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Busted "Izhmash" will save at the expense of "Izhmeha" and "Hammer"

The Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, addressed the 7 in February at the 328 meeting of the Federation Council as part of the Government Hour. He told about the implementation of the state defense order and the apparent progress of the defense industry. “We need to create powerful corporations that can not only optimize production, but also form a production and scientific base,” said the Deputy Prime Minister. - It will help our enterprises to become competitive. Corporations will create the image of the military-industrial complex. ”

After the “Government Hour”, Dmitry Rogozin told reporters that on the basis of “Ishmash”, “a single competence is being formed” with “Izhmeh”. A single design office and two production bases will be created. After that, negotiations will begin with the Vyatka-Polyansky plant "Molot" on its accession to the "single competence."

It is like a drowning man instead of a lifebuoy to throw in the help of an incompetent swimmer who can barely float. And promise to add a second - with a stone around his neck.


Dmitry Rogozin proposed to merge Izhmash and Izhmeh in November 2012. At a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said: “There are two enterprises in Izhevsk, both complex, Izhmash and Izhmeh. In order to concentrate efforts and, most importantly, to preserve the design potential in Izhevsk, there is a proposal to combine these two enterprises in the framework of the state corporation “Russian Technologies” under the common brand “Kalashnikov”.

The president supported the proposal. Outstanding designer Mikhail Kalashnikov did not object to such perpetuation of his name. In December 2012, Dmitry Rogozin appointed Konstantin Busygin as the head of Izhmash, and work began on the creation of the Kalashnikov concern. This process was recalled by the Deputy Prime Minister after the Government Hour.

The idea looks promising - to collect power into one fist, unite designers, strengthen, multiply, etc. Although, if you look, not everything is so simple. Firstly, these are enterprises with large history, traditions and labor dynasties. They have separate design schools working in different directions. And, most importantly, their material and financial situation is not brilliant. "Izhmash" is generally bankrupt. And the union looks like an attempt to fix his business at the expense of a slightly more successful neighbor, who himself barely started to get out of the financial quagmire.

It will be very ugly if, as a result of such a merger, the Kalashnikov brand is discredited and other well-known brands are killed - Izhmash, Izhmeh, and Baikal.

To begin, consider the design potential in Izhevsk, which is planned to be maintained and strengthened. In fact, it must be saved and restored. It's no secret that weapons The design bureau of the Soviet Union actively competed with each other. Often, competition turned into the worst feud when they don’t choose the means. After all, it was precisely these competing gunsmiths who intensively spread rumors that the Kalashnikov’s assault rifle was “licked” from Hugo Schmeisser's “stormmaker”. At the same time, they knew very well that these were fundamentally different weapons.

The Izhmash design bureau, however, remained the leader, and the Kalashnikov family of automatic weapons was the basis of the country's small arms.

During the “great mistress” of 1990's, the lack of government orders, as well as the illiterate and predatory management, ruined more than one defense industry enterprise. The sad fate befell the famous Tula Arms Plant (TOZ), the former Imperial. The extent of his ruin is illustrated by the following glaring fact. When the company’s 300 anniversary was celebrated last year, it turned out that its 300-year-old archive had disappeared - an invaluable collection of documents that began with the decrees of Peter I. This is a real state crime that no one thinks of investigating.

The famous design office of TOZ - the Central Design and Research Bureau of Sports and Hunting Weapons (TsKIB SOO) is now a branch of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. From there, the current chief designer Vladimir Zlobin moved to Izhmash. Brought him with the team in May 2011, the newly appointed general director of the company, Maxim Kuzyuk, who did not briefly lead the concern and left him on the eve of the crash. Tula, who were not useful at home, actively engaged in the reconstruction of the KB of long-standing competitors. Zlobin headed the Design and Technology Center (KTC), and his fellow countrymen, pushing aside Izhevtsy, led a number of projects and directions in the center.

Some works were closed. For example, the development of the AK-200, which was promised to be the best in the world. Instead, the Tula brigade, which began work on 2011 in May, began assembling AK-5, the newest 12 generation of AK-10 from what it had been producing at Izhmash over the past 2012 years, in May. And in January, XNUMX, a ready-made sample of the “V.Zlobin design” was presented to a high-ranking public.

From the very beginning, the indigenous Izhevsk designers, to put it mildly, were skeptical of the weapon, which they called “puzzle” and “Lego” for its combined construction. It was noted that not all attractive developments can work together, and the manufacturability of production may be too difficult for mass production. Just a couple of days ago, the results of the first stage of testing were leaked to the press. The worst assumptions were confirmed.

