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Anniversary of the bloody adventure: 10 years ago, the US invaded Iraq

Today is the anniversary of the most controversial and bloody military adventure of the 21 century. 19 March 2003, Allied forces under the banner of the United States and Great Britain invaded Iraq. Then it was explained weapons mass defeat that Saddam Hussein could use against anyone. True, no one listened to the people who were sent to Iraq to search for weapons or at least their tracks.

The UN mission, led by Hans Blix, the chief weapons inspector, has worked in the country for over a year. Now, in an article for CNN, he recalls: “Already after the war, I was informed that in my office in New York there was a mass of“ bugs. ”Well, it’s quite likely. That's just a pity that the people who listened to me didn’t take into account all that I said then. "

Hans Blix calls the war a terrible mistake and a violation of the UN Charter. After 10 years, Iraq is one of the most dangerous spots on the planet, a country torn apart by extremist gangs, engulfing ethnic, religious strife. Over the 10 years, the loss of the international coalition in Iraq amounted to about five thousand people. How many civilians died, no one even thought of setting exactly: different numbers are called, from 700 thousand to one and a half million.

Hans Blix says he feared for his employees. After all, they are going to a country that in Western public opinion was depicted as a closed and gloomy tyranny. And here is a surprise: all the doors opened before the inspectors, they were allowed into any objects. And in general, writes Blix, "the Iraqis helped a lot at the time." As is known, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. “Suspicion is one thing, but the reality is quite another,” says Hans Blix. “We didn’t find any weapons or evidence. And they submitted a corresponding report. But the then head of the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld, didn’t want to listen to anything. The absence of evidence is not proof of absence. "

Then, at a meeting of the Security Council on Iraq, the same Donald Rumsfeld showed everyone some satellite photos and told about the movement of cargo with a deadly weapon. The inspectors then checked this data. "February 11, about a month before the invasion, I approached Condoleezza Rice, who was then a national security adviser, and told her that we checked all the objects pointed out by American intelligence, but didn’t find anything there," Blix recalls. Her answer was: "We are not dealing with intelligence, but with Iraq."

America needed a war, Hans Blix concludes. After the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration was supposed to unleash all its might and rage on someone from the Axis of Evil. Saddam turned out to be a suitable target. The only excuse for invading Iraq was the testimony of prisoners of war. Judging by them, Saddam allegedly was going to resume the program to create weapons of mass destruction. Blix puts this in doubt: "I can not judge how sincere these people were who were captured and who were interrogated. It is likely that they said what they wanted to hear from them, nothing more."

Be that as it may, the United States and its allies not only wanted to find and destroy stocks of weapons of mass destruction. Hans Blix describes their other goals, as well as what eventually happened: “The goal is to eliminate Al-Qaeda in Iraq. But in Iraq they did not hear about Al-Qaeda until the troops invaded there. More one goal is to create exemplary democracy there. But instead of tyranny, Iraqis got anarchy, and America compromised itself with actions that violate the laws of war. Another goal is to turn Iraq into a friendly testing ground for a possible operation against Iran. But in the end it turned out the opposite - Iran got a strong ally. "

After the existing precedents with Afghanistan and Vietnam in Iraq, the “supermarket principle” worked: “broke - means bought”. Maybe it is because of this purely economic issue that the US is not so belligerent with Libya and Syria, suggests Blix.
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  1. klimpopov
    klimpopov 19 March 2013 11: 49 New
    10 years later, Iraq is one of the most dangerous points on the planet, a country torn by extremist gangs is covered

    And so wherever they climbed ...

    Be that as it may, the United States and its allies wanted not only to find and destroy stocks of weapons of mass destruction. Hans Blix describes their other goals, as well as what happened in the end: "The goal is to eliminate al-Qaeda in Iraq. But in Iraq, they have not heard of al-Qaeda."

    This story is still being told. Well, it's funny.
    After the already existing precedents with Afghanistan and Vietnam, the "supermarket principle" worked in Iraq: "broke - means bought."

    Rather broke - then feed the elite you put in power ...
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 12: 26 New
      Quote: klimpopov
      And so wherever they climbed ..

      Hi Klim! This is called democracy. laughing they cured a bunch of fates, ruined the country and they are sitting around the world hanging noodles and some still believe them.
      1. Oshin
        Oshin 19 March 2013 13: 00 New
        The most offensive thing is that no one condemns the United States for what it has done! Everyone in the west is hypocritically closing their eyes! But Russia still recalls the "attack" on Georgia (((
        The West sees only what is beneficial to it! When it is profitable, he recalls the genocide of the Jews, when not, he turns a blind eye to the parades of SS veterans. Sorry, not the topic, but outraged by the hypocrisy of people.
        1. klimpopov
          klimpopov 19 March 2013 13: 13 New
          Double standards however ...
        2. ughhh
          ughhh 19 March 2013 18: 36 New
          Quote: Oshin
          The most annoying thing is that no one condemns the USA for what has been done!

