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Their morals. "Enlightened" Europe in the XV - XVI centuries. Part of 2

Their morals. "Enlightened" Europe in the XV - XVI centuries. Part of 2

In Europe, crime flourished, for which all conditions existed. Ruined nobles, idle mercenaries and the poor, often robbed on the roads. A whole criminal subculture of the "bottom" existed in large cities. And despite the fact that the punishment system in Europe was extremely cruel. Those who were caught were killed mercilessly and bloody. It must be said that the death penalty was the usual punishment for many offenses. And the Europeans are so accustomed to the executions that they themselves were not a sufficient method of deterrence. For serious crimes applied sophisticated types of execution. People were publicly tortured to death, alternately broken bones, fried over low heat, gradually dismembered, poured molten metal into the throat (counterfeiters). Such executions were one of the favorite shows of the townspeople. There was little entertainment, so people came to the executions as if on holidays, with the whole family, with their wives and children, they tried to take places closer to get all the details, they drank and ate. We discussed with the neighbors the art of executioners.

It should be noted that it was precisely the centuries of terrible executions that were used for practically any, even a small fault, that the vaunted European “law-abiding” laid down. Europeans are law-abiding, not because they act according to the dictates of conscience and try to live by the truth, but because of the fear of cruel punishment.

Moreover, jurisprudence was a part of the foundation of the European civilization. The West was proud to have inherited the cult of law from Ancient Rome. The law was considered a self-sufficient quantity to which everyone should obey, including the monarchs. However, the laws for centuries produced so many that only experts understood them. They could prove anything on their basis. Any actions in European countries tried to justify from a legal point of view - the beginning of the war, tax increases, etc. Therefore, in all European countries, lawyers occupied a prominent place (this situation persisted in the West to this day).

Why England became the "cradle" of the new order

In England, in the war of the Scarlet and White Rose (1455 — 1485), the old elite was “circumcised”. The feudal lords practically interrupted each other in this protracted conflict between the two branches of the Plantagenet dynasty - Lancaster and York. As a result, power was received by Heinrich Tudor from the house of Lancaster, who founded a new dynasty that ruled England and Wales for 117 years.

The accession of the Tudors in 1485 is considered the beginning of the New Time in the English stories. The war of scarlet and white roses actually drew a line under the English Middle Ages. Tudor did not bet on the barons, but on the merchants, the wealthy stratum of cities and the rural population. The merchant class strongly pressed the military aristocracy. In addition, the monarch pressed the remnants of feudal nobility. Most of the fortifications, castles, which made the barons small independent rulers, were razed. Baronial squads were disbanded. Barons were forbidden to hire, train soldiers, to form troops.

On the basis of the merchant class, a “new nobility” —the gentry — began to take shape. The wealthy merchants, usurers and entrepreneurs purchased land, bought titles from the king. The new nobility did not differ militancy, preferring money to military glory. They were indifferent to traditional knightly amusements, such as knightly tournaments, duels, or hunting for a large beast, where they could die or be seriously injured. But they were businessmen, they traded, they did not disdain usury. So the British elite was reborn from a military into a usury trade. And in the future it will be diluted by merchants and bankers of Holland and Italy, who will move to London, the future capital of the world colonial empire. At the same time, the new English elite will retain terrible arrogance and arrogance. Gentry will do their best to emphasize their high position, with the help of rich clothing, carriages. They will try to intermarry with the remaining aristocratic families, posing as daughters for the poor nobles, or taking representatives of noble families as wives. As a result, a certain “mutant” will appear - the English elite, which will spoil a lot of blood throughout the planet.

The loss of patrimonial nobility deprived England of feudal administration. Therefore, an elected justices of the peace began to play a major role in managing the counties. They were not only in charge of collecting taxes, but were responsible for maintaining order. And they did not receive any payment for their work from the treasury. Therefore, this post was available only to very rich people. A feature of the Kingdom of England was the parliamentary system. The kings in the course of previous conflicts tried to win over the rich top of the cities, turning to it for money and granting a wide variety of rights. As a result, a bicameral parliament arose, which approved laws and resolved financial issues. It is clear that talking about "democracy" in this period is not worth it.

Contemporaries of Ivan the Terrible

Henry VII - the king of England and the sovereign of Ireland in 1485 — 1509, was a thrifty monarch who significantly strengthened the English budget, which was severely devastated during the Hundred Years War and the War of the Scarlet and White Rose. Under his rule, England became involved in the process of the Great Geographical Discoveries. Henry VII supported the Italian expedition in the English service of Giovanni Caboto (aka John Cabot) to America and he discovered Newfoundland.

