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Boston Dynamics has shown a new version of the robot PETMAN

The developers of Boston Dynamics continue to delight us with their new human-like and not very robots. Back at the end of 2009, they presented a PETMAN humanoid robot project that was supposed to test various types of protective clothing for the military.

Boston Dynamics has shown a new version of the robot PETMAN

Unlike the acclaimed (literally) BigDog pack robot on four legs, the video from the company's first two-legged humanoid liked the audience. The way PETMAN walked briskly with a red light instead of a head looked quite funny. Now, after 2 of the year, Boston Dynamic showed an updated version of the robot. This time, the movements of this terminator, dressed in a chemical protection suit, have become so convincingly realistic that they make a frightening impression.

When this project was first announced, it looked very ambitious, but the company managed to make steady progress over several years.

Let PETMAN is still not autonomous, i.e. it feeds and is attached to cables, its movements and balancing are more natural than those of other similar humanoids. Sensors embedded in the “skin” of the robot will detect leaks in the suit. The robot is able to sweat artificially to maintain the microclimate inside the suit. In other words, the whole idea is to repeat the actual conditions inside the costume.

As for artificial intelligence, the robot does not have any independent behavior. Robot software is entirely in the hands of man. Although it would be interesting if anyone could develop the open source software However, PETMAN is a serious project aimed at performing highly specialized tasks.

Currently, PETMAN is debugging drives and software in the test complex. After some time, the robot will be tested in the exposure chamber, where it will be exposed to sarin and mustard gas.

It is unlikely that he will be able to replace a person on the battlefield, but his mission may save many lives due to a significant increase in the reliability of chemical protection suits. Meanwhile, as part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge competition, a super robot ATLAS is being prepared, the appearance of which can be the most impressive and exciting moment in stories robotics.

The following video demonstrates the current abilities of PETMAN.

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  1. Nevsky
    Nevsky April 8 2013 07: 53 New
    And it started laughing

    1. smart ass
      smart ass April 8 2013 11: 58 New
      Well, crazy series))
  2. Backbone
    Backbone April 8 2013 07: 55 New
    Movements are very much like human ones. Well done engineers, they did a good job! As if they had not gone too far with these robots!
  3. igor12
    igor12 April 8 2013 08: 02 New
    I think he can only walk, and then a heavily camouflaged suit hides from us that there is a robot or a person, because Americans also like to cut the budget.
    1. Tjumenec72
      Tjumenec72 April 8 2013 10: 54 New
      there is a video without a suit where he sits and squeezes
  4. smart ass
    smart ass April 8 2013 08: 33 New
    Soon he will be unhooked from the cables, will be given a six-machine gun and a helicopter to Lebanon or Beirut)
    1. Tjumenec72
      Tjumenec72 April 8 2013 10: 56 New
      He will reach the Pentagon himself) Kaspersky will prompt)))
  5. Nevsky
    Nevsky April 8 2013 09: 06 New
    Nope, anyway, any kind of fantasy. And we could have done something similar and better, be the USSR:

    I love this movie and song:

  6. as3wresdf
    as3wresdf April 8 2013 09: 59 New
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  7. Septugian
    Septugian April 8 2013 13: 43 New
    Robots will do good service to humanity, and of course the bad one too!
    1. Simple
      Simple April 8 2013 16: 49 New

  8. Simple
    Simple April 8 2013 16: 47 New


  9. koosss
    koosss April 8 2013 21: 33 New
    he just lacks an autonomous power source, and software is not a problem, and so put it into it.
    In general, now, if you look, basically everything depends on power sources .. there is no small and quite capacious
  10. Gonoriy
    Gonoriy April 2 2016 09: 52 New
    Very impressive.