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Military ready to bet on robotic systems

The Russian military and representatives of the military-industrial complex have defined priorities in the development of promising types of military equipment and weapons. It is reported that the emphasis will be placed on the development of the most robotic combat systems, in which the person will get a safe role of the operator. At the meeting of the Public Council of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Government, the participants discussed issues of improving Russian weapons in the context of promising threats to our state, as well as the launch of the Advanced Studies Foundation (FPI), a completely new unit within the structure of the Russian defense complex.

Opening the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin noted that the most pressing issue that would need to be resolved in the first place is the creation and testing of the most robotic military equipment for various purposes. This is due in particular to the unfavorable demographic situation in the country. The indigenous population of Russia has declined to a critical limit, while our country remains the largest country in terms of size and a concentrated natural resources power.

According to experts, in the near future, not only minerals and hydrocarbons will become priority natural resources, but also clean water, clean forests, clean and fertile soil. All this in Russia so far in abundance. But perhaps it is for these resources that our country will have to fight with weapons in the hands already in this century. At the same time, robotization is proposed as one of the ways to significantly increase the effectiveness of combat operations, as well as to reduce combat losses. Based on the demographic situation in the country, this is more than relevant. And what could have seemed fiction yesterday is already formulated today in the form of tactical and technical tasks.
Military ready to bet on robotic systems

Today, a number of programs are planned for robotics, including: creating underwater robots of various purposes, developing power armor, better known as exoskeletons, developing a series of UAVs. Also in this kind of innovation fits work on all sorts of network technologies for military purposes. For example, the development of technology that allows the transfer of electricity without the use of wires. More than a hundred years ago, the famous inventor Nikola Tesla was also engaged in experiments in this field. Modern technologies can help put into practice his ideas and increase their industrial scale.

Currently, robotics for various purposes and in ever-increasing quantities are already widely used in the armies of many states. Unmanned aerial vehicles and floating vehicles (including submarines), as well as ground vehicles of various classes assume an increasing number of functions that were previously performed only by humans. The number of such equipment gradually grew until the turn of the century, the number finally turned into quality - a variety of air, sea and land robots play an increasing role in the conduct of hostilities.

Today, unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used for reconnaissance purposes, for targeting guided missiles, and some of them are able to independently hit targets. Ground robots are used for demining the territory, breaking through barriers, in addition, many of them can be equipped with weapons and used during high-risk combat operations, such as urban battles. Also, robots begin to be used in the rear. For example, the American company Oshkosh Truck is engaged in the creation of "unmanned" trucks, and the company Boston Dynamics has developed a special porter robot that resembles a big dog (it is called appropriately Big Dog), such a robot can transfer up to 75 kg without any problems. cargo.

The report, which was submitted to the public council, involves the creation of several families of military robots: from reconnaissance and shock UAV long-range, to robotic exoskeletons, which can significantly improve the physical capabilities of the human body, and underwater robots.

In addition, in the interests of the Navy, it is planned to create robotized boats, plans for the construction of which the Vice President of USC, United Shipbuilding Corporation Igor Zakharov, said not so long ago. Currently, many countries of the world are interested in building and adopting such devices. Robo-boats are very much in demand for operations in the coastal zone, exploration, fighting mines, and sabotage. Such boats can be equipped with various equipment for the destruction of communication lines, the destruction of the enemy’s infrastructure and other tasks.

Equipped with underwater robots, such boats can become the real “eyes and ears” of the Navy during operations on coastal theaters, be it the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean Sea. According to Zakharov, for acquaintance with the latest developments in this field, USC plans to buy an Inspector robot-boat and an underwater vehicle from the French company Echo. In the future, USC is going to develop its own development of this kind of devices.

In this case, we all have a reasonable question, and can Russia catch up with the countries that have escaped ahead? For example, the United States, where UAVs have been used for a long time both for reconnaissance purposes and in the role of attack aircraft, where exoskeleton samples and unique transport robots were created. It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, but historically the USSR possessed the most high-tech robots at the beginning of man’s exploration of space, these were domestic “Lunar Rovers”. And the first combat drones also began to develop in the USSR.

At present, Russian engineers also have much to be proud of. Not so long ago, they introduced the SAR-400 robot android. SAR-400 is an anthropomorphic robot-cosmonaut produced by the Android Technological Scientific and Production Association, it is being developed on the order of Roscosmos. A space experiment with his participation is scheduled for 2014 year. This robot is a torso with two "hands-manipulators", which have special sensors necessary for work. SAR-400 became the first domestic space robot created over the past 20 years. The main purpose of its creation is to replace the human presence with a robot in order to reduce the risk to people's lives, to reduce the financial costs of maintaining astronauts. Also, this robot will be used during the commission of promising alien expeditions.

