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Rockets hid in a container

Completed the creation of a mobile combat complex

Rockets hid in a container

Photo: Press Service of Concern Morinformsystem-Agat

] Mobile-modular missile system CLUB-K, which has no analogues in the world, opens a new page in the creation of a defensive weapons new generation.

Our country has not only proved that it can in the shortest possible time create and bring to the market fundamentally new weapons systems. Domestic experts actually opened a revolutionary direction in the design of military equipment. According to the head of the concern, which developed the CLUB-K, Georgy Antsev, comes the era of modular weapons. The combat systems will be assembled from a kind of cubes. And Russia in this direction is becoming a fashion trendsetter.

The idea of ​​placing various combat systems in special mobile modules is not new. However, only we have guessed that the use of standard containers - 20 and 40 foot - as such modules. In them are hidden multipurpose missiles of type X-35UE, 3М14, 3М54, as well as reconnaissance and command and control systems. It is assumed the use of unmanned helicopters of the original design. From the container cubes, you can easily and quickly collect defensive missile systems of any power and for any purpose, and then secretly move them to the zone of possible hostilities. Any container ship with Club-K complexes becomes a missile carrier with a crushing salvo. And any train with such containers or a convoy of heavy container trucks - powerful rocket units capable of appearing where the enemy is not waiting.

Know-how not only in high mobility, but also ease of maintenance, as well as one-time use. There is no need for special and expensive vehicles, transport-charging machines, much more that is required in classical rocket systems.

The costs of any state on such rocket weapons become available. Not by chance, interest in CLUB-K on the global arms market is growing. By the way, the appearance of the first such systems in the form of layouts at international exhibitions even frightened some in the West. Moreover, one of the semantic contents of the English word "club" is a cudgel. And the Russian club will crush anything.

Any container ship with Club-K complexes becomes a rocket carrier with a crushing salvo

However, according to Antsev, fears are in vain, since we are not talking about offensive, but purely defensive weapons. Container CLUB-K will not allow to approach the enemy coastline the fleet and will not be allowed to attack on the ground. Any target at ranges up to 300 km will be destroyed either by one high-precision missile, or by their simultaneous salvo. At the same time, identifying the launchers to the enemy will be very difficult.

For the first time, the complex in export performance was shown at the LIMA-2009 gunsmith. And if four years ago it was shown in the form of posters and in mock-ups, then at the LIMA-2013 showroom that is opening today, potential foreign customers will be shown a virtually finished system.

Last year there were successful launches, which confirmed that it is possible to place missiles in containers and shoot from them. Then fired anti-ship missile X-35. Its peculiarity is that the rocket flies to the target at a height of no more than fifteen meters, and four meters in the final segment of the trajectory. To repel her blow is almost impossible. One such rocket is guaranteed to destroy a warship with a displacement of 5000 tons.

To date, the formation of the missile complex as a whole has been fully completed. And the readers of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” are the first to see CLUB-K in its full complement.

However, if necessary, the configuration of the complex, as well as its missile equipment, can vary in the widest
limits - not for nothing that it is modular.

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  1. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 26 March 2013 08: 06
    to the troops and more, more !!!
    1. Bronis
      Bronis 26 March 2013 08: 47
      Quote: kostyan77708

      to troops and more, more

      Better in the troops of the allies: Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Iran - for those to whom our striped partners can visit. Such a "partisan" option suits them better.
      1. Vodrak
        Vodrak 26 March 2013 09: 09
        At this pace, we will soon see a helicopter in a pack of cigarettes and a ballistic missile launcher the size of a garbage container.
      2. Oshin
        Oshin 26 March 2013 11: 11
        Yes, for the Allies this would be a pleasant addition, and for the opponents an extra reason to think. Regarding our weapons, we are always ahead of the rest. keep it up! Still would restore BZHRK Well done.
    2. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 26 March 2013 09: 12
      Someone here is leaking information, the case of Turkey and an airplane with parts for air defense radars. And such things will be monitored as submarines.
    3. minister
      minister 26 March 2013 13: 07
      video fly away !!!!
    4. Dragonmu
      Dragonmu 26 March 2013 13: 29
      News from the future.
      Russia sent humanitarian aid to Syria.
    5. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 26 March 2013 15: 16
      To Syria for storage !!! Urgently.
  2. engineer74
    engineer74 26 March 2013 08: 10
    "However, according to Antsev, fears are in vain, since we are talking not about offensive, but purely defensive weapons."
    Again, we are afraid to tell the truth - this is, first of all, the weapons of retaliation and the main goals will be on the coast of the aggressor!
    Congratulations to the creators, I hope that Club-k will have a long line! good
    1. alexng
      alexng 26 March 2013 08: 58
      Quote: engineer74
      Congratulations to the creators, I hope that Club-k will have a long line!

