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Who benefits from the "oil curse" myth of the Russian economy?

There is a stable stereotype, well hammered into the head, it is intended to convince us that the Russian economy is critically dependent on the oil factor, that the primary sector is one of the defining sectors of the country's economy, and its revenues critically affect the level of GDP and are the "main violin "For the whole economy.

In fact, this is a clever substitution of concepts! The oil factor of the Russian economy is really significant in the case of only one side of the process - export activity, if we speak at a serious level and judge the entire Russian economy as a whole, then we can notice with surprise that Russia's development is completely different, not the main evil, depending on oil, but a completely different nature of imbalances, which I want to say in this article.

By itself, the Russian economy could be considered “oil” in the year 2000. After Yeltsin’s “liberal” government worked, and at the cost of its heroic efforts, it reduced our country's GDP by 60%, achieved stopping many industries, brought the country into corkscrew.

However, over the past twelve years, the country has already managed to partially recover, showing a three-fold increase in GDP per capita since 2000. But, for example, Norway, which exports 10 times more oil per capita than Russia, showed an increase of only 1,7 times.

By the way, the UAE, which, according to the logic of our “liberals,” should have shown tremendous growth, on the contrary, squandered its per capita GDP by 20% down.

The growth of the Russian economy was achieved not only and not so much at the expense of the “oil factor”, but rather at the expense of restoring production activity, because in recent years we have again increased exports of helicopters, turbines, power plants, weapons, and other things that are part of our international niche division of labor. But it’s not worth talking about Putin’s unthinkable merit, to overwhelm him with praises and faint from gratitude to him, because the process I’m talking about was only the restoration of the former, that is, Soviet development inertia, Putin only slightly relaxed the strangulation, which was squeezed on the neck of our country by the "liberals" of the Yeltsin pore.

The fact is that in Soviet times a reliable foundation was laid for development, the basis for growth and dynamic movement. The “damned communists”, oddly enough, managed to provide a fairly balanced economy, including setting up energy production.

When I hear another talker aimed at “brainwashing” in order to convince us that the “oil economy” is a sign of a backward country, I can only laugh bitterly at how all these “liberal” talkers cheat people, because In fact, an advanced energy production sector is a complex, high-tech complex of the economy, but an even more challenging task is geological exploration and production. And that is why the “oil” countries are basically such states as Norway, Canada, Denmark, and Russia. And, for example, in Mongolia, or Afghanistan, the potential supply of mineral resources is much higher than in Russia, but they are not explored there, there are no such technologies that are developed in Russia. The same can be said about most African countries, the depths of which are sometimes fabulously rich, but if something is mined there, then at best foreign “players” who put all profits in their pockets, barbarously polluting the land and water.
The vast territory of Russia, in comparison with many other countries, is rather poor in mineral resources than rich, simply “damned communists” spent a huge resource, made great efforts to carry out geological prospecting, develop mining, create a transport and production infrastructure (often in areas of perpetual permafrost).

The oil age will not last forever, the time will come and the hydrocarbon fuel will no longer be necessary for the world in such quantities as it is now, and it will happen before oil runs out in the depths, because the extraction and sale of energy resources is a profitable and timely type of economic development.

But the thing is that the obsession with talking about oil, about the raw economy, about the oil needle, in fact - skillfully thrown into a bogey, more precisely - one of the propaganda tricks undertaken in order to inspire us "outsider complex". In fact, the role of oil (as well as gas and other resources) in the general economic system of Russia is far from being so large as to be considered critical, it is great, I repeat, only in the export component, and that is relative.

Here, on the website “Made by Us”, I came across a very interesting graph, which shows the share of oil exporting countries in the world. Russia, as can be seen, occupies a very modest place among them, approximately comparable to that of Canada and Denmark.

Who benefits from the "oil curse" myth of the Russian economy?

And in what schedule (export branches) Russia will occupy high places? But there are such! Yes, there is, for example, among the exporters of high-tech military equipment, Russia has already come in second place, among the exporters of products in the energy sector, Russia has a solid position, recently Russia has been increasing food exports (especially sunflower oil and grain), and the nomenclature of export goods is constantly growing (“Liberals”, who juggle with numbers, usually deliberately take outdated data, slipping us the results of Yeltsin's time).

The most important thing is that Russia has already bypassed, in terms of GDP (that is, in terms of economy), France and Britain, and of course, left behind Italy, Mexico, Brazil and others, as, for example, the rapidly growing Indonesia whose population is more than twice the Russian). That is, the Russian economy is quite voluminous, there are many developed industries in it, there are technological niches that produce products that successfully compete on the world market, and (importantly!) The so-called financial sector, that is, the “virtual” one, is very poorly developed in our country, He does not have such a serious share, which is observed in the economy of Britain. But it is precisely the “virtual” financial sector that will now be the main “risk factor”, it can emerge as a house of cards at the time of the collapse of the debt pyramids, and it turns out that the economies of countries where the “virtual” sector was large will develop into several times (and to the number of such countries, just the same and include the United States and Britain).

Based on this, we can conclude that the real volume and real potential of the Russian economy is much higher than the volume of the economies of those “developed countries” to which we are called to be equal, calling these economies modern.

Russia has production and assets, mostly real, if we export something, it is not “financial services” (which London and New York impose on everyone forcibly), we sell our real energy resources, and also KAMAZ, helicopters , Kalash, turbines for nuclear power plants, titanium parts for aircraft, and so on (the list is long).

In the same Britain, the death of real production began when Thatcher's “genius” activity, when production ran to Asia and other regions of the world, and the “financial sector”, which was actively growing at that time, replaced them, creating national wealth. which now swells like a blister, like a cancerous tumor, threatening to kill the entire system.

But then what is the matter - you ask? Why, at the very beginning, I said that in Russia there is still a malignant defect in economic development, is there a monstrous imbalance that impedes the normal functioning of the economy and social system?

