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Naval monuments of Vladivostok

In connection with the recent holiday - Day of the sailor-submariner, I decided to show photographs of militaryhistorical monuments of Vladivostok, which I managed to make during my morning run around the city.

Naval monuments of Vladivostok

Let's start with the C-56 submarine in the Memorial Complex on the Ship's Quay of Vladivostok.

1. C-56 (C - "Medium") - Soviet diesel-electric torpedo submarine from the time of World War II of the IX-bis series.

2. The submarine was laid 24 November 1936, at the shipyard named after André Marty (from 30 March 1992, State Enterprise Admiralty Shipyards) in Leningrad. Sections by rail delivered to the plant number 202 ("Dalzavod" behalf K. Voroshilov) in Vladivostok, where the final assembly. Launched 25 December 1939 of the year, 20 October 1941 entered service.

3. October 30, 1941, assigned a tactical number and the submarine became part of the Pacific fleet.
October 31 The 1941 of the year on board raised the flag of the Navy of the Soviet Union.

4. 6 October 1942 of the year C-56 under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Grigory Shchedrin paired up with the C-51 submarine under the command of Lieutenant-General Ivan Fomich Kucherenko stepped out of the route: Vladivostok - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Dutch Harbor (USA) Francisco (USA) - Coco-Solo (USA) Panama Canal - Guantanamo (USA) - Halifax (Canada) - Rosyth (Scotland) - Lerwick (Scotland) - Polar. Senior on the transition Hero of the Soviet Union, captain of 1 rank Alexander Vladimirovich Tripolsky.

5. During the war years, C-56 launched 8 combat campaigns, launched 13 attacks with the launch of 30 torpedoes, sank 4 ships (2 combat ships and 2 vehicles) and damaged one, dropped thousands of depth bombs on the submarine over 3. 31 March 1944 for military service The C-56 was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. 23 February 1945, the submarine was awarded the Guards rank.

6. The C-56 is the most productive Soviet submarine in the Great Patriotic War, in terms of the number of reliably sunk targets, while in the submerged tonnage it is significantly inferior to C-13 (44,1 KGT) and L-3 (at least 22,5 KGT).

7. After World War II, she continued service in the Northern Fleet. During the period of July 10 - October 5, 1954 of the year made an inter-fleet transfer on the Northern Sea Route from Ekaterininskaya harbor to Tarja Bay (Kamchatka), and then to Vladivostok, thus making the round-the-world cruise on the Northern Sea Route from Ekaterininskaya Harbor.

8. Since 56 - since 1975, the branch of the Military History Museum of the Pacific Fleet. Together with the patrol ship "Red Pennant" (the former steam yacht "Admiral Zavoyko") is included in the memorial complex "Fighting Glory of the Pacific Fleet".

9. The interior of the submarine converted into a museum. In the stern of the submarine is an exhibition dedicated to the submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet. In the central and forward parts of the submarine compartments are stored, torpedo ammunition is placed on the racks. The current periscope.

10. On the C-56 takes place daily ceremony of raising and lowering the naval flag. The Huys of the Navy of the USSR rises on the Guysystock submarine, on the flagpole - the Red Banner Guards Naval Flag of the USSR.


12. Bust of the Hero of the Soviet Union Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov at the Headquarters of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy




16. In 1985, the C-56 submarine and the "Red Pennant" entered the general ensemble of the Glory Memorial of the Pacific Fleet, supplemented by a sculptural composition and memorial plates with Eternal Flame in the central part. The authors of the complex are sculptor V. Nenazhivin and architect A. Sandyuk.


18. The eternal flame and the chapel in memory of the dead sailors

19. Artillery gun from the destroyer "Voikov"






24. At the pier, a memorial ship "The Red Pennant" was erected on an eternal anchor. It was launched on the Okhta River in St. Petersburg in 1911, and was called “Admiral Zavoyko” in honor of the hero of the Peter and Paul Defense 1854, Zavoyko Vasily Stepanovich. In 1923, the Admiral Zavoyko returned to Vladivostok and became the first ship of the Soviet Republic in the Pacific, having received a new name, the Red Pennant. He carried the guard service for the protection of the maritime borders of the USSR, and in 1945, he took part in military operations in the Pacific.

25. Launched in October 1910 at the Okhta shipyard in St. Petersburg under the name "Admiral Zavoyko." The yacht was built by order of the Kamchatka Governor-General and was intended for the needs of the local administration. In August, the 1911 ship arrived in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and was used as a messenger and passenger ship. During the First World War, the ship was subordinate to the Military Department.

