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The unique weapon of the army of Israel

The unique weapon of the army of Israel

Israel is one of the recognized world leaders in the production of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, the most famous models being Heron, Bird-Eye 400, Searcher Mk II. And in October of this year, the Israeli concern "Aviation industry "introduced a new UAV" Panther ", according to the assurances of the developers by head superior to all previous counterparts and that the most interesting since 2011, its production will begin in Kazan.

The main difference between the Panther and other unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is its ability to carry out vertical takeoff and landing, that is, it successfully combines the qualities of both a conventional aircraft and a helicopter. The weight of the "Panther" is only 65 kilograms, and this made it possible to equip it only with electric motors, which are enough for 3 hours of flight. Although at first glance this is not so much, but as the practice of using drones in the Gaza Strip, this is quite enough for intelligence purposes. The range of the device is more than 60 km. (the same indicator for Heron is half as much), and the maximum height is 3 kilometers. Another important advantage of the Panther is its ability to conduct reconnaissance around the clock and in any, even the most adverse weather conditions.

Interestingly, that Russia has repeatedly acquired drones from Israel, so in April 2009 12 were acquired reconnaissance planes Bird-Eye 400 and Searcher Mk II, but already 2010 year they purchased more 51-th unit. But if earlier Russia bought already prepared drones, now, a decision has been made to assemble them in Kazan, although based on Israeli components. On the one hand, of course, pleased that there will be modern examples of intelligence equipment in the Russian army, and the other is quite sad at the thought that now the once leading space power is not able to independently produce modern machines and have to ask for help from foreign countries.
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  1. decanter
    decanter 14 September 2013 13: 39
    A country where they forgot how to do something with their own hands is doomed and purchased drones will not help ... sadly ..
    A cartoon about a flying ship is simply prophetic - "will you build a flying ship ??? - I will buy .."
    buy bought only a word did not know how to manage ...