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Serbia and Kosovo: a constitution against a "constitution"

April 2 in Brussels was the last round of talks in Belgrade and Pristina with the mediation of the European Union. The parties tried to agree on the future powers of the Serbian municipalities in Kosovo. The meeting ended, so to speak, nothing. After not the 13, not the 14 hours of tense negotiations in Brussels, the parties did not reach a compromise. The stumbling block was obvious to everyone even before the start of negotiations: the sides do not intend to give in to each other, because in any case someone’s constitution will be violated: either a Serb or amateur Kosovo.

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic after meeting with Hashim Thaci saidthat, despite multiple meetings and consultations, the parties could not agree. He added that his delegation was able to preserve unity with regard to the issues raised in the negotiations, and that the current round of dialogue was “difficult and exhausting”.

In an interview with the Belgrade newspaper "Evening news»Mr. Dacic tried to explain state of affairs: “The situation is very difficult. We are in quicksand or quivering swamp. That means you are drowning. Every year more and more, and not grasp for anything. You can use the best arguments. But in the West there is no understanding of them. Thus, the Serbian people are faced with a dilemma whether they should move towards the EU at all. On the other hand, we have no alternative. ” According to him, Serbia has no way to convey its position to "the consciousness of those who today in the EU make decisions about the most important political processes in Europe." The prime minister said: "And our friends from the east are now distant from this political process."

In the EU, Belgrade was given a week to respond to the readiness to accept Pristina’s proposals for a Kosovo settlement. In case of refusal, according to Dacic, Albanians from Kosovo can make an attempt to “integrate” the Serbian north of Kosovo by force.

Six days later, on April 8, the Prime Minister at a specially convened government meeting saidthat the Serbian government cannot accept proposals for a Kosovo settlement, since they do not guarantee the security and protection of human rights in Kosovo: “The Serbian Government cannot accept the proposed principles, which were orally presented to the delegation of Belgrade negotiators because they do not guarantee complete security , survival and protection of Serb rights in Kosovo. Such an agreement cannot be implemented and it does not lead to a final settlement of the problem. ”

What is the way out of the situation seen by the Serbs? The government proposes to continue negotiations with Kosovo Albanians with the mediation of the European Union. Serbian government confirmed commitment to finding a solution to the Kosovo problem through peaceful dialogue. Cabinet members authorized Mr. Dacic to inform the EU about his decision.

On this occasion, Baroness Ashton, head of European diplomacy, spoke immediately. She is explainedthat the European Union does not impose an agreement on a Kosovo settlement for Belgrade and Pristina, but calls on both sides to “make the last effort for this”. However, she regretted that the Serbian authorities rejected the proposal of the Albanians and the European Union.

"This should be an agreement between the two parties, the European Union should not impose it," - said in a statement Ashton, received by RIA "Novosti". Further, the head of EU diplomacy expressed hope that with her mediation in the coming days, the parties would hold another round of negotiations.

As noted by Oleg Ivanov (Kommersant), the rejection of the agreement proposed by the European Union on the normalization of relations with Pristina Belgrade demonstrates its readiness to defend the rights of Kosovo Serbs at the cost of postponing for an indefinite period the date of commencement of negotiations on Serbia’s accession to the European Union. The Belgrade correspondent recalls that the concept of an agreement between Serbia and Kosovo was made public at the end of March 2013 during the seventh round of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina. According to the variant proposed by Catherine Ashton, the unification of the Serbian municipalities in the north of Kosovo should have received a constitution and a system of government identical to the Albanian one. Kosovo Serbs were planned to be allowed to deal with local health and education issues and represent their interests in an advisory council to the government in Pristina. The other scenario came from Belgrade: it envisaged the creation of courts and police forces independent of Pristina in the north of Kosovo, as well as giving the local Serbs complete control over internal municipal issues. Belgrade also sought guarantees that there would be no Albanian army in the Serb areas.

