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About information aggression and information security

About information aggression and information securityWestern democracy is a funny little thing. In Germany, France, Austria, indeed, citizens fully exercise their right to vote and elect "their leader." Society in the countries of "developed democracy" really strongly influences politics. The president, the chancellor or the prime minister cannot ignore public opinion, make decisions without regard to his voter. But after all, the voter can be convinced that at the moment exactly such a decision is required to be taken, and it will go to the benefit of society and the state as a whole. Well, if later it turns out that the decision was erroneous, then according to the laws of the same “market democracy” the politician loses elections, loses power and may even go to court, having received a very real prison sentence ... After that, the people will applaud the existing political system, but is it done? The country was brought to bankruptcy, dragged into the war, and as a result of the supported "color revolutions" somewhere in Africa a shaped cannibal came to power. It's an annoying mistake, but it will be forgotten very soon, because the "switch" of mass propaganda will be turned off. The trick of Western false democracy is precisely that in the end, the politician who committed them, that is, the society, is fully responsible for the mistakes. Thus, in conditions of total control over the media, democratic choice is only the result of manipulation.

In the modern democratic world, the one who owns the media rules. We are told about freedom of speech, but for some reason they are modestly silent about the fact that the vast majority of mass media is owned by corporations, whose leadership determines the editorial policy, indicating that it is necessary to speak and which point of view to support. TV channels, newspapers, radio stations have become the subject of sale and, therefore, freedom of speech is sold and is a fiction. As a result, it is the West represented by corporations that determines what is good and evil in our world, which governments are legal and which are not.

Weaving in his tail, we, like the butts, repeat and replicate the lies of Western propaganda, without even thinking about what ultimately all this leads to. For example, even our completely independent media write about some Syrian insurgents, at a time when it is obvious to any sensible person that in Syria, not rebels fight, but bandits and foreign mercenaries are fighting. We are talking about a certain “white-ribbon” opposition in Russia or the “orange” in Ukraine, thereby legalizing it as an opposition in the mass consciousness, instead of talking about the fifth column of the West in our countries. We call a vulgar artist who has an excellent view of reality. We accept all this, and therefore we agree with the opposition, the rebels, and so on. We ourselves legalize evil, dress it in politically correct clothes, making it harmless, without thinking that all this leads to the destruction of our society, the decline of morality, the loss of value orientations. Even small we do not want to do limply - to call everything by their proper names.

We still have not figured out what is the West? Who are we dealing with? Who opposes us, with what tools and means has the West achieved virtually total control over the world? The clarity and unambiguity of the wording allows to answer this question. First, the West is a global financial system. Secondly, it is a clearly structured and interconnected economic system in which control over the global economy is carried out through transnational corporations. Thirdly, these are the armies of Western countries and their special services. Fourth, it is a unified information system that allows imposing Western values, way of thinking, looking at people of the whole world. history and current world events. Cinema, mass culture, transnational media belonging to transnational corporations are, in fact, informational sabotage units that have penetrated our territory. Thus, the modern world turned into a totalitarian state with its capitalist Central Committee, the propaganda department controlled by it, the common currency, the economy, the army and the special services. Only the presence of states, governments, constitutions, borders, as well as the apparent complexity of the control system confuses us, does not allow us to believe that the global empire has already taken place.

The fact that the West does not change and does not intend to change attitudes towards Russian civilization can be judged by the incessant Russophobic yell, by the support of anti-Russian and anti-Russian forces both in Russia and in Ukraine and in Belarus. Some people believe that Western media have their own excellent position on what is happening in our countries? It seems to them that they criticize us for our vices? Strongly disagree. That's not the point. We are criticized for what we are. The information war against us will continue as long as we are alive. And the Western mass propaganda will always impose on its people the image of the Russians as the enemy. This is not paranoia, it is a statement of fact, based on the experience of both the past and the present. For the West, we will always be backward, Asian, barbaric people. They will impose this view on Russians on their citizens, the whole world and us.