Vladimir Lepin, general designer of wearable weapons and combat equipment of the military personnel of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITOCHMASH), noted that AK-12 had “critical things that were unfinished by designers for certain reasons and that begin to appear at the stage of these tests” . He did not give details, but the main thing he said was a design flaw.

Now Mr. Zlobin and the team will have to eliminate these shortcomings in a short time and transfer AK-12 to TsNIITOCHMASH for state tests. In the same place, the AEK automat, created by Kovrov’s designers, is being tested. They are also perennial rivals of Izhmash, where many interesting and original models of modern weapons were developed, often by Western designers. Only they were not lucky, they failed to break through the Kalashnikov monopoly. But now AEK has every chance of being adopted. Although there are claims of testers against him, this is really a new generation machine that allows you to hit a target with the 0,9 probability even to a not very experienced shooter.

An arms school is people, knowledge-bearers, who can think originally. Everything rests on them. Now they are leaving Izhmash en masse. When from the bankrupt Concern Izhmash OJSC, which was discussed ahead, the mass transfer of workers to a new legal entity, NPO Izhmash OJSC, began, this was done not by transfer, but through dismissal. The man left and came with the workbook to the same place where he worked. Only accepted it already on lower position with a smaller salary. We are talking about world-famous designers.

By the way, registration to the native enterprise went through a recruitment agency registered in Irkutsk. It turns out that it belonged to Ekaterina Sugarenko, thirty years old - Director for Personnel, NPO Izhmash OJSC. It is clear that to pay for the services of the agency, except at the expense of weaning wages, there is nowhere to take the money.

Many experienced designers did not want to endure the humiliation and left the company. Young people also left, which was paid for a salary of five thousand rubles. According to the general designer Vladimir Zlobin, now KTC is developing forty projects, of which he personally oversees thirty. Ten of them are students, graduate students and yesterday's graduates. "Under the guidance of experienced comrades," notes the head of KOTS. Interesting projects that students are engaged in are the simplification of a small-caliber rifle, the conversion of a SVD into a pneumoelectric weapon for airsoft. For the graduation project, probably, it is quite appropriate, especially in collaboration with an experienced designer. It is still difficult to say how much such developments will strengthen the Kalashnikov brand. Usually, a youth support entirely dependent on the owner is grown in this way.


The troubles of "Izhmash" did not begin now, but, like almost everyone, during the 1990's catastrophe. For many years Vladimir Grodetsky was the head of the Izhevsky Machinery group of enterprises. Under his leadership, he sought to pick up as many enterprises of any profile as possible. After that, loans were issued to them, they were pledged, etc. The usual practice of the time, leading to bankruptcy, even the gold and emerald mines.

In September, 1998 was established on the basis of the production complex of OAO Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant a large industrial holding operating in several areas of the defense and civilian profile of Concern Izhmash. From 2008, he became the parent company of a melee weapon production holding as part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation. By the beginning of 2011, OJSC Concern Izhmash, as part of 32 legal entities, has accumulated 19 billion rubles of debt. Rostekhnologii sent a rescue anti-crisis team to Izhevsk. It turned out that a significant part of assets was plundered, production stagnated. Nine companies of the Izhmash group have already been declared bankrupt in respect of 11 enterprises, including Izhevsk Machine-Building OJSC, Izhmash Concern OJSC, Izhevsky Arms Plant OJSC, Izhmashanko OJSC, Izhmashenergo OJSC as creditors bankruptcy petitions were filed. GK "Russian Technologies" repaid and restructured the debt of a number of enterprises for almost 3,5 billion rubles, but this could not help.

Bankruptcy is inevitable, and with it the loss of mobilization capacity at least is real. Fraudulent schemes were opened, ashamed of Vladimir Grodetsky in the spring of 2011, head of the Russian Technologies State Corporation Sergey Chemezov finally dismissed a few weeks before the expiration of the contract. And the former director went, no, not under investigation, but to create another holding.

19 of May 2011 of the year Sergey Chemezov signed a decision on the establishment of OAO NPO Izhmash. The CEO was approved by 37-year-old Maxim Kuzyuk, who had never worked in the military-industrial complex. In this position, he lasted a year, distributing an interview about the success of the enterprise. During this short time, several promising areas of activity were lost and, accordingly, the state defense order in these areas. The design bureau was destroyed and a time bomb in the form of a Tula group of specialists was laid in it. Lost frames and confused workflow. The Ministry of Defense and other power departments of the state order were not given, because the newly formed company did not have a license to manufacture weapons.

