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Our and your fathers and mothers


The main German television channel ZDF showed the series “Our mothers, our fathers” about the Second World War, which revolted people in the countries of Eastern Europe. Poland was accused of anti-Semitism, the peoples of the USSR - of aiding the Nazis and atrocities on their territory and the lands of Germany. The true victims of World War II are the Wehrmacht’s soldiers defending their homeland, soldiers fighting Polish anti-Semitism and Soviet barbarism.

Well, it looks like the EU needs its own version. stories, arranging, above all, the main country of the great European Union - Germany. We cannot allow satellites like Greece or Cyprus to throw a reminder of the recent bloody past in the face. This puts the legitimacy of German dominance at risk.

The story has long been trying to use as a wheel propaganda machine. It is doubtful that without the blessing of the “elder brothers” in the European Union, marches of the SS in the Baltic States were possible. The Germans themselves cannot yet afford it, but the format of the artistic tape seems to have been chosen as the best for shaping public opinion.

After viewing - thanks to the internet! - you understand that the film aims to achieve several goals: the rehabilitation of Germans who fought in World War II, the suggestion of an inferiority complex to new EU members, in particular Poland, as well as the depiction of the victims of fascism - the peoples of the USSR - as a stupid biomass hostile to European civilization.

The latter task is simplified by the fact that during the years of the Cold War, the image of a Soviet barbarian was successfully formed in the mind of a man in the street. Therefore, it is only necessary to plant another myth in order for the Europeans to clearly see the threat from the East.

What is a myth? The most accessible, more than once voiced by European historians: the rape of German women by Soviet soldiers. The figure is named: over two million German women.

Tens of thousands of children born to Soviet soldiers are often mentioned as evidence. When asked how this could happen, a legitimate answer arises: they were raped. Let's leave for now the stories about allegedly raped German women. Where did the children come from? About this below.

Let's go back to the film. Flashing frames. Soviet soldiers burst into a German hospital. Coolly, walking, finish off the wounded. They grab the nurse and immediately try to rape among the dead bodies of German soldiers. Such is the modern reading of history.

In general, the film, shot as if through the eyes of German soldiers, those who see the horrors of the war imposed on them, can cause sympathy. Smart, intelligent Germans are witnessing the Polish partisans expelling from the squadron, almost to certain death, a refugee who has become a Jew. Ukrainian punishers exterminate people before the eyes of Germans taken aback. Russian rapists kill and destroy all life in its path.

This picture appears before the European audience. The Germans of the last force are trying to protect their homeland, read - European civilization. And of course, these people could not be guilty of starting a war. A certain top of the Wehrmacht is to blame, which the majority of German soldiers, according to the authors of the tape, did not support, and the wild Slavic tribes who forced Europe to defend against them.

But are ordinary soldiers so innocent? Were they in opposition to their commanders? Take excerpts from the letters of soldiers from the Eastern Front:

“Only a Jew can be a Bolshevik; For these bloodsuckers, there is nothing better if there is no one to stop them. Wherever you spit, there are only Jews around, in the city, in the village. ”

“Some will be interested that there were theaters, operas and so on, even large buildings were, but only for the rich, and the rich were bloodsuckers and their hangers-on.”

“Everyone who observes this gloomy poverty understands that it was these Bolshevik animals that wanted to bring us, hardworking, clean and creative Germans. This is the blessing of God! How fair that the Führer is called to lead Europe! ”

“I see the Fuhrer in front of me. He saved the enslaved and raped humanity, giving him again the divine freedom and the blessing of a decent existence. The true and deepest reason for this war is to restore the natural and pious order. This is a battle against slavery, against Bolshevik madness. ”

“I am proud, extremely proud that I can fight against this Bolshevik monster, again fighting the enemy, against whom I fought to destroy during the difficult years of struggle in Germany. I am proud of the wounds I have received in these battles, and I am proud of my new wounds and the medal I am wearing now. ”

“Our successes so far have been great, and we will not stop until we destroy the roots and branches of this contagion, which will be a blessing for European culture and humanity.”

“I am proud to belong to the German nation and in the ranks of our great army. Say hello to everyone at home. I am far away. Tell them that Germany is the most beautiful, cultural country in the whole world. Anyone should be happy to be German and serve the Führer, such as Adolf Hitler. ”

“Whatever the cost, but it's great that the Führer saw the danger in time. The battle was to take place. Germany, what would happen to you if this stupid animal horde came to our native land? We all took an oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler, and we must fulfill it for our own good, wherever we are. ”

“Bravery is a courage inspired by spirituality. The stubbornness with which the Bolsheviks defended themselves in their pillboxes in Sevastopol is akin to a certain animal instinct, and it would be a profound mistake to consider it the result of Bolshevik beliefs or upbringing. Russians have always been like that and most likely will always remain so. ”

As you can see, there is not a word of remorse. Around the Jews are Bolsheviks who need to be destroyed. There is, however, a sincere astonishment that there are theaters and large buildings. And even the valor of warriors for them is bestial, inhuman. There is no reason not to trust this evidence. It was written by those whom they are trying to present today as victims of the Second World War.

