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What Russia wanted to say with its military exercises on the Black Sea

What Russia wanted to say with its military exercises on the Black Sea

After his participation in the BRICS summit, held on 28 in March 2013 in South Africa, Russian President Putin ordered to conduct military exercises on the Black Sea. At his command, warships advanced from the Ukrainian Sevastopol Bay. It was reported that three-day maneuvers in the Russian territorial waters involved 36 warships and over 7 thousands of servicemen. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that, based on international practice, prior notification of the Black Sea coastal countries about the exercise was not considered necessary, as the number of troops did not exceed 7 thousand.

Peskov explained that the purpose of the exercises was to strengthen the military power of the Navy fleet Russia, using the following wording: "The goal of the largest training exercises of all time is to test the capabilities of our fleet in fulfilling tasks in the event of war." Indeed, after the August 2008 war, discussions broke out in Georgia on the modernization of the Russian army. However, according to some analysts, after the Georgian war, the weakness of the Russian army, which intended to maintain control of the former Soviet region, became apparent.

Last month, the Russian army conducted unscheduled military exercises in which the armed forces participated in the central and internal parts of the country. The chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, Valery Gerasimov, noted that thanks to these exercises, a number of system errors and omissions in the army were identified. It can be stated that Russia and Putin are acting in accordance with the continuity of previous responses and making significant investments in terms of military spending and the modernization of the army. In addition, for the modernization of the army over the next 10 years, Moscow has formed a budget of 600 billion euros. Also, recent exercises are intended to be a showcase of the revived appearance of the Russian army, which has been criticized for its inefficiency during the war in Georgia.

Reflection of the Black Sea military exercises in the Mediterranean region

It can be said that these exercises carry an interregional message, taking into account the agreement between the countries of the Black Sea region on relations and the preservation of stability in the Black Sea. Considering the fact that some new phenomena occur precisely during the Middle East and Syrian crisis, it is more useful to pay attention to the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and not to the Black Sea.

As if recalling this, in the past month because of the conflict in Syria, Moscow made a decision on the permanent presence of combat ships in the Mediterranean Sea, and this decision caused heated debate. Some experts described the Kremlin’s decision as “a step for Russia to return to the Mediterranean Sea”, while other authors noted that “Russia does not have the strength to keep ships here”. The decision to conduct military exercises in the Black Sea, taken on board the aircraft on the way from the BRICS summit, thus sends a message that the army and armed forces of Russia are strong enough to protect its geopolitical role and are ready for possible military scenarios.

In the current situation of civil war, which has been progressing for more than two years, the desire to prevent foreign intervention is laid at the heart of Russian foreign policy. Moscow, which has set a goal to implement a plan to sit around the same table through political dialogue in Syria, supporters and opponents of the regime, abides by the terms of the Geneva Agreement, signed after the June 2012 meeting, and intends to bring the positions of international actors to a common denominator.

When the 13 of February of the 2013 of the year of the Arab League countries met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, they compromised, agreeing that the regime representatives and his opponents would negotiate. However, the fact that at the recent Arab League summit the Syrian revolutionary and opposition forces Muaz al-Khatib was given an empty seat for Syria’s revolutionary coalition indicates the futility of Russia's attempts to evaluate them in the context of the diplomatic isolation of the Al-Assad regime. Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich expressed his opinion that the decisions made by the Arab League are contrary to a common understanding of the need and ways for a peaceful political settlement in Syria, which, in particular, takes place in the framework of the Geneva Agreement of the “Action Group” on Syria from 30 June 2012. .

In addition to providing Syria with an empty seat at the summit of the Arab League, to the opposition leader, the attention of the Kremlin in the presence of subjects, both global and regional, is attracted by the attempts of Britain and France to lift the EU embargo on arms supplies to Syria. Moreover, it was emphasized that according to the concept of foreign policy, revised and published last month, Russian foreign policy activity will focus on the elements of “soft power”; it is obvious that the elements of "hard power" will in fact retain their rigidity, at least in the short term. Similarly, Moscow relies on economic and military power to be an "influential subject of international relations", bearing in mind the bitter memories of the real experience of the Balkans of the 1990's. and the inability of Russia at that time to prevent unilateral initiatives of Western countries. From this point of view, Russia, for which being part of the solution to the Syrian crisis is just as important, considers it possible, at the request of the “great power,” to negotiate with both the US and the members of the EU and NATO.
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  1. avt
    avt April 9 2013 15: 12
    What she wanted, she said! And everyone understood. Here and scratch your turnips. laughing
    1. dany
      dany April 9 2013 15: 17
      They comb through their turnips at such a pace laughing
      1. krasin
        krasin April 9 2013 18: 56
        What Russia wanted to say with its military exercises on the Black Sea

        WE ARE STILL WELL GO !!!
    2. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets April 9 2013 15: 18
      Quote: avt
      What she wanted, she said! And everyone understood. Here and scratch your turnips.