Ultimately, what is OAO NPO Izhmash? The authorized capital is one hundred thousand rubles (!), Sberbank loans and production and administrative areas leased from Izhmash Concern. There are also bills of exchange for 150 million dollars, issued by OJSC Concern Izhmash. There was an attempt to get this money from a bankrupt through the Arbitration Court. But no court has recognized these bills. They are refused to be included in transactions using in the competitive mass. Moreover, these actions were qualified in court as “abuse of the right to harm their creditors”. Some experts suspect that the whole operation with the creation of a new legal entity was just being started for the sake of obtaining these 150 million dollars. Meanwhile, the assets of the bankrupt Concern Izhmash OJSC for 31.12.2011 were estimated at - (minus) 311 085 000 rubles. That is, in more than 300 millions of debt. This is the annual report data. The company is in the process of liquidation.

October 9 2012 of the year was denied approval by the bankruptcy manager of Concern Izhmash OJSC, Artemiy Kuznetsov. And on November 23, he was also removed from the duties of the bankruptcy trustee of OAO Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant - the parent company of the concern. Lenders suspect him of attracting affiliates to the case and of improper performance of duties. Now, non-working enterprises are laid off employees who did not want to leave for a lower salary in NPO Izhmash OJSC. This February, more 50 people have already been laid off. Actually thrown into the street. In Izhevsk, the gunsmith has nowhere else to go.

After working for a year as CEO, Maxim Kuziuk swiftly left Izhmash, NPO in June 2012, to head another division of the Rostekhnologiya Group of Companies, and now Rsstekh, AKB Yakor, OJSC. And in July, Russian Technologies did not approve its annual and accounting reports. Alexander Kosov was appointed general director. It was with him in the autumn of 2012 that workers who had received a salary in 2,5 thousand rubles. About 200 workers staged a spontaneous rally. Then many quit, and 2012’s state defense order was disrupted. It was after this that Dmitry Rogozin received a salutary thought - to correct the dying Izhmash at the expense of a little more successful Izhmekh.


The current CEO Konstantin Busygin, appointed last December, is apparently designed to perform exactly this task - to join Izhmeh, and then the Molot plant from Vyatskiye Polyan, and to pull out Izhmash from the bottomless abyss. And buy for real money put up for a contest of production, listed for JSC "Concern" Izhmash ". Although Rostec could help him with this, covering the multibillion-dollar debts of former leaders, if he was patient and let go in peace.

At the time, OAO Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Izhmekh) also Moscow managers frolicked with exorbitant salaries and accommodation at the expense of the enterprise. For the sake of their whims, the employee of the canteen was forced to stay at work after midnight, working actually for food, because 2,5-3 thousand rubles. normal salary can not be considered. From FSUE to OAO the plant was transformed in December 2012 of the year. It seems, specifically, to legally merge into the “single competence” with OAO NPO Izhmekh.

From weapons products, the company manufactures hunting rifles, pistols - combat, service and traumatic, sport and sports training pistols and a large number of air pistols and rifles of various designs. For all these products there is a fairly high demand. The company's share in the total release of small arms in Russia is estimated by various experts from 40 to 86%. In general, the company in the last few years began to revive. Abroad good demand for its products under the brand "Baikal".

Naturally, there is a design bureau at Izhmekh that specializes in sports and hunting weapons, as well as pistols. Of the latest innovations, the Yarygin pistol (PU), put into service and, finally, ordered in industrial quantities. He does not intersect with Izhmashevsky KTC in any way, and the combination of two different design schools looks strange. However, it is nothing strange if all the developments of the two enterprises will be in the hands of the management of OAO NPO Izhmash. And the promised transfer of the production of hunting weapons to Tula will save the native enterprise of the chief designer Vladimir Zlobin. Where to put the workers of a number of Izhmekh workshops seems to excite very few people.

It is useful to recall here that Russian President Vladimir Putin, endorsing “shared competence,” nevertheless said: “The result should be an improvement in the situation, and in no case deterioration.” And he especially warned Dmitry Rogozin: “And always in such cases many questions of a social nature arise; I ask you to pay close attention to this. ” Nothing, the salary will be cut off, as at “Izhmash”, the workers themselves will scatter. From the point of view of management “competence”, the situation will only improve from this.