Carefully look at all those who are supported by the West in Russia, to all these funds for the study, development, deepening, glorification of democracy ... What do they do? First, they enlighten us. After all, we who are inferior do not know what democracy and a legal society are! Western offices generally refer to Ukrainians as monkeys, which are yet to become human. Ukrainians are not just taught, they are trained! Secondly, all the activities of Western foundations come down to finding out and replicating our problems. The logic is there, one complements the other, we are barbarians, they are civilizers, introducing us to the high European culture. Third, the Western media refer to the opinion of these Western missionaries as experts on the situation in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Pay attention to the shameless girls from the allegedly Ukrainian organization Femen or Russian Pussy Riot. They create scandals so that the Western media can once again write about us disgusting. These are provocateurs creating informational occasions. It is no coincidence that the names of export-oriented opposition movements are written in English, because they were created to form the image of our countries abroad. In order to determine for whom and in whose interests they work, it is not necessary to have a full package of documents, addresses, passwords, turnouts, just look at what they are doing and how it is used in Western propaganda. The result is proof of their work in the interests of the West and, accordingly, against us.

Finding the answer to the question of how to resist informational aggression is quite simple, if you know the structure of the modern world, clearly defining who our adversary is and how it acts. Gigabytes of misinformation merge into our heads, and counter-propaganda can be the answer to such informational aggression. In the same way as we use computer programs developed in the USA, we should also learn from their experience in the fight in the information space. They have virtual fighters - we must also have virtual fighters. They have communication channels in which they “merge” their disinformation, and we have to create our own channels, since modern technologies allow us to unite into a social network with one click of the mouse. And our strength, our advantage is that on our side is true. We don't have to lie. We are not building democracy in Iraq and Libya, committing aggression against sovereign countries on far-fetched pretexts. We are not making color revolutions, overthrowing legitimately elected governments. We have ideals of good and justice, they do not. In the end, we have not yet become dull stomachs, unable to think and resist informational aggression.

You can start small - do not help the enemy and do not spread lies. Be sure to explain to people what is in reality behind Western propaganda, behind every event happening in the world. Be very careful about information sources, published ratings, opinions of "authoritative" western experts. Do not write, do not publish nasty things about our homeland and our history. As far as possible, form a positive information field around Russia. Spread the good newsand not dill. The servant of the Fatherland must be glorified, and not a thief, a villain and a degenerate. After all, if we slaughter the entire information field with scoundrels, then the scoundrel becomes the norm, the role model. Bastard politicians, corrupt officials, policemen are freaks, and then whom should we be guided by and who should imitate our citizens? Well, and then, a slippery thought creeps into our souls completely naturally, if the country got scared, should it be worth it? If there is nothing good around us, can it once again destroy everything to the ground?

We must form our own picture of the world, and not import someone else's. We ourselves must create news, give an assessment of what is happening, and not copy what CNN, BBC, Reuters, Deutsche Welle impose on us. You need to have your own, Russian view of reality, look at what is happening in the world with your own eyes and think with your head. Today, the guarantor of state sovereignty is not only the army, the economy, the financial system, but also an independent information space, protected from the penetration of alien and hostile ideas. We need our ratings, experts and opinion leaders, not Western manipulators and their puppets. If this is not achieved, then we will become obedient performers of someone else's will, and our children will be raised for us and in hatred for us, for our history and our Homeland. Our children will not have our heroes and our values, and we ourselves will become strangers to them. We must take away the monopoly on patriotism from the fifth column, from the workers of the funds financed by the West, from those who, under the guise of democracy and freedom of speech, speak on our behalf. They have other owners, and we need to talk about this clearly and clearly. We should not hesitate to protect our information space. We call the agents of the Kremlin? Let him shut up. We serve our Fatherland, and are not lackeys of the West, as they are. Every normal citizen should be proud to serve his homeland.

It is possible to resist all the abominations around us, you just need to become a society, and not molecules that have lost all ties with each other. A public figure who imagines himself must clearly understand that for every crooked word toward the Motherland, millions of citizens will call him a scum. The actor who starred in the anti-Russian film, the producer, who financed it, must feel, at the instinct level, that their libel film would fail at the box office and won’t bring a penny. It was not by chance that I wrote above about the need to adopt the western experience, because it’s hard to imagine that an American actor would allow himself to speak bad things about the USA, all the more difficult to imagine that in Hollywood films America was presented in a negative light. The Americans themselves will not accept this, ostensibly the free press will bother them. And we?

We lack pride in ourselves, and Western propaganda does everything so that it does not appear among us. Love yourself, your country and everything that is done by our hands. We must dictate our fashion to the whole world, and only then can we become leaders. I went somewhat beyond the stated theme, but this is a necessary digression. Since now we are not talking about counter-propaganda, but about much more ... We have convinced ourselves that we must copy the design of Western cars, but in this way we will never become better, we will be like them. Even creating a car in no way inferior to the best world models in terms of technical parameters, it will be secondary, because the West dictates automotive fashion. You need to develop your own style in architecture, design, clothing, film, music, and it is possible, you just need to take all the best that is in the world and make your own. Otherwise, all our lives we will remain cheap fakes under the West. Following an alien fashion will always hamper our movements, oppress us with a sense of second-rate. In addition, is it possible to become an attractive center for states and peoples, being a copy, and in fact - a parody of the West? Of course not!

