 22,5 million peaceful people, including old people, children, women. Stalin didn’t kill all 30 million!
                1. A. Yaga
                  A. Yaga April 13 2013 00: 15
                  Quote: A. Yaga
                  Quote: Krasnoyarets
                  30 million corpses of Soviet citizens.

                  Of these, 22,5 million peaceful people, including old people, children, women. Stalin didn’t kill all 30 million!

                  I meant the loss in the Second World War
          4. воронов
            воронов April 12 2013 20: 12
            Quote: Krasnoyarets
            If there was preparation, then why did the Germans stand near Moscow in winter, and with their binoculars could the Kremlin stars be seen?

            And where then did these Germans disappear in December 1941? laughing
          5. MstislavHrabr
            MstislavHrabr April 13 2013 11: 03
            Because the sabotage component of the fascist blow clearly worked. The Nazis knew in advance the plans for the deployment of our units, that is, they knew where the weak spot was and where to hit, they knew well who and when to kill, or simply watered to disrupt the deployment of the units.
            Our units were deployed along the perimeter of the entire border, and the Germans concentrated forces with at least 8 times superiority in the directions of the main strike.
            An advancing adversary, if an offensive is well prepared always has an advantage, think a lot of them yourself and you will find 100 evidence of this in addition to the above ...
            Lessons must be learned, not blamed on one person. By the way, for what today you need to build in a column before you go to the defense of firing lines ?! Or did Putin come up with this to make it easier for the enemy to destroy a large accumulation of equipment and people?
          6. Vadivak
            Vadivak April 13 2013 18: 58
            Quote: Krasnoyarets
            If there was preparation, then why in the winter the Germans stood near Moscow

            And who do you think is to blame for such preparation?
            “The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR establish that accidents and catastrophes in the aviation of the Red Army are not only not decreasing, but are increasing more and more because of the slackness of the flight and command personnel, leading to violations of the elementary rules of the flight service.

            The facts say that due to slackness, on average 2–3 aircraft perish on average daily during accidents and catastrophes, which amounts to 600–900 aircraft per year.

            The current leadership of the Air Force has been unable to lead a serious struggle to strengthen discipline in aviation and to reduce accidents and disasters. The leadership of the Air Force, as the facts show, not only does not fight for compliance with the rules of flight service, but sometimes it itself pushes the flight personnel to violate these rules. So it was, for example, during the flight on March 27, 1941 of 12 DB-3F aircraft from the aerodrome of plant No. 18 in Voronezh to the 53rd air regiment (Krechevitsy), when Colonel V. Mironov, the head of the operational operations department of the Red Army Air Force Headquarters, Despite the obviously unfavorable weather, he allowed the specified flight. As a result of this clearly criminal order, two disasters and one emergency landing occurred, in which 6 people were killed and 3 people were injured.

            The laxity and indiscipline in aviation is not only not stopped, but as it is encouraged by the leadership of the Air Force that the perpetrators of accidents and catastrophes remain essentially unpunished. The Air Force leadership often hides the facts of accidents and disasters from the Government, and when the Government discovers these facts, the Air Force leadership tries to cover them up, resorting in some cases to the help of the People’s Commissar of Defense. This was the case, for example, with the disaster in Voronezh, in relation to which Comrade Rychagov (Pavel Vasilievich Rychagov, Lieutenant General of the Air Force, head of the Main Directorate of the Air Force of the Red Army. - A. Sh.) Was obliged and promised to send a report to the Central Committee of the CPSU (B.) , but did not fulfill this obligation and covered himself with the authority of the People’s Commissar of Defense, who, without understanding the case, signed an “explanation” covering up the whole case.

            The same attempt by Comrade Rychagov to gloss over the lack of discipline and lack of discipline in the Air Force took place in connection with a severe disaster that occurred on January 23, 1941 during the flight of an air regiment from Novosibirsk via Semipalatinsk to Tashkent, when 3 aircraft crashed due to a gross violation of elementary flight rules, 2 aircraft crashed, with 12 killed and 4 injured crew members.

            In addition to Comrade Rychagov, the Government learned about the breakdown of discipline and the lack of proper order at the Borisoglebsk Aviation School.

            In addition to the Air Force, the Government also learned about violations of the Air Force’s decisions prohibiting skiing.

            What the collapse of manners in the Air Force has come to shows an unprecedented fact for our aviation when a plane was lost in the 29th air division under the control of Commander of the Second Lieutenant Comrade. Koshlyak M.V., and the division command and the leadership of the Air Force did not take serious measures to search for the missing pilot. Twenty days later, the lieutenant was accidentally found frozen in the cockpit. From the letters he left, it is clear that the pilot was healthy after landing, lived 8–9 days, the last letter he wrote on the 8th day after landing. The letter says that he was trying to find a settlement, but due to deep snow he was forced to return to the plane. Pilot Koshlyak died of hunger and cold. Since Comrade Koshlyak himself was accidentally discovered during a training flight near the village, it is quite obvious that if the Air Force or the 29th Air Division took elementary measures to search for an airplane, he, Koshlyak, would have been saved. ”

            So, without a war, more planes perished in the Red Army Air Force during the year than there were in the Polish military aviation on September 1, 1939!
      3. yak69
        yak69 April 12 2013 19: 51
        Quote: Krasnoyarets
        Stalin was held responsible for the defeat in 1941, for the famine in the USSR, for executed officers and so on.