There was also a third document, perhaps in some way a compromise. He was invited to sign by Baroness Ashton to the two parties. This document was not made public. However, as explained by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vucic, who was present at the talks in Brussels, some points of the agreement contradicted Belgrade’s proposed plan for creating Serbian autonomy in the north of Kosovo. The Serbs did not agree with the idea of ​​attaching Albanian settlements to predominantly Serbian municipalities and with the presence of Albanian security forces in the places of residence of the Slavs. There was also a lack of clarity with the control over the judicial, educational and health authorities, which also contradicted the interests of the Serbs.

Meanwhile, Serbia wants to continue negotiations, because it wants to join the EU, and to enter there can only be through the settlement of the Kosovo problem - moreover, the settlement is, obviously, according to the Western plan.

Recall that the province of Kosovo unilaterally declared itself independent of Serbia in February 2008 of the year. 99 UN member states from 193 have recognized its independence. As for the European Union, the independence of Kosovo is recognized by twenty-two of the twenty-seven states. Not all NATO member countries recognize Kosovo: 24 from 28. Serbia believes that Kosovo is its territory.

It is also necessary to remind that in the north of Kosovo there live about 130.000 Serbs. The province is under the protectorate of the United Nations.

Not only Serbia, but also Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, and Belarus are not willing to recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Most of the countries of Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia also do not want to recognize the "independent" region.

Peter Iskenderov ("Fund of Strategic Culture") I am convinced that the signing of the agreed documents broke the unprecedented pressure on Serbia from the European Union, as well as the USA.

“... The fact that for the Kosovo-Albanian side seemed to formalize the dissolution of the Pristina-hated Serbian self-government bodies in the northern parts of the region was for Belgrade a Rubicon in the defense of their compatriots. Even formal acceptance of Kosovo’s membership in international organizations would be less of a challenge for Serbia and Serbs than the creation of a formless and powerless “association of Serbian municipalities” subject to Pristina’s orders in North Kosovo ... ”

According to the analyst, pressure techniques were originally developed as a means of "punishing" the Serbs and "enforcing peace." This model, the author believes, worked during the time of Milosevic, but in the conditions of the economic and political crisis in the EU and the change of the ruling team in Belgrade, it was doomed to failure. For the first time in many years, Iskenderov believes, the Serbian leadership has demonstrated its readiness to take the solution of the problems of national statehood into its own hands.

What will Brussels and Washington do? They, the analyst believes, will try to launch a new campaign of pressure on Belgrade. There will be used, in particular, the report of Baroness Ashton on the Serbian Eurozayavka at a meeting of the EU Council, scheduled for April 16. P. Iskanderov argues his opinion by the fact that Kosmet deputy and functionary of the Democratic League of Kosovo Lyutfi Haziri made it clear who should be blamed for breaking the agreement - of course, Serbia, which, according to his calculations, “missed the possibility of reconciliation with Kosovo.

But Love Lyulko ( writes that the Serbian authorities today surrender one position after another.

“... the territories inhabited by the Serbs (the communities of Kosovska Mitrovica - north of the river Ibar, Leposavic, Zvechan and Zubin Potok) are actually managed from Belgrade, which is funded by local authorities. But, denying the independence of the province of Kosovo and Metohija, Belgrade has recently taken up one position after another, increasingly approaching the implementation of Ahtisaari’s illegitimate plan. Is it not absurd to demand the formation of autonomy within autonomy? It’s not absurd, if you understand that in the subconscious the Serbian leadership has already come to terms with the independence of the region, it remains to find a way to explain this to your people without losing the honor of the uniform. ”

The authorities in Kosovo, according to the analyst, are well aware of this, and therefore do not allow the infringement of "territorial integrity" in accordance with their constitution.

Deputy Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Krstmir Pantic says that the failure of the negotiations in Brussels is the expected outcome, because Pristina is not ready to compromise with the Serbs, and the EU and the US do not want to put pressure on it. And the director of the Serbian Department of Media Relations, Milivoje Mihajlovic, notes: “I spoke with other journalists, Albanians from Kosovo. Most of them said to me: "We would give up, but the Americans would not give." By the way, L. Lyulko notes, Philip Ricoeur, an American diplomat responsible for the Western Balkans, was behind the scenes at a meeting in Brussels.

