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NATO will apply the full range of measures available, including military

NATO will apply the full range of measures available, including militaryYugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. The list of victims of NATO military aggression led by the United States at the turn of the XX – XXI centuries is already long enough. And all this is happening amid claims that the Alliance, which was once a tool of deterrence and deterrence, has become a mechanism for projection of power and security advice.

The global crisis of modernity is generated by Western civilization. Exit from it is possible only through a serious reorganization of the system of international relations in all spheres. At the same time, some states in the course of this process may lose their influence, while others, on the contrary, may acquire it.

The emerging global trends suggest that the West is losing its economic superiority. The forthcoming restructuring of the world order is fraught for Western elites with huge losses, and possibly even death. Therefore, they will strive to use all available means to set up a new order “according to their own patterns.” Of course, Western leaders still see military force as one of the main tools of these transformations.

In the short and medium term, NATO countries, primarily the United States, will use armed forces to achieve their political goals mainly in the course of local wars and armed conflicts of various sizes, as well as conducting limited operations in peacetime.

The involvement of regular troops by Western states in large-scale conflicts, local or regional wars is possible with the most decisive goals - the complete defeat of the enemy and the occupation of its territory.

In armed conflicts of limited scope, local tasks are likely to be solved in order to preserve the image of “peacekeepers” and because of the rejection of large losses during escalation of hostilities.

At the same time, an armed invasion (“humanitarian intervention”) may be motivated by the need to combat terrorism and the spread of weapons mass destruction, as well as the “protection of human rights”.

Achieving the goals of conflicts will be carried out using the full range of measures - military, economic and political, combined with the methods of informational struggle.

Grouping for specific tasks

An analysis of the trends that have emerged in the course of recent military conflicts shows that in the future, the actions of the groups of NATO and US forces will have a number of features not characteristic of the warfare of the 20th century.

First of all, the information confrontation is beginning to play an increasing role. The outlined trend suggests that in the near future, the struggle in this area, in terms of its importance and degree of influence on the course and outcome of a military conflict, will significantly displace, and later will push the traditional “physical confrontation” into the background.

In the long run, the use of psychotronic weapons to influence the personnel of the armed forces and the population of the enemy can become essential.

The main theater of military operations will be aerospace. The importance of confrontation in this area will increase with the development of air attack weapons, space reconnaissance and communications equipment, and the emergence of effective space attack systems.

In the actions of the armed forces of the North Atlantic Alliance, the decisive role is assigned to conventional high-precision weapons, and in the future - to weapons based on new physical principles.

First of all, objects of state and military control systems, information infrastructure, the most important economic, means of retaliation to the entire depth of the enemy’s territory will be affected.

Military actions will be distinguished by great dynamism and scope, covering vast areas on land, the adjacent waters of the seas and oceans, and the aerospace space above them. The key task will be to achieve a strategic, operational and tactical surprise.

Judging from the experience of military conflicts at the beginning of the 21st century, the groups of the US and NATO armed forces will form as single interspecific combat systems of a strategic or operational scale.

Combined within the framework of such a system, the troops and weapons must solve the tasks of defeating the enemy as they are detected in real or close to real time. The core of such a single complex will be information management systems at all levels - from tactical to strategic.

Much attention will be paid to the task of ensuring the combat sustainability of the factions. Particular importance is attached to the combined air defense system - missile defense in theaters. The effective protection of troops and forces is supposed to be achieved through the integrated use of the capabilities of all types of armed forces in detecting, identifying, escorting and destroying the enemy’s air attack assets and creating unfavorable conditions for any attacks. Considerable efforts will be directed at the enemy's disinformation and misleading, masking, individual and collective defense, and eliminating the consequences of the use of weapons of mass destruction by the enemy.

Of paramount importance is the timely and high-quality material and technical support of the groups. Here, in addition to the timely preparation of the required amount of material resources, the key task will be operational control over their presence and location, as well as determining the needs of troops (forces) in various types of logistics support. This is supposed to be achieved due to the large-scale introduction of modern information technologies into the material and technical resources management system.

High tempo and intensity on land

The most important task facing the US Armed Forces is the projection of force, which means the ability to carry out quick troop movements and their deployment in areas of possible armed conflicts.

The ground forces will have to work in close cooperation with other types of armed forces as an integral part of unified interspecific combat systems. They can also conduct separate operations in cooperation with parts and divisions of various government departments, non-governmental organizations, armed forces of other states and international organizations.

An exceptionally important role in the solution of the assigned tasks by the compounds and parts of the US NL is the achievement of high mobility, accuracy of defeat and information superiority. As in Iraq, the US ground forces will strive to conduct combat operations at a pace and with such intensity that the enemy cannot withstand.

Such actions are characterized by the determination of goals, high activity, the desire to deliver sudden preemptive strikes at the enemy to the full depth of its operational construction, the implementation of quick maneuvers, the seizure and retention of initiative in battles and battles. They are distinguished by high dynamism and large spatial scope; they are conducted along separate, often isolated, directions with gaps in battle formations and gaps in the operational construction of groupings.