        Well you brainwashed! So washed that they (the brain) did not remain at all. Instead of brains, you have chips from IBM or General Electric. It is obvious.
        I advise you, before it's too late, to put your brains in. Normal Russian brains. Well, or straw, as a last resort - it also "works" well ...
        1. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 20: 01
          Rude however, but your right to judge so.
        2. Ruslan67
          Ruslan67 April 12 2013 20: 40
          Quote: yak69
          I advise you, before it's too late, to insert brains. Normal Russian brains

          It’s better to immediately nail to the wall and throw mom in the trash wassat the network will become cleaner hi
        3. yak69
          yak69 April 12 2013 21: 56
          My mother told me about an incident that happened in the cinema during the premiere of the movie Liberation. The film from several episodes went to the theaters for several days. The halls were overcrowded. And when Stalin appeared in the frame, the audience stood up and applauded while standing. It was in a cinema in Central Asia! Where many were sent into exile (my mother was born into a family of exiles in Fergana).
          In Oleg Dorman's film "Interlinear", his heroine tells about the moment of Stalin's death - "People went to the podium and just sobbed, men and women! There was a feeling that the dearest person died, even more than the father!" literally, but the meaning was just that)
          The Soviet country was twice in such a state of shock: in the days of the death of Lenin and Stalin.
          As it turned out later, the day of Stalin's death was a TRAGIC DAY FOR ALL OUR COUNTRY ....
          1. CAMS
            CAMS April 13 2013 12: 59
            it is an ingrained fear. my grandfather survived the repression and painted a bust of Stalin to bronze. I remember
      4. sasha1973
        sasha1973 April 12 2013 22: 54
        Kozlak, you. Or mishandled Cossack!
      5. antidote
        antidote April 13 2013 13: 46
  6. erased
    erased April 12 2013 15: 58
    The article is a big plus. Only one thing is not said - the current government does not want to radically change anything. Otherwise, everything would have been done. And the Poles would be asked for captured Red Army soldiers taken in 1920, and for the bandits who attacked the RSFSR from the territory of Poland. And the Baltic States would have long been left in place.
    But! There is no shout from above, no reaction. And enthusiasts and decent people are forced to defend the honor of both people and the country themselves. And now the story is written either by foreign specialists, or ours, hired over the hill for their money. Such a shitty alignment.
    1. Byordovvv1
      Byordovvv1 April 12 2013 16: 21
      Before you threaten anyone, you need to be strong yourself. Poland, the Baltic countries and others, all in NATO. So the country is arming itself urgently and the voice of Russia has become more confident and demanding.
  7. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 12 2013 15: 59
    Article unambiguously + Content matches the title. The current "elite" is not capable of anything, it only obsesses the glorious Soviet past.
  8. domovoi
    domovoi April 12 2013 16: 02
    Of course, I would not want to go to the camp because of the denunciation of some "well-wisher". but at that time it was simply necessary to cleanse the country of all shit. in the end, everyone is wrong. and who would speak! what did those who say something about Stalin do for the country? the same Medvedev. I completely agree with the article. and yet I am surprised at the talent of some people / countries in promoting their interests. you have to crush history for yourself - everywhere there is one repression and chaos, they alone have always had prosperity and happiness ... and what is surprising - they are believed ...
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak April 12 2013 16: 54
      Quote: domovoi
      Of course, I would not want to go to the camp because of the denunciation of some "well-wisher".

      Most often, these were neighbors co-workers and ..... relatives. The grandfather was silent to the last who slandered him, if the first secretary had not intervened, he would have gone to the stage, but instead a telegram arrived - to reinstate in the party, to reinstate in the post and was already 37 years old.
  9. k220150
    k220150 April 12 2013 16: 12
    There is STALIN, and there are fighters with him, in order to understand without any details think about their heirs: the son of one and the son of the other - Yakov and Leonid and ... Here is the great-grandson Yakov Evgenievich, bow to him. When people ask about Stalin, I remember Konstantin Ksaveryevich: "Comrade Stalin is a saint to me." And the vile degenerates, we all know them - as from the caricatures of the Kukryniksy, you don't even need to talk about them.
  10. Canep
    Canep April 12 2013 16: 29
    I heard such a story: Khrushchev (from Kiev) wrote to Stalin at the end of the 30s: like we sent you 18000 traitors, and you shot only 2000, like why so few, we were working here (in Kiev) in vain. Stalin answered him briefly: - "KEEP YOUR DUPAK". This is about the "Stalinist" repression (I suppose he himself shot to the left and to the right, the whistleblower).
    In 42, Khrushchev's son hijacked a combat plane to the Germans, and over the radio called for Soviet soldiers to surrender. Stalin was dissatisfied and ordered the partisans to arrange for him an "escape" from captivity. And when the partisans asked for a plane to send the traitor to Moscow, Stalin said - the bird is not great, judge and execute for yourself. After that, Khrushch became angry with Stalin. And revenge was enough for the spirit only after Stalin's death, at the twentieth Congress of the CPSU - about the personality cult.
    1. antidote
      antidote April 13 2013 17: 51
      There is an opinion - that Khrushchev was a Trotskyist, but for them do not feed bread, let them fan the revolution, and the souls of our Russian people served as firewood
  11. Lecha57
    Lecha57 April 12 2013 16: 33
    It has long been necessary to close the topic of Stalin! Many do not like him (or rather, some) - The great leader of a great country. (My father served 2 years)
  12. Lecha57
    Lecha57 April 12 2013 16: 40
    Expressed is not clear, but understandable.
  13. bogdan
    bogdan April 12 2013 16: 43
    Quote: Krasnoyarets
    SHIELD?! 650 thousand people? In Stalin, responsibility for the rout in 1941, for the famine in the USSR, for executed officers, etc. hangs. All the achievements of that time are drowned in the blood shed to achieve them.

