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As in the Troops Uncle Vasya terminators experienced

Military unit. Somewhere the end of either the sixties, or the seventies ...

The paratroopers just started practicing the method of “jumping from a plane without a parachute, with someone who has a parachute catching you in the air.” This was done for the purpose of rescuing a paratrooper in the air, whose parachute did not open. The idea is that if a paratrooper, not yet opening a parachute, sees that a comrade's face is disfigured by death-terror, he, without opening his parachute, flies up to him, hugs him, and only then opens his parachute. And some damned foreigners wanted to watch it. Marshal Grechko should have been present, aha, aha ... Well, no one wants to jump without a parachute, because the words "paratrooper" and "damned" still are not synonymous, no matter how bad American intelligence is. They are just jealous.

So, we decided to go for such a trick. At the airport collected a stuffed man from scrap materials. Pay attention to these words: at the military airfield and from the materials at hand ... The result was that they collected quasi-bots (exclusively from steel pipes), put an amphibious uniform on it, raised this chock to 2000 meters on the day of the parade and threw it from the plane. Lord experts, and now, attention, question. How much can a two-meter steel weight weigh? .... Well, three hundred kilograms, I think, no less. Naturally, this pig is flying down so fast that no one has time to catch it. This pig falls in view of the fact that the wind does not carry it down (heavy infection) straight to the airfield, to some kind of hangar there, it punches the roof and goes into the ground. While falling, she slightly clings to the nose of the technician sitting in that hangar. He angrily swears, kicks a nearby kettle, comes out of the hangar, claps his earflap on the ground and yells: "Well, on. *. These are the airborne forces! I dismiss this very second!".

Now imagine a picture from the side. A man without a parachute flies, pierces the roof of the hangar, comes out of there and yells at the whole parade that leaves the Airborne Forces, and definitely to the e * eno fene! They say that Marshal Grechko was shocked by the courage of a man who jumped without a parachute, remained alive, raised his rank and even rewarded him with a medal ... And the fact that he swore after such a jump - well, the person was upset, well, what will you do .. .
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  1. Asgard
    Asgard 25 March 2013 09: 05 New
    Purely neighing, Thanks for the good mood .... We will win ... (with a capacious wordMat)))
  2. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 25 March 2013 11: 40 New
    Good joke, you have to remember.
  3. Strey
    Strey 25 March 2013 14: 33 New
    Funny story long neighing. Thank. Before the first jump, they also decided to please us in almost the same way. The instructor pointed with his hand to the board, which scored the desired height for landing said -, "Look, the soldiers will go first ship now." We prepared to see the domes open, but a point separated from the side and, without opening it, rushed to the ground. We did not take our eyes from it, accompanying it to the ground. We stood shocked by what had happened and were silent. The smiling instructor told us that it was a “sighting”, and the board going into the second circle would start throwing. And he showed it to us, so that we could cheer up, - Well, then you stand as sad as at a wake, he said. As a result, out of 40 people there were 2 refuseniks. Without humor, the army is nowhere.
  4. bord731
    bord731 25 March 2013 22: 20 New
    Thank you ha ha ha made fun! Article +.
  5. Alan
    Alan 27 March 2013 18: 58 New
    BOYAN of course, but crept to hiccups)))))))))))))))
    1. Kasym
      Kasym April 3 2013 19: 30 New
      Thank !!! Lying on the floor and dying of laughter !!!
  6. Iraclius
    Iraclius April 3 2013 19: 42 New
    Thanks, laughed. I remembered here ...

    The head of the course walks along the parade ground from the meeting. The rank is lieutenant colonel. Some mischievous fifth-year students throw a kapitoshku at the freshmen from the fifth floor of the hostel. Who doesn't know - a condom filled with water, placed in a bucket. Naturally, they miss and the bomb falls on the company commander. And, I must say, he was half-blind and without glasses did not see a damn thing. And here he stands and yells: "Cowards, scoundrels. Be men - show yourself." And now, under the Homeric laughter of the cadets present, a face in a gas mask protrudes from the window. It was the finish line. laughing

    With the same head of the course was another joke. Cadets washed their uniforms in the summer and hung on their shoulders on window sills to dry faster. There is this head of the course, raises his head and sees that a form is hanging on the windowsill. Without glasses, of course, he doesn’t distinguish anything and starts yelling, they say, comrade cadet, stop messing up, get down, or else I’ll expel everything. The people around are in shock - to whom is he yelling? Then he begins to reach and horse rzhach begins. Until some sergeant came up and explained what was what, he stood there, screaming and swearing. laughing
  7. gych
    gych April 3 2013 20: 29 New
    we have nowhere without humor!
  8. gych
    gych April 3 2013 20: 31 New
    we have nowhere without humor!
  9. Volyna
    Volyna April 11 2013 15: 06 New
    good Damn, neighing so that they almost fired from work laughing
  10. pilot8878
    pilot8878 23 July 2013 15: 57 New
    I cried! Look at the faces of foreign friendslol
  11. alik92
    alik92 27 July 2013 10: 51 New
    Ahaha, this I understand - a demonstration!
  12. Dobryi99
    Dobryi99 8 August 2013 10: 29 New
  13. a39rgn
    a39rgn 24 February 2014 02: 49 New
    But Grechko did not understand