          For now, yes. But someday you have to pay for everything. And this hour is getting closer.
      2. klimpopov
        klimpopov 19 March 2013 13: 12 New
        Hi Sasha! Moreover, for them it is normal, that is, the whole economy is based on this kind of behavior. What morality can be expected from their civilization?
  2. Wedmak
    Wedmak 19 March 2013 11: 50 New
    The intermediate results of the invasion: Nichrome did not achieve their goals, got bogged down in a guerrilla war, gouging everything and everything, bombing the local population in the Middle Ages ... heroes cho .... am
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 19 March 2013 12: 02 New
      A very modest assessment, it is necessary to call a spade a spade. In fact, the goals of the war have been achieved - the money has been allocated and drank, the country has been destroyed and chaos has reigned in its territory, the business has received a reservoir with muddy water in which it is doing its business, the main oil is flowing in the right direction. The aggressors do not care about the population. The goals are achieved in full.
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 19 March 2013 12: 07 New
        You are right of course, they have achieved their hidden goals. Maybe ... That's just the coffins to America from there go very stably. I understand that the top do not care, but they have already begun to get theirs. I really hope that I will live to see the day when the US abbreviation becomes history. Or at least it will not cause negative emotions.
        1. klimpopov
          klimpopov 19 March 2013 12: 15 New
          And with coffins, everything is as always, and who in the US Army is that? They will tell patriotic nonsense about the accession of the ideals of democracy to families and benefits ... Everything is covered - indoor ...
          1. bask
            bask 19 March 2013 12: 23 New
            amounted to about five thousand people

            This is only the loss of SUSH and their allies directly killed in Iraq.
            According to independent sources, losses of the United States are 50-60- thousand people.
    2. vjhbc
      vjhbc 19 March 2013 20: 33 New
      they achieved everything they wanted (controlled chaos theory)
  3. Tatarus
    Tatarus 19 March 2013 12: 00 New
    Pay attention to the fact that the Yankees are constantly fighting a war. As soon as the crisis smelled and immediately grinder. Now they have a Western crisis there. Meat grinders will appear again and again.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 19 March 2013 12: 16 New
      But while the meat grinders are less local, the greater the likelihood of an intensification of the crisis for them, the greater the likelihood of starting a large meat grinder with us ... It already happened ...
    2. Oshin
      Oshin 19 March 2013 12: 30 New
      The more serious their crisis, the more brazenly they are starting a war. The West loves this thing. In the Middle Ages, crusades were declared to unite the Western countries and replenish the treasury, as well as to increase influence. Now campaigns in the name of democracy!
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 19 March 2013 13: 15 New
        Duc and 1941 think it just happened? They have a crisis and depression, and here, lo and behold, the war on which they profited and not just war but world war ... It’s just that the most violent Hitler was in Europe at that time, if he hadn’t, they would have found another ...
  4. Stiletto
    Stiletto 19 March 2013 12: 10 New
    Judge for war crimes!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 12: 28 New
      Quote: Stiletto

      Judge for war crimes!

      There aren’t enough cameras. In order to plant all the freaks, we need a total cleaning of the earth from dirt.
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 19 March 2013 13: 16 New
        With the subsequent expulsion of all the "dirt" for the exploration of Venus - the climate there is suitable laughing
  5. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 19 March 2013 12: 14 New
    Well what can I say, wherever bloody horror climb
  6. Oshin
    Oshin 19 March 2013 12: 24 New
    Long live American democracy, the most democratic democracy in the world! Hooray, comrades! Who else longs for democracy? we are coming to you!
    Very sorry for ordinary people, they suffer most of all and always. What in Yugoslavia, what in Iraq, Libya. now Syria is next in line.
  7. Cpa
    Cpa 19 March 2013 12: 34 New
    When Saddam was a friend of the states, they themselves brought him strains of "Siberian" for divorce, Iraq invaded Kuwait with the tacit consent of the United States, they heroically attacked an ally under pressure from the Saudis. At the same time, they tested new Apaches, Abrams, stealth, tomahawks and graphite bombs. a demonstration of the power of the new hegemon, after all, Saddam was not overthrown in the 90s. In 2003, when the smell of fried and America began to represent the Kurds, Hussein got rid of the strains of weapons. Britain initially laid the foundation of this conflict by creating an artificial state of Kuwait and cutting off Iraq from the sea They are doing the same now, creating artificial states - Kosovo, Baluchistan, Taiwan, Ukraine, Karabakh, North Sudan, North Yemen, the United Caliphate, the Caucasian Emirate, Uyguristan, all in order to put neighbors in cancer and knock their heads together. , so everyone who shouts about independence should remember this.
  8. pinecone
    pinecone 19 March 2013 12: 40 New
    Next in line is Syria with its "stocks" of chemical weapons.
  9. wax
    wax 19 March 2013 13: 04 New
    American paranoia is not treated with soul-saving conversations, but only surgically.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 19 March 2013 13: 17 New
      I'm afraid medicine is powerless here ...
  10. 120352
    120352 19 March 2013 13: 15 New
    It is time for adventurers to answer for their adventure!
  11. Xunta
    Xunta 19 March 2013 13: 49 New
    War is the engine of everything ... trade, science, political and economic organization of the country, the morale of the nation, etc. and such wars under the flags of the United States will continue ... or they pi ... c. An empire does not live long without a goal or even an external enemy!
  12. predator.3
    predator.3 19 March 2013 14: 49 New
    Weapons of mass destruction were not found, they weren’t looking for it - but all the production and sale of Iraqi oil was in the hands of American companies, last year the Iraqi Minister of Oil announced such a figure, Iraq has 30 bucks for each barrel sold, price (world) -100- $ 115, i.e. amers have 70-80 bucks, sickly fat!
  13. Black
    Black 19 March 2013 16: 16 New
    Why "gamble"? A very successful war. As for the dead, all contract soldiers knew what they were doing. This is the job.
  14. Larus
    Larus 19 March 2013 17: 56 New
    pind0s did what they intended. Now their companies pump oil and have very good money from it. Well, what is happening in the country does not interest them, because their job was to put the puppet in charge, as they do everywhere. Pind0s have a lot of jackals who are greedy for the dollar, and they play a trick on them.