    Well, again, liberal reflection, empty words, reckoning on emotions.
  14. Lecha57
    Lecha57 April 12 2013 16: 45
    - Eternal memory to him!
  15. ImPerts
    ImPerts April 12 2013 16: 48
    And let's fast forward to 1961 year. For this they expelled from the Writers Union.

    Felix Chuev

    WHY CUT ...

    Why did they cut down the monuments to Stalin?
    Well they reminded of the past
    The power mined and abandoned
    Serious, respected leader.
    At any time and during it
    Blasphemy the dead - God forbid!
    The deceased, according to ancient law,
    It is not customary to disturb in Russia.
    The thing is, was there greatness in him?
    The veteran said to me: "Swab"!
    What a cult yes a cult ... there was such a person -
    That's why she had a cult.
    And whatever you say about him there,
    No matter how blaspheming, hot,
    He left his greatcoat, a frayed tunic,
    Yes, the hemmed hemmed yet.
    But he also left the state
    With such authority on Earth,
    What, brothers, I have to admit
    To all those who are now in the Kremlin.
    And on the sacred marble platform
    In the hoary frost of November 7th
    He believed in those who believed in June,
    We are firmly talking about victory.
    What nature was bubbling in him,
    And as he gigantic understood
    When is the health of the Russian people
    He raised high above the world!
    Primary Truth. True, not Glory.
    After all, Truth was at the helm with him.
    You can’t throw it off the pedestal with a crane
    And you won’t even bury at the Kremlin.
    And the descendants will not forgive us forever,
    Owners of the land they left
    Because we are such a person
    They could not understand and appreciate.
    Russia is falling on our shoulders
    We are all responsible now ...
    So think, people are not easy!
    Now, after all, HE - does not think for us.
  16. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak April 12 2013 17: 06
    As I understand it, a lie with the goal of destroying and slandering Stalin did not begin yesterday, and not the day before yesterday. Nikita Sergeevich and others like him started this lie. I don’t understand what the modern elite has to do with it. She just continues what the elite began more than 50 years ago.
    About Katyn. But what about the Poles who were kept in the Nile Desert and that were killed in Tver? After all, there is a concrete marble plaque there and it is clearly written on it that the Germans have nothing to do with it! But these killed people also go through the Katyn case.
    Everything is strange here!
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 April 12 2013 18: 23
      There is nothing strange. About 3000 Polish gendarmes, punishers, bandits, and other murderers and assailants in western Ukraine and Belarus were shot by court order. The interned Poles were kept in a camp near Smolensk, no one was going to shoot them until the Germans arrived, the Germans shot the Poles without bothering with formalities, they had thousands of such mass executions in the occupied territory
    2. wax
      wax April 12 2013 18: 28
      The strangest thing is not that according to the memorial plaque "this monastery" contained 6311 Polish police officers and soldiers, but the fact that it is missing ("of them were ....") the number of those sentenced to death who were killed in Kalinin ( Tver). Well, if everyone was shot, then why was it done in Tver? Such is the commemorative plaque. And where are the plaques for the Red Army men (mostly Russian peasants) who were killed (not contained) in Polish captivity?
      1. Corsair5912
        Corsair5912 April 12 2013 20: 40
        The Poles were kept separately, convicted, convicted, and simply interned or captured, and the boards were already hung under the liberals, anyhow.
        In these Poles, no one has any questions, criminal cases are in full order and acts of execution of sentences are on everyone.
      2. воронов
        воронов April 12 2013 21: 25
        My mother is 84 to her, but her memory is excellent, God give her health !!! He says that during the Second World War she and her mother (my grandmother) lived in Dzhambul (southern Kazakhstan), her father and two brothers were taken to the front. So in 1944, Polish prisoners of war appeared in the city, from where and why they were brought she certainly does not know, but she remembers very well that the Poles were tall, sleek, well-fed, dressed in solid civilian clothes, no one guarded them, they worked at many enterprises in the city, lived in factory dormitories, in addition, they periodically received food parcels, red cross lines, poles are free They moved around the city, visited movie theaters and dances, many local, Russian girls played romance with them, and some even got married and left for Poland after the war. At the end of 1945. beginning of 1946 other prisoners of war appeared in the city, Japanese. Here there was already a striking difference in relation to prisoners of war. The Japanese were placed in the camp, in barracks, behind barbed wire, towers, armed guards, dogs, dressed in their military uniforms, which already had pretty a miserable and battered look, short, thin overcoats, and autumn 1945. and winter 1946. they turned out to be pretty harsh, even for southern Kazakhstan, and their mother remembers how they drove them several days out of town, to work, to chemical plants, and how small and thin they were and how cold they were, and they they were for some reason sorry, the receipt by the Japanese of any charitable premises was out of the question. In 180 km. from Dzhambul (now Taraz), there is the city of Karatau, during the time of the Union there was the largest mining and processing plant, in the mountains of the Karatau ridge phosphorus ore was mined from quarries, which was processed at the Dzhambul phosphorus plants. In 1960, my father was the head there transport workshop, we guys, covered all the surrounding mountains, quarries and gorges and in the mountains, in the development area, ran into the cemeteries of Japanese prisoners of war, who from the end of the 1945 to the beginning of the 50's also worked at this plant. overlaid by the mountain, torn stone, from workings, with rusted, small, metal pins, with rusted metal plates fixed on them, on which naturally there were no signs or numbers anymore. But the Japanese didn’t present any pretensions to us about them, just give a couple of islands of the Kuril ridge, but the Poles are constantly howling about their prisoners of war.
    3. COBOK
      COBOK April 12 2013 20: 28
      That is, to support terrorists, enemies of the state, just criminals and maniacs who were hiding in Poland and committing crimes on the territory of the USSR, it is easy for pshek. And to get what they deserve is "brutally tortured."

