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Repair plant of missile and artillery weapons Black Sea Fleet increased the volume of orders

Repair plant of missile and artillery weapons Black Sea Fleet increased the volume of orders

Navy the enterprise engaged in the repair of missile and artillery weapons increased the volume of executed orders, which is directly related to the increased intensity of their use during long trips and exercises of naval and coastal units of the fleet.

At the end of last year, the plant team fulfilled the entire volume of applications from parts for the repair of equipment. The flaw detection of rocket and artillery weapons was carried out with the subsequent repair on two dozen warships, including the flagship of the fleet of the Guards missile cruiser "Moscow".

The company's specialists went on missions in the part of the Novorossiysk naval base. About 15 units of ground equipment, over 200 sets of optical devices, more than 30 boot devices repaired directly in the location of the coastal parts of the Black Sea Fleet.

All in all, by the end of the year, technical readiness of more than 100 military equipment units, including more than 40 artillery systems and 50 missile systems of various classes, was restored by the specialists of the plant.

In addition to the main area of ​​work, the factory laboratory has been carrying out repairs, certification and charging of fire extinguishers and high-pressure air cylinders for several years. Last year, the number of products prepared for this product range exceeded 1,5 thousand units.

On the eve of Victory Day and the 230 anniversary of the founding of the Black Sea Fleet, the company began to service and prepare for shooting fireworks complexes. At the end of last year, the factory workers served 15 such installations.

The work plan of the plant for the current year, which is a jubilee for the workforce - 18 may be 140 years old for the company, which allows us to predict that last year's figures will be significantly improved.
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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 20 March 2013 17: 44
    So all is well, the main work is going on! There are orders, there is a load but, accordingly, jobs. smile
    1. alexng
      alexng 20 March 2013 21: 54
      Shcha, the Internet-liberal liberalization workers will show up, pump up shit from the Internet and start scattering comments left and right that everything around is dumb, and that everyone around is to blame, and of course, except for themselves ...
      1. maxvet
        maxvet 21 March 2013 13: 14
        I will add about liberastov- "this is a cut, there they will plunder everything on kickbacks, a corrupt bloody bond ... the regime, everyone has to rise ..."
  2. zart_arn
    zart_arn 20 March 2013 17: 50
    Good news, given that most of the construction and ship-repair facilities remained in fraternal (?) Ukraine. There is no fleet without ship repair.
    Former ship repairman.
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 20 March 2013 17: 52
    Quote: zart_arn
    Former ship repairman.

    Military or civilian?
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 20 March 2013 18: 17
      And he was a military man on military service, and a civilian, it’s only a pity, the enemies recently went bankrupt. Now - a civil engineer, who built and repaired the ships, there is nothing for him. wink
  4. Army1
    Army1 20 March 2013 18: 27
    What can I say
  5. Army1
    Army1 20 March 2013 18: 29
    Well what else to say?
  6. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 20 March 2013 20: 49
    Well done, thank God that they are working and doing the right thing.
  7. Sirs
    Sirs 20 March 2013 23: 52
    Dashing trouble began, from small to large and grandiose))))))
  8. elmi
    elmi 21 March 2013 01: 13
    If orders have increased, then there is a real modernization, an increase in exercises, then the real "movement" has gone!
  9. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 21 March 2013 08: 25
    like this, quietly, little by little, and we will reach the desired level .... the industry flywheel is unwound + definitely!
  10. morehod73
    morehod73 21 March 2013 09: 57
    Good factory. Sometimes he went there himself with a bottle, they did almost everything, even the materiel ruled over the phone. The most important thing is that the specialists stay. Good luck !!!! drinks
    1. maxvet
      maxvet 21 March 2013 13: 17
      There will be work, it will be s / n, which means that specialists will remain, and young people will catch up