      More likely not so: Russia said, but no one understood, now they are scratching their turnips, because it is even worse.
      1. MY THOUGHT
        MY THOUGHT April 9 2013 15: 34
        Quote: Vladimirets
        now scratch turnips, because it's even worse
      2. MY THOUGHT
        MY THOUGHT April 9 2013 15: 37
        Quote: Vladimirets
        because it’s even worse.
    3. Natalia
      Natalia April 9 2013 16: 26
      What Russia wanted to say with its military exercises on the Black Sea

      Our fleet not only did not rust after the EBNovshchina, but was replenished with new combat units. And he not only replenishes, but learns to fight by honing his fighting skills and carries out work on mistakes during such exercises. And it’s better to solve all questions regarding Syria by coordinating with Russia, otherwise our fleet .... it floats, and also shoots.
      In short, this is a urge to all US-EU members: Ahtung! Watch and be afraid!
      Yes, yes, we understand that you (NATO) are not afraid of us (Russia), but for some reason you are scared ...
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets April 9 2013 16: 49
        Quote: Natalia
        Our fleet not only did not rust after the EBNovshchina, but was replenished with new combat units.

        And what new units did he show, excuse me? what
        1. Natalia
          Natalia April 9 2013 17: 14
          Quote: Vladimirets
          And what new units did he show, excuse me?

          Well, the project 11770 landing boat, at least ..... and this is only relative to the Black Sea Fleet, and referring to the fleet as a whole, there are even more new units there.
          .... the same submarine of project 955 Borey .... etc.
          1. ozs
            ozs April 9 2013 19: 32
            and how much during this time they cut or sold metal, but you don’t have to blame everything on the dashing 90s in the 2000s they also destroyed a little, and if you touch not only the fleet, we can say that Taburetkin completed the task
          2. evgenm55
            evgenm55 April 10 2013 07: 17
            MOT had a name in slang "1111" - that is how many units were in the ranks. Now 80 with a little. Yes, they are replenished with new ones, it pleases, but these are all boats and corvettes, etc. And cruisers and aircraft carriers were cut and sold, SHARKS ... There is something to think about ... Although it is still happy. The main thing is fighting spirit !!!
      2. karbofos
        karbofos April 9 2013 18: 06
        Correct Natalia, our fleet does not sail (you yourself know that wassat ) and walks and that pleases with more vigorous walk good
      3. evgenm55
        evgenm55 April 10 2013 07: 11
        The fleet does not swim - the fleet walks.
    4. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 April 10 2013 18: 38
      We rammed them in the Black Sea, they crap one's pants. The entire outer deck with missiles was demolished. There is in YouTube.
  2. Dmitry_2013
    Dmitry_2013 April 9 2013 15: 17
    Russia wanted to say that it is quite capable of letting anyone in the Mediterranean region wink
    1. ozs
      ozs April 9 2013 19: 34
      10 th
      You probably didn’t mean Russia, but the USSR.
      I wonder how this Russia can make it into the sixth fleet
      1. Dmitry_2013
        Dmitry_2013 April 10 2013 09: 04
        It is Russia. The USSR is gone. recourse
        I wonder how this Russia can make it into the sixth fleet

        Very simple. His direct presence. For the sixth fleet, this will already be a good sign that there is no need to hobble, but if possible, go further away)).
        Or for you the sixth fleet is an invincible armada, from the sight of which everyone in the district is written? smile do not make me laugh laughing
    2. Vovka levka
      Vovka levka April 9 2013 19: 43
      You are sure?
      Dear, without a full aviation cover, any fleet is doomed to heroic destruction.
      And the Mediterranean Sea is a big puddle. And around this puddle is aviation of a likely enemy.
      1. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka April 9 2013 22: 12
        Those who think that war is fun and funny.

