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Traumatic pistols of the Osa family enter the world market

Traumatic weapon - The thing is very controversial, and I would even say, harmful for self-defense in our country, as was written in this article. However, individual models of such weapons deserve attention, because of their effectiveness, they can really protect. So, one of such traumatic pistols is the “Wasp”, or rather the whole family of these weapons. If earlier these guns were skeptical and not taken seriously, then after a short period of time, people's opinions changed, and now there are no people who would challenge the effectiveness of these weapons, and attackers have already begun to fear it. The representatives of the Osa family are among the best of the currently existing versions of the traumatic pistols, which also shows that they became interested in these pistols outside the Russian Federation. So, in the near future weapons go to Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. Let us try to make out in more detail what the “Wasp” is, what kinds of its exist and how it is remarkable.

Since we are mostly civilian people, we will go through civilian models, leaving service workers behind the battle, especially since it is still unknown what the export version of the gun will be like, as the customer himself will determine. On the whole, it is highly doubtful that the weapon will be fundamentally different in some way, most likely the changes affect the ammunition.
It all started back in the distant 1998 year, when an unknown and rather strange sample of weapons appeared, which was called PB-4. This model of the pistol was very different from the subsequent ones, but at the same time it was quite cheap in production, and almost anyone with straight arms could carry out repairs. This weapon marked the beginning of "electronic pistols" as they are sometimes called the inhabitants.

Traumatic pistols of the Osa family enter the world marketAs in any other weapon, the main characteristics of the PB-4 pistol were set by ammunition, and the ammunition was rather unusual. A long aluminum sleeve hides a deep-set bullet consisting of a metal core and a rubber sheath. The bullet itself was not of the usual form and had a narrowing due to which the bullet had a clearly defined tail section. It was this part of the bullet that was clamped in the glass in which the powder charge was located. Thanks to this placement of the bullet, it was quite difficult, or rather, almost impossible to spoil the cartridge, to pull it out of the cartridge case to increase the weight of the powder. Much more interesting feature was that the cartridge 18x45 did not have a capsule as such, and it had an initiating composition, but the ignition was not due to the deformation of the capsule, but because of the ignition of a tungsten filament inside the sleeve during the passage of electric current. The gun itself was, in fact, nothing more than a source of electric current and a switching device between the cartridges and this same source of current, wrapped in a wrapper suitable for wearing and using. The “wrapper” was a pistol grip with a safety bracket and a release button and a cartridge tipped forward on the cartridge's 4. In other words, the appearance of the weapon was not much different from what is common now.

A distinctive feature of the first sample from the family of traumatic pistols "Wasp" was a small round window in the handle of the weapon, in which the numbers from one to four could be observed. As it is not difficult to guess, the figure in this window indicates which camera will be shot from when pressing the release key. But this is an external difference between weapons from subsequent models, the internal difference was more significant.

In modern pistols of the Osa family, an electronic circuit for switching cartridges and a source of electrical current is used, while it has the ability to test the operability and availability of ammunition before firing. This allows you to charge the cartridges in the first and third drum chamber. And the shots will still occur one by one, each time you press the shutter button. In the very first pistol of the Osa family, PB-4 electronics was at a minimum. Instead of an electronic control of the supply of electric current to the cartridges, a kind of switch was used, which each time the trigger button was pressed, gave current alternately to each of the chambers of the cartridge cassette. This system was simple and relatively reliable, but had its drawbacks. So, the main disadvantage was that the weapon was actually not protected from moisture and the switch contacts were easily oxidized. Under the condition of sliding movement of contacts, this deficiency was not immediately noticeable, but it was present. Actually this was the main reason for creating a more complex, but at the same time more reliable sample, but about it a little lower.
The source of electric current for the traumatic pistol PB-4 was a magnetic-pulse generator, which, when the trigger button was pressed, produced an electric current sufficient to ignite the tungsten filament and, accordingly, the powder charge. With this device it was also not so simple. The fact is that after a while the effectiveness of this part of the pistol fell, as the permanent magnets in the design elementally began to lose their properties. It happened not on the first and not on the second month of weapon exploitation, and not even in a year, but the fact that someday the gun could not have worked was a fact. However, they didn’t pay much attention to this then, and they tried to solve the problem very soon.

