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Geopolitical mosaic: Obama is suspected of concluding a "secret agreement with the Russians", and Venezuelans are ready to vote for Maduro

Geopolitical mosaic: Obama is suspected of concluding a "secret agreement with the Russians", and Venezuelans are ready to vote for Maduro

Chemical application weapons Syrian "oppositionists": was it or was it not? According to Reuters, the US State Department stated that there is no reason to believe that the rebels used chemical weapons in Syria. This assumption in the State Department was called an attempt to discredit the opponents of Assad. At the same time, the White House said that it continues to consider the counter accusation against the Syrian government.

Information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria was not confirmed in the UN, as well as in the World Health Organization, which plans to organize an additional supply of medicines in Aleppo today, reports "".

However, the use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria was confirmed by unnamed sources in the Israeli security services, according to The Jerusalem Post. True, the interlocutors of this publication said they did not know which of the parties to the Syrian conflict was responsible for the incident. It is also known that a few days ago Israeli intelligence reported on the preparation of chemical warheads for use by government forces.

"Tape" reminds that 19 in March, the Syrian Agency SANA reported that as a result of the use of chemical weapons by the rebels in the village of Khan al-Asal in the province of Aleppo, 25 people died, dozens were injured. The opposition confirmed the presence of victims and those killed by accusing government forces of the attack, allegedly using a Scud missile with poisonous substances.

Regarding the position of official Damascus, the Minister of Information Omran Az-Zoubi confirmed: the attack on terrorists by a rocket with a chemical warhead in the Khan al-Asal district is a dangerous escalation of the Syrian conflict and is a consequence of the decisions taken by the Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers in Cairo. As transmits SANAHe demanded that the world community and the countries financing and arming terrorists be held accountable for their use of the type of weapon prohibited by international law. The Minister laid on the governments of Turkey and Qatar the full moral responsibility for the crime, which resulted in the death of 16 people, including civilians, and the injury of another 86.

As the SANA, condemning the use of chemical weapons by illegal armed formations in Syria was made by the Russian Foreign Ministry, calling "a new, extremely alarming and dangerous development of events in the Syrian crisis."

The commentary of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “They are extremely concerned about the fact that WMD fell into the hands of militants, which further aggravates the situation in the SAR and brings confrontation in this country to a new level. We once again call on all sensible forces in Syria to renounce violence and move on to real steps towards a political settlement at the negotiating table, as provided for in the Geneva communique. ”

"An unprecedented violation." As transmits SANAAlain Shue, a renowned expert on Middle Eastern affairs, a former employee of the French Foreign Ministry, said that the demand to lift the arms embargo against the Syrian opposition, put forward by President Hollande, is an unprecedented violation of all norms of international law.

In an interview with the magazine "Poen" ("Le Point"), he noted that the UN did not give the power to EU countries to intervene in the affairs of Syria. Despite this, over the past two years, French and British intelligence services provided logistic support to the armed opposition and trained militants in the countries neighboring Syria. But the official supply of weapons to the militants is a transition to a qualitatively new stage in French foreign policy.

The UN does not recognize the Syrian opposition for the simple reason, the expert writes, that it is a mixture of terrorist and religious extremist elements. Regarding the issue of so-called "non-lethal" or defensive weapons, Shue calls it a play on words: there is no fundamental difference between defensive and offensive weapons.

Some officials, he noted, assure that the special services know to whom they need to transfer weapons. According to Shue, he has known 40 for years with Syria, has worked there, and for 30 has been associated with the French secret services for years, therefore he claims that they know the customer only virtually.

Eighteen Iranian spies. In Saudi Arabia, it announced the disclosure of a spy network consisting of 18 people acting in the interests of Iran. On the joint operation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the intelligence services of the kingdom was reported today by the TV channel Al-Arabiya, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Dina Drunk.

According to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, this network, which included sixteen subjects of the kingdom, one Lebanese and one Iranian, collected information about strategic infrastructure and livelihoods of the state.

The operation was carried out in four districts of the country: in Mecca, Medina, Riyadh and the Eastern Province.

Among those arrested were employees of the state-owned oil producing company Aramco.

Obama - pro-Arzyl or pro-Palestinian? The results of a survey conducted by the agency Smith Research, commissioned by the Jerusalem Post, show that Israelis do not consider Barack Obama to be pro-American as a customized US president, reports

A survey of five hundred Israelis, representing a sample from different segments of the adult population of the country, showed the following. 36% believe that the Obama administration is more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli. 26% of respondents believe the opposite: in their opinion, the White House prefers Israel rather than the Palestinians. Another 26% called the position of the US administration neutral. Others found it difficult to answer. The percentage of people who believe that the Obama government "generally" supports Israel has been the highest in the last four years.

However, the majority of Israelis who voted for right-wing parties consider the Obama administration pro-Palestinian. Another 22% of respondents from the same camp called the actions and policies of the United States more pro-Israel, the rest - neutral. Centrist and left-wing voters are more likely to call the White House administration pro-Israel.

Among the voters were “Yesh Atid”, “A-Tnua” and “Kadima” 36% said that the US administration is pro-Israel, 30% - more pro-Palestinian. 36% of Avoda voters, Meretz and Arab parties are convinced of the pro-Israel orientation of the Obama administration. This is twice the number (18%) of those who said that it is pro-Palestinian.

When asked whether respondents believe that Barack Obama will succeed in achieving a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians in the next four years, 80% answered “no”, only 11% answered affirmatively and 9% said they do not know.

Mass Turkish resignation. Alexander Vasilyev (Periscope.2) prepared a review of the Turkish press. The end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 were marked by the resignation of the Turkish armed forces. On January 24 and 25, 2013, the admiral, the commander, resigned fleet N. Güner. Turkish agencies publish news on the reduction not only of the higher command staff of the Armed Forces, but also the dismissal of a significant number of technical specialists and non-commissioned officers, as well as a significant number of combat pilots aviation.

CNN-Türk in the article “Earthquake in the Command of the Navy” notes that the reason for the resignation of Admiral Güner was the mass arrests of Navy officers on cases of preparation for a coup d'etat. At the same time, the publication notes that on many subordinates of the fleet commander, defamatory materials were found about visiting brothels and participating in depraved acts. Allegedly, the officers of the Navy secretly visited prostitutes from the countries of the former USSR (Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova), who were given some secret information about the state and combat readiness of the Turkish Navy. Admiral Güner doubted that he was completely surrounded by immoral traitors to his homeland.

According to the newspaper, Admiral Güner was considered the contender No.1 for the post of commander-in-chief of the Turkish Navy, and his resignation was a complete surprise to the Turkish leadership.

After his statement in Ankara at the residence of Cankaya, President Gul, Turkish Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan and Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces Nejdet Ozel held an emergency meeting, the subject of which was personnel shortages in the Turkish Armed Forces. It is reported that a significant number of arrested officers, as well as the resignation of high-ranking military at their own request, in protest against the political persecution of the military, threatened the very existence of the Navy Command as an organizational and administrative structure.

It is noted that, in addition to the current commander in chief of the Navy, Admiral M. Bilgel, there is not a single officer in the Turkish Navy who has a rank lower than the admiral. But he also ends this year in the position of commander of the Navy.

The online publication “Bir Gyun” gives an interview with the President of the Association of Veteran Specialists of TVS Yesef Merdoglu. According to him, since January 2013, about 8 thousand non-commissioned officers have left the ranks of the Turkish Armed Forces. In 2008, 2418 people left 2009 in military service, 1417 in 2010, 1595 in 2011, 1955 in 2012, and at the beginning of 2013. The publication calls the cause of dismissal bad legal situation in the army.