The “Hammer” plant in the city of Vyatskiye Polyany was already a member of Concern Izhmash OJSC. Nothing good happened. The company specialized in the production of machine guns, which are not needed by the RF Ministry of Defense for the last 20 years. It also produces rifled hunting carbines "Vepr" based on machine-gun barrels. But in Russia, rifled hunting weapons due to a number of restrictions are scanty popular.

It is unlikely that the “single lineup” promised by merging into a single “Kalashnikov” means for the “Hammer” the same as for “Izhmash”. It seems unlikely that the manufacture of machine guns was transferred from Izhevsk to Vyatskiye Polyany. Rather, they will take away the production of machine guns and other products of defense value. And in return, they will give to a single-industry city, wholly dependent on the state of the plant, something not so monetary.

On the "Hammer", probably, have not yet forgotten the period of the rule of Izhevsk. Concern "Izhmash", when he cleaned the Vyatka-Polyansky plant in its composition, sent there his head of the price control department Sergey Bakhmournov as a commercial director. He then became the first deputy general director, and in the 2007 year - the general director. He worked clearly in the interests of "Izhmash" and not "Hammer."

Under his strict control and control, the plant sharply reduced the production of small arms. Even in the best years, loading orders provided work only half the capacity. The production base was modernized at a snail's pace, and the development of new samples almost ceased. And the “Hammer” was left almost without state order. For a small town, it was a real disaster. People went to the demonstration, demanding to restore the plant or give the city subsidies. From the budget for the payment of arrears of wages had to allocate half a billion rubles.

In May, 2010, during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Izhevsk, was presented with a proposal to transfer the production of military weapons from Vyatskiye Polyan to Izhmash. The Kirov authorities strongly opposed this. In August 2010 was decided by Gennady Brusnigin, who was the general director of the Molot Vyatskopolyansky Machine-Building Plant, was decided by shareholders by GK Russian Technologies and Concern Izhmash OJSC. He had no connection with Izhmash.

The company began to revive. Hammer produces a quarter of civilian weapons sold in Russia. Exports have tripled - from 352 million rubles in 2009 to 1,09 billion rubles in 2011. 2012 data for the year has not yet been received, but growth continues.

Within the plant, a joint Russian-Italian enterprise for the production of hunting rifles is being created. Rostec Corporation acts as a guarantor for the loan for the modernization of production, which eliminates the need to pledge property to the bank. The first batches of products have already been released. From abroad supplied part of the components. The main thing is that there are no problems with sales, it is not necessary to conquer the European market from scratch. Foreign brands are also selling well in the domestic market.

A certificate was received for the new carbine of the “Vepr” line - “Vepr-K” based on the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The production of the new Vepr-15 carbine was started on the basis of the American self-loading rifle AR-15 in partnership with the German arms firm Waffen Schumacher. New civilian (traumatic) and combat pistols are being developed. The construction of an assault rifle for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation continues. In general, the designers are not idle either.

Negotiations on the inclusion of the “Hammer” in the “single competence” have been going on since November 2012. But, as the press service of the enterprise notes, the topic is just being discussed. It is understandable, the enterprise that barely survived after the Izhevsk leadership did not rush to jump on the same rake.

In the United States, small arms production was the most successful business in the 2012 crisis year. Pistol and revolver maker Smith & Wesson earned $ 2012 million in the first quarter of 129, up 29% on the previous quarter. And he received orders for $ 439 million. In 2011, the amount of orders was $ 252 million. It is clear that they have freedom of ownership of weapons.

But the production of hunting weapons is also growing. There was a real shooting boom. Almost every day, new shooting galleries, training grounds, clubs and courses for beginners are opened. The number of collectors and the release of special collection weapons is growing. Travel agencies massively organize hunting tours. Since the beginning of 2012, many states have streamlined weapons sales procedures. At the same time, the production of historical samples of 100-150-year-old, which are much more expensive than modern ones, brings huge profits. And they serve more to decorate the home than for practical shooting.

For Russia, of course, this development path is unacceptable. But there are almost no orders from power ministries, the production of military weapons is almost stopped. This threatens with the loss of mobilization capacities, which can not be maintained, the loss of technology and personnel. It is clear that if these capacities are required by the state, it should pay for them. As well as paying for the training and maintenance of workers, who, if necessary, will immediately revitalize mobilization capacities. So, for example, is done in the USA, where the production of new tanks stopped, but capacities and workers saved. And there are already planned subsidies to manufacturers of automatic rifles, which Barack Obama intends to ban for sale to the public. Otherwise, production will be eliminated, and in case of any disaster it can no longer be restored.

