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Results of the week. “I recently believe that everything in life is possible, even that which is impossible”

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu asks to save him from money issues

At a plenary meeting of the military-industrial conference held in the government, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu emotionally asked his department to be set free from questions of pricing and repair of armaments. Present at the conference, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev did not respond to the request, at least publicly, and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin after the event promised to “decide on the department”, which will oversee the price of weapon.

“I cannot be silent,” the minister said, and after an almost theatrical pause, he continued: “It’s important to solve two important tasks in the Ministry of Defense. Free us from functions that are not intrinsic to us — by entering into life cycle contracts, by taking over the repair of all the equipment in the arsenal. Take away all 300 factories, 37 thousand. locksmiths and turners, take along with the repair and along with the money! " He looked around the audience, trying to find understanding among the conference participants, but he saw only the tense faces of the defense industry representatives. “When we say“ assume the function of pricing, ”then who should do this?!” The minister continued with pressure. “We have the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and other structures. You tell us:“ Do pricing. ”But say this, realizing that we are not in a position to do this qualitatively, but in all the newspapers you say: “They are dragging on.” However, Shoigu said, when the Defense Ministry “doesn’t delay,” neither the military nor the industrial enterprise suits the price. "Give us the weapon on which we will fight, "asked Sergei Shoigu." A weapon on which we will teach our young officers to fight in the future. "

So, Shoigu says: take away with the money ... Yes, after such statements by the minister, a nervous hiccup clearly began from those gentlemen who perceive the main military department of the country as an excellent and always full feeding trough. How many people hiccupping and knocking knuckles on the table after the statements of Sergey Kuzhugetovich were in the hall - the journalists didn’t count, but the hiccups and tapping clearly were ... Eh, what, they say, he thought of! Take away with the money ... But what about us, and what about our families, and what about briliki and country villas with valets and chefs - they pondered, nervously fidgeting on the chairs uninterested persons ...

Comments from our readers:


Everyone should do his job, I think that he is right, otherwise the Ministry of Defense will not be engaged in defense ...


I support Shoigu. In the country, the 100500 ministries and each knock off their duties. Why do economists and managers need to sit in the defense ministry and count all these numbers ??? Is this the essence of the Ministry of Defense?
As the saying goes: "Our hut on the edge, I do not know anything!". And Shoigu sees and understands this perfectly.


And what, the Soviet system of pricing for military products something fundamentally different from the current, except for the lack of "kickback" schemes?
The same crazy prices .... I, for example, saw the 1984 price tag of the year for the additional equipment of the driver’s cabin of the 15X128.1 unit (Topol chassis) by means of an emergency cabin escape ....: A conventional hammer with a wooden handle inserted into a leather loop fastened to cab door 2 bolted - 82 rub. 40 cop What is 82 ruble in 1984 prices of the year? Half of the RFP engineer or senior lieutenant - captain ....
It is necessary to struggle with kickbacks and attempts of easy and unjustified profit from "effective managers" on the state defense order, and not to try to pull the Soviet system on the current model of the economy, since nothing good will come of it.

Russia began to create the fifth generation of submarines

The central design bureau of marine engineering (CDB MT) Rubin has already begun work on the creation of the fifth generation of both nuclear and non-nuclear submarines.

Underwater base fleet The Russian Navy is now the third generation submarine. The fourth-generation submarines of the type “Yuri Dolgoruky” (project 955, “Borey”) or “St. Petersburg” (project 677, “Lada”) have just begun to enter service with the fleet.

Results of the week. “I recently believe that everything in life is possible, even that which is impossible”

Research works are being carried out to determine the appearance of the future ship. Along with the head design bureau, this involves the specialized institutes of the Ministry of Defense and the Navy of the Russian Federation, as well as the contractors of Rubin, the main developers of sonar systems, radio-electronic equipment, and rocket-torpedo weapons. The results of such work, in particular, have already become the creation of the Borey-A nuclear submarine project, the modernization of the 636 project for the Russian Navy, and the improved project of the Lada submarine.

And this news he immediately gave the grain for the "work" to all those who consider the rearmament of the Russian army something of the evil one. Such gentlemen (and there are quite a few of them in Russia) were on the agenda: utilization of military equipment, conversion of NPS into colander and garden watering cans, and here, you see, not only do not dispose of, so also 5-e generation . We must do something ... We must urgently go to the reception to the congressmen, "pacifists." After all, we now have lovers to cry on a star-and-striped vest, even among Duma legislators ...

Comments from our readers:


Of course, it is necessary to develop. No one argues.
But you can not do it "with a jerk", and yes even the program under this declare. 4 generation let's go for a year or so on the sea - so many jambs will climb that only have time to clean. That's when we bring - forward, 5 generation and more!
And if you quickly drive the horses, then they may not reach. Any problem at the design stage can provide such problems in the metal - and what will you do? New project to redo?
Fuss you know when you need it, but it is not related to the design of submarines.


The development of technologies of the submarine fleet will give impetus to the development of coastal infrastructure, technologies for work at great depths. The ocean is the second cosmos, it is practically unexplored.


I would like to live to this fifth generation and look at it ...

Rogozin asked Segal to lobby for Russian weapons in the USA

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the defense-industrial complex, asked American actor Stephen Seagal to assist in canceling the Russian-American agreement, which restricts the supply of modern Russian small arms to the United States.

“In all the films that I saw, which my fellow citizens saw, you were always on the side of good in the fight against evil, it was always an unequivocal position for justice, for life, against terrorism, against crime. You know that Russian weapons production has always been very good and has always competed with the best models, including American ones. In America, the small community is one of the most significant, it is a very important force that affects both society and power, ”Rogozin said.

But to use foreign stars for lobbying Russian weapons is a real way out, an excellent advertisement. Let Seagal promote sporting and hunting weapons, Gerard Depardieu, by virtue of one of the roles played, can be used to advance Russian knives in the West (knives, axes, clubs, swords), as well as shields and chain mail. For lobbying, you can use Lady Gaga, who will replace her weathered dress made of meat with a stylish set of ammunition for "Kalashnikov" and F-1 grenades. And on Arnie's big back you can place an Izhmash advertising banner ...

Comments from our readers:


Yeah, but I also had to ask the US to remove its military bases, the CIA prisons, and not to touch Julian Assange!

Nobody except us:

Stephen Seagal worked in the CIA prior to his studies in the CIA. He performed secret missions around the world, and has mastered many martial arts. Movie scenarios, many are taken from his past ... I think the weapon, at that time the likely opponent, he knows well.


I came up with a patter: "Sigal lobbied, lobbied, but did not loot out."

Tartus will remain the basing point of the Russian Navy ships

The Russian Defense Ministry called fiction information that the ships of the Russian Navy due to the escalation of the armed conflict in Syria, instead of the Syrian port of Tartus, will use Lebanese Beirut to replenish supplies and rest of crews.

Previously, relevant information with reference to a military diplomatic source appeared in a number of media.

"The message that the Russian Navy ships due to the escalation of the armed conflict in Syria instead of the Syrian port of Tartus, where the fleet logistics center is located, will be in Beirut to replenish supplies and rest," is nothing more than a fabrication. " indicates the Ministry of Defense.

Apparently, the “friends” of Syria joined in the matter, and they decided to launch a duck that Russia is handing over Tartus to the “winners”. The winners, of course, record bearded "Democrats", making short dashes with grenade launchers on their shoulders in the vicinity of Damascus. Yes, and the “progressive” Syrian opposition to the West also needs to be reassured: they say, keep up the good work, the Russians are finally leaving Syria ... But this is unlikely ...

