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Financial wars: the best defense is attack

Give me the opportunity to issue money in the state, and I will not care about who writes his laws.

Meyer A. Rothschild

All is not gold that glitters

History financial wars are no shorter than the history of conventional wars. Even in the ancient world, one of the ways to deal with opponents was to undermine their economy. This was usually achieved by chasing counterfeit coins, which led to the depreciation of money and the loss of confidence in the government. After the invention of paper money and the development of printing, the possibilities of such a struggle have grown many times, because a fake coin still had at least some value due to the content of metal in it, which is a measure of its security. Unlike counterfeit paper receipts for somewhere stored wealth, which, in essence, are banknotes. Counterfeit bills of opponents were printed by Napoleon during his wars, by Germany during the time of both world wars.

Although the power of money for the subordination of nations, many have recognized for a long time, use it as a full-fledged alternative to the use of weapons learned about a hundred years ago. And the decisive role in this was played by American bankers, who at first subjugated the United States by creating the Federal Reserve System, and then encroaching on the rest of the world, having achieved the adoption of the Bretton Woods agreements on the dollar as a means of international settlement. No less important result of these agreements was the creation of the International Monetary Fund, controlled by the Fed, because the IMF opened up an opportunity for American bankers to implement the “covenant” formulated by President of the Association Phil Benson as early as 1839: “There is no more direct and reliable way to seize control of the nation, than through its lending system. "

Silent but destructive

As in the case of conventional wars, the goal of financial wars is either to subjugate the state as a whole, or to establish control over its part. The only difference is that in the case of financial wars, physical control over the territory is not at all obligatory, although in terms of the degree of destructiveness, financial wars are no less terrible than ordinary ones. According to the calculations of academician D.S. Lviv, the financial and economic war only in the first three or four years of “reforms” inflicted damage to Russia's economic, military and scientific and technical potential, estimated at about 3,5 trillion dollars, while the sum of the losses of the entire Soviet Union in the four years of the Great Patriotic War amounted to 375 billion dollars.

As the general battles of conventional wars, the most spectacular and decisive events of financial wars are crises. All other steps of the parties, both before and after crises, are less impressive in the imagination of ordinary people. However, these wars themselves are often viewed as often a kind of natural disaster, rather than carefully planned steps aimed at establishing control over an economy of interest to the crisis organizer.

The most powerful crisis of the twentieth century, called the Great Depression, made it possible to concentrate in the Federal Reserve all the banking gold held in the United States and to establish the control of banks belonging to the Fed over the lion’s share of American industry. The financial crisis, arranged by stock exchange speculator George Soros in the UK in 1992, close to the Fed bankers, not only allowed him to earn billion dollars in 1, but also caused a devaluation of a dozen European currencies, and also postponed the introduction of the single European currency for six years. And most importantly, it allowed the United States to significantly increase its influence on the European economy by the Americans buying up the sharply cheaper shares of European enterprises.

Soros was among the initiators of the crisis 1995 of the year in Mexico, who buried plans to build an inter-oceanic canal that would compete with the Panama Canal, controlled by the Americans. In the same year, Soros struck Japan, the rapid growth of the national currency which threatened to turn the country into a world financial center, a rentier country whose yen-denominated loans ensured the rapid growth of the economy of all of Southeast Asia. Next, Soros, with the support of the Federal Reserve banks, brought down the financial systems of Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong — all of the “Asian tigers” who were firmly indicated their place in the aviary, forcing them to tie their economies to the dollar. Taking advantage of the fall in shares of electronic companies in these countries and the Dow Jones index falling caused by this reason, the American high-tech corporations - IBM, Intel, Motorola, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard - bought out large shares of their shares, as well as their own shares, "dumped" by outside investors.

The best impromptu - prepared ahead of time

Talking about George Soros is prompted not only by his role in the organization of crises. Even if there were several free billions of dollars, he would not have been able to organize crises without a lot of preparatory work. Part of it is to shape the opinions of participants in the financial market about the inevitability of a certain crisis. After that, even a relatively small amount (of the order of several billion dollars) is enough to provoke a panic in the financial market that devalues ​​the currency and shares of key enterprises in the country, or even the whole region.

By tracking Soros’s statements, publications of the media controlled by him, the actions of other organizations funded from his Foundation, it is not difficult to establish the next victim of financial wars - Europe. Since 2012, the threat of the collapse of the eurozone has intensified. In the most affected by the financial crisis, Greece started talking about abandoning the single European currency, which will undoubtedly lead to a serious weakening of the euro. At the end of the year, Soros said that the main reason for this situation was Germany’s tough stance on financial discipline issues among the weakest European countries. It was George Soros who finances and patronizes the Greek opposition party, SYRIZA, which most strongly opposes Germany’s efforts to support the single European currency.