He was succeeded by the second son - Henry VIII Tudor (rules in 1509 - 1547). He became a key figure in English history, who drew a line between the Middle Ages with its knightly cult and the domination of Christian morality and the New Age, where the cult of money and the pursuit of profit came out on top. “Enclosing” and “bloody legislation” became a kind of sacrifice before the construction of the New Order.

In his youth, Heinrich was trained to take spiritual orders. Heinrich attended up to six masses per day and wrote works on theological topics (as will be seen later, this did not ennoble this man at all). Due to the early death of his brother, Arthur, Heinrich became the main claimant to the throne. His father, wanting to strengthen relations with Spain, married him to Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella of Castile and the widow of her brother Arthur.

An important era in the history of England. King Henry VIII is best known for the English Reformation, which made the British for the most part a Protestant nation. This monarch was also noted for his active family life - the king had only 6 wives. 17-year-old monarch did not like the system of thrift and economy, which developed under his father. He was young and eager for fun. He began his reign with the fact that he executed the main financial advisers, Dudley and Empson, who had thought to cross the monarch. And then he was actively engaged in what he was striving for, that is, in hunting, drinking and women.

Real power belonged to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. This temporary worker, the son of a butcher, climbed up the social ladder under Henry VII, entering the circle of his confidants and becoming an adviser to the king. Walsi did not forget himself, took over the Archdiocese of York, became the Chancellor of the Kingdom of England and the Cardinal. For two decades of his being in favor, Cardinal Walsi (Woolsey) has made a huge fortune. He lived in luxury, built the Hampton Court Palace and laid Christ Church, Oxford. Despite celibacy, had illegitimate children. In his foreign policy, he tried to make England an “arbiter” who would oversee the state of affairs in continental Europe.

In 1512 - 1525 Henry VIII fought with varying success in France. He did not achieve much success, the treasury was empty, and the French had to make peace. At the same time in England, the process of “enclosing” - the forced liquidation of communal lands - was begun. The bulk of arable land in England was in the hands of nobles, churches and crowns, the peasants did not have the right of ownership of their land plots. Therefore, landowners lords easily seized land from the peasants, turning them into pastures for sheep. The expropriated lands were fenced off from small plots left to the peasants, therefore the process was called "fencing". With the development of the English cloth industry at the Tudors of the 15th and 16th centuries and the increase in the prices of wool, pastures became more important than the subsistence farms. As Thomas More noted in his Utopia: “We can say that sheep began to devour people.” The process of "enclosing", which lasted for centuries, caused the extinction of the English village. Another impetus to the depopulation of the village was given by the English Reformation, during which the monastic peasants were driven from the church lands confiscated to the treasury. Peasants massively became vagrants, beggars and robbers. Cities could not absorb and give work to all former peasants.

English law viewed such people as "voluntary" criminals. The beginning of the "bloody legislation" put the statute of 1495 of King Henry VII. The statutes of 1536 and 1547 were particularly brutal. Henry VIII and Edward VI. Persons accused of vagrancy and collecting alms without the permission of the authorities could be scourged, stigmatized, given into slavery for a period of time (in the case of escape, for life, at the third capture - executed). Edward allowed to give everyone who slaves into slavery to the person who reports to him. The owner could sell it, give it back into loans, like any movable property or livestock, bequeath it. Every man could take his children from the tramp and keep them with him as students - girls up to 20 years, boys up to 24 years. If they tried to escape before the appropriate age, they would become slaves of their masters. The poor were obliged to work for the district or people who pledged to feed, water and provide them with work. This kind of slaves, the “slaves of the parishes,” existed in England until the 19 century.

The Queen Elizabeth Act (rules in 1558 - 1603) from 1572 of the year provided that beggars and vagrants older than 14 years who did not have special permission to collect alms, would be subjected to severe flogging and stamping on the left ear. Under Jacob I (1603 - 1625), a person who was roaming and begging was considered a vagabond. The justices of the peace had the right to publicly flog such people and imprison those who fell for the first time for 6 months, and those who got for the second time for 2. These provisions of the law operated in the English kingdom until the beginning of the 18 century.

The English kingdom under Henry VIII was noted not only by “enclosing” and “bloody legislation”, but became another epicenter of the Reformation. I must say that the prerequisite for this was the personal life of the king. Initially, the monarch was not interested in the Reformation and was noted as a cruel persecutor of the Protestants. In 1521, Heinrich even wrote a book against Luther. Themselves Lutherans in England without long conversations sent to death. For this, he received from the pope the honorary title of "defender of the faith", which he was very proud of.

