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Syrian opposition inserted jaw: bickering hardened

About a week ago, an article appeared in the Syrian press under the strange name “The commander of the Al-Farouk battalion in the city of Til-Abyad declared himself a supporter of President Assad and the enemy of Dzhabhat Al-Nusra.” (Al-Farouq still stands as a fierce opponent of Assad and Hezboly in Lebanon).

Recent publications in opposition media not only confirmed the significance of this article, but also diagnosed a fracture in the anti-Syrian camp. Suddenly, the “Jabhat An-Nusra” terrorist group “ceased” to “admit” new members to its ranks, the leader of which declared: “For the new jihadists, the“ Jabhat An-Nusra ”doors are closed”. His words came as a surprise to anyone who knew about active recruitment into the ranks of the group. At the end of March, militants in the province of Lattakia announced the formation of a Sharia committee, after which the next day rumors began to spread that a pro-government intelligence network was revealed. They were revealed by mercenaries close in ideology to Jabhat An-Nusra, who declared that the leaders of the groups operating in Latakia are those very agents.

Terrorists from “Jabhat An-Nusra”, “Al-Faruk” and other groups diligently destroy and arrest each other, at the same time blaming Jordanian, American special services and their scammers for their problems. Killed one of the most famous terrorists nicknamed "Syrian Bin Laden." Islamists are afraid of the SSA, non-Islamists are afraid of “Jabhat An-Nusra”, many Islamist leaders suddenly felt trapped, the media spread a message that a special militant group had been created to destroy “Jabhat An-Nusra”. But the terrorists declared their main enemy to be Syrian special services, which in a few weeks killed several leaders and commanders.

The anti-Syrian press published a correspondence between the heads of the aerial intelligence service and the national security of Syria. It contained data on agents deployed in coalition ranks and surveillance of coalition members in their countries of residence, as well as European meetings and gatherings that discussed the formation of a provisional government and a new constitution for post-war Syria.

On top of that, many “oppositionists” could not accept the appointment of Gassan Hitto as the head of the transitional government of the American. They demand to expand the composition of the coalition and stop the monopolization of the opposition from one political movement, probably meaning the Muslim Brotherhood. More importantly, however, the protests are also directed against the growing influence of the Jabhat Al-Nusra grouping in the opposition environment.

In order to weaken the influence of “Jabhat An-Nusra”, the “oppositionists” even demanded from the SSA to gain a foothold in the “liberated” areas, but as soon as it achieved this, “Jabhat An-Nusra” immediately settled scores with the SSA officers.

The coalition of the opposition forces of Syria and the “interim government” are simply afraid to admit that Syria will not succeed in managing the “liberated” territories until the Islamists agree to that. It was probably because of this that the process of forming the ministries of the “interim government” stretched out. Otherwise, there will simply be no place to manage. It is worth remembering that the SSA still does not recognize the “interim government”, and from the coalition it is reminded that the legitimacy of the SSA is ensured only through a coalition. The creation of Shariah councils and committees is an extra sign of mutual fear and distrust in the ranks of the militants. Everything happens not without the knowledge of the West, which recently began to admit that radical Salafis with European passports are fighting against Assad on its own territory. On the one hand, this is an excuse to get rid of their explosive material by throwing it into a Syrian bonfire, on the other hand, there is a need to somehow manage the terrorist mass that has accumulated in Syria, which does not want to deal with anyone from the coalition, the SSA and the "interim government."

That is why they all fail to take Damascus, in this case, it remains only to show their true nature: to blow up the children and gnaw at each other's throats.
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  1. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 11 2013 06: 35
    These rebels would rather have killed each other. And here's more news from the "workers" of the terrorist front:

    The second person in the Al-Qaeda group on the Arabian Peninsula, the Saudi Arabian Said Ali al-Shehri called on his supporters to "destroy the Saudi regime" (!). In an audio recording posted on one of the sites, he calls the Al-Saud royal family "the main US agent" in the region, according to the Voice of Russia. According to him, the guilt of the ruling regime in Saudi Arabia is that it allows the Americans to use the territory of the kingdom to "kill the faithful." "We must get rid of him in every possible way," says the terrorist. "I appeal to tribal elders and theologians to oppose the rulers of the Al-Saud clan. American planes are flying from your land and are killing our innocent Muslim brothers in Yemen." It is worth recalling that it was the CIA and Saudi Arabia's radio intelligence who created Al-Qaeda in the 80s of the twentieth century to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan, and it is no coincidence that it was a Saudi Arabian citizen of Yemeni origin named Bin Laden who was selected to then lead this "al-Qaeda". And now the "brainchild" of the Saudi special services is now ready to attack its "parent" and tear it to shreds! Shakespeare is not on them ...
    1. Trailer
      Trailer April 11 2013 07: 38
      Syrian opposition inserted jaw: bickering hardened

      Well, judging by the material in the article, they didn’t insert a jaw there, but rather a piston!
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 11 2013 07: 56
      Quote: sergo0000
      Rather, these rebels would have killed each other.

