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Dmitry Livanov: you are hard, the reformed hat ...

The department that received the invisible palm in terms of the number of scandals per unit of time “from the hands of” the Ministry of Defense after the removal of Anatoly Serdyukov from the last one is the Ministry of Education and Science. The new minister, who replaced both the tail and the mane of the criticized Fursenko, initially seemed to be the educational and scientific environment of his boyfriend - physicist, doctor of science, former rector of a Russian university. Many representatives of the education system considered that after Minister Fursenko’s office ended, the era of dubious reformist manifestations was gone, which often hurt the educational segment and the prestige of Russian education. We decided that together with the arrival of Dmitry Livanov, other times come to the Ministry of Education and Science, which will breathe in the life-giving moisture into the educational and scientific environment that is fairly stagnant in the regime of constant pseudo-reform.

Dmitry Livanov: you are hard, the reformed hat ...

However, the new minister already after the first episodes of his activity in the Ministry of Education and Science forced the scientific and educational public to look at themselves with obvious suspicion. The words and deeds of Mr. Livanov were in a strange way conforming to the management canvas that his predecessor had been building over the years. And if initially it might have seemed that the new minister had simply not yet had time to get into work, and therefore he indulges in words combined with Andrei Fursenko’s educational policy (as if moving along with the department along the “Fursenkov” inertia curve), then the personal position of Mr. Livanov. And it turned out to be very doubtful.

What is worth only the adopted "Law on Education in the Russian Federation", developed in the depths of the Ministry at the time when it was headed by Fursenko. Not only did this document be accepted as if the parliamentarians were running off milk from home plates, but also the public discussion of the document that was announced was reduced to the option “we conferred here, and I decided” ... Yes - the draft law was indeed sent on educational institutions of the Russian Federation with a request to make those changes and additions that teachers and other competent persons saw as expedient, but in the end it turned out that not a single really significant proposal “from Izov "in this document are not taken into account. Yes, and with an explanation of the global changes that should occur after the adoption of the Law on Education in September 2013, everything turned out to be confusing, to put it mildly. Requests to educational departments of the subjects of the Russian Federation remained unanswered. Whether they themselves do not know for sure what everything is headed for, or there is some general taboo on the coverage of this path ...

Against this background, a strange hunt began for inefficient universities, about which Dmitry Livanov blew his horn. The strangeness of it lies in the fact that representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science suggested such criteria for evaluating university efficiency, according to which the percent of 80-90 Russian higher schools could be easily regarded as ineffective: somewhere there are not enough foreign students, but The input score for the USE, in the opinion of the Minobra, was lower than some hypothetical minimum, about which, by the way, no data has yet been published. No - no one argues that the darkness of the darkness has divorced universities in Russia, and that it is necessary to leave out of this more than a thousand set of real “combat-ready”. But the criteria of efficiency from the Ministry of Education, not just "thin out" the country's universities, they deal a crushing blow to the provincial high school, leading to endless enlargements, joining and other optimization things. As a result, even those universities that have almost a century old are subject to reforming (read - reduction of staff and joining other universities) history training specialists in various specialties. Since 1 September 2013, the Borisoglebsky State Pedagogical Institute, which has been going on since the beginning of the 40- years of the last century, ceases to exist. The institute has been teaching for more than 70 years mainly for rural schools in the Voronezh, Tambov, Volgograd, Saratov and other regions. Today, apparently, rural teachers in Russia are not needed at all - you need to pay more, provide housing ... For the Ministry of Education and Regional Budgets, one headache from these rural teachers ...

In 2012, the interdepartmental commission recognized that BGPI, as well as several Voronezh universities (VGPU, Lestekh, VGAU turned out to be ineffective), and therefore since the fall of 2013, they may be in the enlarged Voronezh State University. As a result, only one BGPI loses over 30% of the teaching rates, which naturally leads to massive reductions.

At the same time, in Voronezh and the region, non-state commercial universities continue to function actively, to which virtually anyone can be admitted for training - there would be money. In one of the regional branches of a commercial high school, classes take place in a building where offices of private companies are located on the ground floor, and in the basement there is a pizzeria and a shop for hunters and fishermen ...