26. After the October Revolution, in conditions of general decomposition, the crew of the yacht 29 November 1917 went over to the side of the Soviet government. In June, the 1918 ship was repulsed by the White Guards, but in January 1921 was captured by the troops of the Far Eastern Republic and incorporated into the Siberian military flotilla. During the counter-revolutionary coup in Vladivostok in May, the 1921 Admiral Zavoyko was in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where the yacht was carrying ammunition for the local military revolutionary committee. Upon learning of the coup, the crew decided to evacuate to Shanghai, where the ship was located for about two years. After Vladivostok was abandoned by units of the Zemsky rati in October 1922, the yacht was to return to Russia. 24 January 1923 on it was raised by the naval flag of the USSR and two months later the ship arrived in Vladivostok. At the same time, in March, the 1923 yacht was transferred to the class of patrol ships and renamed the “Red Pennant”.

27. During World War II, "Red Vympel" performed work on the laying of submarine cables, provided the parking of submarines on remote unequipped raids and combat operations of ships in the Pacific Ocean. In October, 1944, it was converted into a control hydroacoustic station. After the war, for the fulfillment of tasks to detect enemy mines and develop methods for trapping their 23 crew member were awarded orders and medals.


29. 11 March 1958 veteran was put on eternal parking in the Golden Horn Bay and turned into a memorial museum ship.

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  1. Gemar
    Gemar 26 March 2013 08: 50 New
    This is my city!
    Still, all sorts of ... did not try to constantly write some muck with a Chinese marker, it would be great!
    One thing is insulting ... on the Russkiy Island, the entire military infrastructure was destroyed. All memory of valiant ancestors was erased ...
    I have pictures from the Fridge hill ... There, where the whole of Vladivostok is being shot through ... I will not post it. All guns are painted with swastikas and mats. THARI!
  2. avt
    avt 26 March 2013 08: 53 New
    It will not be enough! laughing. In Vladivostok, one fortress will pull a multi-volume album onto an entire photo album.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 26 March 2013 11: 19 New
      Yes, yes, we still want to! +
      1. 123dv
        123dv 26 March 2013 13: 35 New
        SchA will be, the guys promised delicious pictures, I'm waiting for ...
        1. 123dv
          123dv 26 March 2013 16: 32 New
          No, it did not work out yet.
          1. 123dv
            123dv 26 March 2013 22: 10 New
            Guns, it shoots!
          2. 123dv
            123dv 26 March 2013 22: 11 New
            Russian island.
        2. 123dv
          123dv 26 March 2013 22: 12 New
          The guns.
          It shoots!
          1. 123dv
            123dv 26 March 2013 22: 15 New
            Cellars, a whole garrison underground.
            Now here is a museum.
        3. 123dv
          123dv 26 March 2013 22: 18 New
          New bridges of Vladivostok.
          A bridge over the Golden Horn, in the foreground, and a bridge to Russian Island, in the far left.
        4. 123dv
          123dv 26 March 2013 22: 20 New
          Action - On foot over the bridge!
  3. 123dv
    123dv 26 March 2013 09: 08 New
    At this same S-56, how many guys took the oath of office for many years !!!
    And I was there.
    And the fact that teenagers on the walls are hooligans is not a problem, age. Of these hooligan boys, later often benefit
    And the forts are being destroyed, a pity of course. Billions are needed to maintain a more or less tolerable state of the entire fortification infrastructure in the city, suburbs and islands. Thank God that at least something is allocated to individual museum objects.
    1. Gemar
      Gemar 26 March 2013 09: 32 New
      Quote: 123dv
      Of these hooligan boys, later often benefit

      God forbid!
  4. Tartary
    Tartary 26 March 2013 09: 20 New
    I managed to photograph during a morning run around the city.
    What a joke? In the photo there is a link to the site from which the photo was taken ...
    Quote: avt
    In Vladivostok, one fortress will pull a multi-volume album onto a whole photo album

    From this for sure ...

