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Vagit Alekperov in an interview with RT: The United States did not commit the "shale revolution"

Vagit Alekperov in an interview with RT: The United States did not commit the "shale revolution"Shale gas and oil reserves are available not only in the USA, but also in Russia. However, their large-scale development is not yet possible for a number of objective reasons. Vagit Alekperov, President of Lukoil, spoke about the current situation of the Russian oil industry and the prospects for using new technologies in an exclusive interview with RT.

According to Vagit Alekperov, the expression “shale revolution” replicated by the media and the representation of the United States as a “pioneer” in this area is incorrect. The fact that oil shale is saturated with hydrocarbon has long been known.

“Everyone knew about it, many used it for industrial purposes. In particular, in Russia there is a city of Slate in the Leningrad Region near St. Petersburg, where schist has been mined historically. Hydrocarbon-based lubricants were made from it, ”said the head of Lukoil. Therefore, in a historical context, it is fair to talk about the “technological revolution” that America has accomplished in this area.

Shale gas reserves are also available in other countries, but the development of such deposits will be accompanied by many problems, both technological and territorial. In particular, it will be necessary to decide the fate of the population living in areas where shale is located. If we consider the situation from such a position, then the infrastructure built by the USA, the existing potential of services and engineering ensure the leading positions of American companies.

Vagit Alekperov noted that the company "Lukoil" has already studied this experience and successfully conducts work at fields similar to shale deposits. “These technologies are currently used in Russia. We are confident that in the future such fields as the Bazhenov formation will be developed using shale oil and gas extraction technologies. ”

It’s too early to say when such deposits will be put into development. Solving such issues is the prerogative of the Russian government and the president. But the exploration and accounting of all Russian oil and gas reserves must be conducted now, Alekperov said.

“Unfortunately, the law, which is in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, today does not allow private and foreign companies to actively invest in geological exploration in the Arctic seas. This is connected with a number of issues, including the ecology and defense of the country, the president of Lukoil said in an interview with RT. - But we believe that the law should still be adjusted. And private companies, Russian legal entities should be allowed to conduct geological exploration on the Arctic shelf. And when the field is to be put into development, the state would decide. ”

Development of fields in Iraq

Meanwhile, the company is implementing promising projects abroad. One of them is the largest West Qurna-2 field in Iraq. It can be put into operation at the end of the current year or at the beginning of the next. A number of companies are showing interest in this project and are offering Lukoil a partnership, but so far there have been no good and effective proposals.

The company has completed the most difficult period of preparation ZK-2. Completed the formation of teams, security systems, selection of contractors. Passed and all the necessary registration procedures.

On the whole, the situation in the area of ​​LC-2 and in the south of Iraq is stable and there have been no excesses with the employees of the Russian company. "For the first time in history In Iraq, the government of the republic allocated funds and paid the real value to the villagers from whom land was withdrawn for technological facilities for the development of the ZK-2 field, ”said Alekperov. In addition, Lukoil implements social programs for the local population. So, about 100 young people among them are studying for free in Russian universities.

According to Alekperov, Iraq has large gas reserves, but the field is still only at the initial stage of development. Iraqi gas, which can go to Europe through Turkey, can affect Russia's position, but this is only possible in the long term. He believes that “the infrastructure that Gazprom has created over the decades of gas supply to the European market, and a flexible pricing policy will allow the company to maintain its gas market in Europe.”

As for world oil prices in 2013, they, according to the expectations of the President of Lukoil, will remain within $ 110- $ 120. This will satisfy both producers and consumers.
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  1. predator.3
    predator.3 25 March 2013 17: 22 New
    a month ago we made a noise about this slate ... and forgot!
    1. esaul
      esaul 25 March 2013 17: 44 New
      Quote: predator.3
      a month ago we made a noise about this slate ... and forgot!

