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Ugly Buffalo

Somehow fumbling across I-net in search of information about a Belgian paratrooper bought on the occasion, (the jacket was for some reason called "Congo"!), In one of the photos of the Angolan war, I saw a monstrous design resembling a sculptured self-taught rural self-taught mechanic hybrid combine harvester and jeep in style "Bigfoot"! Over this whole heap of khaki-colored iron, a weapon, vaguely resembling the ZU-23, rose.

This unit was called a completely unpronounceable name: “Yestervark” and turned out to be a variant of a no less amusing car:
BTR "Buffel" So in Afrikaans language was called the African buffalo - a powerful animal, known for its bad temper, and more dangerous than a lion.

By its appearance, “Buffel” is obliged to ban the supply of weapons in South Africa, imposed by the UN, due to the fascination with various national liberation movements of Black Africa in those years ... The car was a lightly armored vehicle with mine protection of the bottom, and was developed in 1978 by " Armskor, for the South African army, which then carried out counter-partisan operations in areas bordering Angola. The local black followers of the teachings of Marx and Lenin entered into direct combat extremely rarely, but they got the hand of Chinese instructors to mine the ways of possible movement of the South African army units. Mina TM-57 has become a real curse of roads and paths in the bush.

"Buffalo" was going on the basis of all-wheel drive truck Mercedes "Unimog" 416 / 162.

The driver's cab was mounted on the chassis: an armored capsule opened from above, just so the driver got to his workplace.
Ugly Buffalo

If necessary, the cabin could be installed both on the right and on the left.

Separately, a 10 man, armored, open landing compartment was mounted. In it, back to back, along the 5 in a row, were seat-equipped seats designed to maximize the effect of the blast wave on the fighter.

Mine protection was achieved due to the V-shaped bottom of the troop compartment. In combination with significant ground clearance, this form made it possible to dissipate the energy of the explosion of the anti-vehicle mine. It also helped to resist the explosion filled with water (!) - 500 liters in each (!) Tires of a large dimension.

Under the bottom of the troop compartment were two plastic tanks: 100-liter for water, and 200-liter: for fuel. The water was used for drinking, and among the soldiers there was an opinion that the mass of water rescues personnel during blasting.

In the absence of heavy weapons for the black partisans, the height of the vehicle was more likely an advantage, as it allowed the soldiers to earlier discover the enemy savanna hiding in the grass.

Installed on the machine machine gun caliber 5.56, or 7.62 mm. Machine guns were mounted diagonally: in front of the right and behind the left, there was also an option with a "pairing" behind an armchair.

The following models also took place:
- "Buffel" MK I - with an improved engine and a reinforced bumper - "kenguryatnik"
- "Muffel" - an open cargo platform.
- "Buffel" MKII - with a closed troop compartment, rear doors and bullet-proof windows on the sides and rear.
- "Yestervark" - equipped with an automatic gun "Bushmaster" caliber 20 mm.
- There was also an option with an 80-mm mortar installed in the landing compartment. The seats of the assault were dismantled.

On the latest models of armored vehicles, instead of the original Mercedes engines, diesel engines were installed from Atlantis Diesel Engineering, brought to the company's factory somewhere near Cape Town.

Had a car and certain flaws. So, according to the memoirs of veterans, excessively sharp steering response to the bumps and potholes cost broken fingers to many drivers ...

In total, before the end of production, more than 1400 machines were produced. In the revised version, the "clones" of the "Buffalo" continue to serve in the armies of other countries at the present time.
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  1. Eugene
    Eugene April 5 2013 08: 04
    Yes, there is something from the harvester. And so normal, functional tachila. Without any design troubles. I would not want to run from it along the savannah.
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB April 5 2013 10: 20
      As Ostap said, a mixture of a dressing and a sewing machine ...
    2. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT April 5 2013 11: 06
      But cheap and safe! What else does a soldier need?
      1. datur
        datur April 5 2013 13: 25
        But cheap and safe! What else does a soldier need? - I agree to all 100 yes
        1. bask
          bask April 5 2013 16: 04
          Thank you Saigon 66 for the article pleased +++++++++
          And this is how it is necessary to create MPAP. On components and assemblies of SERIAL FREIGHT auto.will be much cheaper, created specially independent suspension. When guaranteed high mine protection.

          To Soviet specialists in Angola, such a technique was captured and studied. Why didn’t they begin to produce such armored vehicles in the USSR? At the same time, in Afghanistan, porridge was blown up by landmines and land mines, by unarmored KamAZs and Urals.
          ONE OF THE FIRST TIMES IN THE WORLD ,,, Crocodile ,, Yu. Rhodesia, South Africa.

  2. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior April 5 2013 08: 36
    In the last game of the Call of Duty: Black ops series, I saw this. laughing
    I thought it was some kind of self-made, but it turns out not. thanks for the info good
  3. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets April 5 2013 08: 44
    "It had a car and certain shortcomings. So, according to the memoirs of veterans, the excessively sharp reaction of the steering wheel to bumps and potholes cost many drivers broken fingers ..."

