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"Planetary Cancer" and the death of Chavez

"Planetary Cancer" and the death of Chavez

In the second decade of March and. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced the formation of a government commission to investigate the causes of “dark forces poisoning with the aim of aggression against Venezuelans and Latin America” 58-year-old Hugo Chávez (1), “the type of cancer that does not agree with any type of this disease ... that they were able to influence his health with the help of the most advanced technologies ”(2).

A few hours before the death of the Venezuelan leader, Vice-President N.Maduro said in an address to the people: “We have no doubt that the cancer of commandant Chavez was the result of the attack of his enemies” (3). Under the enemies meant the United States. The head of the security service of President Chávez, General Jose Ornella, then confirmed this statement (4). A little later, there was information about the expulsion from Venezuela of two employees of the US Embassy, ​​and N.Maduro reminded his fellow citizens that in the USA as early as 1940. there were "scientific laboratories where they experimented with the initiation of cancer ... after 70 years passed, their impact could have progressed significantly" (1).

William Chavez himself spoke about this a few years ago, in 2011, referring to sudden cancer diseases of three South American politicians and stating that they are a consequence of the actions of the CIA, which thus gets rid of unwanted US leaders. Shortly thereafter, the cancer was found in Chavez himself (5). Indeed, the leaders of the Latin American continent of the "left" sense, not demonstrating pro-American sympathies, the last 3-4 of the year began to be affected by a strange epidemic of cancer. Now in this deadly list already nine people:

1. Raul Alfonsin, president of Argentina, died of cancer (2009)

2. Nestor Kirchner, President of Argentina, Colon Cancer (2010)

3. Christina Kirchner (widow), President of Argentina, thyroid cancer (2011)

4. Ollanta Humala, President of Peru, colon cancer (2011)

5. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, Prostate Cancer (2011)

6. Lula da Silva, ex-president of Brazil, laryngeal cancer (2011)

7. Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, Cancer of the Lymphatic System (2009)

8. Fernando Lugo, ex-president of Paraguay, lymph cancer (2010)

9. Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, nasal cavity cancer (2009)

The list could also include Colombian President Juan Santos, who suddenly had prostate cancer (2012). However, a few months later, which brought about positive changes in the relations of his regime with the United States, he declared that he was “completely cured” ...

Numerous researchers and commentators in the United States have noted that the facts, “seemingly separate local incidents,” collectively demonstrate a very disturbing trend. She points to the presence of hi-tech assassinations in modern global politics, often leaving no traces and looking like the slow and painful death of people who are serious opponents of the "policies of some strong states" for whom this type of murder is becoming the preferred form of "eliminating objectionable ...

Specializing in terrorism, Dr. Kevin Barrett quotes a recent confession by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who said that the United States killed over 4700 its political opponents in different parts of the world, including its own citizens. Dr. Barrett emphasizes that the current US military budget, exceeding 500 billion and surpassing the military budgets of China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada and the European Union, combined, is only the “tip of the iceberg”, since there are “black foundations, which finance "high-tech undercover methods, such as those used to crush the six leading Latin American enemies of the Empire" (6) with cancer.

The non-random nature of the cancer epidemic that "simultaneously hit the six best leaders of the anti-Washington empire in South America," is assured by such American researchers as William Blum, Kurt Nimmo, as well as Venezuelan journalists like Stephen Lendman (7).

The father of Reaganomics, Assistant US Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, states: “Throughout Latin America and the non-Western world, responsibility for the death of Chavez is placed on Washington ... Faith will never die: Chavez, the greatest citizen of South America since Simon Bolivar, was killed by Washington ... Latin Americans are aware of the hearings of the US Congress and the CIA's attempts to poison Fidel Castro made public ... The official document submitted to President Kennedy by the Joint Chiefs of Staff is known to the world and accessible online on the Internet (8).

Indeed, Castro became a champion in survival - he survived 637 attempts (data on 2006 year), many of which were prepared with the participation of US intelligence and even became the subject of jokes! (For example, the famous statement by US President D. Kennedy after the failure of one of the attempts to assassinate the Cuban leader: "When I ordered to remove Castro, I did not mean that he should be killed"). Today, Western media cite the advice given to Chavez by Fidel Castro during one of his visits to Cuba: “Chavez, be careful. These people have advanced in technology. You are too careless. Be careful about the food they offer you ... a small needle and they will inject you with anything. ”

The fact that the CIA used the president of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Alton Oschner, for his own research on cancer, has been known since at least the end of 1970's. It was known even earlier about the actions of the American special services to eliminate or neutralize political leaders objectionable to Washington during the so-called “special operations with extreme damage”. Already in 1950-60. they were put on stream. Suffice to mention the elimination of the Prime Ministers of Ceylon S. Bandaranaike (1959), Congo - P. Lumumba (1960), President of Ghana K. Nkrumah (1966), President of the Mozambique Liberation Front E. Mondlane, etc.

