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Ukraine is one step away from juvenile justice and the legalization of same-sex marriage

Less than two weeks later, as I posted my note on the site “They bred like kittens. Why is Russia 10 more difficult? ”, as in my country of residence, Ukraine did the same thing, only 10 times easier and more frank than in the Russian Federation. Those who read the article, remember the short thesis that that in the West, with its mentality and way of life, absurd and immoral rules of law can be introduced without broad maneuvers, chess moves and cover-ups in society. Today, there will be any law, and even without regard to the majority. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, no one organized chess and poker games as in Russia, where there are many patriotic movements that are not just props, but also live signatures are collected against immoral and anti-moral laws.
Ukraine is one step away from juvenile justice and the legalization of same-sex marriage

So, we will talk about bills № 2638 (element juvenalki) and № 2342 (LGBT). These projects are registered and submitted to the Parliament of the Verkhovna Rada, both by the Government and the deputy from the Party of Regions V. Zhuravsky. There are no fundamental disagreements between the neoliberal Western opposition and the liberal "Eastern" government in the committees on them. As we see, despite the political crisis and tough confrontation, European values ​​confidently make their way. Although in fairness, public indignation is expressed by conservative regional Vadim Kolesnichenko, let's see - will he be able to reverse the hidden propaganda of LGBT people in his faction? After all, the Government introduced the draft law on protection against discrimination of sexual minorities, which was formed by the Party of Regions and supported by the vote of the Ukrainian Communists. These initiatives are half-hearted. If to put it in military terminology, these are sabotage norms of law in our Ukrainian legal field, designed to prepare the ground for the maximum implementation and introduction (landing) of Western legislation in the sphere of legalizing LGBT marriages and the destruction of the family. Best prepared for the Ukrainian society bill № 2638 for the failure of professional obligations to protect the lives of children. Why ask better? Because it does not cause special moral condemnations, on the contrary, even support. Emphasis is placed on emotions, justice and humanity.

The law speaks of the responsibility of parents for light, medium and heavy bodily harm. The correct measure? Yes. They just do not say that after the adoption of this law, a network of telephone law (trust) for children will start to operate in the state, where you can complain to parents even for minor injuries. For this telephone "trust" it is not necessary to introduce an amendment to the Law. This will be done at the level of regulatory legal acts or at the expense of grant public organizations and foundations, i.e. by type a la " learn more"Plus" conscientious "teachers and educators. Liberals who spit 1937 about the year will have a chance to be convinced of the" decency "and" vigilance "of their neighbors in a" democratic "society. Who will determine the degree of physical injury? on the basis of guardianship agencies? Business will be good. Also, there is no mechanism specified to whom priority will be given when the child is withdrawn during the judicial debate, - to relatives or a foster family and a shelter ?! Frankly, I personally admit a belt with a child as a child silly for misdeeds. Once even half of the entire military town saw))) And if the neighbor said in 1991 year, my whole life could have gone differently: my parents would be deprived of rights (I confess that they beat me exactly 3 times "hard" I list: 1 once at a 5 age for a stolen money from my mom's wallet, I reluctant to take someone else’s life for a second time, because my neighbor’s boy had a forehead in the form of checkered taxis, “played in a taxi” the word - that's all. Then it was clear and sufficient only one glance in education, the family of the military as it does))), and I would be in the family of liberastov! In general, in Ukraine, an end to the patriarchal and conservative order and the principle of education is appropriate. Society is becoming softer and more tender, did our politicians feel this trend? I doubt it. These bills, it is a bribe for the possibility of signing Association Agreement of Ukraine with the European Union.

Global evil, the political crisis in Ukraine is not a hindrance. Laws will be faster than the budget