As for the Department of State policy in the Balkans, its principles were outlined by James George Jatras, head of the American Council on Kosovo. There are only two principles: 1) all claims and interests of the Serbs should be negated; 2) Muslims are always right.

Well, the Serbs from Kosovo generally oppose a compromise that Belgrade would like to accept. Kosovo Serbs, the analyst writes, are now demanding the return of the negotiation process to the UN framework. They declare that they will refuse to fulfill the agreements of Belgrade and Pristina, if they do not meet their interests. Russia calls for such an approach today.

Why Serbia is torn in the EU? After all, the crisis in the yard. It seems to the Serbian government (it used to be exactly the same, for example, to the Greeks, Cypriots and Spaniards) that by entering the EU, the country would receive financial assistance and the right to new technologies. All this will improve the economic situation in the country. And this is unemployment today, reaching in some regions 26%, recession, budget deficit, low per capita income.

Very late thoughts. According to Eurostat, in Greece, which is a member of the EU, unemployment is 26,4%, in Spain - 26,3%, in Portugal - 17,5%, in Slovakia - 14,6%. According to the report of Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, Tano Santos and Luis Garicano from The National Bureau of Economic Research, that is, the National Bureau of Economic Research (Massachusetts), the authors compositions on the crisis in the eurozone, thanks to the introduction of the euro, the main economic contradictions of some countries only intensified. In countries such as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, credit “bubbles” quickly inflated, competitiveness decreased, and the external debts of states over the decade of their stay in the eurozone increased by one hundred percent of the gross domestic product.

Does the Serbian government really strive to become an EU member just for the sake of receiving financial assistance? But then the road of the Greek government awaits him. So why?

"Our political elite has grown together with the Brussels and Washington establishment, - characterizes position of the Belgrade political scientist and publicist Slobodan Antonych. - It does not allow itself to even think about some alternative. Any serious state, when it comes to important things, develops the so-called "Plan B". And ours have only one thing in mind - the European Union or death. ” The political analyst explains: “It is regrettable that public opinion in Serbia forms foreign capital. And the fact that we are so corrupt that we do not even notice it. ” He hints at the fact that the owners of the main media in Serbia are large Western media companies, and the most influential NGOs are financed from foreign funds.

Thus, for the time being everything goes to the fact that the Western scenario of the resolution of the Kosovo issue will be implemented: the structures of the EU and the US will put pressure on Serbia in a cleverly indirect way - by putting pressure on Kosovo, avoiding any compromises between the parties. The Serbian government, eager to join the European Union and “receive financial assistance” by making decisive statements about the unacceptability of the agreements, will eventually accept an agreement that is not very different from the previous ones that were rejected. Diplomatic delay will allow the weak Belgrade to keep at least part of the political face. This is not to say that Baroness Ashton does not understand this. He understands perfectly well - that is why he prepares texts, one after another, which are somehow hidden from the public.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Krasnoyarsk
    Krasnoyarsk April 10 2013 09: 14
    Albanians are an ulcer on the body of Europe, sooner or later the ulcer will need to be removed.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus April 10 2013 09: 24
      The Slovens need to unite. Definitely. Us, like a pie cut and eat. Hope to choke on one day ....
      1. Heccrbq
        Heccrbq April 10 2013 12: 21
        The Stavropol Territory rolls according to the Albanian scenario, these people come and squeeze out the Slavic population, grab the posts in the police, administration, courts and with the impudent h-th hare they say --- and the European Championship, we’ll get high here, I’m silent about Islamization. Baghdad is calm, we are building Sochi, we are planting pawns. Hurray, Hurray.
      2. Denis_SF
        Denis_SF April 10 2013 15: 30
        In the 14th year, they got involved in a clear English provocation for the brothers of the Slavs and how it all ended. You can no longer make such mistakes. They do not want to fight for themselves; why should we?
        I will quote the classic, maybe not quite in the subject, but still:

        Dostoevsky Fedor Mikhailovich. The diary of a writer. September - December 1877.
        "... according to my inner conviction, the most complete and insurmountable - Russia will never have and never had such haters, envious people, slanderers and even obvious enemies, like all these Slavic tribes, as soon as Russia liberates them, and Europe agrees to recognize them released!
        And do not mind me, do not dispute, do not shout at me that I am exaggerating and that I am a hater of the Slavs! On the contrary, I love the Slavs very much, but I won’t defend myself either, because I know that everything will come true exactly like I say, and not because of the low, ungrateful, as if, character of the Slavs - they have a character in this sense, like everyone else, namely because such things in the world cannot happen otherwise.
        After their release, they will begin their new life, I repeat, precisely by asking themselves to be given the pledge and protection of their freedom from Europe, England and Germany, and even Russia will be in a concert of European powers, but they will protection from Russia and will do it.
        They will certainly begin by saying that within themselves, if not directly out loud, they declare themselves and convince themselves that they are not obliged to Russia with the slightest gratitude, on the contrary, that they hardly escaped Russia’s power-loving intervention by the European concert, and not if Europe had intervened, Russia would have swallowed them right away, "bearing in mind the expansion of the borders and the foundation of the great All-Slavic empire on the enslavement of the Slavs to a greedy, cunning and barbarous Great Russian tribe."
        Perhaps a whole century, or even more, they will continually tremble for their freedom and fear the lust for power of Russia; they will curry favor with European states, slander Russia, gossip and intrigue against it.
        It will be especially pleasant for the liberated Slavs to express and trumpet the whole world that they are educated tribes capable of the highest European culture, while Russia is a barbaric country, gloomy northern colossus, not even of pure Slavic blood, persecutor and hater of European civilization.
        Russia needs to seriously prepare for the fact that all these liberated Slavs will rush into Europe with ecstasy, before losing their personality will become infected with European forms, political and social, and thus will have to go through a long and long period of Europeanism before comprehending anything in its Slavic meaning and its special Slavic vocation among the humanity.
        Between themselves, these zemstvos will always quarrel, forever envy each other and intrigue against each other. Of course, in the moment of some serious disaster, they all will certainly turn to Russia for help. No matter how they hate, gossip and slander Europe, flirting with her and assuring her of love, they will always feel instinctively (of course, in a moment of trouble, and not earlier) that Europe was a natural enemy of their unity, they will always remain, and that if they exist in the world, then, of course, because there is a huge magnet - Russia, which attracts irresistibly.
        1. viach
          viach April 10 2013 18: 01
          The miracle is right! As if today said today!
        2. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk April 10 2013 18: 13
          The Slav brothers are much closer to me than the Central Asian macaques.
        3. A. Yaga
          A. Yaga April 10 2013 21: 51
          Oh, how classic is right! what
        4. Gladiatir-zlo
          Gladiatir-zlo April 10 2013 22: 30
          The great, enlightened mind, the purest statement, which has not lost its relevance. I’ll take a quote for myself, I’ll read it to my son, so that from now on I know who the brother is and who is the friend. the rest beyond the threshold do not let go, dogs poison. Let the carrion bites in their Europe. We have business at home.
        5. alexander rus.
          alexander rus. April 10 2013 22: 39
          Yeah! Dostoevsky, the prophet of Russia, seemed to be looking into the water! Everything is short, clear and true. And these "world civilizers" either slip the Misha of Nostradamus with his crazy quatrains, then the unwashed, overgrown, protruding tongue of the "genius of all times and peoples" Einstein, then Malevich with his black square ... And all this is bullshit!
    2. Bronis
      Bronis April 10 2013 10: 53
      A real ulcer are those who took advantage of all this and encouraged the slaughter. And then he turned everything to his advantage, bombed Yugoslavia and caused much grief to all parties to the conflict, throwing branches in the furnace.
  2. Yarbay
    Yarbay April 10 2013 09: 17
    **** 99 out of 193 UN member states recognized its independence. As for the European Union, Kosovo’s independence is recognized by twenty-two out of twenty-seven states. **** - blatant lawlessness and violation of international rights, duplicity!
    ** that by joining the EU, the country will receive financial assistance and the right to new technologies. ** - for now, Azerbaijan is providing financial assistance!
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 April 10 2013 10: 37
      can be more
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay April 10 2013 11: 22
        Quote: evgenm55
        can be more

        Baku. Victoria Dementieva - APA. Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic and Minister of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev signed an agreement on the allocation of a loan of 300 million euros by Azerbaijan for the construction of the section of Corridor 11 from Lig to Prelina.