Comments from our readers:


The war of rumors, stuffing false information. Our opponents do not shun anything.


That's right, you have to refute the lie in time.

The squadron of the Pacific Fleet ships went to serve in the Indian Ocean

A detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet, including three large amphibious ships with subunits of marines, went into combat service in the Pacific and Indian oceans, the fleet spokesman Roman Martov told reporters on Tuesday.

"Pacific crews will perform combat missions in the Pacific and Indian oceans. The squad included the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev, large landing ships Admiral Nevelskoy, Peresvet, Oslyabya, ocean rescuer Fotiy Krylov and sea ​​tanker "Pechenga", - said Martov.

This is the ninth detachment sent to protect civilian shipping from piracy in the northwestern Indian Ocean, Martov said.

Oh, those pirates! Apparently, they were so unbelted in the Indian Ocean that they even had to use an anti-submarine ship ... Do these Somali robbers now also have submarines in service? Although why we decided that we are talking about the fight against Somali pirates. After all, today in the world there is a pirate and more, and bigger, and his hands are longer. This pirate has everything in order with submarines and aircraft carriers ...

Comments from our readers:


We need pirates for someone, oh, how they are needed. Otherwise, they would have been annihilated long ago.


Indeed, why do the marines drag something? Not otherwise, somewhere we are watching the colony ...



Crews aviation SF will work off bombing off the coast of the White Sea

The crews of the Tu-142 naval aviation of the Northern Fleet (SF) will work out training bombing on the Tersky coast of the White Sea, as well as landing the aircraft with an imitation of the failure of two engines. Each crew of the Tu-142 will receive practical experience in target detection and approach, as well as tactical use of bomb weapons. Also, the commanders of the Tu-142 crews will perform valid flight tasks for obtaining piloting admission in simple and complex meteorological conditions, both during the day and at night.

Such news immediately suggests a certain idea (insanely destructive in its militaristic essence): why only at the coast of the White Sea? After all, it would be possible to “sweep aside”, for example, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea - well, in order to check, nothing metallic will surface on it. You never know ... As they say, the full combination of business with pleasure ...

Comments from our readers:


I am glad that we are conducting exercises not only in the south, but also in the north. The Suvorov principle works everywhere: it is hard to learn - it is easy in battle.


He was very pleased with the news that the naval aviation of the Federation Council still exists.

Shooting TOC-1 "Buratino" successfully held in the Eastern Military District

The shooting of the heavy flamethrower systems (TOC-1) "Buratino" was first held at the test site in the Eastern Military District, a spokesman for the district told RIA Novosti on Friday.

He specified that Pinocchio is a hybrid tank T-72 and multiple launch rocket launchers. Fires 220 mm unguided rockets with a thermobaric warhead. All life in the area of ​​the explosion is destroyed by high pressure and temperature. Firing range 3 kilometers.

"TOC" Buratino "entered into service of the radiation, chemical and biological defense troops (RCBP) of the BBO in 2012 year. As part of the special tactical exercise, flamethrowers performed practical shooting for the first time from this formidable weapon and successfully hit all the targets."

The “Papa Carlo”, which can “grind out of the log” of such “Buratino”, has not yet been translated into Russia. And if you don’t translate, it means that the words that the state of the Russian army’s combat readiness is getting more and more aggravated are greatly exaggerated ...

Comments from our readers:


10 units for the whole army, not enough, on the border with China to keep at least a hundred just in case, so to speak, to strengthen friendship between nations.


Serious and necessary weapons. And you need to work with him seriously. Well done soldiers and officers, quality worked.
And the pranksters from KB cool worked the car itself and ... the name.

RT vs. CNN

In a recent interview with Gayane Chichakyan, US Secretary of State H. Clinton confessedthat watches the program "RT" and complained that the private American media do not cope with propaganda work. CCTV (China), Al Jazeera (Qatar) and RT successfully compete with US media. Frank Hillary did not hide the fact that the United States is in a state of information war with Russia. And in this war wins the victory of "Russia Today", and not some "CNN".

“We are in a state of information warfare, and I will tell you frankly that we are losing this war! Al Jazeera Wins. The Chinese have created a global television network that broadcasts in English and other languages. The Russians created an English language channel. I watched it in several countries, and it was very instructive. "

For eight years to the Kremlin managed to create state counterweight to "CNN" and "BBC". Today, the Russian channel has an audience of 630 million in more than one hundred countries. More than two thousand employees provide round-the-clock broadcasting in four languages: Russian, English, Arabic and Spanish. In the UK, "RT" watches 2 million viewers - there it is the most popular foreign English-language channel along with Al-Jazeera.

In addition to the advanced domestic TV channel, other Russian information resources operating in the network space: Century, Strategic Culture Foundation, However, make a contribution to creating a “very instructive” and “fresh look at events”. , “Voice of Russia” and, of course, “Military Review”, the daily updated content of which is long overdue to translate into English. Americans should know the truth about themselves.

Comments from our readers:

I am pleased with the success of television!
I would like to see something similar on the Internet. Crowds of paid American trolls besieged Runet. It's time to think about an adequate answer!

London and Paris will arm Syrian rebels

Jean-Jacques Mevel from Figaro пишетthat Paris and London decided to supply weapons to the Syrian rebels. The article says: “Having imposed a discussion on the Syrian issue at the European summit, French President Francois Hollande demanded that the Europeans lift the arms embargo against the rebels against Bashar al-Assad, not excluding that“ if necessary, France will bypass the embargo ”. “We cannot allow the regime, which has shown that it is refusing any political discussions, to kill its own people,” said Mr. Hollande.

“Paris can count on the strong support of London,” the journalist said. - On Tuesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that, despite the European agreements, he would act as he deemed right, and would supply weapons to the Syrian rebels. Two statesmen met one-on-one before a private meeting of 27 participants. ”

British newspaper «Daily Star Sunday» reportedthat the UK is already withdrawing its special forces units from Afghanistan - in order to prepare them for the task in Syria. Special Forces will operate under the control of MI-6, as well as the French General Directorate of External Security. It is planned to transfer weapons worth twenty million pounds to the Syrian rebels, who are in neighboring countries of Syria. The previously named newspaper listed weapons: machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, anti-tank missiles, missiles and various ammunition. There are enough weapons to arm 1000 militants.

Comments from our readers:

Libya was just the preparatory stage of a large operation. So it is incorrect to compare Syria and Libya. Libya was simply ransacked and created there "greenhouse conditions for the reproduction of extremists." And Syria is another matter. Israel has been “sharpening its teeth” in Syria for a long time, and Turkey also has “selfish interests”, but, most importantly, Syria is the key to Iran! (And Iran - to Russia).

Who applied weapons of mass destruction in Syria?

The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian "opposition": was it or was it not? This question tormented the media for several days. There was no clue.

19 in March, the Syrian Agency SANA reported that as a result of the use of chemical weapons by the rebels in the village of Khan al-Asal in the province of Aleppo, 25 people were killed and dozens more were injured. The opposition confirmed the presence of victims and those killed by accusing government forces of the attack, allegedly using a Scud missile with poisonous substances.

According to Reuters, the US State Department stated that there is no reason to believe that the rebels used chemical weapons in Syria. This assumption in the State Department was called an attempt to discredit the opponents of Assad. At the same time, the White House said that it continues to consider the counter accusation against the Syrian government.