In addition to the psychological "pumping" - the spread of ideas about the inevitability of the collapse of the European currency - there is also other preparatory work. Thus, in recent months, the United States is making maximum efforts to create a Free Trade Area with the European Union [1] in order to finally remove the remaining barriers to the penetration of US capital into Europe and after the provoked collapse of the euro, buy the euro for the sharply rising prices of dollars under the pretext of saving the EU economy most tidbits. Or suppress any attempts by the EU to re-industrialize and strengthen its influence in the world [2].

Who is war and who is mother is native

Someone would argue that the United States simply does not have money for such a large-scale operation. The state really does not have them. They have the Federal Reserve, which showed the recent scandal in the States with the Fed provided secret loans to "right" banks for a total of almost thirty trillion dollars [3]. With this money, the lent banks bought from private banks that were not part of the system and were in a difficult financial situation because of the 2008 crisis of the year, shares of promising enterprises around the world. The funds received from the sale of shares were returned to the buyer as debt repayment and returned to the Fed. As a result, such a colossal lending did not generate hyperinflation for a simple reason: money did not fall into the real economy. Nevertheless, "electronic zeros", taken from the "bottomless pocket", materialized in the form of real power over specific large enterprises.

Attempts have been made in this way to establish control over Russian key enterprises, such as LUKOIL, RUSAL, Norilsk Nickel and many others. Only the competent actions of the Russian government, who bought their shares at the expense of the Stabilization Fund, saved them from moving into the category of “foreign investments”. However, the Fund’s reserves cannot be compared with the Fed’s “bottomless pocket”; for a long time, it cannot withstand the onslaught of Wall Street due to the deep difference between the nature of American and Russian money.

Three write, seven in mind

On the financial battlefield, into which the Earth has long been transformed, there is a rigid division between those who create financial capital and those who import these capital and earn money. The difference between the face value and the cost of money production is maximum at the first transaction, when the central bank of the state realizes the money generated, provided by the wealth of the country and its industrial power. At the same time, the state jealously observes that the counterparty of the central bank is a resident. That is, seigniorage, the issue income from the money created, remained within the country. Russia, like many other countries, provides the money to be issued not with its own wealth, but with stocks of foreign currency, which it is obliged to buy from a foreign issuer, before it makes its own money. That is, she is forced to pay the countries whose currency she buys to issue her own money for the right to issue, and this payment completely eats up all share premium. The cost of Russian money is much higher than the cost of the dollar, euro and other currencies acquired to guarantee the stability of the ruble. And the buildup of Russian foreign exchange reserves only contributes to the multiple growth of the profits of issuers of these currencies. Roughly speaking, the issue of rubles for one billion dollars provides for the emission of not one billion American money, but ten. Issue rubles for two billion - the Federal Reserve System emission of twenty billion.

There is only one way out of this situation: turning into a country that creates and not earns money. That is, guaranteeing the stability of the ruble not by stocks of foreign money, but by its own wealth, the level of its industrial and financial development ...

The Russian leadership has correctly assessed the situation and set a course to recreate the industrial power of the state. The only question is to what extent Russia's re-industrialization will be planned by attracting foreign investment, that is, by financing structures that emit dollars, euros, yen, Swiss francs and British pounds.

“Take everything, I'll draw myself”

How to get away from providing your own money with foreign currency?

The history of money, not secured by anything other than public consent to their circulation, has almost 200 years. In the period from 1837 to 1866, in the United States, around 8.000 varieties of “private money” were circulated, the issuers of which were various companies, banks, and even individuals. Some of them were even widely spread until they were officially banned. In the midst of the crisis of the end of 1920-x - the beginning of 1930. own money, which had circulation only within the Austrian town of Wörgl, issued the municipality. Surprisingly, the walking of the “Vergle shilling” led to a rapid growth of the city’s economy with 3.000 residents.

A similar story happened in the American town of Ithaca, whose local currency, the “so hour”, is still in effect, stimulating domestic trade. The same thing happens in the English Bristol: “the Bristol pound” gained not only a paper look, but also goes in the form of electronic money. In the most difficult times of the beginning of 1990, there were many Russian enterprises that had their own “currencies”, allowing workers who did not receive a salary in rubles to survive at the expense of the goods sold to them for this surrogate money. Yes, and many "electronic currencies" that serve as a settlement tool for various goods and services on the Internet, are largely provided with public consent.

Nevertheless, all the issuers of these “unreal” money carefully monitored and monitored the volumes of the issue, preventing them from depreciating and providing exchange at a special rate for the “usual” money. Yes, and they are intended, firstly, for a very limited scope, and secondly, they are absolutely not suitable for trade with the outside world, since for such transactions neither the honest words of the Minister of Finance, nor his press are enough.

