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North Korea's nuclear program

In light of recent developments regarding the DPRK’s nuclear program, it is once again coming to the forefront of international politics. The official statements of official Pyongyang, which follow one another almost every day, only add fuel to the fire. 30 March DPRK announced that its relations with South Korea "entered the military phase," and all problems will now be solved "as in wartime." If we take into account these formulations that North Korea has in fact declared war on its southern neighbor. At the same time, officially both parties to the conflict more than 60-year-old of the peace treaty had not previously signed.

However, the Republic of Korea is not inclined to over-dramatize the situation. DPRK statements in Seoul are regarded as a continuation of the policy of verbal blackmail. The South Korean Ministry of Defense confirmed the fact that there were no signs of preparation for an attack and unusual troop movements in the northern neighbor’s troops. At the same time, a few days ago, the head of the DPRK tourism organization, who visited China, assured the concerned Chinese tour operators that “there would be no war,” urging them to send “as many tourists as possible” to Juche Country. It is worth noting that the five-day excursions in the DPRK with a visit to the cities of Pyongyang, Kaesong, Wonsan, and the Kymgansan mountains cost almost 1000 dollars. In a country that is experiencing an acute shortage of foreign currency, tourism is very important.

Nuclear program of the DPRK

The DPRK is one of the first countries in the Asia-Pacific region, which launched secret work on the mastery of military nuclear technology. This is largely due to the situation that developed on the Korean Peninsula after the end of the Second World War and which resulted in the full-scale Korean war 1950-1953 between the North and the South. The US and its allies, as well as the PRC and the USSR, were drawn into this military campaign. The deployment of American troops and an arsenal of American tactical nuclear forces in South Korea contributed to maintaining tension in the region. weapons sea ​​and air basing. At one time, the leadership of North Korea had serious concerns that in the course of a possible military conflict on the peninsula, these weapons could go into action.
North Korea's nuclear program

The first ruler of the DPRK, Kim Il Sung, attached great importance to nuclear rocket research. He was one of the first leaders of the third world countries to evaluate the potential of a new weapon and, despite a large number of difficulties, began to seek possession of it. The first clear lesson was taught to him by the USA when they launched nuclear strikes on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These field tests of the new weapon made a stunning impression on him. And they vividly demonstrated to the future North Korean leader that nuclear weapons are not a “paper tiger” and their use for military purposes can be crucial in achieving victory over the enemy. Kim Il Sung received a second lesson during the Korean War, when the US military and political leadership seriously considered the possibility of launching nuclear strikes against North Korea. It is worth noting that the DPRK leader turned out to be a diligent student and the creation of their own nuclear weapons has become one of the main programs of the DPRK for many decades.

The active start of work on the nuclear program can be considered the establishment of a research center in Yongbyon in 1964, where, along with research in the field of nuclear energy, military-applied research soon began. This center was founded with the direct support of the USSR. Already in 1965, the first research reactor IRT-2000, with a capacity of 2 MW, was commissioned here. Since 1985, the construction of another nuclear reactor began in Yongbyon, this time its capacity should have been 50 MW. Also in the Thonchon region, the construction of a 200 MW reactor was launched. According to experts, these reactors have a dual purpose.

The nuclear program in the DPRK is directly headed by the Ministry of Atomic Industry, which is part of the State Administrative Council (Cabinet). Today, when the design of the simplest nuclear warheads has ceased to be a secret, the most critical element of military nuclear programs is obtaining the required amount of fissile material - plutonium or highly enriched uranium. For its nuclear program, North Korea has chosen plutonium as the main basic fissile material. That is why the information on how much weapons-grade plutonium North Korea currently has has the greatest practical value.

At the same time, the high secrecy and secrecy of North Korean society does not provide an opportunity to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Therefore, here you can only rely on the information of the special services, which was transmitted to the media and the results of approximate calculations. So, for example, to determine the approximate amount of plutonium produced in reactors, experts often use the following simple relationship: during the day, a working reactor is able to produce 1 grams of plutonium per megawatt of its capacity. Based on this, the 5 MW reactor in Yongbyon is able to produce an 5 gr. plutonium per day or up to 1,8 kg. per year, and the 50 megawatt reactor is already up to 20 kg. plutonium per year, which is enough to make 4-5 nuclear weapons.

