Militants launched a mine war

Militants launched a mine warIllegal armed formations are hampering the clearing of the territories of the North Caucasus from explosive objects.

Spring offensive in the south of the country is once again accompanied by militant activity. Despite the efforts of the federal forces aimed at countering illegal armed formations (IAF), the tactics of the latter are being improved and are currently associated primarily with the targeted use of mines and other explosive objects.

Yesterday in Dagestan Buynaksk a passenger car in which there was an officer of the Ministry of Defense was blown up. Judging by the circumstances, the attack was carefully prepared. The explosion occurred at the moment when the lieutenant was getting into the car. Most likely, an improvised mine with a radio-controlled remote fuse worked. The officer died.

The motives for his murder are now being investigated by military investigators. Apparently, this is the work of the militants, who started a real hunt for servicemen and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dagestan. April 1 similar attack occurred near the territory of the mobile detachment of the Interior Ministry in the same Buynaksk. There also worked an improvised explosive device. Only by luck, the victims and the victims were avoided. And since the beginning of the year, according to open data, nine people have died from the use of explosive devices in Dagestan, more than ten were injured.

The situation in Ingushetia and Chechnya is no better. Only this week about ten representatives of power structures suffered from mines. On April 2, in the Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia, during a military operation, at least seven servicemen and riot policemen were wounded from a mine explosion, one of whom died. The chief physician of the Galashkinsky district hospital, Lida Mogushkova, says that in the forests of the Sunzhensky district, where the military regularly fight militants, explosions are constantly heard. “We have become accustomed to this. The whole forest has been plowed by these shells. Many of the roofs of the houses are riddled with splinters, ”she said. At the same time, Mogushkova said that in addition to the military, peaceful people are also suffering, who are also being blown up by mines. The last such incident occurred last Sunday, when in a wooded area in the Achkhoi-Martanovsky district near the village of Bamut, two servicemen of a federal forces unit were blown up by a bomb. As a result of the explosion, one of them died, and the second was hospitalized with a severe contusion.

It is noteworthy that the explosions of servicemen and representatives of law enforcement agencies in Ingushetia and Chechnya often occur in those areas where, according to the plans of the federal center, this year it is planned to clear the territories of mines and other explosive objects. According to the Ministry of Defense, the engineering units of the Southern Military District (South Military District) began working on this in 1 April. According to the press service of the Southern Military District, “the work is carried out in the Shelkovsky, Grozny, Urus-Martan, Shali and Kurchaloy districts of Chechnya and also the Sunzhensky and Dzheyrakhsky districts of Ingushetia. About 500 specialists and more than 30 units of special equipment are involved in them. ”

“Clearing explosive items from the territories of the North Caucasus, started by sappers from the Southern Military District, may be ineffective if the militants who operate in this area are not destroyed,” said military expert Lieutenant-General Yuri Netkachev. He often had to organize the clearance of such areas. And in his opinion, the quality of demining depends, firstly, on how well the engineering units in the minefield area are protected from the actions of illegal armed formations. And secondly, how active the militants are in the conflict zone. “If they can once again lay mines in the cleared areas, then all the work of the sappers will go down the drain,” the expert believes.

According to official data of the Southern Military District, in 2013, sappers of engineering troops in the North Caucasus plan to clear more than 600 hectares of land from explosive objects. Demining activities are planned before 2015. The army leadership promises that by this time the forces of the engineering-sapper units of the Southern Military District will have completely cleared explosives of about 2,5 thousand hectares of land.
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  1. +8
    April 6 2013 07: 54
    And since the beginning of the year, according to open data, in Dagestan, nine people died from the use of explosive devices, more than ten were injured.
    I don’t understand why the innocent suffer! Destroy the bandits mercilessly! By any means!
    1. +11
      April 6 2013 08: 39
      Catch, plant in a mine for 24 hours to repent before the Almighty, and then undermine.
      1. +11
        April 6 2013 10: 49
        Quote: Kohl
        Catch, plant in a mine for 24 hours to repent before the Almighty, and then undermine.
        Hmm ... The first part of your order is just fulfilled ... Caught as they can ... only that stick is about two ends ... On the one hand, teipy are supporters of power, on the other are opponents ... And they don’t give up their own. ..
        And in the second part ... One great Russian commander perfectly solved the problem of bandit-corpses wrapped in pig skin and buried ... Acted directly better than artillery
        1. Yarbay
          April 7 2013 11: 53
          Quote: domokl
          One great Russian commander perfectly solved the problem of gangsters-corpses were wrapped in pork skin and buried ... Acted directly better than artillery

