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NATO has developed 95 rules for battles in the information space

October 31 1517 was a remarkable event in the capital of Saxony Wittenberg. Doctor of Theology Martin Luther nailed to the doors of the Castle Church a document included in history as "95 theses", or, very briefly, XCV. A unique blend of reflection on the deepest issues of theology and current political debate. From that moment, the process known as the Reformation began in the countries of Catholic Europe. It was marked by many religious wars (the last of them, perhaps, the war of Sonderbund, the union of clerical cantons, against the union government of Switzerland in 1847 ...). And - which led to a tremendous acceleration of scientific and technological progress (including due to the fact that Christ-wandering vagabonds were no longer served, but started sending them to work houses, weaving ropes for the Royal fleet, under the protection of which they are transported to the colonies, expanding markets for the emerging industry ...).

NATO has developed 95 rules for battles in the information space
With the hanging of this paper, the Reformation began.

Well, 5 March 2013, the world, was presented to the book, published by Cambridge University Press. It was written by an international group of experts under the guidance of Professor Michael N. Schmitt, head of the department of international law at Naval War College, in practice, the US Navy Academy. The book is The Tallinn Manual, or abbreviated to the Tallinn Manual. The NATO dependency (NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence and originated this document) can be found in its full text here.

And here are the 95 rules of cyberwar

And this book also contains ninety-five ... But not theses, but the Rules. The rules of cyber war! At first glance, the list of international experts looks very noble - a professor from the Catholic (the oldest of all Catholic) university in Flemish Leuven (amusing that the Kaiser World War I wiped this city off the face of the earth, and the future Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann, in the company with the already received Nobel Gerhard Hauptmann, this act was justifiably justified - however, the allies, in the spring of 1944, were also bombed out of glory, according to Leuven, again incinerating the library). A German scientist from a university in Potsdam (well, this is a replica of a sample of 1991 of the year - sclerosis, forgot what organization was there before, and what event in the quietest town was in May of 1945 ...). A bunch of legalists from Law Schools of various states and Anglo-Saxon countries in the South Seas. And even a couple of people from the International Committee of the Red Cross (not a single meanness does not do without humanitarian bureaucrats on the planet ...). But this motley company was engaged (especially pleased with the presence of delegates to the three times awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of the Red Cross) with the creation of a comprehensive guide for the North Atlantic Alliance for Cyber ​​Warfare. Cybernetic, as we shall see, is rather a characteristic of the technological development stage at which this war will take place ...

And why is this leadership Tallinn? Well, this is due to the 27 April 2007 events of the year. Then, in the capital of Estonia, police clashed with the defenders of the Bronze Soldier, a monument on the mass grave of the Red Army soldiers who died during the liberation of the city from the Nazis. A few days later, the Estonian government sites faced cyber threats. It was a trivial DDoS attack. But - great power. Richard A. Clark, a former cybersecurity adviser to President George "Dubuyu" Bush, called it "the largest in history." Several botnets, up to a million computers, launched an attack on "the addresses of the servers that manage the telephone network, the credit card verification system, and the catalogs of Internet resources." Estonia is a cybernated country, its success in informatization was written a long time ago. And so she was vulnerable. “Hansapank, the largest bank in the country, did not resist. Trade and communications were disrupted throughout the territory. ” (However, Estonian hackers also frolicked about what KT in due time told ...)

Could the soldiers and officers in Tallinn know that in the future the name of the city would mark a new era of wars ...

Estonians complained to NATO (this is about how, in the absence of hot water, do not go to the housing office and write to the Emergencies Ministry ...). Experts who met from all over the world found out that the Cyrillic code was used in the program code - unexpectedly for a country where for about 30% of the population Russian is the native language. There were also traces leading to Russia (given the love of compatriots for piracy, in which the bots are sometimes laid initially, not surprisingly) - and then Clark (we quoted Peter) -the translation of his book “The Third World War. What Will It Be?” : “Does Russian state security have any relation to cyber attack in Estonia? It may be worth rephrasing the question. They offered to attack, contributed to it, refused to investigate the case and punish those responsible? But in the end, is this distinction really important if you are an Estonian citizen who cannot withdraw money from a Hansapank card? ” That's all ... The traditions of jurisprudence, leading the beginning of Rome, with the mandatory procedures for establishing the subject and intent, declared null and void; the slogan of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I Pereat mundus et fiat justicia was replaced by expediency ... "Is this distinction important ..."

And the “Tallinn leadership” is already a full-fledged guide for waging wars of the information age. Approximately the same as for the industrial era were the “Nature of operations of modern armies” by Triandafillov, “Achtung - Panzer!” By Guderian, “Il Dominio dell'Aria” by Douai. It is for waging wars, not for limiting them. The restrictions on cyber operations, during which nuclear power plants, dams and dams, as established by the 80 Rule, will not be misled. After all, what is the war of Clausewitz? The continuation of politics by other, violent, methods. And what can be the real policy? Yes, to seize - either markets or resources. And the territory contaminated or flooded, so-so rynchek ... Yes, and it is inconvenient to take resources from it. From here and limit! Bombed 617-I squadron RAF dams and dams in Germany (“Flooding Germany” by Paul Brickhill and films - “The Dam Busters” of the middle of 50-x, plus one of the episodes of modern “Foyle's War“). For a very simple reason - the market for the Anglo-Saxons of Germany was still to become, and now we live in a global economy, as in 1913 year ...

