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"Capitalism" Valentina Katasonova. When things are called by their proper names

"Capitalism" Valentina Katasonova. When things are called by their proper names

The publication of the book of Professor Valentin Yuryevich Katasonov "Capitalism. History and the ideology of "monetary civilization" (1) can rightly be considered an event only because this fundamental work of more than 1000 pages continues the traditions of the remarkable Russian thinker L.А.Tikhomirov, the author of the research. "Religious and philosophical foundations of history"written in 1913-1918, at the time of the great revolutionary breakthrough. However, if LA Tikhomirov revealed the religious foundations of world history, in the book of V.Yu. Katasonov spiritual culture is seen as the key to understanding the meaning of modern civilization, first of all, in its most grounded form — economic development. Such purely economic phenomena as finance, money, are analyzed by the author not as having self-development, but as metaphysically determined. Thus, a holistic view of the economic history of mankind is being formed - a view that proceeds from the understanding of history as the spiritual creativity of people, which, depending on the prevailing moral values, is embodied in certain material forms.

"No servant can serve two masters ... You cannot serve God and mammon" (Luke 16: 13). These words of Christ became the starting point for the discovery of V.Yu. Katasonov about two possible ways of human development, two civilizations, one of which could be based on the commandments of God, the other was built on serving the idol of wealth.

Humanity went the second way, and in this sense capitalism is not a phenomenon of “New time”, but only a special case of “monetary civilization”, which can develop only on the basis of denial of Christianity, with which it is absolutely incompatible. By the XXI century, this monetary civilization has reached its stage to the stage when its main principle - the accumulation of money - so penetrated all the pores of society and spread to all types of human activity that even the gifts of the spirit turn into a “religious product”.

The rudiments of monetary civilization (the “virus of capitalism” according to Katasonov) existed in the ancient world, and the author gives an excellent analysis of the destructive activities of the “virus” in Babylon, Assyria, and the Roman Empire. However, the particularly successful development of monetary civilization began after its ideological and ideological rationale was enshrined in the Talmud, where for the first time the main principles of the "religion of money" professed by mammon ministers - bankers-moneylenders were clearly formulated. These are the “chosen ones” in capitalist society whose spiritual obscuration was expressed in an effort to be "like gods" in the thirst for power over the world - not only over things, but also over people and, most importantly, over the souls of people. This is the ultimate goal of bank usurers, and wealth and money - just a means of subordination of all others.

To achieve the “higher goal”, a world outlook revolution was required, the meaning of which was to force the “religion of money” to all and, first of all, Christians. Since the practice of interest has always been viewed in the Christian world as unacceptable, it was necessary for usurers not only to achieve the legalization of interest, but also to make everyone treat money not as a means, but as a goal, the achievement of which all creative powers of a person should be devoted to.

The most valuable in the work of Yu.V. Katasonov is the analysis of this grandiose transformation, which, passing through a series of historically local monetary revolutions, turned into a “permanent revolution” and is now approaching, it seems, its final stage.

The author highlights the following steps here:

- achievement "Semi-legal" conditions of usury (condoning the practice of interest in its formal prohibition);

- legalization of usury by abolishing bans on interest when setting limits on the maximum value;

- the creation of banks with partial redundancy obligations of usurers to their clients (that is, the implementation of loan operations that do not have reliable security) and the transfer of usurers to the creation of new money "out of thin air";

- invention securities, i.e. fictitious capital and the creation of a stock exchange, which is nothing more than a gambling house, in which owners of insider information always win;

- institution "Central banks" - these “general staffs” of the usurers, with the help of which they were able to establish full control over the state treasury and monetary circulation; the central role here is played by the US Federal Reserve;

- the introduction of the so-called "Gold standard" in the money turnover, which approved the leading positions of those usurers who controlled gold production and concentrated its largest reserves (primarily the Rothschilds) in their hands;

- the abolition of the gold standard, which allowed to proceed to the issue of unsecured money (dollars, taking the place of gold) and enable the Fed printing press to the full capacity;

- finally, universal global liberalization according to the Washington Consensus scheme as method of forming a constant demand for loan money.

Loan money raised by usurers "out of thin air" became their main the greatest invention, allowing to turn into all its debtors the whole of humanity and gradually take over the wealth created by it. By inventing credit money (this “virus of destruction”), usurers created a debt economy in which all nations are in a state of chronic debtors. In order to settle, new money is produced, that is, regular debts, and as a result, the greater the money supply, the greater the amount of debt. The debtors are all modern states headed by the largest debtor - the USA... The growth of debts is the real cause of the current financial crisis, but, ignoring this fact, the usurers continue to pump all new loans into the economy, increasing debts. The logical end of this process can only be the collapse of the financial and political system of the United States and the entire Western civilization.