Currently, this robot can perform only simple, but dangerous to human functions. For example, loading and unloading cargo spacecraft, external inspection of spacecraft and satellites for any faults, damage and their elimination. It is assumed that over time, this robot will be sent to work on board the ISS. Designers SAR-400 tried to achieve maximum similarity between the robot arms and human hands. Both the astronaut on board the station and the operator on Earth can control this android. To do this, it will be enough to put on gloves and a vest equipped with special sensors. The SAR-400 robot will not only be able to repeat all the movements of the operator, but also give the person sound, a picture and even tactile sensations.

It is already clear that SAR-400 will be able to perform many functions, and the scope of its use will not be limited to only one space. Among other things, this robot can be used during surgical operations, and in military affairs it will not be priced at all. Such a robot is able to perform the role of a sapper, repairman, scout. It is reported that the Russian android in its work capabilities and tactical and technical characteristics will surpass all foreign analogues, including the development of the United States. The main difference of this robot from modern Western developments is the fact that it can transmit not only a picture and sound to its operator, but also tactile sensations. In fact, this robot allows the operator to work with various objects in the same way as the heroes of the famous science fiction film James Cameron “Avatar” did.

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  1. Mikhado
    Mikhado April 4 2013 09: 01 New
    Yes, progress has directly approached total robotization. Very ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, in hazardous situations, situations are better than fragile people in the trump protection, there is no doubt.
    But as competitors in factories ... Unemployment is already in full growth.
    About a purely military sphere - it is even more alarming. The biggest temptation for famous lovers of applying democracy to fight remotely is the opinion that with serial production all these tracked platforms will be cheaper at times. Gamers in bulk - these are the operators ...
    I see an asymmetric answer only in the means of electronic warfare and EMI ammunition for us.
    1. mark1
      mark1 April 4 2013 11: 27 New
      I can still easily accept giant humanoid robots, even a terminator a la Schwarzenegger is not so scary. But the Americans are now developing all kinds of robotic spider bugs, dragonflies and other arthropods. Imagine what will happen when a billion of such products, armed even with a simple sting with cyanide potassium (any other to choose from), rushes to destroy everything ... They do not need to be controlled, only the program - "prick everything that moves" and the remote toggle switch "on" off "
      1. aksakal
        aksakal April 4 2013 20: 18 New
        Quote: mark1
        I can still easily accept giant humanoid robots, even a terminator a la Schwarzenegger is not so scary. But the Americans are now developing all kinds of robotic spider bugs, dragonflies and other arthropods. Imagine what will happen when a billion of such products, armed even with a simple sting with cyanide potassium (any other to choose from), rushes to destroy everything ... They do not need to be controlled, only the program - "prick everything that moves" and the remote toggle switch "on" off "

        - why destroy all living things? There are more effective methods to apply this - myriads of these micro-monsters can destroy fuel, penetrate and damage cable communication lines inside radio products, etc.
    2. shurup
      shurup April 4 2013 11: 39 New
      Governments already have enough shocked currents.
      Hackers in bulk - these are the interceptors.
      What will the developers say when their robots go the other way?
      I am for EW, but against EMR - peaceful robotic vacuum cleaners from which it all started will suffer. Does Rogozin know about vacuum cleaners? And about lawn mowers, etc.? Ah, not his diocese!
      And in the courses that two high-tech builders replace a hundred Tajiks. And in relation to the army?
    3. progserega
      progserega April 4 2013 14: 24 New
      But as competitors in factories ... Unemployment is already in full growth.

      Do not be afraid of modernization and robotization. One should not be afraid of an electric drill, but the capitalist model, where with decreasing costs for the production of goods, it only gets worse, because the workers were kicked out and they have nothing to pay for even cheap goods - this is unacceptable.

      Generally, cap. the model has become obsolete.
      it is well described why capitalism sooner or later leads either to a total war and an almost complete annihilation of the world's population. Logically and simply, like the whole crisis - I advise you to read.

      And about robots - robots, Rfild, SNIP, etc. - these are just tools that can be sent to evil, and can be good. And this is a question for guides and for our control over this.
    4. Civil
      Civil April 4 2013 20: 22 New
      this is not a robot but an automaton. since the operator directly controls his actions, the robot is able to perform functions independently, although within the framework of the laid program
    5. aksakal
      aksakal April 4 2013 20: 58 New
      Quote: Mikhado
      Yes, progress has directly approached total robotization. Very ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, in hazardous situations, situations are better than fragile people in the trump protection, there is no doubt.
      But as competitors in factories ... Unemployment is already in full growth.