But after a few years, the situation radically changed. In France, at the court of King Francis I, Englishwoman Anne Boleyn served as a maid of honor. The young girl quickly fell into the "sphere of interest" of the French king, who was very loving and had a whole harem for these purposes. In 1520, the girl returned to England and appeared at the English court. The French experience, the skills of “gallant” France, quickly made her the “star” of the English court. The English monarch did not like and did not respect his wife Catherine of Aragon. She got him "inherited" from his brother, was older than him. In addition, all the children of young spouses were either born dead or died in infancy. Their only surviving child was Maria. In addition, the king had a stormy temperament and constantly "grazed" somewhere on the side. And he was not distinguished by French or Italian gallantry and sophistication; he took what he wanted, did not think about courtship or gifts. Mistresses in the mood could beat so that they are reported sources for many weeks lost their capacity.

Anna did not have outstanding beauty, but she was able to give a good show, had good mental abilities and started a dangerous game. The graceful, unusual girl liked the king. She kept herself stern, in bed with the monarch was in no hurry. From the place of favorite refused. The inaccessibility of the girl ignited the king and he succumbed. Decided to marry her and offered the crown. The pretext for the resignation of Catherine was the absence of an heir. Heinrich was sure that the pope would not refuse the "defender of faith." Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was instructed to “settle the King’s private affair” in Rome.

Pope Clement VII refused. Then the English king Henry demanded a divorce. Cardinal Walsi, knowing the character of his king, convinced Catherine of Aragon for the good of Catholicism and England, voluntarily agreed to a divorce and go to a monastery. However, the proud Spaniard refused, saying that she wanted to live in marriage and let her be cut into pieces, but she would not go to the monastery. The pope also refused, Catherine was a relative of the powerful emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Castile and Aragon Charles V. For Wolsi, this was the end of her career. Walsi fell into disgrace, was deprived of all titles, accused of treason and arrested. All his wealth was confiscated. True, the former powerful temporary worker was lucky, he did not live to see the court, he died in prison.

The Lord Chancellor was Thomas More, who by this time was already the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and the Speaker of the House of Commons. He tried to fulfill the will of the monarch, but did not succeed in the Vatican. Henry was offended and decided to break with the Vatican at all. In 1532, the parliament, by its order, passed a law that instructed the clergy not to do anything that would dislike the king. Also, King Henry made the clergy recognize himself as head of the Church of England. Thomas Cranmer was elected archbishop of Canterbury, a protege of the king and a clear supporter of Protestantism. He broke the marriage of the king and married Henry with Anna. Catherine of Aragon continued to persist, was taken into custody and soon died (it is believed that she was poisoned). Her daughter, Princess Maria, was declared illegitimate. The heir to the throne was Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn.

In response, the pope excommunicated Henry from the church. But that did not bother. Heinrich ordered to conduct "scientific research", and the University of Oxford issued the conclusion that "Holy Scripture does not give the Roman bishop any authority over England." In 1534, the Parliament passed the “Act of Supremacy,” which reported that the king is the “supreme head of the English Church.” Only the bishop of Rochester, John Fisher and Thomas More, refused to admit it. They were accused of treason and executed.

The matter was financially very profitable. Heinrich enriched himself at 1,5 million pounds in one fell swoop. Several hundred monasteries were closed, their property and lands Henry left for himself, or distributed and sold to the "new nobility", which supported the monarch. Thousands of monks and nuns were on the street - go where you want. On the monastic lands held enclosures that deprived thousands of peasants.

Not all Englishmen resignedly met these religious experiments. In the northern counties began an uprising led by Robert Eks. The participants were nobles, townspeople and peasants. True, the rebellion turned out conditional. Its members considered themselves law-abiding and loyal subjects of the king. The riot was called the "Beneficial pilgrimage." People went "pilgrimage" to the king, and began to ask the monarch and parliament to change the decision. Heinrich pretended to be a merciful king, entered into negotiations with them, accepted petitions, promised to think and asked to disperse. When the people broke up, the 200 leaders were captured and executed, others were whipped. More willing to "rebel" was not found.

To be continued ...
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Their morals. "Enlightened" Europe in the XV - XVI centuries.
Their morals. "Enlightened" Europe in the XV - XVI centuries. Part of 2
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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 29 March 2013 12: 51
    yes, our executions and torture, compared with their childish pranks, the Europeans always lacked humanity ...
  2. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 29 March 2013 12: 51
    the same executioners they were respected people, in our country they often did not even give their hands ...
  3. carbofo
    carbofo 29 March 2013 12: 58
    They lived merrily, as it was without such large-scale problems.
    Although it must be admitted that ours also excelled in internecine strife.
    But we did not have such an enforcing of the law, at least not so bloody.
  4. avt
    avt 29 March 2013 13: 02
    So, for reference. Wilhelm de Rubruck in the descriptions of the Volga horde mentioned in 1253 that prosperous people used a knife and a fork at a table. In enlightened Europe, I guzzled my hands until the 14th century, and then they shouted for a long time that the fork was the devil’s equipment.
  5. misterwulf
    misterwulf 29 March 2013 14: 18
    Mess! Why is Henry 8 and Elizabeth not recognized as bloody tyrants, and the royal court does not repent to the people? laughing
    1. Orang
      Orang 29 March 2013 17: 55
      They do not bother, good old England and all ...
  6. Horde
    Horde 29 March 2013 15: 19
    So the English elite was reborn from military to commercial-usurious.