        In addition, since 2011, Azerbaijan has provided Serbia with gratuitous aid worth millions of dollars for various good cultural projects. The project is led by the restoration of a 1,14th-century Belgrade Bajrakli mosque worth 1,42 million euros (647619 million dollars). In addition, Baku allocated 803302 euros ($ 325300 dollars) for the restoration of St. Petka Church near the city of Novi Sad, and another 403536 euros (XNUMX dollars) for the restoration of the Tashmaidan park in Belgrade, in which a monument was erected to the late President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev.
        1. Apollo
          Apollo April 10 2013 18: 41
          people's money is squandered on which parks and monuments am
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 10 2013 11: 23
      Can you tell me when Turkey will join the EU? And, why has it been so many years, Turkey will dynamite the EU with entry.?
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay April 10 2013 11: 28
        Quote: Sirocco
        Can you tell me when Turkey will join the EU? And, why has it been so many years, Turkey will dynamite the EU with entry.?

        I honestly did not understand the meaning of the question and type your sarcasm !?
        I think the question is that Muslims prevail in Turkey!
        Turkey benefited a lot from the fact that it is still not accepted in the EU!
        the economy is growing and I think soon they will ask Turkey to join, but it will refuse!
        Especially after the completion of the construction of new pipelines!
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco April 10 2013 12: 39
          You are generally right. hi
  3. Greyfox
    Greyfox April 10 2013 09: 19
    If the Serbs had at least a little courage, then they would impose on everyone and send troops to the northern regions of Kosovo inhabited by Serbs. But their courage has replaced disruption to the EU.
    1. Asgard
      Asgard April 10 2013 09: 39
      There are in power the same Judas as ours.The selection of power there was conducted for a long time. This is directed against the People (Slavs) and it doesn’t matter who they are-Serbs, Croats, Russians. There is an installation for destruction. If for this it is necessary to enter the WTO, enter Juvenal, sit on the 282nd, this will be done by Judah in power. Then whoever is in power is also at a loss ... alas, an unapplied rule. No one ever needs Judah ...
      But the people - I Believe will still survive, they will hang the "whores" of the authorities, since the "shortcomings" cannot be left behind. And it is worth spreading the influence of the Slavs throughout the world so that a cancerous tumor does not form again in the form of the Britons, the US state, the banking system.
      Need radicalism. Slavic radicalism.
      And they will get it. since the Slavs do everything well, even when they are at war. And everyone had several opportunities to make sure of this. They changed their tactics, but the consequences in the form of lampposts they can not escape from the barbaric Slavs))) am
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay April 10 2013 10: 01
        Quote: Asgard
        because the Slavs do everything well, even when they are at war

        give an example, who apart from Russians did it successfully !?
        1. waisson
          waisson April 10 2013 11: 00
          under the word Slavs are hiding both Ukrainians and Belarusians who were once called Russian, they also took part in the Great Victory over Germany
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay April 10 2013 11: 31
            Quote: waisson
            under the word Slavs are hiding both Ukrainians and Belarusians who were once called Russian, they also took part in the Great Victory over Germany