          I wrote about this more than once))
      2. +2
        April 6 2013 16: 04

        Not on a mine, but on a stake and a grenade in your mouth lol
        1. Azaat
          April 7 2013 18: 07
          In the first Chechen snipers from Estonia and Latvia, executions were carried out differently. Caught necessarily alive and a grenade between the legs. There were no fewer snipers, but they were no longer seen alive.
      3. +1
        April 7 2013 03: 00
        noooo. it is not necessary to undermine, it is to the spirit for happiness. here it is necessary to hang up, then it will not get to paradise. good
    2. +4
      April 6 2013 08: 42
      There is trouble ... when you start to push them (by their methods), the world city community says the aggressor and the occupier. But for the resources, it doesn’t matter, everything went wrong, there you can. (
    3. vadimus
      April 6 2013 10: 30
      Crush reptiles like bugs! I will not believe that there is no such possibility. Connect the population .. All means are good from this plague!
      1. bask
        April 7 2013 07: 52
        Militants launched a mine war

        Russia urgently deploy in the North Caucasus, MDI and other mine-protected armored vehicles. How much you can experience. Everything that is with mine protection in the North Caucasus. The situation in connection with the events in Syria will only become tense.
        Quote: lehatormoz
        to this confirms my suspicion that the ultimate goal of such recruits is to train militants with combat experience for

        I agree to all 100%, Return to Russia who will survive.
        Thousands of MDIs are now needed, How heavy, -15-20 tons, 6/6. So light 5-7.5 tons, 4/4. But where they will be produced in thousands of units is not clear.
        1. MAG
          April 7 2013 09: 43
          Basque I argued with you and agreed! Do we need mraps, but not in such quantities, we do not wage colonial wars like the Americans, we are on our land, which means that we can not provide mraps for each employee for personal use! The guerrilla-sabotage war is flexible, even if ALL the country changes seats, the militants will kill in the doorways of the houses on the way to the store and the sleepers will not help! I understand that you are fixated on iron, but iron is a secondary factor, and it should be something like this. Partisans ALWAYS resort to tactics of plastic contact - plaque-waste. Stocks are noisy and mostly successful. The army leadership begins to fight in linear units - bulky and clumsy, which behave in the occupied territory, like an elephant in a pottery shop, now and then infringing on the local population, repeatedly increasing the number of discontented people. Thereby increasing the influx into the partisan movement. Organized searches by company and battalion units run into ambushes, because the one who seeks loses. And here dusty old instructions and notations rise. The richest experience since the Second World War. We have fighter squads, the Germans have huntsmen. So, these were the ghosts of the forest, the pilgrims, who, in turn, worked with the partisans in plastic contact, appearing from nowhere, silently destroying their patrols and groups, shooting partisan columns on the flank with a short fire contact, conducting systematic Hidden surveillance of partisan bases, sweatshops capturing information sources. It lasted in the summer. In winter, the work of aviators and artels began on the identified coordinates. The partisans were driven into dense areas, cut off from the supply and food routes. In winter, in the cold and damp, and so fight nekomilfo, and here starvation and lack of ammunition began. The morale of partisanism drops sharply. At this time, large-scale combined-arms operations begin. In which rangers participated. The groups were reduced to consolidated battalions, reinforced with a 82-mm mortar battery with heavy machine guns. the final destruction of the partisans began - a systematic combing of the terrain across the clearings and ravines, massive lumbago thicket and dangerous or not visible areas. The remnants of the partisan movement, an ardent asset and the core of professionals went into the wilderness, if they managed to break out, into the swamps. Only here was an amnesty declared against all sins and blood. And the rebellious leaders of the rebels destroyed their brothers SELF. So the last leaders of the OUN in Western Ukraine were destroyed. Their comrades.
          Both our and German partisan units consisted of a core of professionals, specially trained and specially abandoned. This core is overgrown with meat from the local population. But partisan movements, as mass events in the Ukraine and the Baltic States, were eliminated by Stalin precisely thanks to the purposeful, planned and phased competent work of specially trained units and operational command personnel.
          1. MAG
            April 7 2013 10: 05
            It didn’t fit, I write further, only agents can reduce the number of both militants and attacks by 80%. And we have an undermining or an ambush, and only then we begin to search for pursuit, but we already have losses, which means we have already lost. How to establish agents to pay or look for blood workers is the FSB’s business, but there’s not yet a plowed field
            1. bask
              April 7 2013 21: 17
              Quote: MAG
              I climbed on, only agents can reduce the number of both militants and attacks by 80%