The professional portal Askerhaber notes that resignation decisions are voluntary. The authors of the article directly associate an unprecedented wave of layoffs with the campaign to arrest TVS personnel in connection with the case of preparing a coup d'etat (“Sledgehammer” plan). The publication notes that mainly non-commissioned officers of special units, on whose shoulders fall the brunt of the fight against terrorism and counter-terrorist operations, are fired. According to the unnamed senior sergeants, who leads the publication, the command did not guarantee them protection against arrests. And in this regard, the staff considers it the safest to leave the ranks of the Armed Forces. The publication gives the average salary of a special non-commissioned officer of special forces: approximately about 3,5 thousand lire (US $ 1700-1800). The salary of a specialist in other divisions is about 2 thousand lire, or about $ 1000.

At the moment, the author notes a very comprehensive review, from which we have borrowed only a small part, a clear result of the resignations is a significant drop in the level of the army’s combat capability. Apparently, the ruling Justice and Development Party thus removes dissenters, clearing the way for command positions to loyal officers.

In Egypt, arrested cousin Muammar Gaddafi. The cousin of the late leader of Libya, Ahmad Gaddafi Al-Dame, was arrested in Egypt. The announcement of this came from the "Bi-bi-si" transmit "Vesti" with reference to Interfax.

Gaddafi’s bodyguards tried to prevent the arrest. There was a shootout with law enforcement officers who surrounded the house. No information about the affected skirmish.

The reasons for the arrest of the cousin of the former dictator have not yet been named, but it is known that the Libyan authorities accuse cousin Gaddafi of complicity in the crimes of the former regime and demand his extradition.

In Mali, executed Frenchman. Al-Qaida fighters executed a French citizen captured in Mali in 2011, reports RIA News" with reference to the Mauritanian agency ANI.

Philip Verdon was executed on March 10 in response to the entry of French troops into Mali. French Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the message about the execution of its citizen.

Arctic Five is a closed club. The Arctic states are not going to let new members into their private club. Representatives of the "Arctic Five" at the international conference in Oslo stated: all the natural resources of the region are located in the exclusive economic zones of their countries. Nikita Sorokin ("Voice of Russia").

The essence of the statements of the representative of Russia in the Arctic Council Anton Vasilyev and his Norwegian colleague Turgeir Larsen at the Arctic Summit can be summarized as follows: the clash of interests of the Arctic and all other states, the race for the Arctic resources and the increase in tension in the Arctic Ocean is a myth that should be debunked .

Some expansion of the military presence in the region is caused by the rapid melting of the Arctic ice: the climate process exposes the sea borders and stimulates the growth of shipping, which requires increased security measures.

This does not mean militarization of the Arctic. The representatives of all the countries of the Arctic Five, Russia, the USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, agreed in a single opinion.

Meanwhile, N. Sorokin writes, it is clear that these conclusions are nothing more than a diplomatic game. Indeed, after the U.S. Geological Survey estimated unexplored Arctic oil and gas deposits in 2009 and 13% of global hydrocarbon reserves, the number of countries claiming polar wealth increased by an order of magnitude.

At the same time, most of the estimated hydrocarbon reserves lie in the Russian exclusive zone.

“There is nothing to share in the Arctic. 95-97% of the resources found there are located in the exclusive zones of the Arctic countries, ”said Russian representative Anton Vasilyev, and none of Russia's neighbors in the Polar region objected to him.

True, China, South Korea and Japan insist on being included in the “club” as permanent members. Gave voice even India.

Vasily Gutsulyak, an expert on maritime law at the Institute of State and Law, says:

“Each of the five subarctic states actually has rights in a certain sector, the top of which is the North Pole, the basis being the respective coasts of the states. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that even in this sector the legal regime is governed exclusively by the norms of international maritime law.

Another thing is that if third countries show interest in the Arctic regions that are outside the jurisdiction of these five Subarctic states, it is clear that here, probably, we need to combine the efforts of these five Subarctic states. It is impossible to carry out any projects in the Arctic without taking into account the interests of these five Arctic states. ”

Despite the existing internal contradictions between the countries of the Arctic Five, they have recently taken a number of measures to strengthen their priority right to be in the Arctic. In 2008, Russia, the USA, Canada, Norway and Denmark adopted the Ilulissat Declaration, the provisions of which hinder the revision of the international legal regime in order to allow free access to the region for third countries. In 2011, eight members of the Arctic Council signed an Agreement on cooperation in the field of rescue operations in the Arctic, which defined the preferred boundaries of the five sectors for each of the five countries. Also, the Arctic countries have resolved a number of bilateral issues. Thus, Russia and Norway ratified an agreement on the delimitation of water areas in the Barents Sea, while Canada and Denmark reached an agreement in principle on the delimitation of the border in the Lincoln Sea. In addition, Russia and Canada, for example, together consistently oppose the claims of the European Union to participate in the legal regulation of the status of the Arctic.

Eiro's career is questionable. Deputies of the National Assembly of France today will vote on the issue of confidence in the government of the socialists, which is headed by Jean-Marc Eyre. In recent months, the Prime Minister’s popularity rating among the French has reached its lowest level since his appointment to the Matignon Palace. As the polls show, only 34% of citizens with confidence belong to the “road map” of the government.

For the resignation of the government requires a majority (289) of votes of deputies. Currently, the preponderance of forces in parliament in favor of the ruling Socialist Party and their allies in the left camp - the "green" and the Communists. The head of the cabinet, which has been in power for almost a year, uses the parliamentary discussion to report on the work done. "For me, this is an opportunity for a thorough explanation," Eiro told reporters.

Nevertheless, for the Socialist Party the situation is not at all unclouded. In March, the unemployment rate in France reached 10,2 percent. This is the highest since 1999. The situation with unemployment hit the youth under the age of 25 years the most. It was she who pinned her hopes on the arrival of the socialists and massively voted for Hollande; "Vesti" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Bloomberg Business Week on Putin and Rotenberg. Ilya Arkhipov and Henri Meyer (Bloomberg Business Week; abbreviated translation source - "Inopressa") told that Arkady Rotenberg, a childhood friend and former partner of Vladimir Putin in judo, is already making a profit from the next winter Olympic Games, journalists write. According to data compiled on the basis of corporate and government information, Rotenberg's companies received Olympic contracts worth at least 227 billion rubles (7,4 billion dollars). For comparison: this is more than the entire budget for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics of the year. In addition, this is only 15% of all expenses for the Russian Olympic Games.

“This is a huge waste of public money,” said Stefan Shimansky, a sports economist at the University of Michigan, who tracks Olympic costs. “A small group of people at the top controls resources, and there is no reporting.”

A spokesman for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, argues that Rotenberg’s success has nothing to do with his relationship with Putin. “No friendship can give you access to Olympic projects that are very difficult to obtain, because they are not easy to implement, and they are not as profitable as other construction contracts,” said Peskov on the phone.

On the "secret agreement" Obama and Putin. John Hudson ("Foreign Policy"; source abbr. translation - "Inopressa") cites the opinion of Congressman Mike Turner that the cancellation on Friday of the administration of the final phase of the missile defense system in Europe confirms his concerns about the "secret agreement with the Russians."