            Well, not only the Slavs were noted there !!
            On the other hand, the Slavs also fought!
        2. Ragnarek
          Ragnarek April 10 2013 12: 54
          here I agree with you except the Russians from the Slavs no one successfully fought
    2. evgenm55
      evgenm55 April 10 2013 10: 44
      But what about the courage of the Serbs? You can just as well blame the Russians — part of the land in the East was given to China, the Russians were abandoned in the USSR, etc., etc. If in power traitors, hucksters, thieves — they and politics are the same At least in Serbia, at least in Russia. The STALINSKY 58 Criminal Code must be restored long ago and to tear out and destroy rot mercilessly.
      1. Ragnarek
        Ragnarek April 10 2013 12: 56
        what lands? Nobody left the Russians; there is always the opportunity to come, which many did.
    3. waisson
      waisson April 10 2013 10: 53
      the government doesn’t say our Kosovo, but it looks itself into the mouth of the European Union, not 90 when the whole of the former Yugoslavia was blazing and I think the Serbs changed the main battle mass died and the leaders were shamefully sold to their enemies and veterans are disabled in poverty
    4. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 10 2013 11: 29
      Quote: Greyfox
      If the Serbs had at least a little courage, then they would impose on everyone and send troops to the northern regions of Kosovo inhabited by Serbs.

      and they would have lost their territory !!
  4. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 10 2013 09: 28
    Elite - it is everywhere "elite". People who have seized power on American and British money. Simply, agents of influence of the "West" who like to imagine themselves and call themselves "the cream of society." But in fact, it is also complete and guano and scum and outcasts from decent and honest people of the planet, who a priori cannot be patriots in their countries, simply because it was not inherent in their upbringing. And no matter what country they are in - Serbia, Ukraine or Russia, they are the same everywhere. In my opinion Such people are worse than Islamic terrorists who are now fighting in Syria with weapons in their hands, who are in sight as an enemy and with weapons in their hands and against whom you can fight (they can be seen). But politicians are a different matter. These creatures cannot be seen right away. .They are like a rotten apple. Gloss on top, rot inside. request
    So until the root cause, the financing of corrupt politicians by the State Department, is not eliminated, the investigation is not worth it! Everything will remain in Serbia as it is. The Serbs will not give up Kosovo, and the Muslims will not be allowed to drive out the "West." The conflict will be resolved either by war or to die The entire Western establishment, for which there is little hope in the near future!
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 10 2013 11: 34
      Quote: sergo0000
      Elite - it is everywhere "elite". People who seized power on American and British money.

      On channel 5, we conducted a survey of Who in Russia is the elite. So, according to the survey, the majority voted for the Scientists, And, the complete scribe, They chose cultural figures. God forbid such an elite as artists and singers. The Bolshoi Theater drowned in fikaly, from the actions of the elite. Singers, Borya Moses, Kirkorov, Galkin, and the like, Is this the elite ???? God forbid. Woe to you, BOOKS AND Pharisees, LYCEMERS, you consider it a desecration to touch the tombs of the dead; every year you deliberately whiten them, not for the sake of beauty, but to designate a place for them to come, so that they, somehow by accident, do not touch them; but you don’t even suspect that YOURSELF LIKE THIS COLORED Coffins, whitewashed, WHICH OUTSIDE SEEM BEAUTIFUL, AND INSIDE ARE FULL OF DEAD BONES AND ANY ANIMALITY; SO YOU, ON THE OUTSIDE, SEEK PEOPLE JUST, AND INSIDE, in your soul, in your heart, LYCEPHYMENITY AND LAWLESSNESS ARE PERFORMED!
  5. ed65b
    ed65b April 10 2013 09: 29
    Serbs get drunk how to give a drink. Clearing for the species. Eh, bros, you hand over your relatives to the Albanians and then again tell the Russians to blame. As your conscience still allows you to talk with Albanians after the destruction of temples, deportations and genocide of Serbs in Kosovo.
    They themselves created the situation of the Albanian majority on Orthodox land and got a knife in the back. Create guerrilla units you have had a lot of experience since the 2nd World War. Serbia must secretly support arming and finance resistance. Act on the Albanian scenario. And only so. to victory. Otherwise death.
    1. waisson
      waisson April 10 2013 11: 03
      created Tito in his reign and today's Serbs are reaping the benefits
    2. andrejwz
      andrejwz April 10 2013 14: 35
      Quote: ed65b
      Clearing for the species.