And all this, indeed, exists, I stated positive facts, at the beginning of the note, only to show that the “liberal mantras”, all these propaganda snookers and mulks with which we fed and fed, have nothing in common with reality After all, the problem of the Russian economy is not in the “oil character” of its export model, but in the idiotic model of its tax, and as a result, social policy, as well as in several closely related subsystems.

Some time ago I already touched upon the issue of “tax madness” that has developed in Russia in the last twenty years, but now I will say a bit more about it and more specifically.

It is believed that Russia has the lowest taxes, but this is not entirely true, because these taxes are unusually low only for the rich, but for the poor they are even higher than in the notorious “developed countries”, and although our taxes are nominally (for the poor), mostly lower than in the west, but in the same Europe, the poor are “returned”, in the form of various assistance programs, the lion’s share of the funds that these people pay as taxes, we have a “successful class” that is in power and dictates their conditions, strives to tear and the last skin with great nstva converted to low-income class.

The most curious, and even witty, in its devilish perversity, is how exactly our state uses oil rents, to cover what arrears this money goes !?

It is customary to assert that “at the expense of oil” the state finances the social sphere, “contains the population”, and so on in this spirit, in fact, everything is not quite so, and even not at all!

We take a calculator and consider:
Revenues to the budget of the past year from the oil and gas sector amounted to slightly less than half of its volume, or 6,3 trillion rubles, and the personal income tax (PIT) for 2012 a year amounted to a total of 2,26 trillion rubles, and this is the lowest tax rate in the world in 13%. That is, in fact, the state pays a low tax on income from energy resources, because in those cases in which some wealthy Frenchman pays his state 47% tax, the Russian “successful lord” will give only 6%. Feel the difference!

Taxes are higher than 30-40% (meaning tax on personal income tax and similar), not in all countries, but only in the most developed (Sweden, France, Switzerland, etc.), but taxes are at the level of 28-30% there are in almost every country to which our “liberals” are supposedly urging us to be equal.

And if our state raises the tax from 13% to 28-29% generally accepted in the “developed countries”, these revenues will be able to equal the oil and gas revenues and compensate them.

And if any western country, like the USA, would reduce the tax on personal income tax from 35% to 13%, then the States would also need oil and gas revenues of at least 30-40% of the budget.

So, with a detailed and accurate analysis of our economic situation, the tale of "oil dependence" loses its courage and turns into a completely different historywhose plot tells of the fact that there is a country of Russia, which, even under a bushel, even under the pressure of the “throaty-class”, again returned to the level of 1990 of the year, that is, again entered the seven largest industrial countries (in terms of GDP), again sticking, plowing again, but on our country's neck there is a parasitic class, a throaty class that has taken all the financial flows into its hands, has grabbed the means of production and assets, declared itself the master, and wants to be a hegemon, a tyrant over "bydlom" , wants to push them, tear off three skins, prov Odya such a tax policy in which the "rich and successful" pay, in fact, a ridiculous tax from their "honestly earned millions", and from ordinary citizens tend to overcome all that is possible, and not only in the form of taxes, no, here and the system extortion by inflating utility tariffs, and inflated fares, and so on and so forth.

And it is the class of crooked people who parasitizes on oil super-profits, it is he who uses this unique situation for the country, and the social sphere is much less indebted to oil money, because the growth in Russian industry, compared to the same Europe, is now pretty decent ( there would be enough taxes from industry, since the taxes would not be exported by the "successful class", with the help of ingenious schemes, offshore and in London).

* * *
If we talk about what should be the taxation system and the general economic system as a whole, then if we want good to our country and really want to see it safe, the bulk of current expenditure items should be taxes from "big business", from those super-profits that now they are going to build yachts for “oligarchs”, to buy absurdly expensive real estate in London, to “golden parachutes”, and so on; So, with fair collection of taxes and duties, these funds would be more than enough for the current provision of social obligations, border security and so on, but the so-called “oil money” would have to be completely, completely started up in development, in the creation of new spheres and industries. Thus, the current life of the country and its social equilibrium would not depend on fluctuations in commodity prices.

Today, we are in a ridiculous position, because our country is, in fact, rich, and there are real productions in it (here and from Finland, they recently transferred several productions to Russia at once, closing the factories in their own country) , and the general level of non-oil revenues could be much higher, since such an idiotic policy would not occur when even part of the formal state money was pumped through Cyprus offshore zones! What is this if not idiotic sabotage !? This is close to natural madness, not just crazy theft.

But the matter is not in Russia itself, not in the nuances of Russian reality as such, because the idiotic model I am talking about was planted to us from the outside, was imposed on us in the Yeltsin period, and is a "pirated copy" of everything that is present and in the United States themselves, except that we have all this carried out more rudely and cynically.

If we need to modernize something, first of all we need the mechanisms of social justice and the redistribution of income from production, as well as the system of compulsory investment of funds in development.

And everything that Dmitry Medvedev is talking about is yesterday, this is a return to the nineties, and a losing, erroneous yesterday, because we do not need to liberalize the economy, not to increase the private sphere, through privatization, but rather to increase state control over the economy, to bring the entire system into a state of development, leading it away from the state of the “cash cow”, which is used by the humping-up machine, seized in Russia and exported abroad.

The endless cries about the "raw materials economy" of Russia, that nothing is produced in Russia, are beneficial to all those pseudoliberals who serve the class of crooked men who steal their money from Russia. It is advantageous for these people to create the appearance that Russia is a lost country, and therefore it is unwise to invest money in it, and it is healthy and natural to export money abroad. Actually, all these “oligarchs”, magnates and thieves are smaller, are pulled abroad not because there are softer laws, conditions for investing are better, or something more curly (no and no, because abroad, everywhere, except offshore companies, taxes are much higher and the system is much stricter), but our “successful people” are fleeing Russia not for some objective reasons, but because they perfectly understand the banal thing: their “capital”, multiplied, at best, by “gray schemes "and the monstrous failure to pay taxes, or even simply by the banal theft and predatory ivatizatsii, will always be illegitimate in the true sense, can never be truly legitimate.