Dams in the Reich, the British demolished with the help of rolling bombs on the waves

And they should not be misleading other rules - from the initial ones, speaking of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction, to the final ones, dedicated to Neutrality in the actions of the Security Council. Words like Civilians, Mercenaries, Child Protection and Protection of Journalists have no customary meaning here. As well as the collective punishment ban provided for in Rule 85. The document only has a legal, though not mandatory for any country in the world, view. In fact, he is very pragmatic. Recommendations to avoid human sacrifice are only recommendations. And at the forefront is an assessment of the effect achieved in the event of its operation or potential damage in the case of an enemy operation. And the enemy can be not only the military, wearing a uniform, wearing clearly visible insignia, a hacker. An adversary may be anyone whose activity is deemed threatening. A member of some hacker organization. Or just a loner. And all of them, if necessary, can be killed or crippled (kill and injure). No no. To kill and maim for a reason. They must first be caught in that they themselves carried out or planned something deadly, as well as developed malicious software, which could lead to serious consequences. That is, the “license to kill” of an offshore programmer was practically issued, who accepted an order through the Network to develop something that could harm someone. Do not reset his credit card, and kill.

Offhand simulates the following situation. The terrorist registers the company for industrial security. Then he recruits (via the Network) specialists (from Bangalore to Khabarovsk), who are tasked with checking the safety of a chemical plant, hydroelectric power station or something similar, to analyze their computer systems. Analyze by inventing a way to disrupt their functioning. The task is routine. And quite legal. And catch the police of such a developer - the court will acquit him, because there is no intent for an atrocity (and the law prohibiting writing programs, unlike laws prohibiting to get along without licenses weapon and ammunition, nowhere, it seems, no ...). But if such a computer scientist gets into the sight of cyberwarriors, that's it, he turns into a legitimate target. As a result of a cyber attack (for which his product could potentially be used), people can actually die. And therefore, jamesbonds with a couple of zeros can catch the poor fellow in Turkey on the beach, and even drown him. Or slaughter in the native entrance. And in the future, when Drones become smaller and cheaper - send a drone to visit him, as is now done with those suspected of having links with al-Qaeda.
That is, international law is a veil, disguise. The essence of the matter is that humanity is busily developing for war a new space, kindly provided by technology. Mass armies and deep operations of Triandafillov, Dwe air supremacy, Guderian's armored vehicles ... Now it was the turn of cyberspace. And the interest of the military in it is directly proportional to the role it plays in the global economy, how quickly IT is progressing. And this role is extremely large - and this is what the appearance of 95 rules indicates!

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  1. Rink
    Rink 29 March 2013 12: 13
    Whoever comes to us with a sword will perish by the sword!

    Russia has never complained about a lack of brains.
    I am sure that the relevant Russian services and organizations keep their finger on the pulse of events, and on occasion will be able to surprise these "rule writers" ...
    1. nakaz
      nakaz 29 March 2013 14: 44
      First, subject a cyber attack to objects on the territory of the Russian Federation, and tomorrow, on a Miami beach, you are accidentally attacked by a shark. After a long operation, doctors manage to save their lives, but they will have to amputate their hands. Shark crew awarded.
    2. Gari
      Gari 30 March 2013 00: 16
      Quote: Skating rink
      Russia has never complained about a lack of brains.

      Just do not throw stones, but collect them bit by bit,
      otherwise the golden brains and hands will leave, only the golden teeth will remain
  2. stalkerwalker
    stalkerwalker 29 March 2013 13: 04
    What a sadness ....
    It is possible to use cyberspace to organize revolutions of a different color and smell. And here "That Cyrillic was used in the program code - bad guys from Moscow.
    Everything has already been written in the previous "Estonian" forum ....
  3. svp67
    svp67 29 March 2013 14: 50
    Well, what can you say, just that if there is a front, even a virtual one, then you have to know how to "fight" on it. And I think there will still be a lot of interesting things.
  4. smile
    smile 29 March 2013 16: 33
    Sorry to return to the topic of using our site in the information war and plans related to the translation into English ... I read the article late and the crown touched me.
    In my opinion, when implementing this event, we will encounter some difficulties:
    1. You understand that we will have to be prepared for the fact that our English-speaking likely opponents are almost an order of magnitude larger, so that it is not known who will crush anyone with minuses :))))). moreover, the appearance of the owners clearly sharply activates our local bandarlogs. That is, we will be in the minority ...
    2. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough people who know the language at a level sufficient for a detailed reasoned confrontation ... for example, I speak English much worse than my native language, and even my literacy .... I am silent about Google translator - the result of his life :) ))) is simply anecdotal when any text is translated with its help, except for the most primitive ..... so we make ourselves illiterate and primitive people with poor and funny speech ...
    3. Some of my colleagues, including myself, sometimes allow ourselves to make harsh, joking, incorrect statements .. but a dumb layman will really believe that we all here are all dreaming of hoisting the red flag over the Capitol ... we have nothing to do ... , well aware that we just need to be left alone, on the contrary, we will be encouraged and provoked by harshness .. in the end, we will be aggressive, dreaming of taking over the whole world ....
    By the way, some of the colleagues have already said that they are waiting, they won’t wait to express to themselves what we think about them .... I understand their emotions, I repeat - I’m such myself, but ... you can imagine what it will result in - Yes, translators proklinit from the abundance of curses and the inability to translate them into English ...
    4. Some colleagues devote too much attention to the Jewish theme ... For example, I don’t think that Jews are so powerful and unique that, damn it, the whole world is dancing at their command - they are not superhuman. It cringles me when the discussion of any topic among some eventually comes down to the Jews ... If there weren’t some representatives of the promised land who purposely allow themselves absolutely brutal remarks about Russia (as, for example, in the comments on the article on losses) I would blather on this subject, because despite the fact that some quite reasonably and interestingly justify their negative attitude towards Zionism, others slide down to the street war ..:)))) .... But some Jewish comrades seem to be deliberately fomenting dislike of yourself ...
    1. Gari
      Gari 30 March 2013 00: 13
      Quote: smile
      Sorry to return to the topic of using our site in the information war and plans related to the translation into English ... I read the article late and the crown touched me.