But on the bill № 2342which implies amendments to a number of laws, in particular, the Labor Code and the Criminal Code, aimed at including discriminatory signs of sexual orientation in the list, I see no reason to even stop. There is no reason for discussion here, as in the law on “protection of children”, where it is possible to philosophize, how many rights should be given to a child, and how much they should exceed parental rights. This is a purely civilizational choice. This is a prologue for legalization and adoption of fundamental initiatives - LGBT marriages and same-sex families with the right to adopt a child, for example, who was beaten with a belt in a normal family. And the question is when they will be finally approved in the light of today's political chaos in Ukraine. As of this writing, the Ukrainian Parliament is already physically split. The authorities sit in another room of the Verkhovna Rada - the conference hall, and the opposition - directly in the hall for voting. Something tells me that the circus is a circus, and for a new global world order these bills will not gather dust on the shelves of the committees of the Ukrainian Parliament for a long time, unlike other traditional social and economic initiatives.
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  1. Humpty
    Humpty April 6 2013 06: 23 New
    Liberalism is the dictatorship of perverts. Crush them.
    1. Alexander
      Alexander April 6 2013 07: 03 New
      It seems that they have in the Verkhovna Rada some n **** aces. Well .... judging by the picture above.
      1. Nevsky
        April 6 2013 07: 34 New
        We need to put pressure on the center for making and rewarding such decisions, we all know where it is. Here is their puncture in 2007 during the live broadcast, and you still do not believe it, do you think the invention of the Internet ?: Satanism as a phenomenon in global politics exists !!!


        1. sincman
          sincman April 6 2013 12: 31 New
          Initially, the structure of the organization of the Illuminati included three degrees of initiation - “novice”, “minerval” and “enlightened minerval”. The neophyte was transferred under the protection of a mentor, to whom he had to obey implicitly; in addition, novices were instructed to provide the Order with comprehensive information about their private life. Obedience lasted about two years, then there was initiation into the minervals.

          Later, with the growth of the order, the structure of the Illuminati society changed, approaching the organization of the Jesuit order and a kind of Masonic lodge. The Illuminati adhered to strict conspiracy in combination with a rigid hierarchical, "pyramidal" structure. The core of the Illuminati society was the “Areopagus” of the twelve members closest to Weishaupt.

          The updated structure of the Bavarian Illuminati Society included the following degrees of initiation:
          lat Areopagites
          lat Illuminatus dirigens
          lat Illuminatus major
          lat Illuminatus minor
          lat Insinuat
          lat Minervals

          The Illuminati did not lead open recruitment into their ranks, preferring to independently select and recruit members, sometimes for quite a while, gradually preparing the candidate for the service of the order. The initiation procedure included special rituals (partially borrowed from the Masons), solemn oaths, and the determination of the secret name-Alias. Weishaupt himself was known as Spartacus.

          After initiation, the Illuminati convert began to participate in circles devoted to the study of the works of philosophers of the Enlightenment. If he showed interest in more radical aspects of society, he could be dedicated to a higher degree.

          The order had representative offices in many countries of Europe. During the heyday of the "Society of the Bavarian Illuminati" it consisted of approximately 2 thousand people. After joining the order of Baron Adolf von Knigge in 1778, it became possible to recruit enlightened people from high society. Illuminati were joined by some famous artists, such as Johann von Herder and Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
          Illuminati in conspiracy theories

          The Bavarian Illuminati and secret societies have generally been associated with many conspiracy theories. Most often, the motivation for secret societies is the thirst for world domination, total control over human, scientific and financial resources.

          In 1797, Priest Augustin de Baruelle published the book Notes on the History of Jacobinism (French: Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire du Jacobinisme), describing a global conspiracy involving many secret groups (whose activities were supposedly coordinated by the Illuminati), the result of which was the Great French the revolution. A further goal of the Illuminati, de Baruel considered the destruction of Christianity, the state and society as such. Among the groups involved in the conspiracy were the Rosicrucians, Templars, and Jacobins. De Baruel described Weishaupt as a “vile whim of nature” and placed all responsibility for the activities of secret societies on him.

          Almost simultaneously, but independently of de Baruel, the former Scottish freemason and professor of natural philosophy of the University of Edinburgh John Robinson begins to publish the book “Proofs of a secret conspiracy against all religions and governments of Europe” (Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe). After reading the work of de Baruel, he begins to quote it in his treatise. Robison argued for a conspiracy to replace all religions with humanism and create a unified world government.

          Watching all their actions in the world, that bloody bathhouse that they arrange around the world in order to achieve their goals, there is no doubt in their satanic nature. Even if you do not take into account all their satanic symbols, which they openly demonstrate.
      2. Tersky
        Tersky April 6 2013 08: 15 New
        Quote: Alexander
        . Well .... judging by the picture above.

