Military Review

Unusual weapons of the past


Many of the inventions that changed everyday life were originally made for military purposes. The converse is also true: when a new discovery or invention appears, people begin to look for ways to use it for attack or defense. As a result, unusual types of weapons often arise that are not widespread and only remain historical funny things.

This applies, for example, to numerous attempts to create new means of warfare in the era of the beginning of aeronautics. Long balloon flight it was planned to be used not only for reconnaissance, but also for dropping bombs on enemy positions. On the eve of the First World War, there were projects of airships that could be used in this way. However, such ideas were not widely spread, mainly due to the fact that aerostats and airships depended heavily on weather conditions.

Great variety and different forms of cold weaponsthat existed in different countries. Many of them may seem unusual or curious in the opinion of the modern European, but most of them are products of ancient traditions. Their form has been perfected over the centuries. At present, such copies of cold arms as Indian Qatar or Chinese curved swords are perceived to a greater degree as a work of art. If you are looking for unusual birthday gifts for a young man, pay attention to the copies and models of various weapons. They can be a good interior decoration, especially if you manage to find something really rare. The surviving originals of unusual types of weapons can be quite expensive.