Once again, the word itself has powerful power. We didn’t lose the Cold War tank armies, and words. We giggled the country to the jokes about Brezhnev, carried away by listening to radio voices. I would like to talk about specific actions during the discussion of the material.
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  1. Circle
    Circle April 7 2013 07: 45 New
    We must first learn to respect ourselves and our history. It is respect and not hysteria - not to the right; neither to the left.
    1. Kolya
      Kolya April 7 2013 09: 48 New
      Тот кто живет по чужим правилам - всегда будет догоняющим. "Римское право" - правила Запада. Оно родилось при рабстве в Риме и его суть есть в рабстве, тогда -физическому, сейчас - долговому(кредитная система). Это наши предки были теми ("варвары" слово не подходящее) кто сражался и победил эту заразу. Но мы - потомки, допустили это в основу нашей жизни, потому и страдаем. Нужно коренным образом пересмотреть кто мы есть и что есть наши ценности.
      1. yak69
        yak69 April 8 2013 01: 02 New
        ""Любите себя, свою страну и всё то, что сделано нашими руками. Мы должны диктовать свою моду всему миру, и только тогда мы сможем стать лидерами.""
        Однажды по "Культуре" смотрел интервью с Ж.М.Жарром (считаю его великим современным композитором). Так вот он просто взахлёб восхищался нашими достижениями и был прав! Он перечислил очень много имён: русских и советских архитекторов, поэтов, художников, учёных, инженеров, которые ещё с начала 20 века составляли славу мировой цивилизации. Говорил, что все эти гениальные люди положили начало новым направлениям и что на их идеях вырастали знаменитые европейцы. Он сетовал на то, что мы незаслуженно забыли своё прошлое и что им (европейцам) НАДО учится у нас, а не наоборот!
        Like this! The French composer knows more about us and our achievements than ourselves! Russia is a storehouse of world wealth, in the literal and figurative sense. We need to understand this and stop looking at the West. We are self-existent, we are self-sufficient!
        It remains to stop watching this zombie dog, not letting the younger generation watch it (if possible) and try to be an example for their people around.
      2. Sirocco
        Sirocco April 8 2013 05: 26 New
        Quote: Kohl
        But we, the descendants, made this the basis of our life, and therefore we suffer.

        Here on the next branch was a discussion of the topic Dr. Web добавил "ВО" в список нежелательных сайтов. We all rallied amicably around this topic, and came to the conclusion that these were the next machinations of the West. But the situation with this antivirus resembles the situation in our society. As always, someone is trying to impose someone’s opinion on us. They say you gentlemen are so stupid that you can’t understand this, and we are the Lights of the world helping you, and for this you must fall at our feet. Now let's compare Computer - Antivirus, and the state of Russia - Zap. democracy with its rules of conduct. We are all not stupid, and we imagine, if we remove the protection in the face of Anti-Virus, then the khan of our computer, everything that is embedded in it, photos, videos, programs, and all information. No history as such, start from the beginning. То же самое происходит с нашим обществом (государством). Стоит паршивенький Антивирус, причем западного производства. Поэтому и проблемы у нас схожи, с системным блоком. Давно пора поставить подобие "Касперского" который хоть и "тяжелый" но выполняет свою работу на 4+,(ВВП предлагаю обновить ПО Антивируса с 08 - го года, на 12, 13годы.) Пора прекратить оглядываться на соседа. Не зазорно иметь свое мнение, и принимать свои решения. Я думаю мы головой об стену биться не будем, если вдруг в европе сочтут такое действо за правило хорошего тона laughing
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 7 2013 07: 57 New
    Вообщем то согласен с автором статьи, только не вызывает не которые вопросы этот тезис : "Нам не хватает гордости за себя, и западная пропаганда делает всё, чтобы она у нас не появилась". Автор тут сильно "сгущает краски". Я считаю, что тут надо четко понимать, что в подавляющей массе простого народа эта "гордость" есть, просто из-за ментальности наши люди не выставляют свои чувства на показ. Но "в семье не без урода". Есть часть населения, которой все равно как и что будет со страной, лишь бы ей сейчас жилось хорошо,и к сожалению они довольно активны...
    1. AndreyAB
      AndreyAB April 7 2013 10: 53 New
      This is certainly correct, but when there are such announcers in mass media who later brag about how they ruined their country, when deputies openly run to the American embassy for briefings, scribblers take advantage of our ancestors with deliberate lies, and then study their works in schools, and the state swallows it bashfully justifying this with democratic freedom, sooner or later we also owe debts that Hitler attacked us and will have to pay. As long as the state does not take up these demovers, nothing will come of it, and any resistance to these bastards will be seen as an attempt on democracy.
  3. Belogor
    Belogor April 7 2013 08: 12 New
    Hmm .. what you need to do with this. Nowadays, information security is on par with economic. It is necessary to somehow protect interests, the more informational aggression from the side of the Western media is just going through the roof, and its own is not known on whose side. I understand that it is the duty of the press to raise some problems and urge society to solve them, but this is being done unilaterally, all around negative, negative and negative. Is there really nothing bright in our lives?
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 7 2013 10: 28 New
      Quote: Belogor
      moreover, informational aggression from the Western media just rolls over

