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German mobile firing point

German mobile firing point
The enemy firing point is captured. 1944

In the battles on the Bryansk, Kharkiv and other directions, our units captured a mobile armored one-brilliant machine-gun point.

The armor point consists of the upper cast armored cap, to which the lower part is welded, which is buried in the ground. The main dimensions of it; height 196 cm, maximum width 162 cm, length 172 cm, thickness of the armor cap from 140 mm in front to 40 - 25 mm pa boards in the coating. The lower part is welded; Made from sheet metal armor 10 mm thick. News over 3 t.

General view of the armored firing point.

The design of the mobile armor point and its dimensions are shown in the figure.

The firing point is armed with ONE heavy machine gun, which is attached with a special machine to the walls of the hood and has two sets of runners for the MG-42 or MG-34 machine gun. Observation is carried out with the help of periscopes, usually two-mirrors.

The point is maintained by two machine-gunners - one shoots, the other observes the battlefield. Horizontal sector of firing of a firing point near 60 gr., Vertical +/— 12 gr. The frame of the machine moves along the segment that has divisions: the left - from 0 to 500 (black) and the right - also from 0 to 500 (red). The grading of the segment corresponds to the grading of the arc of periscope rings. When mounted on a machine gun and periscopes are directed by the director.

The firing point is equipped with a suction ventilation unit. The fan is activated by pressing the foot on the pedal. There are a total of two pedals located opposite the seats, so that each calculation number can power them. Suction of air occurs through the air duct in the upper part of the cap and. in addition, from a machine gun on a flexible hose, diverting the spent cartridges to the collection box. Air exits through a special vent located to the right of the entrance. In addition, through a special hose with throttle air is directed from the exhaust duct to the furnace furnace.

For heating, the point has a radiator stove under the right seat, heated by wood, peat or coal. To improve heat transfer furnace has three elbows. The outlet pipe goes into the right hole for the axle shafts.

MG-42 on the machine.

In the middle of the point there is a collection box for the spent cartridges, connected by a special sleeve to the machine gun. The box is connected to the duct with a fan.

Inside the point at the front wall there are horizontal bulkheads (shelves) for placing boxes with machine-gun belts, spare parts and a box with four spare periscopes. Iron floor hood, covered with wooden bars. To calculate the arranged wooden folding seats.

An embrasure of a wholesale point of size 15x9 cm with a transverse membrane dividing it into two unequal parts, is closed by an external valve of cast armor up to 100 mm thick. Opening and closing the embrasure is done from the inside by a lever that is secured with a nut.

The calculation enters the firing point through a manhole, 50 x 60 in size. See the upper part of the firing point on its rear side. The hatch is closed with a door made of cast armor with a thickness of 30 mm, which opens to the outside and is equipped with two locking levers and a bracket. Bracket is used to lift the door with a foot when climbing into the hatch. If desired, the hatch cover opens only partially, for which a chain is used, which is fixed to the wall of the hood. The lower edge of the door has a corrugated part, through the gaps of which, when the suction fan is in operation, air flows into the firing point.

View of the open manhole firing point.

Periscope openings are located in the upper part of the firing point and are closed with 30 mm thick gate valves. These valves are locked and turned with a special lever from the inside point.

Next to the periscope, a leather handle is attached to the firing point dome for the convenience of periscope action.

On the sides, at the top of the firing point, there are two holes for semi-axes that are inserted when transporting a point on the wheels. When installing the point of the wheel are removed, and the holes are sealed with special plugs with holes for the telephone wire.

The firing point is transported upside down on special wooden wheels with a diameter of 120 cm. The axle shafts of the wheels are inserted into special holes and fastened on the inside with nuts that are screwed onto the ends of the semi-axes. The metal drawbar at one end has a ring on which it is attached to the tractor, the other end of the drawbar has a thread on which the nuts are screwed, the drawbar is inserted into the embrasure. The key for screwing in the nuts is to the right of the entrance. A tractor, tractor, or tank serves as a transport force. Travel speed - up to 10 km per hour.

The firing point is prepared for transportation.

Fire from the points can be conducted only in a certain sector. From the flanks and rear, the firing point itself is defenseless in terms of fire and needs the support of neighboring firing facilities. The point is used by the enemy on the front edge of the defense and on the second line of the defensive line. Due to the fact that the observation from the embrasure is inconvenient and the area being viewed is insignificant, when blocking such firing points it is necessary, first of all, to destroy the periscopes with artillery, mortar fire or sniper fire. When the blocking group approaches the firing point, first of all, one should throw the embrasure with sacks of earth, stone or just earth, and then detonate the point with a concentrated explosive charge. In the case of the absence of explosives, it is possible for some time to paralyze the firing point, filling it with the embrasure and manhole.

Cuts fire point.

Drawings of the firing point are made by M. Svirin on measurements of the armored cap found in the Smolensk region.

Mobile armor firing point can be used by our troops for hasty fortification equipment of the area. Roughly, it should be assumed that the installation and masking of a similar point, as well as the equipment near the two open additional sites, will be spent by the small unit 4 hours. The firing point may be armed with captured MG-42 and MG-34 machine guns or with our DP manual machine gun, but for this it is necessary to retool the machine at the point. When using a point, you need to create a stock of periscopes (minimum 4 periscope), as well as spare mirrors. It is best to have a firing point of both frontal and flanking action along the leading edge, on the front and on the reverse slopes of the elevations.