And yet, what about the raped Germans? Surely this question will arise from an attentive reader. War is war, but were there mass rape and bastards? Probably should also refer to the evidence.

The famous director Grigory Chukhrai recalled the entry of troops into Romania: “Under the influence of Russian vodka, they relaxed and confessed that they were hiding their daughter in the attic.” Soviet officers were indignant: “For whom do you take us? We are not fascists! ” “The hosts were ashamed, and soon a lean girl, named Marika, appeared at the table and eagerly began to eat. Then, having become accustomed, she began to flirt and even ask us questions ... By the end of the dinner, everyone was in a friendly mood and drank for “borotshaz” (friendship). Marika understood this toast too straightforward. When we went to bed, she appeared in my room in a single bottom shirt. As a Soviet officer, I immediately realized: a provocation was being prepared. “They expect me to be seduced by the charms of Marika, and they will make a fuss. But I will not give in to provocation, “I thought. And the delights of Marika did not deceive me - I pointed out the door to her.

The next morning, the hostess, putting food on the table, rumbled with dishes. “Nervous. The provocation failed! “- I thought. I shared this thought with our Hungarian translator. He burst out laughing.

- No, this is not a provocation! You expressed a friendly disposition, and you neglected it. Now you are not considered to be a person in this house. You need to move to another apartment!

“Why did they hide their daughter in the attic?”

- They were afraid of violence. We have accepted that a girl, with the approval of her parents, can experience intimacy with many men before entering into marriage. They say: they don't buy a cat in a tied bag ... ”

But the story mortar N.A. Orlova, to say the least surprised by the behavior of German women in 1945. “Concerning the violence against German women. It seems to me that some, talking about such a phenomenon, a little "exaggerate". I have another kind of example in mind. We went to some German city, settled in houses. “Frau”, 45-years old appears and asks “Herr Commandant”. They brought her to Marchenko. She claims to be responsible for the quarter, and 20 gathered German women for the sexual (!!!) service of Russian soldiers. Marchenko understood German, and Dolmany Borodov, who was standing next to me, I translated the meaning of what was said by a German. The reaction of our officers was angry and abusive. They drove the German girl away, along with her ready-to-serve squad. In general, the German submissiveness stunned us. Waited from the Germans guerrilla war, sabotage. But for this nation, order - "Ordnung" - is paramount. If you are a winner, then they are “on their hind legs”, moreover, deliberately and not under duress. Here is a psychology ... "

Herr Commissioner, - Frau Friedrich told me complacently (I was wearing a leather jacket). “We understand that soldiers have small needs.” They are ready, - continued Frau Friedrich, - to give them a few younger women for ... I did not continue the conversation with Frau Friedrich. "

Front-line poet Boris Slutsky recalled: “Ethics was not at all a deterrent, but fear of contracting, fear of publicity, pregnancy” ... “total depravity covered and hid particular female depravity, made it invisible and non-dull.”

And it was not at all the fear of syphilis that was the reason for the rather chaste behavior of the Soviet troops. Sergeant Alexander Rodin left records after visiting a brothel, which happened after the end of the war. “... After the departure, there was a disgusting, shameful sensation of lies and falsehood, there was not a picture of a woman’s obvious, frank pretense of the head ... It is interesting that not only I, a youngster, who was brought up on the principles of the type “not to give a kiss without love, but also for the majority of our soldiers with whom I had to talk ... Around the same days I had to talk with one pretty Magyar woman (she knew Russian from somewhere). When I asked her if I liked it in Budapest, I answered that I liked it, only brothels confuse me. “But why?” The girl asked. Because it is unnatural, wildly, - I explained: - a woman takes the money and after that, immediately begins to “love!” The girl thought for a while, then nodded in agreement and said: “You're right: take money forward ugly”. .. "

The difference in the mentality of Europeans and Soviet soldiers, as we can see, is striking. So talk about mass rape, probably should not be. If there were cases, they were either isolated, out of the ordinary, or it was a fairly free relationship, which the Germans themselves allowed. Hence the appearance of offspring.

But all this, in fact, is not decisive. It does not matter the objections of the Poles against the television series. Who, after all, in Europe took into account the opinion of the Polish public. The creators of the film claiming, in the opinion of the European press, the main cinematic event of the year in Germany were not guided by the search for historical truth. Ideological stamps do not require thoughtful artistic decisions. Europe has not changed.