No matter how many times Putin has proclaimed the thesis about “amnesty of capital”, about the inviolability of private property, all these “successful businessmen” of ours still cannot feel calm, because a thief always knows about himself that he is a thief, Do not repeat about him that he is an honest man and a successful businessman.

So they are running for the west, with “their” money, not because in Russia a certain investment climate is bad, or there is an “oil, unpromising economy”, not because Russia breathes worse than in the west, no, no, in the west , according to all the main characteristics, it is already worse now than in present-day Russia (and it will be even harder), just any person from a successful class who “otimized taxes” for years, that is, huge millions of money that stole from us, deprived our children of new children kindergartens, interfering with the renovation of infrastructure and other He wants to “save” the stolen money, feeding the illusion that the West will give this opportunity and will cover the “wealthy families” in its homeland, and will forever give a quiet life.

And in the structure of the Russian economy, in fact, there is no such serious unresolved problem, which is in the psychological aspect of the issue, it is a problem of the distorted distribution of wealth, resources and investments.

The industrial, industrial sphere of Russia can be assessed as you like, not the question, not in the assessments and opinions (after all, the stubborn fact is that in England, for example, the real sector is much less significant than in Russia) who likes Russia, or do not like it, but now our country has already returned to the seven of the largest industrial economies of the world, and therefore everything is not so bad with the fundamental factors, the malignancy has crept into the “top”, the defect is present in the “business elite” goal setting system.

Now they are throwing up a new bugaboo, promoting a hysterical campaign around the fact that Russia's economic growth has slowed down, and now does not exceed three percent (although the same England cannot even dream of such a thing), but the fact is that now our economic growth simply cannot to be too high, because the effect of a low base has already exhausted itself, and therefore the total volume of the economy is large, including in comparison with the “leading” countries of the world, because there are only six countries ahead of us, all the rest are behind us.

And the problem of poverty of a considerable part of the population of Russia lies not in the fact that we work little or produce little, but in the fact that the distribution of benefits is monstrously unfair and investments are not balanced due to the "liberal" of our government.

In Russia, a huge number of cars, refrigerators, air conditioners are being produced, food production and most other types of consumer goods are constantly increasing. Now we can’t say that Russia produces few cars, or that these cars are bad, no, it's different! The question is that someone has three or four cars on the snout, and someone does not have the necessary things, although it works, although it deserves.

And to hell with them with three cars (this is not the most successful example, because there are passionate collectors by nature), the question is much deeper, the matter concerns a much more serious gap in income and property stratification, which simply disfigures, distorts the system as a whole and its particular parts, not allowing it to grow or develop normally, there can never be a normal existence, since the body has on itself tumors and swollen bubbles (it does not even cure them, but only on the contrary encourages the inflating of these "successful bubbles ”).

All this is connected with another important topic - the bias of estimates using the criterion of quantitative growth!
Slightly higher, I proved that, in terms of quantitative indicators of the general economic level, Russia, in actual fact, is quite successful in comparison with the main economies of Europe, and if we say that industry needs quantitative growth, the question arises: do you need cars? How many refrigerators? ”In fact, we already produce enough of them, rather we can say that there could be fewer machines (public transport needs to be developed), and in general the reason for imbalances lies not in the sphere of quantitative indicators, but in the sphere quality.

We incorrectly distribute, we do not have the correct stereotype of the social matrix, having seated on our necks a class of croaks, consuming several dozen times more than the rules of expediency and rationality dictate.

But quantitative growth is a category that should gradually fade into the background, as unimportant, because the success of any “adult organism” cannot be determined by the growth of its body. A person, for example, can grow up to a maximum of 25 years, and then his growth is already an anomaly, and since the body continues to rapidly change its characteristics, it means that it hurts obesity, or other unhealthy illness (as, for example, the current US economy, which is is an absurdly expanding bubble).

Parameters such as environmental friendliness of production, coefficient of parameters of social equality, provision of people with affordable education, etc., etc., should now come to the forefront, there are many reasonable criteria, and stupid to be equal to quantitative growth is already unreasonable

No, of course, for countries such as Indonesia, or Malaysia, quantitative growth will still be relevant for several decades, but even there the process will not last forever.

It is not necessary to jump in width, but in height, and if we undertake to dig, then we must dig deep into it, and not imitate the work, making a wide, large foundation pit.

Summarizing, I will say that the main idea of ​​my note consisted of two points.

First: Russia now could easily live without so-called “oil money”, since it would simply introduce fair tax legislation and stop “self-indulgence," when you can even talk like: “Oh, you want to raise taxes then I will take my capital abroad! ”

The second, and most importantly, perhaps is that the current management system and “business” is hardly curable and can improve to the extent that it is a kind of healthy organism suitable for the development of the country and its qualitative growth. The parasitic system of our “successful class” is critical, this “class” cannot, or rather, cannot benefit Russia, because it has robbed it, fears retribution, and therefore hates the country and its people, constantly shouting nastiness and curses.

The Russian “successful class” is for the country what the US is for the world, that is, a parasitic growth that aggressively pulls juices. And the connection of our “successful class” with the Washington system of the world order is critical, because changes in the world and in our country are possible only after a “revolutionary” collapse in the system of world order, after the domination of the absurd American-centric system has ceased.

I will not curse Putin for what he is doing, because he is still trying to somehow soften the system of plundering the country's riches with a "successful class", trying to somehow streamline and rein in this process ... but there is no reason to persuade this disease, we must get rid of it altogether, permanently, creating completely new conditions, or rather a new system, when dramatic social inequality will be eliminated, when the qualitative characteristics of development, not quantitative, come to the fore.

The reality must return to the socialist rails, and I think that it will inevitably be forced to do this, because the current world order is collapsing, or rather, already rushing, using the energy of inflating its bubbles. But when it cracks, it goes peddling, then it will be necessary not to delay, but to build a completely new model.