    the old Anglican toad Queen Victoria needs just one glance and it becomes clear that this is no longer a white man’s specimen, EYES SKILL, NOSE, EARS EVERYTHING says that Victoria had strong JEWISH signs. not in the 15th century, but 18-19th century.

    a descendant of Queen Victoria, Prince Charles in the Jewish pile is not even shy.
    1. smile
      smile 29 March 2013 17: 00
      Actually, the Windsor are purebred Germans. 100% If not mistaken - the Hanoverian dynasty, called the Windsor after the start of 1 MV. From about 1725, one of the kings who ruled over two decades of English kings did not know a word in English at all. In ours, even that was a couple of percent of Russian blood .... If you have any infa that one of these English Germans switched to Judaism, let me know, this is interesting ... but I doubt something, to be honest....
      1. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 29 March 2013 17: 39
        You are not mistaken, purebred Germans
      2. sams
        sams 29 March 2013 18: 54
        Here you can see about the royal family.
        Moreover, the film was shot in the west.
      3. Horde
        Horde 29 March 2013 19: 25

        how do you like this? the kinship of the elites of the royal family and the mercantile is clearly visible. Thoroughbreds? laughing
        1. smile
          smile 29 March 2013 22: 47
          The photo is funny, testifies to that. that the Winzorams need something from the Jews .... I didn’t see them in a kimono or kokoshnik, therefore, cooperation with Israel is more important for them :)))) .... but this is unlikely to affect their nationality .. :))))
          1. Horde
            Horde 29 March 2013 23: 31
            Quote: smile
            indicates that. that the Windsor is really looking for something from the Jews ..

            but what do you need?
            1. sams
              sams 30 March 2013 07: 59
              Statements by Berl Lazar - Chief Rabbi of Russia

              "... I, as the head of the organization, am his and President Putin's personal rabbi. He gives the impression of a person who very much coincides with us in understanding the role of religion in society. D. Medvedev is a person who is ready for almost any job ... because he is a person our Judaic worldview and vast experience ... "

              “Never and no leader of Russia or the USSR has done so much for the Jews as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In every way. Unprecedented. "

              “I will tell you the following. Three days before President Putin was declared successor, Medvedev (David Aaronovich Mendel) came to our Center, where he promised that everything would be in the best possible way for us. We will get more than we could even wish for. Let me remind you that it was three days before the announcement of his heir. "

              “Now in Russia, many city mayors, regional leaders and government ministers are Jews. It has become the norm. ”

              "In Leningrad, a little over 50 years ago, a boy was born whose neighbors were a Jewish family. The boy-neighbor was warmly received in a Jewish family and from a young age absorbed respect for the Jewish world. There he was fed Jewish food, there he saw the head of the family read Jewish books, where he appreciated the respectful attitude of members of the Jewish family to each other.
              After some time, this boy grew up and became deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. And one day he found out that another deputy mayor did not want to allow the creation of a Jewish school in St. Petersburg. Then he took all the documents on the organization of the Jewish school and came to the deputy mayor in charge of this, asking why and why the ban. The answer is: “I myself am a Jew and do not want to be accused of promoting the Jewish school, so I will not have permission.” Hearing this, a boy who grew up to deputy mayor himself signed all the papers and a Jewish school appeared in St. Petersburg.
              The boy's name was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. "

              1. smile
                smile 30 March 2013 11: 47
                Well. b .... again on a Jewish theme slid down
                1.You wrote a very straightforward lie ... this is obvious to anyone, regardless of belief.
                2. This nonsense is designed for an extremely primitive mind ....
                Yeah, Ben Lazar said (to you personally, you see) and the Evoynaya woman, Lazarikha, added ..... and someone clapping their ears believes them as their mother ... you don’t doubt a single word ... not afraid of allegations of Zionism .. :)))))
                1. sams
                  sams 30 March 2013 13: 13
                  "1.You wrote a very straightforward lie ... this is obvious to anyone, regardless of belief.
                  2. This nonsense is designed for an extremely primitive mind ...