Despite the fact that it was the first traumatic pistol, its characteristics were very good, and the reliability of the weapon was quite sufficient while observing the rules of operation. The maintenance of the pistol consisted only in a periodic rubbing with an alcohol-containing solution of current-carrying parts to the cartridges, since an oxide could form on them due to which the pistol could refuse. In terms of accuracy, the weapon naturally did not reach full-fledged samples for live ammunition, but on condition that the gun was essentially tubeless (the barrel of the cartridge itself was the barrel of the weapon), and for self-defense the distance in 5-7 meters was limit, then the weapon fully satisfied all the requirements.

The next model of the traumatic pistol from the Osa family was named PB-4М. Outwardly, this pistol differed from its predecessor only a little; only the window disappeared, which indicated the number of the camera from which the shot would be fired, but significant changes took place inside the weapon. Instead of a mechanical switch, it was decided to use electronics that would significantly increase the reliability of the gun. The main feature in this case was that the weapon checks the cartridge before firing for serviceability. Suppose there is a defective cartridge in the first chamber of the ammunition cassette, of which the owner of the weapon, of course, does not know. If self-defense is necessary, pressing the trigger key PB-4 will not fire and you will need to press it again, which is not very convenient and may even be dangerous to the life and health of the defender, because the enemy will not stand and wait. In such a situation, the traumatic gun PB-4М behaves “smarter”, and before applying electric current to the cartridge, first test it for low-voltage and current, which is not enough to ignite the powder charge. If it turns out that the cartridge is not working or the cassette's chamber is empty, then the second chamber will be checked, if it is empty, then the third one and so on until the weapon is found working ammunition ready to be fired. That is, the shot will occur when you first press the shutter-release button, even if the first three rounds turned out to be inoperative. Checking ammunition takes a fraction of a second, because the shooter practically does not feel the delay before the shot.

Such a decision caused controversial reactions in people. On the one hand, it seems to have become more sophisticated as a weapon, but for some reason there was no confidence in electronics, although there is no reason to doubt it.

Together with the new pistol, new ammunition also appeared, however, they were no longer intended for self-defense. These were signal and lighting cartridges.

The next weapon model, which appeared on the market after PB-4М, became PB-4-1. Actually with this gun and went widespread "Os" among the masses.

This traumatic pistol also differed from its predecessor, but this time the differences affected the power source of the weapon. So all previous models of the gun were powered by a magnetic-pulse generator, while in the model of the Osa pistol PB-4-1 the power source is a regular battery. This innovation had both its positive aspects and negative ones.
The positive qualities of this traumatic gun can be attributed to the fact that now the owner of the weapon could have replaced the power source. At the same time, the chemical source of electrical current in the self-defense device reduced the reliability of the weapon. First of all, it was necessary to constantly monitor the battery charge and change it in a timely manner. In addition, we should not forget that such a source of electric current is influenced by low temperatures, and our summer is far from year round. Although in order for the weapon to fail due to the low temperature, you must really try.

Besides the fact that the gun received a new power source, a laser designator was also installed in it. Disputes about whether LCC needs such weapons do not subside until now. Some say that with the LCC the owner of the weapon relies only on him and may fall into a stupor if the laser designator fails. Others provide evidence of the need for LCC that the open-type sights of the traumatic gun are not suitable for aiming in low light conditions, and so on. In my opinion, LCC in weapons, if there is one, does not increase the size and does not make it difficult to carry or remove, a useful thing. First of all, the laser target designator is necessary during training, as it can be seen from the deviations of the pistol from the aiming point while pressing the sufficiently tight shutter button. In addition, a laser target designator is useful for practicing the so-called intuitive firing, and with sufficiently long training sessions at self-defense distances, a person will no longer need either open aiming devices or LCC. So if the manufacturer equipped his weapon with such an addition, then obviously it is not necessary to pick it with a screwdriver, trying to spoil it so that it “does not interfere”. It feeds the laser pointer from the same battery as the gun.