    Those who drove UAZ on the road, this is not surprising. wink
  4. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i April 5 2013 09: 25
    The entire MRAP series began with these machines, respect to the veteran ...
  5. AK-47
    AK-47 April 5 2013 09: 32
    ... a unit resembling a hybrid of a combine harvester sculpted by a stoned rural self-taught mechanic ...

    If it’s stupid, but it works, then it’s not stupid.

    And this is what "real grain harvesting equipment" looks like.
    1. bask
      bask April 5 2013 16: 14
      Quote: AK-47
      looks like "real grain harvesting equipment"


      1. Hius-124
        Hius-124 April 5 2013 17: 00
        It would not be bad, only the steering wheel on the other hand. laughing
  6. radar75
    radar75 April 5 2013 09: 36
    And the garbage truck reminded me.
  7. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya April 5 2013 09: 40
    Yeahhhh, no comments laughing
  8. Trapperxnumx
    Trapperxnumx April 5 2013 10: 55
    It’s funny not funny, but they have to be given their due - they know how to make military equipment out of nothing that is quite suitable for solving precisely THEIR tasks)))
  9. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak April 5 2013 10: 57
    It would be interesting to see statistics how effective this technique is. It seems to me that since South Africa did not refuse it, it means the effect was still positive. And since there was an effect, then nevermind what the technique looks like once it saves life.
  10. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 April 5 2013 11: 48
    Unimog was a very unique car. Although it is closer to the tractor. The cross-country ability is phenomenal. Such even we performed in a jeep trial.
  11. Sirozha
    Sirozha April 5 2013 12: 22
    This is precisely the very point where the MRAPs began, on the basis of which the Americans are now making their trucks! ..
    NAPOLEON April 5 2013 12: 38
    why is the glazing so big?
  13. bazilio
    bazilio April 5 2013 13: 28
    It looks very interesting, the tractor is overgrown)))
    1. Denis
      Denis April 6 2013 03: 44
      Quote: bazilio
      Looks very interesting - tractor overgrowth
      It also happens when I’m not fat ...
      Here is an earlier NI-1 tank (for fear). In 1941, during the defense of Odessa, the tractors were sheathed with metal
  14. Hius-124
    Hius-124 April 5 2013 13: 45
    It would not hurt our engineers to pay more attention to the protection of HP, there is enough "ease of use and efficiency". Gone is the time when we could win wars with the quantity of "cannon fodder", now every soldier must be especially protected! yes
  15. Owl
    Owl April 5 2013 15: 08
    A machine for counterinsurgency, there were few "whites" in the army and the police, and there were few "black" rebels trained by "advisers" from the USSR and "volunteers" from "Freedom Island" and who knew how to install TM-57 (TM-62) and their analogues there were many (then they also won the elections), therefore, protection against high-explosive action in case of a mine explosion (land mine) is put in the first place. Plus a convenient placement of "infantry" "face to board" for observation and for shooting over the side or through the loophole.
  16. Snoop
    Snoop April 5 2013 15: 50
    I want myself such a machine wink
    Thanks to the author, plus, I have never seen such a technique. In principle, the very thing to dissect on the savannah. Anti-guerrilla armored truck.
  17. Humpty
    Humpty April 5 2013 16: 48
    I do not want to talk about aesthetics, but I wonder what kind of heel and crosswind are permissible for this pepelats ...
    1. kostella85
      kostella85 April 5 2013 18: 14
      Quote: Humpty
      but I wonder which roll and crosswind is permissible for this pepelats

      Yeah, the center of gravity is probably 2 meters from the ground with such a narrow base !!! Fearfully!!! Yes, and x .... I would not climb to the driver's seat !!!! wassat
      1. bask
        bask April 5 2013 23: 32
        Y. RODESIA ,, Pukki ,,, Mine clearance

        ,, SCORPIO ... Mine clearance




        ,, ANTILOPA ,, but not wildebeest ((kudu)

        HOW MUCH ARE THEY AROUGH during the construction of their MPEs.
  18. sdf3wresdgg
    sdf3wresdgg April 5 2013 16: 53
    The base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of all citizens of the Russian Federation on this site and the main thing was done as if to search for lost relatives, but here is all the information about each of us: correspondence with friends, addresses, phone numbers, place of work, and the worst thing is even mine nudity photo (though I do not know from where ...). In general, I was very scared - but there is such a function as "hide data" of course I used it and I advise everyone not to hesitate, you never know
  19. lazy
    lazy April 7 2013 15: 13
    but actually well done
  20. Mikhail Matyugin
    Mikhail Matyugin April 23 2016 18: 28
    I, too, have always been surprised by the huge range of diverse vehicles in the armies of Rhodesia, South Africa and Namibia. After all, there were not only self-made options, but even small-scale ones.