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The game and the death of Boris Berezovsky

This article is written solely on the basis of unverified conjectures.

The death of Boris Berezovsky still leaves many questions. Answers to which either appear little by little, strictly dosed, or do not appear at all. Here are the main ones.

Why, immediately after Berezovsky’s death, did the investigation start to persist in talking about suicide, and after a while they started talking about the possibility of outside “help”?

Why didn’t anyone say from the very beginning that the deceased (or killed) B. had died from hanging?

Why did the British forensic scientists "did not notice" on Berezovsky’s neck a thread about which nothing was said at first, but only a few days later?

Why do these “independent British experts” do for more than a week what any university student should do in a couple of hours?

Why did it appear only on the fifth day after B.'s death that he had a broken rib, without any explanation of whether this was a lifetime injury? Although the definition of intravital injury - the simplest task for the pathologist.

Why only a week after his death "suddenly" it turned out that B. had no problems with money, and he was going to get a huge amount?

And the most important question: why did Berezovsky have to settle accounts with life? None of B.'s close friends, by the way, believed in his suicide.

And he didn’t have to settle accounts with life. He was going to live. And to continue playing those games that have been played in the past decades - political games.

The first thing you need to understand - Boris Berezovsky was engaged in anti-Russian activities. That is if to say the least. To put it bluntly - he betrayed his homeland and came into contact with influential circles in the UK. And this happened long before his emigration to London. He became first a traitor and only then an emigrant. While in Russia, Berezovsky defended the interests not of Russia, but of Britain.

Then he had to leave. Of course, London did not give him to Russia. By the way - there has never been any court that would have considered the merits of the evidence of Russia demanding the extradition of Berezovsky. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Britain, CAM, decided to give him political asylum, and then the court, on the basis of this decision, decided to refuse extradition, not even CONSIDERING the evidence of BAB’s guilt.

In Britain, Berezovsky fought hard against Russia. And not only within Russia itself, but also abroad. Only one example - he, or rather, by the order of his curators from the Mi-6, he helped with money "orange leaders" in Ukraine. It's comfortable. Whose money? Berezovsky. No special services, no foreign trace.

So Berezovsky fought against Russia and personally Vladimir Putin. On his account the organization of many deaths and provocations. The loudest - the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.

Berezovsky’s last chronological attempt to justify the confidence of his curators is “white ribbons”. This is an attempt of the orange-white revolution when, while sitting in London, he called for the overthrow of the legitimate authority in Russia. This funding and coordination of the Fifth Column in our country.

Nothing succeeded. Revolution did not work. But the development has received a completely different история.

Two words should be said here, but why are Berezovsky and revolutions necessary? They are needed to weaken geopolitical rivals - this is at least. Maximum for the establishment in other countries of such governments, which will give the resources of their countries into the hands of Anglo-Saxon corporations. (The last and most vivid example of this is Libya. There, the “Berezovsky” won and gave away Libyan oil to the Americans and the British.)

The UK's main corporation is British Petroleum (BP). It plays the same role that the East India Company once played in politics and the economy of Britain. One of the main tasks is to take control of the resources of other countries. That is why BP has been so active in Russia, having achieved the creation of TNK-BP company in our company. A vivid example of the fact that it is important for London to be in the market, and not earnings, is the stubborn unwillingness of the British part of TNK-BP shareholders to extract oil anywhere other than Russia. Even if in Russia the cost is higher and earnings are lower.

The Russian government led a long and stubborn company to squeeze the British and Russian oil industry. All this ended with a compromise between the Kremlin and London. The British sell Rosneft their stake in TNK-BP and the state-owned company Rosneft restores state control over another piece of our oil pie. At the same time, it also becomes the world's largest oil company. The British get a stake in Rosneft (not controlling). This situation suits both parties. For Russia, it is important to regain control over our wealth, and for the British, in a difficult crisis moment, we must maintain our presence in the oil sector of Russia. Let it be so on the side. The crisis will pass, the situation will change and our British "friends" will again try to replay the situation in their favor.

But so far a compromise has been found. One of the conditions is that the British will drastically reduce support for the Fifth Column in Russia and abroad, “ask” it to become “quiet and calm.” So - geopolitics pulled the economy.