William Shearer once wrote that he had two liberal friends in Germany in the 1930s. They both became violent Nazis. So does history repeat itself?
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  1. Belogor
    Belogor April 6 2013 06: 33 New
    The Germans are slowly taking out skeletons from their cabinets. Moreover, recently in their press more and more materials about the Second World War are appearing, but there is not much special remorse there, but more noticeably different. Indeed, can the largest economy in Europe have any complexes and feelings of guilt before the rest. So they get rid of it. Soon, everything will be turned upside down.
    1. esaul
      esaul April 6 2013 07: 38 New
      Quote: Belogor
      The Germans are slowly taking out skeletons from their cabinets

      In my opinion, the Germans are repeating the same path and the same mistakes that the Americans began to make at one time, having felt their growing power. The current Germans slowly began to evaporate the guilt complex for the WWII unleashed by them. This began due to a combination of several factors.
      1. The growing German economy, for which the current cyclical and ongoing crisis is not a hindrance. And in this regard, less dependence on the dictates of the states.
      2. As a consequence of the factors of economic success, - the growth of the Germans' traditional awareness of the revival of the Teutonic spirit. And the Teutonic spirit (according to the concepts of the Germans themselves) is invincible and not corrupt. Everything the Teutonic does is true!
      3. As a consequence of the first two factors, a neglect of the opinion of all Netuttonians, which is evidenced by the behavior of many Germans abroad. After all, it is not for nothing that the Germans firmly established themselves as the sexual, eternally preoccupied, tourists. On this wave, you can push and frankly get along, because the Teutonic is faithful to his leadership. The moral in such matters is a sideways one, as a category that degrades the Teutonic.

      Only here is a hitch ... Throughout their history, the Teutons did not manage to sleep off in full on the Russian bed, but the German babonki, accustomed to obeying force (this is also from the category of Teutonic morality), are willing to lie under the winner . And most importantly, here we see a radical difference in the mentality and moral principles of our people and peoples. For us, to lie under the (FOREIGNER!) Winner is humiliating. For the Germans (UNDER MORE STRONG, AT LEAST AND A FOREIGNER) - the mundane dictated by German logic ...
      Well, I think so.
      The article is great. Only a plus!
      1. domokl
        domokl April 6 2013 07: 52 New
        Quote: esaul
        throughout their history, the Teutons did not manage to sleep off in full on the Russian bed, but German baboon women, accustomed to submit to force
        And you won’t succeed .. sleep off .. We have tough and men barbarians beat the face for such a thing ...
        The article is really great ... But I feel sorry that the format did not allow the filmmaker to remind our filmmakers of their own swine ... Remember the films about the last days of the war in a modern supposedly psychological presentation by Russian directors ... We ourselves are pushing Germans to such films here .. We ourselves spoil the graves of our grandfathers ... This is what you need to pay attention to ... Remember the Bastards ... Bullshit that shames us, but ... has Russian awards ..
        1. SASCHAmIXEEW
          SASCHAmIXEEW April 6 2013 11: 09 New
          Look who directed these "films" and who gave awards, corrupt liberals, where is this ideology, there is betrayal !!! The individual will sell his own mother for his own benefit! The propaganda of our values, our Truth about the Second World War, does not work for us at all and will not work until the power of the Judeo-Zionists such as Mendels of Dvorkovich Chubais with Grefts !!! When we remove this trash from power and condemn it for real terms, only then can we awaken to talk about the revival of RUSSIA !! Until then, I think we're at the start !!!
        2. Scythian 35
          Scythian 35 1 May 2013 16: 12 New
          The worst thing Germany took the role of judging citizens of other countries (usually Russians and Ukrainians, for the atrocities committed by them while staying in the service of GERMANS, the case of Demyanjuk, Izhorov). What is the strangest Israel recognized that Demyanuk was confused with another person, apologized and released.
          The most interesting thing is that the head of the court, the granddaughter of a prominent SS leader. Journalists, having found out about this with a curiosity, ask grandfather how he relates to the activities of his granddaughter wassat
          The grandfather of God’s dandelion, su..a, didn’t understand the point, the ninety-year-old fallen, began to resent the brutal behavior of the Russian warders, (he lived all the nationalities of the USSR), then it was a Latvian, towards the Jews in the camps, AND IF BO HE THIS KNOW I would immediately cease such disturbances. laughing You understand !!! the person involved in the death of millions of people condemns a person for ill-treatment of people, BY ITS SAME ORDER !!!!!
          The Germans chose the right tactics, instead of sending half of the male and a tenth of the female population to prison with a life sentence, they catch and put their former lackeys, covering up the eyes of the world community. That is why the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should hand over notes, and not according to the demarches of drunken Estonian teenagers, because the ringleaders still sit in Germany !!! And for Russia, Germany is a strategic partner, they kiss like relatives, to what extent it has come to sell gas a third cheaper than Ukraine no longer !!! am
      2. lechatormosis
        lechatormosis April 6 2013 08: 09 New
        the Teutons in the blood to kill and shoot
      3. Nicholas C.
        Nicholas C. April 6 2013 11: 12 New
        Quote: esaul
        The current Germans slowly began to evaporate the guilt complex for the WWII unleashed by them.