      But do not theirsing on their territory want to put up a memorial for the Red Army men killed by them and repent?
  17. Bezarius
    Bezarius April 12 2013 17: 17
    Hmm, it’s really a good idea at the expense of the court. It is quite logical that the people should judge the authorities, but then the people should judge the authorities, of course, within the framework of the law. Then the system will be more perfect.

    By the way, the initiative can be promoted here:

    By the way, it would not be bad in court to resolve the issue at the expense of the famine and other highlights, and bring all propagandists to justice. Tired of lying around.
  18. Pacifist
    Pacifist April 12 2013 17: 31
    When discussing any historical political figures, one must first not forget that the actions performed by people at that time and under those circumstances, people living at that time and in these circumstances are being discussed. It is impossible to understand the logic of making certain control decisions looking at them from today's bell tower. To do this, push yourself into the shoes of those who lived at that time, and in many cases it will become clear why there were shootings and why the initial phase of the war was not asked, etc. etc. ...
    There is a well-grounded point of view that, from a political and economic point of view, Stalin would have failed if he had shown humanity towards those who were the opposition to the Soviet regime. And the process of formation of any new political system and state is always connected with the sea of ​​blood. And an ocean of mistakes. This is, alas, a historical fact.
    From the point of view of today's man, the abandonment of babies from Tarpean rock is fanaticism, and in the days of ancient Rome, the norm.
  19. fero
    fero April 12 2013 17: 36
    The fate of an entire nation cannot and should not depend on one person, no matter who he is - even Stalin, even Putin, even Santa Claus. The system becomes too unstable, whatever it may be. Even if he is three times great, he will die sooner or later. In turn, the death of the charismat deprives the foundation of the system he leads.
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 April 12 2013 18: 14
      The fate of the people did not depend on Stalin; it depended on the people themselves.
      Stalin did not have absolute power, neither de facto nor de jure, he was the leader of the country and a great worker.
      After him, there were many people who wanted to be leaders, but there were no workers, all skins and careerists.
      Leaders of the wealth of the people, the people who keep a good memory of their great people, will gain new worthy leaders, and if not, they will be content with medveputes.
    2. str73
      str73 April 12 2013 18: 50
      Unfortunately this is the case.
  20. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 April 12 2013 17: 59
    Yakov Dzhugashvili well done, the truth must be fought to the end.
    So much slander was hung upon Stalin as if he were an omnipotent and omniscient being and could feed and protect everyone alone, but did not want to.
    Stalin did his job perfectly, which cannot be said about the millions of lazy people, cowards and skins who could be done by people only under the threat of execution.
    It was not Stalin who made of Blyukher an alcoholic and an embezzler, of Tukhachevsky Napoleonchik, of Yagoda and Yezhov executioners, of Yakir and other initiators of the famine. Stalin is not obliged to answer for every bastard and careerist, he is not a god or even a dictator.
    In memory of Generalissimo I.V. Stalin
    He is branded posthumously like a tyrant,
    And the statues hurriedly tumbled down
    Even in bronze he was terrible to enemies
    He was tried by the unrighteous court.
    The civil war was quiet like a fire
    Closed mines and dead factories,
    The Entente has the power to strike
    And we need years to revive.
    Enemies of the border try with a bayonet
    Petliurists, Poles and bandits,
    The Japanese, the Finns climb through,
    And mothers weep for the dead.
    The party members are old, "comrades in the struggle",
    Trotsky’s merits are excessively praised
    Life require a luxurious self
    And they don’t want to hear about the people.
    And there are no skins at all posts,
    And the scoundrels in power are swarming
    There are many wrong sentences,
    Do not keep track of and do not intervene.
    Hidden enemies can do, hidden enemies,
    And in the Comintern, talkers talk
    That money of revolution is needed
    But the hard work of the people is despised.
    Power is cruel, there are no rights to kindness
    And life alone is unfair
    How many labors and sacrifices are needed,
    So that life becomes free and beautiful.
    We need bread, cheaper and faster
    Let’s erase the bourgeois bends,
    Ignorams destroy business and people
    Again, Stalin corrects excesses.
    People raised the will,
    Work for the future of the kids
    And the country moved hard,
    Steps of the Stalinist shock five-year plans.
    Give Norilsk! Magnitogorsk and Kuzbass!
    The country and the Arctic, and the sky stormed,
    Digging mines and felling a forest
    In the taiga of Siberia and in the mountains of the Urals.
    A plane rumbles over the ancient taiga,
    In hummocks, ships break ice
    The flight was successful over the pole,
    Great things may not be easy, but visible.
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 April 12 2013 18: 03
      Hurt, scoundrels hiss in the kitchens,
      The heat of the Great Buildings condemning
      They don’t understand the rise of their native country,