The defeat of the enemy is achieved mainly through fire damage to the entire depth of its operational construction, which, similarly to military operations in Iraq, is organized to isolate the combat area, reduce the mobility of the opposing side, weaken it comprehensively and inflict decisive defeat through the use of high-precision munitions, army aviation and electronic warfare equipment with the support of tactical and even strategic aviation.

The expected mass equipment of the troops with highly effective long-range weapons will make it possible to deliver massive strikes synchronously to the enemy’s first and second echelons. This should create conditions for their simultaneous rout. The final actions will be carried out by the highly mobile components that are part of the combined forces, including the forces of special operations, and will be reduced in essence to the consolidation of the success achieved by firing means.

In the future, maneuvers through the air, deep detours and depths that distract demonstrative and false actions will become more widespread.

The leading and steady trend in changing methods of action can be considered the desire to simultaneously destroy the enemy to the full depth of his operational construction while concentrating the combat power against the main objects determining the operational stability of his group.

Estimating the factors influencing the total duration and intensity of military conflicts, one should expect a significant increase in the pace of operations and combat actions of ground forces groups, reducing their overall duration.

Command of the air

The decisive role in the armed struggle of the American and NATO military experts, of course, will be assigned to their air force.

This is determined by the ability of aviation to strike at targets located throughout the enemy’s territory, and to perform the tasks of gaining air superiority, isolating a combat area, direct air support and aerial reconnaissance simultaneously.

An analysis of the direction of development of the US Air Force and other leading NATO countries shows that the focus will be on creating new integrated reconnaissance and surveillance systems, reducing the vulnerability of aircraft for enemy air defense systems, increasing the range and maneuverability of aircraft, the use of high-precision aviation weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

In military conflicts of the last 10 years, there has been a striving for almost continuous impact on the enemy through round-the-clock and all-weather use of air formations, reducing the required number of aircraft for solving combat missions, increasing the flexibility of using tactical aviation through a sharp increase in its combat radius and stealthiness, flying at low altitudes and the use of landing sites of limited size.

The US military leadership sets a goal to achieve and maintain space supremacy. Judging by the direction of the military-technical policy, ensuring superiority in this area is planned to be achieved as a result of both offensive and defensive actions. In the first case, the main efforts will be directed towards the destruction or neutralization of the opposing side’s space systems by affecting the orbital or ground components. The defense includes the active and passive defense of their space systems against attacks or interference by the enemy. The purpose of intensive defensive actions is to detect, track, identify and destroy or neutralize means that threaten their space systems. Passive protection is aimed at reducing vulnerability and improving the reliability of the operation of its own space assets.

The course of wars and military conflicts at the beginning of the 21st century suggests that the main form of strategic use of aviation by the United States and NATO will be a campaign that includes several air offensive operations. Its most important task remains to achieve superiority in the air due to the destruction of aircraft, airfields, air defense systems and operational-tactical missiles (OTR) of the enemy or the maximum limit of their activity. For this purpose fighters, bombers, attack helicopters, reconnaissance planes, UAVs, OTR and cruise missiles of air, ground and sea bases are used.

Defensive actions in the fight against enemy air assets are carried out in order to reduce losses from air strikes and enemy missiles by covering troops (forces), materiel and military facilities.

In the future, the number of aircraft performing the task of achieving superiority in the air will decrease. Most of the most important aviation objects identified in advance, the enemy’s air defense system and military command and control system will fail during the first massive strikes. The use of automated aviation control systems will reduce the time for assessing the situation and making decisions by headquarters and crews.

Fighting US aviation and NATO in military conflicts of the late XX - early XXI century, the military-technical policy of the countries of the North Atlantic alliance in the development of the air force can highlight the tendency to increase the volume of tasks with the use of long-range guided missiles, which can be launched without aircraft entering the enemy air defense zone.

At the same time, actions will be characteristic of small strike groups at extremely low altitudes or at supersonic speeds, striking one plane at the same time on several targets, using ground, air and space means of targeting objects, actions based on the principle of “shot-and-forget”.

From the sea against the shore

The main feature in changing the forms and methods of using the US Navy and leading NATO countries in the near future will remain their focus on operations and combat operations conducted "from the sea against the coast." This is due to the fact that the dominance of the main naval force of the alliance is fleet The United States in the ocean is almost undeniable.

At the same time, in coastal zones, it can be rendered a fairly effective resistance. In this regard, in addition to gaining superiority in the ocean, the fleet of the North Atlantic bloc should be able to control the situation in coastal areas, from where it could operate on targets deep in the enemy’s territory.

The experience of military conflicts of the last thirty years suggests that in the event of a conflict of any scale, the naval forces of the United States and NATO play an important role at all stages of military operations.

Being in the advanced areas, the expeditionary formations of the Naval Forces, most likely, will act as part of the first echelon, the crucial task of containing the enemy. At the same time, they can conduct combat operations and conduct operations in order to accomplish the following tasks: conquering supremacy at sea and in the air (jointly with the Air Force), attacking enemy ground groups, air defense and missile defense systems of the fleet and ground objects, landing troops, exercising control for shipping.

