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Unemployment situation in Russia

Unemployment situation in RussiaAt the end of the year, the authorities published data on the 5,6% unemployment rate in Russia from the number of economically active Russians. In absolute terms, this corresponds to 4,2 millions of people. However, by the end of January 2013, the number of unemployed in Russia jumped sharply enough and reached 6% of the economically active population. Many touched layoff, many have decided to abandon their previous work. In connection with which there was an increase in the number of unemployed citizens in January?

On this account, experts have two main hypotheses. The first of these is that before the New Year comes, many Russians decided to find a job to get the funds they needed to meet a big holiday. It is rather the moment of the Russian mentality. Russians are ready to get a low-paid job only when it is absolutely necessary, but not for a long period of time. And as soon as the New Year holidays ended, more than 600 thousand people immediately abandoned these temporary jobs, striking at the Ministry of Labor’s blessed statistics.

In February, the situation improved a little. The unemployment rate fell by 0,2% and amounted to 5,5% of the same economically active citizens. People began to recover after long New Year holidays, lack of funds and began to look for work again. It should be noted that by the year 2016, the state plans to reduce the unemployment rate in the country to a historical minimum - 4,4%. If this percentage is expressed in absolute figures today, it is about 3 million people. In principle, such a project can be carried out, but for this the state will have to make substantial efforts. After all, the problems here are added by the so-called labor migrants, with the help of which employers go for obvious dumping, reducing the cost of labor. This is a serious blow to the interests of the Russians, who every day express more and more dissatisfaction with the fact that jobs are occupied by visitors from the former Soviet Republics.

Let's not forget about the president’s plans to increase the number of jobs over the next decade by 25 millions. This task looks too utopian, because the creation of such a number of jobs should begin with substantial investments in the real economy, which so far, if there is, then on a very modest scale.
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  1. Arberes
    Arberes 25 March 2013 12: 31
    One of my friends has a very incendiary slogan!
    GIVE 2 WEEKS hard drinking !!!
    To begin with, can I cut the New Year holidays? All the same, according to my personal observations, it really kicks people out of the rut!
    What a job after that!
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 25 March 2013 13: 01
      Maybe you also have a 12-hour working day with a 6-day week?
  2. Region65
    Region65 25 March 2013 12: 31
    However, by the end of January 2013, the number of unemployed in Russia jumped quite sharply and reached 6% of the economically active population ... THINK MUST BE LESS! and then they drink 10 days for the holidays, then by inertia they continue to celebrate the New Year until March 8th, from which the number of unemployed was asked - they asked who asked for it, changing jobs to the bottom of the glass.
  3. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 25 March 2013 13: 00
    6%? Yes, this is some kind of anecdote. I really look at my house in it, every second unemployed. And there are eight such houses per quarter.
  4. Nayhas
    Nayhas 25 March 2013 13: 24
    Oh, these statistics. Who can really count the number of unemployed? I would like to know the number of people who have personal income tax deductions, and it will be necessary to dance from this tsifir.
    PS: "Let's not forget about the president's plans to increase the number of jobs over the next decade by 25 million. This task looks too utopian" - come on, did Xi Jinping come in vain?
  5. Yeraz
    Yeraz 25 March 2013 14: 27
    I don’t know how it is in the provinces, but it’s hard to imagine a person in St. Petersburg who cannot find a job. Everyone else has his own idea of ​​this work.
  6. TROG
    TROG 25 March 2013 14: 50
    Yes, to find in St. Petersburg is not so difficult, but for example
    on a newspaper or an Internet, if it is written that the salary is 30 tr it’s actually 20nu 25 maximum. Well, and as everywhere else all normal places are already taken, you can get more or less passable only through friends ...
    I remember the times when I was a student, almost half of my group worked in stores like five, well, most of it also paid a decent salary there.
    And what right now is work for students to hand out leaflets near the metro?
  7. Khamsin
    Khamsin 27 March 2013 07: 56
    How Russians differ from the rest of the world is that someone must definitely give work. If there is no normal high-paid job, you need to create it yourself. I’m not just saying this, I have been working in the services market since 2004. One service has ceased to bring good profits, found another. And he moved from the repair of TVs .... to the services of an excavator)