        Inaccurately worded. You can wage war and remain people. The Germans were not people:
        - in relation to the prisoners, what they did was genocide;
        - in relation to the civilian population, burned villages (more than 70 thousand), mass shootings, thefts to Germany - this is genocide;
        - death factories for cutting, processing and destroying millions of people - this is genocide;
        - barbaric plundering and destruction of material and cultural values ​​of the country, "cultured Europeans", allegedly fighters against "Jews and commissars", even destroyed what the Union of Atheists of Gubelman did not dare to do - this is meanness and meanness;

        And the Germans for what they did can not justify any individual crimes, if appropriate to call it, a small number of Soviet soldiers. So that none of them did, there could be only one answer: they did little to destroy the fascist critters. I personally really regret that the Germans didn’t do the same as they did to us.
      4. Scythian 35
        Scythian 35 1 May 2013 14: 49 New
        In my opinion, this is Russia repeating its mistakes !!! History teaches nothing !!! After Russia and Germany kiss in a hickey, the militarization of Germany and the thaw of Europe begin. And Russia at the cost of millions of lives of its soldiers has to put out the fire in Europe !!! The next round of Russian-German relations has begun !!!.
    2. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 08: 07 New
      There is so much compromising on the Fritz that they will never wash off of it
      1. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 16 New
        Quote: lehatormoz
        There is so much compromising on the Fritz that they will never wash off of it

        unfortunately, only in Russia know about this "kopromat", and even then people over 25. for young people it is already "somehow irrelevant", have contracted librasty
        1. Nick
          Nick April 6 2013 19: 44 New
          Quote: wasjasibirjac
          unfortunately, only in Russia know about this "kopromat", and even then people over 25. for young people it is already "somehow irrelevant", have contracted librasty

          Nothing! Prescribe injections, cure!
    3. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 6 2013 08: 36 New
      Quote: Belogor
      The Germans are slowly taking skeletons out of their cabinets.

      this is all from despair, there are almost no other ways out. that with Cyprus, that BAB, etc. on the little things ... Europe has a lot of problems against Russia, so they are trying to resist Russia with its revival. They perfectly understand that the decline of Europe is going on on the sly, so they will give their "trump cards"
      1. Nick
        Nick April 6 2013 19: 49 New
        Quote: djon3volta
        they are well aware that the decline of Europe is slowly

        The sunset is followed by sunrise, the revival of a new bright World. I hope that for Europe and all of humanity he will come from the East, as it should be.
    4. vadimus
      vadimus April 6 2013 12: 24 New
      It’s foolish to pit nations on self-destruction ... History would be taught .... Evil is already enough in the world.
  2. Chavy
    Chavy April 6 2013 06: 43 New
    Europe does not learn from its mistakes, and follows the same fascist path. The filmmakers must be sued, let them prove in court with facts. To defame the honor of our grandfathers with such "works" .... How can you calmly look at this and endure, and most importantly, how to deal with this? Are we just going to be silent?
    1. aleks
      aleks April 6 2013 07: 03 New
      But aren't our modern films shot by Mikhalkov and others like him --- such and even more disgusting from this --- remember how the German part saves Soviet soldiers from Soviet soldiers - and this film, as part of the viewing, will be shown on TV for sure in May.
      1. lechatormosis
        lechatormosis April 6 2013 07: 58 New
        For MIKHALKOV, such films became a commercial project - history does not obey COMMERCE.
        But it’s a pity when Mikhailov made good films.
        1. andrejwz
          andrejwz April 6 2013 10: 28 New
          Quote: lehatormoz
          But it’s a pity when Mikhailov made good films.

          When? What kind? What is Mikhalkov’s film, which can be rated higher than a solid three or a very weak four.
          1. Belogor
            Belogor April 6 2013 11: 35 New
            The early films of N. Mikhalkov are pretty good, here are at least a few of them;
            A friend among strangers, a stranger among his own (1974)
            Slave of love (1975)
            Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano (1976)
            Five evenings (1978)
            A few days from the life of Oblomov (1979)
            Rodney (1981)
            Black eyes (1987)
            Urga (1991)
            In any case, they are much better than now, when he switched to patriotic themes. But he is not a master in this genre, he turns out some kind of leavened patriotism.
            1. wasjasibirjac
              wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 19 New
              if the last half of Mikhalkov's films are patriotic, then I don’t know what to say, what then are anti-Russian or anti-religious films. precisely - I do not need such "patrism".
          2. lechatormosis
            lechatormosis April 6 2013 11: 48 New
            YOUR AMONG ANOTHER'S ALIEN AMONG THEIR OWN - I really like the colorful actors and the characters they play.
    2. domokl
      domokl April 6 2013 07: 54 New
      Quote: Chavy
      Europe does not learn from its mistake
      Learning ... only their memory is short ... They forget where in Paris eateries with the Russian name appeared (well, the French do not pull the letter s) ... Yes, and after the repair the Germans do not read Russian inscriptions on their Branderburg Gate
    3. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 08: 01 New
      The highest race, so to speak, hung our FATHER AND MOTHER.
  3. svp67
    svp67 April 6 2013 07: 06 New
    Quote: Belogor
    The Germans are slowly taking out skeletons from their cabinets.