The elimination was dealt with by a special structure called the “Committee for Injury to Health”. For the first time, her activity was widely covered by US Department of State employee John D. Marks in the search book for the Manchurian Candidate. CIA and mind control ”(9). The author "revived" the dry facts of the report of the commission created by US President D.Ford, chaired by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller to investigate CIA experiments on people, including US citizens, and eliminate political opponents after the scandal caused by an article in December 1974. Theme in The New York Times (10). J. Marks cites many details of the secret “harming health” operations, the amount of the budget, the names of scientists and CIA agents responsible for this area, describes inhuman experiments on people, as well as poisons and chemicals that could kill or “transform into a plant” one or another politician. Quote:

“Within the framework of the MKNAOMI project, SOD employees have created an arsenal of toxic substances for the CIA. In order to kill someone within a few seconds, for example, with the help of a pill used in the event of suicide, a potent mollusk toxin was proposed in the SOD ... According to the CIA and SOD, it is more expedient to use botulin to kill. With an incubation period from 8 to 12 hours, it allows the killer to escape from the scene. Subsequently, the CIA officers supplied the mafia with pills with this deadly poison for the introduction of Fidel Castro into the milkshake. If the CIA wanted the murder to look like death caused by a natural cause, then there was a long list of deadly diseases typical of the country chosen for the operation. Thus, in 1960, the secret services chief Richard Bissell asked Sid Gottlieb to “choose a disease” that would have killed P. Lumumba, who was at the head of the Congo. At the Senate investigation, Gottlieb reported that he chose a disease that was supposed to be similar to the diseases prevalent in West Africa and which could have been fatal ... For those who CIA operatives wanted to get rid of only temporarily, SOD had about a dozen in reserve diseases and toxins of various strengths. At the end of the SOD list, staphylococcal enterotoxin, a weak form of food poisoning (weak compared to botulinum), was a substance that guaranteed a relatively good outcome. This infection was almost never fatal, with the victim being disabled for about a period from 3 to 6 hours. Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus was the most virulent among the available SOD products. He usually paralyzed a person from 2 to 5 days, after which he remained in a weakened state for several more weeks. If the CIA was required to incapacitate a person for several months, then SOD had two types of brucellosis ”...

Noteworthy история Mysteriously perished in the 1950-ies. expert in biological arms Franck Olsen, who worked closely with the CIA. The CIA itself back in 1970, as part of the reform of the ministry, reported the following. After Olsen, who was impressed by human experiments on 1953 trips to secret biological laboratories located in Norway, Britain and Germany, refused to cooperate with the secret service and decided to quit, which he reported to some colleagues. Two CIA agents added a drug to him during a business dinner, under the influence of which a scientist committed suicide a few days later. This is the official version - at one time the family of the deceased was even invited to the White House, where US President D.Ford brought her official apologies. Recently, shortly before the death of William Chavez, on the pages of The New York Times (11), this was remembered again, because in November 2012, the sons of F. Olsen brought a CIA lawsuit demanding compensation for the murder of his father ...

Summing up, it is worth noting that political harm to health and the "all-planetary cancer", as American scientists call it, can be cured only by means of surgical information intervention indicating the real culprits of political epidemics.

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  1. nakaz
    nakaz 25 March 2013 17: 24 New
    Yes, presidents, not loyal US authorities, do not live long without competent doctors.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 25 March 2013 18: 13 New
      Rather, they can’t live without competent SB ...
      1. yak69
        yak69 25 March 2013 19: 55 New
        It is no longer a secret that the Americans use any poison to kill unwanted politicians. USA is a real evil empire! Imagine an army of scientists CONSCIOUSLY creating in the silence of laboratories a monstrous poison, an army of scientists inventing ways of destructive ideological and psychological influence, an army of those who are employed in the film industry poisoning the whole world with their black stuff, the US army itself and its special services, workers producing tanks, planes, ships, weapons , ammunition that takes away thousands of lives EVERY DAY in different parts of the world. And all these "people" are working to "strengthen democracy around the world" and promote the American way of life, which they are all so proud of.
        Think about it, millions of Americans sincerely believe that their country is "sowing good" all over the world and squealing joyfully at the sight of their presidents and politicians!
        And how they treat children (with ours in particular!). Who they believe in (America is divided into thousands of sects and currents!).
        They just went crazy! This is a real demonization!
        And these humanoid cruel animals claim the role of world gendarme !! ..........

