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About Chechnya. An open letter to the Terek ataman to Putin

An open letter to V.V. Putin

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

You have the main problem of leaving Chechnya and Ingushetia as part of Russia. We consider the Cossacks of Stavropol and Krasnodar to be a problem for our people, our country, how to get rid of the Vainakh component, which is completely non-complementary to the Russians. Oh, if it was possible by some miracle to transfer all Vainakhs to a blooming island in the ocean or at least back to Kazakhstan (as did the wise Stalin, who knew the price in the Caucasus)! Oh, if we could deal with the Vainakhs, as the Jews had once done with the peoples who lived in the Promised Land! (Let me remind you that the Jews exterminated "everything that breathes," that is, all of them, including animals, all of them, and the surrounding nations, "all who urinate against the wall," that is, all men, young and old.) Then there are no questions: Of course, we would not be prevented from the beautiful lands, conveniently located and with some minerals! But tell me, Mr. President, like a sober Russian person: is it possible ?!

I think with horror, not so much about the war itself, as about the time when it will end (if it ends). What will we gain? Territory? But by whom to inhabit them? Nearly half a million Russian population of Chechnya is barely five percent. These are mostly helpless old men, they will not give numerous offspring. Resurrect Cossacks on the flat lands of Naursky, Shelkovsky, Nadterechny, Sunzhensky districts? Utopia. Announce a set, "Komsomol construction"? Nobody will go there for permanent residence (Russian, anyway), no fools. I am sure that even Russian outcasts and pariahs from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan will not go to this land that has been cursed for us forever. Why should they go out of the fire and into the fire? ..

Even if we cut off these areas from the mountainous Chechnya and cut them to the Stavropol Territory, they will not be filled with Russian people. On this land, only new Chechen children can grow up, who also hate Russia and everything Russian, like their dead, wounded, past Russian filtration camps, prisons and the “zone” fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, older friends ... There are, however, Variant: Representatives of Russian peoples experiencing excessive demographic pressure may go to these lands: Adygs, Dagestanis, Tuvans. But for us, horseradish is not sweeter. And why should they go here, poking around in the ground, or what? So this is not a share for a horseman - he would rather go to Moscow or collect dues for gold mines. And even better: hardworking Vietnamese, Chinese, or diligent farmers - Georgians, Uzbeks, Azeris, Indians will come. This will suit you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, tell me honestly? The trouble is that we cannot equip our lands, we are not the owners of the original territories. And there too! Give us the land more and more! Natural resources? Oil? Its enough to make a dozen or two field commanders. But on the scale of Russia's oil production, Chechen oil takes less than one (!) Percent. It is not worth the blood and the money that we have already spent there since 1994.

Again: how is it that it turns out that Krasnoyarsk is a Russian city, and Krasnoyarsk aluminum belongs to the Jews? And Russian oil? Russian nickel? Russian forest? That's the same thing. And with the Chechen oil will be the same. To learn first to be a Russian to be a master on one’s own land, and only then to grieve for other people's riches, to look at them. Chechnya is a net minus for us Russians, for our pitiful, impoverished public economy (I’m not talking about the shadow economy). We need it, like a hole in the head. The law-abiding population, labor, taxpayers? Funny, is not it? In order to establish production and agriculture in today's Chechnya, we need investments that will not pay off even in the long term. Or do we have extra money? Or do Russians live too well in Russia so that they can be taken away, and given to the Chechens ?! After all, money does not fall from the sky. In order to pay salaries in Chechnya, the devil knows for what, and the devil knows to whom pensions, these funds need to be taken away from our, Russian children and the elderly. Are you ready to share your salary with your Chechen brother, Vladimir Vladimirovich? And the pension of his mother in law, the allowance of children? Damn this Chechnya! This damn black hole, where money that could be spent on Russian teachers, doctors, officers, peasants, scientists ... is flying without account ... Loyal citizens of Russia? Brotherly people? How, how! Scientists once started an experiment to remove manual fox breed. From generation to generation, puppies loyal to humans were selected. The test for loyalty was the easiest: beat a puppy in the face. If you snapped, this - at the fur farm, and in time - on the shukrodernyu. If he tolerated, fawned, sucked up - they let him live and multiply. And his kids - again the test in the face. Etc. As a result, the experiment was a success. The nth generation of former foxes was completely tamed and special. And what is interesting: the tail of the “New Foxes” began to curl in a ringlet, purely like a husky.