Over the past decades, the DPRK has been working to create an extensive nuclear infrastructure, which includes not only research, but also manufacturing enterprises. At present, the general public knows the location of the main nuclear facilities of the DPRK.

Location of North Korean nuclear infrastructure

It is actually the main center for the design and manufacture of nuclear weapons. Atomic Energy Research Center, which includes: Institute of Nuclear Electronics, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Institute of Radiation Chemistry, Institute of Isotopes, Radiochemical Laboratory, Critical Assembly with 0,1 MW and also 3 Reactor: 5 with Thermal Reactor MW and 8 MW reactor. The center also has a nuclear fuel plant, an isotope processing plant, and an explosive device testing ground.
Nuclear facilities in Yongbyon

Suncheon, Ungi, Khunnam
Existing uranium mines.

Uranium processing plant, obtaining UO2 - uranium dioxide.

Nuclear Energy Research Center.

The operating uranium mine and the concentrating enterprise, the research center of an atomic energy. Presumably in this center are developing nuclear weapons.

Uranium dioxide production, Uranium ore mining and processing plant.

Atomic Energy Research Center and Pkhenson University of Science.

College of Nuclear Physics as part of the University of Technology. Kim Chkhek and the College of Nuclear Physics at Kim Il Sung University.

University of Chemical Industry, is engaged in training specialists in the field of processing of nuclear materials.

An analysis of North Korea’s nuclear infrastructure indicates a wide range of work in this area. At the same time, they cover all aspects of this rather complex scientific and technical problem. Attention is drawn to the fact that large research centers were established in the DPRK, which are able to conduct not only theoretical but also practical research in this field. In this case, the weakest link looks at the available production capacity of the DPRK to obtain weapons-grade plutonium. This deficiency is the main limiting factor for North Korea in the matter of accumulating its military nuclear arsenal.

North Korea joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in December 1985 of the year, but already in March of the year 1993 declared its desire to withdraw from it. However, the exit dragged on 10 for years, during which the DPRK, if you call a spade a spade, blackmailed the world community with this issue, using it as a trump card in its international politics. 11 January 2003 of the DPRK was formally freed from all NPT obligations.

10 February 2005 of the year North Korea for the first time officially recognized the fact of the existence of nuclear weapons of its own production. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, which noted that the DPRK's nuclear weapons are “the force of nuclear deterrence” and are “entirely defensive” in nature. October 9 The DPRK 2006 conducted the first underground test of a nuclear device. According to the information of Russian specialists, the capacity of the underground explosion was 10-15 kt.

Under pressure from the world community, the DPRK suspended its nuclear program on 3 of the year, but eventually resumed its 14 on April of 2009. At the request of North Korea, the IAEA inspectors left the country. 25 May 2009 of the DPRK conducted a second nuclear test. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the power of the tested nuclear charge ranged from 10 to 20 CT. Also in May 2010, the DPRK announced successes in thermonuclear fusion, which could increase the power of its nuclear weapons by a hundred times.

At the end of 2012, the South Korean Ministry of Defense released the White Paper, which provided expert opinions from both South Korea and the United States on the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear program. Having analyzed the images from space, the experts stated that the DPRK has other enrichment facilities other than a large center in Yongbyon. Also in this book was information that North Korea has about 40 kg. weapons-grade plutonium, which was obtained by reprocessing spent fuel rods four times.

The third round of the DPRK's nuclear tests, which were carried out on February 12 of the year, contributed to the latest spiral of exacerbation of international tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The Russian special services rated the power of the blasted nuclear device in 2013 kt. After the third nuclear tests, the DPRK’s rhetoric became more aggressive and led to the escalation of the conflict between the two Koreas, so far only in the form of verbal attacks and threats.

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  1. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 2 2013 08: 31 New
    The idea of ​​developing a country that is designed solely on its own looks very commendable. Only comprehensive progress cannot be achieved. Of course, you can achieve significant heights in individual industries, for example, in medicine or the nuclear program, but in order to move forward confidently, the integration of several countries is needed. I heard the opinion that in such a block there should be at least 400 million people. I don’t know, I don’t know, but the children's fairy tale about one twig and a broom from twigs does not lose its relevance.
    As for the hysteria in the Korean Peninsula: Pyongyang wants to eat, a lot of resources are spent on the nuclear program and the army, and it puts pressure on its neighbors.
    1. Manager
      Manager April 2 2013 09: 52 New
      Quote: FC Skiff
      I don’t know, I don’t know, but the children's fairy tale about one twig and a broom from twigs does not lose its relevance.