By the time the traumatic pistol PB-4-1 appeared on the market, one more type of 18x45 cartridges appeared, so-called light-sound ammunition. When fired by such a patron, a sufficiently bright flash of light and a loud bang occur, capable of disorienting opponents for some time and enabling the defender to retreat proudly under the pressure of superior enemy forces. This ammunition is also useful when attacking animals, as this cartridge is much more likely to stop the dog in comparison with the traumatic ammunition. In addition, you should not miss such a moment that you don’t really need to aim when using this ammunition, which is useful when attacking a dog. There is, of course, a light and sound cartridge and cons, so it can not be used in confined spaces, as the shooter himself can feel the full impact of the shot.

Since not everyone was happy with the fact that the weapon was battery powered, in the next model with the name PB-4-1ML this situation was corrected. The weapon was again returned to the magnetic-pulse generator, and the LCC was already powered from its power source in the form of the same battery. Most of this weapon is no different from the previous model.

After the appearance of this pistol in 2010, a new type of traumatic ammunition 18x45 appeared, with the mark RSH. These cartridges are equipped with a rubber ball of a sufficiently large diameter, which is weighted with metal chips. As a result, it becomes more difficult for the enemy to inflict serious wounds on the enemy with such a missile, which is a serious plus with our legislation. According to the effectiveness of the application, despite the lower chance of open wounds, this ammunition is not bad enough and can easily stop an aggressive-minded person.

At the same time, a new traumatic pistol "Wasp" PB-4-2. Its appearance is due to the fact that the traumatic pistols of the “Wasp” family found a lot of competitors, based on the cartridge 18х45, and the weapon needed updating. It was decided to update the ammunition, making it, according to manufacturers, more efficient and accurate. Fundamentally, the cartridge and the pistol are no different from the previous PB-4-1ML model, but the cartridge itself slightly “grew”, respectively, and the dimensions of the weapon itself increased. The length of ammunition is now 55 millimeters instead of 45, the diameter of the sleeve is equal to 18,5 millimeters, which is done, it seems to me, only to prevent the possibility of using ammunition in the gun chambered for 18х45. It is difficult to say how effective such a model is, it all depends on the individual application conditions, such as distance to the attacker and his clothes, as well as 18x45 and 18,5x55 stay on the very edge of the state-allowed traumatic cartridge characteristics.

In addition to these pistols, there is another one that stands out from the general number - this is the traumatic pistol Osa-Aegis. Since the traumatic pistols of the “Wasp” family are rather large in thickness, which can make it difficult to carry them in some cases, and there are more subtle options on the market, it was decided to create a truly compact sample for 18x45 cartridges. This model was the Osa-Aegida dual-charge pistol, which is usually positioned as a female weapon, which is caused by the appearance of the weapon. The pistol is not fundamentally different from other models of the Osa family of weapons and it contains all the same principles of operation, despite the fact that the appearance of the weapon is completely different. Cartridges with ammunition in this gun are quick-detachable, not reclining, which allows the designers to quickly recharge, thereby compensating for the double charge. I personally would not hope for this, after all, stress and low light conditions clearly do not have to quickly replace the cartridge with cartridges, but we will not make controversy on this topic. Another interesting feature is the folding trigger of the weapon, which is a means of protection from an accidental shot. In other models, this is done by a tight-running trigger key. In terms of effectiveness, the weapon is no different from its “relatives” as it uses all the same ammunition, however, the gun is lighter and more compact, which can be important when worn daily, especially in the warm season.