    They not only get it, but also represent them as "white and fluffy" ... In general, this is mean in relation to the millions who died in that war. Of course, there were good people among the German soldiers, but they fought for a wrong cause. It would be worth asking a question - would all those terrible stories, which are told in the film, have happened if Germany had not unleashed a war?
  4. Tartary
    Tartary April 6 2013 07: 14 New
    It's a pity ... But it should have been the other way around, especially today - the Russians and the Germans, remembering the age-old tricks of some European empires, should be in a united team against real evil, and not drive another nail into the wall of a new shed being built for the next one " slaughterhouses "where cattle will be not those who are them, but those who feed the animals, not suspecting that animals, besides other bodily defects, are sick in the head from birth ...
    1. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 07: 54 New
      a teacher hanged by the GERMANS — NEVER GERMANS will be my friends too heavy an inheritance they left in the GENETIC MEMORY of MY PEOPLE.
        SASCHAmIXEEW April 6 2013 11: 22 New
        Stsuki, why is the Foreign Ministry silent? For lying to the court with millions of lawsuits !!! Where did the millions raped? Lukin is a human rights defender, why are you silent! or just liberals much to protect?
      2. dropout
        dropout April 6 2013 11: 35 New
        Quote: lehatormoz
        they left too much legacy in the GENETIC MEMORY of MY PEOPLE.

        Personally, I still have not forgiven them knight dogs!
  5. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 April 6 2013 07: 19 New
    Phrase: to achieve the goal, all means are good, has never been called into question in Europe. Unfortunately today, more and more often, and many are trying to live with us on this principle.
  6. Kolya
    Kolya April 6 2013 07: 21 New
    An interesting fact is how the Germans were "washed away" in the post-war period by the West, they say that Hitler committed all crimes, and the Germans, as it were, did not matter. How convenient it is to hide the ends in the water by hanging everything on Hitler's corpse. And when you talk with one of the Germans, it is noticeable how insincere they are, as if they do not say that they would like a different outcome of the war. And you understand - the outcome according to which the Slavs might not have existed. This is the kind of friendship we have with the Germans - we are good-natured, and they carry a stone behind their backs.
    1. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 07: 51 New
      Here are hundreds of pictures WHERE Fritz hangs and kills our women
      Some LIBERAST once tried to convince me that the German soldiers were not engaged in the CASES OF CIVIL.
      However, you can’t argue against this — the GERMANS need to constantly remind them of their crimes so that they have no thoughts to accuse us of anything.
      1. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 29 New
        Well, yes, in the opinion of these ... very bad people, only the evil Essovites were executed, and the rest of the German soldiers, as in the Middle Ages. went to see it. therefore, only the Essovites are to blame. but in response, others say to them - the Essyvites were also different - there were black SS - here they are evil, but they were green, they are heroes who defended Germany. the third say that the black SS are also not very guilty, only the Gestapo were so evil, and all the rest suffered very, very much when they were tortured and hanged. in the end, in the opinion of these "whistleblowers" only Hitler, Himmler and their "kumpaniya" are bad, and the rest of the Germans are the victims of Hitler and Stalin.
  7. smel
    smel April 6 2013 07: 26 New
    Well then. The article once again confirms that the same historical events are perceived by different people differently, and even more so by different peoples. It remains only to complain that our cultural figures are not making normal films now, our bigwigs from the TV box do not show good old films, our government does not care about it, and our politicians are worried about other, more mercantile problems than educating society, its unity and establishment historical justice. They are increasingly drawn to soap. Apparently the society will mature over time to the point that with this soap the rope will spread to the creators of human souls. And it will be right for them.
    I am sure that our truth will always remain with us.
    1. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 07: 46 New
  8. MRomanovich
    MRomanovich April 6 2013 07: 29 New
    I read it and was speechless, there are simply no words. We always defeat all aggressors and are always generous to the losers. The "civilized" bourgeois at all times acted exactly the opposite - they always act as aggressors and always on their part atrocities, violence and other bad things. Now, their mother, they are God's dandelions, and we are non-humans. There is only one thing in my head - and what .. did we spare them?
    1. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 07: 45 New
      A typical photo of the German occupier in RUSSIA is a VISITED RUSSIAN WOMAN and we smile.
  9. treskoed
    treskoed April 6 2013 07: 30 New
    In Soviet times, the Germans could not even think about this! Our restructuring and rebuilt them!
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 30 New
      well, just think that the SS are the heroes - the GSVG is here
  10. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis April 6 2013 07: 44 New
    German TV channels seem to have forgotten the story lately
    This is RUSSIA - GERMAN SOLDIER BAG hanged a Russian woman
  11. Egoza
    Egoza April 6 2013 08: 10 New
    The Germans ate well during their leadership in the EU, squeezing out the economy of small states. But it is hard for them to fulfill their obligations, to provide any "help" in a crisis. So they undertook to rehabilitate their fascists. And then they will again call for a crusade? And now the 5th column will operate more actively in the scattered "independent" states. Already in effect!
  12. Tamagon
    Tamagon April 6 2013 08: 12 New
    I don’t know ..... I looked at the first two episodes. I saw the exact opposite.
    From quotes of the main characters of the film
    A German officer to his commander - "After all that we are doing here, if we lose this war, neither the Fuehrer, nor the Lord God himself will save us.