      In his little philistine world, rotting.
      There is copper and steel! Shells and armor!
      His weapons are forged in the country,
      A lot of work, not enough day
      He stays in his office for the night.
      Events in the World are both disturbing and formidable.
      Faster factories, mine construction,
      The country can’t stand the big war,
      And the "small" wars rumble cannonade.
      And the Finn doesn’t threaten Leningrad,
      And the samurai licks his wounds
      The Power rises, Stalin is not alone
      Western countries envy us.
      The envy of the bourgeois is hostile
      Afraid of the wrath of working people
      Nazism decided to oppose
      The spread of Leninist ideas.
      A terrible war rumbled
      Destiny of the Country - Unthinkable Craving,
      He carried her, at the front of the sons,
      Do not hide them, the father needs courage.
      For the Motherland! For Stalin! Forward!
      Fighters walked on the battlefields.
      He was loved and respected by the people
      And our fathers were no more stupid.
      There is the city of Stalingrad above the Volga,
      There is an unshakable stronghold
      Fascists hundreds of thousands lie there
      The world will forever remember this name.
      We won, millions of victims,
      In ruins and factories and collective farms,
      And not enough people, no money
      And then the bombing of the atomic threat.
      Inflated island prime minister
      The crusade calls us on a campaign,
      He would be happy to destroy the USSR,
      He hates Russia.
      For a fair trial
      Nam Klio remembered
      It’s Stalin’s hand
      She protected us from the bombing.
      A peaceful country is not defenseless,
      The steppe is reared with tamed uranium,
      The atomic problem is quickly solved,
      The task of Stalin was given to scientists.
      I didn’t steal, I didn’t sell the country,
      "He was a tyrant," everyone repeats,
      The dishonest villain slandered him
      He died and does not protect himself.
      He died, scoundrels triumph,
      Nobody will hinder to sell the country,
      Their power is more true than nuclear war
      It destroys a Great Power.
      November 2005, XNUMX
  21. stas
    stas April 12 2013 18: 01
    60 years how Stalin died. And everyone is at war with him. It means what it has been and still is. History has already evaluated his actions and deeds, both good and bad. You cannot change history, but they are trying to rewrite it.
    The extent of corruption in Putin's Russia partly explains why Stalin periodically cleaned the tops of power.
    Nevertheless, he did the most important thing in his life, did not let Hitler destroy Russia, and in 8 years he restored the national economy destroyed by the war.
    Under the current president, our democrats have only been digging in their pocket for 13 years. Moreover, they try to hide behind and blame all their sins on the Stalinist past and commies.
    At least for 6 months to the Kremlin, that would clean the top of power.
  22. Vovka levka
    Vovka levka April 12 2013 18: 09
    11 th
    What the Bolsheviks did to the people, this cannot be justified by anyone.
    My mother-in-law was born in the Irkutsk region. The fault of her parents was that they had two horses and 1,2 hectares of field. Worked from morning to evening. And exported to the taiga at the end of November. And it was hard to hear how they survived this winter, and how many were left there. About hunger, my mother told me how they were starving, how she went asking for alms. What people have experienced in the former Tsarist Russia is beyond understanding. I have friends in Tamboshchina, they talked about peasant riots and what they did to them.
    I understand that he is a grandson, but would rather be silent.
    As my late grandmother used to say, the kingdom of heaven is to her: "Human tears do not fall on Earth in vain."
    1. Petrovich-2
      Petrovich-2 April 12 2013 18: 45
      My uncle, a deep old man, still alive, recalls how in his youth his brothers and father and his grandfather dispossessed, took a herd of horses, a mill ...
      But when I ask him who you, Uncle Vit, would like to be rulers, there is only one answer: Only Stalin.
      Yes, they dispossessed you, but you fled from Siberia to the Caucasus through the hot houses!
      The answer is one: Only Stalin!
      And this is not masochism, it is a firm stand from life experience.
      Here's how to relate to the words of a dispossessed old man? I don’t know how anyone, but I believe him.
      These are such different people and stories, Vovka ...
      1. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka April 12 2013 19: 11
        What is different is different. What our ancestors survived, may God have mercy.
    2. does it
      does it April 12 2013 21: 42
      Quote: Vovka Levka
      What the Bolsheviks did to the people, this cannot be justified by anyone.

      these Bolsheviks left the country with atomic, rocket and space programs, with a powerful army and navy with them in science, we were in front of the entire planet. there were excesses and they were and will be in all countries and regimes.
      1. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka April 13 2013 00: 22
        Kinks? If your family fell under these excesses, without understanding for what? See population statistics from 1900 to 1955.
        Yes, human death is a tragedy, the death of millions is statistics, or excesses.
        1. Egoza
          April 13 2013 08: 54
          Quote: Vovka Levka
          View population statistics from 1900 year to 1955 year.