      Well, why for a look? Just trying to sell more expensive.
    3. Smoke
      Smoke April 10 2013 18: 32
      possible and thus possible; even such a method of warfare is most optimal for the Serbs.
  6. Krapovy32
    Krapovy32 April 10 2013 10: 05
    The poor former Yugoslavia ... so much blood has already been shed, but they have not learned to live in peace.
    1. waisson
      waisson April 10 2013 11: 06
      they don’t give them ready to live in peace, a good friendly people. if the old people climb into your apartment how will you behave?
  7. pa_nik
    pa_nik April 10 2013 10: 22
    The West and its bureaucrats, as usual, divide and rule .. Look around, make sure that there is no Power around .. and continues. Until they get a good kick, they will cut it ... Pie, people ... they don’t care ... Today, according to Euronews, a representative of the Serbs spoke in court and accused the Muslims of fomenting (beginning) of the war, so the Muslims were offended and outraged . No Serb reaction has been reported. recourse The duplicity and one-sidedness of Those Who Can't Be Named Continues. It's a pity.
  8. str73
    str73 April 10 2013 10: 42
    Quote: Speckled32
    The poor former Yugoslavia ... so much blood has already been shed, but they have not learned to live in peace.

    They just don’t let her live peacefully! It is beneficial to the West!
  9. Natalia
    Natalia April 10 2013 11: 17
    Tomislav Nikolic: Russia must place military bases in Serbia
    November 02.02.2008, XNUMX
    Russia can and should place its military bases on the territory of Serbia. Moscow, unlike the Americans and the countries of the European Union, will never drop bombs on the Serbs. Therefore, Belgrade must provide preferences to Russian business.
    such a statement was made by Tomislav Nikolic in 2008 .....
    Not only at that time I liked this idea, but there are certain tendencies to please me even now. Serbia in this world can only trust Russia.
    After a series of events in the Eurozone, especially in Cyprus, it became obvious to everyone that the EU would not save anyone .... Germany and France would save only their wallets, at the expense of the wallets of others. The EU doesn't give a damn about Serbia, and it won’t get any technology or financial and legal assistance from the EU. The United States will endlessly poison them with Albania and so on ....
    But there is an option ... an option to abandon the vicious path to join the EU, to meet Russia, and Russia should not be shy about helping Serbia. Moreover, the people of Serbia have the warmest feelings for Russia.
    1. Ragnarek
      Ragnarek April 10 2013 13: 00
      "Russia may, Russia should ..." so what? Now this Niklich is agreeing, as it were, to soften the news of the recognition of Kosovo's independence.
      Russia owes nothing to anyone, Russia paid off all its debts with the blood of its citizens. It's time for all sorts of "brothers" to break away from the Russian boobs and start living on their own. And Russia will focus, its worries are full, and a big war is coming
      1. Natalia
        Natalia April 10 2013 14: 01
        Quote: Ragnarek
        full of their worries, and a great war is coming

        Drink a glass of water (only boiled) .... calm down normally ...
        1. Ragnarek
          Ragnarek April 10 2013 14: 27
          I am completely calm. smile
          1. Natalia
            Natalia April 10 2013 15: 39
            Quote: Ragnarek
            I am completely calm.

            + wink good.
      2. Yarbay
        Yarbay April 10 2013 17: 33
        Quote: Ragnarek
        It's time for all sorts of "brothers" to break away from the Russian boobs and start living on their own. And Russia will focus, its worries are full, and a big war is coming