      Верно. Вот и надо, сообщая "иностранную новость", тут же давать ей достоверное опровержение. Как говорится, "вот тут Би-Би-Си заявило....но у нас есть и иные факты" Тогда подобные сообщения через СМИ будут терять свою силу.
      Quote: Belogor
      that it is the duty of the press to raise some problems and urge society to solve them, but this is being done unilaterally, all around negative, negative and negative. Is there really nothing bright in our lives?

      И здесь Вы правы! Только вот "научились" наши СМИ как раз у запада. Жареных фактов побольше, ну и заодно подспудно вкладывать в мозги, что вот такой-то "товарищ" нам совершенно не подходит. Пресса поднимает какие-то проблемы, но вот совершенно не предлагает пути решения этих проблем. Поэтому вместо конструктивной критики получается обыкновенное очернительство.
    2. sergius60
      sergius60 April 7 2013 20: 19 New
      Информационная безопасность - наиважнейшее дело государства. Даже важнее чем боевые оборонные системы. Ибо при РАЗРУХЕ В ГОЛОВАХ, совершенно не важно сколько будет сделано стреляющих железяк, построено заводов, разведано энергоресурсов. В конечном итоге это все - потенциальные ТРОФЕИ! Примеры Франции и Европы 40-го года, СССР в 41-м и 91-м, наверное уж достаточны. Еще один такой "эксперимент" и вылетаем в "экстремент".
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 April 7 2013 08: 13 New
    А кто мешает развернуть подобную "кампанию" против запада.В форме пародий(хотя-бы)., "You can start small - do not help the enemy and do not spread lies"- к кому обращение? Нас критикуют прозападные СМИ за то, что мы есть- ТАКИЕ!НЕПОДДАЮЩИЕСЯ "ДРЕССИРОВКЕ". And damn it, I like it! hi drinks
    1. Deniska999
      Deniska999 April 7 2013 08: 27 New
      The Authority regularly publishes articles translated from foreign newspapers (mainly English) about us. There, sometimes they write such turbidity, which is bad to read.
    2. sergo0000
      sergo0000 April 7 2013 15: 49 New
      Quote: fenix57
      А кто мешает развернуть подобную "кампанию" против запада.

      And who will forgive me for this !? What kind of media group we have not bought by the West!? Look who are the owners of these newspapers, television and radio channels! That the Jews themselves will begin to dig a grave!? Strongly doubt it! recourse С первого общегосударственного телеканала не могут убрать Эрнста,Познера и ещё кучу присосавшихся откровенных врагов русского народа-а вы говорите "кампания"! sad
      The article is certainly good, only unproductive. A cry of despair written in a beautiful syllable! Plus of course, but in advance.
      There is only one way out: nationalization of all the main free television channels, Internet control, censorship in the media.
  5. logik
    logik April 7 2013 08: 28 New
    I completely agree with the author."повторюсь, слово само по себе имеет мощную силу."
    Even in our mentality it is necessary to talk about pride in the country (even in the kitchen drinks )
    moreover, parading is simply a statement of fact. If the conversation comes about the fifth column, I will always try to convince Western money that we are being eaten by injecting anesthesia.
    Let it be a drop, but everyone should do it.
  6. Atlon
    Atlon April 7 2013 08: 29 New
    "Ещё раз повторюсь, слово само по себе имеет мощную силу. Холодную войну мы проиграли не танковым армиям, а словам. Мы прохихикали страну под анекдоты о Брежневе, увлёкшись прослушиванием радиоголосов. О конкретных действиях хотелось бы поговорить в процессе обсуждения материала."