Well, and lastly, you need to mention the cartridges 18x45 produced by the company A + A, it also produces traumatic pistols of the "Cordon" family. These munitions have proven to be a better option than the original 18x45 cartridges in an aluminum sleeve. First of all, it should be noted that the sleeve of these ammunition is plastic, which affects their price. In addition, the bullet of these cartridges is different from the bullets of 18x45 cartridges in an aluminum sleeve. So, the bullet of cartridges of the company A + A does not have a pronounced tail section, the bullet simply has a narrowing, and this narrowing is clamped in the “pseudo-cuts” in the sleeve. Thus, the mass of the bullet is shifted forward, and in addition it also receives some kind of rotational movement when fired, which has a positive effect on accuracy, as well as ensures that the bullet head hits the target and not sideways. These cartridges held their leading positions for quite a long time and only with the advent of the 18x45РШ, some people switched to ammunition with a rubber ball.

Summing up the above, it is impossible not to notice that the traumatic pistols "Wasp" and the cartridges for them are constantly evolving and at a fairly rapid pace. With a combination of sufficiently good characteristics for non-lethal weapons, the design of the gun is relatively compact and flexible, so that it can be adapted to any requirements of a foreign customer. A small amount of ammunition at the same time loaded into the gun is compensated by the effectiveness of the hit, and even a few traumatic models with a greater capacity that use similar ammunition in their characteristics. Of the domestic models can only be called Cordon-5, designed for 5 cartridges 18x45. In general, there is nothing surprising in the fact that they are interested in weapons outside of Russia, as it’s relatively effective weapons that can stop an attacker and not kill him not so much, but what easily fits in your pocket is a unique case.
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  1. bazilio
    bazilio 28 March 2013 08: 38 New
    Cyril thanks for the review. An interesting little thing wasp. But I was always confused by the thickness of the wasp. In the pocket of a jacket or a fur coat, there may still be nothing, and when summer is in the yard. Well, the ladies have handbags. And where should the peasants go? You can use a purse, but not everyone uses it, and it takes time to get into a bag / purse. Open placement on a waist belt in a holster is convenient and you can get a wasp quickly. But on the other hand, passers-by will also look in disbelief, and they will be able to pull them out of their holsters.
    1. scrabler
      28 March 2013 09: 05 New
      And there are more interesting and simpler options that are not inferior to the number of 18x45 cartridges:


      Cordon l

      Five-shooter Cordon-5

      The latter does not fit in the pocket either, but it’s thin relatively smile
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 28 March 2013 09: 32 New
        Yes. Cordon seems more convenient to use. It can and will fit into a pocket of a jacket / fur coat
      2. vladimir VR
        vladimir VR 29 March 2013 02: 34 New
        A good thing.
      3. vladimir VR
        vladimir VR 29 March 2013 02: 37 New
        A good thing.
      4. vladimir VR
        vladimir VR 29 March 2013 02: 37 New
        A good thing.
  2. Predator-74
    Predator-74 28 March 2013 08: 51 New
    Quote: bazilio
    Cyril thanks for the review. An interesting little thing wasp. But I was always confused by the thickness of the wasp. In the pocket of a jacket or a fur coat, there may still be nothing, and when summer is in the yard. Well, the ladies have handbags. And where should the peasants go? You can use a purse, but not everyone uses it, and it takes time to get into a bag / purse. Open placement on a waist belt in a holster is convenient and you can get a wasp quickly. But on the other hand, passers-by will also look in disbelief, and they will be able to pull them out of their holsters.

    As far as I know, there is a double-barreled version with a vertical arrangement of trunks, it will probably meet your requirements.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 28 March 2013 09: 30 New
      Quote: Predator-74
      As far as I know, there is a double-barreled version with a vertical arrangement of trunks

      Yes, there are alternative samples, but I specifically talked about Wasp)))
      1. not good
        not good 31 March 2013 16: 59 New
        SAFETY MR-461 is called. I bought myself a long time ago, though I never used traumatic injuries, mainly as a signal on the hunt, but also as a scarecrow with a light and noise cartridge, it is very effective both from dogs and from a bear.
  3. uralkos
    uralkos 28 March 2013 08: 51 New
    Wasp, of course, is a good thing, but it is very long and dreary to collect documents for it. I have a gas kick. Used three times, in two cases, the opponents lost consciousness, in the third “Failed” for about 30 minutes. And no documents are needed.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 28 March 2013 08: 56 New
      Quote: uralkos
      Used three times, in two cases the opponents lost consciousness, in the third “Failed” for about 30 minutes