        And on the bottom the same
    2. Nevsky
      April 6 2013 07: 33 New
      it is, liberalism sets in, even with us: (...
      1. avt
        avt April 6 2013 10: 20 New
        Quote: Nevsky
        it is, liberalism sets in, even with us: (...

        request What do you want? The path to the European community is a sexual orientation. In Russia, the first achievement after the 91st was the abolition of the law on the criminal prosecution of homosexuals. In general, you have fun there. Even the fact that we have taken less defiant forms in Ukraine ........ well, complete ..... laughing No Zadornov is needed. Look at us in the Duma for a long time they haven’t wrinkled their sides, but you’re just warming up.
    3. vadimus
      vadimus April 6 2013 10: 26 New
      The more eyes squint to the west, the more w-opa is exposed! Tops with fat rage, and the people pull the strap! Madhouse!
      1. Nicholas C.
        Nicholas C. April 6 2013 11: 45 New
        Quote: vadimus
        The more eyes squint to the west, the more w-opa is exposed!

        They left the people naked ... and immediately legitimize their use. Loud, type, lads.
    4. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg April 6 2013 12: 52 New
      Welcome to geropa.
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 6 2013 06: 34 New
    Well, what can you say ... Some politicians, apparently having passed the law on the legalization of same-sex marriage, want to remove the last barrier in their personal "rapprochement with Europe" ...
  3. Belogor
    Belogor April 6 2013 06: 36 New
    what you won’t do in order to lie under Europe.
  4. smel
    smel April 6 2013 07: 12 New
    All this saddens. It is a pity, but normal and responsible parents will suffer in the first place. Well, and the children? !!! Which of them will grow without the educational process and parental attention?
  5. AK44
    AK44 April 6 2013 07: 32 New
    Ukraine as a state has not been respecting me for a long time. Rather, contempt, the farther, the more.
    1. AK44
      AK44 April 6 2013 21: 28 New
      Who sticks the minuses, maybe something will object?
  6. treskoed
    treskoed April 6 2013 07: 35 New
    Will jump on TV screens different "serdyuchki" with "fights" and we will soon reach!
  7. vilenich
    vilenich April 6 2013 07: 38 New
    I think it’s especially not worth the grief. In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine there will be round dances for a long time, hiding from each other, people will move to the barricades for the opposition, they’ll come up with something short, just to not work. So the fate of these laws is rather muddy, but the fact of the appearance of their projects, of course, is alarming.
    1. AK44
      AK44 April 6 2013 08: 53 New
      Quote: vilenich
      I think you shouldn’t really be sad

      No dear, sad is just what there is. The fact that drafts of such laws have appeared speaks volumes.
  8. Letnab
    Letnab April 6 2013 07: 47 New
    Ukrainians who consider themselves Slavs, and just normal people without blue inclinations, or you need to run away from your politicians, or already begin to restore order !!!!
    1. vilenich
      vilenich April 6 2013 08: 10 New
      Well said, but more like a slogan!
      Even V. Vysotsky wrote: "There are few real violent ones, so there are no leaders!"
      Although, to be honest, there are just enough "violent" ones, but there is no clearly visible HONEST leader who can and should be followed!
  9. crambol
    crambol April 6 2013 07: 53 New
    As the great Kozma Prutkov said: Surprise my son, but do not imitate!

    But in general, to what insanity one can get in the desire to show his independence from Russia and faithfully lick the western fifth points!
  10. Egoza
    Egoza April 6 2013 07: 57 New
    Probably, to a large extent, BP seeks to push through these laws, because
    "In Europe, they started talking about the financial frauds of Hryhoriy Nemyri. The popular British information resource Eureporter published the material" Ukraine and the European Union: How are Grants Are Distributed? " European integration Grigory Nemyri. "The desire to join Europe is also used for the sake of trivial material benefits: former Komsomol leaders began to speak out in support of European integration, using grants as the main source of income to replenish the budget of opposition parties." The article indicates that currently the most active charitable organizations are the United States Agency for International Development, the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, the National Democracy Fund, the Eurasia Foundation, the House of Freedom, the International Renaissance Foundation. the well-known organization of George Soros in Ukraine, which for a long time was headed by Grigory Nemyria - head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on European Integration
    In the article, the author comes to the disappointing conclusion: “almost ten years after the Orange Revolution, the blind generosity of Western philanthropists gradually leads to serving the Ukrainian political elite. As a result, while the European Union pours funds into the promotion of European integration, there is no real movement. It’s time for the European Union to rethink its charitable investment strategy. ”
    He will lose such a feeding trough - they will surely make peace with the oppus for a short time. True, there is still hope for the Communist Party and sane in the PR.
  11. crambol
    crambol April 6 2013 08: 15 New
    Like in a joke: And these people forbid me to pick my nose!
  12. pinecone
    pinecone April 6 2013 08: 22 New
    Quote: Alexander
    It seems that they have in the Verkhovna Rada some n **** aces

    The State Duma of the Russian Federation also has enough of them. A bill on the so-called. "gender equality".
  13. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek April 6 2013 08: 48 New
    Ukraine more and more slides to the level of African countries. colonizers what they want and do
  14. Nevsky
    April 6 2013 08: 54 New
    18+ Not for the faint of heart Movie investigation!