        Something inside tells me that such a "society" will not last long.
        Will I have time to see how this demonic beast dies? ....
  2. erased
    erased 25 March 2013 17: 30 New
    The Americans do their work, remove the worthless leaders. Who is next in line?
    And have they not adopted their practice in the Kremlin? And then Berezovsky somehow suddenly departed into oblivion ...
    1. Andrey_K
      Andrey_K 25 March 2013 17: 41 New
      Berezovsky knew too much, and by no means Kremlin secrets.
      And for another they usually don’t kill (except for money, but Berezovsky is no longer an oligarch).
      So, allusions to Moscow here seem naive.
      Whose secrets Berezovsky knew (and could reveal) - he and the murderer - "look for someone who benefits" - an old and well-known truth, proven by practice.
      1. Nick
        Nick 25 March 2013 19: 20 New
        Quote: Andrey_K
        Whose secrets Berezovsky knew (and could reveal) - he and the murderer - "look for someone who benefits" -

        Well then, this is the British "intelligence service".
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker 25 March 2013 19: 53 New
          Both I and I
          and I have the same opinion ...
        2. Andrey_K
          Andrey_K 25 March 2013 19: 55 New
          The handwriting is the same as Patrickashvili’s death.
          Do not go to the fortuneteller somewhere nearby to look for it.
          Even if the Mi5 itself has nothing to do with it, that is, there is also a local Chechen-Islamic company that collects money for terrorist attacks and which Patakashvili ordered Sakashvili ..
          (By the way, they could squander Berezovsky’s money, but then he had problems with finances, he slipped into a stash and ...)
          1. Gari
            Gari 25 March 2013 21: 40 New
            I read in the newspapers:
            The cause of death of Berezovsky, who allegedly died of a heart attack, is still not called. People close to him had not previously ruled out that he could have committed suicide. British police do not rule out the version of a possible poisoning of the ex-oligarch. Although the Internet is actively discussing the version that Berezovsky could have been killed by the British special services.
            “In many opposition media and blogs, the topic of Vladimir Putin’s involvement in the demise of a fugitive opposition oligarch is now carefully beginning to be discussed. Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has something to do with Berezovsky’s death in that for some time he had been negotiating with him about his return to Russia, and apparently the negotiating parties had begun to reach some kind of compromise ...
            Now we ask ourselves: who did not benefit from such a return of Boris Berezovsky to Moscow with repentance? Obviously, from such a development of events the forces interested in continuing political destabilization in Russia and in tense relations between Russia and the West would suffer the most. Such forces remained the only option with the physical elimination of BAB, while it is in the territory where these forces can affect the conclusions of the police, ”
  3. Consul-t
    Consul-t 25 March 2013 17: 31 New
    It would be surprising if they did not use it.
    Definitely chemical.
    They have their own democracy, they live according to their own concepts.
  4. Dimanrus86
    Dimanrus86 25 March 2013 17: 40 New
    Amer in his repertoire, in general, the article is good, there is something to think about.
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 25 March 2013 18: 05 New
      The knowledge of mankind in the field of oncology is still extremely primitive, there is still no clear and unambiguously confirmed theory of malignant tumors, in other words, doctors still do not know what cancer is, therefore, the effectiveness of treatment in many cases is low.
      Therefore, some villains simply infect someone with cancer (!!! ???).
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 25 March 2013 19: 17 New
        You’re wrong, they said on TV that it’s possible to infect with cancer.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 25 March 2013 19: 56 New
          Quote: ia-ai00
          You’re mistaken, they said on TV that it’s possible to infect with cancer

          Cancer cells, Koch's bacillus (causing tuberculosis), Shigella bacteria (causing dysentery) are found in every human body !!
          Many take part in its digestive system. Only certain conditions allow them to multiply and pass into the disease.
          Such conditions can be a sharp drop in immunity, radiation exposure, chemical poisoning.
          I don’t know how Americans poison them!
          But there is a proven fact - such an infectious disease as jaundice can be caused by suggestion.
          1. wax
            wax 25 March 2013 22: 18 New
            proven fact - an infectious disease such as jaundice can be caused by suggestion.