      If the SCO were a real military alliance, and the great Ukry finally settled down, we would have already destroyed this NATU long ago.
      But so far we have only envious people and freeloaders like UZ, etc., whom it is not clear why we are pulling at all. As long as there is Ukry with its rotten government, while we do not have worthy politicians to build relations with China and India in the right direction, we will continue to be a superpower that exists only because of the presence of nuclear weapons. For even with such army reforms what is happening now, we do not have a counterweight to NATU.
      1. smprofi
        smprofi April 2 2013 13: 47 New
        Quote: Manager
        we would have NATU, would have long been morally destroyed

        and so - everyone in the district is to blame!
        interestnaya thought ...
        here, in particular:

        From 2001 to 2011, NATO deployed more than 100 thousand soldiers and officers with weapons, equipment and equipment to Afghanistan through Russian airspace.

        Ukry with its rotten government tossed?

        May 28, 2002 - adoption of the Declaration of the Heads of State and Government of the Russian Federation and NATO Member States in Rome, the establishment of the Russia-NATO Council.

        In June, the 2005 of the year at a meeting of the NRC at the level of ministers of defense approved the Political-Military Guidelines to increase the level of interoperability of troops (forces) of Russia and NATO countries, i.e. justified the transition of the Russian army to NATO standards and equipping with NATO military equipment.

        but about joint exercises with NATO and the same gringos separately, some exercises have become regular, you can no longer recall.

        and again ukry to blame?
      2. vitya29111973
        vitya29111973 April 2 2013 23: 54 New
        Quote: Manager
        we would have NATU, would have long been morally destroyed.

        Probably the pitchfork and ideas of Marxism-Leninism.
        Quote: Manager
        As long as there is Ukry with its rotten government,

        This rotten government from an old friendship has planted your rotten government for us.
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop April 3 2013 00: 56 New
      Quote: FC Skiff
      a lot of resources are spent on the nuclear program and the army

      A moot point. Under this program, NOTHING is purchased for currency, energy costs are not too large, staff salaries are even less so. Why is there a VERY BIG cost? And if there hadn’t been an army, the DPRK would not have existed for a long time, the degree of its readiness of the USA is monitored very carefully
    3. Grishka100watt
      Grishka100watt April 3 2013 13: 11 New
      I think he’s just not allowed to buy something to eat.
    4. SlavakharitonoV
      SlavakharitonoV April 5 2013 22: 34 New
      The important thing is that if the war in Korea starts number 2, then for someone it will be the last
  2. omsbon
    omsbon April 2 2013 09: 14 New
    The policy of blackmail and threats will not bring anything good to North Korea!
    1. FC SKIF
      FC SKIF April 2 2013 09: 21 New
      But before that they ate - they gave it, they will give it now. At my neighbors, a young child also knows that if you start blackmailing with whining, you will definitely be given candy. In both cases, this is a matter of upbringing.
      1. I think so
        I think so April 2 2013 18: 15 New
        Well, do not stoop to the primitive imposed on you by the same pin.dosami.
        Who told you that they were starving there? Jewish media? Or a geyropa? They live there not richly, but do not starve. And how can one live richly if:
        1. You are being blocked. Your ships inspect and delay. Your money is taken. Forbid ALL to trade with you.
        2. There is no oil and gas in your territory. Your territory is mountainous and has few arable land.
        Nevertheless, you have free training. Free medicine. Everyone has a job. The country launches satellites into space. Has a FREE army. It is developing nuclear weapons. He is developing rocket technology.

        And you repeat the primitive - they are starving ... as the Koreans themselves would not say. Rather, you are starving than they are. People who have a goal and want to work will not starve. But loafers and muddlers who have no purpose and are constantly listening to the overseas dadyu, even with unmeasured oil and gas resources, are not immune from this ...
        1. BruderV
          BruderV April 2 2013 22: 31 New
          Quote: I think so
          You are being blocked. Your ships inspect and delay. Your money is taken. Forbid ALL to trade with you. 2. There is no oil or gas in your territory. Your territory is mountainous and has few arable land.