    A documentary film by German Christians (real) about new methods of sexual education of children, and the legalization of pedophilia in the near future.

    I could not stand watching until the end, it lasted up to 52 minutes when two months old children started to talk about the orgasm!

  15. andrey122
    andrey122 April 6 2013 09: 04 New
    I don’t understand at all. Is this a military review or what? How many articles have become off topic. The whole site has gone bad.
    1. Nevsky
      April 6 2013 19: 03 New
      andrey122, just everything on the topic, otherwise as the USSR in 1991 fell without a single shot and battle? The Western way of life is also a weapon. Only a fool can not understand this.
      1. morpex
        morpex April 6 2013 23: 25 New
        Quote: Nevsky
        The Western way of life is also a weapon.

        The last stronghold of Faith in God is ORTHODOXY. Almost all the world is ruled by obscurantism. And only Russia, Ukraine and Belarus preserve and revive the traditions of Orthodoxy. It’s like a bone in the throat. They try to strangle us by any means. If not united, they will devour one by one. One Russia resist all this liberoid coder, oh how hard it is now! It’s going to be even harder! The Orthodox World is suffocating from all sides. We started from the Balkans. Now we are ruining the society with us through such laws, advertising the Western way of life, your moronic movies, stupid club music, drugs, light alcohol (beer, all kinds of tonics, which are inherently a solid chemistry). Yes, a lot of things can be listed for any nastiness that creeps to us from the west. And how many different religious sects have divorced? EVERYTHING IS GOING FOR DESTRUCTION OF ORTHODOXY! TO DESTROY THAT US UNITS MORE THAN ALL! And only a fool does not see this, as you just said.
        By the way. Homosexuality is a disease that is being treated and which needs to be treated! It is proved by science! DO NOT believe in a lie about what they say, such as God created us like that! THIS CANNOT BE. Mercifulness according to the Bible is abomination before the Lord! And we don’t need any juvenile. This is also against God.
        Jews rule the world! And these are the main DEATHERS. They hate us Orthodox. This is where the root of all evil and all our problems is.
    2. Yurbor
      Yurbor April 10 2013 14: 50 New
      Yes, just on the topic. War is not only about shooting guns. The USSR was defeated without firing a shot, and now they will finish off by other methods.
  16. AK-47
    AK-47 April 6 2013 09: 26 New
    As of the time of this writing, the Ukrainian Parliament has already been split physically.

    This is one of its halves.
    1. ia-ai00
      ia-ai00 April 6 2013 12: 09 New
  17. ifzero
    ifzero April 6 2013 09: 55 New
    Hold on to Ukraine .. throw out of the Rada of lovers .. gay .. orders and liberal m ... zi
  18. Sleptsoff
    Sleptsoff April 6 2013 09: 56 New
    But the Ukrainians then turns out to be a progressive people!
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac April 6 2013 17: 49 New
      Quote: Sleptsoff
      But the Ukrainians then turns out to be a progressive people!

      that's just progress is ....
  19. pippo
    pippo April 6 2013 10: 03 New
    The complete degradation of society ....
  20. Mhpv
    Mhpv April 6 2013 10: 21 New
    And the adoption of these laws is inevitable as it is required by European integration and there will be many others. When discussing the previous articles, some, I think, brought up already in "nezalezhnaya", do not quite understand where they are being pushed, so long as Russia does not climb to them, but then their children will thank them when they are taken away for punishment in a normal family and it is not known which one to give, maybe even same-sex. Well, further integration is also a revision (translation) of ALL GUESTS and SI, a change in railway, etc. If Ukraine is a rich country and has money for all this, then go for it, just do not stir up normal citizens of Ukraine by their euroliberization.
    By the way, dear neighbors, those who do not like articles on these topics, please note that Ukrainian authors post them, decide for yourself why then you come here to discuss problems together or just chat (if you just chat on your dating site hi )
  21. The cat
    The cat April 6 2013 10: 55 New
    The author, if you already undertook to scribble articles, then adhere to at least elementary literacy standards
    "Parliament of the Verkhovna Rada"- exists only in your fevered imagination.
    Quote: Sleptsoff
    But the Ukrainians then turns out to be a progressive people!