At the early phase of the conflict, special attention is paid to delivering massive strikes by naval and air forces as well as cruise missiles on objects of the control systems of the armed forces of the enemy, its air defense, primarily on long-range and medium-range air defense missile systems. Their destruction will allow NATO aircraft to deliver the most effective strikes from medium altitudes, being outside the zone of destruction of a large number of short-range air defense weapons.

In addition, the forces of the fleet of the alliance are involved in solving the tasks of destroying the enemy’s aviation and navy as part of an air offensive operation together with other types of armed forces.

Solving the task of gaining dominance in the zone of combat operations, the formation of the fleet and marines can carry out operations to seize airfields, ports and other enemy facilities necessary for the deployment of additional components of the combined forces of allies.

At the same time, in order to build up the formations, naval forces will organize strategic maritime transport and will ensure the protection of maritime communications.

Fire support for ground forces will be provided by naval and marine infantry aircraft, as well as missile and artillery strikes by ships of naval forces. The fire impact on the enemy is supposed to be carried out continuously to the full depth of its operational construction by various weapon systems.

Supporting ground forces, fleet forces will strike objects with the aim of isolating and defeating the ground grouping of the armed forces of the opposing side.

When an offensive (counter-offensive) is carried out with the aim of destroying the ground forces of the enemy enemy, the US and NATO can conduct landing operations.

It is believed that the key condition for the effective use of groups of the naval forces will be the unification of dispersed detection and combat control systems, percussion tools into a single operational structure that allows the most efficient use of all the elements included in it to solve the tasks facing the Navy formations.

Quick deployment for concerted action

The analysis of the trends in the development of forms and methods of combat operations by the armed forces of the United States and the main NATO countries shows that they will mostly remain traditional in the near future, mainly due to the fact that the adoption of high-quality new types of weapons in sufficient quantities for this prospect is foreseen. However, there may be some changes in their content.

Among the most important features that characterize the actions of the groups of the armed forces of these countries are the rapid deployment of a superior group of troops and forces in the theater of operations, coordination of actions of all participants in operations, availability of detailed information about the enemy, use of space capabilities, extensive use of precision weapons, the depth of the impact on the enemy, the integration of efforts to disrupt the enemy’s offensive plans, the active use of maneuver by forces and fire, All-round logistic support.

All this creates extremely difficult conditions for the defending side and makes it necessary to search for effective asymmetric methods of countering the aggressor.
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  1. patriot2
    patriot2 19 March 2013 13: 01 New
    An analysis of NATO and state capabilities is understandable. The main thing is that Russia has the opportunity to resist the outbreak of war on its territory. And for this it is necessary to rearm the Army and Navy with modern weapons and constantly conduct exercises and trainings of all units of the armed forces from platoon to the General Staff, having a real plan to repel the aggression of a potential enemy.
    Huge work lies ahead in this direction.
    The author touched on very important points ... ++++
    1. Letun
      Letun 19 March 2013 15: 54 New
      Well, judging by the fact that Serdyukov was still removed (I doubt very much that our 2 commandants were so unaware of his dark affairs), at the top they began to realize this. The main thing is to have enough time.
      1. Polytechnic
        Polytechnic 19 March 2013 18: 40 New
        I think from the very beginning everyone was aware, they simply did not have the opportunity to clean. Slowly harness ....
        1. Rink
          Rink 19 March 2013 23: 58 New
          Quote: Polytechnic
          I think from the very beginning everyone was aware, they simply did not have the opportunity to clean. ....

          Oh how to clean! ...
          But it’s quite rightly noted that it’s very difficult to wage a war on two fronts: on the foreign policy and on the internal, with entrenched men, agents of influence, and dumb hamster zombies entrenched in all important posts.
          For four years of Medvedev, they climbed into all the cracks.

          But in Ukraine, it’s completely sad. In Russia, at least Putin is, at least some opposition is underway. And in Ukraine, it’s Yanuchmovich ... Here since the days of Kravchuk and Kuchma, and especially Yush Pryshchavoy, how the Amers have dug in, so now without them no event in Ukraine will be sanctified, no appointment to a high post will take place. The colony!..
        NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 23 New
        They put it themselves removed what was surprising here (the scoundrel stopped sharing) ...........
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 19 March 2013 13: 02 New
    They will not be able to wage a normal, offensive war. They will not be able to advance on a wide front, kilometers, commercials of 200-300.

    They are used to fighting remotely, from distances (well, these, UAVs, êàî). Used to fight against women, the elderly and children. But they will not be able to fight against the army. Well, they are fighting with terrorist groups, and cho? Against a decent, normal army, they will not be able to.

    Hello to everyone. hi

    17.03.13/XNUMX/XNUMX - The Forgiving Resurrection. Take this opportunity to ..........................