Information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria did not confirm and at the UN, as well as at the World Health Organization, which plans to organize an additional supply of medicines in Aleppo today.

However, the use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria was confirmed by unnamed sources in the Israeli security services, according to The Jerusalem Post. True, the interlocutors of this publication said they did not know which of the parties to the Syrian conflict was responsible for the incident. It is also known that a few days ago Israeli intelligence reported on the preparation of chemical warheads for use by government forces.

Regarding the position of official Damascus, the Minister of Information Omran Az-Zoubi confirmed: the attack on terrorists by a rocket with a chemical warhead in the Khan al-Asal district is a dangerous escalation of the Syrian conflict and is a consequence of the decisions taken by the Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers in Cairo. As transmits SANAHe demanded that the world community and the countries financing and arming terrorists be held accountable for their use of the type of weapon prohibited by international law. The Minister laid on the governments of Turkey and Qatar the full moral responsibility for the crime, which resulted in the death of 16 people, including civilians, and the injury of another 86.

Comments from our readers:

“The US State Department stated that there are no reasons to believe that the rebels used chemical weapons in Syria. Such an assumption in the State Department was called an attempt to discredit the opponents of Assad. "
You might think if you say about Chikatilo that he is picking his nose, then this will discredit him.

Terrorist attack in Damascus: honor teacher killed

As reported by 21 in March, the Syrian Agency SANA, in the quarter of Al-Mazraa, a prominent Arab religious leader Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Al-Buti was killed in a suicide bomber attack in the Al-Iman mosque. The explosion occurred at a time when Al-Buti was giving a lecture to students in a madrasa. The victims of the terrorist attack, besides him, were more than forty people, almost a hundred more were injured. The opposition rejects involvement in the terrorist attack. Anastasia Popova ("Vesti") reported that at present the Syrian secret services are finding out who is behind the murder of an eminent theologian.

Almost all the victims of the explosion are students. Al-Buti, a Kurd by birth, taught that to serve in the army is right, that you need to protect your homeland, that there are concepts of honor and valor. The spiritual teacher, says A. Popova, was one of the most influential and beloved Sunni preachers in Syria. He is a man who, from the very beginning, called for an end to the violence and an end to the war. Al-Buti was a staunch supporter of President Assad. He liked to quote Bernard Lewis, who believed that the Arab world could not be joined to the West, unless it was split and divided. The teacher believed that religion can not cover up atrocities and can not be used for political purposes. He condemned the armed opposition for the destruction of temples, including Shiite shrines and mosques. He was one of the brightest representatives of the Syrian intelligentsia, who was repeatedly threatened with reprisals. But despite this, he did not leave the long-suffering homeland.

He rest in peace.

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
100%, tomorrow the US will lay the blame on Assad ...

Moscow and Nicosia: will there be a deal?

"What Russia wants to impose on Cyprus" - so entitled Adeline Raynal's article in the La Tribune. In the current situation, Russia is able to put conditions in Cyprus in exchange for financial assistance.

The author writes that from 25 to 50% of all bank deposits in Cyprus are of Russian origin. Basically it is the money of individuals wishing to avoid taxes in their homeland. Putin is calling for an end to the outflow of capital, but for that he needs to know who has accounts in Cyprus. At the end of 2012, Cyprus refused to provide Moscow with a list of Russian investors on the island, the journalist writes, but today Russia has stronger positions, and getting the list can be one of its conditions.

Another condition is access to the development of gas fields off the coast of Cyprus.

The third possible demand of Russia is to get a port at its disposal in order to open a military base on the island.

As for getting out of the crisis, the archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos II offered the state a huge church condition to save the country. Giampaolo Cadalana writes about this in La Repubblica. “Real estate, land, bank shares, even a brewing company — the property of the Orthodox Cypriot church is enormous, and Chrysostom II put it at the disposal of the government in order to save banks and the country from collapse after refusing measures proposed by Europe,” says the publication.

Chrysostomos also offered to respond to Europe as follows, if she insists on a hard line: “We will threaten them with a way out of the euro area and return to the Cypriot lira.”

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
How stupid one needs to be to trap oneself. As soon as the banks open, money will flow from there in all directions, and not a single cent will come there. In any case, the system will collapse. Do you want to save the economy - turn to the EU. They will help a drowning person by tying a weight to his legs.

Finland may become part of Russia

As transmits Information portal of the Russian community of Latvia With reference to the press service of Johan Beckman, Hanna Krogerus, an influential Finnish public figure, lawyer, and lawyer, said that he wanted to see his homeland as part of Russia.

In the influential Finnish magazine Suomen Kuvalehti, Comrade Krogerus writes: “Of course, Finland must be Hong Kong within Russia. It is the international economic community from Asia to America that demands this. Finland still has a chance to occupy the same position in Russia as Hong Kong occupies in China. ” He cites the following argument: “For us, the entire north-western region of Russia is already a home market.” The only problem is young politicians-russophobes. They want to isolate Finland from Russia, the lawyer believes.

Hannah Krogerus is not alone in her opinion on the fate of her homeland. Recently, Juho Eerola, a member of the Finnish parliament from the True Finns party, proposed the creation of a strategic military alliance between Finland and Russia. According to Comrade Aerola, this is the only way to guarantee the safety and well-being of Finland. And his party comrade Hemmo Koskiniemi went further: he demanded that Finland be included back into Russia.

According to the friendly opinion of True Finns, autonomous Finland within the “Russian empire” is the only way to fight the EU, NATO, and the aggressive Swedes.

As for the Swedes, then something needs to be clarified. Many Finns have long advocated learning Russian in schools instead of Swedish. That is, while comrade deputies put forward political and defense demands, the people express cultural aspirations. Finnish people no longer want to be called Westerners!

Comments from our readers:

Well, and recently in the article on the sale of machine guns to the Finns, the question was asked: why are we arming hostile neighbors? We are not arming our neighbors, but our most northwestern military district.

Apparently, the friendly European allies pressed in earnest. Understand the local: with them the prospects are turbid. So ask back under the wing of the two-headed! Estessno, amers and Britons have already crammed into the "leadership" of Russophobes! But you can't fool the people!

How to do propaganda

New TV show from the DPRK narrates YouTube’s wide audience about widespread hunger, poverty, and other calamities in Western capitalist societies. The video “Dark reality of capitalist societies” shows dark frames: queues for food in the rotten West, field kitchens for the poor and the poor, lying on the streets of vagrants. A voiceover announces violence and the free sale of weapons in the United States. Shows shots of gun shops, and then shows the victims of the shooting at the school "Sandy Hook."

In the video, you can see how poor Americans are melting the snow in circles. Showing residents of tents affected by the mortgage crisis, the house destroyed by the hurricane. Female young voice overs passionate and full of energy.

Shaggy dirty homeless people roam around administrative buildings. Around - the queue for free food. Beggars are on every corner. Lodging overpopulated. Two tiers, three tiers of beds - and this is not enough. People sleep on the floor, some lay their heads on the shoes on the legs of others, if only the latter have shoes.

The female voice gives way to a slightly shaky male when it comes to shooting at the Sandy Hook School, gun trade in the United States and citizens' protests.

After watching the movie viewer covers the feeling that the United States - it is ready hell.

Comments from our readers:

Obama - straight dove of peace. He even has a crust. He who does not believe does not love Jesus!
Yesterday I read the comments of amers, because they believe that in the world they have invented all the technologies - from physics to politics. And if not for them, we would no longer be in 90. This is propaganda, learn, North Koreans.