    And the descendants will strictly ask us for this ... And what can be answered? I’ll say about myself. At that time I did not understand what happened. It seemed that here she is, FREEDOM came. And what is freedom? Eat sneakers and wear jeans? Now I understand how we were idiots. I was born in the USSR, I remember what kind of freedom. The freedom of study at any university. The freedom to get an apartment. Freedom to choose a profession. Freedom from all that rot that rushed to us after the collapse of the USSR. And now I understand that those freedoms were not an example more valuable than current ones. After all, by and large, we lost more than we received in return.
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus April 7 2013 08: 39 New
      Quote: Atlon
      And what is freedom?

      Freedom is responsibility.

      Freedom without responsibility is the life of an animal that obeys instincts. Gobble up, sleep, ride and bribe. I don’t want to live like that and I won’t.

      But Western civilization (sorry I do not consider civilization) is just Four Software. Liberoids want people to see in the streets. They will be the people. He will come after them and tear them to pieces. It is very IMPORTANT to distinguish between two species of higher humanoid. PEOPLE and NOT PEOPLE. Do not confuse, I beg you ALL very much.
      1. Atlon
        Atlon April 7 2013 08: 53 New
        Quote: Tatarus
        It is very IMPORTANT to distinguish between two species of higher humanoid. PEOPLE and NOT PEOPLE. Do not confuse, I beg you ALL very much.

        Or according to Leontyev: people and universal people laughing
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 April 7 2013 18: 05 New
      You're right. And wrong ... After all, you and I did not sell then? As they loved the Motherland, they continued to love it. You will remember what we wanted then. We wanted the USSR to EARN. Because he did not work, he was clinically dead then. He rotted and fell apart, with all his incredible achievements.
      The vile, almost entirely betraying us bosses. And the worst thing. Brigades, where on 10 there is one worker, and receives the least .... What we have to answer descendants. We don’t need to return to this trash, it will be like raising a corpse by a necromancer. Yes, and something again trying to take away her name from Russia, and the Russians themselves, will never work.
    3. vvvrus39
      vvvrus39 April 7 2013 20: 54 New
      Yes, I completely agree. I am also from the USSR, and was a member of the CPSU. And he could FREE at the party meeting personally tell the leader everything that he considered true. At the moment, of course, this is unattainable. And as for the information war against Russia-it goes, and the cruelty is difficult to compare with anything. We are talking about the colossal losses in the form of youth’s disbelief in their homeland, the loss of social guidelines and much, much more, which leads to the degradation of Russia. Our rulers cannot but understand this (and if they understand and do nothing, it smells somehow bad ...). But why for them the increase in fines is more important than the patriotic education of the population, it cannot be explained. Although I think that gives in - their mind was blocked by a golden calf.
  7. Tatarus
    Tatarus April 7 2013 08: 36 New
    Two alternative deciphering abbreviations for media.
    1 Means of Mass Idiocy
    2 Means of mass hysteria.

    That's interesting, what can be objective in a sales system
    1. Atlon
      Atlon April 7 2013 09: 00 New
      Quote: Tatarus
      Two alternative deciphering abbreviations for media.
      1 Means of Mass Idiocy
      2 Means of Mass Hysteria.

      3. Means of the Marasmic Ideology
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 April 7 2013 16: 26 New
        Quote: Atlon
        Quote: Tatarus
        Two alternative deciphering abbreviations for media.
        1 Means of Mass Idiocy
        2 Means of Mass Hysteria.

        3. Means of the Marasmic Ideology

        Особенно большинство групп в "Одноклассниках"!
        They closed them rightly! Such a tail was cut off to these trolls. )))
        My mother is a woman, how much infamy I reread in my address for my citizenship !!!
        One head less than this universal human rabble.
  8. Varog
    Varog April 7 2013 08: 45 New
    In my opinion, everything is very simple. SMDI is a very expensive enterprise. They are openly or not so openly controlled by big capital. It is clear whose interests they will express.
    Большое количество независимых средств информации и аналитики существуют как бы "на задворках" и населением всерьез не воспринимается. Для обывателя первую роль играет "бренд".
    1. Babon
      Babon April 7 2013 16: 13 New
      Do you live in France?
  9. treskoed
    treskoed April 7 2013 08: 47 New
    Do not write, do not publish nasty things about our Motherland and our history. Form, as far as possible, a positive information field around Russia. Spread good news, not chernukha. The servant of the Fatherland should be glorified, not a thief, a villain and a degenerate. Indeed, if we clog the entire information field with villains, then the villain becomes the norm, an example to follow.

