Blue Origin- American Pepelats

Blue Origin- American Pepelats

Amazon, founder of multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, has invested in a secret rocket project known as Blue Origin.

Recently, some details have become known about the New Shepard spacecraft, the first full-size Blue Origin spacecraft that is designed to send people into space. A spacecraft with vertical takeoff and landing - just like in science fiction films - will be designed for three or more astronauts.

The photo shows Blue Origin's first rocket, called the Goddard, which the company says "may not look like a New Shepard operational vehicle." One of the goals of the project is to lift tourists into space up to 120km above the Earth, allowing them to spend three minutes in microgravity before the spacecraft returns to Earth, in a permanently upright position. As the craft approaches the Earth's surface, the engines will restart, causing the craft to descend and land softly.

The developers do not report details of the test flight schedule, or when the New Shepard will be ready for the first flight. These guys will have to work hard - they just recently received $ 3,7 million from NASA to develop a system to leave the spacecraft astronaut.

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    20 August 2012 19: 27
    It seems that after 50 years, flights to orbit will become as pristine as they are now intercontinental.