Russia has already passed. In peacetime, the tsarist government left factories without orders. Those hibernating, the workers went to work. And in the war began a feverish recovery of production. The beginning of World War I, when the 200 thousand rifles were lost at the front in a month, instantly devastated warehouses. By the end of 1914, the gun mills had reached only half the capacity. I had to buy obsolete samples worldwide, even in Japan. And ammo, respectively.

But in the present conditions, the most important thing is competent and non-stealing leadership in enterprises. The example of "Izhmash", "Izhmekha", "Hammer" and TOZ in this respect is indicative of the entire industry. And the solution of the problems of the plundered enterprises at the expense of the not plundered and getting up on their feet is the way to the abyss. Hopefully, the plans to create a “single competence” will not succeed. And the brand "Kalashnikov" will not be disgraced.
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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 07: 38
    Which of the things that Rogozin suggested came true?
    Why did the investigating authorities not work?
    Why seeing what was happening did the state not intervene?
    And so it can go on for a very long time, but not one question has no answer. Look for someone who is favorably called. On the question that there were proposals to let private owners into the defense industry, this is all one that put a goat in the garden.
    1. alexng
      alexng 19 March 2013 08: 06
      Sasha, I just ran on the Internet and here's what picture emerged about this article. Clippings from 2011 and 2012, and for some numbers I did not find any confirmation at all, no matter how I tried. And it looks like the Hammer will not enter the Kalashnikov corporation.

      The volume of production of Izhmash in 2013 will reach 6,5 billion rubles
      For 2013, Izhmash plans to reach 6,5 billion rubles in production volume. “The plans are quite ambitious. If the volume of completed orders for 2012 is about 3 billion rubles., Products sold about 4,9 billion rubles., For 2013, plans are 6,5 billion rubles. ", - He said today, February 26, about the company's prospects for the current Year Minister of Industry and Energy of Udmurtia Oleg Radionov.

      According to him, the situation at the Izhmash group of companies remains difficult, the regional government has special control over it, but the outlook is good, work is underway to form a portfolio of orders, and it cannot be said that last year was a failure. In 2012, there was a problem with the execution of the state defense order, but now it is removed. In general, the reorganization plan was implemented, the main task was completed - the creation of a single legal entity, all licenses necessary for the production of weapons were obtained, work is underway to transfer fixed assets to the Izhmash NPO, and more than 4 thousand people have been transferred.
      info taken from here:

      In short, the article is another visep of "amateurs" of Russia in the eye.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 08: 11
        Quote: alexneg
        In short, the article is another visep of "amateurs" of Russia in the eye

        If the plant had no problems, then such articles would also not have been !!! Now they go out constantly.
        1. nickname 1 and 2
          nickname 1 and 2 19 March 2013 10: 10
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          such articles would not exist either

          If there were no such articles then Ukraine would have treated us differently?
          Are there such articles in the EU? They - ESesovtsy allow such anti-advertising of their affairs?
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 10: 15
            Quote: nick 1 and 2
            If there were no such articles then Ukraine would have treated us differently?
            Are there such articles in the EU? They - ESesovtsy allow such anti-advertising of their affairs?

            This is what ??????????????? 77
        2. alexng
          alexng 19 March 2013 10: 23
          And why collect information older than a priest's dog on sites and upload it to the forum? For general vigor? And I wonder how serious people talk on the forum, and so easily fall for other people's garbage collectors. When we throw out the garbage, we do not poke around in the garbage bag, sorting out everything in it, so why are we doing this on the forum. I here somehow gave out an official information to one flusher with a link to an article in "Consultant Plus". Duc him any truth does not care. Its main task is to squeeze out more kakashki from itself and post them on the forum for aromatization, and for those who like these smells.

          I repeat.
          Many in life play several roles.
          Psychologists are on the balcony. In the kitchen - politics. There are philosophers on the net. And only in life, as they were artists, they remained so.
      2. Dragonmu
        Dragonmu 19 March 2013 10: 49
        I agree, I read a lot of positive facts about IZHMASH, but here "the CHEF the chef has disappeared". I do not like such articles, idle talk without sources (zhzheshechka is not a reliable source, rather, on the contrary, the den of spiteful critics).
    2. Cheloveck
      Cheloveck 19 March 2013 08: 29
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Which of the things that Rogozin suggested came true? Why did the investigating authorities not work? Why did the state not intervene when they saw what was happening?