Although, nothing new, in general, nothing particularly inconceivable - read Marx, read Plekhanov, read Lenin, after all.

And with Russia, everything is fine, everything was fine, and everything will be fine. And it has oil, gas and helicopters with Kamaz, refrigerators, and everything else, the main thing is to remove parasitic organisms from the body of society, and then Russia will again grow actively, and qualitatively, first of all.
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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 April 3 2013 06: 38 New
    in fact, the profit from petrodollars remains in the west - we invest in foreign economies ... this is not right, we need to invest better in agriculture ... in our industry ... then, in fact, everything will be better with us
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 3 2013 07: 17 New
      Quote: Sasha 19871987
      in fact, profit from petrodollars remains in the west

      and how much in% of the total profit from oil do we invest in the West, as you say? You don’t even know the numbers at all, but you hint that almost everything goes to the West.
      and why pensions and the defense industry, social workers and everything else is subsidized? again a magic wand or a tablecloth?
      is this chart why it’s suddenly growing up? Isn’t it the help of the same oil (it’s good that we have it)? It’s just inappropriately for me to cite Japan or Germany, which have no oil, already got it!
      1. Soldier
        Soldier April 3 2013 07: 29 New
        I started reading the article and at first I thought that the author is Eugene. Everything is wonderful with us.
        1. esaul
          esaul April 3 2013 07: 41 New
          I greet you, Eugene and Alexander. hi
          You shouldn’t be so, Sasha
          Quote: Armeec
          . that the author is you Eugene. Everything is so wonderful with us.

          Just the author does not in any way hang out shiny tinsel, but tries to analyze and explore. And if you do not like his optimism, then - do not blame me - if his conclusions do not suit you. Well, and about, it’s NOT such a total and irreversible dependence of our economy on the oil and gas sector, about this here, about five days ago, an article was laid out with the opinion of Western economists. Do not be lazy - go through, look ...
          1. baltika-18
            baltika-18 April 3 2013 09: 16 New
            Quote: esaul
            Just the author does not in any way hang out shiny tinsel, but tries to analyze and explore. And if you do not like his optimism, then - do not blame me - if his conclusions do not suit you.

            Valery hi
            The author’s analysis is somewhat one-sided.
            He thinks to me, if he really wanted to explore this topic, it was necessary to consider the structure of our exports.
            I also do not agree that our needle is purely oil, it is very diverse. The raw material component of exports is very large - 68,4% or 271 mln.dollars
            Second place metals - 12,8% or $ 50,5 billion
            The third place is production of the chemical industry - 6,2% -24,5 billion $
            Fourth place machinery and equipment -5,4% -21,5 billion. $
            Fifth place wood-2.4% -9,6 billion. $
            Sixth place agricultural products and food-2,2% -8,8 billion. $
            What follows from this?
            It follows that our commodity-type economy is very dependent. The author is a little disingenuous and considers this topic a little biased.
            But what I agree with the author is that the economy needs to be launched along socialist tracks. As Zhirik says, "definitely."
            1. Forget
              Forget April 3 2013 10: 47 New
              Quote: baltika-18
              Fifth place wood-2.4% -9,6 billion. $

              You will somehow reduce the export of wood, cut them down less, without your forests Kazakhstan will have little moisture and will be very hot, as the forests draw moisture into the depths of Asia ...
              1. baltika-18
                baltika-18 April 3 2013 13: 10 New
                Quote: Forget
                You will somehow reduce the export of wood, cut them down less, without your forests Kazakhstan will have little moisture and will be very hot, as the forests draw moisture into the depths of Asia ...

                Darling, it’s good, I would gladly, but not in my power, stop the lawlessness.
                I dare to assure that in the near future with plantings in Russia, both thieves and crooks, and new forests will be adjusted. hi
            2. Nick
              Nick April 3 2013 20: 38 New
              Quote: baltika-18
              The author’s analysis is somewhat one-sided.
              He thinks to me, if he really wanted to explore this topic, it was necessary to consider the structure of our exports.

              You are not quite right, Nikolai. The author considers the structure of the Russian economy, and this does not quite coincide with the structure of exports. After all, we produce not only for export, but also for the domestic market.
              The author is right that the structure of the economy of the Russian Federation as a whole looks quite balanced. There are no industries that form the country's GDP by 30-40%, in contrast to the structure of the Russian budget.
              Here are the data for 2011 (for 2012 there are no data yet).

              Sectoral structure of Russia's GDP (according to data for 2011 year): [12]

              Agriculture and forestry, fishing - 3,6%
              Mining operations - 9,1%
              Manufacturing industry - 13,6%
              Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water - 3,2%
              Construction - 5,5%
              Trade - 16,2%
              Transport and communications - 7,5%
              Education and healthcare - 5,7%
              Finance and services - 14,0%
              Public Administration and Military Security - 5,0%
              Product taxes - 15,1%
      2. kris
        kris April 3 2013 15: 13 New
        However, over the past twelve years, the country has already managed to partially recover, since the 2000 of the year it has shown a threefold increase in per capita GDP.

        and the author is lying!

    2. nakaz
      nakaz April 3 2013 13: 48 New
      The author painted everything very competently. A huge plus for him for this. I really hope that Putin understands everything and slowly promotes all these ideas in life.
  2. Fox
    Fox April 3 2013 06: 39 New
    the author gently, so led to the idea that socialism is needed ... but it’s so obvious. only where under socialism to add 6 million officials? jurists and economists, who the fuck are not needed? and statistics, they are "a crafty thing."
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim April 3 2013 06: 51 New
      Quote: Fox
      only where under socialism to attach 6 million. officials?

      To eternal hard labor!
      1. Pit
        Pit April 3 2013 06: 59 New
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        To eternal hard labor!

        Well, you are so categorical, you can call it work for the good of the motherland.
          GELEZNII_KAPUT April 3 2013 08: 10 New
          For some, labor is for the good of the motherland, and for whom hard labor! laughing
          1. atalef
            atalef April 3 2013 13: 48 New
            Quote: GELEZNII_KAPUT
            For some, labor is for the good of the motherland, and for whom hard labor!