And now the question? What do the owners do with those revolutionaries who are no longer needed? There are only two options. Bad - kill, to get an information about the reason for hitting the enemy. And to get the banner. The “bloody regime” killed our all, unforgettable. The second option is better for retired "freedom fighters" - a pension. Work "shop window" for new revolutionaries. You see how he is doing well and you will have it if you start cooperating with us.

Faces of the London "freedom fighters" seen last week? They are scared and surprised. How would the friends of Trotsky or Parvus be surprised if they were told that these leaders had hanged themselves, because they had no money. Trotsky can not hang himself. Not the caliber, not the hardening. This is a player. And Berezovsky was a player. And therefore his friends are absolutely right: Boris Abramovich could not hang himself. And that means - he was killed. Just who?
There are only two options: the “bloody regime” of Russia or British friends. Pay attention - nobody speaks about the guilt of the Kremlin. Because there is a letter to Berezovsky personally to Putin. And it means there is no need to kill Berezovsky, who asks for forgiveness and asks for permission to return.
What are the options? Only one.

Berezovsky was killed by his curators from the British special services.

Why and why? This is where we use information from absolutely unverified conjectures.

The British decided to send Berezovsky to retire. Work the very "shop window". The call to him about this was - the loss of the court to Abramovich. There would be a Bab and calm down. Gradually retire. He did. Alexander Goldfarb, one of Berezovsky’s confidants, who invented and promoted a false story with polonium, with a dose that in reality could have poisoned the floor of London, and not just Litvinenko, said the other day that B. had stopped funding his projects and had gone into the shadow for several months.

But Berezovsky was a player. And he did not want to retire. Although the British made an excellent legend to him - the loss of the court to Abramovich - frustration + financial difficulties - going into the shadows - a calm old age.

Berezovsky did not want to retire. And he decided to do something to show his relevance and importance. To be returned to the ring.

This was his main and fatal mistake. Like many revolutionaries, Berezovsky decided that the owner loved him. This is not true.

The owner loves not the calf, the owner loves veal.

For the British, the Berezovsky project was closed completely and irrevocably. And was part of an agreement with the Kremlin, which allowed the British to remain in the oil field of Russia. And here Berezovsky decided to act without asking permission. As if having gone from business, he wrote a letter to Putin, which is now being talked about so much.

The meaning of the act of Berezovsky was as follows. Under the guise of remorse and a request to Putin to allow Berezovsky to return on the basis of certain actions (exposing his past attacks on Russia + participating in the information strike on the Fifth Column + surrendering agents and accounts), he actually wanted something completely different. There was no remorse. By his letter, Berezovsky wanted to substitute Putin for an informational blow.

Berezovsky is ostensibly ready to return and surrender everything and everyone, but he needs guarantees of amnesty and forgiveness. Therefore, as an advance, he asks Putin personally to say (do) something that would give Berezovsky confidence in the Kremlin’s willingness to act honestly with him. For example, one of the criminal cases against B. is being closed due to newly discovered circumstances, and this is, as it were, by chance, the president of Russia comments.

After that, Berezovsky uses what happened not for a return, but for a new information attack on Russia. Representing a change in the position of Russian justice, not only as evidence of the innocence of Berezovsky himself, but also of the innocence of ALL who fled to London. The second wave of information attack was supposed to consist in a “statement of fact” - the power in Russia is very weak. Once at this level, Russia recognizes the fact of the “illegality” of the persecution of Berezovsky.

Berezovsky was going to present all this to the English "on a silver platter", as evidence of his professional suitability. He was able to substitute Putin, he retired early.

Berezovsky told the whole of his plan to his British contactees ALREADY AFTER the beginning of his incarnation. He first came into contact with the Kremlin and only after that he told his “British friends”. B. did not say only about one thing - about the details. Namely, about what he personally wrote and ALREADY delivered Putin a letter.

And so signed a death warrant. It became clear to the British that Berezovsky was out of control, that he could not and did not want to sit quietly in retirement. But it's not so bad. After all, in fact, his “initiative” violated agreements with Moscow and destroyed all British geopolitical policies in the post-Soviet space. Because, make Berezovsky his plan - and no one will believe that the BAB is acting on a personal initiative. So this situation will cancel all the arrangements.

This can not be allowed. What remains? So only one thing remains - to make Berezovsky a banner. Kill and pass his death for the massacre of the Kremlin over inflexible fighter. After all, the impossibility of swearing and accusing Russia because of his death was not part of the “package agreement”.