And once again about the "bad" and "good" money

Some Arab countries have found their own way, based on a rigid peg to gold and silver, gradually introducing a gold dinar for settlements with each other, a currency whose volumes strictly correspond to gold deposits. At the same time, the “gold dinar” is still a conditional means of clearing settlement, replacing national currencies only with compensation for the balance of foreign trade balances. Inside the countries that joined the project, national currencies are in use, many of which are tightly bound to the dollar. And for the sake of additional emission of the “gold dinar” they have to buy dollars for oil in order to exchange this money for the precious metal. That is still making money, not creating it.

Before the advent of the euro, a European unit of account existed for the European measure of value for international settlements within the European Monetary System (EMU). In abbreviated form - ECU, exclusively non-cash form of a generalized currency basket of countries that were members of the EMU. Similar functions and nature were possessed by the means of international settlements between the countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the so-called transferable ruble. After the introduction of the euro, the ECU was exchanged in the proportion of 1: 1 for a new currency, adding to it only the quality of physical money. And the translated ruble disappeared with the collapse of the socialist camp and the CMEA.

As a measure capable of protecting the national currencies of a number of developing countries from the influence of the dollar and the euro, some experts suggest the creation of the BRICS Bank, the BRICS Stabilization Fund and the BRICS Reserve currency based on the currency basket of these countries. [4] Only one thing is not taken into account in this proposal: the security of all these currencies is the stock of money and securities nominated in the main reserve currencies. That is, they are all “bad”, “earned”, and not money created. And massive speculative interventions by the bottomless pocket managers will easily bring down any of the monetary systems except China, from which issuers of reserve currencies insistently demand liberalization of the yuan. For what it is done, it is clear if you know the nature of the money created and earned. And although the leadership of the PRC has not yet made concessions to this pressure, recently Beijing announced plans to ease state control over the national currency rate [5].

And yet, it turns out, it is possible to get out of this vicious circle, and it’s quite easy - if the means of providing new currencies for settlements between the BRICS states (why not propose to include Turkey in this club?) Will not be foreign money and securities nominated for them and natural resources, industrial potential, stocks of precious metals of the countries - members of this association. Yury Zabrodotsky, Doctor of Economic Sciences, offered something similar, but his model was based solely on the assessment of natural resources, which does not exhaust all the available possibilities.

The first step, in any case, in this case would be to become an agreement on the mutual recognition by the participating countries of the use for the mutual calculations of the Conventional Industrial and Resource Equivalent (UREI) issued by the Common Bank of the project. As a security for UREE, each of the participating countries invests in the General Bank mortgage bonds on carefully priced industrial facilities owned by the state, proven mineral reserves, part of the gold reserves, land, forest and water resources, infrastructure facilities, etc. Since the volumes and objects of pledge can easily be changed by replacing mortgage bonds both in the direction of decreasing the share of any country, and in the direction of increasing, the participating countries will be able to vary not only the exchange ratio of domestic currencies to UPRE, but also the volume of emissions depending on the needs . And the issuing center in the person of the General Bank is the “bottomless pocket” of the money created (and not earned), 100% secured, unlike the dollar and the euro, the most valuable resources that exist today. And industrial potential.

The power of the economies of the BRICS (T) countries and the volumes of their natural resources allow, in principle, in a short time to transform UREA into the most attractive unit of international payments, and the project member states from countries earning money to countries creating money and receiving maximum benefits from emissions.

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  1. zambo
    zambo 29 March 2013 16: 32 New
    "Money rules the world ..." - it went, corny, but efficiently.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 29 March 2013 17: 00 New
      Take everything, I'll draw myself

      "Daddy prophesied but did not listen to Vitka with a sidekick" ..... once the dollar was worth 60 kopecks, the rate was published in Izvestia
      1. avt
        avt 29 March 2013 17: 16 New
        Quote: Vadivak
        "Daddy prophesied but did not listen to Vitka with a sidekick" ..... once the dollar was worth 60 kopecks, the rate was published in Izvestia

        good But in Soviet times they taught the formula commodity-money-commodity. It is possible to add that money is also a commodity, they suck suckers a paper with the image of dead presidents, and then they say that the goods are not subject to return. And now, you don’t need to draw, he pressed a button and investments increased, he pressed also and they disappeared. Here is a Fed game room and you’ll close the hell. At the entrance of the Sesugiti on 15 aircraft carriers.
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 29 March 2013 17: 34 New
          Ho ho ... hello everyone ...
          just in a geopolitical mosaic I laid out this:
          “..And about Cyprus. Something more and more seems to me that such an interesting development of probabilities is going on - but how will the world react if it suddenly declares the Fed to fight the upcoming default?
          And take and eliminate, say, "Goldman and Sachs," "First National" .. there.
          He will say that in order to defeat the Fed’s default, right now we will tax (rob) the funds of the Russian Federation by 100%.
          How do you like that thought? .. "
          And then this article.
          Well ... sushi oars ....
          1. SSR
            SSR 29 March 2013 18: 12 New
            “There is no more direct and reliable way to take control of a nation than through its lending system.”