            This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the fourth international conference on economic and social development, which is being held in Moscow.
            According to her, "today 86 million people are of working age." “Unfortunately, our labor market is practically not legitimized today. In sectors that we see and understand, only 48 million people are employed. Everyone else is not clear where they are busy, what they are doing, how busy they are, ”Golodets quoted Interfax as saying.
            “These people create serious problems for the whole society,” the Deputy Prime Minister is sure.
            In addition, Golodets believes that in terms of qualifications in most specialties, Russia lags behind the world level by 20 years.
            “This is not an empty phrase. We literally lag behind in most specialties, if not all, by 20 years from the world labor market. It is very important for society to participate in the preparation of standards. Standards should be around 800 ", -
            1. Oleg1986
              Oleg1986 April 3 2013 16: 28 New
              If this star with ears has not yet understood that officials and bribe-takers create problems for society, then it is useless to feel sorry for her.
      2. baltika-18
        baltika-18 April 3 2013 09: 24 New
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        To eternal hard labor!

        A very sound proposal by the way .....
        Just not for hard labor, I think, but for community service for a minimum wage.
        Send migrant workers to their homeland, and officials instead of them clean up yards and trash.
        We will teach others to manage the state, since these, apart from their own pockets, are not interested in anything.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 3 2013 07: 22 New
      Quote: Fox
      ? jurists and economists, who the fuck are not needed?

      Stalin at one time employed millions, quickly and efficiently!
      1. mda
        mda April 3 2013 20: 04 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Stalin at one time employed millions, quickly and efficiently!

        There were no “democratizers" at that time.
      2. Nick
        Nick April 3 2013 21: 49 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Stalin at one time employed millions, quickly and efficiently!

        Well, firstly, Stalin himself was a good macroeconomist, proof of this is the gigantic growth of industry and economy in the pre-war and post-war years, and without qualified lawyers, you can create competent fair laws. So, I would not get excited and used highly qualified specialists for their intended purpose. From the point of view of an economist, this is more beneficial for the country and society.
  3. treskoed
    treskoed April 3 2013 07: 22 New
    Quote: And with Russia, everything is fine, everything was fine, and everything will be fine. And she has oil, and gas, and helicopters with Kamaz trucks, refrigerators, and everything else,
    As can be seen from the quote - in the first place is still oil and gas, and then? Helicopters are already in the Kremlin Italian, KamAZ less and less, different Volvo, skaniya, etc., And what are the Russian refrigerators? I can’t even name the brand.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 3 2013 07: 51 New
      Quote: treskoed
      KAMAZ is less and less

      how less?
      In 2012, KAMAZ increased production by 7,1% in annual terms to 51355 machine sets, the company said.

      More than 47,3 thousand KamAZ trucks were delivered to customers, of which almost 41 thousand units were delivered to the Russian market, and more than 6,4 thousand units were exported.

      everything else you can find on the site is done with us.
      1. treskoed
        treskoed April 3 2013 08: 00 New
        I mean the relative ratio. Look at the roads - where are those kamazs?
        1. antiaircrafter
          antiaircrafter April 3 2013 09: 05 New
          Quote: treskoed
          where are those kamaz?

          In the army.
  4. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 3 2013 07: 32 New
    I hope no one will deny the important role of oil dollars in Russia. Our budget even depends on the projected price of oil.
  5. Sirocco
    Sirocco April 3 2013 07: 47 New
    The same can be said about most African countries, the bowels of which are sometimes fabulously rich, but if something is mined there, then, at best, by foreign "players" who put all their profits in their pocket, barbarously polluting land and water. The topic is raised by the author, much deeper. They are trying to make us with the help of the modern education system, as stupid and mediocre as some of the people of Africa who are gagged with a bottle of water and a cup of rice. In the meantime, people are busy chewing on these products, modern entrepreneurs have us from all sides. After all, a stupid, hungry, and dependent herd is easier to manage. And it’s precisely the class of throats that parasitize on oil excess profits, it is he who takes advantage of this unique situation for the country This is an open secret, an already hackneyed record. The question is different, WHEN will put an end to this robbery of the population. If you drop this topic a little deeper, that is, a vivid example, according to the situation on the railway periphery, they buy coal at boiler houses at a high price, and deliver it mildly to say BAD, but at a lower cost, they cut the difference. They supply gasoline-powered power tools, etc. to railway at prices 3-4 times higher than market prices. The owner of this railway manager is the son of Yakunin. The same thing happens in the education system (in Uchsnab prices for TV Comp. And other equipment) Prices are more than doubled. Lately, the lazy did not write about Medicine. The same notorious kickbacks and cut. With this optimization, everyone was bullied, states are being cut, jobs are increasing for people, and the salary is the same, or even less. One is added, bonuses and other benefits are cut. And screaming all over the country, we added, and raised the salary. If a voice is voiced about injustice, then everything, there is God, and there is a threshold. angry Who are we kidding ???? What is it? and how to deal with all this? In Russia, the entire management system is rotten. And it is really necessary for the STATE to take control of the entire management system. Otherwise, Swamp mushrooms will multiply on this rotten soil. It has very suitable soil. Otherwise, good luck to us, not to be seen. Our song is good, start from the beginning.
  6. pinecone
    pinecone April 3 2013 07: 59 New
    A myth, or not a myth, but the ruble exchange rate is directly related to the world price for a barrel of oil calculated in US dollars.
  7. atalef
    atalef April 3 2013 08: 18 New
    Why try to portray what is not. Everyone perfectly saw and knows the consequences of falling oil prices (during the crisis years) and their impact on the Russian economy. The most interesting thing is that the government does not hide this and speaks in plain text, in the case of a price in the 70-75 region of dollars per barrel, the budget will not be fulfilled and it will have to either do sequestration or climb into the stabilization fund.
    The rest is your tales. because a drop in oil prices of only 25% makes Russia's budget in its current form unfeasible. And this is not a secret either.
    Therefore, without fairy tales about addiction, not addiction. Oil and only oil makes the main budget of Russia.
    This is what DAM said
    Medvedev: The share of oil and gas revenues of the Russian budget should be reduced
    The share of oil and gas revenues in the budget of Russia should not exceed one quarter to ensure the desired level of economic diversification countries. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with the Brazilian television channel Globo, RIA Novosti reported.