              Dear MAG. You are aware that in the Caucasus, the teip is a clan structure of society. And try to send an agent, at least how much he paid. Now the gangs are mostly Wahhabis. Those generally religious fanatics are fighting for the idea
              We need different armored vehicles, with mine protection and from attack from ambushes.
              Multipurpose armored vehicles, MAPR, JLTV, BTRT, MBT with mine protection.
              The soldiers must have a chance to survive during the attack. You have not convinced me. World experience shows that I am right ,,,,
              Announced today that it has received an order from the contractor General Dynamics Land Systems-Force Protection Europe (GDLS-FPE), for the assembly of 76 additional vehicles, resulting in a total Foxhound fleet size ordered today by the UK Department of Defense until 376. Friday. April 5, 2013,

              The Turkish defense industry's undersecretariat gave BMC, the manufacturer of the Kirpi brand of Turkey armored personnel carriers, a month to deliver 175 Kirpis and 105 trucks, which the company has not been able to deliver so far due to its financial problems, a senior official in the undersecretariat said. Saturday, March 23, 2013 10:51

              1. MAG
                April 8 2013 16: 52
                You are aware that in the Caucasus, the teip-clan structure of society. -It’s not familiar on the Internet, but what do you think of how they find fighters in np, the very same agents find it and it’s not about the money, although they must be given! Of course, operas from the Urals or Siberia will not be trusted to say ANYTHING, and local faces will be easily given tips, with 90% accuracy! For each employee living and working as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as my security, you will not provide protection during non-working hours, and this is and will be the main goal of the militants when saturated with shrapnel
  2. lechatormosis
    April 6 2013 08: 16
    these are still flowers
    Berries will go when the militants who have acquired combat experience there return from SYRIA.
    I uploaded a video where at a rally in INGUSHETIA it seems volunteers were called for a war with Assad.
    So this confirms my suspicion that the ultimate goal of such recruits is to train militants with combat experience to deploy WAR in the Caucasus.
    1. +4
      April 6 2013 08: 27
      The funny thing is that these rallies allow and do not stop.) But the rallies against the housing and communal services, the authorities and many others are controlled by a crowd of riot police, and sometimes they simply do not allow it.
  3. +2
    April 6 2013 08: 39
    On February 5, Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which he reported on the situation in the economy and social sphere of the republic. The head of the region emphasized that over the past year no terrorist attacks occurred on the territory entrusted to him.

    Read more:

  4. artemiy
    April 6 2013 08: 50
    Take out civilians, and iron the vacums! There is another proven option, feed all mosquitoes to Siberia!
    1. +5
      April 6 2013 16: 07

      Yeah now, fuck I need them in Siberia No. Let the Arctic be mastered, with an ax and crowbar laughing At least some benefit.
      1. irka_65. irina
        April 7 2013 16: 25
        Right They will have a class there: beat icicles from under the nose! lol
    2. irka_65. irina
      April 7 2013 16: 24
      Yes, go and don’t make out who is peaceful and who is not. Well, and at the expense of Siberia you got excited. There is already so much all dishonesty that just horror takes. You don’t have to go out with these hooks. Is it possible that our Army does not have sufficient means to end these once and for all? ... Politicians simply feed well from that feeder, it is not beneficial for them to have order in that region.
  5. vladsolo56
    April 6 2013 09: 20
    It will be so until our politicians flirt with Qatar, with Turkey, with all who prepare, finance and control the terror in our country. Until our politicians understand, there is a war and war is in earnest and not with thugs thugs. This is a war of two poles, so at one pole Russia. on another? I don’t even want to list, so everyone knows who and how much. So either we are fighting or they are destroying us, there is no third
  6. +2
    April 6 2013 10: 59
    Well, here I recently accidentally watched a piece of a program with Malakhov. As I understand it, 3-4 million Russians annually rest in Turkey. Go through how the Russians finance their opponent.
    1. wax
      April 6 2013 14: 52
      In 2011, the country was visited by a record number of Russian citizens - 3.47 million, which is 11.5 percent more than in 2010. In turn Russian citizens make up 11 percent all foreign tourists who visited Turkey in 2011.
      Aron, don’t wake the beast in Russian. Wakes up - little will not seem to anyone.
      We are for peace in Turkey, and in Syria, and in Lebanon, and in Libya, and in Iraq, and in Afghanistan ... and for peaceful relations between Israel and Palestine.
    2. 0
      April 8 2013 13: 09
      Maybe it's specialists on reconnaissance on a business trip go check cards? soldier
  7. Malleus
    April 6 2013 11: 06
    Quote: Kohl
    Catch, plant in a mine for 24 hours to repent before the Almighty, and then undermine.