            That's how many centuries, usurers have been doing this ...
            1. Atlon
              Atlon 29 March 2013 19: 00 New
              Quote: SSR
              That's how many centuries, usurers have been doing this ...

              I would say the Jews ... For usury is thought up and described in the Bible.
    2. Deniska999
      Deniska999 29 March 2013 17: 37 New
      A lot of money will not bring to good.
    3. vezunchik
      vezunchik 29 March 2013 19: 10 New
      1998 - for a certain part of the population, overnight incomes grew 5 times, and uninformed people became 5 times poorer.
    4. sashka
      sashka 30 March 2013 03: 20 New
      Quote: zamboy
      "Money rules the world ..." - it went, corny, but efficiently.

      I’m here as a simple layman is interested .. If ALL shareholders and owners of enterprises start to lose money that I don’t have. Do I have to rush into the embrasure or set fire to the stable with raw matches.? Here's the question .. As a person, this does not bother me. And as a Citizen, too ... For what war, the Concept of Homeland is becoming very vague. Why do we need an Army? Own or alien, what's the difference .. What kind of oligarch will rob me. Does it matter? Well, I think that any authority knows how to play with words. And the main thing is to promise beautifully. All this is strange .. Not in Russian .. Glory to Pu !? or not glory?
  2. Fregate
    Fregate 29 March 2013 17: 02 New
    Comprehensive information, article +. I hope that US domination will end in three words: “fraer’s greed has destroyed” and the world will change for the better.
    1. Nesvet Nezar
      Nesvet Nezar 29 March 2013 18: 03 New
      First, there will be a scuffle before turning the world for the better. Ha ha
      1. alexng
        alexng 29 March 2013 22: 10 New
        There will be no scuffle, since there is no other planet for the evacuation of the pseudo-elect. And any scuffle between the main players in this big game will be the decline of civilization on Earth, i.e. the destruction of life on our Planet. So at least BZDYK will be at least loud, but bloodless.
  3. Imperial
    Imperial 29 March 2013 17: 18 New
    - I have one friend, also a scientist ... - he has three education classes, so he will draw the top ten in half an hour ......
    1. vezunchik
      vezunchik 29 March 2013 19: 12 New
      and now you don’t need to draw - the money is vertical, electronic .....
  4. valokordin
    valokordin 29 March 2013 17: 19 New
    Quote: Fregate
    comprehensive information, article +. I hope that US domination will end in three words: “fraer’s greed has destroyed” and the world will change for the better.

    So what, maybe it is necessary to establish the production of dollars and euros in Russia, like an emission center.
  5. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 29 March 2013 17: 20 New
    What vile faces. angry
  6. zao74
    zao74 29 March 2013 17: 35 New
    One has only to switch to barter ... amers will tear themselves apart.
    It is unfortunate that in the modern world this is not possible.
    1. scrack
      scrack 29 March 2013 23: 03 New
      If you try, it’s possible. Another question is how much will it cost
  7. Asgard
    Asgard 29 March 2013 17: 42 New
    The nationalization of the Economy, all the means of production and mineral resources will save everyone .... And you don’t have to take anything from anyone, tell me where you got the money ($ 100 million) for the privatization of Sibneft ??? you can’t explain, yes, you’re my friend, a criminal, come to the Prison))))) By the way, this also applies to the Shopping Center in your city (made from the House of Culture)) Tram park, etc., etc. ....
    Please explain-own-the whole small business is medium-sized, which does not require R&D, for God's sake .....
    Money should be only national and have circulation within the state, with neighbors to exchange at the rate depending on the volume of trade .... that is, real assets (raw materials, goods, transportation)))

    And all ..... we will not have terrorism, militants, bankers with golden parachutes and corrupt media and Tel-a-vision ....
    and Jews will insert gold crowns, treat people, and trade in the markets instead of h ....
    Everyone is happy and at work ......
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 29 March 2013 17: 49 New
      Damn, Vladimir ...
      I realized.
      We are missing - an Ossetian Jew. Or maybe Georgian ... well, I mean - Dzhugashvili.
      How cool the Jews started ...... in 1917.
      How great ...... Forms ... continued .. in 1924.
      How great ... were brought to a common denominator .. in 1937-38 years.
      The country flooded up.
      Came, nafig, an ethnically pure "maize" ... ruined everything. Whether clean, to understand.
      Came ... ethnically pure "Tagged" - finished off all nafig., Furnished (in the letter -d-). Well, obviously not clean - with such a mark.
      Cry something to click ... a-o-o-o-o-o-Ossetian Jews. "..Come up to be pleased with us .."
      Thanks, system engineers. Your innovations on replacing the mat and idioms ... are impressive.
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 29 March 2013 21: 02 New
        There was such a Freud, he said, write a lot of words and a person will read that (only)) that he is interested in and I will say that you are losing weight)))))