      English is not brilliant, but how we can help
  5. smile
    smile 29 March 2013 16: 34
    This is the second part of my comment.

    But it doesn’t matter - it’s important that during the English process (I may say so :)))) the site will immediately be firmly labeled as anti-Semite, and you know what it means for their public opinion (well, we know who why he did it - but here I have no complaints against the Jews, we wouldn’t hurt to do that either) a similar label ...
    5. I believe that with such changes, real propagandists will appear on the site working in the relevant units of the psychological warfare of the Western services (if they are here now, they’ll be sluggish, some :))))) And they will primarily affect his, using our mistakes ...

    When participating in a psychological war, just like in a conventional war, you need to clearly know its goals, and what certain means of influencing the enemy will lead to ...
    And what happens if you simply inglize the site without using protectionist measures against, so to speak, a domestic producer, that is, you and me? It will work out. that we are illiterate, stupid, aggressive, anti-Semites dreaming of world domination! ... b ... qd! Do not you think that this will be our defeat?
    It is unlikely that any of the colleagues wants this ...
    I am convinced that the site was created by talented, professional people, and of course they will take this into account and much more, which I could never have imagined ... but this is a serious step ... and you need to make it healthy by safety, in particular at the same time the introduction of a staff of highly professional translators, and preferably with solid state support, and we, ordinary visitors, will, unfortunately, have to keep their tongues ... otherwise .... Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I propose to publish the details of the account so that everyone can make any funds to support their favorite site, there is nothing wrong with that, everyone understands that you can’t do anything without funds ....
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 29 March 2013 18: 04
      Quote: smile
      And what happens if you just inglis site

      The question is rather to the creators of the site ....
      "I am tormented by vague doubts" that adequate English-speaking guys will come to us - Englishmen (in spirit they are close to us, hooligan, but with their own English sense of humor), Amrykans, Australians .... Rather, they will be "our" people, settled there. But the topic is very interesting.
      I imagine a stormy skirmish with the Poles, here .... What metaphors we will see and hear ......
      It will probably "be a song."

      How will we call? Advertise on Russia Today?

      Let them come here.
      Welcome. dear friends, we are waiting for you!
      1. smile
        smile 29 March 2013 19: 00
        Well, actually I also address my thoughts to the creators of the site - I think they are interested in our opinion .....
        I don’t know how to call ... in my opinion, they themselves will come :))))), and our enemies and colleagues :)))) from other countries will stick in order to pay us back for our minuses :)))) , but in any case, the fight will really be noble :)))
        And the Poles, if they knew about the site and would like to argue and would have already run here, the language problem is not so acute there .....
    2. Gari
      Gari 30 March 2013 00: 14
      And the “Tallinn leadership” is already a full-fledged guide for the wars of the information age, and these wars have long been going on
  6. mansur
    mansur 29 March 2013 20: 32
    And this book also contains ninety-five ... But not theses, but the Rules. The rules of cyber war! Very interesting and real
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 31 March 2013 13: 56
      Quote: mansur
      But not theses, but the Rules. The rules of cyber war! Very interesting and real

      This war has been going on for a long time. "First blood ..." - we did not start this war. The peculiarity of network wars is that much depends on the number of participants (users) defending their opinion.
  7. mansur
    mansur 29 March 2013 20: 34
    And other rules should not be misleading - from the initial ones, talking about Sovereignty and Jurisdiction, to the final ones, devoted to Neutrality in the actions of the Security Council. Words, like Civilians, Mercenaries, Child Protection, and Journalist Protection no longer have their usual meanings. As well as the prohibition of collective punishment provided for in Rule 85. The document only has a legal, though not mandatory for any country in the world, view-- you can’t get it all thought out