In addition, such firing points can be used as advanced observation points.
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  1. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn April 11 2013 08: 50 New
    resembles our glasses, that's just
    1. their turret is turning
    2. are still used
    3. do not have such bells and whistles
  2. radar75
    radar75 April 11 2013 09: 59 New
    The main thing is mobile.
    Judging by the year when it appeared, it was invented in order to escape on time.
  3. biglow
    biglow April 11 2013 10: 03 New
    Germans are sages however.
    1. ikrut
      ikrut April 12 2013 00: 02 New
      We called it "armored hood". I have an old (post-war) encyclopedic dictionary - this is how such a miracle is described there. Judging by the description - a common thing. Sometimes it disguised itself as stumps or some kind of natural objects. I think that we also had this in service.
  4. Vital 33
    Vital 33 April 11 2013 10: 11 New
    At the Memory Watch, in the Lugansk region, they once found one. They dug up half a day. Pokotsany was very strong ... A month later they arrived later, he was already stolen ...))). I still don’t understand how he was dragged from the forest ...)))
    1. honest jew
      honest jew April 11 2013 10: 37 New
      And it doesn’t happen ... Two guys came to us the other day, under the guise of electricians, so the piano disappeared after they left ...
      1. Vital 33
        Vital 33 April 11 2013 12: 51 New
        If this is a joke, then it’s not quite right ... Doesn’t it seem to you?))) Do you think that I am composing?)))
  5. Alew
    Alew April 11 2013 10: 52 New
    Another firing point
  6. Alew
    Alew April 11 2013 10: 56 New
    One more point
  7. Rider
    Rider April 11 2013 11: 23 New
    Can you imagine what it was like under fire?
    it’s like getting into an iron barrel on which they hammer on the outside with a hammer.
    didn’t they go crazy there?
    but it was at one time, our rezunovtsy scared the public with fried facts.
    supposedly the German machine gunners from the coils drove off from the number of Ivanes killed by them.
    so mozht their thread flew just in such "houses".

    It would be interesting to know the statistics of losses.
    1. 101
      101 April 11 2013 17: 19 New
      Imagine When bullets or fragments enter the body much quieter and do not have time to go crazy
      1. Rider
        Rider April 11 2013 17: 28 New
        vaabcheto after all it was not about that?
        right ?

        and the hedgehog understands that in a simple trench and a small fragment is a disaster.
        I'm talking about the state of health of the "crew" of this unit,
        and how long could he remain combat-ready.

        and I hope you understand what will provide every fighter given a prodigy is simply impossible.
        so there are probably a lot of people left in the infantry unit who have to "stop" the chest and bullets and shrapnel.
        1. 101
          101 April 11 2013 23: 01 New
          Then I don’t understand the grin. They say that the child prodigy is a coward and we don’t care. And under fire there was when you didn’t get into such a booth. And I think it’s not fun in the tank.
  8. igordok
    igordok April 11 2013 11: 32 New
    We have something similar. "Stalin's Line" Sebezhsky UR.
  9. knn54
    knn54 April 11 2013 12: 05 New
    biglow germans sages however
    One of the projects in the USSR (1933!), Which, however, remained on paper, was the parachute-dropping armored firing point, a parachute bunker. A shooter with a DA machine gun and ammunition was located in the egg-shaped armored corps. The canopy was opened immediately after separation from the carrier aircraft. Dropping a few pieces, it was possible to create something like a fortified line in the sky, firing air and ground targets. When landing, the shock absorbed the spring-loaded legs in the lower part of the hull. The weight of the firing point made it possible to carry it manually to several Red Army men or to transport it in a pickup car.
  10. igordok
    igordok April 11 2013 12: 31 New
    In the 1944 instruction "Actions of tanks as part of an assault group when attacking bunkers and bunkers" this firing point is illustrated as an armored canopy.
  11. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 April 11 2013 13: 33 New
    Recently I went to the Museum of Artillery and Engineering Troops, I saw this, it’ll be more interesting. A hiding firing point.
  12. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 April 11 2013 14: 31 New
    I saw this point on wheels, I immediately remembered the carts for some reason))))
  13. Mister X
    Mister X April 11 2013 15: 46 New
    Here she is taking care of the soldier.
    Hans settled in comfort:
    and folding seats, and shelves for repair kits and ammunition,
    even set the stove.
    How did they not even foresee the latrine?

    Bullet calculation would certainly be useful
    Soviet tankers' headsets: and protection against strikes against the walls,
    and built-in intercom, and noise isolation.

    similar firing points can be used as advanced observation points

    For an observation post or a fire spotter
    in the cold season smoke from the chimney would be a unmasking factor.
  14. tomaz99
    tomaz99 April 11 2013 16: 59 New
    panzernest-and how they were collected.
  15. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer April 11 2013 18: 06 New
    Yes, the Germans thought everything through, even a wheel with a bronze bushing
  16. sscha
    sscha April 13 2013 02: 14 New
    My friend - "REX" (DESANTURA, if anyone did not understand), began military service in the Baltic States, in the 70s. There, according to his stories, BMDs were in warm boxes. And the boxes have been since the Second World War. Boxing per company. In the corners - Drip boilers on a solarium, WWII times, like the box itself, half-buried in the ground. Everything is left of the Germans, including barracks, barracks type. soldier
  17. Alew
    Alew April 13 2013 23: 10 New
    Another armored point (joke)