    In the first two episodes, German soldiers only do that they shoot the prisoners of our soldiers, who defended themselves to the last, Jews, including children, civilians. At the same time they suffer heavy losses and live in constant fear.
    In the second episode (43 years old), a new replenishment comes up to meet old experienced soldiers, and they refuse answering, "you can survive at least a month, then tell us your names."
    1. lechatormosis
      lechatormosis April 6 2013 09: 15 New
      I also watched this film - spectacular scenes of battles. German suffering, experiences from their losses and then.
      However, the German soldiers continued to kill, and somehow they did not give a damn about the suffering of the Russian people.
      Therefore, I look at their films from the prism of our ancestors who clashed with the Germans live.
    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 April 6 2013 09: 35 New
      Quote: Tamagon
      I looked at the first two series.

      I have not watched the film and am not going to. I prefer old films, for example, the epic "Liberation".
      And history ...... History has always been a servant of politics ......
      Not surprised........
      For almost 70 years Europe has been living in the world thanks to a Russian soldier ....
      They forgot how they die in the war ..... Someone really wants to unleash the third bloody massacre. The main thing is to form the image of the enemy.
      1. Tamagon
        Tamagon April 6 2013 15: 00 New
        I started watching because I had watched the German film "Stalingrad" before.
        I really liked that film, it was shot in a high-quality, realistic and most important way with the utmost respect for Our people, without any attempts to denigrate, belittle or justify ourselves. Our Mikhalkovs are not standing nearby. Very good recommend.
      2. aviamed90
        aviamed90 April 9 2013 15: 45 New
        In vain! Everything must be known about enemies!
        There will be something to talk about (when meeting) and argue (on specific episodes)! And how can you argue without looking? I've seen "Stalingrad" and this nonsense (only 2 episodes) ... For a normal, thinking person of any nationality, these films - of course, nonsense! But maybe it's normal for a German. We don't know what's in their heads there?
  13. albert
    albert April 6 2013 08: 23 New
    All this can be answered with the words of Khrushchev to Adenauer when he began to create the Bundeswehr and West Germany joined NATO- "Have you forgotten about Kursk and Stalingrad ?! Are you not enough ?! With the current level of weapons, four hydrogen bombs are enough for the Soviet Union to wipe your country off the face land! " I can't vouch for the complete accuracy of the quote, but it sounds something like this. The Germans seem to need to remind these words.
  14. erased
    erased April 6 2013 08: 57 New
    Well, why get nervous and resent? Deutsch simply conduct their policies and propaganda. They need to gloss over Nazism, if not with white, then at least with gray colors. So they strain. The recipe is simple - its own propaganda, lawsuits in international courts on the fact of falsification and insults of the USSR and the Red Army. Europe needs to be reminded of the Nuremberg trials and the outcome of that trial.
    Deutschland wants to create a fourth Reich? Flag in their hands. Old shabby flag. Let it go. The mausoleum stands, there is where then this flag and hundreds of others to throw.
    And, of course, prepare arguments for dialogue. Yars-M, T-50, Armata, S-500 help well with such disputes. Only this time, the mercy that Stalin showed to Germany in 1945 cannot be repeated. And to the foundation. Together with the Reichstag. So that then there would be no one to create such "movie stuff" and scream about the barbaric Mongoloids from Siberia.
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 33 New
      or it may not be necessary to the foundation, include as a region of the European region
  15. Vladimir 70
    Vladimir 70 April 6 2013 09: 00 New
    Nemchura is the force that was nurtured by the West (Anglo-Saxons) for direct aggression against Russia. After the nemchura got snot, again, the West hung on them a bunch of debts and began to rob them. When the nemchura on a subconscious level began to understand that something was wrong, they again slipped the enemy in the person of Russia. It looks like history is repeating itself. There is only one way out - it’s not hard to hammer into their heads "there is no enemy in the East"
  16. stranik72
    stranik72 April 6 2013 09: 32 New
    We would have with their "nemchura" to sort it out won us in 1991, not they ourselves surrendered the country that the Russian tsars and Soviet general secretaries saved from such nemchura more than once. They are not nemchura and amers our problem is a homegrown "elite" our main and most dangerous enemy today.
    1. Horde
      Horde April 6 2013 10: 52 New
      Quote: stranik72
      We would have to deal with our "nemchura" won us in 1991

      Well or what? say so.
      SASCHAmIXEEW April 6 2013 11: 37 New
      That's right, not a little foolish, but a liquid-Zionist scum that crawled into all key areas of development and into power (Andropov) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (liquors) and in the trade in bulk there were those who would not let the older ones lie, and even earlier Khrushchev used him or the dark ... ak not understanding what he is doing !! And now they are in power, until we throw them off, good luck not to see !!!!!
      1. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 35 New
        Quote: Horde

        Well or what? say so.