    “We need to get rid of this dependence, at least to get into a situation where only a quarter of the revenues will be generated from oil and gas supplies. It seems to me that this will be a good level of diversification of the Russian economy,” he said.

    At least up to 25% must be reduced, and this is what there is
    According to Medvedev, withNow a little less than 50 percent of state budget revenues is created by exporting raw materialsincluding hydrocarbons, oil and gas. For the Russian economy, this is "too much degree of dependence." The Prime Minister added that if only a quarter of the revenues will be generated from oil and gas exports, "this will already be a good level of diversification of the Russian economy."

    those. the real (non-commodity) sector of the economy, tax collection should be increased by at least (the entire collection - 230 billion from oil and gas) by 115 billion. - and this is from tax collection, i.e. the real sector should increase in turnover by at least 500-600 billion dollars (since taxes from the real sector are orders of magnitude lower than taxes from commodity companies).
    You can comment. due to which it is possible to find (earn) 500-600 billion of the real sector (so that the necessary amount of taxes can be removed from it) and reduce dependence on oil.
    An article is wandering in the clouds and posing as wishful thinking.
    By the way, now I found it in Leontief’s article
    But what kind of aberration, if oil, in contrast to not so significant gas, gives in Russia about 30% of export earnings? Gas - 12%, petroleum products - 28%, and the total volume of export of products of the fuel and energy sector of Russia amounted to 69,8% at the end of last year? It’s not difficult to count. The budget is filled with oil and oil products, and in a clear understanding of this, it seems, Miller’s “semi-criminal nature” is being revealed. As for Leontyev’s expressive arguments, it’s ridiculous to even try to justify the profitability of gas production by the profitability of oil production. Hurry, as they say, you make people laugh.

    Some contradiction with your (author) calculations - don't you find?
    1. amp
      amp April 3 2013 09: 07 New
      1. Oil makes about 50% of the budget, not the main budget. (What does this term mean? lol ) 2. Just because in Russia very low personal income tax oil plays such a significant role. If taxes are raised to the European level, oil will play a much smaller role.
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 April 4 2013 03: 58 New
        Does it seem to you that you pay little tax? do you want to pay more? As some people like to take out the economy by increasing taxes on citizens, offer to cut back on social payments.
        Any tax increase will immediately lead to a sharp increase in prices. As a result, those who are engaged in business will invest their taxes anyway with the cost of products and services, and in the end we will pay all the tax increases. This is the ABC, is it really not clear.
    2. Avenger711
      Avenger711 April 3 2013 09: 25 New
      That's honest, you?
      Of course, it will be shitty if budget revenues fall by a few percent, no matter for what reason, the budget planned to the eyeballs will have to be reduced, but with what fright should we allow the excess of hundreds of billions to be left with us?
  8. Doctor Evil
    Doctor Evil April 3 2013 08: 47 New
    The fact that we can trade in oil (gas, hemp, timber) and other raw materials is not an evil, but a blessing. The whole congestion is what happens with the money received from the sale. They can be used to develop industry, thereby reducing dependence on You can give raw materials oligarchs. You can invest in the notorious Stabilization funds and other offshore companies. You can build new pipelines to pump even more to all four corners of the world and rejoice. You can build nothing and tremble with fear, but what about the prices of raw materials will fall. Maybe ... You know, I still have so many different ideas!
  9. amp
    amp April 3 2013 09: 01 New
    Just recently, the EU took and printed a billion euros. To earn a billion, Russia must sell oil and gas for several years.
    And this money will mainly go to Western banks. That is, in fact, we are selling, but we almost do not get money for it, and looking at Cyprus we may never get it.

    Conclusions: 1. enough to keep money in unreliable western banks, 2. enough to sell oil for dollars and euros.
  10. Avenger711
    Avenger711 April 3 2013 09: 19 New
    In fact, the only difference between socialism and capitalism is that under socialism, out of every million people created by labor, 5% of the population with the highest incomes will leave that way 100-150 thousand, and under capitalism all 500 thousand that will be spent on yachts, premium cars and other crap that has nothing to do with improving the living standards of the population.
  11. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 April 3 2013 09: 30 New
    I agree only that there is no other way than the socialist one, and a planned state economy is the most effective, provided that smart professionals will lead it. So in a market economy, the same thing any business falling into the hands of a fool or amateur will certainly fall apart.
    But the fact that today in Russia an efficient economy is a clear delusion. there are only a few industries where industry has not crumbled, but this is not thanks, but contrary to the financial policies of our economic elite. When compared not with such impoverished (in the sense of natural resources) countries like Italy, (The most basic thing is that Russia has already surpassed France and Britain, in terms of GDP (i.e., in terms of economy), and of course left behind Italy, Mexico, Brazil and others, as, for example, the rapidly growing Indonesia, whose population is more than widowed than the Russian) and others, then with the enormous wealth of both natural resources and human (in the sense of mental potential), should Russia really have such an industry as it is now? I'm so sure that 10 times more powerful and modern. That is why this is not happening? Everything is simple, the country is ruled by stupid officials, for whom everything in our country should work only on their pockets, industry, especially its global development and modernization, requires very smart, prospectively thinking managers, we just do not have such authorities.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 01: 19 New
      Quote: vladsolo56
      we have just such authorities