At the entrance to the university - two girls, inhaled by cigarettes. When asked about their studies, they say that they pay about 20 thousand rubles a semester, and they can afford to pay for these small (according to students) money no more than once a week or even two. The lessons of physical education are held in the corps of another university - by the way, the one recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science as ineffective, but again, according to the girls, only the “right” go to physical education, and all “normal” at that time can either in the Internet cafe sit or go home in general.

Further information received from students of a Voronezh commercial high school looks even more impressive. It turned out that they entered the university after completing nine classes of school and two vocational school courses. On the question of when and how they passed the exam, the students only smiled, saying that they could do it without the exam, so they study it in a commercial, not in a state one. As one of the interlocutors said: it would be cheaper to study here - paid and numbered ...

If this is part of educational reform, and if this university continues to exist after the entry into force of the new law, then the grimaces of educational reform are truly amazing.

The situation with disbandments, consolidations, mergers and other optimization matters today is characteristic of literally all Russian regions. In particular, not so long ago, a document was issued by the Ministry of Education and Science about the need to unite two Tambov universities: Tambov State University and Tambov State Technical University, which resulted in a real confrontation between the ministry and university groups. After the defense of their institutions of higher learning by teachers and students, the Ministry of Education and Science was forced to withdraw the merger order. However, what was possible in Tambov, could not be done in other regions. The Ministry of Education and Science, headed by Dmitry Livanov, decided to start using a repressive mechanism, up to and including the deprivation of the license and criminal responsibility of university leaders in case of disobedience.

Until recently, Russia was puzzled over why at many state universities, among which there are quite a few famous ones and those that have a rich history, the Livanov department puts an end to it, but for the commercial education sector, everything looks cloudless. Why do some people unite and reduce the number of teachers' rates, while others (of a very doubtful type) turn a blind eye? ..

The situation cleared up after the minister on the air of one notorious Moscow radio station issued his scandalous statement about the fact that the days of the Russian Academy of Sciences are actually considered that it is also ineffective, and that all Russian science should be brought to university bread. In other words, the idea of ​​Dmitry Livanov fits in with the American scientific option, when all scientific luminaries are born and progress in the depths of educational institutions (universities), and where there is no academy of sciences at all. Like, look at the West: there are no academies of science as such, but science is developing at a rapid pace. So let's, they say, and we RAS liquidate ... uh, excuse me, optimize, and assign all academics to universities that have been enlarged by our own hands.

So the answer is: it turns out that this is literally his fatherly concern for Livanov to save budgetary funds — to remove the RAS, to consolidate universities, thereby reducing the level of state support to “new” (you know) indicators. The Minister, then, is saving a state penny. Who will remove it after this? ..

Outraged by the insults of the RAS, expressed by the Minister of Education, world-renowned academics sharply criticized his ideas. The main Achilles' heel of Livanov’s proposal is that comparing the level of funding for universities in the United States and in Russia is simply ridiculous. The entire Russian Academy of Sciences (together with its academicians, projects and other things-other) is funded (according to its representatives) at the level of 60 billion rubles a year, which is less than the annual budget of one (not the largest) US university. At the same time, the volume of private investment in Russian universities 1000 is a multiple of the level of investment in Western higher education institutions. Let the Ministry of Education and Science first attract private capital to universities, and then declare the need to copy the American scientific system, they answer in the RAS.

But what about the Ministry of Education will attract private investors to Russian science? If so, as in the example of one of the commercial universities - permission to open pizzerias, cabarets, sushi bars or massage rooms in university buildings, then ... do universities need such investments. Not needed if their leadership respects itself, its employees and students, and not just bank notes.

After this scandal, the outstanding Russian scientist Zhores Alferov (Nobel Prize Winner in Physics) came out of the Public Council of the Ministry of Education and Science.

But the response of Dmitry Livanov:

In connection with the upcoming elections of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Z.I. Alferov decided to leave our Public Council. We will look for a new chair.

So it turns out that the Minister sees the reason for Alferov’s exit from the OS ...

Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences stated that it would be a good idea for Livanov to apologize for the words addressed to the Russian Academy of Sciences, which dates back to St. Petersburg Academy, opened in 1724 year. And Livanov apologized. Only in such a way that it would be better not to do this at all ... Here is one of the quotations of the Lebanon “apology”:

"... in general, the system of organizing the work of scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences is not modern, is not effective, does not meet international standards."

Apparently, the laurels of the previous reformer of the educational and scientific environment, Dmitry Viktorovich (the son of the general designer of the AK im.Ilyushin and the grandson of the colonel of the KGB) do not give rest.

A sharp reduction in the number of state universities, the disbanding of the Academy of Sciences, curtailing the programs of elementary vocational education for the sake of some half-witted Western educational standards ... What's next, the Ministry of Education and Science? Reproduction of commercial half-universities-half-CPS. Why? - the main thing is - self-repayment ...
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  1. Miha_Skif
    Miha_Skif April 3 2013 08: 27
    Yes ... Many rejoiced when Fursenko "left" ... Now they are bitterly sorry ... sad
    1. Bombowoz
      Bombowoz April 3 2013 09: 00
      Radish horseradish is not sweeter. There is nothing to regret. It is necessary to appoint people from the scientific community, who have felt the charms of reform, and not these technical colleges.
      1. Rink
        Rink April 3 2013 13: 43
        Quote: Bombowoz
        ... It is necessary to appoint people from the scientific community who have felt the charms of reform, and not these technical colleges. ...

        Russian science is the source of our economic prosperity and defense power. Education is a platform, a base for both science and industry. Modern technology requires competent engineers and highly skilled workers.
        They beat here.
        This "reformatory" activity will affect the future, in 10-15 years, when the new generation will only be fit to work as loaders in bazaars, to roll carts.

        It is necessary to clean the entire Ministry of Education.
        There, somewhere just below the minister, the State Department moles are sitting with the task of destroying Russian science, the same as those sitting (sitting?) In the Ministry of Defense in the Serdyukov era with the task of destroying the army. And the question is so important, so strategic that there is nowhere to hesitate. The last vestiges of the Soviet scientific school will be lost, the continuity of generations of scientists will be lost - we will be thrown back 50 years!

        Replacing one minister will not produce results, I am sure.
        Where is "Stalin" ?!
    2. Russian
      Russian April 3 2013 09: 20
      Eloquent video
      During an open meeting, Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov suggested to his deputy how to correctly vote for the distribution of universities by efficiency groups, using profanity. There was a video on Youtube in which an official speaks into a microphone, albeit in a whisper: "What are you, oh ... l? Look at me!"

      Dmitry Livanov conveyed the main idea to his deputy in a whisper, but in the video all the words can be heard clearly.

      1. AlNick
        AlNick April 3 2013 13: 13
        Dmitry Viktorovich Livanov - Russian statesman, scientist, theoretical physicist. Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation since May 21, 2012. Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor.
        Son of Livanov Viktor Vladimirovich - General Director of the S.V. Aviation Complex Ilyushin, laureate of the State Prize of Russia, Doctor of Economics and Filippova (Rogozina) Tatyana Olegovna, Doctor of Economics.
        And accordingly, Rogozin’s nephew Dmitry Olegovich - a Russian politician, statesman, organizer of the defense industry and military science, diplomat, doctor of philosophical sciences.
        And for all his level of education, he swears like a shoemaker:
        "What are you ... ate! Look at me ..."
        1. ia-ai00
          ia-ai00 April 3 2013 22: 13
          One of two things: either "overworked" with brains on science ... or another sell-out to the West and the US SKIN!
    3. ars_pro
      ars_pro April 3 2013 09: 49
      Usually, if you look at a person, then I don’t want to say anything bad about what he’s looking at, so at Livanov’s, the look is like that of a short-sighted and not really very, but stupid person, and it’s not the case with a photograph so well chosen
      1. skullcap
        skullcap April 3 2013 13: 13
        Quote: ars_pro
        Usually, if you look at a person, then what look he has, so Livanov has