This can be regarded as insanity if you do not understand the goals of world money lenders. Today, all their powers are thrown to to ensure the demand for dollar bills, by which they buy up the real wealth of the whole world. For this, so far, we need dollars, which we will get rid of, as soon as all real wealth is concentrated in one hands - in the hands of world masters. Global liberalization is being implemented for this purpose.

The most important element here is the liberalization of prices and the international movement of capital, under which the rapid flourishing of offshore companies, the modernization of “traditional” financial markets with all sorts of manipulations, the involvement of new “objects” - land, mineral resources, natural resources, government assets, state budget funds. In the cheap goods, as at the dawn of capitalism, turns child and female labor. Finally, new “intangible assets” are being constructed, creating already purely Virtual economy of brand and trademark, requiring a brand religion with special technologies of mind control. The final event of the monetary revolution was derivative financial instruments (derivatives), or derivatives - this newest class of virtual assets, with the advent of which the final separation of the financial sector from the real and the final the transformation of capitalism into money capitalism, or the "casino economy", where the real sector is doomed to die.

For the same purposes (to ensure the demand for paper “products” of the Fed), the volatility of financial markets is deliberately increased, allowing usurers to make big money on fluctuations in exchange rates and interest rates. For this, crises are constantly provoked. “After the emergence of crises,” writes Yu.V. Katasonov, “foreign investors buy up cheaply the“ fragments ”of the destroyed economy (depreciated assets of the real and banking sectors). Money makes destruction, money is made on destruction. ”.

The author emphasizes that the global chaos into which the present owners of the world are trying to plunge mankind the final stage of the world revolution, as a result of which they hope to establish the political and spiritual authority of the antichrist. This, as Yu.V. Katasonov writes, will be the story of a new slave-owning system, where former lenders (“golden million”) will be slave owners, and all the rest will be slaves. And the former, they will become so far as the money, which is just a tool for establishing their power, will no longer be needed.

However, here they are faced with the main problem - to have time to create their own world order before humanity begins to see clearly and get rid of the illusions of the “emerald city”. And in order to prevent people from throwing away glasses that distort the picture of the world around them, a gigantic propaganda machine of the financial elite is working, using all forms of information, intellectual and psychological control over humanity. The value of the research of V.Yu. Katasonov lies in the fact that, by revealing the nature of monetary civilization, the goals, objectives and methods of the world financial elite, the author points out to the attentive, who has not lost his willful will, to the reader to get rid of destructive illusions.


1) V.Yu. Katasonov. Capitalism. The history and ideology of "monetary civilization". M .: Institute of Russian Civilization, 2013. - 1067 p.
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  1. WWW.budanov
    WWW.budanov 30 March 2013 15: 48
    An excellent conclusion of "capitalism" was made by the author (Olga Ch.), ... credit money, obtained by usurers "out of thin air", became their main greatest invention, allowing them to turn all mankind into their debtors and gradually take possession of the wealth they created.
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 30 March 2013 21: 17
      Absolutely in the hole! The best person lives the one who produces nothing, that is, the speculator in the old way (in the new - the top manager and banker) and also the official distributing state financial flows.
    2. nakaz
      nakaz 30 March 2013 22: 02
      By the way, in Islam, loan interest is prohibited. And isn’t this why wars in the Middle East are not abating?
    3. yak69
      yak69 31 March 2013 00: 12
      In addition to this useful work, you can be advised to read Lenin, Stalin, and another:
      Quote: evfrat
      ....... The book, only nobody wants to read ...
    4. Khamsin
      Khamsin April 3 2013 18: 08
      But it seemed to me that the point of the article was to show that humanity is going in the wrong direction. In place of the development of the soul, mind ... we develop the technology of capital accumulation. We pursue ghostly wealth, but it is not compatible with a pure soul, with religion and, as a rule, does not bring happiness!
  2. evfrat
    evfrat 30 March 2013 15: 56
    There is one Book on this subject, only nobody wants to read ...
  3. Igarr
    Igarr 30 March 2013 15: 58
    I liked the bull. In the picture.
    And the book ... well, the book.
    The volume is impressive - 1067 pages. Right ... some kind of folio.
    1. alex13-61
      alex13-61 30 March 2013 20: 52
      I would like to get acquainted with the content ... maybe it will impress me more? ..
      By the way, you can download it on the root tracker ...
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 30 March 2013 21: 27
      "I liked the bull." - the women will vulgarize everything anyway!
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 31 March 2013 12: 20
        Minus-minus ....
        to the one who mastered Marx's "Capital" - the rest of the scribbling in fffffig!
        Specially set a goal ... and read to the end.
        True, while I read it, I forgot why I started.
        Repetition is the mother of learning, of course.
        But - you can only get tired of increasing the speed of stamping on the spot. And do not budge.
        The same eggs - only in profile.
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 31 March 2013 19: 54

        2. iafet
          iafet April 9 2013 16: 37
          Marx - Zhydoff project (((green book rules!