      Your life is hard. wink
  4. avt
    avt 28 March 2013 09: 28 New
    Quote: uralkos
    Wasp, of course, is a good thing, but it is very long and dreary to collect documents for it. I have a gas "Blow"

    And indoors, God forbid, of course? No, this thing is preferable. Here's what I disagree with the author is that you can stop and not kill. Practice shows that from this unit you can easily do both, and so +
    1. scrabler
      28 March 2013 09: 44 New
      Well, you can kill and fork with a certain set of circumstances or skill. 18х45 has less penetrating power, so to speak, correspondingly less chances of inflicting deep wounds. For comparison, you can take 9mm RA Magnum for Tanfoglio Inna. Tough, relatively heavy rubber bullet fits perfectly into the body of the enemy and is deep enough.
      Here is an example of application:
      1. scrabler
        28 March 2013 09: 48 New
        Here is a bit more interesting:
  5. bunta
    bunta 28 March 2013 10: 17 New
    To the account of the LCC. This is an excellent psychological factor. The robber may not see the weapon, but he will see the ray. God passed me from the direct application of trauma. The only case was when it was enough to demonstrate the weapon by taking it out of his pocket a little, as the adversary retreated deeply and sincerely apologizing.
  6. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 28 March 2013 11: 48 New
    The police must be armed with these weapons. Effectively and does not kill with the necessary skill.
  7. marshes
    marshes 28 March 2013 12: 59 New
    Before we were licensed to purchase the Wasp, this injury was sold freely, this was used by the gop-stopniks, they bought together, as a working tool. smile
  8. Garysit
    Garysit 28 March 2013 14: 22 New
    The author contradicts himself the term "barrelless" weapons came from the stupid writers of the Law on weapons from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (probably there were political leaders) who could not imagine that the cartridge sleeve could play the role of a barrel in firearms, which the author later made a reservation about .
    1. scrabler
      28 March 2013 15: 31 New
      The author is consistent. The gun barrel itself does not have? It does not have. The role of the barrel performs the sleeve. What is the contradiction? smile
      1. scrabler
        28 March 2013 23: 14 New
        Do not minus a person, we are a democratic society laughing everyone has the right to run over the author smile The author is open to dialogue, I can be mistaken sometimes request
    2. scrabler
      28 March 2013 15: 31 New
      The author is consistent. The gun barrel itself does not have? It does not have. The role of the barrel performs the sleeve. What is the contradiction? smile
  9. Uncle
    Uncle 28 March 2013 17: 01 New
    Cyril Karasik, as always, on top. Well done!
  10. Uncle
    Uncle 28 March 2013 17: 01 New
    Cyril Karasik, as always, on top. Well done!
  11. Algor73
    Algor73 28 March 2013 18: 59 New
    “Wasp”, of course, is good, but “Makarov” is traumatic is a force. Sometimes it’s not necessary to apply, just get it. In a hurry, few people begin to ask if he was fighting or injured.
  12. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 28 March 2013 19: 00 New
    Thanks to the author. Explanatory article. Properly set out the differences of the modifications. And the paragraph with discussions about the benefits and dangers of the LTC in the topic: we had physical protection guys in the Moscow “head” trained on pistols with target designations, first without cartridges - practicing extraction and quick aiming at the target, then smoothness of descent - indeed, flaws in the execution of techniques immediately visible (as they say, "result on the face").
    Himself from time to time I drag the "Guard" for several years. While God had mercy both from demonstration, and, moreover, from application no .
  13. understudy
    understudy 28 March 2013 21: 22 New
    I think that there is no barrel - there is no gun. Starting device for firing. And the noble name "gun" implies something else.
    Personally, I would never buy this "fear."
    I have in use "Brigadier-Beretta" and "Sharq."
  14. Artmark
    Artmark 29 March 2013 00: 52 New
    cool stuff! good
  15. dmitreach
    dmitreach 29 March 2013 01: 21 New
    He dashed off such a footcloth, climbed into the archive for a link to a web article, and opened it on the topwar tab ... .. did not manage to save it ..... Schort bobier! am laughing
    I’ll dash in two, while fresh in my memory!