      Questions, it must be understood, are rhetorical?
    3. Goga
      Goga 19 March 2013 08: 29
      Alexander Romanov - Greetings, Alexander! Again a whole series of "effective managers" and again collapse as a result ... request The question is, do we, the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor's office only work on "special order"? Who will be responsible for this defeat or will they again level the situation at the expense of the budget? "Rostec" only exists in order to sweep aside the "share" from the factories, or can you also ask him for failures?
      The worst thing is that with any reorganization, at the head of (albeit united) plants, you need to put a professional person and at the same time not a thief - I wonder if there are any more?
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 08: 39
        Quote: Gogh
        The question is, do we, the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor's office only work on "special order"?

        Well, yes, as soon as Putin says it’s necessary to figure it out, the investigation immediately begins. Now Putin is silent, and SK is spreading his hands, there’s no team request
        Igor hi
      2. Z.A.M.
        Z.A.M. 19 March 2013 09: 11
        Quote: Gogh
        Again a whole series of "effective managers" and again collapse as a result ..

        Collapse. But how subtle and sly: "Dmitry Rogozin suggested combine Izhmash and Izhmeh in November 2012 ... " You can not combine !!! This is only externally, but a sign of the military-industrial complex, they are similar. And the essence is DIFFERENT. A carpenter, a carpenter, a cabinetmaker and ... a lumberjack, everyone works with wood. And if you combine? Unite - kill the unite. "It's like a drowning man, instead of a lifebuoy, throwing an inept swimmer, barely able to stay on the water, to help. And promising to add a second one with a stone around his neck." To the author plus. For brevity of conclusion.
        Then - optimization. That's where the complete hypocrisy is. As elsewhere (at our enterprise, too) it is carried out by reducing staff (read - people) and reducing the remaining salary. With the alteration of the collective agreement, who still has one. The author in the article also indicates this.
        Here Rogozin talks about "powerful corporations" ... For what? And where is the competition, about which there are so many beautiful and correct words? And in the main profile, as they said earlier - DIFFERENT.

        As a result, we get -
        Quote: Asgard
        This is nonsense, a company licensed to manufacture the world's most popular weapons and almost bankrupt ....
    4. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 19 March 2013 08: 48
      But how could it be allowed to tear an arms concern into a bunch of enterprises? What ever came out of this good?
    5. valokordin
      valokordin 19 March 2013 09: 22
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Which of the things that Rogozin suggested came true?
      Why did the investigating authorities not work?
      Why seeing what was happening did the state not intervene?
      And so it can go on for a very long time, but not one question has no answer. Look for someone who is favorably called. On the question that there were proposals to let private owners into the defense industry, this is all one that put a goat in the garden.

      The theft of national property continues with the tacit consent of the upper classes and with their support, one Rogozin will not cope, it seems to me that Ekaterina Sugarenko is the sister of Yevgenia Vasilyeva, and the new appointees from Chemezov’s company, where Taburetkin, the traitor, is working now, are the same gang from the furniture factory. It's not 37 years old.
    6. skeptic
      skeptic 19 March 2013 12: 51
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Why seeing what was happening did the state not intervene?

      Because the state has plunged into all the "ADVANTAGES OF CAPITALISM", with a liberal attitude on "making money" by those in power. What we are heading for is very reminiscent of tsarist Russia before the First World War. Only the enemy already has the opportunity, significantly higher.
  2. Asgard
    Asgard 19 March 2013 07: 38
    This is nonsense, a company licensed to manufacture the world's most popular weapons and almost bankrupt....
    It inside-out economy- to slander the best that remains from the time of the USSR ....
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 07: 42
      Quote: Asgard
      This is an inside-out economy, spread rot is the best that has remained since the times of the USSR ..

      And spread rot those who have no relation to the creation and construction of enterprises. They sit and skim cream. And what will happen next they don’t care. We got a freebie and here is the result.
      1. Dangerous
        Dangerous 19 March 2013 07: 57
        That's it. It seems that all "effective managers" were born with us in the same country, the USSR, in the 60s-70s, received Soviet education and upbringing, patriotism. But that's why some of them are such corrupt bastards have grown?
      2. Tersky
        Tersky 19 March 2013 08: 10
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        They sit and take off the cream. And what happens next they don’t care. We got a freebie and here is the result.