      But don’t you want to go to manage? You look right away and the industry you are talking about will appear ... It’s good to build projects, right? Even when you don’t have to answer to anyone, sit, sweep your tongue, knock on the keyboard "Ah, how ugly! Ugly they are all in power! That's how it is, I say!" ... And in Russia they always said- "Housekeeping, don’t shake the guys!" ... So we stop giving valuable instructions, and we begin to be proud of our country together and wish it every day success and prosperity !!!
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 April 4 2013 03: 51 New
        I see you consider yourself smarter than everyone. But I didn’t express my opinion, there are more famous people and specialists in a particular field. If you are interested, for example, look for the opinions and analytics of Professor Gubanov S. or Musin M. But if they are not authorities for you, then I won’t argue, it makes no sense.
  12. evgenii67
    evgenii67 April 3 2013 10: 14 New
    Hello everyone! We need a powerful industry so that there is industry, it is necessary to build new factories, enterprises and modernize old ones, develop machine tools, to do all this, we need to provide enterprises with specialists, and for this we need to improve the education system so that there are not only lawyers in the country.
  13. rennim
    rennim April 3 2013 11: 53 New
    The article is aimed at the next brainwashing ... in order to show how everything became very cool with us ... Everyone again blamed on Yeltsin and again the poor man was accused of all sins. It is understandable ... the dead do not say.
    About the "growth of the economy" in a single city I can say ... I will not say its name. I will say that this is a city located near Moscow and is the regional capital. I myself am engaged in the manufacturing sector. And since 2000, the remnants of the strongest manufacturing enterprises have completely bent. Maybe only the car factory is still working ... Engineering and working people find it hard today to find work. Only sales companies are around ... I worked at the RAO UES branch. After Putin waved to Chubais the collapse of radioactive waste, tens of thousands of highly qualified power engineers remained on the street ... Konakovskaya hydroelectric power station ... the largest in Europe ... sold to Italians ... with a reduction in workers. An excavator plant also sunk into the summer ... Today on the shops only the wind walks ... But I forgot ... we opened a new production for bottling drinks and weighing tea and coffee ... Everything is like in a banana republic ..
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 01: 24 New
      Quote: rennim
      .Excavator plant also sunk into the summer.

      Firstly, "Sunk into oblivion" (the river of oblivion from the ancients), and secondly, DO NOT LIE !!! You are not one of the "I will not say where" and also know the situation, sir .... And you I declare again-you are lying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. pantech15
    pantech15 April 3 2013 14: 22 New
    the author of the article is partly right indeed in recent years, and we are witnesses to this so that part of the enterprises that were not completely destroyed in 90 restore work at least in our provinces and I do not argue that the raw materials sector plays an important role in the economy, but we only have to admit that not such a part in the budget as in the 90s, but what about the fact that our economy is a raw material and here they attribute metallurgy, agricultural, and chemical industry, believe that even the greenest countries are in Finland. and scientific opportunities would open such production
  15. mr.Net
    mr.Net April 3 2013 16: 41 New
    the author of this garbage is putinoid
    1. MVS
      MVS April 3 2013 17: 02 New
      Quote: mr.Net
      the author of this garbage is putinoid

      Would you be pleased if something similar were written under your comment? Why insult the author?
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 01: 28 New
      Quote: mr.Net
      the author of this garbage is putinoid

      And the author of this post (to put it mildly) is a narrow-minded and knowing nothing !!
  16. mr.Net
    mr.Net April 3 2013 17: 08 New
    Quote: MVS
    Quote: mr.Net
    the author of this garbage is putinoid

    Would you be pleased if they wrote under your comment: "the author of this comment is a liberalist"? Why call names and have a kindergarten?

    Add: "putinoid schizophrenic." That's better?
    1. MVS
      MVS April 3 2013 17: 16 New
      Even if a person is wrong, this is not a reason to insult him.
      1. optimist
        optimist April 3 2013 18: 14 New
        I am glad that the concept of "putinoid" has already become an insult. Article, another cheap chatter. And no matter how many “tsifiri” such AFFTors bring, I will not trust them, but my still good-seeing eyes. And these eyes tell me that in the 100000th town in which I live, out of 5 large union-level enterprises, NOT ONE remained. And 90% of the business is FUCKING TRADERS. And the same x ... nya throughout the country. Remember 2008: oil fell, and the whole of Russia became cancer. So over the past 22 years, the West has achieved its goal: the Russian Federation is a "banana" country. Which should sell resources for American candy wrappers (which in America and cobble together), and not curry favor ...
        1. Tverichanka
          Tverichanka April 4 2013 01: 36 New
          Quote: optimist
          Remember 2008: oil fell, and the whole of Russia became cancer.

          And in our town (only 30 thousand inhabitants) no one stood like you with cancer, we did not feel the crisis of 2008. We paid pensions and salaries to state employees on time, the electrical equipment factory worked and still works in the town next to it, they restore the huge military-industrial complex, which almost died back in the 90s. The first order was already made and sent to Khabarovsk to the Sukhoi plant ... Near the border of the Moscow region, the defense plants that were destroyed in the 90s were also raised there ... .Add, we are also about 100-120 km from Moscow ...
        2. MVS
          MVS April 4 2013 11: 53 New
          Quote: optimist
          Remember 2008: oil fell, and the whole of Russia became cancer

          Personally, I don’t remember that. At this time, factories began to work with us.
    2. mda
      mda April 3 2013 20: 09 New
      Quote: mr.Net
      Add: "putinoid schizophrenic." That's better?