And the British killed Berezovsky. After that, the story about the “trace of the Kremlin” was supposed to start. And then the British were in for an unpleasant surprise, which completely spoiled their game. In the very first hours after Berezovsky’s death was reported, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, spoke about the oligarch’s letter to the Russian president. ( Please note - not according to unverified data, not from the words "source in the Kremlin", but in fact - according to the words of the PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA. After this, it is impossible to promote the topic of murder on the orders of the Kremlin. There is an urgent need to change tactics for suicide.

What to do? After all, all the preparation was done for the murder version.

From here comes the mysterious actions of the “experts” who can’t really carry out an autopsy. The ribs were broken for murder. And now the version has changed radically. Complicated.

Most likely, we now see some notion, impromptu. Someone will be appointed "guilty", will be sought. A new version will appear, which will explain who could have killed Berezovsky without being in any way connected with Moscow or London. Love or money, or all together.

And another thing that matters is that Putin did not believe Berezovsky. And spent a brilliant combination. After all, not only Berezovsky needs proof of the seriousness of the Kremlin’s intentions, but the Kremlin also needs the same proof. And - go ahead. After all, the initiator of the contact is Berezovsky, and he is the first to start proving the seriousness of intentions. The first proof is the letter itself, written by Berezovsky’s hand, which he wrote. But to this letter "attached" and a certain portion of classified information. Accounts, names, intentions. So that in the near future it is worth waiting in Russia for the revocation of licenses from some banks, the departure of several foreign businessmen from the country. Quiet, calm, without fanfare.

My comment:

He is for the traitors of the motherland. Berezovsky’s example is clear. By taking the path of betrayal, man, in fact, falls into slavery. His freedom of choice is reduced to zero. Especially after emigration. It does not matter what role you assigned to the owners. "Independent Journalist" or oligarch. You can only what they allow. Any autonomy is strictly suppressed. Berezovsky showed it - Berezovsky was killed. This is nothing new. It always happens. The slave does not know the master's intentions — he is his blind weapon. And only in this quality and need.

Therefore, the choice is actually such. Taking the path of betrayal of their country, traitors fall into slavery. Freedom is only for those fighting for their country. To fight for someone else is slavery.
Traitors always end up badly.

The owner loves not the calf, the owner loves veal.
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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 April 3 2013 06: 29 New
    anyway, sorry that he did not die in a Russian prison ....
    1. esaul
      esaul April 3 2013 07: 31 New
      Quote: Sasha 19871987
      anyway, sorry that he did not die in a Russian prison ....

      You regret in vain, colleague. There is no need to desecrate the Russian land with the ashes of this gopher. And the Russian prison, after all, stands on Russian soil. His heirs desired it to be interred in Britain, let it rot there. When assumptions about his possible burial in Russia were made, I considered this an insult to Russia ... I would very much like to keep silent at the mention of THIS deceased, but I don’t want to. And he, according to my concepts, did not deserve good words.
      1. Tersky
        Tersky April 3 2013 07: 38 New
        Quote: esaul
        . And he, according to my concepts, did not deserve good words.

        Valera hi ! And what can one deserve with such data,
        Yes, and it's time to stop the posthumous PR of this ubl @ dka.
        1. esaul
          esaul April 3 2013 07: 44 New
          Quote: Tersky
          Yes, and it's time to stop the posthumous PR of this ubl @ dka.

          Salute, Victor! hi Absolutely, friend! And then the desire of some to present him as a repentant and yearned for homeland, a lost son begins to come to light. A little more, and he will be remembered by many as white, fluffy and clean, like an angel ... The portrait you posted is more suitable than the one posted by the VO editor
      2. Sirocco
        Sirocco April 3 2013 08: 26 New
        Gentlemen, we are betting. Who will take the place of BAB? Who likes this dirty bird feeder in England? The king is dead, long live the king laughing Something the opposition has not yet shown itself. They are probably afraid to get under the distribution. In general, the article is interesting, and this version is very suitable. So let's see what the directors from Mi 6 say there.
        1. Son
          Son April 3 2013 13: 29 New
          I put:
          1. "Red - no, not touched ...
          2. "Sufferer" Khodorkovsky (when it comes out) - 5 ...
    2. alexng
      alexng April 3 2013 08: 23 New
      Only those fighting for their country have freedom. Fighting for someone else's is slavery.
      Traitors always end up badly.