        It says - the Jews are prohibited from taking any posts related to the management of something current to work ...... nor any Alpha groups, Rusnano, authorities (although Mendel is a ridiculous iPhone)) and cash flows ....

        All this should be led by a person (with conscience)) and not by biorobots (Semites)) or "animals" Caucasians, Asians ...
        They are extremely controlled herd animals and they are led by such entities as yours on the Avatar)))))
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 29 March 2013 20: 51 New
      Quote: Asgard
      nationalization of the economy will save

      Are you kidding, of course?
      1. No one needs to be planted! They object - they won’t shoot through the window = both came and went!
      2. Well, taken away! what next? what to do next? you need to give it to someone to give loans and come up with what it will do.

      Sewed on soap?
    3. optimist
      optimist 29 March 2013 22: 00 New
      This is of course a great idea! I prodded with arms and legs. There is only one nuance: how many millions of our fellow citizens will Abramovich, Deripaska and Vekselberg put for their loot? (I am already silent about the foreign intervention of the bourgeoisie). I can hardly imagine the penitent Potanin sprinkling ashes on his head and secret accounts dictating to the revolutionary sailors. But not even they are scary. In our country, there are millions of petty traders, just officials who have taken a sip of the capitalist "nishtyaks." Tens of millions of people will have to roll up in camps, just shoot. I'm afraid few people will have to survive the new nationalization. I'm not talking about leaving everything as it is. This is also a disaster, only delayed.
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 29 March 2013 22: 31 New
        Guys, what a bloodthirsty ...... you can shoot and you need the first three (last names can be suggested in PM))) to take it seriously, the rest in the territory unsettled, let them master ....
        Do not be compared to the Jews, these eternal martyrs, they constantly organize the Holocaust for themselves (well, and if to be objective, then to other peoples)))

        You don’t have to kill anyone, let them work, I have my soul (immortal)) will get dirty with other people's blood, but I need THIS ....................
        fix a personObrazny only Labor and sweat .... here you can cast out)))

        They themselves will not repent voluntarily .... The authorities must be used ..... I, too, cannot imagine the penitent Medvedev, Gorbachev, Timchenko, Rotenberg, Abramovich ...... Pekhtin (I did not write a little Putin))))
        So we have GRU officers, Specialists in the FSB, Adventurers - we will set them the tasks (to bring the "heads" alive))), we will provide support for the Army and Navy in the means of delivery and transportation to the territory of the Russian Federation (including the submarine fleet)). Those states that harbor the citizens of the Russian Federation and their capitals — to deprive us of trade and relations — do not interest me in profit — I am interested in JUSTICE .... (so no oil))))

        And we will organize the political will and believe me nothing else is needed))))
        1. optimist
          optimist 29 March 2013 22: 53 New
          Dear, do you seriously believe that the "bees" will fight against the "honey"? I remind you that there are no military coups in Russia and will not be imagined. (This is me about the GRU and the FSB). Regarding the executions: do you think that in the 17th and 21st years the bourgeois were shot purely for aesthetic reasons? Imagine: you, Abramovich! The proletarians come to you with "Kalash" and take away your palaces, yachts, women, etc. They give you an ax and send you to the forest to Mordovia. Your actions? At the first opportunity, you smash the head of the guard with this ax and rush to return your wealth. Am I messing up something? laughing
          1. nickname 1 and 2
            nickname 1 and 2 29 March 2013 23: 49 New
            Quote: optimist
            Your actions? At the first opportunity, you smash the head of the guard with this ax and rush to return your wealth. Am I messing up something?

            In my opinion = YES!
            Anyone who knows how to make money well from the air will not swing an ax! Stupid, not that he knows how to do well, not those nerves. Yes, and trouble with this dough. He used to spend a day - wow. and here - with an ax and a "bag"?
            They still need to be legalized before being thrown into the case.

