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LIMA-2013. Third day

Today I took some flights. At last MiGs-29 Smoke bandits flew off, but I wondered about the most beautiful moment .... yawning. In general, the conditions for shooting airplanes in the air were not so hot - in the morning there was a smoke, and by lunchtime some dregs continued to hang in the air, plus the sun at the zenith, which burns harder and harder in the charred places.

The king of Malaysia walked through the stands, the Russian knights gave a small press conference at the Rosoboronexport stand, the Malaysian defense minister went to look at the work of the press center, and our commander-in-chief gave a short interview to the Vesti and flew home.

We're watching.

Fxnumx has caught the clouds.

С17. See how boring the sky and backlight is. It is necessary to be perverted with flags.

I also want to buy such a thing for myself, but so far it does not come across. Malaysians in the provinces are also not frightened by white people and want to hide, so as not to be a constant object of attention.

Eurofighter pilotage does not twist, but stupidly worn back and forth at high speed.

Someone flew in on the private Avanti. In general, the traffic here is small, mainly Air Asia, Malaysian airways. I'll show you the other day.

Air Force commander gives interviews to Vesti and news. The permanent trio - RIA, TASS and Interfax.

The king of Malaysia ran for half an hour.

MiG-29H was prepared in the morning. On the air inlets logo aerobatic team. We ought to do these too.

The five started as Vityazi - three and a couple.

About one o'clock in the afternoon the sun is almost at its zenith.

Made two passes five.

Here the fifth plane simply catches up with the four and passes between them.

Fifth, almost immediately to the side, the four make dissolution, then the solo aerobatics and the four again gather. That's just the dissolution at the very beginning I missed. Tomorrow morning I will try to give myself another chance. But actually, I took it off a year and a half ago.

While the Malaysian MiGs were flying, ours were preparing for the performance.

A single pass is far and high, you can only see through my 1040 mm - this is the 400 + 2x extender lens and the 1,3 crop on the 1DM3.

Weak pysch.

Fifteen minutes and the show program is over.

What is the expression!

Our turn

Overrun taxiing in the wrong place.

Optical illusion. For some reason, I remember the film "Headless Horseman."

Two Sparky and just Su-27

I process everything by eye on a laptop and look through it later. How is the quality? Dark or light pictures? What about shadows? Are they worked out?

Pass with the released chassis.

Our cause more interest than local.

Rainbow almost turned out.

Avatar again did not repeat; (

I always watch the starboard in the viewfinder, and look at the second with my left eye - peripheral vision. And who do you usually lead?


And Alekseev ahead.

And so can you?

By the way, why is the co-pilot in a different color form?

Following the press conference:

The Russian Knights aerobatic team is ready to perform at the new Su-35 combat fighters, but not at the Yak-130 training aircraft, said one of the pilots of the renowned team.

Earlier, during the exhibition, the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force announced that the Russian pilots from Kubinka near Moscow will gradually be transplanted to new modern aircraft - the multi-purpose Su-35 and training Yak-130.

“Russian Knights” will only perform on combat aircraft, and they will not fly on any training vehicles, "one of the pilots said." We were very positive about the news about a possible transition from the Su-27 to the new Su-35, " pilot.

Signs flight mission.

Work began technicians.

Neatly shed the chassis.


Here is a third day.

As for tomorrow, I don’t know if I’ll upload something, see how the Internet works. I sat down in a Chinese cafe today, started writing successfully, and then I poured 20 more people with instagrams and other toys and could not connect anymore. By the way, in this cafe every time different passwords. The day before yesterday was boeing737, and today is jetfijhter. Our theme))
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  1. evgenii67
    evgenii67 April 1 2013 09: 47 New
    Hello everyone! The author does not cease to please us with cool photos!
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB April 1 2013 11: 03 New
      It’s possible to publish the author on the background of airplanes, I’m sure - a beauty! ♥
      1. evgenii67
        evgenii67 April 1 2013 11: 57 New
        You can publish the author against the background of airplanes, I am sure - a beauty!

        Very likely, but what she definitely has is inner beauty!
  2. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya April 1 2013 10: 10 New
    I believe that our aerobatic teams are the best in the world! After all, our pilots were the first in the world to invent and apply most of the aerobatics: Nesterov loop, Pugachev cobra and many others! I hope they will continue to please us with their art, and they themselves will fly on more and more new machines, because only when the machine is used in such aisles as in aerobatic teams, you can find out what it really is capable of in battle!
  3. JonnyT
    JonnyT April 1 2013 10: 32 New
    Eh .... to see it all with my own eyes live!
  4. Hemi cuda
    Hemi cuda April 1 2013 11: 14 New
    Respect for the photos are waiting to continue)
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    Dmitry 2246 April 1 2013 11: 30 New
    I saw everything live and again wanted to let the summer.
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    igorspb April 1 2013 12: 02 New
    Huge respect for the pictures - there would be more such photographers.
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    Boomer April 1 2013 12: 28 New
    great photos !! more such materials smile
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    Yun Klob April 1 2013 12: 58 New
    Handsomely! Thank!
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    svp67 April 1 2013 19: 01 New
    Ma'am, thank you for your work. Very beautiful.
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    patriot2 April 1 2013 20: 30 New
    VICTORY! Photos - class! smile
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    Photos AWESOME! ++++++++ THANKS !!! good good good
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