      And there is nothing to add. And traitors usually end their lives somewhere "under the fence" and it doesn’t matter what’s not in the Russian prison. Moreover, regardless of the rank assigned to him by the new slave owners. Indeed, the traitor is a slave and his soul no longer belongs to him.
    3. Bosk
      Bosk April 3 2013 13: 10 New
      Death in a foreign land is also in some way a punishment.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS April 3 2013 20: 22 New
        When MI-6 milked Berezovsky, he ceased to interest her and his death served as the beginning of another intrigue !!
        Abramych thought that it was he who was controlling the situation .............. but it turned out ...... ???
        1. mch1950
          mch1950 April 4 2013 01: 35 New
          "Can you really say that he himself ruled it this way?
          Isn’t it more correct to think that someone else was dealing with him? "
          M.A. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita"
          1. APASUS
            APASUS April 4 2013 19: 08 New
            Quote: mch1950
            Isn’t it more correct to think that someone else was dealing with him? "

            It was immediately clear! From the first minutes the police imposed a ban on information and therefore there are so many rumors and speculations. And the special investigation service is leading the matter ............... well, is it not casual all this?
  2. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone April 3 2013 06: 38 New
    It’s not clear - why did he live? Something fussed all the time, ran, sued, complained, suffered. For what?
    And now he hanged himself - that is, there will be no rest in the other world!
  3. svp67
    svp67 April 3 2013 06: 43 New
    Dark water in the clouds ... One thing is insulting, recently so many wonderful people have passed away, and this was the news of "one day." But about everything "" ... It turns out that it does not sink even after death ... It’s a pity, it’s time to calm down
  4. treskoed
    treskoed April 3 2013 06: 57 New
    It's time to stop demonizing this man. Now another court is being ruled over him.
  5. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ April 3 2013 07: 01 New
    The moral seems to be this: Betraying the Homeland, be prepared for the fact that you will become an analogue of a condom. You will be used, and thrown out. What did you do with the birch. Well, science is different.
    1. Bosk
      Bosk April 3 2013 13: 08 New
      At the expense of betrayal ... too much honor to him, many traitors are traitors from the principle of revenge, etc. etc., and this comrade simply simply sold his homeland. Unfortunately, this is only one of many SELLERS who treads the ground .....
  6. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 3 2013 07: 01 New
    BAB just tired of everyone. The independent player must be GREAT. Who is he? Of course, not a beggar, but not a multimillionaire. The English stupidly "divorced" him. Almost all his money was deflated for anti-Russian projects, and then there was a loss to Abromovich (the birch would not go to court if there weren’t any agreements with the British. This whole court was a serious image blow to Russia - again BAB was "raped and thrown" also for his money. haha) and that’s it, Borya, we don’t need you (alive).
  7. Fox
    Fox April 3 2013 07: 09 New
    Well, about the first questions about medetsine, I’ll answer the author: THIS IS A BRITISH DOCTOR WITH BRITISH DIPLOMAS. You can’t approach them with Soviet educational standards. But seriously, there is a lot of trouble with this “death” ... did the boy die? ..
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 3 2013 08: 46 New
      The first day I was visited by the same thought, and then the media made a lot of conjectures. So, the actual question. And in this article there is no such scenario development.
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 02: 21 New
      Quote: Fox
      ... did the boy die ?.

