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Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service stole 1,6 billion, inflating the price of electronic bracelets

Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) and the Enterprise "Center for Engineering, Technical Support and Communications" are suspected of having committed fraud worth more than 1,65 billion rubles in the purchase of electronic bracelets to monitor prisoners. The announcement of this was received today from the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow by Sergey Stukalov.

"According to the investigation, officials of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, acting within the framework of implementing the decisions of the government of the Russian Federation on the creation of a system and supply of equipment for the needs of the penal correction system, in violation of the law illegally refused to hold an open auction and acting in the interests of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise TsITOS under their control elimination of competitors concluded among themselves a number of state contracts. At the same time, officials of the FSIN knew for certain that at the time of the conclusion of the first November 2010, the company did not have production equipment, buildings and facilities to accommodate production capacity, which in turn did not allow creating a complete production cycle of SEMPL devices in the Samara branch. In fact, most of the work on the production of devices was carried out by third-party organizations involved with CITOS, ” quotes ITAR-TASS words Stukalova.

Thus, the real cost of the purchased equipment was approximately 1,65 billion rubles. At the same time, in reality, the agency did not need such a number of electronic bracelets - for two years only 9375 from the acquired 23 900 control devices were used. This allowed the officials of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia to appropriate the funds and, thus, damage the state.

In addition, another important detail emerged: the electronic bracelets were actually unsuitable for monitoring the convicts, since for the most part there were no elements responsible for processing the GLONASS signals, therefore the information received from the so-called bracelets was false. At the moment, investigators identify all persons involved in the commission of fraud.
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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 29 March 2013 14: 32 New
    "modestly" of course ... it's time to shoot embezzlers in the central squares ...
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 29 March 2013 14: 36 New
      Forgive me Almines, you tried - you picked up an article for Sait, but I read the name and EVERYTHING! I don’t want to read further, I’m just tired of it. I don’t want to spoil my mood.
      There will be an article- "FSIN officers sentenced to 15 years of strict imprisonment with complete confiscation." I’m not just reading this article, I’ll learn it by heart, but for now .... no
      1. valokordin
        valokordin 29 March 2013 16: 55 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        udet article- "FSIN officers sentenced to 15 years in strict custody with complete confiscation" I am not just reading this article, I will memorize it, but

        Alexander, read my note at the end of the list.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 29 March 2013 17: 17 New
          Quote: valokordin
          read my note at the end of the list.

          I read, the mood was not added
      2. opkozak
        opkozak 29 March 2013 17: 13 New

        Competent consultations on this issue as sponsorship may be given by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
        1. Alexey Prikazchikov
          Alexey Prikazchikov 29 March 2013 18: 33 New
          What are they doing?
          1. AlNikolaich
            AlNikolaich 29 March 2013 20: 56 New
            Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
            What are they doing?

            Something seems to me that this is an electric guillotine for chopping off a hand, working in automatic mode. Progress however scientific and technical!
            I hope there are no more questions?
      3. Genur
        Genur 29 March 2013 21: 42 New
        And I would cook differently. He ordered a hack on the wall: So that there would not be wasted speech, Where you need to use power
      4. Region65
        Region65 30 March 2013 08: 09 New
        and it’s also possible to print it and hang it in a gold frame on the wall, then show it to children
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 29 March 2013 14: 40 New
      Shooting does not help. this will lead to almost the same casualties as the civil war. It is necessary to come up with such work for the benefit of the Motherland, which would be visible to everyone, very unpleasant, but useful for society and the one who is serving a sentence.
      Who has ideas?
      1. Fregate
        Fregate 29 March 2013 14: 46 New
        I don’t even know what to come up with for such work. Let them just stand on the street with posters, "We ur ... s, plunder the country," etc. etc.
        1. Tatanka Yotanka
          Tatanka Yotanka 29 March 2013 17: 31 New
          Quote: Fregate
          I don’t even know what to come up with for such work. Let them just stand on the street with posters, "We ur ... s, plunder the country," etc. etc.

          works - the sea, construction sites, janitors - but they won’t say that migrants can’t do without migrants, and so that they don’t run away, remove documents and issue a certificate
      2. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 29 March 2013 14: 56 New
        Chtoli asenizator? But then to work manually. Let teaspoons of tea gamble out from the bio toilets of those on the street.
      3. Genur
        Genur 29 March 2013 17: 55 New
        You need to start with confiscation. Only thieves could seize this punishment !!!
        1. Tersky
          Tersky 29 March 2013 21: 08 New
          Quote: Genur
          You need to start with confiscation.