        Hi Sasha! The answer to the question of "cream", the main thing is to organize "correctly" -
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 08: 41
          Quote: Tersky
          The answer to the question of "cream", the main thing is to organize "correctly"

          What to organize - OPG, so already organized negative

          Hello Victor!
        2. leon-iv
          leon-iv 19 March 2013 09: 41
          The answer to the question of "cream", the main thing is to organize "correctly" -
          I’m telling you as an OTOShnik I say this picture is really needed when plowmen under 1000 or more.
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 19 March 2013 10: 17
            Quote: leon-iv
            I’m telling you as an OTOShnik I say this picture is really needed when plowmen under 1000 or more

            Are there less officials now? wink Everything is in color, everything is thought out.
        3. tupolev-95
          tupolev-95 19 March 2013 10: 13
          We have organized a lot of things according to this scheme, and no one "optimizes" this bastard.
      3. skeptic
        skeptic 19 March 2013 13: 09
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        And spread rot those who have no relation to the creation and construction of enterprises. They sit and skim cream. And what will happen next they don’t care. We got a freebie and here is the result.

        Yes, and a "certificate of protection" for such a "trade" apparently have, otherwise the enterprises would not be so impudent.
    2. Garrin
      Garrin 19 March 2013 07: 54
      In the comments it is forbidden: insult and threats, obscenities, inciting ethnic hatred
      Quote: Asgard
      This is an inside-out economy-spread rot the best that has remained since the times of the USSR ....

      In the year 87, working in the defense industry, I happened to get equipment from the warehouse. I will never forget a whole hangar filled with Izhevsk high-precision lathes, which, without working for a day, were already written off as scrap metal in factory preservation and packaging. Any civilian plant would be honored to have such. The disarmament and conversion program began. am
  3. Kaa
    Kaa 19 March 2013 07: 54
    But in the current environment, the most important thing is competent and non-theft management at enterprises
    Maybe the main thing is that "cadres decide everything"? Does each of the factories have a significant number of "effective managers" and a dwindling number of highly qualified specialists? Let it be an open joint-stock company, but the tendencies are national: "In Russia, only federal unitary enterprises are a direct form of state ownership - 5700. There are slightly fewer joint-stock companies with full or partial state presence - 3674. The state works even more than it turned out as a result of your calculations, The country has a huge number of enterprises, formally private, but built into the state system so firmly that they cannot even breathe freely.
    Excessive control is a source of corruption, economist Irina Kaplinskaya writes in one of her works. And the point is not only that the businessman prefers to excuse himself. The omnipotence of the state creates a temptation among entrepreneurs: the quality of goods and services should not be improved, not compete with anyone, but the necessary law is to be forced through, explains Kaplinskaya. And if in Western countries pressure is exerted through legal lobbyists, in our country it is undercover, bribing officials and deputies. Officials in Russia breed well. From 2000 to 2008, their number increased 1,7 times. The growth was mainly due to regional employees - their number increased 2,25 times. Salaries are also growing rapidly, for example, for Russian federal civil servants in 2012 - by 13,1%. We have officials, says Rosstat, 1 million 107,3 thousand people. But in any ministry you will also find secretaries, cleaners, canteen workers, drivers and other non-officials. And their salary is dripping from the budget. If you look at how many physically people are sitting in beautiful (and not so) buildings with a coat of arms and a flag, we will notice that for one real bureaucrat there is one of the "servants" (this proportion was derived by the journal Voprosy Economiki). Here's another million for you. "Http://
    The situation is similar at formally private large enterprises. "Office plankton" multiplies faster than skilled workers and engineers grow up, and it eats up decently in the wage bill. Is this the reason for bankruptcies? With the merger of several factories, despite the difficulties associated with a different nomenclature of products and components, you can significantly reduce management costs, there would be a will ...
  4. Krilion
    Krilion 19 March 2013 08: 11
    it is quite obvious that painstaking and systematic work is required to solve the problems of arms factories ... while there is an ordinary "company" with the usual negative results or their complete absence at best ... the worst thing is that no one bears any responsibility for the resulting collapse , although the facts of abuse and incompetence, which caused colossal damage to the state, are actually in plain sight ... Dima Rogozin has also recently got lost somewhere and calmed down, although many had high hopes for him to rectify the situation ... a strange passive situation regarding the voiced problems are occupied by the leadership of the state, which is limited to "wishes" regarding the reorganization process, instead of delving into the problem and ripping off the head of everyone who deserves it ... in the end, on the example of Izhmash, we can actually observe the real state of affairs in the state as a whole, and in the defense industry in particular ... in general everything is fine: new planes, boats, ships, etc. are being built, and if you look more closely - a complete akhtung, theft of a gigantic scale and devastation ...
  5. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 19 March 2013 08: 35
    "The ravaged Izhmash will be saved at the expense of Izhmekh and Hammer."