Kim Jong-un: the circle of enemies. Everyone will be defeated!

March 20 North Korean leader guided military maneuvers with the participation of unmanned aerial vehicles and anti-aircraft missile systems designed to destroy cruise missiles. The first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea was satisfied with the exercises. Praising the military he ordered they "retain increased combat readiness and the ability at any time to deliver high-precision strikes against enemy positions." It seems that Kim Jong-un is seriously going to fight. He stated that “the time of words is in the past,” and then stressed the need to “mercilessly destroy enemies to the last man.”

Once the last words are heard, after which affairs are about to follow, the question is pertinent: who are the enemies? Kim explained this.

He is ready to order the destruction of South Korean military facilities and government buildings. So, enemy number one is South Korea. At the same time, the leader of the North Korean communists will strike the US bases on operational routes in the Pacific Ocean. Enemy number two is USA. Well, and then the enemy number three - Japan, an American ally. The latter Kim Jong-un clarified: the KPA fighters, in his words, "will strike at military targets in those countries that are preparing for an invasion of the DPRK along with the United States." That is, all those who stand shoulder to shoulder with the American occupiers, do not be good. To everyone, not just Japan or South Korea, which it’s time to reunite with North Korea, in order to end the shameful exploitation of workers at Samsung’s factories. This is Kim Jong-un's childhood dream. Hence the very last words - already, apparently, before the battle: the leader of the DPRK called upon the soldiers and officers of the KPA to maintain high vigilance and wait for the order "about the beginning of a great offensive with the goal of reuniting the motherland."

March 21 theme of a strike on US bases was voiced by the North Koreans with a new force. From the leader, his subordinates adopted the ominous rhetoric. Some unnamed representative of the Supreme Military Command of the DPRK said: “The US should not forget that their Andersen military base on Guam, from which the B-52 bombers are launched, as well as the naval bases on Okinawa, are in the affected area of ​​our high-precision weapons systems.”

Thus, tensions between North Korea and South Korea are sharpening, growing, lengthening and widening. Expanded to the point that a young and energetic atomic leader swung at the American bases in Okinawa.

Comments from our readers:

The US imposes sanctions there. Why no one imposes sanctions on them?
With regards to Yun: said A, say B. Got a gun - shoot.

There will be no war, just life in North Korea is so hard that it is necessary to somehow distract people by external threats, and at the same time to promote it in world politics. I am sure that the United States knows exactly about this and, playing up to it, they gain fear, and also distract the world community. Everyone benefits.

And why are the North Koreans in the photo thin, which is unusual for Koreans, and the leader has a cracked face? Riddle.

China in fifth place

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, China has entered the top five of the world's largest exporters of the main types of conventional weapons. In the corresponding list, he took fifth place, displacing the UK from it. About it says in the report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

The report includes data on the supply of main types of conventional weapons and military equipment in the period from 2008 to 2012. The top five largest arms suppliers, as before, are the United States (30% in the share of global arms exports), followed by Russia (26%), then Germany (7%), France (6%) and China (5%).

The top five importers of weapons were led, as before, by India (12% in the share of world imports), followed by China (6%), Pakistan (5%), South Korea (5%) and Singapore (4%).

Obama in Israel

Columnist Ivan Gladilin said that Barack Obama recognized for Israel the right to independently decide on the use of force against Iran. The President of the United States announced this, having arrived in Israel on a visit.

“Israel can never give up its right to self-defense even to our greatest friend, and Israel has no better friend than the United States,” said Mr. Netanyahu. “Bibi is absolutely right when he makes it clear that every country must make decisions about engaging in any military action,” Mr. Obama replied.

It turns out that the United States does not forbid Israel to bomb Iran even now, but Israel must decide and act independently. As for the United States, they are prone to a diplomatic solution to the problem. It seems that Netanyahu failed to fulfill the maximum program - to persuade Barack Obama to a joint military action against Iran. However, the public is not aware of what the two leaders have agreed behind the scenes.

It should be added to this that the American guest in Tel Aviv had expensive presents prepared.

Shimon Peres prepared he has an engraved desk clock, and jewels for the first American lady and the daughters of the president. Mr. Netanyahu is going to give B. Obama a nanochip covered with pure gold, containing the Declaration of Independence of both states. The chip size is just 0,04 sq. mm embedded in the Jerusalem stone of the Second Temple period (about I in. BC), which was used to seal the clay vessels.

No, no one thinks it's a bribe.

Comments from our readers:

Things reached the point that the President of the United States was even awarded the highest Jewish medal. Journalists have already dubbed Obama "recipient of undeserved awards." If you remember how President Obama cut off the “Nobel Prize”, it is not known why, but now Israel has again rewarded - for the fact that Obama did not bomb Iran. What is striking is that both awards are connected with completely opposite expectations, and Obama managed not to fulfill either one or the other.

Boris Berezovsky died - disgraced oligarch

Yesterday evening on the page of Boris Berezovsky's son-in-law Yegor Schuppe on Twitter appeared a laconic entry: "Boris Berezovsky died." The well-known plutokrat, oligarch and shadow politician, who was the Kremlin’s gray cardinal in dashing Yeltsin times.

Soon, the information was confirmed by the former general director of the Kommersant publishing house Demyan Kudryavtsev, who wrote in his Twitter microblog: “London time in 11”.

A lawyer Mark Feigin (who defended the “girls” from Pussy Riot) a bit later also reported on Twitter: “Yes, indeed, Berezovsky died. I was just talking to his close friend. ”

“Just called from London. Boris Abramovich Berezovsky committed suicide ... The man was complex. A gesture of despair? Impossibility to live poor? A series of blows? I am afraid that no one will know the truth, ”Alexander Dobrovinsky, who knew the deceased lawyer well on his Facebook page, wrote.

Comments from our readers:

Logical ending stories! And I think now, from this action, some elements will begin to suck out the benefits, and Russia will again be exposed to the culprit.

Sometime in 1945, someone left such an inscription on the Reichstag walls “The Reichstag Satisfaction Is Satisfied” in this situation, we can say the same thing, he did too much evil to Russia.
But as Hilary "WOW," I will not say.

On the conscience of this man is WAR in Chechnya where thousands of civilians and OUR SOLDIERS and OFFICERS perished.
He deceived and robbed a lot of people in RUSSIA.
Therefore, I am only satisfied that the devil has taken at least one filth to himself.
I hope in hell to him the place.

* “I recently believe that everything in life is possible, even that which is impossible” - a phrase from the movie “12”
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      quote = Sakhalin] A good, interesting review [/ quote]
      Greetings, Sergey hi Good morning to all forum users hi
      I agree that the review is interesting good
      According to the review - I was particularly interested in the parallel - the death of Berezovsky and the death of Al-Buti.
      If about the death of the first in the internet all opinions are reduced (with the rare exception of some "close friends") to - "Either good or nothing. So - I will not say anything", then even interviewers from the camp of the opposition to the Syrian government about Al-Buti, more often the opinion is mainly of a deserved person, whose death is a real loss.
      As for Berezovsky, then - for what he fought for, that's what he ran into. Despite many interpretations of his death, most likely, the reason is a banal heart attack. And, as it turned out, at such a moment "no one gave a glass of water" ... Sad and natural death of the bastard.
      As for the section on Obama’s visit to Israel, such an article from the Internet is indicative for me

      Palestinians and Israelis come together to humble Obama's hopelessly naive speech

      bully ------- According to sources, members of both sides of the protracted conflict amicably laughed and sarcastically applauded what they called "extremely unrealizable" and "actually quite funny."