          This period, as you indicated, includes the First World War, the civil one, and the Second World War ... and this is all one I.V. Stalin? Nude Nude.
          1. Vovka levka
            Vovka levka April 13 2013 10: 26
            We are in the know, you carefully analyze. The findings will be interesting.
            1. MstislavHrabr
              MstislavHrabr April 13 2013 12: 59
              I am sure that no less interesting conclusions can be made if we compare the statistics of 1917-1941 and 1987-2011. Note the second period, it seems, there are no revolutions, no repressions, no civil, no world wars. I wonder what conclusions you are ready to draw from this comparison. Or maybe we recall the sins of Stalin on the resettlement of peoples ?!
              For the genocide that was experienced by the Russians living in Chechnya in the 90s, I would also ... And by the way, the Chechens would understand ...
              1. Vovka levka
                Vovka levka April 14 2013 00: 34
                Nobody argues. The conversation went about Stalin.
  23. wax
    wax April 12 2013 18: 36
    We are given sparkling wings
    Great courage is given to us.
    Songs of love and plenty
    The Soviet country is famous.

    Stalin is our military glory
    Stalin - the flight of our youth.
    With songs, fighting and winning
    Our people follow Stalin.

    Words: A. Surkov
  24. Bort radist
    Bort radist April 12 2013 18: 45
    Speaking of Stalin, we are talking about something more than one person. I have a contradictory attitude towards him. My grandfather spent 10 years in prison for saying that in the film the collective farmers live well and are bad in life. Then they rehabilitated. But nonetheless.
  25. waisson
    waisson April 12 2013 19: 08
    Stalin we now need oh
  26. muks
    muks April 12 2013 19: 38
    My grandmother told me how terrible the grief brought the death of Joseph Vissarionovich to the people ... The grandfather, who went through three wars, considered the MOST IMPORTANT EVALUATION OF HIS NATURAL LABOR A LITERACY. Signed by the Supreme Commander. I am grateful to the Lord that I took them, and they do not see all this devilry! __________ One can imagine what the ... judgments of rats and mice would be if they were given the opportunity to judge the actions of the cat?
      NAPOLEON April 14 2013 01: 25
      only Stalin was not a cat but a hyena wassat
  27. Day 11
    Day 11 April 12 2013 19: 47
    With ... and slandered, doused the Great Man with mud! Such people are born once in a hundred years! Under Stalin, the country achieved the greatest achievements! In no way did we lag behind the amers. The computer, please, is the fastest in Europe (1952). Television- please (though there weren’t as many black channels as they had). Khrushchev’s was the merit of Stalin, not the bald nits that killed him. In general, it’s pointless to list Stalin’s merits — everyone who has a head and therefore eyes understands it.
    1. Krasnoyarsk
      Krasnoyarsk April 12 2013 20: 35
      14 th
      Stalin scum, and the Stalinists degenerates and degenerates, with respect.
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 April 12 2013 21: 05
        Tell mom to wipe the snot, told her bedtime story and said "Good night, baby". Do not go, the boy is where the grown-up guys talk
      2. Egoza
        April 12 2013 21: 18
        Quote: Krasnoyarets
        Stalin scum, and the Stalinists degenerates and degenerates,

        Look at the voting results of the "Name of Russia" contest! Are half of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation geeks and degenerates? belay And this is without the votes of all those living in the CIS! lol
      3. Nitup
        Nitup April 12 2013 21: 51
        Well, you are a geek. With disrespect.
      4. sichevik
        sichevik April 12 2013 23: 31
        You yourself are a geek and degenerate. If not for the Soviet People, which you called degenerates and degenerates, if not for Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, where would you be now? And would you even be?
        You really have no brains in your head.
        Thanks to the wise policy of JV Stalin, we all in the USSR lived normally and well. And all those who led the country after him only knew how to eat, drink and squander everything that was produced and accumulated under Stalin.
        And such morons like you do not need to be brainwashed. For the reason that they are not.
      5. Proud.
        Proud. April 13 2013 00: 26
        Nevermind, I’ve got a conclusion! Two Grandfathers went through a war. One in the 167 rifle division (2nd formation) of the Sumy-Kiev Twice Red Banner. The commander of the foot reconnaissance platoon squad, reached Prague. Two Soldier Glories III and II, medal for the Battle Merit: After the war, he worked on the collective farm as an electrician, died in the early 80s. He had a portrait of Stalin in his house. He also had a second Grandfather. After the war, he was also a simple worker, behind the factory that he built. According to your logic, Stalinist. You dare to call my Grandfather, a Man from my Family, with such words !? You, you are tolerant azhayas, not much wrong.
      6. folds
        folds April 13 2013 11: 51
        Krasnoyarsk, tell your father so that you continue to protect yourself
        1. antidote
          antidote April 13 2013 18: 02
          Cool expression, you have to remember
      7. CAMS
        CAMS April 13 2013 12: 46
        I support although I thought about 5 years ago that everyone who was insulted and humiliated for the Soviet rainbow past was a victim of the Stalinist past, by the way I’m for Putin, but you’ll understand people didn’t live like we are now people SURVIVED the minister or janitor! There is an audiobook for the guys! LIFE AND DESTINY he was at war he lived after
        1. Raven1972
          Raven1972 April 13 2013 12: 54
          But nothing that the war was and the time was a little different? To judge the past from the standpoint of the present is the greatest stupidity ....
          And unlike you, I don’t consider myself a victim ...
          You can listen to your Ggosman as much as you like ...
          1. CAMS
            CAMS April 19 2013 02: 43
            yes time was different and I bow to our people who endured the repression of Stalin and defeated Nazism, but after all, Stalin fed and equipped GERMANY
      8. antidote
        antidote April 13 2013 18: 00
        That is, you think that the majority of the site are degenerates and degenerates. And accordingly, the majority of the population are geeks and ... Typically liberal approach. Our people are not the same, they don’t understand anything, only a small group thinks correctly.
      NAPOLEON April 14 2013 01: 23
      Of course, once a hundred years, otherwise the earth will not stand wassat
  28. Yrsh.2008
    Yrsh.2008 April 12 2013 19: 58
    An article plus 100500 (as they say in narrow circles) who at least a little thinks with his head, knows history, is interested in geopolitics, cannot but agree with this!
  29. ImPerts
    ImPerts April 12 2013 20: 00
    Maybe they wouldn’t remember Stalin. Maybe they wouldn’t try to trample ... But there was no civil in the country, there was no domestic ... And the devastation was like after the civil. The country managed to recover after the Second World War, but after the collapse of the USSR (when all parasites were allegedly dropped) we are only trying to do it.
  30. Narkom
    Narkom April 12 2013 20: 25
    When I die, a lot of garbage will be put on my grave, but the wind of time will mercilessly sweep it. I.V. Stalin.