    To be honest, the title of the article looks weird. Izhmash and ruined, and most importantly at the expense of "Morlot", who himself would have saved. Okay, "Izhmeh", it still lives at the expense of civilian weapons supplied for export. request
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 19 March 2013 09: 24
      Quote: Vladimirets
      Honestly, the title of the article looks weird.

      So, frankly, THEIR rescue actions look like where MORE STRANGE.
      Here is a quote that, in my opinion, describes everything very accurately: "It's like a drowning man, instead of a lifebuoy, throwing an inept swimmer who is barely able to stay on the water to help him. And promise to add a second - with a stone around his neck. "
  6. Alex45
    Alex45 19 March 2013 09: 10
    I worked a couple of years ago in the north with the guys from the Hammer. Locksmiths, machine operators are excellent, but they had to travel from home to work once a month about 2000 km. And for the money, in principle, not great, but in comparison with Vyatskiye Polyany it is still noticeable. Now they may be working in other places as well, but I doubt that at my own factory.
  7. Castor oil
    Castor oil 19 March 2013 10: 16
    But in Russia, rifled hunting weapons, due to a number of restrictions, are very miserable.

    And one cannot agree with this in any way, and this is not true - people are in a rush to search for Saigi rifled at gun shops, moreover, there is a rumor that they are no longer being released, and Molotov’s Boars are sorted out like hot cakes.
    Here's a madhouse, people even bought frankly poorly assembled carbines, and now they are even ready to sweep up the curves, it would seem use, produce, trade, develop production, keep gunsmiths, so no, "managers are shitty effective", everything was ruined am
  8. Magadan
    Magadan 19 March 2013 10: 51
    My opinion finally swung against the current leaders. It does not matter what Putin says, it is important that the bureaucrats do not give a damn about his decrees and conversations. All these are links of one chain. Here, the defense industry is being felled, there the country's morality is being ruined. Putin won not so long ago against the removal of children by guardianship authorities. We were really happy, so a few days ago on TV Russia showed how juvenile thugs again took away the children in the Nizhny Novgorod region because the family did not have normal housing after the fire, and the mother also gave the daughter a belt.
    Mr. President! In my opinion, your subordinate bureaucrats frankly cheat on you and they advertise this all over the country. You either get the zits-chairman or lie to us on TV!
    So I am not surprised at the stories with Izhmash. I’m just deciding for myself, if the uprising - it will still be orange creatures, or is it still time for the new Minins and Pozharsky to ripen? My friends are more and more inclined toward the second option. But how else, when to bureaucrats to cheat on the opinion and even direct instructions of the Head of our country ?!
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 19 March 2013 14: 04
      Quote: Magadan
      Does not matter what says Putin, it is important that bureaucrats on his decrees and conversations spit deep.

      Illusion. Cheating. Highly important, what he says ... But more importantly, WHAT going on. Further also. Not important who and how refers to his decrees, it is important - as he said, to BAT relate. A game. All the more so with "our" gosudurtsy and bureaucrats. There is more than one compromising material for each of them. It's funny now to look at fools accusing each other of different "sins" - ALL MAZAN ONE DER.MOM - COMMOVITY.

      Your opinion swayed? My attitude to Putin has long been negative ...
      Long ago I heard this thought: wisdom is multiplied by good, cunning is mind multiplied by evil. Putin is the second. In whose favor? Let everyone "swing" in time ...
  9. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 19 March 2013 19: 41
    article minus, what the hell to spread outdated information that has nothing to do with the current?
  10. Smaug
    Smaug 20 March 2013 23: 51
    What does Izhmash Saigu produce not exemplary quality? Who should modify it?
  11. bunta
    20 May 2013 11: 21
    Dear Moscow forum participants! Tomorrow, on May 21, Izhmash workers picket on Gogolevsky Boulevard from 13-00 to 15-00. I ask you to come and support the desperate workers and designers. There you can get the latest information on the condition of the plant from the union leader and designer.