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Allowed to hate

The court of the Moldavian city of Balti did not find anything defendant in the insults of the teacher of geography of the Balti vocational school Viktor Kravchenko, with whom he had half a lesson regaled his Russian students. Now, Moldovan newspapers write, any resident of the country can legally begin to publicly declare that one nation is better than another. Well, the teachers in Moldova are given the carteblanche to conduct lessons of national hatred.

15 November 2012 was posted a twenty-minute record on the Internet, where Kravchenko as soon as did not insult his students. They were guilty only in the fact that they consider Russian their native language, and they call themselves Russians. “Russian invaders! They pissed off the muzzles on Moldavian soil! The law will come out, we will destroy you,” Kravchenko declares on videotape. “The whole Earth mumbles in Russian! That's what you introduced into world culture! Motherhood - that's all! That's what you are famous for." And this is not a complete list of quotes with insults to students.

After the outbreak of scandal, the teachers were fired, and in the Moldovan Ministry of Education they even promised to conduct an inspection. Then a collective lawsuit appeared, under which more than 50 people signed (signatures were collected at a rally held in November last year). The complainants demanded that the court oblige the defendant to apologize to the Russian-speaking population of Moldova, and also fined him a symbolic sum of ten lei (this is approximately 25 rubles).

However, the complaint was not satisfied. The judge did not find in the words of Kravchenko "nothing contrary to the law."

"With the decision of the court in relation to the teacher Viktor Kravchenko, against whom a criminal case was initiated into inciting ethnic hatred, it is impossible to agree under any circumstances. I will do everything possible to change it, and the Russophobian teacher will have a well-deserved punishment," Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights and National Minorities Vadim Mishin. He expressed concern that law enforcement agencies had virtually turned a blind eye to the incident, which received wide public response. “If the representatives of national minorities cannot find the protection of their interests in Moldova, then what will our society turn into?” Mishin wondered.

And in the Moldavian edition of “Replica”, it was popularly explained what the scandalous decision of the Balti court could lead to: “From now on, any teacher in Moldova has a complete and, most importantly, legal right to arrange a lesson in which the position towards any of the nationalities living in Moldova. From now on, any person has the right to start teaching children from a position - some nations are better than others, some nationalities are better than others, some languages ​​are better than others. From now on, schools, universities or colleges have the right to accept Viktor Kravchenko but. Due to the fact that the corpus delicti in his actions were discovered. From now on, any citizen of Moldova is legally guaranteed by the court the power to declare that certain nationalities in the country must be exterminated, and as a private person he is not threatened. "
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  1. Denis
    Denis 25 March 2013 07: 22
    Why most of all those who in the same Russia earn and maintain their economies at the expense of these earnings ....
    1. Castor oil
      Castor oil 25 March 2013 07: 36
      Quote: Denis
      Why most of all those who are earning and supporting their economy at the expense of these earnings are the ones who bargain for Russia.

      Apparently life, after "independence" it is better not to become, but to blame all your troubles on someone ...
      This is akin to an escaped unfaithful wife - her ex-husband is always guilty of her subsequent widespread disorder laughing
      1. Goga
        Goga 25 March 2013 07: 39
        Kastor_ka - Oh, Colleague, we didn’t finish these nonsense in 1992, but we would have to ... angry
        1. Castor oil
          Castor oil 25 March 2013 07: 49
          Quote: Gogh
          Colleague, we have not finished off these nonsense

          Sami these deficiencies with their bile to drown smile drinks
    2. tan0472
      tan0472 25 March 2013 07: 38
      Quote: Denis
      Why most of all those who in the same Russia earn and maintain their economies at the expense of these earnings ....
      Because they belong to the class of cattle, an ungrateful detachment.
      A distinctive feature of these individuals is the biting of the giving hand and spitting into the well from which they will have to get drunk more than once.
      Dead end branch of evolution.
    3. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 25 March 2013 07: 42
      Quote: Denis

      Why most of all those who in the same Russia earn and maintain their economies at the expense of these earnings ....

      Probably a nationalist or mishandled from the side. He did not solve his main task! I will say one thing, he is clearly not a sane citizen of his country!
    4. Sirocco
      Sirocco 25 March 2013 08: 00
      And all this fuss from our former republics, as in Krylov’s fable. Ay, Moska! know she's strong, What's barking at the elephant! These small states are doomed to be under someone. So to speak, they are trying to sell themselves more expensively for a stew in a plate. We must pay tribute to them, they are well aware of the market conditions, they know when and before whom to bend, and lay their tail to the side lol Bite the lactating hand.
      1. alexng
        alexng 25 March 2013 08: 17
        This is a typical Romanian. Type of dog bell, barks at those who can not give change. Unlike Internet trolls, this troll is not in virtual, but in real life. But one thing is similar in the trolls - they end as well as their Guru Berezovsky in oblivion.
    5. self-propelled
      self-propelled 25 March 2013 09: 06
      Quote: Denis
      Why most of all those who in the same Russia earn and maintain their economies at the expense of these earnings ....