            Not the time, the wrong people, the wrong alignment.
  8. shurup
    shurup 29 March 2013 18: 12 New
    1 kW / h - why not money? It is impossible to fake, they are counted into all the goods, everyone can feel it in the socket and, most importantly, everyone can print using an exercise bike, a windmill or a nuclear power plant.
    This money is more useful than gold and everyone needs it. They are already being stolen, they are already being calculated, and they must be saved when transferred over long distances, when used in everyday life and in production, especially when smelting aluminum.
  9. Nesvet Nezar
    Nesvet Nezar 29 March 2013 18: 14 New
    Article five plus! When I was in my first year at the university (1995), a teacher in our first lecture asked us a question - did everyone get makkonela in the Economics library? (Textbook on the economics of American authors) - we responded positively. Then he said - put it on the shelf at home and don’t open it, at the end of the year do not forget to return it to the library. And then he told us this, that we were all in a light shock. Against the background of universal love for American values, we then thought that he was a burnt communist. But after privatization, MMM and 98, we were sure that we were lucky with the teacher. And when I watched the dissent, it was just funny. When among the rebels only poets, writers, bloggers, "economists and lawyers" I was afraid of only one thing that they would win. It is nice to realize that science has gone to the masses and people have the opportunity to get information and draw the right conclusions.
  10. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 29 March 2013 18: 44 New
    Read Capital. It says it all wink
    1. sleepy
      sleepy 30 March 2013 03: 08 New
      See American Dream.
      It says popularly about financial systems.

  11. Atlon
    Atlon 29 March 2013 19: 01 New
    The article is interesting, but hard to read. I re-read it 2 times, until the end I didn’t taste what it means to “earn” and “make” money. Maybe because he’s not an economist, never ... Well, to hell with him!
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 29 March 2013 20: 58 New
      Quote: Atlon
      "earn" and "make" money.

      but it seemed clear to me, but = *** The cost of Russian money is orders of magnitude higher than the cost of the dollar, euro and other currencies purchased to guarantee the stability of the ruble. And the buildup of Russian foreign exchange reserves only contributes to a multiple increase in the profits of issuers of these currencies. Roughly speaking, the issue of rubles for one billion dollars provides the issue of not one billion American money, but ten. The issue of two billion rubles - the issue of the Federal Reserve System of twenty billion. **** I "did not taste it"
  12. Karabin
    Karabin 29 March 2013 19: 05 New
    Combining the essence of the article with our realities, we have: the economy and finances of the Russian Federation are built into the Fed system, i.e. not sovereign.
    Who's guilty? Blaming the Fed and the demonic Soros for this is stupid. It's like blaming winter for the cold if the house does not have heating. Russia itself entered this system. It doesn’t matter because of stupidity, betrayal or deceit.
    What is being done to restore sovereignty? I think that nothing. All government measures are fire-fighting in repaying crisis exacerbations. No more. The author’s hope for allegedly possible processes within the BRICS, I consider far-fetched. The interests of the participating countries are too diverse, and it should be borne in mind that the elites of these countries (Chinese to a lesser extent) are the elites precisely because of the prevailing global financial system and are interested in adjusting it to their own interests, but not in rejecting it . Finally, the presence in the BRICS economies of transnational corporations also does not contribute to the creation of a different financial system.
    And yet, what to do? Nationalization of the central bank, natural monopolies, the defense industry and the oil and gas sector (100% of the state’s shares), diversified economy, protectionism (no WTO). To do this, we need to change the current socio-political system and the Constitution. Without doing this, any action to gain financial independence of the country is useless.
    1. optimist
      optimist 29 March 2013 22: 08 New
      "Golden words, Peter Venediktovich." It is not sad to admit it, but all this will be possible only when the Third World Slaughter is unleashed (As everyone remembers, it rolled in the 17th, when the First was going on). There are no other options stupidly. And the overwhelming majority of our “people” will wither away only when the tires of their credit cars are gnawing from hunger. In October the 17th, the people froze for a very prosaic reason: bread disappeared in St. Petersburg sheds. So, as always: to our b.s. obvious truths only through ... opu reach ....
      1. Tverichanka
        Tverichanka 30 March 2013 02: 38 New
        Quote: optimist
        our b.s.

        Ek, you! And you yourself, presumably from the counts? .. Or from the "creative" class? ... And your parents are not cattle? ... And the children? ... Yes, the fig is your Motherland? Does she live? what can I say about her? .. And they are pretending to be guardians of the Fatherland !! Horror with turbidity !!!! I don’t even have any friends who would say about their people! These people are not shaking hands! .. Shame on you !! !
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 30 March 2013 02: 31 New
      Quote: Karabin
      I think that nothing.