    What else. Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Irina Akimova celebrated the same-sex “wedding” with her spokeswoman Larisa Dokova last year.
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 April 6 2013 12: 35 New
      Quote: Elgato
      ... celebrated the same-sex "wedding" ...

      And that in Ukraine gay marriage is allowed?
      1. The cat
        The cat April 6 2013 15: 30 New
        Quote: AK-47

        And that in Ukraine gay marriage is allowed?

        No, they celebrated in Amsterdam.
    2. Nevsky
      April 6 2013 19: 06 New
      The cat

      The author, if you already undertook to scribble articles, then adhere to at least elementary literacy standards
      "Parliament of the Verkhovna Rada" - exists only in your fevered imagination.

      A common technical error due to an unsuccessful explanatory wording: "The Ukrainian Parliament is called the Verkhovna Rada." If only because of this you have emotional criticism and minus the article, then you approve of the country's course towards LGBT people.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic April 6 2013 22: 28 New
        Quote: Nevsky
        . If you have just because of this emotional criticism and a minus article, then you approve of the country's course on LGBT.

        Konecheo approves .. to get rid of the M-oh-s-al traditions and the barbaric way of life. Ukraine = Geyropa! not wild Muscovy!

        The most active opponents of the Ukrainian gay movement are supporters of the ideas of the Russian world, the annexation of Crimea to Russia, joining the Eurasian Union ” - acknowledged the leader of the so-called “LGBT community of Ukraine” - the organization of perverts claiming to publicize the propaganda of legalized deviations in the West, Svyatoslav Sheremet. The leader of the perverts lamented that
        “Most often the ideas of gay rejection are connected with the ideas of the Russian world, the annexation of Crimea to Russia, entry into the Eurasian Union”
        . Thus, he involuntarily admitted that the most morally healthy forces among the population of Ukraine are grouped around the ideas of the Russian world.


        Image from article

        Note to the political gays: Do you want to go to Europe? Lather your ass!
  22. crambol
    crambol April 6 2013 10: 59 New
    Quote: Elgato
    Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Irina Akimova celebrated same-sex “wedding” with her spokeswoman Larisa Dokova

    As the saying goes: .... friend to friend, and money to the mug!
  23. sichevik
    sichevik April 6 2013 11: 21 New
    It's a shame for Ukraine.
    1. kot9ra
      kot9ra April 6 2013 11: 31 New
      1. radar75
        radar75 April 6 2013 11: 53 New
        It is advisable not to smoke weed anymore.
  24. kot9ra
    kot9ra April 6 2013 11: 28 New
    not like everyone else will crush. the main thing is not to be silent, but those who contribute to drinking on the pitch. I can’t wait for the pillars to be used for their intended purpose. And I also wish EVERYONE to STOP DRINK.
  25. HAM
    HAM April 6 2013 11: 37 New
    poor Ukrainian women, they have to flee to China.
  26. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 April 6 2013 12: 07 New
    Dur House is resting ... Lord, are there really fewer people in a HEALTHY mind than SICK with brains ?! Why are all sorts of perverts making their way to the leadership of the countries? It is probably necessary to forcibly force the study of the "law of GOD", so that before the adoption of the next MARASMA people, at least a little thought, if they have something to think about. And why, if the majority of people consider this or that unacceptable, the lawmakers, excuse me, are we ...? They will wait for the Lord GOD to arrange for people the "last day of Pompeii" ...
  27. knn54
    knn54 April 6 2013 12: 36 New
    Our Council is moving to a legal position, the Supreme Piderada .. We will enter Europe at least through ......
    Let's not let the country lose a human face! Otherwise, the Lord will curse Ukraine!
    1. AK44
      AK44 April 6 2013 17: 13 New
      [quote = knn54] Let’s enter Europe at least through ...... u. [/ quo
      The question is, through whose ... pu? Rather, through the Ukrainian. Europe is already attached, and Ukraine has stooped and prepared to have fun.
  28. a jacket
    a jacket April 6 2013 13: 40 New
    Quote: knn54
    We will enter Europe at least through ...... y.