      “Give me the hell out of breath,” said Palestinian citizen, 42-year-old Hassan Tannus, rounding his eyes at the same time as Israeli citizen Dov Yeshel, after Obama said that an independent Palestinian state is a viable and sustainable option. “This guy really thinks we're going to deal with this centuries-old war, implicated in generations of religious and cultural insults, just because he said a few nice words to both sides - which one.”

      “Oh God, he seems to really believe everything he says,” added Tannus, who peacefully joined the Israelis and Palestinians gathered together to mock Obama’s remarks, “It really was a pity and kinda charmingly innocent, at the same time.”

      According to sources, after the conversion, the Israelis and Palestinians spent more than two hours standing together, continually patting each other on the backs and repeating their favorite fragments of the speech of the American president, trustingly urging both sides to come to an agreement and make a difficult choice in favor of peace.

      Speakers also confirm that both sides laughed heartily when one of the Israelis mocked that part of Obama’s speech in which he described a world in which “Jews and Muslims, as well as Christians, can live in peace and prosperity in this holy land” . -------- bully
      Where else can you find a more objective assessment of Obama’s visit?
      1. Civil
        Civil 24 March 2013 10: 40
        [quote] Shoigu says: take it along with the money ... [/ quote]

        it turns out that comrade general of the army does not "pull", in modern times finance is the main motivator ...

        [quote] "Military Review", daily updated content of which it is high time to translate into English. [/ quote]

        It would be interesting to read))

        [quote = esaul] Russia's third likely requirement is to have a port at its disposal in order to open a military base on the island. [/ quote]

        Then, in general, GDP will go down in history as a super man!

        [quote] Juho Eerola, member of the Finnish parliament from the True Finns party, proposed creating a strategic military alliance between Finland and Russia [/ quote

        the same JUHA advocates the revision of the results of the Soviet-Finnish and the az azpret sale of land to Russians ...
      2. densyaophyng
        densyaophyng 24 March 2013 13: 58

        Yuan a lot dollar a little
        1. Arberes
          Arberes 24 March 2013 14: 21
          densyaophyng IF IT'S A PHOTOSHOP, VERY EVEN GOOD? drinks
          And the glasses would have to be removed.
          After all, they interfere!
        2. Max Russian
          Max Russian 24 March 2013 16: 05
          Obama sucked. Great frame.
      3. Uhalus
        Uhalus 24 March 2013 23: 41
        That way he really reconciles them - on the basis of laughter :)))))

    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 24 March 2013 11: 38
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      I liked the inclusion of reader comments in the review.

      Yes, this is something new.
      The first time, but it turned out well.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 24 March 2013 18: 24
      Syrian opposition left without a leader

      The head of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Moaz al-Khatib, has resigned "to be able to work freely." This, according to him, is not possible while working in the official structure.

      "I promised the great Syrian people and the Lord God that I would resign if things reach a certain red line," Interfax quoted him as saying. "Now I keep my promise and announce my resignation from the National Coalition."

      In 2012, Moaz al-Khatib became the first chairman of the opposition organization.
      1. zvereok
        zvereok 24 March 2013 21: 02
        The Syrian bandits are doing well - they took the city of Daraa and destroyed 38 divisions, including its commander. There are versions of betrayal, the bandits were allowed into the location of the division. I do not know how many soldiers were killed and how many soldiers were in general at the place of deployment. It seems that among the trophies were tanks, and what is worse MANPADS "Strela". In general, I'm waiting for information from the Syrian authorities.

        > The head of the National Coalition of the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces Moaz al-Khatib resigned,

        Apparently the Syrians understood that they would not be in control of this country after the fall of Assad.
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 24 March 2013 21: 10
          Who took, whom they destroyed, what was captured then?)))
      2. Pula
        Pula 25 March 2013 09: 16
        Amer gave little money, and the Anglo-Francs only weapons, and you do not want to eat matzo with water.
    4. avdkrd
      avdkrd 24 March 2013 19: 52
      The review is certainly good, but you have not noticed that in the media and in this review the rhetoric about Oboronservis and Serdyukov and his comrades has completely disappeared. Has the whole topic exhausted itself?
    5. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 24 March 2013 23: 25
      Russia is another 5% and we will do the delivery of weapons to other countries. The main thing about our Armed Forces is not to forget. The main and best of our army, the rest should be secondary !!!
  2. Alan
    Alan 24 March 2013 07: 42
    Well done quickly did a review !!!!!
  3. sergo0000
    sergo0000 24 March 2013 08: 17
    The author in the studio!)))
    For thanks !!!
  4. Tartary
    Tartary 24 March 2013 08: 35
    It is a pity that so far the simple, talented, talented, except for the "Order of the Stooped" are given nothing ...
    But still, maybe something will finally change soon?
    1. esaul
      esaul 24 March 2013 08: 58
      Quote: sergo0000

      Quote: Tartary

      Salute, Sergo and Godinovich! hi Good morning and begins with NOT sad news about Berezovsky. wink Slowly, the damned Herods go to the judgment of God ...!
      Here one more infa cool today caught my eye from the category "Pluck your eye out!" laughing

      Finland wants to become Hong Kong in Russia


      Turn, as in Ф-1! As soon as Russia showed its growing strength, all sorts of Chukhons immediately wished to warm themselves under the barrel of a strong one. And where did the Geyrope swagger go?
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 24 March 2013 09: 18
        Greetings Valery!
        Not every morning, really, starts so well!
        I remember in my childhood in the village, my grandmother woke up the radio in the morning to the "Pioneer Dawn" with its funny songs! About the same state of mind I have today!)))
        And about the Finns I smiled, only recently, after all, things were started and taken away from the parents for Russian children!
        Apparently they understood after Cyprus and Greece that the EU, on occasion and in their compote, didn’t look, if they felt the slightest threat to themselves!
      2. Armata
        Armata 24 March 2013 10: 01
        Quote: esaul

        Finland wants to become Hong Kong in Russia
        Yes Yes. Then they select Russian children by default. Yes, we wildly need them !!!!!!!!!!! Without the Chukhay territories, we simply cannot live !!!!!!!!! By the way, your highly beloved GDP is also a Chukhan.
        1. family tree
          family tree 24 March 2013 10: 27
          Hong Kong And the face will not crack? Is the Helsinki region weak?
      3. Was mammoth
        Was mammoth 24 March 2013 14: 30
        Quote: esaul
        Good morning and begins with NOT sad news about Berezovsky.

        I'm not happy. Death is death for everyone. The trial of Berezovsky alive in Russia would warm my soul. He took too many secrets with him about the enemies of our Motherland. Although the topic with "stool" does not add optimism.
      4. Kaa
        Kaa 24 March 2013 16: 33
        Quote: esaul
        Finland wants to become Hong Kong in Russia

        The main thing, so as not to be Guangdong, is there such a province in China ... (Guangdong) laughing
        1. GSH-18
          GSH-18 25 March 2013 08: 59
          Quote: Kaa
          Quote: esaul
          Finland wants to become Hong Kong in Russia

          Why not? Finns are not dolphins! laughing
          But seriously, WELCOME! yes
  5. radio operator
    radio operator 24 March 2013 08: 35
    In the Ministry of Defense, it is important to solve two important tasks. Free us from features not inherent to us

    I agree 100% with the Minister!
    At least one of them understood that the Ministry of Defense should be engaged in military functions, not merchant ones.
    Respect, well done!
    1. servant
      servant 24 March 2013 09: 13
      As the former minister tried to do, let's see what happens with the new ....
      1. Light source
        Light source 24 March 2013 11: 44
        Free us from functions that are not inherent to us - through the conclusion of life cycle contracts, through the undertaking of the repair of all equipment that is in service. Take away all 300 factories, 37 thousand locksmiths and turners, take away with the repair and with the money!