          APPEAL -
          the technical embodiment of democracy in life !! Launch of the legalization of the organs of the RSFSR, USSR: we will return everything!
 - новый сайт
 - новый форум
          USSR newspaper -
  4. aleks71
    aleks71 30 March 2013 16: 16
    It’s not for nothing that I started the privatization .. Well, who is he after that? Who will put in a word for him? I consider his activity a direct betrayal. The most interesting thing is that, in principle, there is nothing new in the article, it has been said more than once ... The collapse of the system is inevitable , covers ALL, I would like to hear real offers, how to amiably jump from this disgrace ...
    1. morpex
      morpex 30 March 2013 21: 59
      Quote: aleks71
      It’s not for nothing that DAM started privatization .. Well, who is he after that? Who will put in a word for him? I consider his work a direct betrayal.

      I agree with you. BUT!!! Putin in his Message goes by expressing good wishes, and one cannot but agree with many. Moreover, joining the WTO and introducing juvenile delinquency are a continuation of the “bad government”, an action within the framework of Yeltsin’s “lawlessness and shamelessness”. Privatization programs, reform of education and the army (change of minister, not change of policy) are in the same liberoid channel. Is it possible to change course with a constant declaration of its invariability? I would very much like to make a mistake, but, in my opinion, no steps by Putin have ever been an encroachment on changing the liberoid course. Streamlining, institutionalizing and legislativeizing a liberoidal, lethal course for the country, yes, Putin has been and is engaged, as befits the leader of the ruling criminal-liberal quasiclass. The current regime will not be engaged in any evolutionary path, any “return to good” and “crawl to the necessary correction”.
      1. aleks71
        aleks71 30 March 2013 22: 40
        But I now wonder whether, in truth, GDP is not omnipotent, I even admit that some things do not change by volitional intervention, so to speak, "raises" Russians to a complete and unconditional rejection of Western liberalism and all its adherents ... fate. And if this is so, then it is sad that such an "evolutionary" process is so long ..
  5. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 30 March 2013 16: 34
    in general, the ideology of capitalism with a human face is impossible; it cannot and will not become a CAPITALIST TO LOSE PROFIT for the sake of some kind of social guarantees.
    Only the state can ensure the more or less social well-being of most of its citizens.
    Capitalism must inevitably go into another form of its development in order not to be destroyed by those whom it gave rise to — the POVERTYING POPULATION OF THE POPULATION, and no army and police will ultimately save from this regularity.
    1. evfrat
      evfrat 31 March 2013 00: 49
      States were created historically for social well-being, otherwise there would be one big bazaar and that’s all.
      1. Const
        Const 31 March 2013 09: 20
        The state is an apparatus of violence. (textbook of the history of the USSR).
  6. Simon
    Simon 30 March 2013 16: 42
    Money money money! Wherever you go, there is money all around. The whole country was put on a credit needle. crying
  7. omsbon
    omsbon 30 March 2013 16: 47
    "All major fortunes were acquired by criminal means" Ilf and Petrov.
    This is true for all time and for all nations.
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 30 March 2013 17: 07
      Quote: omsbon
      "All major fortunes were acquired by criminal means" Ilf and Petrov.
      Previously, the novel of these thieves at least Ostap Bender punished!
      And now they’re stealing in billions and millions, but this is not the 37th year.
      I remember about 4 years ago, one peasant was almost closed for catching two kilograms of crucian carp! And here for billions under house arrest, and even then not all!
      1. gizz
        gizz 30 March 2013 18: 38
        And then the thing is WHOSE crucians and whose billions
  8. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 30 March 2013 17: 00
    Unfortunately, financial and technocratic civilization without spirituality is a dead end! crying
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 30 March 2013 17: 10
    So it is Russia, with its inner spirituality and culture, that retains the potential for development. And all the "advanced European countries" are doomed to perish.
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 30 March 2013 17: 19
      Quote: Egoza

      So it is Russia, with its inner spirituality and culture, that retains the potential for development. And all the "advanced European countries" are doomed to perish.
      Judging by the speed with which spirituality leaves the souls of the next generations, education is degrading and the cultural level is eroding, the impasse is just around the corner!
      It is necessary to somehow change and inculcate something more valuable, but how we will become Amertorso and big ... oops !!!
      Consumer society.
      Personally, I do not want to be one!
    2. TekhnarMAF
      TekhnarMAF 30 March 2013 17: 34
      Perhaps it will be so if the mines of education and culture do not finally blow up our spirituality and culture! recourse
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 30 March 2013 17: 47
        Quote: TehnarMAF
        Perhaps it will be so if the mines of education and culture do not finally blow up our spirituality and culture!