      - when mankind invented such a technological novelty as the division of labor (parallelization of individual technological operations), it dramatically increased labor productivity. Almost half of the population was freed, because the other half could easily produce for themselves and for the other half. What kind of socio-economic form of action did humanity respond to such a technological leap? And allocated and endowed with rent that freed half. In Russia, these are landowners, nobles. So they healed. They danced at balls, went to receptions, danced at parties, wove intrigues ... But not everyone lived like that! Only one percent were those who could not spend their time like this and started CREATING! Can I tell you their names? Tolstoy (Yasnaya Polyana), Pushkin (Boldino), Turgenev, Lermontov .... Did you start to remember something vaguely? Well, thank God -))))))) . You may ask - for this one percent of the second, working, half had to support 99 percent of the loafers from the first half - was it worth it? I will answer directly - given the scale of the "deed" by this one percent, more than it cost !!!!! Note that nothing worthwhile has been done in culture or science over the past half century !!! And there are no free people (not unemployed, busy with their own survival, but truly free, not burdened with material problems) people. Everyone is busy! Nobody, not scientists, but people of culture, can not afford to CREATE! They can only create something that will pay off in less than two years. That is why no one seriously deals with artificial intelligence (the fact that in SABZH it is not artificial intelligence, these are radio-controlled models and computer-controlled vehicles, they do not make decisions), and Bekmambetov does not make a good movie, but bullshit at a decent level. The creation of real robots in its scale will be even more serious than the invention of the division of labor. And if robots grow crops, sew clothes, build houses, it will be possible to free a person from the need to work altogether. In fact, providing a person with some kind of roof, some kind of clothing (of course, not at all haute couture) and food (with a minimum set of delicacies) - even without robots, even at the current stage of human development is not a very difficult problem , here it is simply a competent distribution system to screw up, but with robots - this will not be a problem at all. So, Mikado, relax about unemployment, it won't be. The population will be provided with the necessary for a poor life, which may not work, and who wants more - he will do something for which he has an inclination, ability and craving and will reach the very heights of professionalism. Of course, not everyone will reach the heights in their activities, there will be "unrecognized artists" who drink themselves from such resentment and grief, and this will be the main social problem of that society of the future. But somehow this problem is nicer to me than today's starving children.
    6. fzr1000
      fzr1000 April 4 2013 21: 05 New
      Dear, I recently read a study on this topic either Goldman Sachs, or someone else, that in the most robotic industrial sectors - the automotive and electronic industries, the share of labor of robots is 35 and 55%, respectively. And while there are China, and potential cheap labor markets — Myanmar, Cambodia and the like — massive unemployment does not threaten the world.
  2. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 4 2013 13: 25 New
    Are you sure that after the latest technical innovations, the US Army has become stronger? The wind blows from there. Learn to correctly put interference or something else in this spirit and with all this junk you can hammer in nails. Remember. how did Yugi find the "invisible" planes?
  3. not good
    not good April 4 2013 13: 48 New
    To really send robots into the troops, it is necessary at least to put them on the conveyor. Otherwise, from single copies it will be of little use and the device is expensive, and it’s expensive to teach the operator according to an individual program. And God forbid, it’s covered ... not every replacement can be found, mass is needed here!
  4. I think so
    I think so April 4 2013 15: 40 New
    This is the most promising direction in the development of weapons ... And this should be taken for granted ... while it looks funny and awkward, but the first tanks did not look very important either ... We need to prepare for this, we need to do it at home ... I think they will appear soon robots are automatic machines capable of VISUALLY orienting themselves and looking for targets and independently making decisions on their destruction ... Such machines in the air, on land, on water, under water and will determine who is who ... Couples of three thousand small airplanes with a 200-gram grenade and a video camera are enough to destroy ALL materiel of the division ... Autonomous "dolphins" with sonars, scouring the ocean, will easily detect all submarines and sink them ... Autonomous mechanical devices with a camera and a machine gun located on the ground can completely paralyze any movement of any living creatures in any area at any time ...
    It is unlikely that the military will not take advantage of such opportunities ...
  5. Simple
    Simple April 4 2013 18: 35 New
    Good day to all.

    Last video about the inhabited boat:

  6. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov April 4 2013 19: 04 New
    Robotization of the army should be carried out in any case, even if the population of the Russian Federation will be 1 billion people.
    Future robots wars.
    Those who do not have time to master military robotics, then 2 billion people will not help.
  7. nod739
    nod739 April 4 2013 19: 23 New
    Quote: mark1
    They do not need to be controlled, only the program - "prick everything that moves" and the "on-off" remote toggle switch

    there is a counteraction to any action: reprogramming - they will run back to stab those who press on-off