        Livanov has the view of Yuri Detochkin from the film "Beware of the Car".
        But if the great artist I. Smoktunovsky had to work hard to portray "the look of an idiot", then in Livanov, it seems, this is natural.
    4. Bronis
      Bronis April 3 2013 09: 53
      I have something to do with higher education and many processes I see a little "from the inside".
      Actually, it's not about Fursenko or Livanov at all. The most interesting thing is that state policy in the field of education is not born at all in the Ministry of Education. And at the Higher School of Economics. There gathered such "prominent" figures as Yasin, Shokhin, Pochinok and many "liberals" from the 90s of varying degrees of obstinacy. It was HSE that was the first to switch to the Bologna system, and the Unified State Exam is its concept.
      The basis of their reform is the transition to Western approaches (it already sounds corny). It looks like this: why does the future worker need algebra and the beginning of analysis or history? He needs purely applied knowledge and skills. If you want more, pay or be very smart (I wonder how if the graduation of the level of knowledge will be at least from elementary school?). The sector of paid educational services, in accordance with the new legislation, is expanding significantly. So gradually we will come to a paid system everywhere. Formally, of course, the right to free education is recorded in the Constitution. But the main thing here is not such a right itself, but the so-called standard. It can include higher mathematics, and maybe only a score of up to a hundred.
      So what kind of minister will be is not the point. The line will not change. Well, they didn’t want to bring order to universities, but to divide the spheres of influence. The criteria were again written by the Higher School! In general education, they have long been entrenched, and in high schools they were not very recognized and did not like for the Bologna system. Conclusion - suppress those who are against. So they tried. And they met a natural rebuff. There are no good or bad ones in this fight - just different groups. But HSE is the greatest evil, alas.
      Well, the fact that private universities have not touched yet is also understandable. Not before them, and even on their accreditation "competent circles" make good money. And they teach there, but not at all for the same money as in a state university ...
      Moreover, the average state regional university is less and less different from the private sharaga - paid services and corruption. Such is the "sweet" story ...
      1. Krilion
        Krilion April 3 2013 11: 03
        Quote: Bronis
        Actually, the point is not Fursenko or Livanov at all. the most interesting thing is that state policy in the field of education is not born at all in the Ministry of Education. And at the Higher School of Economics.

        I’m certainly a layman in this matter, but I just can’t understand how sideways the Higher School ECONOMIES, can influence the system of Russian education IN GENERAL ... it seems to me that some gentlemen have clearly gotten into their share, and the government shows an extreme degree of idiocy, not noticing the situation ...
        1. Bronis
          Bronis April 3 2013 11: 19
          Quote: Krilion
          how sideways can the Higher School of ECONOMY influence the system of Russian education
          LTD!! Pretty easy. She walks, formally, under the government. But here the people who are sitting there will be more influential than Livanov, and the Minister was not put without them. What Fursenko, what is the current. The Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics was included in the HSE - now they are also engaged in nanotechnology ....
    5. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 3 2013 10: 02
      Among teachers Fursenko was called Nefkursenko laughing And in the case of Livanov, this clown managed to step on his own in the toilet, on the child-bearing organ, and yells that someone is holding him there. Take to disperse such great men from the Russian Academy of Sciences, this says a lot about his official compliance. We have a problem with ministers laughing can invite someone from abroad lol
      1. Bronis
        Bronis April 3 2013 10: 26
        Quote: Sirocco
        We have a problem with ministers, who from abroad can invite someone
        Given what Minobre is going on, Andres Breivik comes to mind. Order will not be restored, but it will bring joy to many. Sheyuyutka, but there are no other ways to solve the problem in our realities, they are even more fantastic
        1. kris
          kris April 3 2013 15: 21
          Quote: Bronis
          Given what Minobre is going on, Andres Breivik comes to mind. Order will not be restored, but it will bring joy to many. Sheyuyutka, but there are no other ways to solve the problem in our realities, they are even more fantastic

          this is scary. only riot will sweep away this rot. and he is always bloody and merciless in Russia.
        2. Ghenxnumx
          Ghenxnumx April 3 2013 17: 54
          Quote: Bronis
          Given what Minobre is going on, Andres Breivik comes to mind.

          Why not bring? Drive him with ammunition into the State Duma hall and lock it tight laughing
    6. baltika-18
      baltika-18 April 3 2013 11: 18
      Quote: Miha_Skif
      Yes ... Many were happy when Fursenko "left".