    It is troublesome to sit and wait for repentance, time to spend ...
    It is made easier:
    plywood, on it the butt of a penitent, under the plywood product (see. Figure).
    You can go further and do your own thing. And the penitent has enough time to comprehend being.
    1. 0
      April 7 2013 14: 27
      And the penitent has enough time to comprehend being.

      Why should he repent? Will dream about the houris or feel sorry for himself. Waste chopper => compost heap => organic fertilizer. There is nothing more to take from the cattle.
  8. throst
    April 6 2013 12: 52
    Quote: lehatormoz
    these are still flowers
    Berries will go when the militants who have acquired combat experience there return from SYRIA.
    I uploaded a video where at a rally in INGUSHETIA it seems volunteers were called for a war with Assad.
    So this confirms my suspicion that the ultimate goal of such recruits is to train militants with combat experience to deploy WAR in the Caucasus.

    the trick is that the militants from Chechnya are shelled, one of the most combat-ready units of the Wahhabis in Syria, and indeed in the world.
  9. Alikovo
    April 6 2013 15: 12
    why they are condemned for 20 years, physical destruction on the spot is better.
    1. +1
      April 6 2013 17: 54
      Quote: Alikovo
      physical destruction in place is better.

      Only after they surrender accomplices.
  10. PiP
    April 6 2013 21: 25
    Buinaksk was blown up passenger car, which was an officer of the Ministry of Defense- Surname of the officer, probably KAMAZ (Pogrom of Jews, Kondon Wagon, Goboev Quartet, Cost Accounting, Income Tax, Debriefing ... etc) DO NOT REMEMBER ME NATIONAL and law enforcement officers are the same, FUCK TO NOSA- and you will understand that where and to whom. Just a violation of the CRIMINAL article. DISASSEMBLY
    1. PiP
      April 6 2013 22: 45
      MINUSES!!!!! read out of the box "Judging by the circumstances, the terrorist attack was carefully prepared. The explosion occurred at the moment when the lieutenant got into the car. Most likely, a homemade mine with a radio-controlled remote fuse went off. The officer died" (A WHOLE LIEUTENANT IS NOT EVEN a CAP). What is the connection with the general mining of the "territory"? Providers-GET TO YOU.
  11. 0
    April 7 2013 10: 05
    In the old days, they acted as follows: in order to stop the atrocities, they ordered the soldiers to kill all those above the wheel.
    1. MAG
      April 7 2013 10: 12
      I read you and thought that you didn’t kill more than a cockroach and that’s why you so easily argue either a sick or a hidden maniac !!! If you are so smart, come to the village and try the family of the militant to touch your head; the whole village will unscrew it, even if they don’t support this family!
  12. 0
    April 7 2013 13: 24
    Magician: Just act as General Ermolov ... A la guerre comme à la guerre.
    The Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines was opened for signature on December 3, 1997 and entered into force on March 1, 1999. To date, 151 countries have ratified the Convention, but it has also been recognized as an international norm in countries that are not aligned with it.
    Canada, which signed the convention and renounced the production and armament of its army with anti-personnel mines, for some reason did not close the laboratory for the development of mine weapons and did not curtail work on the development of mines. The United States is completely silent, and does not want to hear about the convention. Very similar to the division of labor, neighborly? Canada, together with other "crap countries", as always accuse Russia of all mortal sins, and the United States, if necessary, will plant its mines on Canada (AND NOT ONLY). By the way, one of the basic principles of the convention is to establish self-destruction mechanisms after time ...
    PS The European Court of Human Rights is silent.
    1. MAG
      April 7 2013 14: 03
      And here the convention did not understand, but oh well. You don’t have to invent anything; everything has already passed — any militant has bloodlines to use them as much as possible because it’s their land that the locals won’t tell the seconded operas, tell their own people whose information is easier to dance in one direction or another! More or less it works in Chechnya but in Dagestan it still does not work very well
  13. Azaat
    April 7 2013 18: 14
    You read the comments and feel either out of date, or you want to live. There is no desire to be not an executioner, not a judge. In general, I want a peaceful life, not only in the north, but in the south.
  14. hunting
    April 8 2013 05: 32
    In war, all means are good, you need to arrange the same mine war in those countries that we crap. Of course you need to do it quietly and see how they sing ...