    Thanks Cyril for the review, plus the article.
    MINIMUM Four aspects against.
    1. From OSP Wasps can be killed! As well as from any military CCW. The pistol has always been considered a melee weapon. The link describes the case of suicide from OOOOP OSA, the text of the examination and illustration of the case.
    The Wasp is a Limited Defeat Firearm. I was glad when such a wording was introduced into the law, removing false conclusionbut forcing citizens to “brainwash” about the consequences - before shooting.

    2. About stop action ammunition.
    Ammunition length is now 55 mm instead of 45

    What for? Here's why:
    It made it possible to increase the powder charge in traumatic ammunition, which was safely performed by the manufacturer. Now, a freshly baked shell is developing ultimate initial energy of a bullet up to 93J, against 85J of 18x45T cartridge. The weight of the bullet also increased, and is 13,3 grams.
    18x45 and 18,5x55 hold on on the very edge of the permissible state characteristics of traumatic cartridges.

    We look at item 1.

    3. Firing accuracy implemented on the principle: “FIG will get into jo ass to elephant, shooting at point blank range. " And in life? You can get into the torso of a person, as a large object, from a close distance. But it will be, as in the case of the elephant, if you set the task - Do not shoot in the area of ​​the heart! The likelihood of proving in court that you are not a camel in the event of a rupture of the “straight aorta” of the heart (or as in the case of the death of the driver of a snowplow due to a shot in the thigh leading to rupture of the artery) or cardiac arrest “from a heart injury” takes place to be. But only then, why legally prohibit babaching in the head? We play roulette anyway. You can also miss the head if the hands are trembling.
    Mutually exclusive paragraphs and other cognitive dissonance.

    4. On a decent distance accuracy falls due to ballistic of a rubber bullet. Against the laws of physics you can’t argue. Again ammunition size increase? But there is also 18,5 × 60 mm, but not for civilians (although it was like a signal, I could be wrong) ...
    The accuracy depends on both the rifled barrel and the crazy path of the rubber ball in space ... In the second case, the accuracy is not what it is, but the "direction" .... the exact one is "somewhere there" .. laughing
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 29 March 2013 01: 22 New
      What is it for me? Remember the story of the emergence of “.45ACP” - history made a “lap of honor”? Why was it necessary to fence the garden around the SUSTAINABLE action of the bullet, bringing the rubber bullet to a deadly effect? It’s better realized - lead in the foot than gum in the body, with unclear consequences.

      Wasp has STILL congenital deficiencies other than dimensions.
      1. Greetings from forensic investigators. No shells, no bullets. As in the story with actor Andrei Zibrov.
      2. Good for gopota.

      OOOP prohibit both Ad, Evil and Perdition. To give people the opportunity to own the CCW, which is also "Limited" in action - in principle. Change the weight of the ammunition powder.
      1. Do not strip forensic data forensic ballistic examination after the control firing of a firearm with a rifled barrel.
      2. Do not deprive prosecutors / lawyers build a business according to the data mentioned.
      3. Hammered simple truths about articles of the Criminal Code, hot iron in the brain "self-defense", dreaming of babaching!