Now tell me, Vladimir Vladimirovich, hand on heart: do you believe that the Chechen wolf will someday curl its tail in a ring? Me not. I know them more than one generation. There would be no great misfortune if the Russians, as they did before the revolution, had an average of seven children per family, twice as many as Caucasians and Asians. We would just digest, grind through two or three generations this ancient hostile nation by purely biological means. So far, the situation is exactly the opposite. I have seen Chechens: among them there are quite a few Russian, European faces, and you can’t tell anything different from the Cossack. For centuries they have snitch Russian girls, women in their harems, a lot of Russian blood flows in the Chechen veins. And what's the point? They all have one Chechen mentality, and they hate us mortally. It turns out that they “digested and milled” us. And this nation is growing at a high speed, quickly overtaking us Russians. That is the trouble. Chechens in the post-war period have grown numerically threefold. They became the absolute majority in Chechnya and threw Russians from the land on which it became crowded. If we do not cut them off, it will happen again in the Stavropol region, in the Kuban, in the Rostov and Volgograd regions ...

Today in Chechnya, we repeat the fatal, terrible mistake once committed by Stalin in Western Ukraine. We paid for that mistake not only with the whole Ukraine, but also with Novorossia, the Crimea, and now, it seems, with Transnistria. For we, for the sake of "geopolitical considerations," so valued by you, have placed behind us an irreconcilable, evil enemy - the Galician subethnos, which has now become the epicenter of Ukrainian ethnogenesis, the core of the new Ukrainian political nation. If they didn’t do it, today the Poles would have a headache about what to do with the obstinate, insubordinate Galicia, and Galicia would pull into Russia, and Ukraine would hold onto us with her hands, legs and teeth.

You have to understand: Russians and non-Russians live in Russia. The latter are divided into those who are friendly or hostile towards us. One needs to be friends with others, to get rid of others in any way. This is the alphabet. It's time to learn it. Is a united Vainakh state formed on the site of the Vainakh enclave consisting of Chechnya and Ingushetia? Hardly. The division of the Vainakhs into Chechens and Ingushs began as a purely political one, it happened at the end of the Caucasian wars of the last century, when one part of the Vainakhs decided to enter into an alliance with Russia (Ingush), and the other decided to fight to the end (Chechens). They received their new names from the names of the villages where gatherings of supporters of a particular path took place. That historical the choice was felt even now, in the 1990s: no matter how Ingushetia sympathized with Chechnya, it did not openly enter the war with Russia. (Does this mean that Ingushetia, unlike Chechnya, is a desirable member of the Russian family of peoples for the Russians? In my opinion. By dividing the Chechen-Ingush republic in two, the power was not wise. Two national elites formed. A lot of them share, and historical differences were added modern, but the main thing is that none of the elites will ever give up power. Reuniting this Vainakh enclave means dooming it to a long civil war. No Zionism, no NATO can stop it. When Caucasians share power, this is serious.

The constant threat of war - foreign or civil - in the Caucasus is created, in the main, by an excessive human resource that allows one to fight for many years. If he does not become, if he is exhausted in an internecine war, there will be no threat either. Having cut off the aforementioned enclave from Russia, having closed it in a confined space, we would condemn it to infinite civil strife. The leaders of Chechnya understood this very well, that is why they rushed, like insane ones, to Dagestan, preferring the least misfortune to the greater one, the outer warfare to the inner one. Whether we will be able to inflict a final military defeat on them - I’m far from sure, but it seems that we will give a moral victory in the end.