        Bad idea, very bad. Everything related to the army should be separately army. In the 90s the army did not have money, Shoigu offered it again. I also remind you that the bulk of the economists at the top are liberals.
        1. family tree
          family tree 24 March 2013 15: 51
          But why? Good idea in my opinion. And then some will give money, no, it is not known, in the 90s they did not give it, but the equipment must be repaired. Allocate factories from the MO, tie them to the order, for the repair of equipment of the MO, with appropriate funding, allow, without prejudice, other orders, if there are enough forces, and a strict audit from the MO, on questions, in one case: "where is the money?" , in the second: "why not?" Here's another question to ask these questions, putting the responder facing the wall winked , would quickly find answers, and no more questions.
        2. Ghenxnumx
          Ghenxnumx 25 March 2013 08: 49
          Quote: Light Source
          Bad idea, very bad. Everything related to the army should be separately army.

          Against the background of the dismissal of all military financial institutions, the graduates of which bore the burden of economic calculations on their shoulders, the idea is very relevant and timely.
          Quote: Browsers Alexey Volodin, Oleg Chuvakin
          RT vs. CNN

          In a recent interview, Gayane Chichakyan, US Secretary of State H. Clinton admitted that she was watching RT programs and complained that private American media were not coping with propaganda work. CCTV (China), Al Jazeera (Qatar) and RT compete successfully with the American media. Frank Hillary did not hide the fact that the United States is in a state of information war with Russia. And in this war, Russia Today wins, and not some CNN.

          Hilary couldn’t come up with the best advertisement for RT laughing - RT management should write a prize, or thank Clintonsha live - as I will present the consequences of this gratitude so laughing .
    2. GSH-18
      GSH-18 25 March 2013 09: 06
      Quote: radio operator
      I agree 100% with the Minister!
      At least one of them understood that the Ministry of Defense should be engaged in military functions, not merchant ones.
      Respect, well done!

      Good. But immediately the question arises, what will happen to the subordinate MO (and therefore strategic) military production ?? They just started to get on their feet, and here such a reform is shining ... The main losses, losses and theft always happen when we change leadership. belay
      My opinion: sensitive enterprises should be subordinate to the relevant department.
      What prevents, for example, from creating an appropriate department in the Moscow Region to solve these financial and economic issues, with the participation of qualified specialists? request
  6. treskoed
    treskoed 24 March 2013 08: 45
    I liked the brevity and clarity of the review, highlighting the main thing for those. who are interested in details - LINKS to articles. Thank.
  7. zvereok
    zvereok 24 March 2013 09: 16
    It’s sad for me, Berezovsky had to be convicted and sit, and he died (((. The second stage begins - the robbers of Russia die, and their children, with a small fortune, seem to be no longer to blame, and become masters of the robbery on completely legitimate grounds .
    1. sergius60
      sergius60 24 March 2013 11: 36
      Not just died, but committed suicide! Thus, having committed the gravest SIN! A place in hell, thereby reliably guaranteed myself ... Before that, I lost the most precious thing for myself - "BABLO". It turned out even more sophisticated than with the "ice ax". Another hint - do not butt the Supreme. Finish sadly. Or maybe he really is the reincarnation of the first Verkhovngo :)))
  8. dark_65
    dark_65 24 March 2013 09: 19
    The article is good, no doubt, only after reading it, it’s somehow uncomfortable for me, so many people are mentioned in the article, and at large, most of us have been demanding quick psychiatric help ... haloperidol in the ass in layers, and then ... (around enemies. Everyone will be defeated!)
    The author of the well done!
  9. predator.3
    predator.3 24 March 2013 09: 22
    It seems that Kim Jong-un is seriously going to fight. He stated that "the time of words is in the past," and then emphasized the need to "ruthlessly destroy enemies to the last man."

    And the Korean mountains trembled. And the earth began to hum. And she uttered a groan in the womb: "Hey, you-s-s-s, there, in the White House-e-e-e-e-ee !!! Give me money, otherwise there is nothing to eat!"
  10. 120352
    120352 24 March 2013 09: 36
    Shoigu is right: either to fight or to trade. This Serdyukov found a middle ground: not to fight, not to trade, but to steal.
  11. andr327
    andr327 24 March 2013 09: 37
    Great selection for political information
  12. Arberes
    Arberes 24 March 2013 09: 49
    Quote: esaul
    Despite the many interpretations of his death, most likely the reason is a banal heart attack.

    I know what this "heart attack" is called!
    The fit of greed raised to a degree of rascality.

    Since the birth of Borya, the pay-boy was
    But there was a flaw, he loved money
    Loved and saved!

    Come on, I would save honestly, otherwise I stole it.
    Good day to all! hi
  13. vezunchik
    vezunchik 24 March 2013 09: 52
    Yes, after such statements by the Minister, a nervous hiccup clearly began among those gentlemen who perceive the country's main military department as a beautiful and always full feeding trough. Journalists didn’t count how many hiccups and nervously tapping knuckles on the table after Sergey Kuzhugetovich’s statements were made, but the hiccups and tapping were clearly ...
    We didn’t deal with personnel services yet ... But it is the personnel who decide everything! And how are the appointments? And at what rate?
  14. patriot2
    patriot2 24 March 2013 10: 17
    When a good person leaves life, they all grieve and mourn him. Berezovsky has left and ... there is no general grief and mourning, only a sigh of relief.
  15. Trofimov174
    Trofimov174 24 March 2013 10: 19
    Very interesting results were obtained this time. Most of all I was surprised by the news from Finland. I never thought that in that country of evil birds and telephones, they would someday talk about integration with Russia, and not just anyone, but the local deputies. I always believed that the Finns did not like Russia, like the Russians.
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 24 March 2013 11: 14
      No, they love us very much, they love us so much that they try not to leave a single Russian child in the family !!!
    2. YuDDP
      YuDDP 24 March 2013 11: 45
      they (the Finns) are nostalgic for the lost territories, but at the same time rejoice at cross-border trade with the Russians, which brought them 1.2 billion euros in 2012 and another 200 million euros during the New Year holidays 2013
      Swedes with other Europeans do not leave so much money in Finland
    3. ruton
      ruton 24 March 2013 16: 34
      Yes, they miss our vodka))))) they have something tugova with it))) the state monopoly and all that))) and they like to drink Chukhons)))) drinks
  16. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 24 March 2013 10: 23
    Quote: radio operator
    In the Ministry of Defense, it is important to solve two important tasks. Free us from features not inherent to us

    I agree 100% with the Minister!
    At least one of them understood that the Ministry of Defense should be engaged in military functions, not merchant ones.
    Respect, well done!