    Regards, Ivan.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 19 March 2013 13: 26 New
      Quote: Vanek
      Against a decent, normal army, they will not be able to.

      here I am about it. Vietnam and Cuba as an example. although the army was not so hot there, the amers lost and left in disgrace. Here I have a question again, to those comrades who frighten the invasion of NATO, the United States or the Chinese on the territory of Russia - Do you really believe that if the United States, NATO or China invade, then they will conquer and defeat us? It’s just ridiculous to read those who cause such a panic, they say that the Chinese or NATO will conquer and enslave))) funny, honestly funny.
      1. Andy
        Andy 19 March 2013 14: 21 New
        but why do the Chinas invade if they are ALREADY with you? you go through the markets at home. and this is the central part of Russia. or talk to those who live in the Far East.
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 19 March 2013 15: 27 New
          Unofficially there are 78000 of them. Officially 32000-36000.

          Let's say central Russia yes, some 500 city. How many 3-5 markets are there in the city? And there are 30-50 Chinese people ??? Yes, they filled the whole of Russia, the guard, who can save.

          Do you know how many Russian citizens in China?
          1. Region65
            Region65 19 March 2013 19: 18 New
            By the way, yes, our mods - they buy real estate in China and go there to retire :) our pensioners live there almost like millionaires :) I also think about buying a house, doing livestock breeding there, raising Chinese))))))) one time even some of our silly ministers tried to stand in a position, saying that we forbid our pensioners to receive a pension if they live in a foreign country))) he really was quickly besieged and put in place, they made it clear that he was a dumb sheep, because how can a person be banned from leaving I’m living a pension anywhere and getting my rightful one :) especially since pensioners in our country cannot retire the second part of their lives with dignity, because our way out is to retire with dignity in China))) so who else who occupies))) in Chinese schools they teach the Russian language, they give children Russian names and the ruble is already accepted when calculating in the border cities of China)))
          2. NOBODY EXCEPT US
            NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 24 New
            And if you take Siberia and the Far East?
        2. Castor oil
          Castor oil 19 March 2013 17: 53 New
          Quote: Andy
          or talk with those in the Far East

          Do not drive, you can not see them here wink - their fruits and vegetables are, but they themselves somewhere hiding. The next myth. negative
        3. Region65
          Region65 19 March 2013 19: 17 New
          I live in the Far East. Not a single Chinese behind the counter. This has been banned since 2007 .. by the way, since then, personally in the town there are only five Chinese left, and even useful ones .. two keys are made, three shoes and locks are repaired))) so I’m not dominating and capturing the Chinese I see .. and here are our former "brothers" in the USSR, who can only use foul language in Russian, this is really a disaster)))
          1. polly
            polly 19 March 2013 22: 12 New
            Region65, verb truth! I confirm, as a resident of Primorye (I already wrote about this in the comments earlier), that there is no dominance of the Chinese ... And our pensioners really leave for China to live, and this is a fact.
            1. Castor oil
              Castor oil 20 March 2013 04: 13 New
              In Belogorsk, I saw three of them, in the store Harbin)))
              Rather, indeed our pensioners occupy their border areas)))
      2. Letun
        Letun 19 March 2013 15: 58 New
        Quote: djon3volta
        to those comrades who scare the invasion of NATO, the United States or the Chinese into Russia - do you really believe that if the United States, NATO or China invade, then they will conquer and defeat us? It's just ridiculous to read those who cause such a panic

        Everything is much more complicated and simpler here. It must be understood that if it comes to the direct invasion of Russia by monsters such as the United States or China, then with a 100% probability nuclear weapons will be used in such a war, and naturally, in this case, we won’t have to talk about the winner at all.
    2. танк
      танк 19 March 2013 15: 58 New
      So they don’t climb to us, they kill differently - drugs, alcohol, etc. etc.