“We saw, as the president told Medvedev, that he would have more flexibility after the elections,” said Turner. - Putin later announced the terms of the agreement. The conclusion is that this is a deal. ”

“The problem with the president’s secret agreement with the Russians is that we don’t understand what we will get from this,” Turner further stated. “The president clearly refused the shield that the Russians opposed, and now the United States has become more vulnerable to North Korea and Iran, without gaining any advantage.”

Meanwhile, we’ll add, Russia, after the US’s announcement about the rejection of the fourth stage of the deployment of the European missile defense system, sees no reason to correct its position. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said it is quite clear: "This is not a concession to Russia, and it is not so perceived by us." He added: “We are not experiencing any euphoria over what has been announced by the US Secretary of Defense. And we don’t see any reason to correct our position, ”the Deputy Foreign Minister concluded. “We will continue the dialogue and work to conclude legally binding agreements on the nondirection of all elements of the US missile defense system against Russian strategic nuclear forces.”

165 thousand dollars to every Russian. Every citizen of the Russian Federation will receive an average of 165 thousand dollars (about 5 million rubles), if all the commercial reserves of oil and gas of the country are once sold, and the money is divided equally. The calculations were performed by experts of the RIA "Rating", reports

Agency analysts conducted a study of the countries of the world and made a rating of their supply of oil and gas. The most "secured" in this sense are Qatar and Kuwait. In these countries, each citizen accounts for 6,01 million dollars and 4,14 million dollars of oil and gas wealth, respectively.

Meanwhile, leading Qatar has oil and gas reserves estimated at 10 trillions of dollars, which is more than half that of Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran and Russia. To take the first line allowed him a small population - 1,76 million people.

For Qatar and Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia are in the ranking - 1,6 million, 1,5 million and 1,1 million dollars per capita.

Russia, which has the largest gas reserves in the world and is among the top ten countries with the largest oil reserves, has taken 17 a place in the ranking, which is largely due to the relatively large population.

Russian commercial reserves of oil and gas can be estimated totally in 23,5 trillion dollars. At the same time, 35 is on average less than oil and gas reserves per Russian per capita than Qatar, but about the same 35 times more than the world average.

Belarusian “Day of Will”: to overcome laziness and fears. Belarusians should overcome their fears and laziness and take to the streets of Minsk on Freedom Day, March 24. With such a statement, as writes "" With reference to “Charter-97”, a Belarusian opposition politician, representative of the civil campaign “European Belarus” Viktor Ivashkevich spoke yesterday.

Last year, according to various estimates, from seven hundred to several thousand people took part in the march on the occasion of Freedom Day. This time, the organizers of the action expect that it will be more numerous. According to Ivashkevich, at least 100 of thousands of people know about the plans of the opposition.

“They have to make a decision: to sit on the couch or, to overcome their fears and laziness, to take part in street actions. Here everyone has to decide for himself whether he is ready to be called a man or will continue to hide under the bench, ”the politician said.

Dear consulting from Tony Blair: an image for Nazarbayev. Mr Blair, the former British Prime Minister, for 16 million pounds agreed to help the Kazakh authorities to overcome the criticism of the world community for shooting in Zhanaozen, reports with reference to the newspaper "Telegraph".

The government of Kazakhstan is called the key client of the consulting company of the former prime minister of Great Britain, whose contract with the country cost 16 million pounds, or 3,65 billion tenge.

In the office of Blair confirmed information about his Kazakh activity. “Zhanaozen was a tragedy, but there are signs that the government is working to eliminate its causes. This includes police reform, local government and economic measures to help improve the lives of people living in cities that are a relic of the Soviet era, ”said spokesman T. Blair.

The fact is that criticism of international human rights organizations and the European Parliament threatens the plans of President Nazarbayev for Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO.

Not a condition or a requirement. Tajikistan appealed to the Russian Federation with a request to increase the volume of promised assistance in the modernization of the country's armed forces. However, this is not a condition or a requirement for the ratification of the agreement on the 201-th military base. From this said a senior government official participating in the negotiation process, transmits correspondent RIA "News" Lydia Isamova.

“We really appealed to the leadership of the Russian Federation with a similar request, but did not make any demands, and by the end of March, the heads of the two states will be provided with schedules of military-technical assistance provided. Everything is going in the mode of previously reached agreements, ”the source explained.

Yesterday, the Kommersant newspaper reported that Dushanbe demanded that the oral bilateral agreements reached in October 2012 be formalized in the form of official bilateral agreements - on the allocation of funds by Russia for the modernization of the armed forces of Tajikistan and for the development of hydropower. Moreover, in Dushanbe they expressed the wish that Moscow would allocate more than $ 200 of millions of dollars promised for the rearmament of the Tajik army, the newspaper wrote.

Bear, Dragon and Eagle. Valentin Vasilescu ("Voice of Russia") talked about the fact that at the moment the US has deployed USPACOM 35000 military units in Japan, a pair of nuclear aircraft carriers, five destroyers, four frigates, set up a base in the port of Yokosuka. Around 17000 Marines are located on the island of Okinawa. The fleet of the US ally, Japan, has 3 helicopter carriers, 8 missile destroyers, 20 frigates and 16 submarines. At the same time, the Second Infantry Division and special forces brigades with 19700 military are in South Korea. USPACOM warehouses with military equipment, ammunition, fuel and food for the remainder of the 8 Army are located in Japan.

The US Pacific Fleet (USPACFLT), consisting of 3 aircraft carriers, 4 helicopter carriers, 9 cruisers, 25 destroyers and 26 nuclear submarines located in Pearl Harbor and San Diego, are specially prepared for operations in Southeast Asia.

What are the Chinese?

Today they have modern means, aimed not at defending the coast of China, but at offensive actions, and capable of hitting any target in Japan and Korea.

The US Secretary of Defense is preparing to increase the efficiency of the base in Fort Greely (Alaska) to counter North Korea. But the trajectory of intercontinental ballistic missiles fired by North Korea lies outside the zone of action of the American antimissile systems. And in general, to invade North Korea, the States would have to redeploy their forces from Japan and Hawaii to the Korean Peninsula.

"At this time, China will get free access to the Japanese water area, and the Russians without thinking twice will send their 36 supersonic TU-22М3 supersonic bombers capable of shooting down the B-52 B-bombers of the Air Force Base (Guam Island)."

As for the Bear and the Dragon, the author of the material reminds: in 2001, Mr. Jiang Zemin and Vladimir Putin signed the Treaty of Good Neighborhood and Fraternal Cooperation. Thus, Russia and China have increased the chances of a successful confrontation with the three centers of power: the United States, Japan and the EU. The journalist notes that Russia and China implemented the “Chinese drops” economic method, capable of destroying a huge American military force in the following years.

The US debt exceeds 16 trillions of dollars, and China holds most of it. Should China withdraw its borrowed funds, the US economy will collapse.

What is Putin? In 2005, he introduced a new strategy to increase Russia's gold reserves. Since then, the Russian Federation has become the main buyer of gold in the world market.

“The Chinese have their eyes on 8133 tons of gold, which are in US banks and represent 74,5% of the total foreign exchange reserve. China demands this gold on account of US debt. China wants to issue a new currency that would be an alternative to the dollar and would have gold backing. To this end, China has begun to repatriate its gold reserves from Switzerland, London and New York. ”

In addition, Beijing has signed an agreement with more than twenty countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, etc.). They have already recognized the yuan as the official currency of international transactions. For US currency, this means an exit from a part of the international financial market.