        Yes, something urgently needs to be changed !!!
        I suggest to disperse for a start HOUSE 2!
        1. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 30 March 2013 23: 26
          Do you mean D.A.M. - 2?
      2. evfrat
        evfrat 31 March 2013 00: 51
        Have you seen the nose of a mine-like?
  10. Nevyatoy
    Nevyatoy 30 March 2013 17: 19
    As you know, a wedge is knocked out with a wedge. And if so to speak, to see the light, after reading this book is only half the battle. In this case, in order to defeat the religion of money, another religion is needed. The same communism was a kind of religion that excludes money in the long term. Orthodoxy, if you strictly follow its canons. and not as the clergy now behaves when driving around in expensive foreign cars, it can also be opposed to the "religion of money."
    No matter how a person considers himself perfect, but without religion, he doesn’t like it, while under religion I mean any self-sufficient ideology.
    Say what you like, but the situation is similar to Windows, you just won’t be able to delete it, you need another OS to continue using the hardware. So just exposing the "religion of money" is not enough, an alternative is needed.
    PS Are you ready to just uninstall Windows?
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 30 March 2013 19: 31
      Quote: NeSvyatoy
      PS Are you ready to just uninstall Windows?

      "Democracy (read - democracy) is a disgusting thing, but what can you do if humanity has not invented anything better!" - somewhere like that ...

      So let a bad order than a complete mess!

      albeit bad Windows = but this is a Windows program - than without a program at all.
    2. wax
      wax 30 March 2013 21: 52
      The book is available for download here: Alexander Kaspar. Economy in the future. Breaking the deadlock. The book discusses the true detrimental role of money in civilization in modern society, clarifies the perniciousness of following the prevailing financial model of development, and proposes a new model of government to ensure such functioning of money in order to exclude unearned enrichment and war. Translated from German, written by a former Swiss bank manager.
      By the way, according to the book (not acquisitions, although I can also help), but according to its ideology and content, I can ask questions through my personal account.
  11. Bosk
    Bosk 30 March 2013 17: 31
    All central banks invest their gold and foreign exchange reserves in debt securities of Western countries. And there is very little gold in these gold and foreign exchange reserves, less than 7%. The rest is not even securities, these are computer records. Just computer zeros. When you turn off this computer, everything will be reset to zero. And so we live ... on the verge of Pshik.
  12. Orik
    Orik 30 March 2013 18: 38
    whose spiritual obscurity was expressed in the desire to be “like gods” in a thirst for power over the world - not only over things, but also over people and, most importantly, over the souls of people. This is the ultimate goal of bankers-usurers, and wealth and money are just a means of subordinating everyone else.

    All the same, in the first place is the spiritual component, or rather the spiritual fall, which is enshrined in the crucifixion of Christ, when the majority of Jews said "his blood is on us and on our children." Since then, they faithfully serve Satan and their satanic plan, power over the world, pursues the only goal of people apostasy from God. They are only a tool in his hands, and money is in theirs. Only a spiritual answer can be given to this! No earthly tools will allow you to win this confrontation, they are only means in the struggle. A person who turns away from God will sooner or later come to a fall. A person who trusts in God draws strength from the grace of God covering him and is able to resist earthly temptations.
  13. treskoed
    treskoed 30 March 2013 18: 41
    Hit: From developed socialism - to underdeveloped capitalism!
  14. Marmot
    Marmot 30 March 2013 18: 47
    Quote: Arberes
    I propose to start dispersing HOUSE-2!

    First you need to start with yourself, stop eating vodka with buckets, smoke, go in for physical education, educate your children in the traditions of your people, in respect for elders, nature, each other
  15. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 30 March 2013 19: 18
    **** The debtors are all modern states led by the largest debtor - the USA ... Debt growth is the real reason for the current financial crisis, however, hushing up this fact, moneylenders continue to pump new loans into the economy, increasing debts. The logical end to this process can only be the collapse of the financial and political system of the United States and all of Western civilization. ******

    ***** This, as Yu.V. Katasonov writes, will be the story of a new slave system, where the slave owners will be former moneylenders (the “golden million”) and all the rest as slaves. And they will become former to the extent that they no longer need the money, which is just an instrument for establishing their power. *****

    ****auto RUshows to attentive, the reader who has not lost a strong-willed beginning, a way to get rid of destructive illusions.