      They are used to fighting remotely, from distances

      they take care of life, what’s bad here ?? we also have something to learn!
    3. Kaa
      Kaa 19 March 2013 16: 12 New
      Quote: Vanek
      Used to fight against women, the elderly and children. But against the army they can’t
      It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines, and walk on them ... As an example, all the components were used in Libya. What happened?
      Tasks" Military target- to defeat the armed forces of M. Gaddafi, to verify in real combat conditions the theoretical provisions of the Joint Command of the US Armed Forces in the African zone, to check the possibilities of rapidly building up the NATO grouping and preparing for the operation in desert combat conditions.Military - Technical - conduct mass tests in real combat conditions of new weapons: Florida Ohio-type submarine missile carrier, Tomahawk Block IV tactical cruise missile (TLAM-E), US Navy EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft, British Air Force multipurpose Eurofighter Typhoon fighter, heavily armed support aircraft ground units AC -130U, unmanned helicopter MO-8V Fire Scout.Information - psychological: to experience new forms of information-psychological warfare using the American propaganda aircraft Lockheed EC-130E Commando Solo and conducting special propaganda against the troops of M. Gaddafi and the population of Libya. Banking - to exclude and prevent Gaddafi from creating a new banking system in Africa, which threatened to leave the IMF, the World Bank and various other Western banking structures out of African affairs. Financial - use financial weapons. Repeat the success of the CIA in Iraq, where four commanders of army corps were bribed.
      Results: US and NATO strategists miscalculated, suggesting that the military operation would end in a few weeks. Initially, the military operation in Libya was designed for a period up to June 27. Later, Western countries decided to extend their presence in the sky over the Jamahiriya. NATO and its partners decided to extend their mission in Libya for another 90 days, until the end of September. At the end of September, the leadership of the North Atlantic bloc extended the hostilities until the New Year. During the nine months of the war, the failure of political and military coordination in the NATO bloc was demonstrated. France, which initiated the military operation, could not have done anything with M. Gaddafi without American jammers, tankers, AWACS aircraft and cruise missiles. The British, for the sake of prestige, to engage a dozen Tornado fighter-bombers, had to leave most of their fleet in England without spare parts and stop flights of the country's air defense fighters. The operation in Libya is a very limited military conflict. And if Europeans already after a month or two after its beginning are experiencing a shortage of ammunition, then we should ask what type of war they were preparing for? This war once again showed the level of worthlessness (without the USA) of the European military machine (NATO) and the level of its degradation.
      1. The speed of development of an unfavorable military - political situation may significantly outstrip the speed of creating a new Russian army with the perfect means of warfare.
      2. Military aggression against Russia is possible in the event of a maximum weakening of the economic, military and moral potential, lack of willingness of citizens to defend their homeland.
        NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 30 New
        Yes, there will be no direct aggressions, there will be local conflicts "by strangers" in the immediate vicinity, the US will not simply ruin their soldiers in this business in this matter, they are more cunning than the Russian military commanders ..... (women still give birth, Zhukov seems to have said) ... ..
      2. Region65
        Region65 21 March 2013 15: 32 New
        Quote: Kaa
        Military aggression against Russia is possible in the event of a maximum weakening of the economic, military and moral potential, lack of willingness of citizens to defend their homeland.

        that is, in fact, military aggression is NOT POSSIBLE! since in general, despite the large number of cattle and trolls (residents of the “swamp” and so on), patriotism and the willingness of citizens to defend their homeland still prevail in Russia. And not even a state with its kremlyadami namely the homeland. As one hero of the Soviet film “I’m for women and fighting, for women, for wives, for mothers”, after all, even in the Great Patriotic War, few sincerely fought for Stalin .. the people fought for their MOTHERLAND.
    4. ia-ai00
      ia-ai00 19 March 2013 17: 01 New
      So they just help the terrorists, and they themselves train and arm them, and then on their own ... Where it smells a little "raw", or they want to squeeze them from the feeder, they destroy the legitimate power along with the population, sometimes then “apologizing” for it, supposedly “accidentally”, aiming the wrong way ... yes, and not looking there ... yes it turns out, they never found ... And in these "protected" countries chaos reigned for decades, and amerikosy with britans "equip" their "interests" on the bones of these peoples.
  3. VadimSt
    VadimSt 19 March 2013 13: 07 New
    + Who would argue.
    Russia, apparently, also needs a long-term military alliance with a strong and influential state, that's just a small choice. Some are already gone, but those farther ..... China remains. Let's see what the arrival of the Chinese delegation in Moscow will bring. Still, the first official visit and make it, as a rule, to a strategic partner.

    And on the account of what the NATO bloc is “capable of” or “not capable of,” I think it’s not worth it to deceive ourselves — we have already raked such lessons, such as “throw hats” in the 40 of the last century.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 13: 20 New
      Quote: VadimSt
      + Who would argue.

      Much of what the article describes involves actions in third countries. Capturing aerodromes in Russia is not possible, simply because how many troops land there, so many of them will fall. It’s easy to play the situation on the cards. In fact, missiles with a bunch of nuclear warheads. yes and they don’t have soldiers ready to die in thousands.
      1. DEfindER
        DEfindER 19 March 2013 17: 39 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        yes and no they have soldiers ready to die in thousands.

        That's why they are now using zombie fanatics who are ready for a dose of anything .. and they have camps that train thousands of such frostbitten fighters, and they are already running around the tactics of their use .. If there is a large-scale war against Russia, then In addition to fanatics, migrants from Central Asia, led by Alkaida militants, will also fight our territory.
        In general, according to the article, I want to say that all this tactics is effective either against banana republics or against countries in which half of the generals are traitors .. I hope we will have timely cleanings in the senior staff of both the government and the army .. Stalin managed to clean up , and it’s scary to think how we, with the 5th column, were fighting off the Nazis ..
  4. 120352
    120352 19 March 2013 13: 08 New
    1. Set hackers on them, let them make a global financial crisis in the USA so that there is no money for the war.
    2. The same hackers to bring chaos to the intelligence of the United States and NATO, to redirect all warheads towards their own launchers: from where they left, they returned.
    3. Confuse all electronics.
    Then we'll see how they fight!
    1. alexng
      alexng 19 March 2013 14: 14 New
      Yes, it’s enough to block communications with satellites and the cranes of the vaunted American army along with NATO. This is where the usual armaments without bells and whistles will be needed, which I do not want to take in warehouses.
  5. pa_nik
    pa_nik 19 March 2013 13: 08 New
    Right word, "it was smooth on paper, but forgot about the ravines"! They can of course, of course, play in the “blue” there, in the “green”. Only reality can be far from "estimates". recourse
  6. Papakiko
    Papakiko 19 March 2013 13: 09 New
    A key challenge will be achieving strategic, operational and tactical suddenness.