      What’s called, they took the tongue off !!! Intelligence in Britain, I think, wasn’t done with a finger, so as not to be able to convincingly stage the death for any reason — murder, suicide — As they say, everything was according to your desire. . Look, how it all coincided — a letter to Putin “I'm sorry, I won’t go anymore, I want to go to Russia”, the day before his death — an interview — in which he says that he lost the meaning of life, the purpose of life. Again about the desire to live in Russia , melancholy, nostalgia .... Well, SUCH nostalgia doesn’t exist !!!!! On the day of his death he released the last guard, which he never had with him, etc. And now there’s also some confusion with the circumstances and causes of death .. ..As for the pathologists, I want to say, yes, be it with the most primitive concept of anatomy, and you don’t even need to see a piece of rope, a cord, a scarf on your neck, even special knowledge. . They brought him "to the reserve" so far. I got the impression ... Well, if not ... It would be better if Ravdu died (or died?)
  8. Son
    Son April 3 2013 07: 38 New
    Well, very informed "... based on unverified speculation ..." On the shelves.
    The author ..! And who do we have such Kolya Starikov ..?
    1. Rashid
      Rashid April 3 2013 11: 14 New
      Go to
      1. Son
        Son April 3 2013 13: 31 New
        Thank you, curiosity ...
  9. Krasnoyarsk
    Krasnoyarsk April 3 2013 08: 02 New
    He died and died, taking his rightful place on the parash of history.
  10. bunta
    bunta April 3 2013 08: 06 New
    Very primitive - Berezovsky a traitor to the motherland and all. An article for those who do not like to think. A thief and an adventurer cannot be a traitor, because he has never been a traitor.
    1. OTTO
      OTTO April 3 2013 11: 24 New
      As they say nothing personal - only business
  11. mosgeo1
    mosgeo1 April 3 2013 08: 12 New
    Ladies and Gentlemen. But how much honor is given to this person! Is it time to finally bury this dirty trick. Even the exclamation mark is a pity. Amen!
  12. ImPerts
    ImPerts April 3 2013 08: 16 New
    V.V. Mayakovsky:
    Englishwoman stirs up

    and confused
    ways of politics.
    on every journey
    by any trick
    in any video player
    Englishwoman stirs up.
    In every newspaper
    worth the picture:
    on brian's neck
    carcass of deterring.
    Angry and ryan
    Monsieur Briand,
    screaming good
    heart swearing:
    Rakovsky leave!
    not a persona grata, ”-
    Englishwoman stirs up.
    And if the
    calm chinese
    in holds
    and between boilers
    on our sailors
    throw themselves
    with arrests
    and shackles
    on one goody motive:
    chinese brains
    Englishwoman stirs up.
    If we hold
    at the ready of the pump
    in case of
    arson and fire
    and if
    targets revolvers and bombs
    in us
    half the globe -
    it's a secret
    in business and in paper
    English agent
    title ahead of schedule,
    Englishwoman stirs up.
    Not a simple Englishwoman -
    rich lady.
    Around the Englishwoman
    footmen guys.
    Simple workers
    do not allow
    on the owner’s eyes.
    Leader lackey
    serves her.
    Go mcdonald
    around the Englishwoman
    their heads are
    like empty teapots.
    now coffee, then tea
    the hostess under her nose.
    To the questions of the lady
    they answer:
    “How will you, sir.” -
    Yes us
    do not confuse -
    and the year is mutated.
    At all maneuvers
    in marching mouths
    I hear
    one and the same motive:
    easier cornering! ”

  13. Volyna
    Volyna April 3 2013 08: 17 New
    Quote: Milafon
    It’s not clear - why did he live? Something fussed all the time, ran, sued, complained, suffered. For what?
    And now he hanged himself - that is, there will be no rest in the other world!

    "Maxim died - yes, and x .. with him!"
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 3 2013 08: 42 New
      We can say about the life of BAB, that he lived it, as in the field "shit". He was lucky, even though they didn’t go through an ice pick, otherwise he wouldn’t be photogenic in a coffin.
  14. djon3volta
    djon3volta April 3 2013 08: 23 New
    and therefore they still haven’t allegedly to bury in Russia, because it will be possible to access Russian forensic experts who can learn something about the death of BAB, which is not included in the plans of London ..
  15. valokordin
    valokordin April 3 2013 09: 14 New
    The article is scientifically philosophically detective based on conclusions. The conclusion will be like a boy Kuzmin, strangled himself, broke his rib due to mental deviation, became ill, went to bed and went into another world. The Britons can do everything, as one — the baroness from MI-6 killed Patrice Lulumbu — she confessed before her death, only that he could not kill Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and destroy the Soviet power. But they did this together with the rest of the bourgeois hydra, with US support in the late 20th century. But BAB is not sorry, it is only a pity that he did not visit Lubyanka and Lefortovo before his death.
  16. Vladimir777888
    Vladimir777888 April 3 2013 09: 43 New
    And we have many more like him! am
    1. gigiperfetto
      gigiperfetto April 3 2013 18: 22 New
      Join the ranks of the ALL-ALL Voluntary Society for the Promotion of Hemp Growing and Binding Ropes! Our answer to Chamberlain! smile
  17. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin April 3 2013 09: 53 New
    Recently, it has become an obvious fact that the surrender of their own priorities in the person of Britain.
    MI6 began to act very clumsy and unconvincing!
    What about posthumous PR? I suspect the topic will logically be supported until after these events loud layoffs and killings follow, the account is already open.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 02: 28 New
      Quote: Strezhevchanin
      British priorities. MI-6 has become very clumsy and unconvincing!