    So far, as a minister, he’s done well, let's see what happens next! I am waiting for the GRU special forces to enter their hypostasis, they will return the command to the General Staff, the troops will return!
    1. sergius60
      sergius60 24 March 2013 11: 24
      So in fact already infa flew by that they will return to the GRU. Even the 8th brigade will be additionally formed! After decades of lawlessness, get the DEFENSE MINISTER. Oh oh. Since his appointment, I have not found any site "throwing shit at the fan." All addresses are in the Kuzhugetovich style. If “Taburetkin” almost from the start became “Taburetkin”, then here everything is exactly the opposite. It's just scary to TURN, so as not to be DISAPPOINTED later.
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 24 March 2013 14: 57
        Well duck and Fishing season still not watered with shit, Gorbachev until the very last decree was considered a "reformer" -Shoigu betrayed his country in 1993, and the "people" do not change ....
        There is hope in society "good king" who already has nowhere to go and will have to restore what He also destroyed and eat his "friends" for breakfast (he has no other choice ..... (although I doubt that he will pull all this)))
        Good Minister of Defense))))) we look at what he did new in the department, canceled Taburetkin’s orders))))) to go nuts which promising minister))))
        In his advisors are the same under-generals - (Makarov)) and "women" (marinOchka - TV presenter)))

        People think - nothing has changed, all declarations ....

        The constitution is not legitimate, the economy is given to corporations (they joined the WTO)) BP are getting ready to give RosNeft ... for a penny ... Stabilization fund- (which Putya says We did not earn it))) in the private hands of the Joint Stock Company .... Deripaska, Luzhkov, Beloev, Baturin, Serdyukov, Borodin, Berezovsky, Pekhtin, Vekselberg, Chubais, Abramovich, Potanin .. ..... they stole people's money, for which "effective managers"And"galley slaves"did not follow - - WHO IS SITING? AT LEAST PUNISHED ???

        And we're talking about "shit"we argue))))
  17. horoh
    horoh 24 March 2013 10: 25
    An interesting review, I read it with pleasure.
  18. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 24 March 2013 10: 45
    Boris Berezovsky died - a disgraced oligarch.
    There he is dear! It is a pity that not before!
  19. zvereok
    zvereok 24 March 2013 10: 46
    There have been no reports from Syria for a long time, and there, like bandits, they captured the city of Daraa and defeated the nearby 38 brigade. There are prisoners. According to another version, the city and the province passed its leadership. Entire hordes of bandits are coming from Jordan, so it was possible for the government units to retreat and the city was at the mercy of the gangs ... Nothing is clear yet.
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 24 March 2013 12: 18

      Syria is full of news!
      / SyriaSegodnia
    2. Arkan
      Arkan 24 March 2013 13: 25
      Quote: zvereok
      There are no messages from Syria for a long time

      Salafi military science, through trial and error, masters the infidel invention - mortar.
      Here they are learning another "shaitan-pipe" - a grenade launcher. Http:/// V = -EYDne5M29U laughing
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 24 March 2013 15: 51
        Fights in Syria. March 24. Morning

        In the province of Damascus in the city of Duma, during a special operation, servicemen killed and wounded members of a group called Liwa Al-Islam. Among the liquidated is Yasir Ash-Sheikh. In the suburb of Damascus, Adra Al-Jadid and its environs, the military destroyed two vehicles with heavy machine guns. Members of the Jabhat al-Nusra organization have been liquidated, including the leader of one of the groups, known as Abu Talha, as well as several snipers. In the Jobar district, servicemen clashed with terrorist groups, whose members robbed the apartments of civilians near the Teiba mosque and Al-Manasher square.
        Read the full
  20. StrateG
    StrateG 24 March 2013 11: 13
    it turns out that comrade general of the army does not "pull", in modern times finance is the main motivator

    And I liked his request. After all, this means that he really wants to do the work and not count the money like a stool (I hope you do not need to explain who it is?).
  21. WWW.budanov
    WWW.budanov 24 March 2013 11: 24
    I am very glad about raising our "standard" in all courses in Russia. And for the sailors (to the article "A detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet went to serve in the Indian Ocean") recall the "Decree of Peter the Great": ORDER!

    Sailors are spawn ............. but they understand their business.
    And therefore!
    Salary to pay, to let in taverns, to love girls. The allowance from the cloth to give out. Being abroad, do not let go ashore, for he will not say many words and start a fight. Kokov and boatswain to keep on the pendant, so that they do not disgrace the Russian fleet. Each sailor, having seen a hole, is obliged to close it. A woman and every such thing should not be sent to the ship, but if sent, one at a time to her brother, so that there would be no confusion.

    Peter the Great
    DAEDALUS 24 March 2013 11: 47
    "Hanna Krogerus, an influential Finnish public figure, lawyer and advocate, declared his desire to see his homeland in Russia."
    Finns know where the wind blows.
  23. elmi
    elmi 24 March 2013 11: 48
    The author of the collection is well done, briefly, there are links for a detailed reading. And then some topics are so long are just like for especially patient ones.
  24. in reserve
    in reserve 24 March 2013 13: 09
    The Koreans liked it, they’re not zombie for their people. Well, the Finns gave the heat, as ours began, they tightened the nuts with the sale of the forest from them and they cried to mother they asked.
  25. rpek32
    rpek32 24 March 2013 13: 33
    Let's see what Shoigu will do next.
  26. gizz
    gizz 24 March 2013 14: 19
    Finn or the demagogue or is at great risk. I remember that Scandinavia already once wanted to create a common economic zone with the USSR, so the Americans wanted to (very much including the presidents and the prime ministers) put under the knife very quickly (something like about a month and a half they sent everyone to their ancestors) and again it became smooth.
  27. Bezarius
    Bezarius 24 March 2013 14: 52
    Finns are definitely good :)
  28. Shesternyack
    Shesternyack 24 March 2013 14: 59
    Finally BAB died. Burn him in hell with Yeltsin and Gaidar. You look, soon Gorbach will be drawn to them in company.
  29. homosum20
    homosum20 24 March 2013 15: 37
    No, you can be a minister. There is no war. I am not responsible for the state of the defense. For spending the budget (and this is the price) I do not answer.
    So you can be a minister. Only what do you get money for? Because you go to work? For hazing in the barracks, the captain will answer with a comment above. And the minister for what? He wants to live easily. By socialist.
    You know, if we now have to organize one or two ministries to regulate issues in which the Ministry of Defense does not want to get our hands dirty, then I assure you that all the pranks of a stool and a woman’s battalion will seem a penny to us. You have no idea how many ministries are eating.
    In general, according to all the laws of the economy, the buyer determines the price. Satisfied - takes. Not happy - takes in another place. And so all over the world.
    And this is a very clever approach.
    1. homosum20
      homosum20 24 March 2013 16: 52
      I understand that many people don’t like it. But without perceiving it (in particular, minus it, closing your eyes to it) you must be prepared to repeat the problems on a large scale.
      I repeat - only the Customer can determine the price. The pricing mechanism has nothing to do with it. The product has consumer properties and value, and the price should correspond to precisely these parameters. That is, it is necessary to determine how useful this product will be with competent professional use in full accordance with its characteristics. If we are talking about a military product, then this determines who will use it on the battlefield - i.e. Ministry of Defence.
      And the rejection of this is civil cowardice, unwillingness to engage in the fight against the industrial lobby, which is enriched by overpricing of this product. And taxpayers will have to pay for this position. That is, you and me. Do you think this is right? No country in the world has a special body that determines the price of military goods. There are mechanisms - tenders - which are held by a defense mine, because no one knows better than him about the strengths and weaknesses of this product.
      Further, the organization of special bodies (ministries), in addition to their own value (and, therefore, an increase in the cost of goods: tanks, aircraft, machine guns, etc.), will lead to the formation of an institution of intermediaries. Which inevitably increases the corruption component and the cost of technology to the next level.
      Who does not agree with this - write.
      And whoever agrees should understand that Shoigu's position leads to an increase in corruption in the country, a rise in the cost of state orders for armaments, and a decrease in the country's defense capability. Only because he does not want to deal with "dirty" issues.
      But not only he will be to blame for what happened, but also a society that does not want to delve into issues with reason, and not emotions. And in particular, minus. As you deserve, you live.
      1. smprofi
        smprofi 24 March 2013 18: 18
        Quote: homosum20
        I repeat - only the Customer can determine the price.