NATO and Zionists intrigued in Kosovo - everyone knows that. But let us imagine that the Albanians would answer them: we love our fraternal Serbian people, we want to live with them in eternal friendship and we will not fight for anything. And there would be no war in Yugoslavia. Intrigues always intrigue, but they must have a foothold in order for intrigue to succeed. This point was the hatred of the Albanians for the Serbs. Exactly the same as the Chechens - to the Russians. Of course, it’s scary if NATO could equip itself in the Vainakh enclave a nest of international terrorism. But at the same time there would be a tough state border, and Chechnya would be no more terrible for us than NATO of Poland, who hates us no less. Or Georgia. The border guards carry out their service, and any individual Chechen who secretly crosses the border has the right to be shot on the spot. And let them try to declare a full-scale war to a nuclear power. You are a military man, Vladimir Vladimirovich, tell me, how many atomic bombs would be enough for a foreign power of Ichkeria?

It is much worse if this enclave remains in our country as a point of constant application of the forces of international schemers, the world behind the scenes, as an eternal, unhealed wound, exhausting the patient. Namely, such a wound will be now and always Chechnya and (yes!) Ingushetia. At the same time, we don’t even dare to call this national Russian-Chechen war a war. The power in Chechnya should be headed by the Russians? And keep there constantly occupying the building? Or to wait for their heads to be cut off or taken hostage as the representative of the president, Vlasov, as General Shpigun? Or blown up on a land mine, as General Romanov? Or will they be shot as the “peacemaker” Polyanichko in the Prigorodny district of Ingushetia?

I do not want to seriously discuss this topic. I do not know of such suicides who would voluntarily go for it. What the hell is this for? Understand Vladimir Vladimirovich Chechens fought 300 years and will fight so much. They fought against the central government of the RSFSR and the USSR during all the 1920s and 1930s, they fought in the years of the Great Patriotic War, when all Chechens capable of wearing weapon , besides those who were mobilized into the Red Army, fought against us ... Returning to the Caucasus as a result of erroneous rehabilitation, they immediately unleashed a smoldering war against the Russian population of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which turned into an open form in 1990. the president of Chechnya, Ahmad Kadyrov, and the rise of his son will not give us nothing, Russians and Cossacks. Vladimir Vladimirovich, do not disgrace Mother Russia by awarding orders to the hero of the real gangsters, although they are your agents. Benefit from this for Russia will not. By such actions, you ridiculed Russia in front of the world community.

All the best to you.

With the same respect, the former ataman of the village of Troitskaya, Sunzhensky district, the deputy chairman of the collective farm named after the 19 of the Makeev Party Congress. In P.

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  1. Sergei
    Sergei 6 December 2010 23: 26
    I do not agree with everything, but the problem is really serious and it must be solved (as it is not sad) exactly
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 5 June 2012 13: 00
      It is thanks to such "patriots" that Russia can fall apart into separate principalities. By the way, the West has been waiting for such a "collapse" for a long time to no avail. No one needs a strong Russia; it is easier to negotiate with weakened regions. That after Chechnya, Tatarstan and Bashkiria or D. East will begin to separate so that the center is not "fed"? In general, "as long as we are united, we will not be defeated"
  2. Sanya
    Sanya 7 December 2010 01: 48
    I understand he does not like the Chechens, but what does he offer?
    But immeno nothing!
    Leave Chechnya! And what further to leave from Dagestan, and then from all over the North Caucasus.
    And then what?
    As it is very correctly said, a holy place does not happen to be empty.
    What will happen after leaving all over the North Caucasus, the situation there is very quickly being mobilized. The drug will go from there and the terrorists will receive a large area for their further expansion, to Tatarstan and Bashkiria.
    Later, Americans may enter and establish military bases there.
    If Russia and the Russians do not want to die, they will have to continue to fight for Chechnya and for the entire territorial integrity of Russia.

    My conclusion is that this Cossack is an ordinary provocateur who is engaged in criminal activities against Russia.
    Against such people, relevant legislation has been passed and there are bodies that persecute such boobies.
    For me, this man is no better than those who regularly shoot Alpha.