      Good evening hi
      Correctly noticed - "made a noise". All this bootleg about shale was deliberately presented as noisy as the foundation of the future prosperity of the states, their new HEGEMONY (no longer military, but purely hydrocarbon laughing ) and, as complete independence from gas from the EU countries from Russia. It didn’t work out ...! Technologies are not perfect, which leads to rapid depletion of the reservoirs and unproductive losses of significant volumes of gas, costly and with unpredictably fatal consequences for the environment. This is a pathetic attempt to hop on an outgoing train. A hydrocarbon dictate train ... And the driver (as if neither the states nor the EU would like it) is Russia.
      By the way, the other day there was an infa that Tomsk students have developed a more advanced fracturing methodology, not based on inflating the reservoir with special hydraulic compounds. And a more gentle method for nature and less destructive, which eliminates unproductive losses of shale gas.
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 25 March 2013 18: 00 New
      The article is somehow stupid. Here it could be said in a nutshell. Yes - such gas (oil) exists. Yes - we’ll start mining sometime. And that’s all.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 25 March 2013 18: 39 New
        Alekperov is still a Soviet oilman. And always, with all the fortunes of the authorities, he was engaged in one single thing - he extracted oil as efficiently as possible. He did not make political plans, did not buy football teams, did not play god with a money bag instead of lightning ...
        This article is for him to declare a slightly more public position. Looks like they asked him to be more beautiful than society, maybe some public projects will be carried out. Quietly, he builds cities anyway ... I respect this uncle very much.
        1. zart_arn
          zart_arn 25 March 2013 19: 13 New
          This uncle passed the entire career ladder from the bottom "from the depths of Siberian ores." Perhaps the only one in Russia who deserves the title of "oligarch".
  2. nakaz
    nakaz 25 March 2013 17: 22 New
    Information on gas production by Lukoil in Iraq is very interesting. No matter how Iraqis would later play for someone else's gate.
    1. esaul
      esaul 25 March 2013 17: 52 New
      Quote: nakaz
      No matter how Iraqis later play for someone else’s gate

      And such a probability cannot be completely ruled out - it’s impossible, but it seems that Iraqis by the Adam's apple have ate “cooperation” with the states ... Many of them probably recall the times of Hussein as though they were thin, but the world. And now they have a good war in the house. They now need to crawl out of the pit into which their Western democracy drove. The fact that Lukoil is already allowed to work in Iraq is already an indicator that the memory of Russia, as a reliable and conscientious partner, is alive.
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 25 March 2013 18: 02 New
      100 thousand hostages, so heaven. And how 100.000 agents of influence will be unlearned.
  3. avt
    avt 25 March 2013 17: 35 New
    Quote: predator.3
    a month ago we made a noise about this slate ... and forgot!

    No, here it is very similar to the price wiring that they arranged with a fall in prices in the late USSR, conspiring with the Saudis. But here our bourgeoisie did not fall for what to twitch if everything was already privatized request . Only Yanukovych twitched and then blown away like the whole of Eorop. In general, while a false start. But I think they’ll try to tickle the nerves.
  4. zvereok
    zvereok 25 March 2013 17: 40 New
    Shale gas production is costly and pays off only at high gas prices. With the supply of shale gas for export, prices will fall and its production will no longer be profitable. Except perhaps the Americans with their unchanging dollar. Easily for their own purposes (reduction of unemployment / political goals) they can subsidize products and firms will profit by selling products below cost.
    1. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 25 March 2013 22: 05 New
      Quote: zvereok
      Shale gas production is costly and pays off only at high gas prices. With the supply of shale gas for export, prices will fall and its production will no longer be profitable. Except perhaps the Americans with their unchanging dollar. Easily for their own purposes (reduction of unemployment / political goals) they can subsidize products and firms will profit by selling products below cost.

      Today it is happening in the states, but the problem is much deeper. Literally. Ecology, don’t say it, is still very important. And today's gains are not worth the loss of the future. What do not say, but there are VERY many resources in the classical form on the planet and it is too early to switch to such risky ones.
      As for the United States, the problem is not in energy resources. The system itself is vicious and unviable on a global scale. And no matter what respite the United States “prints” for itself, this will not solve their problems. And an environmental bomb underground will only complicate life for future tingling.
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 25 March 2013 17: 50 New
    citation-Vagit Alekperov noted that Lukoil has already studied this experience and is successfully conducting work in fields similar to shale deposits. “These technologies are applied today in Russia. We are confident that in the future, such fields as the Bazhenov formation will be developed using shale oil and gas production technologies. ”

    I was interested in these words, the Bazhenov Formation. What does it mean ?! It turns out further in the text
    The Bazhenov Formation is a geological structure with large, but difficult to recover hydrocarbon reserves. This is a kind of "bundle" or "retinue" of rocks identified in Western Siberia at depths greater than 2 km. It is spread over more than 1 million square meters. km, while it has a relatively small thickness - 20-30 m. A feature of the Bazhenov Formation is its high oil saturation, which is of high quality.