The analyst concludes: Washington needs to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia. The Pentagon is obliged to distribute resources in this zone not only from USPACOM, but also from other divisions.

Planned an attempt on Capriles? Caracas accused US intelligence agencies of plotting the assassination of Enrique Capriles. This tells Alexander Reutov (Kommersant).

As stated by Nicholas Maduro, a plan to eliminate the governor of the state of Miranda, a candidate for the presidency, prepared by the CIA, the Pentagon and a number of former American diplomats. At the same time, says Comrade Maduro, Washington planned to place the blame for the killing of Enrique Capriles on the Venezuelan authorities. “They were going to wreak havoc in the country in this way,” he said. Nicolas Maduro assured that the Venezuelan government will do everything to protect all presidential candidates. And he urged the US government to abandon plans to eliminate Enrique Capriles.

But Capriles himself made other conclusions from the statements of Maduro. As the oppositionist wrote in the Twitter microblog, if something happens to him, the Venezuelan authorities must bear responsibility for this.

Venezuelans will vote for Maduro. The acting president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has serious chances of winning the presidential election scheduled for April 14. This is evidenced by the results of a public opinion poll; "Vesti" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

A telephone survey conducted by 11-16 in March shows that 48,8% of voters are going to vote for the deputy of the late Chávez, and only 33,8% for his rival, the candidate of the opposition Democratic Unity Bloc of Enrique Capriles.

At the same time, it turned out that almost 57% of respondents positively assess the overall situation in the country, and 40% give it a negative assessment. The economic situation was positively assessed by 48%, while 50% was called unsatisfactory.

Microsoft and bribes. The US authorities launched an investigation into Microsoft on suspicion of bribing representatives of the governments of China, Romania and Italy. In exchange, maykrosoftovtsy supposedly going to get lucrative contracts. Reports about it "Wall Street Jornal", transfers correspondent ITAR-TASS Alexander Bekreneva.

According to the American edition, the investigation is conducted by the US Department of Justice and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. While it is at a preliminary stage: no charges have been brought against Microsoft or its business partners.

The investigation was started by a former employee of Microsoft in China, who told American investigators last year that his colleague in the People's Republic of China instructed him to give a “kickback” to local officials for concluding contracts.

Hillary Clinton: following her husband on a curved path. Former US Secretary of State H. Clinton for the first time publicly supported the idea of ​​same-sex marriage. She directly stated this in a video on the Internet, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zlodorev.

“Americans who identify themselves as supporters of same-sex love are our colleagues, our teachers, soldiers, our friends. And they have exactly the same rights as other citizens, including the right to marry. I personally support this, ”H. Clinton said.

Previously, Hillary avoided answering questions on this topic. This time, she admitted that her "views have changed over time." It happened “thanks to those whom I know and love, thanks to my experience of representing our country on the world stage, my commitment to the law and human rights,” she said, calling marriage “the foundation of our society.”

Earlier, we note, Bill Clinton repented of discrimination against homosexuals. He composed (or Hillary composed for him) an article for the Washington Post, where he regretted that he had signed the Marriage Protection Act seventeen years ago, infringing the rights of same-sex couples.

Clinton He explainedthat “there was a different time then,” so he could not do otherwise, but now he supports the Obama administration, which seeks to repeal this law, in which the marriage is called the union “men and women”, in the country's Supreme Court.

MFA condemned and demands. The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the refusal of the state attorney’s office of the State of Texas to accuse the adoptive parents of Maxim Kuzmin, who was adopted in Russia. Now Moscow is demanding that the United States provide all documents on the investigation of the death of a child. The Kuzmin case is likely to become one of the main topics of discussion at the meeting of Pavel Astakhov with the US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, reports Grigory Milenin ("Voice of Russia").

It is expected that the American diplomat will call the deadlines for the provision of documents to the Russian side with the results of examinations that were carried out after the death of a Russian child in a foster American family.

As noted by Renat Abdeev, a spokesman for the ombudsman for the rights of the child under the President of Russia, the red tape with the provision of these documents gives grounds for suspecting US law enforcement agencies of an inappropriate investigation.

What Rogozin said to Seagalu. In the article “Russia wants Sigal to change US weapons laws” ("Foreign Policy", USA; source of translation - "InoSMI") John Hudson said that the famous Steven Seagal could get the title of "arms lobbyist" if Russia succeeds in getting his way. The fact is, writes Hudson, that Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, officially asked the star of martial arts to lobby for the abolition of restrictions on the sale of Russian small arms in the United States. Rogozin supposedly said to him:

“I think that your authority and connections in the American establishment will help solve this problem.”

Rogozin explained that his question relates to the American law 1996 of the year, which allows former Soviet countries to export hunting and sporting rifles to the United States. Russia finds the law unfair, as it allows only the export of weapons produced before 1996, and does not apply to all types of guns. The restriction, according to Rogozin, "hits on our manufacturers."

"Izhmash", the journalist croaks, is going to earn more in case of lifting the restrictions. But after all, the US already imports about 80% of its sporting and hunting weapons!

As for Seagal, this fellow for a couple with Putin recently appeared at an event promoting physical health in Russia.

American lobbyists won: “assault weapons” will be sold in the country, people will kill each other. US senators have eliminated the item on a nationwide ban on the sale of military automatic weapons from the bill on the control of firearms considered by the House. This decision was made yesterday by the head of the democratic majority of the Senate, Harry Reid, referring to the fact that, when voting in the chamber, a bill with the ban included in it will not gain the required 60 votes. Told about it correspondent RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

Such an outcome can be considered a victory for the arms lobby in the person of the National Rifle Association. She objected to this prohibition and is still making a lot of efforts to ensure that the bill is not adopted.

Thus, we add from ourselves, those rifles that Democratic Senator Dian Feinstein classified as “assault”, and those stores that fit her definition of “increased capacity” will continue to be sold in US gun stores. Obviously, the senators will consider some restrictive measures, but they are unlikely to be taken. Obama ruled a country with a burdened conscience: he promised to ban free sale of weapons, and to close the prison in Guantanamo. Obviously, the “bad boyars” do not allow him to do either. They are also to blame for the fact that the US is slipping into a financial "default". It’s not long before 27 March ...

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  1. Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 20 March 2013 12: 42
    I am glad that the assault weapons in the United States remained on sale ...
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 March 2013 13: 11
      NATO is ready for a military operation in Syria

      The commander of the joint forces of NATO in Europe, General James Stavridis, said on the eve of his speech to members of the Senate Committee on the US Armed Forces that NATO troops "if necessary" are ready to launch a military operation in Syria, similar to the one that was carried out in Libya, RIA Novosti reports. ...

      Stavridis noted that the situation in Syria is constantly deteriorating. He recalled that according to the UN, 70000 people died in two years, about 2,5 million people fled from their places of permanent residence, and another million fled abroad. At the same time, no ending in the civil war is visible. The American general stated bluntly that NATO intends to follow the Libyan scenario. "... the alliance has taken this position: to move in the same sequence in which it moved in the situation with Libya," he said.

      True, to start a military operation in Syria, it may take a long coordination, just as it was in the situation with Libya, when the relevant resolution of the UN Security Council and the agreement between the 28 countries of the alliance were adopted.

      "Through NATO channels, we are now focused on protecting the border with Syria. For this we have moved Patriot missile systems there. We are considering a wide range of possible operations and are ready to speak out if a decision is made to intervene in the situation, as was the case in Libya." , - stressed Stavridis.