    Maybe it seems to me?
    How - decay! those. death?
    And then = we are all "slaves" = to whom?
    1. alex13-61
      alex13-61 30 March 2013 20: 47
      This refers to the disintegration, disappearance of national states ... and the creation of a "new world government", under the leadership of the Bilderberg, a committee of 300 ...

      Money is not needed ... if it is replaced by chipization, that they are already starting to popularize ..
    2. sincman
      30 March 2013 23: 09
      Quote: nick 1 and 2
      Maybe it seems to me?
      How - decay! those. death?
      And then = we are all "slaves" = to whom?

      Absolutely no contradictions! Everything is just very consistent ...
      I highly recommend reading the book of the former career intelligence officer D. Coleman - "The Committee of 300"
      Here is the link:
      Read to the end and you will look at the world with different eyes. All your questions will disappear by themselves.
    3. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 31 March 2013 00: 19
      And then = we are all "slaves" = to whom?

      For example, three facts:
      1 Ministry internal security The United States has purchased 21,6 million ammunition in addition to the 1,6 billion bullets acquired in the past 10 months. These reserves are enough for 30 years of war,
      2 In the United States built more than eight hundred camps behind barbed wire, barracks, helipads.
      3 In ordinary prisons, the labor of prisoners began to be actively used, for a small fee. And also private, commercial prisons appeared
      Try to match, it’s not difficult.
      It is more than likely that after specially provoked anti-government actions, the banking elite wants to extend this "commercial prison" to all of their America and, if possible, to all other nations.
      This is simply the dream of any government: an absolutely controlled mass, the maintenance of which requires a minimum of effort.
      Sounds wild, unbelievable and almost crazy? I hope so too.
  16. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 30 March 2013 20: 52
    Well what can I say. The Judean cause lives and thrives and will flourish as long as there is demand, or need. This cult is not eradicable as long as the system imposed on us allows it. Enter a mutual-direct exchange of goods and you will see how many corporations within a week will be next to the homeless people in whom they just the other day just took away housing allegedly within the law! Remember tales .....: A knife is not needed for a fool, he will throw a copper penny and do what he likes with it.
  17. wax
    wax 30 March 2013 21: 55
    To save civilization, it is necessary to kill the current money, which has left their natural beginning, to serve ONLY as an intermediary in the exchange of goods and a means of accounting for products.
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 30 March 2013 23: 48
      Let this "civilization" be saved by the United States if they can, and humanity needs a new civilization based on other (not material) incentives for development.
  18. Tektor
    Tektor 30 March 2013 23: 16
    That's right, but ... post factum. And what to do? The answer is very simple: it is necessary to change the measure of value ... Rothschild’s focus passed only because, to his happiness, money was considered a very rare commodity: gold. And if you concentrate a significant part of the gold in your own hands, or create a mechanism for controlling the trade of bunkers (LME), then you can rule the world. Which happened, but with reservations. The simplest and most important: you must choose as cost measures what is generated in large quantities INSIDE each of the developed economies. This will lead to the fact that the rate of the national currency of ANY economy will be (calculated) within this very economy !!! And not some uncle from London ... London will lose power, power will be spread all over the world ... There is a unique product that is produced in large quantities by any developed economy. BUT, more importantly: it is the SAME economy and is being spent HERE. This product instantly monitors the condition of the most important part of any economy: the production sector, including agriculture and housing and communal services. This is electricity cost of megawatt hours (kilowatt hours). The exchange rate is calculated elementarily by the ratio of the average cost of electricity in countries in local currencies ...
  19. Nevyatoy
    Nevyatoy 31 March 2013 01: 56
    It is quite obvious to me that the only country that can oppose itself to the existing world system is Russia. It is the country and it is Russia. Expect the world to begin to change globally is not worth it. All peoples are different and, as history shows, various ideas reach their development, as a rule, in one particular country.
    If an idea based on spiritual values ​​that opposes the existing system arises and receives the support of the masses in any country, the response will not take long. This country must be self-sufficient and strong, it must have the potential giving it the opportunity to develop even in complete isolation and to repulse anyone who applies force to it. I don’t know about you, but I do not see other countries for this role except Russia.