  3. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 7 December 2010 07: 15
    Chechnya cannot be abandoned. Abroad, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Islamic republics will be against us. They will immediately accept Chechnya into their "brotherhood". And in the end we will definitely be at war with the entire Islamic world. This infection can also spread to Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. Little will not seem to us.
  4. Sergei
    Sergei 16 December 2010 21: 24
    If we leave, we will stay in the Moscow region, but even there the Russians will not be given peace. You can't leave. Order can be restored not only in Chechnya, but also in Russia. But, if there is order in Russia, the West will begin to live "on a salary," and the West cannot afford it. The West has too many helpers in Russia. These friends are famous. Any lawlessness has a limit.
  5. Valery
    Valery 23 December 2010 14: 11
    How many people, the gene pool of the Russian Federation have died and will die in the Caucasus! In return, the settlement of Central Russia by immigrants from the Caucasus who do not want to work. Only trade, or rather resale and crime. People from Central Asia, even though they work on rough work, are not particularly worried. In Dagestan, in Kizlyar, they cannot find garbage collectors - the locals "fell" to do this! How much money went there, but what's the point ?! In the army, they have some problems - constant clashes with others, others are removed after them ... If the war is the "fifth column". Why live with such a roommate, feed, clean up after him, educate, and expect from him, for all the good, a stab in the back with a dagger!
    Good writing and correct !!!
  6. Ivan the Fool
    Ivan the Fool 24 December 2010 21: 22
    The answer is for Sani.
    Sanya! You're wrong! I live in Moscow, not where it’s hot. Ataman knows best. And about the Americans, it’s clear that where they helped, it got better. The Yugov before the war was bad, but right now Europe. Georgia without oil and gas rose. In Poland and the Baltic states there is no such corruption as ours. It's time to think about yourself in Switzerland. Well, we do not need socialism and the export of world war. Nah ... help everyone. Separate from the parasites! Only border troops and self-defense forces are needed.
    by themselves? we do not need extra land and extra facts and problems, and even less the cost of all this. Ataman respect!

    For 300-400 years, the Islamic world cannot deal with itself. Sunites Shiites and others cannot unite and understand each other. The fact that the CIS in 20-30 years (well, I don’t know when) will fall apart, like the Roman, Anglian, Monglo-Tatar empire is a fact. The process of separatism and change cannot be reversed !!! Once upon a time, Europe fought with itself. We will go this way too. And Russia's arms war against the "yellow threat" will no longer be. We have long forgotten how to fight, and Pakistan, Afghan and others are not the aggressor state, but the tribes that feel cold in Sochi. This is a myth, not a threat.
  7. Vladimir-46
    Vladimir-46 5 January 2011 16: 27
    What this asshole writes, freak is all a provocation, because Russia is a multinational state, and if we all get out of the way, then of course this state would be doomed. This Cossack ram took Vladimir Putin for someone I don’t know what to do about it. After all, everyone knows that the Cossacks are tsar’s dead and oppressors of many peoples of Russia, I won’t even list the tsar who had been sent to the end, but when the Soviet regime came, they changed themselves well, let them remember how the Russian people beat up these bastards and hypocrites in a Cossack uniform with stripes!
  8. Sanek
    Sanek 26 February 2011 00: 12
    Why Russia these show-offs !!! It was necessary to approach this issue more seriously, and not in Razdolby style. They don’t go into battle with their eyes closed. And what army with traitors is only Russia. The commercial war, and there everything else and nationalism as well. Russians cannot live together .
  9. Muslim4ik
    Muslim4ik 5 June 2012 12: 52
    Is it not indicated when registering on the site that the publication prohibited the incitement of ethnic hatred? And what is this article calling for with a fascist appeal to V.V. Putin, if not a manifestation of Nazism in a harsh form? All these Nazi ideas and moods are trying to impose on ordinary people through the media, passing off the opinions of inadequate people as the majority opinion. I remember how they lived under the USSR in the Chechen Republic and what values ​​people had then. In Grozny, where I was born and raised, Chechens, Russians, Georgians, Armenians, Ingush and representatives of other nationalities lived side by side peacefully and amicably. They helped each other in everything, went to visit, shared both sadness and joy. In general, there were no problems. And now they will not be if they stop discussing this topic in the press. The whole gimp with the bloating of interethnic problems is someone's political order. People lived peacefully and can continue to live if left alone.