          And for example, how can Vietnam carry out reforms and sew quietly sneakers for itself? It’s easier to create Keson industrial zone with money from the south and pump money from there for nuclear reactors and half the country to camps, huh? Sanctions imposed only because of the nuclear program. Why would the DPRK have a nuclear program if China had always stood behind it and the invasion didn’t threaten them anyway? What for? Hooligan like a child with matches? And now even China is trying to disown the autocratically grown mutant, so as not to feed him.
          1. piterkras
            piterkras April 3 2013 00: 46 New
            If you are used to being terpils, then what about the North Koreans? Eun does the right thing: he doesn’t get divorced from American antlers, he stands to the end, he knows that there is no war for China there. In fact, China through the DPRK is hinting to the United States that it is not worth it to get into the zone of influence of the Chinese. There, the Japs also vomited: they were sent.
        2. Grishka100watt
          Grishka100watt April 4 2013 00: 28 New
          Taki yes ....
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop April 3 2013 01: 00 New
      Quote: omsbon
      The policy of blackmail and threats will not bring anything good to North Korea!
      Do they have a REAL alternative? All attempts to negotiate between the two parts of Korea were tightly blocked by the United States
  3. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob April 2 2013 09: 41 New
    In any case, the stubbornness of the North Koreans deserves respect. He will be proud of in his story.
    1. BruderV
      BruderV April 2 2013 20: 46 New
      Quote: Yoon Clob
      In any case, the stubbornness of the North Koreans deserves respect. He will be proud of in his story.

      What is interesting? Another Tatar-Mongol yoke in a modern guise that does not give anything to the world, but only pumps out tribute from its neighbors and arms a horde of fanatics. If the Gopnik state is proud of you, then the road beyond the Iron Curtain is there for you. It’s like your neighbor is a prisoner recidivist and he has several kilograms of TNT and he constantly blackmails you, which will blow up himself and all the neighbors if they don’t give him part of his salary.
      1. piterkras
        piterkras April 3 2013 00: 48 New
        Do you like the United States, which is hammering on objectionable countries and overthrows unnecessary regimes under the guise of democracy? Whom did the North Koreans beat, and whom did the Amers? Who's the wolf in sheep's clothing here, huh?
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 April 2 2013 09: 51 New
    Article ++++. As for the DPRK, to spend all its resources in order to demand help (food, fuel, etc.) through blackmail, I don’t know, I don’t know. Where is the independence ..... And what development of the DPRK as a state? hi
    In general, the DPRK leads a parasitic life — digging in its own “sandbox”, and feeds them half the world, including the United States they hate. Interesting movie ..
  5. General
    General April 2 2013 09: 59 New
    The DPRK does not have the strength to deliver nuclear weapons to the states, it can only threaten its neighbors, and neighbors are not weak, Japan and Res.Korea can create a nuclear bomb in just a couple of months, having extensive experience in the field of nuclear energy
    1. Trofimov174
      Trofimov174 April 2 2013 11: 13 New
      Quote: General
      The DPRK does not have the strength to deliver nuclear weapons to the states, it can only threaten its neighbors, and neighbors are not weak, Japan and Res.Korea can create a nuclear bomb in just a couple of months, having extensive experience in the field of nuclear energy

      To begin with, the creation by South Korea and Japan of their own nuclear arsenals is complete nonsense. Here, even write why I do not want to, as it is obvious. By the way, as it is written in the text, American tactical nuclear missiles are already on the territory of these countries. As for delivery vehicles and “DPRK can only threaten neighbors,” one should not forget about the fact that the North Koreans alone, without the help of foreign space agencies, were able to successfully launch a rocket with a satellite and did this before their southern neighbors, who, by the way , in the development of the launch vehicle helped Roscosmos. Accordingly, it is already a fact that there are medium-range ballistic missiles in the DPRK that can reach not only Japan, but also land an Una nuclear present on the western coast of the United States.
      1. anip
        anip April 2 2013 12: 12 New
        Quote: Trofimov174
        Do not forget about this fact that the North Koreans alone, without the help of foreign space agencies, were able to successfully launch a rocket with a satellite and did this before their southern neighbors, who, by the way, helped Roscosmos to develop the launch vehicle.