    Now turn on the TV !!!!!
  10. logik
    logik April 7 2013 08: 49 New
    "О конкретных действиях хотелось бы поговорить в процессе обсуждения материала."

    Например, заставить работать закон об иностранных агентах. По СМИ говорят закрылось агенство, но где на остальных надпись "Иностранный агент".
    Why, for example, there is no inscription on the literature of the so-called witnesses, because it was created and printed in the west, and this is a lot of money for manipulating consciousness.
  11. Stat1k
    Stat1k April 7 2013 08: 51 New
    A wonderful article, each country has its own individuality, its own cultural peculiarity, this is especially felt if you watch feature films shot in the 60s of the Soviet era, the same cartoons shot before Brezhnev’s time, beautiful pictures, watching which the soul rejoices, rests, and it’s nice to realize that this was created by the creators of your country, and most importantly they can, if only there was a desire and desire, and I don’t think that in the future, our country will fall into tartar, unless of course we lower our hands and do nothing, and as they say go along flow, then alas, this flow may not send us to the best place, but if we build dams and adjust this flow, we can come to a better result!
  12. opkozak
    opkozak April 7 2013 08: 52 New
    Quote: fenix57
    А кто мешает развернуть подобную "кампанию" против запада.В форме пародий(хотя-бы).,
  13. family tree
    family tree April 7 2013 08: 58 New
    Maybe they’ll also create ratings, like:
    "10 самых завравшихся журналистов"
    "10 самых лживых новостных компаний"
    "10 самых проворовавшихся чиновников"
    "10 самых тупых политиков" и т.д.
    And spread, even here, and better on other resources, along with the results of the week, and are not afraid to repeat if one of them holds the leadership.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon April 7 2013 09: 42 New
      Quote: perepilka
      Maybe they’ll also create ratings, like:

      A very good idea!
      VOLCHOXURAL April 7 2013 20: 46 New
      Straight to the point hi только я бы увеличил список раза в три! А во главу определил бы рейтинг - "10(или 100) самых ярых, антирусских, пропагандистских, иностранных агенств в России" good
    3. vvvrus39
      vvvrus39 April 7 2013 21: 03 New
      Ага, идея сама по себе замечательная, только вот десятью "номинантами" явно не обойтись, а при большом количестве "номинантов" у читателя внимание будет рассеиваться и острота проблемы завуалируется. А мысль, повторюсь, хороша. Может, кто подскажет, как её реализовать, и что бы идея заработала?
  14. djon3volta
    djon3volta April 7 2013 09: 05 New
    Spread good news, not chernukha.

    many people don’t like it, it’s also full on this site. they are quoting negative news as opposed to why do I need to show it 100 times that someone has stolen something from someone? I already know this and everyone knows why this negativity again? what would it be to escalate oneself? after all, many as I said before, became zombies, and judge life not only by the news, but by the negative comments. if those who spread it, they are not blind, I hope they go outside and they haven’t lost their memory! I understand there are those who specially negatively spread, who are for money, who are free (zombies), but those who do it for free, I have a question - why are you doing this? for what? you hope that this is for you in the future, and if so, from whom do you expect praise and encouragement? is it the same Navalny or Udaltsov, what kind of shisha do they live with wives and children? Do they work somewhere? Sobchak worked at least in DOM-2, she was paid there 300 thousand a month, I can’t find fault with it, but these achlams like Razvozhaev or Lebedev that soar on the bunks before the trial , well, it’s clear that they don’t even steal, but simply get loot from abroad for their activities.
    1. Varog
      Varog April 7 2013 09: 08 New
      Sobchak at least worked in HOUSE-2, where she was paid 300 thousand a month, I can’t get into it

      She is modest, she didn’t even spend them. So they found her during a search of 200 euros in small envelopes.
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta April 7 2013 10: 56 New
        Quote: Varog
        200 euros in small envelopes.