          No colleague no , you need to start by putting the same electronic bracelets on the hands of the FSIN bureaucrats yes, with a smooth transition to landing followed by confiscation am heads ...
  2. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 March 2013 14: 55 New
    The enterprise of government officials knows no boundaries - Mavrodi is resting.
    Without a political decision, a full and uncompromising investigation and prosecution of all those responsible, the fight against embezzlement and corruption is like a “war against windmills”.
  3. Gladius
    Gladius 29 March 2013 15: 16 New
    They steal, steal and steal again. Everyone sees, everyone knows, and no one does anything. When will they really imprison someone!
  4. Krapovy32
    Krapovy32 29 March 2013 15: 21 New
    To the north of them, deer graze or felling angry
  5. svp67
    svp67 29 March 2013 15: 30 New
    And who will guard the watchman ...?
  6. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 29 March 2013 15: 33 New
    It turns out that Vasilieva’s bracelet is the same corrupt? Type overpriced? To go nuts, the thief at the thief stole a club in short ...
  7. Romch
    Romch 29 March 2013 16: 45 New
    I repeat, but my opinion is that you can take it in a vat with shit along the main streets, and let the people spit in them, I think that a couple of people will make the desire to steal from the treasury disappear from others. lol
  8. valokordin
    valokordin 29 March 2013 16: 53 New
    Dear visitors, when I saw this bracelet on my foot, the price of which is comparable in price to the price of an electronic Chinese watch, I found out that the cost of this junk is 150 rubles. Then he learned from the employees of the penitentiary institution that they did not receive any information about the whereabouts of the convict, asked why they were putting them on. The inspector replied laughing, so the convicts do not know this, and in case of loss or damage they will have to pay the indicated amount. I felt uneasy, well, there they steal. They steal with impunity wherever they can. They also steal in the police and the prosecutor's office, in the army, well, wherever possible and no one except Stalin can cope with this.
  9. horoh
    horoh 29 March 2013 18: 31 New
    Unfortunately, embezzlement, this is the norm. sad
  10. воронов
    воронов 29 March 2013 23: 57 New
    Colonel General Reimer, director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation, who was honored to retire last year, turned this scam off when he was retired last year. This year, one of his deputies involved in this case, formally for the media, was relieved of his post and fired, and actually also sent to retirement, because The service allowed him. The last were found by 3 people, these were petty bipods, Colonel-Deputy Head of the FSIN Security Directorate, Major-Senior Operations Officer of the FSIN Operational Directorate, and a civilian official from the electronic bracelet supplier company, a criminal case was opened against them, a preventive measure was taken in custody, they are now under investigation in a pre-trial detention center. Most likely, these children will be convicted, but they will be given conditionally on 3-4. That's all !!! laughing
  11. Svarog
    Svarog 30 March 2013 05: 44 New
    Oh, how everyone began to judge before the court sentenced ... The author of the article for the headline can soon be brought for a lie, at least until the end of the court.
    According to information from several sources, not everything is so scary there. Even under the article, a bunch of no docking. The fact that they ordered more than necessary and are accused of this is generally the height of the crime :). The order is made in advance for the quantity that the customer suggests, that he did not use them, the question is completely different. Maybe for the experiment this amount was approved, maybe there really were problems. The fact that at the time of signing the contract there was no equipment, it seems like the system itself was developed - domestic development, money was allocated for bringing it to the series, including for the purchase of equipment. The competitors were Israeli firms, ours were chosen. The fact that the costs exceeded expectations, also happens and is not always due to theft of funds. It seems like this is not presented to them, a claim to quality, which, it seems, is fixed. The fact that now everything is checked is good. The fact that now, on any occasion, they began to yell "the guard was stolen" and immediately blamed without trial is bad. In general, in terms of resonance, one gets the impression that they are trying to discredit the system - the same amount of money will not be allocated to prisons .. look more broadly at the questions.
  12. darksoul
    darksoul 30 March 2013 23: 43 New
    another statement of fact, no more ...... squeeze the time, but better to shoot.

    Someone will say, and so the population is small ... of these benefits obviously will not be, not now, not later. Right now they steal, during the war abroad they will run to escape