    That's really ...
  29. Hius-124
    Hius-124 April 6 2013 14: 49 New
    Serduchka for the presidency! laughing
  30. darksoul
    darksoul April 6 2013 20: 20 New
    The European Union is understandable .. pid ... oh ... sy, but the Ukrainians then where ... the Slovenian brothers keep jo ... we are locked laughing

    If seriously perverts are sick people, just one of the varieties of mental illness, they need to be treated and not about what they have to do.
  31. andrey122
    andrey122 April 6 2013 20: 41 New
    Why the hell are similar articles on this site?
  32. Nevsky
    April 6 2013 21: 18 New
    andrey122 You are either TROLL or full id ... t, of course I'm sorry.

    Just the facts:

    Today you write:

    Today, 09: 04

    I don’t understand at all. Is this a military review or what? How many articles have become off topic. The whole site has gone bad.

    I answer you:

    Today, 19: 03

    Andrey122, just about everything, otherwise how did the USSR fall in 1991 without a single shot and battle? The Western way of life is also a weapon. Only a fool can not understand this.

    And now you write again:

    andrey122 (2) Today, 20:41 new 0
    Why the hell are similar articles on this site?

    I logically ask you: Are you a provocateur? How much do you get paid for this so that we do not see the threat, and tomorrow everyone woke up in a pedophilic society, how did they oversleep in 1985 the sexualization of society and the collapse of the USSR? angry
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic April 6 2013 22: 46 New
      Quote: Nevsky
      Andrey122, just about everything, otherwise how did the USSR fall in 1991 without a single shot and battle? The Western way of life is also a weapon. Only a fool can not understand this.

      Just now, only now this weapon is aimed at undermining our common Russian World, which they themselves no longer consider necessary to hide (see my post above).
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt April 6 2013 23: 13 New
        Quote: Ascetic
        this weapon is aimed at undermining our common Russian world
        What do you mean, comrades: all fighters (fighters) with Western Uncleanness know about the existence of inform war battalions. Sometimes I take part in discourses about the army and its place in politics, and most importantly in history. What is the value of "Mother History"? That she does not teach anything. Example: Teuton on the ice of Lake Peipsi, how does he differ from the Swedish recruit near Poltava? That's right, there can be no ammunition and other "interpretations" .... A Western "conqueror and convertor" did not wear Shtob personally for me, for the folder, for the grandfathers of my relatives - a target, and only then we will discuss the terms of delivery ... Otherwise, we are not Russians. Everyone remembers the joke about "Ivan-load"? - there are no jokes without meaning
  33. Black
    Black April 6 2013 21: 55 New
    Quote: andrey122
    Why the hell are similar articles on this site?

    Actually, this crawling pido .... filmed is not so harmless. "smearing" the foundations, the imposition of ethical norms and rules that contradict the morality of the people - this is ideological expansion. A 30-year-old man is unlikely to be made gay, but a teenager is like a good morning! - because plasticine is his name.

    And then they go into big politics. For example, in the autumn elections to the Rada, representatives of sexual minorities of Ukraine openly declared their political preferences. The gay and lesbian community does not have official data, but unofficially most homosexuals strongly oppose the Party of Regions and support mainly ... Vitali Klitschko.

    Juveniles, fag ... sons singing on a pulpit, Helsenians, Sorosites .... and others like them ---- if you ignore them, what will happen to our children and grandchildren ???
    1. Hius-124
      Hius-124 April 6 2013 22: 16 New
      Quote: Chen
      What will happen to our children and grandchildren ???

      Well, or pederasts or Muslims. A terrible joke, of course, but so far everything is going to this. sad
  34. APASUS
    APASUS April 6 2013 23: 14 New
    Studies in this area show that people with a non-traditional orientation are about 12-13% of the total. This number does not change over time and does not have a national border.
    Why should humanity live according to the law of minority?
    The spread of homosexuality is a criterion for the state of society, it is a sign of its final stage of development before the final degeneration and decay of the remaining parts.
  35. Witch
    Witch April 6 2013 23: 30 New
    Sad. ((((
  36. Bandera
    Bandera April 7 2013 22: 35 New
    Anything can be taken under the guise. First in a soft form, then harder.
    If this is really the payment for Ukraine’s European integration, then let the deputies, the government and the president join the EU ... without Ukraine.