        35 thousand was intended for Kazan, to pay for rallies. This is so for information .. if you don’t get anything without money, even Lenin did not organize a revolution for free, and the sponsors are already known to everyone ..
  15. sashka
    sashka April 7 2013 09: 24 New
    Правду не надо доказывать. А Автор употребил слишком много Слов.. Значит что-то здесь не так.. Не верю.. Очередные враги , нко, и прочая, прочая.. Как быть с "танцором" которому всегда что-либо "мешает" ?
    1. bord731
      bord731 April 7 2013 16: 21 New
      Quote: Sasha
      Значит что-то здесь не так.. Не верю.. Очередные враги , нко, и прочая, прочая.. Как быть с "танцором" которому всегда что-либо "мешает" ?

      Sorry, but I disagree with your opinion. These are not the next machinations of enemies - most likely the author simply boiled up, as probably the society ...
  16. Heccrbq
    Heccrbq April 7 2013 09: 26 New
    [media = / watch? v = R88Wd9ZQbsM]
  17. Nevsky
    Nevsky April 7 2013 11: 19 New
    Here is the positive news, or rather, our response to the overseas media, the people's edition:

  18. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg April 7 2013 11: 46 New
    Strongly said! The author bow and deep respect.
  19. medwed1976
    medwed1976 April 7 2013 12: 21 New
    The only weapon of the information war is a lie! If we learn to quickly determine false information, then we can win this terrible war - the main war of Mankind at the present stage of the life of civilization ...RAS
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist April 7 2013 14: 36 New
      The only weapon of the information war is a lie!

      Вы упрощаете. Оружием информационной войны является информация. Работает она с ценностями, путем формирования психологических установок. Например, демократия - это ценность. Самое смешное, что демократия на самом деле ценность, толь все забыавают, что демократия - это власть народа. А нам говорят, что демократия - это власть пи-доров. Это уже установка. И все это обычно привязывается к символам. Например, "совок", или "пин-до-сы". Это символы, они наиболее живучи. Когда вы внедрите в массовое сознание символы - вы победили.
      Something like that.
  20. razved
    razved April 7 2013 13: 09 New
    All is correct. Only all this looks like a passive defense. And so it is always more difficult to defend. Best defense is attack. And if we do not want to be blamed for the aggressiveness of our propaganda, then we must actively defend ourselves, which in principle is like an attack !!!
    1. sergius60
      sergius60 April 7 2013 20: 30 New
      Именно! Если наша пропаганда будет "скромно в носу ковыряться", поневоле возникнет сомнение. Может ТЕ и правы? Вон как "правду матку режут"! Поэтому: "Лучшая защита - это нападение", ЕДИНСТВЕННО возможное действие государства, если оно не хочет стать "кормом" для ЧУЖИХ! hi
    2. vvvrus39
      vvvrus39 April 7 2013 21: 22 New
      И ещё - не надо стесняться самого слова и понятия "пропаганда". При нормальном (!) её использовании СССР горы сворачивал и Асуаны строил! Почему бы не применить в нынешних условиях все те позитивные наработки применительно к ситуации на данный момент? Ну почему мы такие беззубые?. Небось на улице если оскорбят, так сразу в рыло обидчику... Как же получается, что не можем "в рыло" на высоком уровне?
  21. fenix57
    fenix57 April 7 2013 13: 18 New
    Quote: Deniska999
    There, sometimes they write such turbidity, which is bad to read.

    Согласен с Вами,что самое отвратительное-молодежи мозги засирают. Мы-то кое-что в этой жизни видели, а вот молодые уши поразвесят и начинают"американезироваться",да "европиться".
  22. georg737577
    georg737577 April 7 2013 13: 20 New
    ... You can start small - do not help the enemy and do not spread lies ...
    Лично я давно пришел к выводу,что единственно разумный подход в настоящеее время - придерживаться политики "тотального недоверия" к ЛЮБЫМ средствам массовой информации, в том числе и национальным.
    The worst thing for any government is an objectively informed society. Change for the better
    происходят там,где вещи начинают называть своими именами, а не "вуалировать" специально придуманными
    "политкорректными" терминами. Для власть имущих это страшнее войны.
    1. family tree
      family tree April 7 2013 13: 43 New
      Change for the better
      происходят там,где вещи начинают называть своими именами, а не "вуалировать" специально придуманными
      "политкорректными" терминами. Для власть имущих это страшнее войны.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 April 7 2013 18: 37 New
        Quote: perepilka
        Change for the better
        происходят там,где вещи начинают называть своими именами, а не "вуалировать" специально придуманными
        "политкорректными" терминами. Для власть имущих это страшнее войны.