      Do you know what they say about the young? Lovely scolding, only amuse laughing The article is interesting, but do not relax. This puppet theater is run by an experienced hand. So let's see what happens next.
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg April 11 2013 09: 48
        Quote: Sirocco
        Do you know what they say about the young? Lovely scolding, only amuse laughing

        The statement is true for the young. There was immediately a clash of several uncontrolled, extremist forces over sources of financing and with the sources themselves. It is more like a fire in a brothel during a flood.
    3. opkozak
      opkozak April 11 2013 12: 39
      Quote: sergo0000
      Saudi Arabian Said Ali al-Shehri called on his supporters to "destroy the Saudi regime" (!)

      In general, the devil knows what is being done. Last night such news. +

      Leader of Syrian Islamists swore allegiance to al-Qaeda

      The leader of the Islamist rebel group Al-Nusra Front in Syria, Muhammad al-Jawlani, took an oath of allegiance to the conductor of the al-Qaeda terrorist network Ayman al-Zawagri in a post made public today on the Internet.
      The US State Department has previously stated that the group is part of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Iraq. The Al-Nusra Front, according to the US, is responsible for hundreds of attacks throughout Syria.

      It turns out that al-Qaeda has spare Ben Ladens.
    4. Oleg1986
      Oleg1986 April 11 2013 14: 22
      It seems that there was news on the same site that the Saudi sheikh would drop the skates and start drowning this state, where there are a dozen applicants to the throne.
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 11 2013 06: 49
    Well, well, wish Assad skillful and successful actions while they are divided ...
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 April 11 2013 07: 04
      They will never be united (if only for a very short time). This rabble of fanatics, mercenaries, bandits and murderers has too different goals. Probably, only the loot somehow unites them more or less ... BUT this is my opinion.
      1. fzr1000
        fzr1000 April 11 2013 07: 41
        Libya has clearly shown.
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 11 2013 07: 02
    A good photo of supporters of democracy, such a kind of the most effective advertising.
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 April 11 2013 07: 56
      "When there is no agreement among the comrades, their business will not go well" ... I.A.Krylov bully
      Hi Sasha!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 11 2013 08: 53
        Quote: sergo0000
        "When there is no agreement among the comrades, their business will not go well."

