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The murder of Yegor Sviridov: Moscow entered the Manege (photo, video)


Almost all those who gathered at Manezhnaya Square, where an unauthorized action of football fans and nationalist organizations took place on Saturday, turned into riots and left the center of Moscow. Currently, as stated in the police department, the situation is under control.

The agreement to voluntarily leave the square was preceded by an exit to the assembled head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The head of the Moscow police asked people to disperse and promised that the internal affairs bodies would continue to adequately respond to all such manifestations of crime as the murder of Spartak fan Yegor Sviridov.

Recall that on Saturday at the Manezhnaya Square near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin in the crowd came to an unauthorized rally in memory of the murdered fan, a mass brawl began, to disperse which the authorities had to use riot police. According to RIA "News“, The outraged youth began to shower police with frames of metal barriers, bottles and flares. Hooligans from the crowd beat lights lighting, knocked down a Christmas tree installed on the square. The riots affected at least eight people. In particular, several dozen fans beat three people from the Caucasus. The operator RIA “Novosti” Rustam Buzunov, who shot a report from the scene of events, was also beaten.


Manezhnaya Square (including the former Moiseevskaya Square, Obzhorny Lane, Patchwork Lane and Dead End, adjoining parts of Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Manezhnaya, Mokhovaya and Tverskaya Streets and the Alexander Garden. From Manezhnaya Square depart the street: Manezhnaya, Mokhovaya. In 1967, the Alexander Nevsky Chapel was consecrated on Moisevskaya (Manezhnaya) Square opposite the National Hotel, built to honor the victory of the Russian-Turkish war. The income from the chapel came to the maintenance of the Alexandrovsky asylum at the village of All Saints.

A fan of Spartak football club Yegor Sviridov was shot dead on the night of 5 on December 6 on Kronstadt Boulevard during a mass fan fight with representatives of one of the North Caucasian diasporas. Sviridov was shot from a traumatic pistol by a native of Kabardino-Balkaria Aslan Cherkesov. Later the murderer was arrested. Together with Cherkesov, immediately after the fight, three more people were detained, but soon they were released. The decision of the police to release the detainees caused outrage among fans and later resulted in a spontaneous march along Leningradsky Prospect. December 11 football fans responded to the call of nationalist organizations to come to Manezhnaya Square to stand up "against ethno-gangsterism".

“If we urge each other to order, including order on the streets of the city, I ask everyone to treat each other with respect, since we are also residents of the city, I ask everyone to be patient and wait for the law enforcement agencies to understand this in fact, ”RIA Novosti quotes Vladimir Kolokoltsev’s words as he told the audience at Manezhnaya Square on Saturday.

According to information received soon, the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow on Saturday sanctioned the arrest of Hassan Ibrahimov, a native of Dagestan, the third alleged member of a mass brawl in the north of Moscow, during which Yegor Sviridov was killed. Thus, the court granted the request of the investigation and imprisoned 18-year-old Ibragimov for the next two months.

The murder of Yegor Sviridov: Moscow entered the Manege (photo, video)

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  1. Kdsbet
    Kdsbet 12 December 2010 16: 57
    Something similar already happened in Manezhka in 2002, but then it was at least without a nationalist connotation, and now ... That is, it clearly shows where the country is going, to which kind of modernization. Another 10 years, and this may end in a civil war if no measures are taken!

    Moreover, the measures should be from 2 sides, chop all these fascist movements in the bud and finally put control over the arrival of Caucasians.
  2. Ka3ax
    Ka3ax 27 December 2010 09: 30
    piyp valst sey4as v Rossii Matushke ... Vot mi 'jivem v Kazahstane i neznaem takih problem s kavkazcami ... Hot' bi 'odin iz etih zalupnulsya bi' na kazaha ili na russkogo, srazu na mesto stavyat daje musora sami imimo stavyat daje musora sami im im asnaut 4to raz priehali k nam to jivite drujno i ne viebivaytes'. A kavkazcev u nas mnogo ne budu otricat mnogie so vremen eshe repressiy Stalina, mnogie shas pereehali. I vse hodyat v strunke. Tak 4to nado ih na mesto stavit 'i u4it samih tupih iz nih kak jit' nado v normalno svetskom gosudarstve !!!!!!!
  3. Petrol
    Petrol 4 May 2011 18: 04
    in Russia, with frenzied frenzy, you deal with your compatriots or children with schoolchildren and students (and their parents sit in front of the TV and rely on God and then on the sanity of the siloviki from the government) - people who will then govern this state are my opinion that someone is very strongly does not want these children to ever rule this state is interesting and who then will manage the Russian state ????? .....