                  From the fact that the facts are uncomfortable for someone, they do not cease to be facts.
                  On February 27, 2008, the chief rabbi of Russia and the founder of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS gave a lecture on the Jews of Russia and their future in Shabad in Oxford. The lecture was in English, which Berl Lazar is fluent in.
                  Most sayings are from there.
                  Here's another:
                  - Today, the highest leaders of Russia come to visit our Center. B. Gyzlov, Yu. Luzhkov S. Mironov and many others. This became a chore when Russian leaders often visit us.
                  - After several meetings with V. Putin, Ariel Sharon in confidential conversations with me repeatedly emphasized that we have Jews and Israel has the greatest friend in the Kremlin.
                  - To the question from the audience “why Putin put Khodorkovsky in jail” the answer was: “I am well acquainted with Khodorkovsky, we have a good relationship with him. Khodorkovsky turned to us for help too late, 2 days before his arrest. We just did not have time to help him. Jews should not seek justice in life, but be smart. Khodorkovsky was ruined by his arrogance. He began to finance the opposition to Putin and paid for it. ”
                  1. smile
                    smile 30 March 2013 13: 50
                    If this is the truth of his words, then this is a clear PR for the purpose of attaching importance to ourselves, or to discredit, we are on a friendly footing with the powers that be - Putin is our man ...:))) .... are you not used to the fact that Zionists (I think we should distinguish between Zionists and ordinary Jews), like any radical nationalist movement, always yell that they are the smartest. influential and in general they have the whole world in their pocket? They differ only in serious finances, ingenious PR and the fact that they are now the only ones. who the state is behind .... before the Nazis were still .... and his statement about Khodorkovsky, generally hens to laugh .. ah, 2 days weren’t enough .. otherwise I’m a hell! :))) he yawed corn, spreads his tail like Khlestakov, and these downs from the audience believe, yeah, we are .... but two days later, Cinderella turned into a pumpkin, and Putin stopped listening to his mentor? :))))
                    Do not follow the Zionist propaganda. take a look, you have already become her victim .....
                    1. Horde
                      Horde 30 March 2013 14: 43
                      Quote: smile
                      Putin is our man.

                      who would argue Putin YOUR man laughing
                      1. smile
                        smile 31 March 2013 01: 15
                        yeah, it is ... I, as a Jew of advanced years ....:)))) ... listen, I don’t have a drop of Russian blood ... Polish, Ukrainian (the same Russian), Vainakh .. I was brought up as a patriot of my homeland of the USSR, with a clear emphasis on the fact that the Russian people are the backbone of our statehood (thanks to my grandfather, an absolutely pure Ukrainian) .... since 6 years old Lithuanians have convinced me that all decent people are Russian and I , bad, too .... and thank you, let them forgive me for the beaten faces .... but reading you, I have to admit that among ours, but you understand, I hope that I consider ours to be, is ... so let's say. addicting people ... to the loss of reason ..... your energy would be, yes in peace .... yes in any .. goals ...... even sorry ... no jokes sorry ....
                2. Horde
                  Horde 30 March 2013 13: 52
                  Well. b .... again on a Jewish theme slid down

                  So the English elite was reborn from military to commercial-usurious. And later it will be diluted by the merchants and bankers of Holland and Italy, who will move to London, the future capital of the world colonial empire.

                  what is surprising? the topic is about what? where the moneylenders are there.
            2. smile
              smile 30 March 2013 11: 35
              Hmm ,, ... What I need, I don’t know., But the fact that Jews ideally use such shots to advertise their influence is obvious ... in principle, there are more photos with the presidents of the Baltic states, Poland, the USA ... but this gives rise to accusations ... Putin also met with Muslims ... so what?
              1. Horde
                Horde 30 March 2013 13: 15
                Quote: smile
                Putin also met with Muslims ... so what?

                something I didn’t see that Putin prayed in the mosque
                where is the truth? here?

                or here?

                praying to all gods means TRIETING all GODS.
                1. smile
                  smile 30 March 2013 14: 00
                  Well, where Putin is in a Jewish hat:))))) - he doesn’t pray? Therefore, the correct reasoning about prayers to all gods does not apply to him. is not it? Accordingly, the entire pathos-dog in a known place. Approach the issue under consideration without emotion, it will eliminate some of the possible errors in assessing the situation.
                  1. Horde
                    Horde 30 March 2013 14: 40
                    Quote: smile
                    Well, where Putin is in a Jewish hat:))))) - he doesn’t pray? Therefore, the correct reasoning about prayers to all gods does not apply to him. is not it?

                    NOT. IT DOES NOT FOLLOW. He prays in Hebrew and Hebrew. Jews pray with their heads covered. Very often they use a special hat - a bale. So WRONG. Do not close your eyes.
                    Accordingly, the entire pathos-dog in a known place.

