In response to the "provocations" North Korea promises a "sea of ​​fire"

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK sent a notice to the foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Pyongyang about the possibility of starting a war on the Korean Peninsula in the near future. This is the agency Xinhua. "Due to the increased threat from the United States, the situation on the Korean Peninsula has become very tense," the document says.

“The question is not whether the war will start, but when the war breaks out on the peninsula,” the agency quotes the document. It also notes that in the event of further developments, foreign embassies and diplomatic missions should consider the possibility of evacuation, ITAR-TASS reports.

An interesting collection of North Korean military photos published in military_photos with a link to website

1. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, shows a personal example with the mark of firing a reward pistol.

2. What is the purpose of this "piano"?

3. The DPRK Army is preparing to repel aggression from the South.

4. Volley North Korean "Katyusha".

5. Visual reconnaissance of enemy positions.

6. Kalashnikov assault rifle - basic weapon North Korean soldier.

7. Artillery is the god of war.

8. The North Korean Air Force is represented by MiG-class fighter jets.

9. Familiarity with product samples of the military-industrial complex of the DPRK.

10. The soldier must be well dressed, shod and fed.

11. Long-range MRLS.

12. Drill lessons.

13. Kim Jong-un is sent to the remote garrison with inspection.

14. The joy of meeting with the leader is so great that hundreds of servicemen are waiting for his arrival, standing in cold water.

15. Party political work yields visible results - the troops are covered by universal rejoicing: “Comrade Kim Jong Un has come to us”!

16. So did not even meet Joseph Vissarionovich.

17. High morale - the key to success in battle.

18. The ceremony of awarding military weapons to young soldiers.

19. "Good-bye, comrades! I wish you new successes in combat and political training!"

20. Tankers swear to perform combat orders.

21. Female military deploy a launcher mini-MLRS.

22. The fire!

23. Blow on the aggressor.

24. Combat alarm.

25. Inspection by the DPRK leader of the prospects of weapons systems.

26. In the exercise area.

27. Fire strike

28. Target hit.

29. Checking camouflage activities in the women's subversive unit.

30. Female military personnel rejoice at the appreciation that comrade Kim Jong-un gave their training.

31. Training shooting at any time can be a combat.

32. "Debriefing" with the highest command.

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