      Threat. Regarding the LCU.
      To accurately shoot you need to train! There is such a method, convenient at home. Form a grip; choose the target (the point on the wallpaper / furniture) on the right / left; so that it would be necessary to expand the body; close your eyes; turning in the right direction, you aim the barrel at the chosen one, as if shooting through the rear sight and front sight; you open your eyes - you check the accuracy of aiming. After hundreds of repetitions, you begin to aim and point the table very accurately. The motility of the hands begins to match the look. Modifying the rest file at the firing range in the dash and SK.
      1. scrabler
        29 March 2013 02: 36 New
        And I didn’t say that the trauma is good) Yes, from the Wasp and others like her, you can easily kill, but in my opinion such a chance is better with modern "evil" 9mm RA, they have become very furious recently.
        Unfortunately, in the idea of ​​giving a normal short-bar to people I can’t support it, although once it was the other way around for legalization. The point is not in the culture of handling weapons and even not in the legislation, whether it is not okay, the fact is that there will be the same story as with the traumatics of OOOP present. Previously, Kompashki drinking beer under the entrance weapon was? Not. Now they are already in the hands of a trauma patient. As they say the offender is armed with a full-fledged weapon, but the citizens do not. So citizens are going to wage a war against organized crime? Those who have normal weapons in the gate on cell phones and stuff do not hunt. And then about leveling the odds. In which place the chances will be equal for a girl who will obviously carry a gun in her purse and for a healthy forehead whose weapon will be ready and at gunpoint the girl will fulfill any of his requirements. Back the same children, they also give a gun? elderly people. Chances will never be equal. That is when it will be possible to protect one’s own and another’s life without fear of consequences, when permitting will allow only adequate and truly proven citizens. When the precinct will go to check at least once a month, then you can talk about the short-barrels, but in the meantime, alas.
        1. dmitreach
          dmitreach 29 March 2013 17: 51 New
          I do not like spheroconin in a vacuum.

          Once they asked the blonde:
          what is the likelihood that you will meet Theranosaurus on the street today? ....
          Well ... 50/50.
          Either meet or not meet. (in our case, about the murmur: either I will rob / or they will shoot)

          If the presence of a trunk in a handbag reduces the robber’s chances to 50/50, then ... why deprive the gopnik of the chance to “die heroically at execution”? Pasans write songs about him, remember ... (Look, how much is good for society)
  16. saygon66
    saygon66 30 March 2013 19: 03 New
    - The weak point of the Wasp is the ammunition! I found out in the store that the guaranteed shelf life is 3 months. My Wasp refused twice - the last time I got lucky: the dogs almost bit me. The seller advised to periodically dry the cartridges, but something dumb, suddenly shoots from overheating ...
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 April 3 2013 19: 54 New
      You are talking nonsense. I am changing ammo after a year, firing old at all kinds of pieces of iron. And every time I think - in vain changed, the old would still have served.
      1. saygon66
        saygon66 April 3 2013 21: 13 New
        For what I bought - for that I sold ... M. and n ..... they threw ... But there were failures!
        One cartridge is a signal, the rest are traumatic.
        1. Andrey77
          Andrey77 April 4 2013 16: 08 New
          A couple of lighting boxes on New Year's Eve is a holy thing. :)
  17. gavko
    gavko 31 March 2013 17: 23 New
    "Wasp" - a barrelless pistol, a multifunctional complex of non-lethal civilian weapons designed for active self-defense, signaling and lighting of the terrain. Today it is the most powerful non-lethal weapon on the Russian market available to citizens.

    The body of the gun is made of an alloy based on aluminum and consists of the body itself with a handle and a cartridge cartridge, reclining for reloading. The role of the trunks is performed by thick-walled and relatively long aluminum sleeves.
    All versions (except the very first, PB-4) are equipped with a laser target designator (LEC) powered by a CR-123A lithium battery. PB-4-1 has a capsule ignition system powered by a battery, other versions are equipped with a magnetic pulse generator (MIG) that does not require a separate power source, the battery is assigned the role of a source for the LCC.
  18. EXA-2
    EXA-2 14 May 2013 12: 09 New
    I don’t understand the civilian traumatic weapon and especially the wasp (4 rounds in the barrel. How long does it take to change the shot rounds?). You can of course stop the attacker, or you can make him angry.