            No infections are transmitted by suggestions. But if you take a medical encyclopedia, you can find almost all diseases in yourself. This effect is well described in the book by J.K. Jerome "Three in a boat, not counting a dog."
            Also, suggestion can exacerbate the course of an existing disease.
            1. APASUS
              APASUS 26 March 2013 18: 47 New
              Quote: Wax
              No infections are transmitted by suggestions

              Firstly, I wrote quite clearly
              an infectious disease such as jaundice can be caused by suggestion.
              And do not confuse suggestion and infection !!!
              Secondly - I don’t even want to argue!
              Just look at the placebo effect and read it right!
          2. ia-ai00
            ia-ai00 27 March 2013 09: 32 New
            I’m not a doctor, what I heard from MEDIKOV, I’m saying, I was surprised and shocked myself ...
        2. wax
          wax 25 March 2013 22: 12 New
          On TV they said that roosters lay eggs, and hens give milk. But seriously, to assess the promise of drugs, they have long been infected with mouse cancer and other animals. In addition, cancer is caused by some viruses, for example, two types of papillomaviruses, there are carcinogenic types of herpes. Etc.
      2. aksakal
        aksakal 25 March 2013 21: 29 New
        Knowledge of the nature of cancers is needed for effective treatment, for effective "infection" enough empirical experience. What have you proved? Give more convincing arguments in defense of amers, calico lawyer-))))
      3. Andrey_K
        Andrey_K 26 March 2013 00: 06 New
        Vaccinations are made for cervical cancer (in the USA this is already a mandatory procedure or they are going to make it mandatory) - they already have a high level of knowledge about cancer.
        Along the way, they could find out how to infect with cancer.
  5. optimist
    optimist 25 March 2013 17: 57 New
    If GDP is still alive and relatively healthy, this leads to some thought .... repeat
    1. Andrey_K
      Andrey_K 25 March 2013 18: 04 New
      Well, Fidel Castro is alive.
      (Doesn't it suggest any thoughts?)
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 27 March 2013 09: 35 New
        Fidel Castro is simply "more harmless than a snake" for aMers ...
    2. fellow misha
      fellow misha 25 March 2013 18: 10 New
      Yes, yes, your thought is working in the right direction: VVP was sent a "superman" suit straight from the Washington regional committee and now he flies around the world and poison his enemies, so he fed the "birch" with polonium right in his own bathroom, after all. Go to the forest, friend, directly to Rambler, there is a concentration of conspiracy theorists, you will like it)))
    3. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 25 March 2013 18: 14 New
      Which for example? Type that he is a protege and dances to the tune of amers? Che then they round dances around the Russian Federation drive? Type to confuse? Think what you say.
      1. optimist
        optimist 25 March 2013 18: 43 New
        And what kind of round dances? Are the territories of Norway given away? Give it away! Did they give Cypriot loot to the West? Gave it! I am already silent about domestic politics. And you continue to watch the first channel. As for Castro, he has long left the game. Not today, tomorrow, and he himself will die. (God grant him health, of course)
        1. Andrey_K
          Andrey_K 25 March 2013 19: 47 New
          It's just that there were no traitors in his circle.
          637 assassination attempts are not a pound of raisins.
          Suspecting someone of something on the basis of the fact that he remained alive ... didn’t you try to blurt out something like that for any veteran? (maybe he was hiding behind strangers or worse working for the enemy)
        2. fellow misha
          fellow misha 25 March 2013 20: 06 New
          You have revealed a terrible secret, Putin is a Norwegian spy, cf, don’t tell anyone, suddenly why))) Before throwing feces at the fan here, study the question more carefully and you will open your eyes to many things.
        3. s1н7т
          s1н7т 26 March 2013 01: 19 New
          Quote: optimist
          God grant him health