    Up to now, in Russia there has been no generally accepted and documented concept of “hard-to-recover reserves”. Reserves can be called hard to recover if their development requires increased financial and labor resources, as well as the use of unconventional, special technologies. Hard-to-recover reserves include those that occur at great depths in the Achimov and Tyumen strata of Western Siberia; Bazhenov Formation in Western Siberia and Yakutia; clay deposits in the Stavropol Territory; tar oil deposits in Tatarstan.
    Read more:

    here is the infographic, what is the difference between the usual traditional way of gas production from non-traditional
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 25 March 2013 18: 00 New
      oil shale infa
  6. SPACE
    SPACE 25 March 2013 18: 04 New
    Well, who else from shale gas buzzes? Well, okay
    1. opkozak
      opkozak 25 March 2013 19: 16 New
      Space photo showing torches from shale gas production towers impressed see Bakken Formation

      It is good that Russia is not launching shale gas production right now. Enough of it then to our children and grandchildren.
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 25 March 2013 22: 48 New
        Quote: opkozak
        Space photo showing torches

        A photo from space with the display of the lights of night cities and nothing more ...
        see map of USA
        1. opkozak
          opkozak 25 March 2013 23: 12 New

          If horizontal drilling is carried out in the lower layer of the shale formation, it will be possible to produce oil - the lower layers are saturated with heavier condensate and shale oil. This was done at the Bakken field (The bakken formation) in the states of Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. As refinement and exploration, the volume of the field was adjusted from 150 million barrels to 11 billion barrels, from it it will be possible to receive 700 thousand barrels of oil per day. Proved reserves of shale oil in the United States are five times greater than conventional in Saudi Arabia.

          By the way, if you look at the map, there are shale deposits in the Rostov region.
          1. Yeraz
            Yeraz 26 March 2013 12: 54 New
            Quote: opkozak

            opkozak (1)

            And why is the Caspian part of Kazakhstan and what does the land version have to do with it? belay
            Now the Kazakhs have a land border with Dagestan laughing
  7. artist-mamluk
    artist-mamluk 25 March 2013 19: 33 New
    Maybe someone remembers, but about 20 years ago Nazat saw the news as Indian farmers put cow dung in a tank and tightly close it, where it rotted and released gas. The gasification of the whole country did not smell, but enough for their needs. I wish we had everything assembled and walled up in a large tank, a hundred years is enough.
    1. luka095
      luka095 25 March 2013 21: 01 New
      More from the Chinese to buy ...
    2. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 26 March 2013 00: 05 New
      Quote: artist-mamluk
      cow manure was piled into the tank, and tightly closed, there it rotted and released gas

      Greetings! This technology is known as biogas. And quite a long time ago. It is used at us, in Germany, Baltic and Finland. The truth is not wide. Lack of raw materials however. Gas is produced by bacteria, almost pure methane, only high humidity. The cowsheds are warm and the villages are small enough. At the exit, gas, and ready rotted fertilizer.
  8. igorspb
    igorspb 25 March 2013 21: 36 New
    The city in the Leningrad region is called Slates, not Slate)))))))))
    1. antiaircrafter
      antiaircrafter 25 March 2013 23: 04 New
      Quote: igorspb
      The city in the Leningrad region is called Slates

      I thought this is what they are called.
  9. Larus
    Larus 25 March 2013 22: 42 New
    We know these reasons, money must be invested. This is not for you to achieve Soviet proven reserves ....
  10. igorspb
    igorspb 25 March 2013 23: 40 New
    Quote: antiaircrafter
    Quote: igorspb
    The city in the Leningrad region is called Slates

    I thought this is what they are called.

    Well, you see what city is famous - even slippers were named in his honor, and the Americans think that they are the first))))))
  11. 120352
    120352 26 March 2013 00: 36 New
    If I am not mistaken, during the Second World War the Germans tried to extract oil from their brown coal (remember the element Germanium?) At that time it did not save them. They didn’t get to our oil, and when we took Ploiesti from them, things got worse. The brown coal did not save them. True, they have shale, as we have in the Leningrad Region, but something is not heard that their presence somehow really strongly affects the power supply.
    The story of ethanol has not been forgotten. This is when whiskey or cognac is charged into the gas tank, but I’m a naturalist, I prefer more with a glass of myself. Very serious fuel economy is obtained: I drank, then I didn’t go, I didn’t go, it means I saved fuel.