                    I don’t have any pathetics at all, I’m just asking questions. As for you, you are one of those who look at the world through the eyes of OFFICIAL PROPAGANDA.
                    For example, how can a Russian person WEST put a pile on.
                    1. smile
                      smile 30 March 2013 15: 09
                      Well, I won’t dress her either ... :)))), but if I were a politician, if necessary, I would do a lot of things ... :))) and put on a hat ... for the benefit of the Fatherland, I would and took off his pants :))))) And the presence of a yarmulka on the top of the head and the fact that the Jews pray with their heads covered in no way confirms the claim that Putin is praying.
                      By the way, I have a similar hat - Chekhov’s ... trophy, so I really like it :)))) sometimes I even put on :)))) no one paraffinizes me for this :)))
                      I do not look at the world through the eyes of propaganda. I was born on this subject here is such a plot.
                      Just imagine, a well-read Jew Topvar sits on the banks of the Jordan River and ponders (Moisha is smart), winding his side-locks on his finger, spitting the husks into a bale (he is also cultured): oh, what superhuman Jews we are - and enslaved the whole world, and presidents of all significant countries come running to us on tiptoe with the question - what if you please, we start and end in our favor all the wars on planet Earth ... out and our Zionists, together with the Orthodox, claim that we are the chosen ones ... well Moishe - has something to be proud of .. but since he is still smart - thoughts flow on - so why the hell are we, who have taken over the whole world, still can’t cope with the Arabs? Why do sirens regularly howl, why rockets fall on the heads of Jews? Why the hell do they periodically take me to the "partisans", and our girls, instead of learning and giving birth to children in the desert, jump with guns? Arabs, are they even bigger supermen than we are? Why the hell is the economy of the most powerful on the planet Israel living exactly until it receives economic aid?
                      As a result, Moishe came to the conclusion that the Zionists, the Orthodox and those who have the same opinion on the Topvar website like "Horde" are not entirely right ... or rather, they are not at all right .... Moishe then spat in his kippah and said goodbye to dreams of the world domination went despite the heat from grief to eat vodka ... kosher, made under the supervision of a rabbi (not free, of course) ..... :)))))
                      1. Horde
                        Horde 30 March 2013 15: 59
                        then, if necessary, I would do a lot of things ... :)))) and put on a hat ... for the benefit of the Fatherland, I would take off my pants

                        it’s worth taking off his pants only when it is impatient, but why the Fatherland needs a defender without pants.
                        there’s a similar hat - Chekhov’s ... trophy,

                        what kind of hat? Well show.
                        so why the hell are we, who have captured the whole world, still can’t cope with the Arabs?

                        the impression is that you fell off the moon or were twenty years behind the world events, and something happened in the world, let me tell you if you do not remember.
                        - such Arab countries as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Jordan have long and quite predictably coexisted with Jews and have no contradictions, even the destruction of the Palestinian Arabs and the seizure of the Syrian Golan Heights have long not caused the righteous indignation of these Arabs.
                        -Livia - the enemy of Israel is defeated.
                        - Iraq - the enemy of Israel is defeated.
                        -Egypt since the last Jewish-Arab war has turned into a tame lapdog tyafkaet, only at the command "voice".
                        -Syria is undergoing tremendous military pressure organized by the WORLD COMMUNITY, headed by the very same FEMALE CHAIR.
                        Turkey is not an Arab country, but Muslim, however, is not friends with Muslims, but with Jews. Why do you think?
                        since the time of the father of all Turks, Mustafa Kemal Ata Türk, an Istanbul Jew, the Turkish leadership had no other rulers.
                      2. smile
                        smile 30 March 2013 17: 31
                        here, I must admit, I’m tired of this argument, there are much more interesting topics than chewing on the Jewish question .... I won’t even answer you anymore .. don’t be offended, I'm just tired of it ...
                      3. Horde
                        Horde 30 March 2013 17: 41
                        Quote: smile
                        I must admit that I’m tired of this argument, there are much more interesting topics,

                        not seriously SMILE I would not want to talk about FOOD, that - this is not a serious site.
                      4. smile
                        smile 30 March 2013 22: 14
                        Well, I have to explain - You can consider me whatever - your right. It is unlikely that I can spoil my opinion about the whole site with my frivolity ... :)))
                        Entering the polemic, I decided to simply express the opinion that some of the site visitors devote a disproportionate amount of time to the Jewish topic ... I'm not very interested in it. I don’t have much time to spend on the site, besides scandals I would like to read something else .. And I’m sorry to waste my time defending the interests of Jews, especially since, as I see, they themselves are in no hurry to defend them. are right in many ways, but wrong on the main point - you measure them all with one ruler and all of them are registered as Zionists ... and you explain any negative on the planet by their interference ... this does not happen and it is not good to act like that ... and let me be frivolous ... I hope you won't be able to call it "sold out" ... :)))
                      5. Horde
                        Horde 31 March 2013 00: 16
                        you measure them all with one ruler and put them all in the Zionists .... and explain any negativity on the planet with their intervention ...