          I will subscribe unconditionally!
  6. Tatarus
    Tatarus 25 March 2013 18: 52 New
    I beg you to create a comp game. Action is desirable. Where you can cut and shoot mattresses. Oh please angry
  7. Ostwind
    Ostwind 25 March 2013 19: 03 New
    I hope that Maduro has the courage and wisdom to continue the course of Chavez.
  8. max702
    max702 25 March 2013 19: 35 New
    Yeah .. think about it here, GDP money is not needed (and so more than you can spend) apparently there is some kind of leverage more serious .. otherwise the mess that is going on here doesn’t explain, but about Castro everything is right, he hasn’t been needed for a long time like Cuba.
    1. Andrey_K
      Andrey_K 25 March 2013 20: 17 New
      Do you say Cuba is not needed?
      And the fact that this is a positive example of the long existence of a Latin American country in conditions of total pressure and blockade and at the same time more developed than many other local countries?
      Yes, if not for Cuba - there would be neither Chavez nor other anti-American countries in Latin America - everyone would be drowned in the blood like Chile, Nicaragua, etc.
      Cuba endured everything, endured everything, and now it has become a catalyst - the center of crystallization of anti-Americanism in that region.
      There would be an opportunity, it would be buried in the ground at least now.
      It’s like a corn that’s not passing on your beloved finger, which has now addressed with complications in the form of gangrene.
      1. max702
        max702 25 March 2013 22: 44 New
        A difficult question ... I worked with the Cubans in St. Petersburg Duc, they can't wait for Fidel to finish, he asked why? And they told me "- from the good life we ​​came from the warmth and sun to the dampness of St. Petersburg." not everything is so simple there, and they will devour Cuba Fidel's Toko will not become quiet and without nerves right now it will become more expensive there, and so a dozen other disloyal strong personalities of that region will die of cancer, the rest will think about it, and Uncle Sam will instantly find a carrot for such people, and that's all Tanu's opposition will end, and apparently the experts have considered all this for a long time and are not fussing ..
        1. Andrey_K
          Andrey_K 25 March 2013 23: 32 New
          Here the USA defaults on the nose.
          There isn’t enough oil, the debt is flying wildly, and Venezuela is rebelling with the company, they are privatizing oil fields, they are not buying weapons from those.
          Yes, here every month counts - at any moment everything can collapse, and you say: "do not fuss."
          Yes, in St. Petersburg right now it’s good, but in Greece 30% of the unemployed - why would it?
          They like no Fidel and even socialism has never been ...
  9. patriot464
    patriot464 25 March 2013 19: 51 New
    Land rest in peace to Lieutenant Colonel Chavez. He was a very worthy man.
  10. zvereok
    zvereok 25 March 2013 21: 56 New
    Now there is a promotion from Master Card. % of your purchase will go to the fight against ancology ... Yeah, they will invent a medicine in the West at the expense of my purchases and will sell us with 10000% mark-up, to cure oligarchs ... I pass ...
    MY THOUGHT 25 March 2013 21: 56 New
    YES, I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PRESIDENT OF ARGENTINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As one of my friends said, it’s better to be Major Kapustin than Colonel Gaddafi (((((((((( laughing
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 25 March 2013 22: 18 New
      Better to be a slave than free?
    2. wax
      wax 25 March 2013 22: 21 New
      An all-planetary cancerous tumor is an Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism.
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 26 March 2013 01: 23 New
        Quote: Wax
        An all-planetary cancerous tumor is an Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism.

        So-and-so "plusanul" laughing but what other models of capitalism are there?
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 26 March 2013 01: 34 New
          Chinese is. Like the Anglo-Saxon, not a fountain.
          Scandinavian - with high social responsibility.

          There are many models.
      2. DeerIvanovich
        DeerIvanovich 26 March 2013 13: 56 New
        Jewish, Anglo-Saxons so ... toolkit
  12. Uhalus
    Uhalus 25 March 2013 23: 04 New
    Well, they began to work thinner, much thinner ...
  13. vadson
    vadson 25 March 2013 23: 12 New
    sorry chavez monumental was a man. when all these stsuki (amers) already gnaw 12 duodenal ulcers to each other? quickly the world would be cleaner without the population of this continent. columb your mother fuck you you went on a cruise, you probably would know the other way
  14. Olaf
    Olaf 25 March 2013 23: 40 New
    Having read the article, one wonders involuntarily - what is the oncoepidemic throughout the former union? Is it because there is too much feed (namely feed) and imported drugs?
    Painfully similar to the situation with the natives of America during the "development" of the continent. A state that thinks about its security does not buy those things that could potentially be used to the detriment of its citizens. It's sad.
    1. UAZ Patriot
      UAZ Patriot 26 March 2013 00: 26 New
      also thought about it! I quit smoking tomorrow, thanks for the article. The Nazis know their business!
  15. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 26 March 2013 18: 59 New
    the list is impressive