    He foresaw it too ..
  31. Black
    Black April 12 2013 20: 52
    60 years have passed, and as many more will pass, and the attitude to the Father of all nations will remain ambiguous. For we judge not a person, but more often an era, or a person in the context of an era. And mixed there for those 30 years, enough for centuries. And there were achievements — which the Fatherland had never had, and troubles — were measured.
    But ... it’s time to put a spit in your past. In the end, the people of Russia have nothing to repent of.
  32. 1goose3
    1goose3 April 12 2013 20: 54
    Quote: stas
    60 years since Stalin died. And everyone is at war with him. It means what it has been and still is.

    Absolutely right, otherwise Western propaganda, our pro-Westerners, that is, the Liberians, did not spend so much time slandering Stalin and the USSR.
  33. liter
    liter April 12 2013 20: 55
    Quote: Lecha57
    Expressed is not clear, but understandable.

    He himself understood what he wanted to say?
  34. 1goose3
    1goose3 April 12 2013 21: 14
    I am happy for Stalin, not for Stalin - the leader, but for Stalin - a man. He has a wonderful, worthy great-grandson. The great-grandson who defends, in spite of everything ... his great-grandfather, defends Stalin, the leader of the Great Country - the USSR, during the formation and the most difficult trials.
  35. does it
    does it April 12 2013 21: 32
    This is the humiliation of the Russian people, who built a powerful industrial country in the shortest possible time, who won the war against the army of all Europe (after all, not only Germans fought on the side of Germany). Finally, the people who conquered into space; He said everything correctly ...
    1. CAMS
      CAMS April 13 2013 12: 14
      powerful !!! and you were in the camps after the war! for whom people like Papanov acted in the cold summer 53 for us he is a front-line soldier and my grandfather fought and my grandfather said no one was stingy
      1. Raven1972
        Raven1972 April 13 2013 12: 48
        And my grandfather went through the whole war and never said that ...
      2. antidote
        antidote April 13 2013 18: 04
        And my two grandfathers NEVER allowed themselves to slander Stalin
        1. CAMS
          CAMS April 19 2013 02: 46
          just AFRAID
  36. воронов
    воронов April 12 2013 21: 32
    Long live I.V. Stalin !!!
  37. Alexan
    Alexan April 12 2013 21: 35
    11 th
    Thanks to Krasnoyarsk for health! I sympathize with the Stalinists!
    1. crest 57
      crest 57 April 12 2013 23: 01
      Feel better for yourself.
  38. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun April 12 2013 21: 48
    Sorry for the off-top, but what about the site?

    Instead of the pages of a military review, I have some kind of WordDoptanks loaded ...
  39. gawroche
    gawroche April 12 2013 21: 49
    It seems to me that the assessment of Stalin will be true for at least 100-200 years, because now it is difficult to be objective. Injury dimming everything
  40. Nitup
    Nitup April 12 2013 21: 54
    After my death, a lot of garbage will be put on my grave, but the wind of time will mercilessly sweep it away.
    I.V. Stalin
  41. SlavaP
    SlavaP April 12 2013 22: 34
    I already wrote once that I am inclined to believe the figures for the convicts who collected (and hid) under Khrushchev - that is, ~ 2.5 million convicts and ~ 650tys. executed from 21 to 53. He asked his parents and his wife’s parents in detail — they could remember only two (!) Repressed from hundreds of people they knew ... Stalin should serve as the basis for the revival of the Russian national idea.
  42. honest jew
    honest jew April 12 2013 22: 44
    After my death, a lot of garbage will be put on my grave, but the time will come and sweep it.

    I have never been a true revolutionary, my whole life is an ongoing struggle against Zionism, the purpose of which is to establish a new world order under the rule of the Jewish bourgeoisie ... To achieve this, they need to destroy the USSR, Russia, destroy Faith, turn the Russian sovereign people into rootless cosmopolitans.

    Only the Empire can oppose their plans. If it doesn’t exist, Russia will perish, the World will perish ... Stop utopias. It’s impossible to invent anything better than a monarchy, which means it’s not necessary. I always worshiped the genius and grandeur of the Russian tsars. We cannot go anywhere from autocracy. But the dictator should be replaced by an autocrat. When the time comes. The only place on earth where we can be together is Russia. Reforms are inevitable, but in due time. And these should be reforms - organic, evolutionary, based on traditions, with the gradual restoration of Orthodox identity. They are based on realism and common sense.