        I don’t know why and who needs it.
        who sent them to death with an unkind hand
        only so useless, so evil and unnecessary
        dipped them into Eternal Peace

        Indifferent spectators silently wrapped themselves in fur coats
        and some woman with a distorted face
        kissed the dead man's blue lips
        and threw a wedding ring at the priest

        They threw them with Christmas trees, threw them with mud
        and went home to interpret under the guise of
        that it’s time to put an end to the ugliness
        that already soon we will all begin to starve

        And no one thought of just kneeling
        and tell these boys that in a mediocre country
        even bright deeds are only steps
        into the endless abyss to the inaccessible Spring

        I don’t know why and who needs it.
        who sent them to death with an unkind hand
        only so useless, so evil and unnecessary
        put them into Eternal Peace
    NAV-STAR April 9 2013 15: 20
    To extinguish the Anglo-Saxon hotheads need only real dipping into the icy shade ...
  4. svp67
    svp67 April 9 2013 15: 26
    Yes, he who has ears - hears, he who has eyes - he sees. So that the smart one will understand, but the fools will always be beaten and will be beaten so that they grow wiser
  5. erased
    erased April 9 2013 15: 26
    To paraphrase the heroes of the film "What Men Talk About" - "What the hell do you do that yourself!"
    What else can I say ?!
  6. Pushkin
    Pushkin April 9 2013 15: 27
    Posted by Habibe Ozdal USAK Center for Eurasian Studies

    Every man * tries to imagine himself an expert, and be sure to analyze the actions of Russia. These mega-analysts have already sunk up - I spent 3 minutes of my life in vain reading the next miscarriage of such an expert
  7. Genoezec
    Genoezec April 9 2013 15: 31
    Finally, we fully show the nose from behind our borders and do not follow the West’s lead, as it was in the 90s! smile
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus April 9 2013 19: 08
      Quote: Genoezec
      Finally, we fully show the nose

      This is not a nose - said the bear and blushed. laughing

      And WE showed them that we knew how, we are able and will be able to fight.
  8. aviamed90
    aviamed90 April 9 2013 15: 38
    And why do we have to explain to them - what do we want to say by this ??? Justified, or what? Nothing to make excuses for!
    If there are brains, they themselves will understand! But they don’t understand - and figs with them!
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus April 9 2013 18: 38
      Not knowing the Russian language does not exempt from liability.
  9. Suhov
    Suhov April 9 2013 15: 48
    Original source

    Website - "" - Turkish.
    Question - "What did Russia want to say with its military exercises in the Black Sea?" - Turatsky!
  10. shinobi
    shinobi April 9 2013 15: 55
    These teachings, the message to the hot guys so that they cool down and do not try to repeat the muddy pattern of 08.08.08 in 2014.
  11. pechv
    pechv April 9 2013 15: 58
    The main thing in this business is surprise. It makes who needs to be nervous, but why did they move so much technology and where? In fact, "Learn military affairs in a real way" is being implemented. And it is right.
    But it already comes to the ridiculous. Following the example of the sudden exercises, the Emergencies Ministry decided to "suddenly" check the flooded areas using helicopters - it was in the news on the central channel. Apparently, the water should get scared and move away to the previously prepared positions? Smiled
  12. dmitry46
    dmitry46 April 9 2013 16: 02
    Russia wanted to say - whoever comes to us with a sword will leave in the ass with the same sword!

    In general, I am very pleased that the exercises often began to be carried out, that equipment was updated in the troops. Still, it would be generally good to deal with corruption!
  13. crambol
    crambol April 9 2013 16: 29
    What did Russia want to say with its military exercises on the Black Sea?