      The current stalemate in Syria, when government troops cannot destroy militants constantly arriving from abroad, and gangs are not able to firmly hold settlements and objects, does not suit Western countries. Recently, calls for military intervention have begun to sound more often in the US and Europe. On the eve of the ex-Prime Minister of France Francois Fillon called for the introduction of a no-fly zone over Syria.
      1. SSR
        SSR 20 March 2013 13: 40
        Quote: Sith Lord
        James Stavridis stated

        That's interesting .. they all declare and declare preparing public opinion for the fact that when it happens, everyone will be morally atrophied ...
        I don’t want to talk about Russia, but what will Iran or China answer or do it? .. very curious .. and how it comes around .... mdya.
        And thanks for the information on Syria, as always informative.
      2. Che
        Che 20 March 2013 14: 31
        over the past two years, French and British intelligence services have provided logistical support to the armed opposition and trained militants in neighboring countries of Syria


        That's what was required to prove, Natofashists at work.
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 21 March 2013 05: 24
          The use of chemical weapons by Syrian "opposition": was or was not? Of course it was, not in vain last year that the United States stated that in the event of the use of WMD in Syria, they would put their DIRTY nose in it. Here are their students and earn money. A poll conducted by the Smith Research agency commissioned by the Jerusalem Post newspaper suggests that Israelis do not consider Barack Obama to be “pro-Israeli” by the US president, reports.. It seems that the government of Israel lives separately from the Israelites. Or the people have pink glasses. Massive Turkish resignation. In Egypt, cousin Muammar Gaddafi was arrested. In Mali, a Frenchman was executed. About the "secret agreement" of Obama and Putin. All this news is like a witch hunt, since such a mouse fuss has begun, then it’s not so good in the Western kingdom.
      3. Sandov
        Sandov 20 March 2013 17: 50
        The current stalemate in Syria, when government troops cannot destroy militants constantly arriving from abroad, and gangs are not able to firmly hold settlements and objects, does not suit Western countries.

        Government troops would have established order in the country long ago had it not been for NATO’s intervention.
      4. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 20 March 2013 18: 53
        Resolutions will not be. During that time, while someone is agreeing something, Syria will be saturated with air defense forces to an unacceptable level.
      5. Kaa
        Kaa 20 March 2013 23: 47
        Quote: Sith Lord
        NATO troops "if necessary" are ready to start a military operation in Syria,

        They are already strenuously creating this need ...
        “I think almost everyone remembers the statement of the US State Department that if chemical weapons are used in Syria, they will send troops there. Well, today, March 19, 2013, in Aleppo, it was used. Chemical weapons were used in the distant In a suburb of Aleppo, at a distance of ten kilometers from the city center, next to this site is a forest named after the Assad family. According to eyewitnesses, women and children were injured in the attack. People were suffocating in the street, there was a strong smell of chlorine in the air. those residents who were inside buildings during the explosion.
        The surviving victims of the attack were taken to four hospitals in the territories of Aleppo, controlled by government forces. The victims have difficulty breathing. An official Syrian agency, SANA, reported that “in the early hours of March 19, in the Aleppo province in the Khan Al-Asal area,“ terrorists fired a chemical missile. ” The number of victims of the attack is being specified. Sources in the Syrian government say 16 were killed, while the Syrian Information Minister said 25 people were killed and 86 were injured. Witnesses say that there was a strong smell of chlorine at the site of the attack. Most likely chlorine was used. This is very likely to indicate the involvement of the militants - since they controlled the largest chemical plant in Syria in the city of Sfira in the southeast of Aleppo. Just this plant had very large reserves of chlorine - and it is unlikely that the army managed to take them out during the capture. Chlorine, although a chemical agent, has virtually no military use. As you might guess, the Syrian government and opposition forces accuse each other of using chemical weapons against civilians. According to the Associated Press, an anonymous source in the Syrian opposition confirmed the fact of a missile strike using a chemical charge. However, he denied the involvement of the rebel forces in the incident.
        But I think that today it will not be decisive who applied the WMD. The Americans in their speeches have long made clear that it does not matter to them who used the chemical weapons. Even if the militants used it, it’s all the same, is a sufficient basis for the introduction of troops. Since the fact that the Syrian authorities are not able to independently control their chemical weapons clearly illustrates.
        Now it remains only to wait for the reaction of the United States and to understand whether the terrorist attack in Aleppo will become something like the Gleivitsky incident. And will it serve as the beginning of drawing the great powers into the Third World War.http: //
      6. dmitrich
        dmitrich 21 March 2013 07: 06
        rightly says that the situation in Syria is getting worse, government troops are hitting bandits.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 March 2013 13: 17
      What is happening in the metropolitan area of ​​Barz?

      The Barze metropolitan area has recently become a haven for militants. Incidents have occurred regularly even in the Syrian army-guarded streets bordering it. Cases of kidnapping and attacks on army checkpoints became more frequent, snipers periodically shot bystanders. Dzhebhat al-Nusra militants began to dominate the area. Particularly violent clashes between terrorist groups and military personnel were marked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the last week.
      The turning point came when the special forces penetrated into the region, having previously launched information that a unit of government troops in almost full force was joining the militants.
      When the so-called "deserters" appeared in front of the leaders of the "Barze" group, the special forces fought with them in hand-to-hand combat. Then the majority of those present were killed and wounded. After that, soldiers opened some of the barricaded entrances to the area, and the Syrian army units gained access to the deployment of a full-scale CTO, which, judging by the calls of terrorists for help to "comrades in arms", sounding through the Internet, is progressing very successfully.
      According to the correspondent of the Asia agency in Damascus, received from one of the local residents who found themselves in the area captured by the militants, it was the corpses of the militants who died in the battle with the special forces that were later given to the media as "victims of the massacre" allegedly staged by Syrian soldiers. The same source said that the majority of the members of the Barze group are Jabhat al-Nusra militants.
      1. UzRus
        UzRus 20 March 2013 14: 48
        Ok guys organized!
      2. Sandov
        Sandov 20 March 2013 17: 54

        Nice to read positive news from Syria. Eh help would still be the whole world community.
      3. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 20 March 2013 18: 56
        The question is this: who will say why the corpses of militants fall into camera lenses? Cameras with an armored cap or the Syrian feds - gouging? There is a crematorium where it is supposed to dispose of garbage.
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 20 March 2013 20: 37
          There are a lot of them, the militants do not have time to burn everyone. For the Syrian army, this is a report, they could silently bury, but they show them.
      4. Dnepropetrovsk
        Dnepropetrovsk 21 March 2013 00: 56
        Today, for half a day, a video about the fighting in Syria was watched and videos of militants came across, so these jackals scream only ala aqba. The Syrian army urine these dogs are not up to the cut.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 March 2013 13: 29
      Alexander Prokhanov at the Syrian CP

      Today, the commander of the legendary brigade for the first time voiced and showed us his register of combat losses of militants. Before that, we had heard only a few figures, and even then from the radio intercepts of terrorists. The general said that only in the area of ​​operations of his brigade’s units in Daraya from the first days of December 2012, 5337 militants were destroyed. Today, militants themselves publish daily summaries of the names and number of deaths. Anyone can check that only in this suburb of Damascus every day from 30 to 40 Wahhabis go to another world. The losses of the Syrian army fell sharply. Soldier cherished: over the past 4 days, two dead. The general enjoys unquestioned authority among the fighters. The officers of the tank battalion told me this confidentially and with undisguised pride. The Sunni captain told Alexander Prokhanov in detail about the tactics they used for conducting urban battles, and together with his comrades answered all his questions. Then, on the BMP, we moved close to the line of contact, but there were practically no battles today - just maneuvers, perhaps only snipers joked a bit. The writer exchanged crosses with a Christian rookie. The troops leave close to the railway, after which the operation in Daraya will be completed. Maddamiyu adjacent to this suburb was previously inhabited by no more than 35-40 thousand people, while Darayu - more than 200 thousand. Today, there are practically no civilians left here or here - everyone left, leaving the militants to leave their homes.