        It’s not always unfortunately obtained, even on our site to call a spade a spade! wink Наши моральноустойчивые модераторы чуко реагируют на мат!И правильно!Не пристало русский язык матом марать,но что делать когда по другому не получаеться!?Переведите на русский"Пусси райт"-убедитесь! laughing
        VOLCHOXURAL April 7 2013 21: 10 New
        Quote: georg737577
        Change for the better
        происходят там,где вещи начинают называть своими именами, а не "вуалировать" специально придуманными
        "политкорректными" терминами. Для власть имущих это страшнее войны.

        hi good drinks
    2. irka_65. irina
      irka_65. irina April 7 2013 17: 53 New
      I agree with you 100%. good
  23. stranik72
    stranik72 April 7 2013 14: 11 New
    "Надо прежде всего научиться уважать самих себя и свою историю. Именно уважать, а не истерить - ни вправо; ни влево".
    Whoever would be opposed, only one inconsistency Your phrase is aimed at those who know their history, who have already formed, as a person and are a patriot of their country, i.e. it is aimed at you and me, and information wars are aimed at our descendants at those who will determine the policy and power of Russia in the future, and here today we are losing to the West one-way. This has already happened with the USSR, and so far I see no reason, just the good and correct words of the GDP do not count, which also will not happen to Russia. This is the information battle and we are its participants, let's fight, and not just throw phrases. Let's decide who is HU.
    And so, our enemies in the information field, the echo of Moscow, the new newspaper, add or I'm wrong.
  24. Lecha57
    Lecha57 April 7 2013 14: 17 New
    A free press is the pipe dream of every journalist. In all countries, freedom of speech is only declared, in fact, it is cornered. In this form, it was exported to Russia.
  25. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 7 2013 14: 43 New
    Представляю какой вой начнется, если мы геев будем называть пидо..сами, сирийских повстанцев террористами и бандитами, НКО будем называть врагами государства. Это же вой поднимется капец какой. Хотя я лично за то, что бы педорастию опять признать психзаболеванием. Фильмы Михалкова и иных творцов "альтернативного" взгляда на нашу историю сжечь. Актеров, что в них снимались, дальше тупых сериалов не пускать. Да и вообще даешь цензуру в отечественном кино и прочих самовыражениях.
  26. shurup
    shurup April 7 2013 16: 27 New
    Russian is the one who, without pants, hungry, in the cold manages to lift his nose and proudly say - but I'm Russian!
    A non-Russian is one who tries to explain to the Russian that he is wrong and has no dignity.
    After that, the Russian usually presents evidence with the firm intention of putting it on anything and twirling what you want.
    The Western aggressor can only try to reduce the number of Russians, including and information methods.
  27. Babon
    Babon April 7 2013 16: 39 New
    For me, this is a given of time. It’s time to create the same channels, print media, and show our truth. In countries where the economic situation is deteriorating, launch their channels and show them the truth. People themselves will see what is happening. Let these channels be called propaganda, act by their own methods, and expose their lies.
  28. Babon
    Babon April 7 2013 16: 45 New
    The article wrote that politicians can not ignore public opinion? So in France, what were the mass protests against gay marriage? In the US, they spit on the move against Wall Street. Finally, Cyprus encroached on private property (deposits of citizens), despite the fact that they always boasted of the inviolability of private property. Yes, they don’t really pay attention to the opinion of citizens.
  29. ifafhtdbx
    ifafhtdbx April 7 2013 18: 20 New
    Of course, do not scold your country! Those who wish can be found without us.
  30. arnulla
    arnulla April 7 2013 19: 57 New
    I don’t know if the people are getting dull, but the fact that sometimes citizens are sometimes led to such cheap wiring is a medical fact.
  31. Xroft
    Xroft April 7 2013 23: 34 New
    it was worth mentioning the federal channels immediately removed the post ........
  32. 120352
    120352 April 8 2013 00: 10 New
    Ругаться вообще некрасиво и плохо, но без критики можно просто заболеть самовлюблённостью. Да, Русь=Россия - страна и государство со сложной судьбой и историей. Время от времени мы пытаемся "ампутировать" часть своего прошлого, а то и настоящего, но лучше жить не становится. И будет так до тех пор, пока гражданин будет отлучён от управления государством , пусть посредством "представительской демократии", т.е. пока он гражданином не является по сути. Необходимо, чтобы эта демократия действительно кого-то представляла, кроме меркантильных интересов представителей власти.