    A selection without a doubt "+" and not one ...
    Vladivostok is a very beautiful city, but I prefer Khabarovsk.
    Khabarovsk is a city of military glory and recently also a city of records.
    1. gagarinneon
      gagarinneon 26 March 2013 13: 28 New
      Vladivostok is also a city of military glory and is many times more interesting and better than Khabarovsk
  5. Kostyanich
    Kostyanich 26 March 2013 09: 32 New
    It's a shame that in Vladivostok it’s more expensive to travel than to Turkey
    Izhevsk 45000 rubles No.
    1. 123dv
      123dv 26 March 2013 12: 28 New
      Be smart!
      If you buy a round-trip airline ticket in December, you can make a trip in April, for example, along the Moscow-Vladivostok route, and vice versa, for ridiculous money. I regret that I myself have not used it so far.
      However, my friend and family waved Kamchatka to relatives a week ago. 9 tr per person round trip !!! For three with a daughter 18 tr round trip.
      In December, a few months in advance, on a stock.
      Shiroka Country My Native!
  6. Bigriver
    Bigriver 26 March 2013 10: 00 New
    And the tank tower, it seems, from some kind of torpedo boat: /
    The tower itself is quite rare - stamping.
    1. Rjn
      Rjn 26 March 2013 19: 49 New
      Rather, from an armored boat - such torpedo guns were not installed.
  7. politruk419
    politruk419 26 March 2013 10: 05 New
    Monuments are not bad.
    I had the honor to donate a small amount for the installation of memorial plates with the names of the dead sailors of the Pacific Fleet submarines.
  8. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 26 March 2013 10: 51 New
    Glory to the heroes of the cities! laughing
  9. Iraclius
    Iraclius 26 March 2013 12: 22 New
    In April, 2010 r was the first time in life in Vladivostok. The weather, of course, did not please - wet snow, rain and slush mixed with mud - everything looks much more elegant in photographs. But, despite this, we went to the Ship Embankment, examined all the exhibits. Including were inside C-56. Quite a rich exposition inside, especially for those who only saw the submarines in the movies and in pictures. repeat
    And about the fortress, local comrades said that the condition of the monuments there is appalling, the guns just wallow and rust. I myself have not been there, I don’t know ...
    1. gagarinneon
      gagarinneon 26 March 2013 13: 32 New
      Nothing is lying there, but the fact that all is written down is true.
  10. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 26 March 2013 12: 27 New
    I was in Vladivostok a couple of years ago. I really liked it. The first thing I visited was S-56. On about. Russian did not hit. It is a pity that there is reason to return.
  11. Iraclius
    Iraclius 26 March 2013 12: 32 New
    Expensive to fly. Yes, and scary. It’s scary to stupid, I’m not even ashamed to admit it. repeat
    I remembered. When they sat down at the airport in Artyom, I saw there old smoked Tu-134. It’s clear that they’re breathing. The engines are sheathed. When we got into a minibus and were taken to TOVMI, I asked the sailors who met what kind of junk it was at the airport. They were even a little offended and said that these are planes for domestic flights - they fly to Sakhalin and Kamchatka. I had such a face - belay . And one even said that some time ago one did not have such a chassis, and he circled Sakhalin for a long time, burning kerosene, but then he let the chassis out and sat down safely.
    I told my comrades that I’ll go back by train, they say, fly yourself. lol

    I was there on a business trip. The locals were asked - how do you live here? All roads - up and down. Yes, even in the pits. Yes, even traffic jams. Yes, the climate is peculiar. My comrades and I acclimatized for a rather long time, but got used to changing time zones.
  12. vostok-47
    vostok-47 26 March 2013 13: 58 New
    Of course there are few photos to capture all the monuments of Vladivostok one run will be missed ...
  13. nnz226
    nnz226 26 March 2013 14: 18 New
    And why didn’t the Pacific Fleet Museum get into the frame?
  14. zemlyak
    zemlyak 26 March 2013 14: 57 New
    Vladivostok, Vladivostok .... I remember with a jerk how they put the S-56 on a pedestal, and it was there, the KTOF museum was in the church then, coastal guns from Port Arthur, a monument to the sailors of the Merchant Fleet, Admiral Makarov on Lugovoi and a gun on Tigrovaya ... And the locomotive in which the Japanese burned Lazo and the place of execution of Bonivur, Soviet history, they do not like to remember it now. Then we lived in Gornastay, with marines nearby, then we moved to Tikhaya, on Dobrovolsky on the hill itself, climbed the catacombs (Fort Linevich). And when the salute was on May 9, the day of the Navy, everyone climbed out and looked at the hill, all the ships in festive illumination , a sight not forgotten. And the photo is really small, if someone had collected all the photos in one album a long time ago, it would have been great.
  15. 689valera
    689valera 26 March 2013 17: 29 New
    Familiar places, I served in Vladivostok, military unit 40083 Saman, maybe there will be colleagues on the site!
  16. Bosk
    Bosk 26 March 2013 17: 37 New
    It would be good and take pictures of the fort, preferably in the schemes. Yes, and about the Russian island there is a desire to learn more and see the latest photos.
  17. Yankuz
    Yankuz 26 March 2013 17: 57 New
    Cool stuff! Thank! As if he had been to Vladik again. He studied there at the institute, the last time there was in 1992. Now the city has changed - for the better, of course. I would like to go there again, but ... I propose to supplement this material with a monument to the dead sailors (Churkin Peninsula), a military-historical museum on Leninsky ...
  18. smershspy
    smershspy April 5 2013 17: 21 New
  19. Glover
    Glover 17 June 2013 10: 11 New
    The photos are super! Thanks to the author!
  20. svoboda1970
    svoboda1970 13 July 2013 21: 24 New
    Beautiful city! soldier