      Fursenko did not "leave" anywhere.
      Fursenko is an assistant to the president, is in the presidential administration and oversees education. As well as Golikova (Madame Arbidol is also an assistant), she is in charge of healthcare.
      Almost all of Putin’s government, when he was prime minister at Medvedev, migrated to the presidential administration.
      Where is the root of the problems in education and healthcare now clear?
      1. Miha_Skif
        Miha_Skif April 3 2013 22: 53
        smile I have something to do with this problem. So, the biggest problem in the higher education system is commonplace - very low salaries. And almost complete lack of money to support the educational process. For 20 years. And if in the mid-2000s the situation with educational equipment and other economic matters began to improve somehow (large projects such as "Integration of Science and Higher Education", "Universities of Russia", etc.), then everything only worsened with salaries. The money of these "mega-grants" can be spent ONLY on the purchase of scientific and educational equipment (and the like). As if all this was arranged in a mockery, or, perhaps, on purpose ... For your information, the salary of a full-time university staff member of 5-7-10 thousand is not a myth, it is a reality. Over the past six months, it has grown to 12 thousand. At the same time, none of the teachers takes bribes, at least I do not know of a single case in our University.

        In general, in 2012 it began to seem that the situation could no longer worsen, nowhere else. But life has shown that, it turns out, maybe wassat Instead of an ordinary "narrow-minded person", a very active "narrow-minded person" became the Minister of Education ... And life immediately sparkled with new colors laughing
    7. vjhbc
      vjhbc April 3 2013 14: 33
      I think it’s coming from above and the figures are changed purely to remove the wave of indignation
      Quote: Miha_Skif
      Yes ... Many rejoiced when Fursenko "left" ... Now they are bitterly sorry ... sad
  2. riding
    riding April 3 2013 08: 58
    In education, reforms that have been going on for a long time have been very ambiguous, with a liberal soul. Livanov was put on this post because he fits into this general course. Education should become as cheap as possible for the state and fit into the framework of accepted standards when the teacher and student are consumers and service providers. As long as the state is happy with everything, nothing will change.
    No ratings are given. The author is five.
  3. Venguard
    Venguard April 3 2013 09: 00
    from fire to the fire ... nothing more to say
  4. kris
    kris April 3 2013 09: 01
    The collapse of the country has become systemic!
    Hit the future, scum!
  5. krasin
    krasin April 3 2013 09: 02
    Where are these ministers riveted ??? It was necessary for mom to take birth control!
  6. Egoza
    Egoza April 3 2013 09: 05
    Once A.S. Makarenko said: "Every teacher should be an actor. But this does not mean that every actor can be a teacher." I think that the same phrase can be applied to the modern formation of ministries. Not every scientist and doctor of sciences can become the Minister of Education. As for the actions of this gentleman, as it is written in the article "the former rector of one of the Russian universities." Naturally, from his experience, he became obsessed with receiving grants and self-sufficiency. Probably, it was necessary to set a specific task for him - what the government and the president want from education, and the ministry in particular.
    So right on points 1, 2, 3 ......
    And yet "according to all the laws of aerodynamics, the May beetle cannot fly. But it does fly!" So all is not lost with education in Russia!
  7. rpek32
    rpek32 April 3 2013 09: 11
    hmm. it seems only the idiot now does not see that "reforms" and "saw-collapse" are synonyms
  8. treskoed
    treskoed April 3 2013 09: 13
    Apparently, the leadership does not need other ministers. Fursenko was adequately appreciated, he is in the presidential administration, and Livanov, with his successive activities, is not prepared for the worst option. And the people? "The people are silent" (A.S. Pushkin)
  9. Nina Czerny
    Nina Czerny April 3 2013 09: 25
    In light of the opening "features" of the so-called. scientific career of Mr. Livanov, it would be nice for the deputies to investigate the phenomenal speed with which Livanov, who graduated from the Institute of Steel and Alloys, became a candidate and doctor of sciences for 7 (!) years, while doing teaching, taking into account the time of all scientific Livaanov's achievements (1990-1997), and how much the daddy, the general designer of Ilyushin's company, and his marriage to the daughter of the rector of the Institute of Steel and Alloys, influenced the rapid scientific and career growth. To all appearances, Livanov is the true brainchild of a "progressive" system of selecting the most corrupt and unprincipled.
  10. patriot2
    patriot2 April 3 2013 09: 33
    Quote: Nina Czerny
    I think that you are closest to the truth. Such is the current structure of power and the best for the people is not given. Min Obr is like a litmus test.
  11. Egor.nic
    Egor.nic April 3 2013 09: 34
    Quote: Bombowoz
    Radish horseradish is not sweeter. There is nothing to regret. It is necessary to appoint people from the scientific community, who have felt the charms of reform, and not these technical colleges.