      Yes, because Russia allows you to do this. I think it would be worth it to cover the mouth of the screamers and those who support them once or twice, and you look, the screams would subside ...
      PS under "cover your mouth" meant the means of economic pressure on the states-screamers.
    6. elmi
      elmi 25 March 2013 11: 38
      If the court does not punish them, then it is necessary to "educate" them themselves, so that it would not be common for others. If we had a "educational detachment" as soon as something serious against Russia happens, the "education group" is immediately sent to reason with the bully. A parenting method? - to stuff his face, and if this does not help, then slightly impoverish him (a car, a summer residence, etc.) If our government cannot put them in their place, then we must do it ourselves. I myself would have gone to the group, because I am not indifferent when spread rot and vilification of Russia and at the same time yell at the whole world. And with the Balts, so that the monuments do not endure and do not infringe on the Russian-speaking struggle with economic sanctions.
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 25 March 2013 07: 30
    Sorry for the Russian children. Moldovan, what is another "great nation"? ... Soon the arrogance will subside. Integrate into the EU for hell ...
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 25 March 2013 08: 02
      And they are already integrated. All these "countries" in Europe are perceived as slaves, working for a pittance.
  3. Svobodny
    Svobodny 25 March 2013 07: 32
    He speaks Russian, however. Orator ... They are not offended by fools. I am glad that a real patriot sits and shoots this video at the desk. Thanks to the hero. I was not afraid!
  4. Vanek
    Vanek 25 March 2013 07: 35
    "Russian the invaders! Muzzle on the Moldavian land! Law Comes Out“We will destroy you,” Kravchenko states in the video. - The whole earth is fumbling in English! That's what you introduced into world culture! Swearing - that's all! This is what you are famous for. "

    And what does he speak?

    In blue. There will be such a law - kirdyk of Moldova!
  5. Tersky
    Tersky 25 March 2013 07: 35
    Pearl of the "patriot" of Moldova
    To Mr. Director PSh-5, Balti, Ion Vovk

    from the teacher Viktor Kravchenko


    “I couldn’t have imagined that after 40 years of teaching, I’ll go through something like my colleagues. Now I understand that I had to act calmly, be more patient, rather even more diplomatic. For a long time, to my greeting“ Bună ziua! ”, they answered me:“ We are Russians, ”or“ Balti is a Russian city. ”More than once I tried to explain to them that the majority of the inhabitants of the municipality are Moldovans and only a part belongs to national minorities.

    I discussed this with them, cited famous people as an example, but the students tried to prick Moldavians harder, calling them “bulls”, “mules” and their language, respectively. My explanations did not reach the consciousness of children, maybe because of the influence of interested parties, maybe they used the children for the sake of political provocation, I can only guess where it might come from. I am sorry that my attempts to talk with children about knowing and at least a little speak the language of our country, to know history, traditions and customs were in vain.

    The only reaction: “Balti is a Russian city.” They repeated it day after day until the cup of my patience was full. It seemed to me that I was not saying this already, but the emotions of the whole people, language, country speak for me.

    Later, I realized that I should not have spoken harshly, but I wanted to convince them that everyone, and the Moldovan, too, has the right to dignity, pride, honor and do not insult us.

    I admit that I could not restrain my emotions, I wanted the young generation of other nationalities to respect the people with whom they live nearby.

    I regret that I could not be calmer, friendlier, so as not to lay this burden on the shoulders of my colleagues. I appreciate your understanding that my act was not intentional and, if possible, please forgive me for what happened.

    I didn't mean to offend anyone or embarrass anyone. My harsh and loud voice was just an echo of our ancestors who shed blood for this land. "
    Draw your own conclusions. For reference, in the city of Balti 70% of the population are Russian.
    1. Goga
      Goga 25 March 2013 07: 43
      Tersky - Greetings, Victor! And the kids are great - a quote - "" Balti is a Russian city "! - so his - Romanian bedding - but the right kids are growing!
      1. Castor oil
        Castor oil 25 March 2013 07: 50
        Quote: Gogh
        however, the right kids are growing!