        Something is thought that without the secret help of the same in the North of the Korean Peninsula it could not have done.
      2. vitya29111973
        vitya29111973 April 3 2013 00: 00 New
        There’s nothing to go to school soon, learn to count to ten and everything will fall into place !!!
      3. Misantrop
        Misantrop April 3 2013 01: 07 New
        Quote: Trofimov174
        the creation by South Korea and Japan of their own nuclear arsenals is complete nonsense
        South Korea - perhaps, but as for Japan, I would not be so sure. SOMETHING he painstakingly master himself. Moreover - in deep secrecy, including from his allies. Take a closer look at satellite images of the infamous Fukushima nuclear power plant before the accident. And try to find the electrical substation and the discharge lines. You will not find, they are not. ALL energy of 6 not the weakest power units is not tied to the country's energy sector in any way. Everything is consumed locally. By the way, the spent fuel of all these blocks is also stored there. Doesn’t make you think about anything? And the fact that the liquidators categorically refused to let in the accident? What could they see there?
        1. Grishka100watt
          Grishka100watt April 3 2013 13: 14 New
          Interesting idea..
          1. Misantrop
            Misantrop April 3 2013 17: 27 New
            If you are interested in the details, then here everything is very chewed in detail:
            The theme, however, is hefty, but it was started directly “in hot pursuit”, even before the blast of blocks. By the way skroznik - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and a big (before that) fan of Japan. And the forecast laid out by us then, at the moment is considered one of the most accurate of all that have been voiced somewhere ... wink
            1. Grishka100watt
              Grishka100watt April 4 2013 00: 29 New
              ok, I read ATP ...
  6. Roll
    Roll April 2 2013 11: 40 New
    soldier We divide 40 kilograms of plutonium by 6, we get 6 vigorous warheads. If they are reinforced with lithium 6 and 238 uranium, then a power of 100 kilotons is achievable. To argue that the northerners do not have delivery to Amers, after launching the satellite is unreasonable. Because a military rocket is simpler. But accuracy is not required, just blow up over the territory of America and the financial and political tsunami will cover the amers.
    1. anip
      anip April 2 2013 12: 13 New
      Quote: Rolm
      just blow up the territory of America and the financial and political tsunami will cover the amers.

      And if you tear off the coast, then the real tsunami.
  7. Roll
    Roll April 2 2013 11: 59 New
    lol Here is the opinion of a good expert, that means the northerners mastered thermonuclear fusion in 2010 and perhaps they have thermonuclear ammunition. The fact that the 5 kilotton test does not mean anything, the principle was worked out there, and the northerners did not want to tease amers too much. The fact that the weapon is not tested does not mean anything, it only reduces reliability. For example, our mother Kuzkina before the tests was in the same position, but it did not follow that she did not explode, the test was only confirmed. Like the northerners, there are charges and their effectiveness will be confirmed in combat conditions. Kim has no escape routes, after such a demarche he will be destroyed in any way, therefore one way, a sudden massive blow.
  8. smprofi
    smprofi April 2 2013 12: 03 New
    After the third nuclear test, North Korea’s rhetoric became more aggressive.

    that’s what it means ... North Korea is an exclusively aggressor, and South Korea and their gringo friends are exclusively "white and fluffy."

    On March 8, regular training flights of the B-52 Stratofortress began, equipped to launch the KR with a nuclear warhead, over South Korea and near the peninsula.

    K-55 self-propelled guns firing at exercises. Paju District. not far from the demilitarized zone. March 13, 2013

    combat shooting. Rodriguez Range, not far from the demilitarized zone. March 15, 2013

    On March 22, a Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) early warning radar (the most powerful in the world) sailed from Pearl Harbor

    Los Angeles-class multi-purpose USS Cheyenne (SSN 773) submarine arrived in Busan (BUSAN) (except for torpedoes, this submarine is equipped with 12 launch shafts for the KR BGM-109 Tomahawk). March 22, 2013
    1. smprofi
      smprofi April 2 2013 12: 23 New

      General James Thurman (James D. Thurman, United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, United States Forces Korea) and General Jeong Sung Jo (Chairman of the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff) sign a joint plan provocative actions (in the caption to the photo it’s worth it: provocation plan), Seoul, March 22, 2013