    Among, as you deigned to say, PTushnikov there are many smart and competent people with much higher intelligence and common sense .......
  12. melkie
    melkie April 3 2013 09: 47
    To drive this pro-Western litter with a filthy broom, so all education and science have collapsed 90% of the money from schools and institutes .... e ..... s. Zadornov correctly in his speeches about all this tells here and he must be put up by the minister, in any case a person may not be professional in everything, but this is not possible, but the convinced patriot of his country knows and understands a lot.
    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin April 3 2013 10: 29
      Quote: melkie
      Drive this pro-Western broom with a filthy broom

      The cult of the golden calf, lack of patriotism, conscience, common sense. Here are the most common symptoms (relapse) of each "politician", with all that it implies. hi
  13. evgeni21
    evgeni21 April 3 2013 09: 56
    Yes ............................... a, drive, drive, and once again drive this pro-Western broom with a filthy broom, so all education and science was destroyed from schools and institutes 90% of the dollar .... e ..... ov. Where Medvedev is looking, he himself was a teacher,
    1. kontrol
      kontrol April 3 2013 10: 52
      and he is better?
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop April 3 2013 11: 16
      Quote: evgeni21
      Where Medvedev is looking, he himself was a teacher,

      According to those who studied with him, he was a shitty teacher ... wink
  14. Egor.nic
    Egor.nic April 3 2013 11: 13
    There was a clear opinion that the current and previous "Minister of Education" were working out the order of the adversaries for the complete destruction of Russian science and education, as such, reducing the level of education of the younger and older generation to a plinth.
    The law on education and its reform Fursenko and Livanov practically destroy the higher, secondary and secondary special education in Russia.
    The consequence of the restructuring and reform of education is the following:
    - An increased number of useless universities producing for the market (in the literal sense of the word) stupid and worthless specialists with higher education.
    - EGOization of secondary education, inadequacy of educational programs, the degrading position of teachers and teachers regarding the ever-growing number of studying moron. Of normal students try to make brainless guesses.
    - Appointment of random or necessary people at the head of schools, and sometimes the sale of the director’s position. As a result, the school has been turned into family-owned apartment buildings, hiring low-skilled, and sometimes even unskilled personnel, squeezing out of school qualified teachers who are becoming objectionable for criticizing the administration.
    - The decrease in the number of secondary vocational and vocational schools has led to an almost complete washout of domestic personnel and their "replacement" with imported shit from the CIS countries. After all, Russia does not need its own professional builders and workers, locksmiths and turners, electricians and plumbers, refrigeration and electrical equipment specialists, furniture makers and seamstresses, confectioners and cooks, nurses and orderlies, drivers and firefighters, as well as janitors.
    - Corrupt and dishonest school directors and their deputies, turning schools into semi-criminal colonies, where the loot (you can't call it anything else) are degenerates from the Caucasus and Central Asia, who are starting to ramp up, spread drugs, humiliate weak Russian students and show all sorts of things disrespect and rudeness towards ordinary teachers, hiding behind purchased directors.
    All this is aimed at the implementation of the total debilitation of the entire camp, carried out by our government on an order from outside.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov April 3 2013 11: 42
      But how could it be otherwise - a reasonable person will understand too much - for example, that a state with an indigenous population is undergoing a liquidation process ...
  15. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich April 3 2013 11: 52
    We need a completely new government - this is trying to copy the entire American system and lifestyle. Remember Serdyukov’s organizational structure of troops, shoulder straps on the stomach, etc. etc .. AND SO IN ALL FIELDS OF SOCIETY LIFE.
  16. Hius-124
    Hius-124 April 3 2013 11: 56
    There - under the head of the "minister", what is there? Has anyone seen? belay
  17. bazzz
    bazzz April 3 2013 13: 21
    As I put on my belt, I’m getting dumb and dull)
  18. zao74
    zao74 April 3 2013 14: 25
    My mother worked all my life as a teacher. The current reforms are simply shocked. Yes, and ordinary people who studied in the USSR noticeably dull modern youth.
  19. Genur
    Genur April 3 2013 15: 58