                        I’m just doing a little history and on this basis I see a little further, do not consider it as praise, so I know what I'm saying.
            3. Kaa
              Kaa 30 March 2013 22: 46
              Quote: Horde
              He prays in Hebrew and Hebrew.

              Quote: sams
              “Never and no leader of Russia or the USSR has done so much for the Jews as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

              Quote: smile
              If I were a politician, then if necessary I would do a lot of things.

              Okay, let's say, "did a lot" and "loves". Stalin did more - he co-organized the state for them, in the picture - finally Kaganovich in the center, Lazar Moiseevich, why then no one claims that the IVS is an "agent of world Zionism", but, on the contrary, the "Memorial" all sorts of curse him as an "anti-Semite" ?
              1. Horde
                Horde 31 March 2013 00: 01
                Okay, let's say, "did a lot" and "loves". Stalin did more - he co-organized the state for them, in the picture - finally Kaganovich in the center, Lazar Moiseevich, why then no one claims that the IVS is an "agent of world Zionism", but, on the contrary, the "Memorial" all sorts of curse him as an "anti-Semite" ?

                Kaa, of course you are for the world to be black and white, for everything to be clear, for something you don’t like to be not true, but what’s good is true.
                As a reference, we chose the most contradictory figure in our history. I'll try to explain. Sorry, that from afar it’s just less impossible, but you yourself asked for it.
                Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was the leader of the BIGGEST STATE of the world at the MUCHEST and tipping point in our history. During the reign of Stalin, THOUSAND FACTORIES were built, NEW INDUSTRIES were created and the MAJOR MATTER was able to withstand and be defeated. the history of mankind, in the MOST COMPRESSED TIME. The fact that the country has risen has become a powerful and authoritative player in the international arena, the absolute merit of Stalin.
                It would seem that such a scale is beyond the power of one person, which has not cost the intervention from above, but we do not know anything about this, therefore we will consider the personality of Stalin to be the representative of the BEST representatives of the human race.
                Well, since Stalin is a man, and not a creature from another world, our world has left his mark on him, DOES NOT HAVE SINLESS PEOPLE. AND
                Stalin’s MAJOR ERROR that he couldn’t IDENTIFY an INTERNAL ENEMY.Stalin was able to decapitate the enemies of the Russian people, but did not understand that all this people, the whole environment, will ALWAYS be hostile to the Russian people and will always create entities that, according to THEIR RULES, will strive to Trick supreme posts in the state. You understand who I'm talking about. Namely about them.
        2. Horde
          Horde 30 March 2013 17: 03
          just now noticed, at the feet of Putin, perhaps a grandson, a poor Jewish boy, how terrible he is in the ORTHODOX CHURCH.
  • tomket
    tomket 29 March 2013 21: 33
    Actually, the formation of Israel as a state is the story of a continuous scam of Jews by England. Before World War I, there was a tacit agreement that Jerusalem and surrounding areas would leave the mandated jurisdiction of England and go under the protectorate of Russia, but unfortunately or fortunately, the Russian Empire fell out of the war.
  • YuDDP
    YuDDP 29 March 2013 21: 33
    usually bulging eyes are a sign of thyroid problems ...
    1. smile
      smile 29 March 2013 22: 49
      Exactly bazedova disease ...
    2. Horde
      Horde 29 March 2013 23: 25
      Quote: YuDDP
      usually bulging eyes are a sign of thyroid problems ...

      yes of course, but that would be all the Queen’s children - perhaps hardly
      son prince edward

      daughter princess louise

      Prince Leopold
      and all the rest and grandchildren are also unlikely to have a Bazedov disease, and besides, the queen was sick with HEMOPHILIA, that there were too many bad diseases in one mortal body. This is a sign of DEGENERATION, BAD INHERITANCE and DEGENERATISM.
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 30 March 2013 23: 02
        Quote: Horde
        that there are too many bad diseases in one mortal body.