      Rear Admiral Bill McQuilkin (commander of US Naval Forces Korea (CNFK) and Rear Admiral Park (Sung-Bae, deputy chief of naval operations for policy) sign a joint action agreement. Daejeon, March 27, 2013

      tank combat firing. 15 km from the demilitarized zone. March 27, 2013

      2 pieces of B-2 Spirit, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, made a "training" flight from the Whiteman Air Force Base (Missouri), just 6,500 miles to the Korean Peninsula, flew over South Korea and conducted a training bombardment with inert bombs. March 28, 2013
      1. smprofi
        smprofi April 2 2013 12: 28 New

        military games with working out the task of overcoming the water barrier on the pontoon bridge in the Hwacheon area (in general, this is considered a demilitarized zone, not far from the border with North Korea). April 1, 2013

        SPG K-55 on the border with North Korea in the area of ​​the village of Panmunjom. April 1, 2013

        the rattling of weapons is in full swing on both sides ...
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith April 2 2013 16: 56 New
          Thank you so much for the photo material!
  9. smart ass
    smart ass April 2 2013 12: 22 New
    Instead of all these institutes and nuclear reactors, meat farms were better built, fields would be sown ...Processing plants would finally feed people! Vseravno main zedelayuschim factor is the millionth army of fanatics, not a bomb
    1. I think so
      I think so April 2 2013 18: 32 New
      Wise guy, and you talk like du.rak. They have all this for a long time. And the nonsense about "starvation" is an American propaganda, which blurred your brain that has not gotten stronger. The DPRK problem in the BLOCKADE. When you do not have oil and they block you, how will you plow the earth? Smart ass? What are meat farms without gas? At first they want to protect themselves from the striped freaks who already once tried to destroy them, and quietly trade with everyone who is interested. But the stripes do not let them do it - that’s where the nuclear bombs and missiles come from. And it is right. You can’t argue against force, if they have their own “Kuzkina mother”, then the pin dos will not go anywhere and calm down or they will have the choice to get “Kuzkina mother” in their territory and at military bases. And it will be a complete collapse of the United States. Maybe China and Russia are just waiting for this ...
      1. BruderV
        BruderV April 2 2013 20: 57 New
        Quote: I think so
        And the nonsense about "starvation" is an American propaganda, which blurred your brain that has not gotten stronger.

        Yeah. And South Korea and the states probably from nefig do there from 95 to 2005 for a billion dollars each food was taken. They don’t even take them to the affair, but they took them there. You should write the Pioneer Dawn for the 79th year. Do you really think everyone will believe your multi-letter?
        1. piterkras
          piterkras April 3 2013 00: 54 New
          And what amer? We went into the Fed’s building, got printed banknotes and sent them to North Korea so that they would not be remembered for the fascists at the besieged Leningrad.
      2. vitya29111973
        vitya29111973 April 3 2013 00: 05 New
        Yes, they nada America !!!
  10. Vrungel78
    Vrungel78 April 2 2013 12: 22 New
    Perhaps the real leader of the country is standing (standing) in the photo behind the chubby baby
  11. Volkhov
    Volkhov April 2 2013 15: 36 New
    The DPRK plays in its system and the DPRK’s nuclear program itself is only a cover for the possibility of using the weapons of the metropolis - that is, in large numbers if necessary.
    The current crisis was won by the DPRK and the RF turned out to be a weak link - the threat of the seizure of Primorye forced to abandon the invasion of Syria and Iran (what a pity Pu did not become Macedonian ...) and the great exercises were curtailed, and a group of 9 BDKs (6 in the Black Sea and 3 with Pacific Fleet in Arabian) so far without work. That is, mercenaries in Syria will have to fight slowly, with losses, and continue to milk the EU budget.
    It was decided to repair the Pacific Fleet - that is, to restore what they themselves destroyed - for a long time ...
    So global tasks for the Russian Federation are now beyond their power - you can drive the old man out of the way of beaver migration in the Nizhny Novgorod region, kill the old man in London, rob collectors in Vnukovo ... and in serious matters - only concessions and imitation.
    1. piterkras
      piterkras April 3 2013 00: 58 New
      I have never read the most delirious nonsense in my life ...
  12. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign April 2 2013 15: 53 New
    Vrungel 78! most likely it is ...
    Smart ass! I agree with you ... It is practically impossible to break the traditional trend in the development of North Korea over the past 50 years, as the military, scientific and industrial elite that has formed and has a good life (compared to the rest of the country's population) will not want change. She does not need them. There is no one to displace it (neither people, nor organizations) the DPRK "puppeted" and cooked in its own "sake", more precisely, "punchon" - a double bump - "there are no men from the fact that acne, and acne - from the fact that there are no men" .. Pichalka! ..
  13. elenagromova
    elenagromova April 2 2013 18: 01 New
    I would like to wish the victory of the DPRK. It is extremely unfair to write down a country as an “outcast” just because it wants to go on its own path of development.
    As for the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, it has become a farce. The safety of nuclear-free countries must be guaranteed by nuclear powers. And in the conditions prevailing after the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, - no one and no one can protect against NATO lawlessness. As shown by the events in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. And nuclear weapons - the only deterrent for such a gang of lawlessness of NATO. If the countries defeated by the "democratizers" had nuclear weapons, the aggressor would have thought three times before attacking.
    A treaty can work only on condition that the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries is very clearly enshrined in international law and this will work. Violating this principle should immediately go under the ICC. Then it will not be necessary for small countries to throw all their forces on the creation of nuclear weapons.
  14. Apollo
    Apollo April 2 2013 18: 34 New
    North Korea's nuclear potential
    1. General
      General April 3 2013 09: 32 New
      The DPRK keeps everyone on its key, its missiles can fly to Russia, China, India, only the West will benefit from this, to London, Paris its missiles will not reach at least 10 years, but they are ready to fly to Moscow. So we conclude who benefits from the DPRK nuclear missile program
  15. Vinogradov
    Vinogradov April 2 2013 20: 04 New
    DPRK reminds me of a capricious child.
  16. elenagromova
    elenagromova April 2 2013 21: 45 New
    DPRK increases government spending (and maintains a budget surplus!)