    "... it turns out that this is literally a father's concern Livanova about budget savings ... "
    If instead of THIS surname, insert the surname Serdyukov, in my opinion, nothing will change.
    Both figures did a good job of the "ORDER" - destroy as much as possible.
  20. not good
    not good April 3 2013 19: 31
    It’s time to understand that the ministers are not independent in determining the general course of their ministry, and therefore they will put Lebanon instead of Fursenko, and no Muderkind instead of Lebanon, there will be no significant changes. If the GDP in the near future does not pick up a replacement for the main suppliers of managerial personnel and will not change the government led by Mitya the dreamer, we will continue, with tears in our eyes, to observe the planned destruction of our country. Yes, and in principle, we need to build at least a pyramid from the vertical, so that at least a little eopen flow of fresh blood to the head.
  21. darksoul
    darksoul April 3 2013 21: 28
    return the Soviet education, military departments, baclans and masters clean ..... Soviet education as the world used to be valued ..... but right now Fursenki, then Lebanese ... where do they hatch ... obviously by special order
  22. AlexMH
    AlexMH April 3 2013 21: 54
    I have been working as a teacher for 13 years, under three ministers - Filippov, Fursenko and Livanov. All of them were very bad ministers, flesh and blood of our power, but the pattern is as follows - each next minister was worse than the previous one. We listened to Filippov's speech at the Moscow State Technical University - he gave the impression of a rude, illiterate person who did not understand the system he runs. We listened to Fursenko - a cunning, even dastardly businessman from science, everywhere looking for his own gesheft and ready to reform anything and in any way at any hint from his superiors about saving money. And here is Livanov. During the year, he said more nonsense and did no less nasty things than Fursenko all the time. Reforms ruin us like cerebral palsy, from the once harmonious, working, but decaying system of Soviet education, we get a terribly distorted monster. Recently we were told in plain text at the dean's office, "Stop messing with students, you have to earn money for the university, and then we will be able to report on the fulfillment of the president's instructions to increase your average salary. And write articles, refer to each other more often, Medvedev ordered. work ... well, work, since you are not lazy .. Yes, and from September we will lay off the elderly, and increase the number of hours per rate, so that Putin is satisfied with your average salary .. "Why then all? Money can be earned in other places as well, with us who quit MSTU immediately start to earn twice as much, we are already keeping statistics .. Are these reformers being thrown to us with a parachute? I agree that the education system needs to be modernized; in theory, it needs to be constantly modernized, but every instruction from above is direct sabotage. And Livanov is just like the top of a purulent abscess called the "Ministry of Education and Science", the beauty and pride of the Russian bureaucracy.
  23. Black
    Black April 3 2013 22: 38
    Commercialization of VO corrupted youth. Why achieve high results if you can do with anyone! If not at this university, then at that! The prestige of VO is lost precisely by its absolute availability. And accessibility is equivalent to the value of the knowledge gained. The diploma does not smell. Knowledge did not cost anything. The golden calf etched both the eternal and the good.
    The nephew entered the state, on the budget, ... in the third year he began to go only three days BEFORE the session - for these three days he "passes" all tests and exams. They won't write about it in the diploma ...
  24. darksoul
    darksoul April 3 2013 23: 11
    Only the point is in such diplomas ... we no longer have the Soviet Union where the distribution was .... now the graduate will show the diploma ... and they will ask him to tell Vanya what a flying worm is ... and he will go to the market with his diploma . Graduate in one word
  25. a jacket
    a jacket April 3 2013 23: 25
    Quote: AlNick
    Dmitry Viktorovich Livanov - Russian statesman, scientist, theoretical physicist. Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation since May 21, 2012. Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor.
    Son of Livanov Viktor Vladimirovich - General Director of the S.V. Aviation Complex Ilyushin, laureate of the State Prize of Russia, Doctor of Economics and Filippova (Rogozina) Tatyana Olegovna, Doctor of Economics.
    And accordingly, Rogozin’s nephew Dmitry Olegovich - a Russian politician, statesman, organizer of the defense industry and military science, diplomat, doctor of philosophical sciences.
    And for all his level of education, he swears like a shoemaker:
    "What are you ... ate! Look at me ..."