      And this is an old interview
      [media = http: // v = FUFYhwJNPdc]
      1. Cpa
        Cpa 20 March 2013 16: 25
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Sunni captain told Alexander Prokhanov in detail

        I hope that at least Prokhanov and Leontyev will tell what is happening there. If the Government persists, it will be a miracle.
        1. Geisenberg
          Geisenberg 20 March 2013 18: 58
          The miracle is already that in Syria there is still a government and federal troops.
          1. Hudo
            Hudo 20 March 2013 21: 43
            Quote: Geisenberg
            The miracle is already that in Syria there is still a government and federal troops.

            How difficult it is for the Syrians now, and how difficult it will be for them to restore everything that was destroyed after the rampant of dirty hirelings - "fighters for the happiness of the Syrian people."
  2. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 20 March 2013 12: 42
    "The Libyan authorities accuse Gaddafi's cousin of complicity in the crimes of the previous regime and demand his extradition." Is there a government in Libya that controls the country?
    1. Guun
      Guun 20 March 2013 15: 23
      A war is going on in Livy dosihpor, Jimahiriya is rushing and if it weren’t for the help of the pseudo-government, the war would have ended in favor of Jimahiriya.
  3. Rashid
    Rashid 20 March 2013 12: 49
    Let's hope Comrade Maduro wins the election. I wonder who knows, Catholics celebrate 40 days from the date of death? If so, the elections are set very precisely, on this day in memory of Chavez (peace be upon him), many will vote for his successor.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 20 March 2013 14: 27
      In December 2011, the late Venezuelan president himself directly stated that he considers it “very strange” that recently, a number of Latin American leaders, including himself, have been diagnosed with cancer. Chavez even suggested that someone managed to "develop a method for targeted infection with cancer," and "only about 50 years or even later will become aware of this." At the same time, he recalled a long conversation with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who warned him about the danger of secret infection: “Caution, these people have developed technologies, and you are very careless, be careful with food, beware of a thin needle through which you don’t know what they’ll bring into the body. "

      According to the old intelligence officer, now the main violin in the orchestra of radioactive poisoners of foreign leaders is played not by the CIA or even Mossad, but by British MI-6. In Latin America, Spanish intelligence is actively helping English James Bond. Sometimes Russian defectors such as Litvinenko are also used blindly. It is not for nothing that the case of polonium poisoning of this agent by the Spanish and British special services was recently classified in court. Apparently, they are afraid that during the court hearings the secret details of using radiation in the interests of the special services will be revealed. Litvinenko could have been specially substituted in operations with radioactive materials in order to put on a false “Russian trace”.
    BARKAS 20 March 2013 12: 52
    True, China, South Korea and Japan insist on being included in the “club” as permanent members. Gave voice even India. - If only they find an ice floe to put up a tent and let them drift around the pole.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 20 March 2013 13: 03
      Quote: BARKAS
      If only they find an ice floe to put up a tent and let them drift around the pole.

      Right now, but what will Chilingarov swim on?
      1. BARKAS
        BARKAS 20 March 2013 13: 10
        And once again Chilingarov will save the non-fun Basurman and they will understand where they are climbing laughing
  5. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 20 March 2013 12: 52
    International politics is increasingly reminiscent of a madhouse, a circle of schizophrenics, maniacs of various stripes. You read the news and it strikes how many loonies in the governments of different countries. What is most interesting every year there are more.
    1. Che
      Che 20 March 2013 14: 38
      Vladimir, you’ve noticed very well about psychos, I also had such thoughts. I did not dare to voice it. People have reached the heights of power and have fallen so low. This is nonsense. am
      1. vadson
        vadson 20 March 2013 16: 49
        good afternoon
        no, they are not schizophrenics, how to take something from someone that is not yours? - according to the western one it is necessary to slander the object, and then with a 'clear' conscience for the gifts
        1. vladsolo56
          vladsolo56 21 March 2013 04: 32
          BUT and normal they can hardly be called. when, in order to achieve mercantile interests, they destroy countries in which thousands, hundreds of thousands of people are killed, left without a home or livelihood. How can normal people do this. These are not people, these are monsters brought up by Western democracy, a democracy more similar to fascism
  6. Alexander-Tomsk
    Alexander-Tomsk 20 March 2013 12: 53
    Most interested in:
    1.The use of chemical weapons by Syrian "opposition": was or was not?
    The Yankees will not achieve their goal by skating like this, if the government troops do not "use" chemical weapons, then terrorists will use them. Here's someone to learn from perseverance.
    2.Mass Turkish resignation.
    More resignations, give disarmament to the Turkish army! In time, they help the terrorists in Syria, you look soon the army itself will not remain and they will look at them for a tea hi
    3. Arctic Five is a closed club.
    Off our hands from our north, we will save polar bears from Chinese medicine and European greens! But seriously, will it not be greasy to the gentlemen from the south, also the resources of our north.
    1. 755962
      755962 20 March 2013 13: 38
      However, experts did not rule out that what had happened could serve as an impetus for the start of Western intervention. “Chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war were used by rebels. A variety of sources predicted that this would happen, and these weapons were not stolen from government depots. The chemical weapons of the Syrian regular army are concentrated in warehouses in Damascus under tight control. At the same time, the country's borders are virtually transparent. The danger of this incident is that Western countries can launch an information war against Damascus and use the situation to justify military intervention in this country or air strikes, ”Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade, did not rule out earlier. .
    2. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac 20 March 2013 19: 51
      Quote: Alexander-Tomsk
      More resignations, give disarmament to the Turkish army! In time, they help the terrorists in Syria, you look soon the army itself will not remain and they will look at them for a tea

      But what do you think, where are the Turkish military after retirement? I suspect that in neighboring Syria, and it is with them that the Syrian specialists are being cut
  7. max-02215
    max-02215 20 March 2013 12: 54
    With China, of course, it’s good, but you don’t need to back up, do not forget 1941
    1. Vanya
      Vanya 20 March 2013 12: 59
      Belarusian “Freedom Day”: to overcome laziness and fears - the absence of Belarusians at the march does not mean that they are hiding under the bench or love Lukashenko, it just means that Belarusians do not respect this bunch of ******** which calls itself an opposition.
    2. Cpa
      Cpa 20 March 2013 16: 28
      Quote: max-02215
      don't forget 1941

      + Do not forget who supported China in Afghanistan in 80's
  8. Vanek
    Vanek 20 March 2013 12: 57
    "Americans who consider themselves to be supporters of same-sex love are our colleagues, .................... said Clinton.

    With a pale house, everything is clear.
    1. Natalia
      Natalia 20 March 2013 14: 15
      Quote: Vanek
      With a pale house, everything is clear.