    A plenary session of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea took place the other day, during which the Minister of Finance of the country, Choi, Kwan Jin, made a report on the budget results for the past year and spoke about the new budget. It can be said almost like his British counterpart George Osborne a few weeks ago. That's just the budget of the DPRK is very different from the British in its essence !.

    DPRK government spending actually increased by 9,7% over the previous year. Real government revenues grew by 10,1%, exceeding the budget revenue plan by 1,3%. This means that the DPRK's economy actually works with a small budget surplus, in contrast to the permanent budget deficits of imperialist countries the size of billions and trillions of dollars.

    Of the budget expenditures, a huge part of the budget - as much as 38,9%! - was spent on improving living conditions and social benefits, as well as on health care and education. Government spending on social needs in the DPRK has consistently increased in the last 15 years. For the next fiscal year (until April 2014), the DPRK plans to increase government spending by 5,9%, including plans to increase spending on education by 6,8%, health care by 5,4% and social insurance by 3,7%. The cost of developing the coal mining industry, energy, metallurgy and rail transport will increase by 7,2%.

    Thus, the budget of the DPRK is a budget for the people, a truly socialist budget!
  17. Apollo
    Apollo April 2 2013 22: 39 New
    US asks China and Russia to contain North Korea more actively

    WASHINGTON, April 2. The United States is calling on Russia and China to take a more active role in containing DPRK. This was announced on Tuesday by White House spokesman Jay Carney.
    "It is no secret that China has a potential influence on North Korea. We have already called and again urge China to try to influence the DPRK. Moreover, we are calling on Russia," Carney quoted online media.

    Read more:

    Well, finally, the Americans realized that the unipolar world is over. laughing
    1. vitya29111973
      vitya29111973 April 3 2013 00: 10 New
      What kind of world. The Amkarians asked the owner of the pug to calm the dog !!!
      1. piterkras
        piterkras April 3 2013 00: 56 New
        South Korea - the same pug. Only the leash from it is in the hands of the United States, to which the South Caucasus now owes its current prosperity to the grave of its life.
  18. zinander
    zinander April 3 2013 19: 46 New
    They achieved what they wanted, now the amers will not turn up for sure and this deserves respect, although everything is not so simple.
  19. Roll
    Roll April 9 2013 12: 00 New
    laughing As for whether the DPRK can deliver a vigorous blow to the amers, for some reason everyone is obsessed with missiles, as if there were no other ways. For example, during the Caribbean crisis, Khrushchev sent four diesel submarines with vigorous torpedoes to Cuba. Considering that primitive diesel submarines, not adapted for swimming in warm waters, completed the task, which prevents the northerners from repeating this.