    They cannot do otherwise. In another way, they will "stumble" themselves. Although, after that, they’ll “stumble” anyway, only a little later.
    "America" ​​in the article is not open, but thanks for the "soup".
  7. kontrol
    kontrol 19 March 2013 13: 09 New
    give them serdyukov to help
  8. jampbrother
    jampbrother 19 March 2013 13: 12 New
    NATO fellows
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 19 March 2013 13: 23 New
      Quote: jampbrother
      NATO fellows

      In the sense of ?
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 19 March 2013 15: 32 New
        You have put your opponent at a standstill, there is no sense in his words laughing
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 19 March 2013 16: 16 New
          Quote: Lord of the Sith
          You have put your opponent at a standstill, there is no sense in his words

          The fan must have smoked something and ... "Dynamo well done !!!!!!"
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic 19 March 2013 21: 11 New
            Quote: Kaa
            The fan must have smoked something and ... "Dynamo well done !!!!!!"

            Then it was necessary - NATO champion!
            The reciprocal mass charge from the rostrum is in full .. he will be!

            Everything can be!
            Everything can happen!
            A husband can melt with a wife!
            We can stop drinking, smoke!
            But in order to defeat Russia, this cannot be !!!!!!
  9. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 19 March 2013 13: 16 New
    I'm generally surprised that NATO still exists, in theory it was a counterbalance to the USSR, the USSR did not remain, and they are in no hurry to leave the arena
  10. VadimSt
    VadimSt 19 March 2013 13: 23 New
    Quote: Sasha 19871987
    in theory it was a counterbalance to the USSR

    The tasks of the gentlemen are changing. In 1949, this was connected with the strengthening of collective defense and peacekeeping (a sort of “dove of peace”), and now - collective defense and crisis management (in fact, the “world gendarme”).
  11. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 19 March 2013 13: 25 New
    Military blocs exist to fight, moreover, NATO is not a defensive military bloc. The question is different, can the RF Armed Forces be able to defend their country without the use of nuclear weapons?
    1. Goga
      Goga 19 March 2013 14: 05 New
      d.gksueyjd - Colleague, why suddenly "without the use of nuclear weapons"? Why did the country after the war give the last to create a nuclear missile shield, which would now be "without use"? That is the meaning of nuclear weapons, because now its presence allows us not to contain a huge army with conventional weapons - we have nuclear weapons, which means there will be no big war, and for Papuans like Saakashvili it’s enough that we have now, especially since the latter time conventional (non-nuclear) armed forces began to receive new weapons hi
      1. d.gksueyjd
        d.gksueyjd 19 March 2013 14: 34 New
        Now I understand why the DPRK has nuclear weapons!
  12. Goga
    Goga 19 March 2013 13: 30 New
    And who of the listed victims of the US and NATO aggression tried to seriously resist? Yugoslavia was quite able to inflict sabotage attacks on the air base in Italy, Hussein also had the opportunity to pinch the bases located in the Gulf region, Gaddafi’s saboteurs could well get to NATO’s European bases - and none of them did this .... And yet, such actions are far from news - after the Second World War, when the United States threatened to launch a nuclear strike against the USSR, and then we had neither nuclear weapons nor their delivery vehicles, it was supposed to counter such a possible strike in such a diversionary manner. Under the leadership of the brilliant professional P. Sudoplatov, a sabotage network was created in a short time, capable of destroying, in the event of a crisis, a number of NATO air bases and thereby preventing or already significantly weakening the planned air strike in our country. We have not seen anything like this in recent conflicts. The only exception is Iran - the Persians publicly declared - in case of an attack they are ready to transfer hostilities to the territory of the aggressor. I think such a determination played an important role in the fact that so far the attacks never happened.
      NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 35 New
      The source does not tell interesting facts, I read a lot about Sudoplatov, but I have not heard this, I will be grateful .....
  13. Nevyatoy
    Nevyatoy 19 March 2013 13: 43 New
    If the United States in reality could effectively fight a more or less worthy army, then Syria would have been occupied for a long time. The opinion of China and Russia is secondary to them. There were enough reasons for the attack: a downed Turkish plane, a chem. weapons, "violation of human rights", etc. But there is one thing but ....
    The USA cannot afford any significant losses in manpower and equipment. Even such losses that are considered calculated and acceptable in terms of strategy.
    But in the United States, the army is half composed of emigrants who can scatter, quickly losing their fighting spirit. And in this case, even a super technique will not help. Naturally, their pilots are all 100% US citizens. they can and will have an incentive to fight. Ground operations are possible only with complete dominance in the air. And this, in turn, makes the US strategy too narrow, which will not allow them to have a sufficient number of alternative options if something goes wrong.
    Therefore, they are most afraid of deliveries to potential victims of modern air defense systems (type S-300).
    I am sure 100% excellent air defense, this is a panacea for the NATO army.
    1. Andy
      Andy 19 March 2013 14: 12 New
      Quote: NeSvyatoy
      If the United States in reality could effectively fight a less or less worthy army, then Syria would have been occupied for a long time.

      the Syrians "with a more or less standing army" can not really cope with their assholes and devotees from behind the hill. moreover, it’s not a professional army yet. There are no air raids and other delights ... and if NATO gets into it openly, then it will crush at times.