      Most likely, many new derivatives of the club-club will line up. After all, the enormous amount was touched: on modernization, and on new modules, and on new warheads and missions. Viva Russian weapons and innovative scientific potential.
    2. Stiletto
      Stiletto 26 March 2013 09: 07
      Give more and BZHRK on combat duty!
  3. Skarte
    Skarte 26 March 2013 08: 16
    Our country has not only proved that it can create and launch fundamentally new weapons systems in the shortest possible time. ... our country has repeatedly proved this to the evil of everyone)))) Keep it up !!! Tu-Tu-Tuuuuuuuuu-Tuduuuuuuuuuuuu
    1. Krilion
      Krilion 26 March 2013 08: 25
      Well, actually, the railway missile systems with ICBMs were actually an enlarged prototype of the mentioned "club" ...
  4. Delink
    Delink 26 March 2013 08: 19
    It is necessary to patent, and only then sell. And then, sell only to the BRICS countries.
    And for an attack, the complex is good. So I think ours are silent about this info.
    1. Gemar
      Gemar 26 March 2013 08: 35
      Quote: Delink
      And then, sell only to the BRICS countries.

      Bukovka "К"Please remove from the abbreviation! This should not be sold in any way! They will copy and declare about" independent "development!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 26 March 2013 08: 46
        Quote: Gamar
        Please remove the letter "K" from the abbreviation!

        By the way, a rebuttal on SU 35 came to China hi
        A source in the military-technical cooperation system denied information on arms transfers to China
        0 - No agreements were signed on the supply of modern Russian weapons and military equipment to China in March, an informed source in the system in the Russian military-technical cooperation said today.

        Details here
        tavkah-vooruzheniy-kitayu.html although the source is not named.
        1. Gemar
          Gemar 26 March 2013 09: 09
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          By the way, a rebuttal on SU 35 came to China

          fellow Seriously? Pleased !!! drinks + + +
          God grant that it would be true!
          The Chinese are outraged on their forums, like why do we take the "backward" Su-35 when they themselves have the "best in the world" J-20 ??? Naive and suspicious jaundice! Now, if we do not sell the Su-35, of course, the terms of putting the J-20 on the assembly line will be postponed by five years!
        2. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus 26 March 2013 15: 19
          That's nice that they did not sign a contract for the Su35.
          Have you got scared? So do I.
          So the United States sat on treason, + trolled and broken off China.
          Thank you all, everyone can diverge))
  5. Krilion
    Krilion 26 March 2013 08: 23
    Now we need to work on increasing the range ...
    1. Gemar
      Gemar 26 March 2013 08: 37
      Quote: Krilion
      Now we need to work on increasing the range ...

      yes + + +
      And noise immunity!
  6. Mails
    Mails 26 March 2013 08: 24
    Interesting buns ...
  7. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 26 March 2013 08: 28
    To Syria to disinfect the "friends of Syria" so that they do not get sick.
  8. SCS
    SCS 26 March 2013 08: 29
    in general, such a system could be another trump card in the arms of our politicians! but I also want to earn ....
    brilliant realized idea of ​​a new system! well done developers and creators hi
  9. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 26 March 2013 08: 33
    Nothing new ... Already said and said.
  10. demon ada
    demon ada 26 March 2013 08: 41
    send a couple of dozen containers to Cuba, Vietnam and to us on Sakhalin Island
    so for prevention and just in case
  11. fanat CSKA
    fanat CSKA 26 March 2013 08: 42
    Kulibins ... it’s their mother))))), they will never translate in Russia)))))
  12. gland
    gland 26 March 2013 08: 49
    Everything is in Russian traditions! Brilliantly simple! Now let the adversaries look after the containers differently, otherwise who knows that we will put them there! lol
  13. tun1313
    tun1313 26 March 2013 08: 51
    Ordinary Soviet peace tractor.
    1. Gemar
      Gemar 26 March 2013 09: 11
      Quote: tun1313
      Ordinary Soviet peace tractor.

      Are you talking about this one?

      Well, yes, the usual one ... turboprop! wink
      1. Bronis
        Bronis 26 March 2013 11: 46
        I will tell you about the blatant fact:
        On the banks of the Amur, amidst the fields
        Caught our simple Soviet tractor
        In the sight of six Chinese batteries.

        Hit a volley, shells flew,
        But the tractor driver was a guy with a head:
        He presses the pedal - and here is not visible goal
        In the smoke curtain delivered.

        And the tractor soared over the pretty side
        And at the same moment the aggressor responded,
        To protect us frighten by war
        Hit a volley of tactical missiles.

        And our tractor driver, captain Litvinov,
        I looked at the map and turned on the afterburner,
        Calmly bombed over Beijing
        And laid home turn.

        He turned off the reactor over Cupid,
        So as not to frighten native sheep and goats.
        Our Soviet tractor rushed in the sky
        To refuel in your own collective farm.