      Oh, you should be careful with such conclusions ... MI-6 is always skilled and I think that it’s unlikely to forget how to work ... The fact that this multi-passage is not clear to us does not mean anything. But I’m afraid that the results will appear, even if and after a few years. IMHO.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza April 3 2013 11: 00 New
    And after this article I am interested in the question: Will the money taken out by BAB be returned to Russia? Since he was "not completely ruined"? If you didn’t send it back in due time, then let the grandmas return at least !!!!!
  19. SSR
    SSR April 3 2013 11: 15 New
    Why only a week after death "suddenly" it turned out that B. had no problems with money

    And it was naive to believe that he had "begged" someone $ 5000 for a "ticket"
    the wrong “figure” was BAB.
  20. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov April 3 2013 12: 14 New
    I absolutely agree with Starikov’s questions .... But I have a different question ... It is clear that thanks to propaganda, we know that the name Berezovsky has ceased to exist for the public and banks ... This is confirmed by the testimony of the Mossad employee, friends and ex-wife. ... But I’m interested in what’s happening with Berezovsky himself? As you know, now only MI6 and Scotland Yard employees have access to the body, supposedly Berezovsky, and for the rest everything is classified ... It’s also known that they will bury this body in England, which complicates access to the corpse of our experts, which means that the moment of truth is still closed for us ... So whose corpse is this? But Berezovsky at that time, under a different name, younger after a cosmetic surgery in Israel, fucks another youngster somewhere in a cozy place and chuckles at what is happening ... But if the body found is cremated, then we definitely won’t find out the truth .... Until answers no, some questions!
    1. Uncle
      Uncle April 3 2013 23: 12 New
      Quote: Gorchakov
      But what interests me is Berezovsky himself?

      I did not expect such a train of thought!
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 02: 32 New
      Quote: Gorchakov
      chuckles at what is happening

      Perhaps something like this is .... Therefore, no one has even seen the corpse, and even an elementary photograph of the body ... And it will be much more convenient for him to carry out his plans ... So let's wait ...
  21. Normal
    Normal April 3 2013 12: 45 New
    The article is a fat minus. Another assessment
    The article is written solely on the basis of unverified speculation.
    does not deserve, even if the author expressly states this.

    I will not talk about the identity of Beoezovsky. About this ....... much has been said and basically true. repeated no reason.
    But to discuss the article makes sense.
    So, the author of the first sentence declares that all of the following is his conclusions based on unverified speculation. Bravo! There is no reason to believe or not to believe. I supposedly thought up so-so and that’s it! IMHO!
    In such cases, it is usually customary to use such expressions as: “It seems to me”, “I think so”, “It is quite possible”, “Maybe” and so on.
    But this is not the author. When there is no evidence or even reason. then, according to the author, one should submit his fabrications in the affirmative form, confidently and with pressure:
    Berezovsky was killed by his curators from the British special services.

    Well, of course! Who else! Vedas according to Starikov
    There are only two options. Bad - they kill, ..... The second option for the released "freedom fighters" is better - retirement ....

    Just a joke about a blonde-
    -What is the probability that going out into the street you will meet a dinosaur?
    - 50 to 50
    - ?????
    - Well, either I’ll meet or I won’t meet ....
    According to Starikov, it turns out that Zalomali was birch because he did not want to retire. Not only that - did not want to. Also a penitential letter (with a secret meaning and design
    he really wanted something completely different. There was no remorse. By his letter, Berezovsky wanted to expose Putin to an information blow.
    ) wrote. The fact that no one has seen or read this letter does not bother the author. It is said:
    Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.