      The White House - the citadel of debauchery, lust ... fu ...... homosexuals
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 20 March 2013 14: 17
        Quote: Natalia
        White House

        Natalya, good afternoon. hi
      2. vadson
        vadson 20 March 2013 16: 52
        what difference does it make, even though everyone there will detach each other, I don't care
        from a nervous fighter homosexual fighter does not work
    2. albert
      albert 20 March 2013 18: 37
      Soon the White House will have to be repainted in blue.
      1. Landwarrior
        Landwarrior 21 March 2013 13: 25
        Quote: albert
        Soon the White House will have to be repainted in blue.

        No, in the rainbow =)
        1. Allegedly
          Allegedly 21 March 2013 13: 29
          he is already like 20 blue ... nowhere bluer ...

          In the photo in the White House they offer a hand and a heart ...

          What kind of amers are all the same romantic ...
          1. Che
            Che 21 March 2013 15: 28
            Well, what to take from proctologists besides analysis. wassat
  9. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 20 March 2013 13: 02
    "The US State Department said that there is no reason to believe that the rebels used chemical weapons in Syria. The State Department called such an assumption an attempt to discredit Assad's opponents."

    You might think that if you say about Chikatilo that he picks his nose, then it will de-credit him. smile
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 20 March 2013 21: 51

      "The US State Department said that there is no reason to believe that the rebels used chemical weapons in Syria. The State Department called such an assumption an attempt to discredit Assad's opponents."

      These "rebels" in the State Department have written indulgences in advance for all their atrocities and crimes.
  10. Vladimir-35136
    Vladimir-35136 20 March 2013 13: 05
    The micro-revolutions taking place one after another - orange, Arab and other, as well as interventions in third world countries are vital for Western countries, since they destroy the financial and industrial basis of these countries and thereby allow the West to transfer these countries to the category of new colonies, followed by the looting of natural resources and marketing of our own products, which will allow the West to maintain the existing status quo for some time and not drop the living standards of our own population.
    In addition, the existing well-being of Western countries is based on the world division of labor ... The West produces high-tech products and technologies, and third world countries are a source of resources and a market for goods and technologies. At the same time, the WTO is not a fully free market - if the goods are sold freely, with minimal barriers, then there is no technology (except for royalties, the patent owner may not sell them at all or charge prohibitive prices, which is equivalent to a ban on sales). In fact, the West maintains a monopoly on technological superiority and due to this it can both maintain a high standard of living and finance new R&D. It is necessary to push for WTO reform to guarantee both free trade in goods and free trade in technology — not the patent holder should set a price from the ceiling, and the price should be determined by trading on technology exchanges. Otherwise, then the prices of raw materials should be determined by the countries-exporters, and not by commodity exchanges.
    1. Cpa
      Cpa 20 March 2013 16: 35
      In the WTO, it makes no sense for us if we are not allowed to buy technology.
  11. Tersky
    Tersky 20 March 2013 13: 06
    Quote: Vanek
    With a pale house, everything is clear.

    Vanyok, with Hillory even more so
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 20 March 2013 13: 07
      Quote: Tersky
      with Hillory even more so


      Victor hi
      1. yustas
        yustas 22 March 2013 10: 43
        Quote: Tersky
        Quote: Vanek
        With a pale house, everything is clear.

        I would even say more ... a wretched house.
        и hi gentlemen comrades!
    2. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 20 March 2013 13: 48
      Husband and wife, one of Satan.
  12. fenix57
    fenix57 20 March 2013 13: 07
    "Mosaic" - no doubt. ++++++++++++++ Out of the fire, into the fire! AND WHERE MY 165 thousand dollars (CAN I GET IN RUBLES ... ever) ...
  13. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 20 March 2013 13: 10
    As always in the world of stability ...))
    1. Bort radist
      Bort radist 20 March 2013 13: 28
      Quote: Lakkuchu
      As always in the world of stability ...))

      Yesterday was an ass, today is an ass and tomorrow there will be an ass. It seems outlined stability.
      1. 755962
        755962 20 March 2013 13: 44
        Quote: Bort Radist
        It seems outlined stability.

        They steadily find new thefts in Moscow ...
        New thefts in "Slavyanka": stolen 2 million in the fight against rodents and cleaning icicles

        In Buryatia, new facts of theft of funds through the notorious Slavyanka OJSC, structurally part of the Oboronservis OJSC, affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, have been revealed. Employees of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the republic have revealed the machinations, the agency's website reports.

        It was established that the criminal scheme was developed by the chief accountant of the Buryat branch of the Ulan-Udinsky Slavyanka together with the heads of a number of commercial organizations controlled by him, in two of which he is the founder. The intruders stole money allocated for the maintenance of the barracks and housing stock. For the year they appropriated about two million budget rubles.
  14. Apollo
    Apollo 20 March 2013 13: 27
    to the topic of the "secret agreement" of Obama and Putin.

    what is EuroPro NATO
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 20 March 2013 13: 30
      to the topic Venezuelans will vote for Maduro.
    2. Apollo
      Apollo 20 March 2013 13: 38

      US missile defense system and EuroPro NATO
  15. evgenii67
    evgenii67 20 March 2013 13: 42
    Hello everyone! "American lobbyists have won: 'assault weapons' will be sold in the country, people will kill each other." it is pleasant when domestic products are in demand and feel does not work against the peoples of Russia and the interests of the country hi
  16. 755962
    755962 20 March 2013 13: 46
    The U.S. Army stopped using mortars: due to the explosion in the exercises, seven were killed

    The incident with large human casualties occurred at a US military base in Nevada. At least seven US Navy personnel were killed and several others were injured in an explosion during a Hawthorne exercise, Reuters reports. The cause of the explosion has not yet been established. US military officials have launched an investigation. Until the circumstances of the incident are clarified, all exercises with the use of mortars have been suspended.
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 21 March 2013 13: 45
      Quote: 755962
      The causes of the explosion have not yet been established.

      Last photo before an emergency laughing
  17. Kibl
    Kibl 20 March 2013 13: 53
    Come on Amers, help the Syrian gangster shushera! Perhaps they will soon take up Jewish and for you!
    1. Hunter thomson
      Hunter thomson 20 March 2013 18: 32
      No, they are not interested in Euroland, they have already finished for 65 years. Evil Zionists do not allow themselves to just be cut, the bastards fight back. Their French teach humanity, and especially the Norwegians. I think they will go there and go jihad to do. There it is safer. Nemchikov only pity. The Germans are good, the Germans will need to bail us and the Jews. Half to shelter in Russia, half in Israel. So to speak as an act of supreme forgiveness and reconciliation. You can’t let them disappear, such a common story ...
  18. Black
    Black 20 March 2013 13: 56
    Bloomberg Business Week on Putin and Rotenberg.
    I don’t understand why the GDP allows even indirect suspicions!
    Instead of "beat your own. So that strangers are afraid" - "feed your own, so that the rest will envy."
  19. Atlon
    Atlon 20 March 2013 14: 00
    Heh ... Soon there will be a fagot holiday in America! Hence the question, what about the new dad? He is totally against it! He is even accused of trying to revive the Inquisition! And if you consider that the new pope is a Jesuit, and the Jesuits are known to be the radical vanguard of the Catholic Church, its "special forces", if you like, something tells me that the Western world is rolling down more and more rapidly! For sure, we will soon see the revival of the Hispanic world, but not in Europe, but in Latin America.
  20. Ascetic
    Ascetic 20 March 2013 14: 07
    Microsoft and bribes.

    If in Russian MS-Word write the phrase: legal capacity-the ability of a person to have civil rights and to bear duties it closes immediately, without explanation

    1) open Word.
    2) we type literally: "I want to avoid military service" and press enter
    3) he underlines two words with a wavy green line.
    4) click on them with the right mouse button.
    5) read the proposed replacement option.