      And you imagine that you have a knife, and your enemy has a machine gun. Your machine gun was taken away back in the late 80s .. Well, how will you act in such a situation? But you need to win! So you need to quietly, without attracting attention, without a single rustle, try to get as close as possible to the enemy in order to be able to deliver one, but decisive, blow. There will be no second chance. Will you be in a hurry? Indicate your intentions? Conduct an open reconnaissance? Most likely, because there’s no chance of you have zero success! .... Take your time! Putin is not dumber than you, that's for sure, and since you If you have problems with a minimum degree of awareness, then his level is not comparable, right? And I assure you, he sees and knows all these problems, but with a knife on a machine gun he doesn’t run, there’s no valor in this, but only stupidity. He is waiting in the wings to strike, and only when ALL components coincide, he will inflict it. IMHO.
  13. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 29 March 2013 21: 10 New
    Quote: Karabin
    Nationalization of the Central Bank

    Here in this dog rummaged!

    As I understand it, Putin has found a way to get around the obstacles built by the states.
    And then his steps to achieve the goal are already obvious.
    And these steps are in different directional vectors.
    The new head of the Central Bank. and others. Another alignment in the State Duma., BRICS and others.
    So I believe Putin will get out.
    1. vvvvv
      vvvvv 29 March 2013 21: 55 New
      Here is another look at the "movement" in Cyprus
    2. optimist
      optimist 29 March 2013 22: 25 New
      This is the problem that many believe in him. But they do not want to understand that this is the same puppet watching, like a humpbacked one with EBN. Ask yourself the question: at least one real success of the country in the economy, domestic and foreign policy? One NAKED PIZ .... W !!! I am sure many forum users can tell fairy tales no worse. Such "believers" on January 9.01.1905, XNUMX, too, went to the "good" king to complain about the "bad" boyars. Would you like to share their fate?
      1. AlexW
        AlexW 30 March 2013 09: 33 New
        Quote: optimist
        One NAKED PIZ .... W !!!

        I am delighted how clearly, succinctly and most importantly true you have evaluated your opus laughing I evaluate the real successes in real life: - by my wallet, by the well-being of my family, my children and grandchildren. My neighbors are distant and close, not lazy and not drinking, they also do not vegetate in poverty, they don’t count kopeks from paycheck to paycheck. I don’t know any unemployed as such. Moreover, I don’t go for decent work, I have to bring Sugrubov and Jamshuras. Old people in the underpasses do not beg for alms. I get far from a beggarly pension myself, but I continue to work - there are forces, no one forbids me, does not limit me (as in the "Wild West"). Our "sausage emigrants" come to me quite often. Here they really see real changes in Russia. There is nothing to compare with what was happening in the country and what is happening in Europe. There they watch our TV “over the hill”, but the first impression after a long absence in the homeland is shock and envy. I go on vacation with my family warm seas. Vacation packages at a sanatorium in the south of Russia are sold six months in advance - it’s harder to get there than hotels in Hurghada. Previously abandoned farms restored, automated. In all the nearest supermarkets, 80-85% of Made in Russia products - do not be lazy, check it yourself. Another example: -in the 90s, hungry miners in coveralls pounded helmets, now the "Protestants" in mink coats. fellow Is everyone happy? - Of course not. A lot of indignation: Bribery, rudeness, illiterate officials, inefficiency of the police, courts. Is Putin alone to blame? I am very annoyed by his "manual control" style. Of course, not everything is done as we would like, not so fast, but it is done! And smear everything with black paint is a clear sign of "ordering."
  14. Orik
    Orik 29 March 2013 21: 13 New
    For the success of financial blitzkriegs, one more essential thing is needed, this is the fifth column. Unfortunately, this fate has not passed us, but it is difficult to imagine such a development of events under Comrade Stalin.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 30 March 2013 02: 47 New
      Quote: Orik
      Comrade Stalin is hard

      Oh, dear man! Well, what did you write? From the category- “Remember the planes — it fits in your head more.” You at least know a little bit, not from accepted cliches, but from serious publications, what I. did for what V. Stalin? The main thing, for what? He, by the way, said a wonderful phrase- "There are intentions, but there are circumstances. And circumstances are stronger than intentions." So think about why he said it and maybe it will reach you that he was not omnipotent and also, depending on the circumstances, made certain decisions .... And post cliched phrases-mind but not necessary. The main thing to mention with aspiration is the name of Stalin, that's all! The rating is guaranteed. Are you here for the sake of pluses and shoulder straps?
  15. aleks71
    aleks71 29 March 2013 21: 15 New
    any actions to gain financial independence of the country are useless.
    -I agree ... I’m afraid that at this stage nothing will be done .. I think the only way out of the situation is to not “rock the boat”, but actively help the “partners” to spend .., involving in “rotten” projects, such as Fu- 35 ... And when they’ll “burn with a blue flame”, on the dollar ashes, do not whitewash, but create a system of mutual settlements based on justice and independence. That would be able to live both large states and small ones and not on bank bubbles, but on real assets. ..
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 30 March 2013 02: 53 New
      Quote: aleks71
      based on justice and independence