        Hello, Sergey! Their way is destruction and murder, but only as long as they are given money, and then what? wink
        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 April 11 2013 09: 14
          And then, for all their faces lit on cameras and photos, we will start the hunt ourselves around the world! Fortunately, for this we have an army and navy, as well as special services. Sponsors' money can also end soon! hi
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 April 11 2013 07: 11
    "The anti-Syrian press has published correspondence between the heads of air intelligence and national security of Syria. It contained data on agents introduced into the ranks of the coalition and surveillance of coalition members in their countries of residence"- the special services work beautifully (they will split from the inside ... and then suppress a trifle). Success ... hi
  5. DimychDV
    DimychDV April 11 2013 07: 28
    Ah, Ivangoe, Shakespeare!
    And Shakespearean passions, with mountains of corpses and cries of the Moors for the glory of Allah.
    What does Allah have to do with such grandmas spinning ???
  6. albert
    albert April 11 2013 07: 40
    Have the jaw of the opposition been inserted?
  7. VadimSt
    VadimSt April 11 2013 07: 48
    In order for the dogs to gnaw over, you need to throw a piece of meat into the pack! The West and its sixes in the Middle East abandoned, and seized themselves in one place. It's only the beginning.........
  8. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 11 2013 08: 06
    Movies and Germans! I thought surrealism is the last movie "Alice in Wonderland", but no, it's more interesting "Radical Islamic Democracy". Look in all windows of the Middle East. I wonder where all this wickedness will go now? They have 2 options: either to us in the Caucasus, which, of course, would not like to go to Europe. They also promised to arrange a "European autumn" after the "Arab spring". It would be fair - what you sow is what you reap.
    1. Leisure
      Leisure April 11 2013 10: 45
      Let them go to Europe, it will be richer there, and the people tolerant to its fifth point.
      I wish Assad victory.
  9. Mikhail Topor
    Mikhail Topor April 11 2013 08: 15
    you need more different "opposition" cells, let them argue more about which of them is more "opposition", create dozens of different identification marks: let there be armies of blue, yellow, striped, checkered, in a circle, the more the better. And while they will find out their powers, Assad's army can take a break, repair tanks, grease Kalash. Yo ho ho
  10. shinobi
    shinobi April 11 2013 08: 37
    On the eve of the 11/11 attacks, one of the analysts flickered the idea that the world behind the scenes with the help of Islam and their fundamentalists would draw the United States into a protracted war of all against all in order to weaken and eventually merge the last superpower into the toilet. remembered.
  11. JonnyT
    JonnyT April 11 2013 08: 40
    what a "wonderful" photo. And how much intelligence in their faces! Ah, here they are - the cream of the Middle East according to the world's main democrats. They will build, develop science and give all the oppressed in Syria complete democratic freedom!
    Well, what if, without irony, all this trash lies in Syria. Controlled chaos theory works - uncontrollable chaos! The United States and co is losing control. Khan's Europe, don't go to the fortune-teller grandma. How American is it to throw your partners. And I doubt that the United States will be saved by a great distance from the "nest" of terror. Of course, they will not start living in the states under Sharia law, but rubbish them specifically!
  12. sibircat
    sibircat April 11 2013 09: 54
    Judging by the latest statements by Lavrov and the absence of hysteria on the pseudo-democratic channel "euronews" about the events in Syria, the West does not have an unambiguous plan to overthrow the legitimate government of Assad. But the endless terrorist actions of the "opposition" sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia are leading to a weakening of the country's economy. In my opinion, without external economic and military assistance, Syria will not last more than a year. The West has changed its tactics, and it seems that it is satisfied with the situation of "controlled chaos". Well, I would like to wish the people of Syria courage and resilience in the fight against international terrorism led by the United States and its henchmen.
  13. wax
    wax April 11 2013 10: 31
    So who is fighting Al Qaeda and international terrorists - Syria or the United States? The question is rhetorical.
  14. Vtel
    Vtel April 11 2013 10: 32
    The main thing now is to be on a horse in an information war, as in a war with Georgia.
    1. garik404
      garik404 April 11 2013 13: 57
      Syria will stand and win!
  15. Ascetic
    Ascetic April 11 2013 13: 55
    We must help Syria, because we must not underestimate the threat that, if it is defeated, trouble can come to us: militants who have gained experience in waging war in Syria can be abandoned in Russia after some time, seeping into the Muslim regions. This threat is very real.
    We can judge such a threat based on existing experience. After both the first and second Chechen wars, foreigners entered our territory for a very long time, received weapons and carried on terrorist activities.
    Practical measures must be taken to prevent such a threat. For it can be realized at any time. For example, it is necessary to tighten migration policy. So, with migrant workers from Uzbekistan, many participants of the uprising in the Ferghana Valley entered Russia, who fled to us from the Uzbek special services. The mobilization potential of such migrants is very high.
    There is no excessive alarmism in these matters. We must be prepared for the fact that we can blaze.

    Scientific director of the Institute of Applied Oriental Studies and African Studies Said GAFUROV.

    the war would have ended long ago with the victory of government troops, if not for the financial and financial assistance and political support of the opposition from the United States and its allies. On the other hand, open aggression may lead to an asymmetric response of Russia and not necessarily in Syria, otherwise the Libyan scenario would have been realized long ago.
    1. SSR
      SSR April 11 2013 15: 06
      Quote: Ascetic
      On the other hand, open aggression may lead to an asymmetric response from Russia and not necessarily in Syria

      Just like that, the hunt for Qatar is to "drop" the thread .. so that they would forget about gas production for 50 years .. well, three more four countries are asking for distribution ...
  16. gorkoxnumx
    gorkoxnumx April 11 2013 14: 04
  17. gorkoxnumx
    gorkoxnumx April 11 2013 14: 05

    I wonder why, after getting into a brainless head, they die !!!
    1. Khamsin
      Khamsin April 11 2013 22: 32
      opposition wants to win due to empty goals