    A great pedigree, even a medal on a collar. Yes, and a physicist. Maybe he got a little dull from the power that fell on him and will be more adequate in the future. Or maybe offended at the academy. Doctor of Sciences nevertheless, but not a member at least. I would like to know in what field of physics he worked. If there are links to his articles - lay out who is in the know.
  26. Black
    Black April 3 2013 23: 42
    Quote: jacket
    Maybe he got a little dull from the power that fell on him and will be more adequate in the future.

    Do you really believe that he is building a state policy in the field of education?
    Neither Filippov, nor Fursenko, nor this nephew, are worthless! They are consistent (who are more or less skillful) performers, and nothing more. No changes should be expected until the Kremlin thinks only about momentary benefits and gesheft !!!

    The learned path of a nephew ...
    In 1992, he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on the topic "Heat transfer by interacting electrons in superconductors and normal metals" and subsequently was engaged in scientific activities in the field of transport properties of metals, fluctuation phenomena in superconductors, as well as the physical properties of low-dimensional and amorphous metal systems. in general a theoretician in the field of solid state physics.

    After defending his Ph.D. thesis, Livanov began work in the institute's research laboratory of synthesis, was a research fellow, later - a senior research fellow, was an associate professor of the theoretical physics department of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. He held positions at the Research Laboratory of Synthesis MISIS until 2000. In 1997, Livanov, having defended his dissertation on the topic "Thermoelectric effect and heat transfer in electronic interaction systems", became a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.
  27. fullpolarfox
    fullpolarfox April 4 2013 08: 06
    "Education reform" surprisingly coincides with "fake plans that don't exist"!

    Protocol No. 16
    Disinfection of universities. Replacing classicism. Parenting and
    rank. Advertising the power of the "ruler" in schools. Cancellation of free
    teaching. New theories. Independence of thought. Visual training.

    "... knowing from centuries of experience that people live and
    are guided by ideas that these ideas are absorbed by people only when
    educational assistance given equally to all ages,
    Of course, only in various tricks, we absorb and confiscate in our
    favor the last glimpses of the independence of thought that we have long been
    We direct to the objects and ideas we need. A system of curbing thoughts already in
    action, in the so-called visual learning system, which has
    turn gentiles into non-thinking, obedient animals awaiting visibility,
    to figure it out ... "(well, just about the exam, as such, note)

    In 1932, a lawsuit was filed against the Swiss National Party. Its activists were selling this "indecent" edition on the steps of the casino in Bern. The trial lasted 5 years and hundreds of witnesses from many countries were involved in it. The task was to present the "Protocols" as a dirty fake, drawn up either by the gendarme general Rachkovsky, or by the writer Sergei Alexandrovich Nilus. The Berne court on May 14, 1936 recognized the forgery of the "Protocols", but on November 1, 1937, the Court of Appeal in Zurich overturned this decision.
  28. pechv
    pechv April 4 2013 16: 37
    What time, what time did he defend his doctorate? Now there is a period of agitation of water, after which there will come a period of fishing. There are too many events - there are too many humanitarians, inefficient universities, plagiarism. There is a lot of dust, and real goals are associated with the redistribution of power, the redistribution of financial flows and the distribution of property. Even sensible words about the need to reform the Academy of Sciences are drowning in a stream of muddy ideas. It will turn out as always.
    Remembering the teacher, I just want to cry out: "Every Russian will receive two Volga for his candidate's degree!"
    Wait, happiness will come soon