    It should turn out "nobody managed to avoid military service"
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 20 March 2013 14: 44
      Quote: Ascetic
      It should turn out "nobody managed to avoid military service"

      ! good ! Stanislav hi ! Once again, hi, for a useful comment, especially for refuseniks! More from the same series
  21. evgenii67
    evgenii67 20 March 2013 14: 19
    Quote: Ascetic
    5) read the proposed replacement option.

    It should turn out "nobody managed to avoid military service"

    Checked laughing + Everything is right for you ... though the second time they will not call me, although who knows, what if a war or some other event soldier
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 20 March 2013 14: 24
      Quote: evgenii67
      what if war

      No it's better

      Quote: evgenii67
      some other event
      1. yustas
        yustas 22 March 2013 10: 48
        To the best of acceptance, this is good, but something tells me that all the same, the first thing awaits us soon ... God forbid to make a mistake.
  22. marsavin.yu
    marsavin.yu 20 March 2013 14: 34
    The reasons for the arrest of the cousin of the former dictator (Gaddafi) are not yet called ...
    Who are we working for?
  23. Alex45
    Alex45 20 March 2013 14: 44
    From the article:
    ... It is noted that, in addition to the current Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral M. Bilgel, no officer remained in the Turkish Navy with a rank not lower than the admiral. But he also expires this year as a navy commander.

    If this is true, then they have more than one ship from the pier will not depart.
    This is a crisis. Even in 90 we didn’t get to that.
  24. Lecha57
    Lecha57 20 March 2013 15: 48
    There are suspicions that a third party is involved in this incident. On whose side she participates, it is not yet known. But we will find out soon.
  25. Nikolko
    Nikolko 20 March 2013 16: 36
    I’ve been recently bothered by the thought that if NATO begins to intervene in Syria, this will be the beginning of the 3rd World War ...
    Per review +
    1. evgenii67
      evgenii67 20 March 2013 16: 57
      Quote: Nikolko
      I’ve been recently bothered by the thought that if NATO begins to intervene in Syria, this will be the beginning of the 3rd World War ...

      the word is found "intervention", catch up on these buzzwords. And so +, everything can be, so get your overcoat and gun drinks In general, the East is a delicate matter, if the East flares up, then the whole World will flare up, and this will be the 3rd world
      1. Nikolko
        Nikolko 20 March 2013 17: 23
        Yes, it's too early for me to have an overcoat and a gun, I'm only 15 years old wink But physical development already allows you to fight, because I have been involved in sports since 5 years.
        1. Cpa
          Cpa 20 March 2013 22: 14
          The fifteen-year-old captain is a heroic person, commanded a ship. good
  26. Zeus
    Zeus 20 March 2013 17: 25
    fagot oland disgraces France. since the beginning of the presidential term, it has been failing its election initiatives. For the lack of charisma, softness in the soft effeminate body was nicknamed the mollusk. In the presidential race, rubbed these cliches as he could.
  27. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 20 March 2013 19: 00
    Interesting mosaic. Endos continue to dance around Syria.
  28. sergo0000
    sergo0000 20 March 2013 19: 03
    Thanks to the author for the review! Syrian news is not at all encouraging, of which Oleg is certainly not to blame!))) But I can’t note the passage about the boyars! I’ve subtly and correctly noticed !!! +
    Thanks again! It’s time for the site to take off prizes for our regular authors for saving time from wandering in the information space!
  29. suharev-52
    suharev-52 20 March 2013 20: 14
    "... Syria has not yet fallen .." Wang replied to the question About the end of the world. So we are watching closely. Well, the fact that you may have to fight is in 8 out of 10 possible forecasts. Sincerely.
    By the way, men! Why then did the date pass unnoticed yesterday - 145 years from the date of the sale of Alaska? But from that date on, territorial losses of Russia began, which did not end today. Sincerely.
  30. George
    George 20 March 2013 20: 42
    Hello all.
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his desire for peace with his Palestinian neighbors, called an alliance with America a key condition for achieving it, and offered US President Barack Obama a fake mustache for an incognito walk through Tel Aviv's bars.

    Netanyahu, who had just formed and led the third government in his career, met on the field of Tel Aviv airport the American leader who chose Israel for his first foreign visit during his second presidential term.

    The prime minister’s speech came down to listing what the Israelis are grateful to the United States for, including generous military assistance and a diplomatic “umbrella” at the UN. “On behalf of the Government and people of Israel, I have a message to you and the people of America:“ Thank you. ” Thank you for standing on the side of Israel at the present time of historical changes ... In the unstable and unpredictable Middle East, the need for our union is greater than ever, ”Netanyahu said.

    “This is a key condition ... of peace with our neighbors, the achievement of which the people of Israel strive with all their hearts. We strive for peace with our Palestinian neighbors. I look forward to working with you over the next four years to further strengthen our alliance, ”he added.

    The prime minister reminded Obama of an interview with Israeli television, in which the president regretted that he could no longer just walk the streets, sit in a coastal cafe and chat with ordinary Israelis. "If you have a few free minutes and you can slip away from your guard, and it will not be easy, then know that we picked up several cafes and bars in Tel Aviv and even prepared you a fake mustache," said Netanyahu, whose dark suit , blue tie and white shirt completely repeated the wardrobe of Obama and the President of Israel Shimon Peres, who was present here.
  31. Ulysses
    Ulysses 20 March 2013 21: 47
    Syria is holding on.
    And the necessary military support from Russia, Iran is provided.
    Venezuela supplies fuel.
    Yes, there is fatigue from the war, destroyed infrastructure.
    But the army is combat-ready and the leadership of the country did not work.

    Much to the amazement of the "democratizers".
  32. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 21 March 2013 05: 13
    "and the Russians, without hesitation, will send their 36 TU-22M3 supersonic bombers capable of shooting down B-52 strategic bombers of the Andersen air base (Guam Island)" - bullshit)))) why don’t we shoot down the An-2! ​​???? wassat
    1. yustas
      yustas 22 March 2013 10: 53
      Quote: Dart Weyder
      "and the Russians, without hesitation, will send their 36 supersonic Tu-22M3 bombers capable of shooting down B-52 strategic bombers of the Andersen air base (Guam island)" - bullshit)))) why not shoot down An-2! ​​??? ?

      with it, why should we send the Tu-22M3, we have that there are no normal fighters, nonsense. I think that they will reach PO-2 ... senility ...
  33. habalog
    habalog 21 March 2013 19: 21
    The news is disturbing.
    The discharge of Turkey means it will be sacrificed in flaming chaos.
    Refusal from missile defense - so what the hell Europe surrendered to them? This is a weapon against Russia. Now there is a sharper direction for the US - China. Debts, infection, require payment. Yes, not with colored paper, but with gold.
    Bottom line: in a general chaos, a well-planned situation is visible. Who ordered this situation? - the one who will dance her.

    The world is chaos. The EU claps its eyes and asks the rhetorical "what to do that"? China needs stable sales markets. Southerners got sick of the war. And then he appears, all in white! With genial initiative. Customer of the celebration!
    It’s necessary not to miss the moment and ... With his slippers, doused! Slippers! : D
  34. sergius60
    sergius60 22 March 2013 17: 39
    At the meeting of the BRICS countries, Turkey will be admitted as a member of this "office". And the pro-Western warriors. This means that you need to extinguish in advance.