        There are two answers.
        1) - "politically correct" - in the royal families of Europe, the choice of partners for creating a family was limited, so closely related marriages spread and hereditary diseases only accumulated (pure genetics).
        2) - "conspiracy" - "The Ten Lost Tribes are the tribes of the descendants of ten of the twelve tribes of Israel, who after the death of the Kingdom of Israel were captured by the Assyrian. Historical information about the ten tribes is very fragmentary, and for many centuries the location of the ten tribes remained a mystery, multiplying theories, assumptions and hoaxes associated with the identification of the ten tribes among other peoples - in Central Asia, Africa and even among the American Indians.
        According to these theories, the Assyrians deported some or all of the northern tribes to Scythia.British israelism Proponents of this theory believe that the Anglo-Saxons come from the Scythians and Cimmerians and further - some European peoples, primarily the British and Americans. The theory originated in England and later spread to the United States. Herbert Armstrong, the founder of the World Church of God, first spread this theory. Then this organization cooled down to this theory, but it was picked up by other sects. British american hypothesis This theory is different from British Israelism, but believes that the Scythians and Cimmerians, as descendants of ten tribes, gave rise to various European nations. The orthodox comments of the rabbis are interpreted as related to the European nations = descendants of the ten tribes. The supporters of this theory believe that the Finns, Swiss, Swedes, Norwegians, Irish, Welsh, French, Belgians and Dutch come from (ten) tribes.
        From the tribe of Dan are (partially) Danes, Irish and Welsh. The Khazars are also included in ten tribes. Critics of this theory pay attention to complete inconsistency and incompatibility of the customs of the Scythians and Jewish tribes.
        GOAL THE TRUTH - AND DO IT! belay winked what recourse good
        1. Horde
          Horde 31 March 2013 00: 29
          Kaa, you probably got enough sleep? I'm on the contrary, let's postpone the conversation until tomorrow.
        2. Horde
          Horde 31 March 2013 10: 38
          "politically correct" - in the royal families of Europe, the choice of partners for creating a family was limited, so closely related marriages spread and hereditary diseases only accumulated (pure genetics).

          it’s just an unhealthy custom to choose a spouse for your family member and it leads to terrible consequences when serious illnesses become HEREDITARY well, and multiple crossbreeding of GENETICALLY UNHEALTH people leads to DEGENERATIVES of kind and personality. But let’s say before Peter in Russia they didn’t know that the rules for choosing brides for monarchs were NATURAL and STRICT. The tsar received a girl of the FOREST PHYSICAL DEFICIENCIES mainly of the Russian genus, so the royal family was only genetically strengthened.
          After Peter, the rulers of Russia began to take European mostly German brides, which led to the appearance of such a royal representative of the male Romanovs in Russia as Tsarevich Alexei a sick and unfortunate child. the transition from RUSSIAN, HEALTHY, NATURAL COMMUNITIES to DAMAGEIVE EUROPEAN led the royal family of the Romanovs to their end. The Romanovs could no longer rule Russia politically - they did not even exhaust the people's trust, the male line was broken.
          By the way, the UNNatural custom to marry family members was also practiced in well-known JEWISH FAMILIES such as the Rothschilds and others. The crazy Jewish idea of ​​accumulating capital and power in one family leads to the fact that the Jews and those who hold power become DEGENERATES, and in appearance they are demons.

          According to these theories, the Assyrians deported some or all of the northern tribes to Scythia. British Israelism Supporters of this theory believe that Anglo-Saxons come from the Scythians and Cimmerians, and then some European peoples, primarily the British and Americans.

          Syria is represented in many historical sources as ASSURIA, if you read the opposite, it turns out RUSSIA such a reception — reading on the contrary is quite correct because many people wrote and now write from right to left.
          According to Herototus, one of the first who described the Scythians, the Scythians are Iranian tribes who lived in the Black Sea region from the 5th century BC. Well, and what place do the Angles look like Iranians? This is vryatli.
  • slava7075
    slava7075 29 March 2013 15: 43
    And they teach us how to live. !! ?? it was not for nothing that Tsar Ivan the Terrible considered their queen in his letters almost a "vulgar woman." I knew what came from where.
  • Belogor
    Belogor 29 March 2013 19: 28
    Wild and uncouth people these Europeans, but arrogance and arrogance in abundance.
  • knn54
    knn54 29 March 2013 21: 29
    Pedro the Cruel, ruled Castile from 1350 to 1369. At the hands of this cruel and treacherous killer, many people died. Among the victims of Pedro the Cruel are even his minor brothers and his wife Blanca of Castile. But in many works of a later time, his name is Pedro the Fair. Among the authors are Lope de Vega and Voltaire ... No comment!
  • pinecone
    pinecone 30 March 2013 03: 28
    Quote: tomket
    Actually, the formation of Israel as a state is the story of a continuous scam of Jews by England. Before World War I, there was a tacit agreement that Jerusalem and surrounding areas would leave the mandated jurisdiction of England and go under the protectorate of Russia, but unfortunately or fortunately, the Russian Empire fell out of the war.

    Wrong. Great Britain received a mandate for Palestine from the League of Nations after the 1st World War, and until the end of 1918. this territory was part of the Ottoman Empire.
  • воронов
    воронов 30 March 2013 21: 19
    Very mean nation these brit