      Do you still read bedtime stories? Yes, at least once in the history of mankind there was such a system? Well, give an example, pliz! One thing is the system inside the country, and the other one is with the outside world .. Well, what kind of justice can there be? .. one thing is true, and another for the lion. AND NEVER their views on justice will not coincide! Fershteyn?
  16. z-exit
    z-exit 30 March 2013 00: 18 New
    Quote: aleks71
    Russia, like many other countries, does not provide money to be issued with its own wealth, but with foreign currency reserves, which it is obliged to buy from a foreign issuer before making its own money. That is, she is forced to pay the countries whose currency she buys to issue her own money for the right to issue, and this payment completely eats up all the share premium

    I do not understand something. This is what comes out of the state buys foreign currency for ... chtoli foreign currency !! ??? Buys dollars for dollars? How do you imagine that???
    Let’s say a new country has appeared, albeit somewhere in Africa. His money yet, plans to release. Question.
    What funds will the country purchase foreign currency? Isn’t it easier to just issue this money and that’s all. As far as I know, this is what they do in Africa by the way. And support for this currency is provided by a simple but historically proven method - by collecting taxes in this currency itself.
  17. z-exit
    z-exit 30 March 2013 00: 43 New
    Quote: z-exit
    Russia, like many other countries, does not provide money to be issued with its own wealth, but with reserves of foreign currency, which it is obliged to buy from a foreign issuer

    In which regulatory document of the Central Bank is this enshrined? I'm not asking out of curiosity. There are big suspicions that the ratio of the emitted currency to the reserve in foreign currency there is far from 1: 1 and not even 1: 5. And if this is so, then the statement that "... and this payment completely eats up all the share premium" is at least debatable.
    Read on.
    "Roughly speaking, the issue of rubles for one billion dollars provides the issue of not one billion American money, but ten. The issue of rubles for two billion - the issue of the Federal Reserve System of twenty billion"
    The one-to-ten rule is not applicable in this case.
    Anyway, it's time to know that this rule has already been canceled a hundred years ago.
  18. 120352
    120352 30 March 2013 01: 09 New
    It is necessary to train hackers and develop an agent network in the territory of a potential adversary. It is easy to make sure that their money will be in our banks, and not vice versa.
  19. z-exit
    z-exit 30 March 2013 01: 28 New
    And further. Important remark. So that after reading this article the reader inadvertently does not think that the affairs of the United States are so rosy, and naive people are sitting in the governments of all countries. Central banks of the whole world do not save dollars as such. Their share in the Central Bank is relatively small. The Central Bank accumulates SHORT-TERM and LONG-TERM LIABILITIES. Including Russia.
    That is, these are bonds and treasury bonds.
    And this is the moment that downplays the objectivity of the article. Unlike the dollars that would have been in the basement of the Central Bank and "haven’t asked for" interest on treasury bonds for the US, you need to pay regularly. Every year, debt is becoming harder and harder to service. Sooner or later, payments on% will significantly exceed the annual income of the country. As recent history shows, such a situation does not last long and an inevitable collapse occurs.
    1. z-exit
      z-exit 30 March 2013 02: 00 New
      Quote: z-exit
      It is necessary to train hackers and develop an intelligence network in the territory of a potential enemy

      This is the US needs to do something. And it is only reasonable to do one thing in their situation - to start a war on a foreign continent, draw in maximum countries there and trade on account of debt, and then on credit. In this situation, Russia should not take hasty steps. Everything floats in our hands. And thank God I see that our government understands this very well and is doing everything to strengthen good neighborly relations. Let my post be an appeal to those people who are so actively criticizing the current government. It’s not worth it to shatter the actions of our government. Look for the sake of interest which countries are buying gold in recent years. Putin is playing a very subtle game on this front. The West understands this, understands that something needs to be done, but nothing can. From their powerlessness and weakness, the enemies of Russia rush to tear their anger in the media. They bark like pugs at an elephant.
  20. taseka
    taseka 30 March 2013 05: 13 New
    "And massive speculative interventions by the managers of the" bottomless pocket "will easily bring down any of the monetary systems." - of all these world crises, one thing to remember is that someone has disappeared from your pocket, it means that someone has increased it in your pocket - but to us the media of the World speak intensely only about those who went bankrupt and are always silent about those who have become rich, and therefore provoked this crisis !!!
  21. pinecone
    pinecone 30 March 2013 05: 22 New
    Quote: Asgard
    Money should be only national and have circulation within the state, with neighbors to exchange at the rate depending on the volume of trade .... that is, real assets (raw materials, goods, transportation)))

    It is precisely for this that National Socialist Germany was punished.
    Seehttp: //
  22. Genoezec
    Genoezec 31 March 2013 10: 25 New

    A very useful movie on the topic!