      "There were enough reasons for the attack: a downed Turkish plane"
      yeah, over the territory of Syria. maybe they would have used it if they had found at least some intelligible explanation of what had happened.
      1. Perch_xnumx
        Perch_xnumx 19 March 2013 16: 26 New
        the Syrians "with a more or less standing army" can not really cope with their assholes and devotees from behind the hill. moreover, it’s not a professional army yet. There are no air raids and other delights ... and if NATO gets into it openly, then it will crush at times.
        "There were enough reasons for the attack: a downed Turkish plane"
        yeah, over the territory of Syria. maybe they would have used it if they had found at least some intelligible explanation of what had happened.

        And Americans with a professional army of drones and airplanes cannot cope with the Taliban, and yet they still do not have the volume and quality of weapons that are being driven by mercenaries and Islamists in Syria, otherwise they would wash themselves. army of bloody tears.
      NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 39 New
      Here, like the same articles, they were printed in the USSR on the eve of World War II, but the reality turned out to be different, special. You are ours .... I especially liked your confidence about 100%. Joseph Vissarionovich was also sure ......
  14. engineer74
    engineer74 19 March 2013 14: 04 New
    Advanced military technology is good! But some points were missed: 1. Vulnerability of the civilian infrastructure of NATO countries (cyber attacks, sabotage, terrorist attacks). 2. The lack of political unity (increasingly trying to solve their non-military problems by NATO forces) in the bloc and the growing gap in the military capabilities of the participants. IMHO
  15. Rus2012
    Rus2012 19 March 2013 14: 09 New
    ... NATO is a relic of the time, it must be dissolved!
    And since He doesn’t want to dissolve on his own - all that remains is to destroy, one way or another ...
    I think such a worthy adversary will appear sooner or later. repeat
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 19 March 2013 14: 22 New
      "I think such a worthy adversary will appear sooner or later."
      I think they themselves will be bitten over — there are few available resources in the world, and there are many freebies in
  16. Stiletto
    Stiletto 19 March 2013 14: 09 New
    The main enemy is not the NATO armies, but confusion and vacillation within the country. Our sworn friends carefully search for this rot and mold and begin to carefully cultivate it. And only when the wedge is thoroughly driven in, they begin to help their upreaders - all kinds of "rebels" and "fighters against the regime." It is this internal caries that must be worn out in the bud in the most decisive manner, immediately and mercilessly.
      SASCHAmIXEEW 19 March 2013 15: 54 New
      On this you need to do a normal education, health care, and deal with the 5colon all the liquidated Zionist trash must be thrown out of the country !!! Under the tsars there was a ban on living this dishonesty in Russia, and now it is necessary to introduce !!!
  17. mihal74
    mihal74 19 March 2013 14: 15 New
    After the first serious retaliatory strike, they will have to go on the defensive. But I’m wondering, can they defend themselves? Something tells me that they have forgotten how it is done since World War II! soldier
    1. zao74
      zao74 19 March 2013 17: 31 New
      And they didn’t know how to defend themselves during World War II, they only gave up. The West has problems with the "darling", there is none. Only they can bomb from far away.
  18. Nevyatoy
    Nevyatoy 19 March 2013 14: 23 New
    Quote: Stiletto

    The main enemy is not NATO armies, but confusion and reeling inside the country.

    The United States is most afraid of confusion and vacillation in our country, and not vice versa. Learn the story. Confusion and vacillation is nothing more than a transition period to the strengthening of the country. After each “Disorder and Reel”, so to speak, a leader comes and the country becomes even stronger. For example, the end of the Time of Troubles in 1612, the Creation of the USSR, the Reform of Peter the Great, etc.
    But the stability that now has a place to be and is needed by our enemies. We are steadily trashing the country. Any sway can agitate the people and they wake up. Quiet glanders profukayu Russia. That is why we are all told that "Do not rock the boat" !!!! Let everything go as it should.
    1. Andy
      Andy 19 March 2013 14: 51 New
      since when did turmoil become a strengthening moment? how much did they lose in civilian life? their own were beaten. and our likely friends — England, France, the USA and Japan — hurried to take advantage of this.
      trouble of the 90s. how many people lost in national conflicts or for some other reasons (health, lost their jobs / housing, laid hands on themselves) during the "perestroika"? Did this strengthen you much?
    2. zao74
      zao74 19 March 2013 17: 33 New
      The right words are partial. Only we do not cherish. And there is a strong leader who has lifted Russia from its knees.
        NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 44 New
        The surname, if possible, of this strong leader, If you mean Vekselberg, a friend of the Svetliyi’s family, then maybe there are no others on the horizon ....
  19. Andy
    Andy 19 March 2013 15: 01 New
    a crooked mirror represents ...