      Yes-ahhh ... as I understand it, you are either a liberal-senile or a purchased liberal.
  17. smart ass
    smart ass April 3 2013 18: 37 New
    We give oil and gas ...and we have freshly printed green pieces of paper .... there really is nothing to be proud of!
  18. ImPerts
    ImPerts April 3 2013 20: 04 New
    Good article
    What will follow the demise of the petrodollar?
    When the dance called “arms control” ends, America may soon start a waltz with another partner, whose name is World War III.
    The winds of change blow over our entire once great country of “equal opportunities.” Now America is just an empty shell of what it once was. Even the blind can see what lies ahead. Globalists are making their move.
    To date, bankers have raked in the United States the maximum possible number of physical assets. This is a race against time, because the economic bomb laid down by Wall Street in 2008 is ready to explode, and the currency is on the verge of collapse. Consequently, America, driven into a desperate situation, will be drawn into a war of aggression in order to preserve the little that remains of its economic destiny.
  19. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m April 3 2013 21: 02 New
    I proved a little higher that in terms of quantitative indicators of the general economic level, Russia, in fact, is quite successful
    The evidence base is weak.
    As for the increase in taxes - raise the data on how many IPs have closed recently in connection with their increase.
  20. nod739
    nod739 April 3 2013 21: 04 New
    Quote: djon3volta

    Quote: treskoed
    KAMAZ is less and less
    how less?

    I do trucking to intercity
    in 2010 he traveled from Moscow to Yekaterinburg (more precisely, 200 km further) and back by car
    from idleness, oncoming wagons began to be considered ...
    The original, unfortunately of that sheet, has already been lost, but the memory turned out to be something like this:
    MAZ -25-30%
    Volvo -20-25
    Scania -15-20
    Fredliner -15-20 (% higher above the Urals)-slightly less than Scania
    DAF, MAN approximately equally in the amount of 10-15
    IVECO - a little over 5%
    Mercedes, less than 5%
    KAMAZ - closing

    the only thing I can say is that Kamaz trucks with wagons on the highway are rare, there are more on short shoulders, in Chelyabinsk too there are a lot of airborne on the oncoming lane - every 3rd car

    PS this is not a study - this is two days behind the wheel, two days due to oncoming trucks by the navigator))
  21. nod739
    nod739 April 3 2013 21: 23 New
    Quote: atalef
    Why try to portray what is not. Everyone perfectly saw and knows the consequences of falling oil prices (during the crisis years) and their impact on the Russian economy.

    in crisis years, i.e. the second half of the 90s, the level of industry in a few years has fallen by more than two times, and then, as luck would have it, the barrel has fallen in price ....
    two troubles layered, to a tangle of troubles from reformers

    Quote: atalef
    But what kind of aberration, if oil, in contrast to not so significant gas, gives in Russia about 30% of export earnings? Gas - 12%, petroleum products - 28%, and the total export of Russian energy products amounted to 69,8% last year?

    in addition to oil and gas, COAL is also included in the fuel and energy complex - and for export it is more than 100 million tons, (with a total production of more than 300) certainly not AUSTRALIA INDONESIA, but nonetheless
  22. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun April 3 2013 21: 24 New
    The criterion for a successful economy is illegal migrants)))

    They come to us - it means that it’s better with us)))

    But in reality - our economy is perverse, a huge gray sector.

    I would not be surprised if it amounts to one third to half of GDP. And if he came out of the shade?
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 01: 47 New
      Quote: Enot-poloskun
      huge gray sector

      Guys, dear ones! Answer me, who created the gray sector of the economy, eh? Are not our brothers, sisters, neighbors, classmates? No? And it seems to me, “Yes.” Well, we are calling everyone to honesty, and tail and mane of power, and then what are we going into gray schemes? Who is sawing the budget? In each city, village? Who? The answer is "officials" - not a credit !!! These officials came from? And from there, our classmates, neighbors and other and other ... Isn’t that so? Let’s not blame the mirror if the face is crooked !!! And then the cops are rubbish, officials are rubbish! And they, by the way, did not fly from Mars to us.
  23. nod739
    nod739 April 3 2013 21: 30 New
    Quote: amp
    2. Just because Russia has a very low personal income tax

    in order to pay personal income tax, you need to accrue salary from profits, which are also taxed and still entail VAT
    total for the paid 1 ruble of salary, the employer gives at least so much in the form of taxes, + regional budgets
    and by the way, for some reason, in the same Moscow, the amount goes to the local budget at times more than the federal one! and the defense of the country, as I understand it, is paid from the federal.

    Threat and by the way the population of Indonesia is not more than twice as large as the Russian, but only 1,5, and this is not counting migrants whom no one considers - the ratio will be even less
  24. darksoul
    darksoul April 3 2013 22: 16 New
    The news includes so constantly new programs for the supply of energy resources there and there .... at the end they really say "and concluded an agreement on cooperation in innovative technologies." It may not be an oil needle, but a dragging away of national wealth (resources) throughout the country, how sad it is. We in Krasnodar ...... all production collapsed ... there were so many factories .... now these premises are for shopping centers and warehouses for traders. I would like to think that this is not so ... but not blind ..... everyone sees eyes .......... ((((
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka April 4 2013 01: 51 New
      Quote: darksoul
      . eyes see everything ..

      And to such eyes "seeing everything" would still have a head to compare, analyze, think and BE ABLE to draw conclusions .... For this my "mi sorry". Do not be offended ...
  25. a jacket
    a jacket April 4 2013 00: 43 New
    Quote: nakaz
    The author painted everything very competently. A huge plus for him for this. I really hope that Putin understands everything and slowly promotes all these ideas in life.

    Strongly agree.
  26. stranik72
    stranik72 April 4 2013 03: 29 New
    I categorically disagree with the author of the article, the criterion of barrel per capita from the evil one and even if you take that 1 bar = 165 kg, 12, 8 X for 147 million people, we get about 200 million tons of oil per year. Under the USSR, the maximum amounted to 137 million tons in 1979 during the construction of Olympic facilities and the population of the USSR at that time was about 300 million people. In addition, due to which sector of the economy is our GDP formed, it is mainly correct to trade in energy resources and some other resources. The share of industrial production is about 9% plus services to the population, and a little over 30%; everything else is vodka, tobacco, construction. All gentlemen, yes, there is a certain growth compared to the beginning of the 2000s, but that’s all, and prospects are science, technology personnel where they are. Everything is right there in the kit, so it's too early to slap your cheeks and get excited .. NOTHING.
  27. Sling
    Sling April 4 2013 15: 26 New
    Great article. I hope it is so !!