        Once again I am convinced that our children are the best! good
    2. ed65b
      ed65b 25 March 2013 08: 36
      He’s lying to the grandfather. He just expressed everything he had been thinking about for years. S ,, ka.
  6. radio operator
    radio operator 25 March 2013 07: 47
    The madhouse will last until it is affected by a crisis or war.
    Then again they will remember that the Russians, it turns out, are again good.
    Pug syndrome.
  7. engineer74
    engineer74 25 March 2013 07: 52
    Moldova has become a European country! Model 33 years, the collapse of the economy is a direct road to fascism ...
  8. Irkutsk
    Irkutsk 25 March 2013 08: 04
    Here are hoopoes hoopoes. The correct jokes about Moldavia went to the USSR, this copy does not shine with the mind. Wagon their house
  9. Starksa
    Starksa 25 March 2013 08: 19
    Sick grandfather ....
  10. sichevik
    sichevik 25 March 2013 08: 24
    To such freaks, like this one, a joke is dedicated.
    Announcement at the railway station: --- Attention, the Moscow-Chisinau train leaves from the third way. I repeat, the Moscow-Chisinau train leaves from the third way. For Moldova, I repeat, the train Moscow --- HOME leaves from the fifth to sixth rails.
  11. Avenger711
    Avenger711 25 March 2013 08: 24
    If the law fails to protect, we must take justice into our own hands.
  12. fenix57
    fenix57 25 March 2013 08: 26
    A little bit of fun:
    Moldavian rides a horse. He is approaching a tunnel bridge. Can’t get under the bridge on horseback. He returned home, took a pickaxe and began to peck the ceiling. Another Moldovan comes up to him and says:

    - What are you doing? Because of fools like you, people make jokes about us. Why are you hammering the ceiling? It would be better to take a shovel and dig. hi
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 25 March 2013 08: 52
    The worst thing is that this is a teacher! 40 years of teaching! Interestingly, he worked all this time in Balti? And why would it start the lesson with the Moldavian greeting if the next lesson is in Russian? It has been like this all my life - a Russian lesson - a greeting in Russian, a Ukrainian lesson - a greeting in Ukrainian, an English lesson in English. And all the children calmly answered, because they understood that it was a fragment of a lesson. And here is a provocation! Correctly the children answered him.
    "More than once I tried to explain to them that the majority of residents of the municipality are Moldovans. and only a part belongs to national minorities."
    So this figure was not trying to instill respect for another nationality, but to teach children that they are a national minority !!!! And there, with such “knowledge”, you can do whatever you want! “You are a minority - if you please obey!” Or is Transnistria haunted by this “teacher”? Is this not the origin of hatred for Russians?
  14. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 25 March 2013 08: 54
    Moldova is a small impoverished country on which nothing in the world depends, lives on the alms of the IMF and European banks. It's a shame that people blame Russia for all the troubles. The same applies to the Baltic states. So why be offended, you need to wet
  15. queen
    queen 25 March 2013 09: 00
    A friend works in the police.
    Verification of documents.
    Present the documents.
    Is there a registration?
    -Go to the department
    What else to talk about
  16. valokordin
    valokordin 25 March 2013 09: 03
    Quote: Ragnarek
    Moldova is a small impoverished country on which nothing in the world depends, lives on the alms of the IMF and European banks. It's a shame that people blame Russia for all the troubles. The same applies to the Baltic states. So why be offended, you need to wet

    It is necessary to unite the Russians and their sympathizers in Moldova and show their mother to Kuzkin. Do not be afraid if you catch this teacher and hang him by the legs in front of the City Council for an hour. He will not die, but there will be a lesson, and all these courts are complete rubbish. Respect only power.
  17. Zhzhuk
    Zhzhuk 25 March 2013 09: 37
    The reason is propaganda (information war), and the grandfather is its consequence. maybe I'm wrong request
  18. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 25 March 2013 09: 41
    Damn with them. Raging out of their own insignificance. The realization that without a master these republics absolutely do not mean anything is haunting.
    Let them spit saliva, let them suffocate in impotent rage. They do not want to be part of a great whole, let them remain petty nonentities. It just wouldn’t turn out that it would be necessary to crawl to Russia to bow.
  19. queen
    queen 25 March 2013 10: 26
    The old men do not respect themselves, But this scumbag should wait for the hospital ward. and what does he smoke? wassat
  20. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 25 March 2013 11: 58
    Quote: Denis
    Why most of all those who in the same Russia earn and maintain their economies at the expense of these earnings ....

    Because they themselves are nothing. I’ll give birth to this teacher to clean, and I’d still put him on five years alone that would be inconsistent. And the worst thing is that it’s not a seller from the market, A TEACHER is supposed to have the most educated and cultured person, children, the future of the country, what can he teach them? we help everyone all our lives, but in return only insults.
  21. Arthurian
    Arthurian 25 March 2013 16: 20
    I hate such ghouls, Nazis fuck ... e, though ...
  22. Black
    Black 25 March 2013 16: 47
    40 years of pedagogy is already a diagnosis. Let me remind you that in the USSR and now in Russia, the pedagogy is 25 years old- a retirement pension. But all this cannot be attributed. he shouted what was inside, that with which he had entered the class for many years, and carried with him the poison of fascism.
    They will not punish the moron, they will punish the people from above.