        And, if the enemy takes action again,
        To prevent us from harvesting,
        Order of the USSR Agroprom
        A harvester will fly to our field.
        Ehh ... there was a country and talents ....
  14. andrejwz
    andrejwz 26 March 2013 08: 54
    this is not about offensive, but purely defensive weapons
    Yes, a couple - three bulk carriers to the Mediterranean Sea.
    1. Dima67
      Dima67 26 March 2013 10: 15
      In the ports of amers on container ships and ales kaput.
  15. krasin
    krasin 26 March 2013 09: 01
    I don’t understand something? Why are the new mobile-modular complexes ?? We have them for a long time! They exist and crawl all over Russia. Stripers are most afraid of them, because they don’t have enough computers to track them. yes and that’s not real.
    Ballistic wagons exist, and these with tactical ones, and what is the novelty.
    Tadpoles answer Please? belay
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 26 March 2013 15: 26
      Novelty in a philosophy that meets modern realities.
      We had the same medium-range Pioneers, once every 2 hours they changed positions in eastern Germany.
      And then a complete exit from the existing system. It’s just plain unformatted.
      But which non-format? unlike strategic weapons, you can flick on left and right, and also completely hidden.
      Are you sure that they are not standing in Syria?
      1. krasin
        krasin 26 March 2013 16: 35
        Thank you. Realized! yes
  16. Vitali-46
    Vitali-46 26 March 2013 09: 02
    Good weapon! I liked it very much !! And the movie was removed competently !! Well done, what can you say ..... When will it go to the series? And again, you need to saturate your troops first, and then sell them over a hill ..... But Unfortunately, we have two complexes in the RF troops, and twenty-two for export !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! recourse
  17. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 26 March 2013 09: 03
    A godsend for international terrorists. invented, kept silent, and now trumpeted the whole world
    1. Gemar
      Gemar 26 March 2013 09: 16
      Quote: vladsolo56
      A find for international terrorists

      We look forward to a Hollywood film about how the United States are not under control (freelance lol ) terrorists kidnap Club-K. And how one super-American rescues dozens of innocents by killing (without reloading clips) thousands of vicious terrorists!
  18. Alexxeg73
    Alexxeg73 26 March 2013 09: 13
    Judging by the cartoon, this system is not particularly defensive. 300km deep into the territory of a potential enemy. You can place ahead of time along the border and at the right time disable everything you need.
  19. bairat
    bairat 26 March 2013 10: 06
    unexpected finds of mushroom pickers or gloomy consequences of the Serdyukov leadership

    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 26 March 2013 11: 36
      Not. It has been rotting since the collapse.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 26 March 2013 11: 41
        However, at the time of the "photo session" the guard had been removed quite recently. How long can gas generators on ownerless equipment hold out with our quirky population?
        1. Arkan
          Arkan 26 March 2013 13: 58
          Quote: Spade
          How much can gasoline generators with orphaned equipment hold out with our populated population?

          Yes, even if people get what they simply rot.
  20. Orik
    Orik 26 March 2013 10: 31
    Now will any container ship be like a missile cruiser? lol
  21. Orik
    Orik 26 March 2013 10: 33
    Now will any container ship be like a missile cruiser? lol
    1. UAZ Patriot
      UAZ Patriot 26 March 2013 11: 49
      Guess where I am: lol:
      1. Orik
        Orik 26 March 2013 14: 23
        And if all the top containers ?! And on this and the bottom can be used worked overboard.
        1. Geisenberg
          Geisenberg 26 March 2013 15: 30
          Why is it their outfit? One salvo say 8 containers of 4 missiles each = 32 missiles. This is guaranteed to defeat 16 goals. There will be no one to answer. During the flight with the available cranes, you can simply change the upper containers with the lower ones. 2-speed rockets with hypersound in the final section :) beauties.
  22. Castor oil
    Castor oil 26 March 2013 10: 46
    A magnificent system, ingenious - it can not only move on a railway platform from Moscow to Vladivostok, but also, let's say, on some lighter carrier somewhere along the Northern Sea Route, the Atlantic, or the quietest ocean going, it can turn out to be, look for its fistulas - this is me on the "defensiveness" of the system feel
    Amer will get their prokhi back and forth laughing
  23. elmi
    26 March 2013 10: 56
    Grow the power of Russia!
  24. kontrol
    kontrol 26 March 2013 11: 05
    send by container ship to a "friendly" auto-start country right there
  25. biglow
    biglow 26 March 2013 11: 36
    such things need to be placed around the world, including on the territory of a likely enemy, then they look for a way
  26. UAZ Patriot
    UAZ Patriot 26 March 2013 11: 51
    So that's it !!! No "piz ... zhu" I look at the rockets :)
  27. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 26 March 2013 11: 56
    A much more interesting option is the placement in a transport plane
  28. Zomanus
    Zomanus 26 March 2013 13: 22
    A beautiful idea, of course. They have this Club, we have the Caliber

    We will wait for the enemy to move to triangular containers.)))
    1. elmi
      26 March 2013 14: 11
      Quote: Zomanus
      We will wait for the enemy to move to triangular containers.)))

    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 26 March 2013 15: 31
      At least 9-faced ... by the time of the transition there will be no one to go ...
  29. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 26 March 2013 18: 57
    I'm interested in the drone in the middle. Is he also part of the complex, and is it ours?
  30. gavko
    gavko 27 March 2013 20: 48