        Quote: SASCHAmIXEEW
        That's right, not a little foolish, but a liquid-Zionist scum crawled into all key areas of development and into power

        Jews are not a nationality, but a way of thinking.
  17. tomket
    tomket April 6 2013 10: 15 New
    You see, they’ll dare soon and again they will go to Europe and save the world, in my opinion the Germans have already developed karma from us to regularly rake, but all the same, experience does not teach anything.
  18. Kubanets
    Kubanets April 6 2013 10: 30 New
    The current Germans are only capable of geyparady. The spirit of the nation remained on the Russian fields. Example- The Bundeswehr flew out of KEYFOR forces with mortar shelling in Kosovo
  19. Akellastambul
    Akellastambul April 6 2013 10: 34 New
    1. I will watch the series and make a personal opinion.
    2. Excerpts from letters brought to the article what is this for ?! The Germans were not all fanatics like they apparently want to assure us of this. The Germans are people too. By the way, we have in Russia how many ethnic Germans, not just so.
    3. The Germans, for that matter, and the Germans, because the memory is dumb, what to take from them, they unleashed the First World War, and the complexes, by the way, were erased from this even faster, 30 years have not passed since the Second World War was unleashed.
    4. Any student knows what the highly civilized strange Germanic tribes called at one time. But the Germans forgot it.

    Bottom line: The Germans are such a "weaker sex" maiden memory, they bark a lot and loudly, almost in a fit of rage they grab the "frying pan". In general, let's be lenient towards the Germans.

    ZY "Smart, intelligent Germans are witnessing how the Polish partisans are expelled from the detachment, practically to certain death, a refugee who turned out to be a Jew."
    It’s not up to the end, the Polish partisans themselves caught up with this Jew, built up by them as far back as the end of the 19th century, and forced intelligent Germans under threat, to curse the Bolshevik Polish god, to guard the Jews driven there, and especially stubborn Poles themselves sat down there on the basis of their own Polish logic incomprehensible to the smart and intelligent.
      SASCHAmIXEEW April 6 2013 11: 51 New
      Akellastambul You are mistaken and 1 MV and 2 MV unleashed the Anglo-Saxons with Franks with the money of the Zionist Zassch !!! And now the same thing is happening, all these local wars with money ... or from Saudis controlled by them !! So the Eternal (F) Jew rules the world for the benefit of his moshny !!! Who introduced a loan? For whom are goy slaves? Here is the answer to all questions !!!!
  20. shurup
    shurup April 6 2013 10: 42 New
    The Germans are still on a strong hook at the Anglo-Saxons. Constantly quarreling Russians with Germans is the goal, and this case is a means of influencing public opinion ..
    Do not succumb to provocations, gentlemen, and, on occasion, continue to satisfy pretty German women by mutual agreement, because soon there will be nobody to do this on the spot.
    The accusation of rape is usually presented in court with the participation of witnesses under oath and the necessary expertise.
    But in fact - Russian women and their children from German soldiers were in a rogue position, which also has a corresponding feature film.
  21. Prosto vovochka
    Prosto vovochka April 6 2013 12: 08 New
    No matter how great the victories of the European commanders on the battlefields in Russia were, everything always ended in one. our soldiers walked through their capitals. Stockholm passed this cup. it's a pity. As for the rapes, I recommend the book "SMERSH. Stalin's Wolfhounds." It contains statistics. In total, after the occupation of Germany, about 4500 thousand CRIMINAL cases were initiated for the military crimes of our soldiers against the civilian population. But there are pluses in this film - let the Poles understand who saved them and are afraid, they are afraid of their western neighbor all their lives.
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 51 New
      why did it pass - and the war of 1809, when the Russians crossed the ice to Sweden? True, Stockholm itself was not taken
  22. Igarr
    Igarr April 6 2013 12: 27 New
    Brothers ...
    And what is really going on with the site?
    What is this degree .. "nationalism - chauvinism" - starts to go off scale?
    First they attacked the Uzbeks, then another. Now - the Germans - ". London", with the letter -g-.
    And if ... remained the GDR still? And this series would be released in Germany? What would be the comments?
    The Germans are at least trying to ... whitewash, raise.
    And our - "creative" personalities - ourselves, ourselves - with all the ardor - face in the mud. And so voluptuously .... wow, wow, that's how we are.
    "Four Days in May", "White Tiger", Burnt by the Sun, Penalty Battles ... whatever you take - the most disgusting, shameful spectacle.
    Think ... Guskov or something .. strongly bothers .. moral torment? Mikhalkov? The rest are producers ... directors?
    They - these are the very ... creative, corrupt stsuki.
    There is an explicit, targeted campaign to lower Russia. Omit all Russian (broad sense). To return to them the image of rabid, drunken bears.
    But as? Raising the self-esteem of the rest!
    Well, is it really not visible?
    Here, on the forum, too, from time to time - how a comrade who has gone awry in attack will appear ... and begins to squeal about superAmerica, about supercomputers, which we all are sitting at and the States. About how the Russians robbed the whole world, swore, raped.
    So - propaganda works.
    And we rush - the Germans ... lost their scent.
    These are not Germans. That we are the scent and the grip is losing.
    This is our best friend Merkel - some kind of politics oppresses, far from the people.
    This - the elected Government and the State Duma - we allow everyone to wipe their feet on us.
    If our soldiers raped all German women, then we need to look at the dates of birth of figures in Germany.
    And present them - real fathers. Which thread somewhere in Uryupinsk live.
    And to explain - what to bark at relatives is a sin.
    WHO ...... WILL ...... EXPLAIN ..?
    1. ochakow703
      ochakow703 April 6 2013 15: 58 New
      I totally agree. Nobody can harm us - the gut is thin, but we ourselves can do and smile on our own heads. Grandfathers are sorry, they then won an honest war. And we (and Fritz too) are now in their Holy dust with dirty paws ...
    2. aviamed90
      aviamed90 April 9 2013 15: 53 New
      "There is a clear, purposeful campaign going on - to lower Russia."