    "The need to fight Russian propaganda, Estonian Interior Minister Ken Marty Waher, explained the fact that in Ida-Virumaa the Security Police on average earn a quarter more than their colleagues from many other regions of the country."

    ida-virumaa-region narva-kohtla-järve.
  20. washi
    washi 19 March 2013 15: 29 New
    If before our garrisons were scattered throughout the country, now, after the reform, all the headquarters and units are concentrated. One sudden raid and all .....
    Regarding the raid - air defense, compared with the USSR reduced by at least a third. If before there was a double, or even a triple overlap along the entire border, now only large cities are protected.
    As for the suddenness, intelligence was reduced by half. If before the head of the GRU had the right to go directly to the head of state, now go through all instances
    All this reminds me of the beginning of the Second World War. There is no intelligence, no air defense, no trained troops. And the enemy’s tactics are the same - a sudden blow to pain points. Deprive Electricity, communications, food. Plus a blow to ideology; We come for your salvation. You will not have corruption, food is free. We will repair your houses and build for free to everyone.
    How many percent will not lead? Given the generations lost in the 90s?
    1. Stiletto
      Stiletto 19 March 2013 15: 41 New
      Vasya, in many ways you are very right, besides the “blow to ideology”: the world has already seen enough of these “saviors” ...

      It's not gonna go.
    2. zao74
      zao74 19 March 2013 17: 37 New
      A sufficient amount of "not lead". Enough to break the ridge to anyone. The Russians never obeyed anyone! And do not talk about the yoke, this is a lie of the Westerners to litter our brains.
        NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 47 New
        Strange I went to school in the 70s of the last century, they also talked about the yoke and it was written in textbooks, were there really Westerners in the USSR too ....
        1. zao74
          zao74 20 March 2013 09: 42 New
          The history was rewritten by the Romanovs ascending to the Russian throne in 1613, and Westerners gladly picked up this version and four hundred years convince us that we are descendants of Tatar slaves.
  21. IRBIS
    IRBIS 19 March 2013 15: 42 New
    The deployment of strike groups, the organization of their rear and technical support, the use of the latest types of weapons, the use of all types of reconnaissance and, most importantly, the organization of command and cooperation - all this is what NATO’s not only practicing on their exercises, but also “running through” it in real combat operations during local conflicts around the world. Let us honestly admit to ourselves that in this they have achieved certain successes. And, in fact, they haven’t fought anywhere at full power. So, a test of strength and new weapons. And you shouldn’t poke your fingers into their care and defeat, but we have enough of them too. And then we are laughing at downed western modern aircraft, and we ourselves “managed” to lose six of ours in Georgia, including one “strategist”. And this is with absolute superiority in air and weapons. So let the enemy evaluate soberly and realistically, without emotions and "patriotic" exclamations in favor of the poor.
  22. patriot2
    patriot2 19 March 2013 16: 04 New
    [quote = IRBIS]
    I agree with you, more sobriety in assessing the capabilities of your Armed Forces and troop control systems. This is nonsense when the commander-in-chief of the Air Force issues commands to pilots via cellular communications, rather than through regular channels (as in the Georgian war).
    One should not underestimate the probable adversary, for he will have to pay for it with losses of equipment and people. Emotions only interfere here - only objective facts.
  23. amp
    amp 19 March 2013 18: 17 New
    You are reading this article and it seems that in the courtyard the beginning of the century, when the almighty NATO threatened the whole world and no one had heard of any crisis. )))

    They do not have the strength and means to carry out some serious projection of force now. The maximum is a short-term air operation like in Libya, but there is no money for a normal full-scale war.
    That is why they attacked Libya, but do not go to Iran, because sometimes bombs are not enough. By the way, they are already leaving Mali.
      NOBODY EXCEPT US 19 March 2013 21: 50 New
      Yugi, Iraq, Libya, Syria are stuck for a long time, Iran’s time has not come yet, and in MALI, by the way, NATO isn’t French there ...... though it’s hardly interesting for you ....
      1. Cpa
        Cpa 20 March 2013 08: 19 New
        France with 2009 of the year in NATO.
  24. Alexej.Taran
    Alexej.Taran 19 March 2013 21: 31 New
    I advise you to read: Fundamentals of the theory of John Boyd.
    Principles, application and implementation. Everything is described there.
  25. wax
    wax 20 March 2013 00: 04 New
    All these ambitious reflections are designed for psychology - whose nerves are off the hook. This option turned out to be successful with Gorbi, who bought into a dummy star wars and ruining the economy. But you had to wait five years, and then bring down the states. Endurance, analytics, cunning and confidence are enough to make the enemy tremble.