        I agree. for in Soviet times he was engaged in the development of technology (well, of course, there was production).
        in fact, there was a GRAU at one time - this department was in charge of the purchase of weapons.
      2. homosum20
        homosum20 24 March 2013 20: 25
        Guys, thanks for the support and objectivity.
  30. smprofi
    smprofi 24 March 2013 18: 14
    Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu asks to save him from money issues

    Take away all 300 factories, 37 thousand locksmiths and turners, take away with the repair and with the money! - Yes, you are heavy Cap of Monomakh! or simply the implementation of the now fashionable direction of outsourcing under the flag of "good intentions". it seems that the case of Storetkin "on reforming" the army will not die!

    LLCs are already running the army aviation. "so probably better"

    Rogozin asked Segal to lobby for Russian weapons in the USA

    what a gentle fatherly care of the little firm of the little one!

    Crews of the Northern Fleet aviation will work bombing off the coast of the White Sea

    and not only. On March 21, 2 units of Tu-95 were accompanied by a pair of Dutch F-16s near their borders.
    it looked something like this (a video from a year ago, the year of "bears" was accompanied by the Danes):

    [media = http: // feature = player_embedded & v = qLYfaHkbe7U]

    London and Paris will arm Syrian rebels

    well yes, well yes ... but what happened before that? God bless him, with small arms, with grenade launchers and Soviet-made MANPADS "kindly provided" by Libya. and what to do with the Chinese FN-6 MANPADS?

    Kim Jong-un: the circle of enemies. Everyone will be defeated!

    a video appeared with the main idea: "North Korea will take South Korea in 3 days and take 150 Americans hostage"

    [media = http: // v = Dej92xrOlkE]

    to which the gringo responded: "training" regular flights of the B-52 Stratofortress, equipped to launch a nuclear warhead, began over South Korea and near the peninsula. yes March 22 Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) early warning radar (the most powerful in the world) went to sea from Pearl Harbor

  31. воронов
    воронов 24 March 2013 18: 20
    Good selection of material
  32. Sirs
    Sirs 24 March 2013 18: 27
    I, at least only I forgive him for all the sins that he brought to our state and homeland and to me personally.
  33. Bosk
    Bosk 24 March 2013 19: 07
    It’s like there are no sanctions against America .... I, for example, use current Russian shaitan-water, I drink domestic beer and I use the same dumplings from the principle!
  34. suharev-52
    suharev-52 24 March 2013 19: 19
    Thanks guys for the nice review. It warmed the soul that the turn of Birch came to appear before the High Court. They will be repaid according to their deserts. Waiting for the turn to reach Brokeback and Red. Sincerely.
  35. denkastro
    denkastro 24 March 2013 19: 52
    Article "+". I liked the feature with comments from members of the forum. I want chukhonia back drinks !
  36. Smaug
    Smaug 24 March 2013 20: 10
    Well, why do these comments in the article, if they can be read right here under the article? Kitchen, by golly. Something icq chat reminds.
  37. Mr. Red
    Mr. Red 24 March 2013 22: 34
    Quote: radio operator
    In the Ministry of Defense, it is important to solve two important tasks. Free us from features not inherent to us

    I agree 100% with the Minister!
    At least one of them understood that the Ministry of Defense should be engaged in military functions, not merchant ones.
    Respect, well done!

    The question is extremely complicated. On the one hand state. money, from another production, s.p. etc. You have to deal with invoices. Here the main balance.
  38. fenix57
    fenix57 25 March 2013 05: 59
    Obama in Israel- well, that's right: after the apology from Israel to Turkey, the coalition against Iran and Syria, and as a result, the introduction of NATO troops with the aim of "establishing democracy" hi
  39. Chosha
    Chosha 25 March 2013 06: 43
    I liked the new design, it is easier to read, and user comments look good.
    Finland as part of Russia sounds good. Well, if it would be true.
    But the Koreans scare ... But I think there will be no war, they will be smashed in a week without the use of nuclear weapons. And to use nuclear weapons in all, the gut is thin, obviously will not end in good.
  40. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 25 March 2013 08: 08
    Hello everybody!
    Comrades Volodin and Chuvakin - great respect and sincere thanks for the excellent review. The new format is convenient. Information provided as fully as possible.
    As for the DPRK - "blackmail" with great faith in their own strength. They do not seem like fools. BUT! Sooner or later, such a policy may lead to a full-scale conflict ("out of fear, one of the parties will not correctly interpret this or that enemy's demarche") and it will rush ... I would not like it. It will not seem enough to everyone.
    As for Berezovsky - "Nikodim died, well, to hell with him" ... It's a pity that there are a lot of unpaid bills left (before the country and people whom he deceived and betrayed ...) Although talking about nobility and honor in relation to Berezovsky and his like absolutely makes no sense. They exist in a different reality. The main thing is that their reality never becomes ours. So "there is nothing to look at others, you need to look after yourself constantly and with a squint, so as not to accidentally even spoil yourself"
    About China - I hope its strengthening at this stage is still beneficial to us ... One can only learn from Chinese pragmatism in foreign and domestic policy. The visit of their head to us testifies to their deep interest in normal relations with Russia. The situation will change in 3-4 years, when the NT-backlog in the defense industry of the PRC equals and oversteps ours. Then the question of the redistribution of the world arms market with percentage components will be different, and indeed the situation will change quite dramatically. It is still beneficial for us that China is largely attracting the attention of the United States, NATO countries and the Asia-Pacific region and opposing them in the political field. The same cannot be said about the economy. The palm tree "slides" to China practically by leaps.
    To us (Russia): "We smile and wave," strengthening the economy, defense industry and building up the military grouping in Siberia and the Far East.
  41. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 25 March 2013 08: 36
    Yes, and more ...
    Day by day, the understanding is growing that the world led by Western politicians is balancing more and more worse over the abyss of chaos and anarchy - there are too many hotbeds of high tension (Syria, Iran, the DPRK, to a lesser extent, but still Egypt, almost the entire MAGRIB + Mali and CAR ...) The world gendarme, no matter how he puffed up, may simply not be enough for everyone.
    And when the situation goes downhill, here Pakistan will mate with India again ... And it only depends on the degree of bitterness that they will start firing at each other with ammunition with nuclear weapons.
  42. ISO
    ISO 25 March 2013 09: 43
    Well done Kazhugetovich!
    Machi - managers, otherwise they will send methodological recommendations in several volumes and rake in their algorithms with black eyes, and they still tease me with letters about the deadlines and the EHEA
  43. Sinbad
    Sinbad 25 March 2013 10: 43
    Undoubtedly, new weapons must be produced, but what about the development of new covert control systems? Well, the 125th was withdrawn from armaments, which are morally and technically outdated, we are working on the 204s, the equipment rolls in front of our eyes, and this is after receiving new sets, and after six months of operation, but this is also not the case, we need to solve mobility issues, we must introduce advanced technology, and again, it all comes down to the money issue ... One gets the feeling that the army needs only tanks, planes and missile systems.
  44. redwar6
    redwar6 26 March 2013 18: 38
    Thanks for the great news review! good
    PS Shoigu-man.