    In general, the article is a complete apofigey. Whatever the paragraph, then the full pi --- q!
    The question is, what is the name of the material based on speculation and sucked from the finger?
    1. Vladimir 70
      Vladimir 70 April 3 2013 15: 44 New
      According to Starikov, it turns out that Zalomali was birch because he did not want to retire. Not only that - did not want to. Also a penitential letter (with a secret meaning and design
      Negotiate to the end, they killed Birch, because he became to interfere faint
      The fact that no one has seen or read this letter does not bother the author. It is said: we use information from completely unverified conjectures.
      And why should Putin publish a letter, a personal letter. And most importantly - to whom it is necessary, they brought the content of the letter. If there was no letter, then Birch's relatives can safely sue and earn money ...
  22. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt April 3 2013 12: 47 New
    Dying and dying. Che write about it then ??
  23. Bosk
    Bosk April 3 2013 12: 57 New
    There are two main thoughts in this article ...- THE OWNER really DOESN'T LOVE THE CALF, BUT THE CALVE AND TRIENCY IS A TICKET ONE SIDE! Article clearly +.
  24. s1н7т
    s1н7т April 3 2013 14: 12 New
    In some places it’s contradictory, but in general it’s typical political information. laughing
  25. slava7075
    slava7075 April 3 2013 14: 23 New
    Dog- dog death! and period. !!
  26. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich April 3 2013 14: 30 New
    The person who owns the state secretary / Security Council secretary / Berezovsky was able to calmly leave for England with a bunch of dirty money from Russia. Games with the British secret services are deadly for health - they will not let go of their tenacious paws alive / a lot of examples /.
  27. Rus86
    Rus86 April 3 2013 15: 53 New
    Quote: slava7075
    Dog- dog death! and period. !!


    the author found the necessary wording: The owner does not like a calf, the owner loves veal.
  28. Frunze
    Frunze April 3 2013 16: 47 New
    There was a sin, died funny am
  29. Vlaleks48
    Vlaleks48 April 3 2013 18: 36 New
    I don’t think that I think so alone, but the “enemy” of my Fatherland, my Motherland, the “cattle” created a whole brood of their own kind, nonhumans from former guards to swamp mud!
    Are we breaking spears, have we helped ourselves?

  30. imperiolist
    imperiolist April 3 2013 21: 22 New
    and I specifically registered on one English Internet newspaper and left such a juicy comment about a birch tree that it was deleted in a day))
  31. SPACE
    SPACE April 3 2013 21: 31 New
    A purely English murder.
  32. Apollo
    Apollo April 3 2013 21: 35 New
    All the time I was interested in the question of who transmitted the letter to Berezovsky, V. Putin. Of course, I suspected but did not dare to express my thought. My suspicions were not groundless. It was Abramovich.

    Media: A letter from Berezovsky to Putin was transmitted by Abramovich

    The letter of the disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky, addressed to President Vladimir Putin, was handed over to the head of state by Roman Abramovich, several people familiar with the billionaire said this, Vedomosti writes.
    “There were two letters, one to Roman (Abramovich), the other to Vladimir Putin,” one of them said. He confirmed that Abramovich passed the second letter to Putin, Vedomosti noted.
    The representative of Abramovich does not comment on this information.
  33. Uncle
    Uncle April 3 2013 23: 14 New
    In the article N. Starikov repeatedly mentions a certain mystical master. Who could it be?
  34. gregor6549
    gregor6549 April 7 2013 06: 56 New
    When we talk about Berezovsky and his like oligarchs, it would be nice to remember that they all appeared not suddenly and not by chance.
    All of them are a product of the special units of the KGB of the USSR (General Bobkov, Colonel Veselovsky) and the Central Committee of the CPSU (Kruchina, etc.), which at the end of the 80 and the beginning of the 90x were concerned about the withdrawal of the USSR gold and foreign currency reserves over the “hill”, the creation of “friends firms” there and the contribution of the withdrawn reserves into these, etc. firms. At that time, intensive training was carried out for especially trusted personnel such as Chubais, Aries, etc. in Austria and others. countries to guide the emerging market economy in the USSR. They. these students, taking advantage of their knowledge and the initial capital given to them by "caring" uncles to the fullest, brought the economy of the USSR and then Russia to a state of collapse, becoming one of the richest people on the planet. So, it’s not only and not so much the problem in Berezovsky, but in those “guys” who created him and others like him and who now feel very well, transferring all the arrows to their own “creations”.