    Very soon, wars over territories will be replaced by "cold" wars - for resources and energy. You need to be prepared for this. Mastering new types of energy should be a priority for our scientists. Their success is the key to our independence in the future. An army can be strong only when it enjoys the exceptional care and love of the people and government. This is the greatest moral strength of the army, the guarantee of its invincibility. And the army must be loved and cherished!

    I'm lonely. Russia is a colossal country, and not a single decent person is around ... The old generation is completely infected with Zionism, all our hope for youth.

    The time has come to announce a new crusade against the international, and only the new Russian Order will be able to head it, the creation of which must be started immediately. Remember: the world does not need a strong Russia, no one will help us, you can only rely on your own strengths. I did what I could, I hope you do more and better. Be worthy of the memory of our great ancestors.


    The main and decisive one is the unification of all forces in the struggle for Great Russia.

    - Education of the management elite.

    - Propaganda of patriotism, the Russian national idea, the truth of history, the defense of Orthodoxy. - Preparation of conditions for the restoration of the Russian Empire and autocracy.

    - The fight against Masonic and Zionist influence in Russia, its extermination.

    - The dominant role of the Russian people (foreigners and Gentiles must know their place).

    - Nomination from the Medium of the Russian Order of "their" Tsar - when the time comes.

    What should be a member of the Russian Order?

    Loyal to the Russian idea, to love the truth, to believe in success, to be patient with work, sacrificial, courageous, responsible, obligatory, modest and even humble (who wants to be the first - let him be the last), sober and wise (you don’t need to know much, you need a lot understand), disciplined, able to keep a secret. Communist Party members are not capable of this. This party has ceased to be Russian.

    Attitude to the Russian Order of Alexander Nevsky should be like a living organism, a priority that helps strengthen the organization. And - conspiratorial, until the time has come to open up in the face of world evil.

    Joseph Stalin
    1. I'm Russian
      I'm Russian April 12 2013 23: 03
      Thanks for the info. And you can ask - where is this excerpt from?
    2. I'm Russian
      I'm Russian April 12 2013 23: 13
      Joseph Vissarionovich
  43. jjj
    jjj April 12 2013 22: 49
    I wonder if now we start to apply our today's laws throughout the letter, would they call our time bloody? I'm afraid so. Traitors to the Motherland, embezzlers, saboteurs - divorced into several "thirty-seventh".
    1. I'm Russian
      I'm Russian April 12 2013 23: 12
      Now there is not enough ropes to hang everyone. And it always has been like this when the elite was not allowed to rob the country and forced to work for the good of the Motherland — they fled to the West singing about the bloody kings (Grozny, Peter1, Stalin). And accordingly, on the contrary, praised to heaven those who crawled to cash in (Gorbachev, Yeltsin).
  44. I think so
    I think so April 12 2013 22: 53
    Dutchman Jacob! Fight for the blessed memory of your grandfather! The main thing is often flicker in the press and on the internet! Good luck and success!
    NAPOLEON April 12 2013 22: 54
    Moses led the Jews for 40 years to forget slavery, and probably 400 is not enough to forget the murderer.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 April 12 2013 23: 00
      Can you justify? Or so --- they said on TV?
      1. NAPOLEON
        NAPOLEON April 13 2013 00: 25
        how much you can bow before Stalin! and the connection with Moses was that he led them so that they would eliminate slavery from himself, and we must understand that people are not nails (a reference to the poet) from which you can build a utopia. Moses gave the people a new life without grandiose accomplishments, but the right to a better share .to build a pyramid can be grandiose and looks excellent, but in fact a useless thing, and here we were building a new world of grandiose achievements, except for a beautiful shell, there was nothing but essentially only blood and fear. and all the sacrifices that we made for the construction of our pyramid were in vain and useless, although the price was high, but as it turned out on the blood, nothing good can be built.
        1. Mhpv
          Mhpv April 13 2013 08: 51
          To start, change the nickname, and then argue, Moses French.
  46. I'm Russian
    I'm Russian April 12 2013 22: 59
    JV Stalin has done more for the country than all the democrats put together in 20 years.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 April 12 2013 23: 03
      Stalin, in fact, has initials --- I.V.
      1. I'm Russian
        I'm Russian April 12 2013 23: 27
        already fixed
  47. crest 57
    crest 57 April 12 2013 23: 13
    Sovereign and state are cognate words. So, Stalin is the Sovereign.
  48. Mhpv
    Mhpv April 12 2013 23: 40
    Quote: Krasnoyarets
    Stalin scum, and the Stalinists degenerates and degenerates, with respect.

    For starters, read Karpov "Generalissimo", Mukhin "Why Stalin was killed", go to the site, well, for a start, I think you have enough of your brain and it will master it, and then write comments.
  49. Mhpv
    Mhpv April 12 2013 23: 51
    Quote: Krasnoyarets
    SHIELD?! 650 thousand people? In Stalin, responsibility for the rout in 1941, for the famine in the USSR, for executed officers, etc. hangs. All the achievements of that time are drowned in the blood shed to achieve them.

    Nichrome yourself dear you visit sites and even post pictures from there. Our country will go far with people like you. I feel sorry for your future children.
  50. albatross
    albatross April 13 2013 00: 22
    Well done grandson! Correctly grandfather protects! I would have made public some interesting facts, in general it would have become normal.