    And I wanted to show who is the boss in the house, m-be yours!
  14. fzr1000
    fzr1000 April 9 2013 16: 36
    Aliens do not go here. Is it not clear?
  15. Alikovo
    Alikovo April 9 2013 16: 38
    about the revival of the power of the navy.
  16. UFO
    UFO April 9 2013 16: 39
    "Letter to the Turkish Sultan" in a new way. laughing
  17. Vtel
    Vtel April 9 2013 16: 43
    Russia + Syria = Friendship! Give a military base in Syria!
    1. alexander rus.
      alexander rus. April 10 2013 02: 26
      RUSSIA, as you know, has only two friends - the ARMY and the Navy !!!
  18. bulvas
    bulvas April 9 2013 16: 47
    Quote: Sukhov
    Website - "" - Turkish.
    Question - "What did Russia want to say with its military exercises in the Black Sea?" - Turatsky!

    the only correct answer
  19. NIK 163
    NIK 163 April 9 2013 16: 53
    God grant more such teachings, let them get used to it that the Russian bear is no longer sleeping.
  20. antidote
    antidote April 9 2013 18: 50
    Putin has been gaining more and more points in my eyes lately. Well, the leaders of the military-industrial complex in general are delighted with him. Not like the iPhone.
  21. Yankuz
    Yankuz April 9 2013 19: 10
    Yes, I didn’t want to say anything - here you are, curious! Just teachings and all! Or do you have to say something? ...
  22. Vovka levka
    Vovka levka April 9 2013 19: 36
    Learning is like learning. Something for an army without exercises.
    The Ukrainian side was warned for another week, according to the contract.
  23. ruton
    ruton April 9 2013 20: 07
    A little off topic, but still good)
    09.04.2013/971/3 The ships of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center (Severodvinsk) will carry out a deep modernization of six Project XNUMX third generation nuclear attack submarines (nuclear submarines) to the XNUMX+ level, the press service of the plant reported.

    Under the already signed state contract, Zvezdochka will carry out repairs and modernization of two ships of the series - the lead nuclear submarine Leopard and Wolf. The Leopard is planned to be delivered to the fleet at the end of 2014. The modernization will be large-scale - up to the new project 971M. "Such a volume of modernization work at the shipyard's nuclear submarine is to be carried out for the first time in its post-Soviet history," the press service said. "The modernization will affect almost all systems - navigation complex, hydroacoustics, armament complex, main power plant, turbines." At the same time, the Severodvinsk shipyard is modernizing not only the submarines of the Northern Fleet, but also those based in the Pacific Fleet.
  24. waisson
    waisson April 9 2013 20: 07
    it’s necessary to talk about the construction of new ships, in particular, the aircraft carriers and to rattle them around the world, and not basins in a pool of regional scale
  25. varov14
    varov14 April 9 2013 22: 51
    Reading the comments, I am simply amazed, again shapkozakidonstvo, the army and navy must first be restored. If we have a million officials, then we cannot recruit a million-strong army, again we throw dust in our eyes, it will come back to haunt. At the fatal hour there will again be one "rifle" for three, which is a bad habit to reap without sowing. None of the recent wars, judging by the press, did us any good or taught us anything. We laugh at the amerikosy, but they are fighting in a new way, and all of us are a "horse avalanche", with a connection "tomtams"
  26. wolf1945
    wolf1945 April 9 2013 23: 46
    Victory will be ours!!! soldier
  27. de klermon
    de klermon April 9 2013 23: 52
    What did you want to say? !! "- A-A-AHTUNG !!!" That's what I wanted to say! ..
  28. Olegovi4
    Olegovi4 April 10 2013 01: 09
    Quote: Bashkaus
    Not knowing the Russian language does not exempt from liability.

    Wai, well said!
  29. Sevastopol
    Sevastopol April 10 2013 01: 32
    Yes, it was high time to spend them. And it's time to replenish with new ships. Moreover, I believe that this is simply necessary.
  30. Canep
    Canep April 10 2013 04: 17
    For a full presence in the Mediterranean, the fleet will need an aircraft-carrying cruiser, and one more for a shift, and also one more base is desirable. Hope to start building.
  31. AndreyAB
    AndreyAB April 10 2013 07: 24
    Russia wanted to test the combat readiness of the troops with exercises, and all searches for double understanding can be left to the conscience of sworn partners and others like them, already they will find what Russia wanted to say.
  32. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy April 10 2013 10: 43
    It’s time for the Russians to remember how to relax in Turkey bully
  33. vladkust
    vladkust April 11 2013 10: 30
    It would also be nice to hold civil defense exercises in border towns, otherwise, at 41, the borders will bend because of "surprise" and there are a lot of human casualties among the civilian population. As the saying goes "if you want to live in peace, prepare for war"
  34. xomaNN
    xomaNN April 19 2013 16: 47
    The fleet should not live for a parade on Navy Day :)) A toy would be a little expensive. It is better to fill the cones in peacetime, ....