      It's true!
      I've been thinking all the time: why is the extermination of Jews in WWII - this is genocide, and the extermination of the Soviet people are just huge sacrifices ???
      Jews answer: ask this question to your government! And they are right !!!
  23. Karabin
    Karabin April 6 2013 13: 08 New
    After watching - thanks to the Internet! - you understand that the film aims to achieve several goals: the rehabilitation of the Germans who fought in World War II
    Apparently the time has come. The Anglo-Saxon grip is weakening, and we have no time for the Germans for a long time. Germany is quietly trying to build the 4th Reich under the guise of the European Union, and if successful, we will again see a "cultured and tolerant" nation in its present guise. Nothing changes under the moon, only the scenery.
    The film is German and for the Germans, you can’t accept it, but at least you can understand. But how to understand our homegrown film series, where recently the Wehrmacht is increasingly exposed as an honest army, a faithful oath, and atrocities are the lot of the SS and local policemen.
    I don’t understand when Hitler and the German people are divided. Hitler is a product of the German nation. His crimes are the crimes of the nation. I will repeat my recent post: “They killed civilians not only by the SS, the Wehrmacht did not lag behind. They killed without regret, as subhumans. In no European country did the Germans allow themselves to do this. Only in Russia and Serbia. Do you think that something has changed over the years ? "And this post remained in the red, which I also don't understand.
    I believe that it is necessary to build relations with Germany without ever forgetting the past.
  24. ochakow703
    ochakow703 April 6 2013 15: 50 New
    Quote: Vladimir 70
    There is only one way out - it’s not hard to hammer into their heads "there is no enemy in the East"
    There is only death for you.
  25. MRomanovich
    MRomanovich April 6 2013 16: 38 New
    Quote: Kubanets
    The current Germans are capable of only geyparady. The spirit of the nation remained on the Russian fields.

    Yes, geyparady they are great. And the spirit of the nation was always in their heels, and now a little higher - between the buttocks.
  26. Nordwest
    Nordwest April 6 2013 16: 40 New
    I doubt that the author of the article had the opportunity to watch this film, and if so, why pervert everything.
    In general, the film is about what National Socialism has led to the people of Germany and the aftermath of World War II. About the broken fates of 2 friends, about the crimes of the Wehrmacht and those who supported that regime. The film shows many crimes committed by the Germans against civilians, shooting prisoners and setting fire to houses, and only at the end of the film is the moment with the execution of the wounded in the hospital by Russian soldiers shown. Also in the film there is nothing about the struggle of the Wehrmacht soldiers against Polish anisemitism. Where are you leading the little "Gebels" -Rzheshevsky?
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 18: 55 New
      Quote: Nordwest
      only at the end of the film shows the moment with the shooting of wounded in the hospital by Russian soldiers

      But is this not enough, or is it such a trifle that it is not worth mentioning? just think, the director sees the world like that, and what, let's sit down and applaud. no, thanks!
    NAPOLEON April 6 2013 21: 28 New
    the truth is not so straightforward and unfortunately you can’t divide everything into white and black everything is much more complicated
  28. sscha
    sscha April 7 2013 15: 31 New
    The people who do not remember their history are doomed to "walking" in a vicious circle! And always stepping on their "rake" - forgotten last time! hi
  29. sscha
    sscha April 7 2013 16: 09 New
    People who do not remember their history are doomed to "walk" in a vicious circle, stepping on their own "rake", forgotten last time ... hi
  30. ivankursk46
    ivankursk46 April 7 2013 19: 25 New

    and that's it
  31. ivankursk46
    ivankursk46 April 7 2013 19: 26 New
    Watch from 44: 22
  32. ivankursk46
    ivankursk46 April 7 2013 19: 41 New

    Well said about the film
  33. ivankursk46
    ivankursk46 April 7 2013 19: 42 New
    Watch from 44: 22
  34. phantom359
    phantom359 April 8 2013 01: 37 New
    Well, what did you expect? there is nothing to be surprised. In conversations with SA veterans, they always especially pointed out that it happened that, from the entire police department, trust and not be afraid to turn your back could only be to the Germans, whom we merged in the 90s.
  35. Oshin
    Oshin April 8 2013 09: 56 New
    At such a pace, with such an informative war, after about a hundred years in the world they will think that the Soviet Union unleashed the Second World War, Germany suffered the most, the Russians carried out the genocide of the Jews (having killed their leader Trotsky), and the Americans saved all by dropping bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki captured by the evil Russians from the peace-loving Japanese. Cause we really lose in this war stop