        Sooner Yeshe !!
        Everything will be good!
        Russia will pay for Serbian modernization
        Russia will provide Serbia with a state loan in the amount of $ 500 million, Belgrade will give money for 10 years at 3,5% per annum, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.
        1. fartfraer
          fartfraer April 11 2013 07: 49
          Excuse me, but why does Russia not give loans to its citizens at such interest rates? These "Europeans" have always spit on the Russian Federation, and they recognized the USSR as one of the last, so why should we help them for "thank you"?
          and you don't have to shout that I'm against the Slavs, it's just that the Slavs are not very much facing Russia, they are bursting into Europe like frightened, forgetting that these "enlightened Europeans" bombed them in their time. They betray their own interests, nobody is to blame, and those who say that it is necessary to deal first of all with the problems of the Russian Federation, and not with the "Slavs-brothers", are right a hundred times. Kazakhstan is much closer to modern Russia (in every sense) than the ruins of Yugoslavia.
          for that matter, there is more return from Latin America than from this Serbia.
          personal opinion, you may not agree, but we do not need such "allies" in Europe.
  10. Denis_SF
    Denis_SF April 10 2013 15: 23
    The Yugoslavs themselves are to blame for all this! The first time - when the Albanians were allowed into their territories (Kosovo is a historically purely Serbian territory with the Serbian population, nor any Albanians were there), the second - when they just left, the troops withdrew from Kosovo, not about to resist, they barely started bomb. They also tried to say something to Russia, they supposedly didn’t protect .. And why should someone protect someone else’s house, if the owner himself doesn’t need it? They decided to rake in the heat with someone else's hands, now they have a hotbed of drug mafia and trafficking in people and organs at hand. For us, this should be an important lesson, if we don’t want a branch of Tajikistan or Uzbekistan in the Urals.
  11. pinecone
    pinecone April 10 2013 15: 26
    sergo0000 (2) You won’t even bite these creatures at once. They are like a rotten apple. On top of the gloss is rot inside.

    And you don’t need to bite, they all glow, not only with gloss, but with their hypocrisy and endless lies.
  12. Navy7981
    Navy7981 April 10 2013 16: 43
    I think that the Serbian political leadership, for the sake of unclear prospects in the European Union, will surrender its own, and then something else or something it will surrender. They just have not decided yet who and how many gingerbread cookies will fall off. But I am sorry for ordinary Serbs.
  13. Smoke
    Smoke April 10 2013 18: 30
    explain to me why the Serbs themselves can not solve the problem of Kosovo? What is stopping them from bringing troops into Kosovo again and putting everyone and everything there with cancer? Evict from the illegally occupied territories of Albanians in Albania and all. The West is not the same. The West has never had forces and means to counteract decisive and completely selfless actions of the army, and now there is no other way. Therefore, I am for the forceful version of the decision of Kosovo.
    1. George
      George April 10 2013 20: 24
      The West is not the same.

      Serbs are not the same.
      I am also for the power option, but are the Serbs craving that? I read a lot about the courage and dedication of the Serbian people, that I was very surprised to learn that the Serbs had calmed down. Although I have one answer to this - they were just sold by their own masters. And today they only pull the rubber and brainwash ordinary Serbian citizens. For example, I often look through the latest film distribution. And what Serbian films I have not come across, it's all about homosexual adventures and problems.
      I just oh .... al and thought what was it? Like they have no other problems now.
      1. radio operator
        radio operator April 11 2013 15: 10
        Quote: GEORGE
        Serbs are not the same.

        Alas, you are right. The spirit of the Serbian people is almost destroyed.
        He is still alive with us.
  14. Svatdevostator
    Svatdevostator April 10 2013 20: 55
    Quote: vadimus
    The Slovens need to unite. Definitely. Us, like a pie cut and eat. Hope to choke on one day ....

    Only the majority of the Slavs think differently and most look to the west, and wait until they throw a bone from the table !!!
  15. George
    George April 10 2013 22: 58
    By the way, today I got a film about a stealth shot down by the Serbs.
    1. fartfraer
      fartfraer April 11 2013 08: 35
      great video. thanks
  16. de klermon
    de klermon April 11 2013 00: 03
    "... The main media in Serbia are owned by large Western media groups, and the most influential NGOs are financed from foreign funds ..." So much for freedom of speech and expression! Hey swamp, are there any more questions about democracy? No desire to speak for the Tambov Caliphate?
    PS Special greetings to the "tourist-speaker" Gudkov Jr.
  17. radio operator
    radio operator April 11 2013 15: 04
    that we are so corrupt that we don’t even notice it. ” He hints at the fact that the owners of the main media in Serbia are large Western media concerns, and the most influential NGOs are financed from foreign funds.

    And whoever owns the TV picture has real power.
    It's simple.