“We have nowhere else to run”, or why honest Russian immigrants hate Obama

From the translator:

Dear readers! The article was written and published before the US elections. After Barack Obama’s re-election to the presidency, she, it seems to me, not only did not lose relevance, but, I would say, began to play with new colors. I translated it because I want you to also appreciate and enjoy the bright appearance, cleanliness of thoughts and the highest moral principles of HONEST RUSSIAN (yes - yes, that's what they call themselves) immigrants. What kind of people lost Russia !!! And what fiery, selflessly devoted patriots acquired by America !!! May God always give her such happiness !!!

“We have nowhere else to run”, or why honest Russian immigrants hate ObamaI talked to many people - the same emigrants from Russia as I was interested in - what they think about the current situation in our new homeland. Over my 32 of the year here, I have never seen such political turmoil in the country, and now warmed up by the upcoming elections and a deep economic recession. Every day I hear about someone who was fired after many, many years of service. Today I see more hatred and hostility towards the current president than I have ever seen before, including the days of the very unpopular President Carter, and the notorious Clinton scandal, which actually was more fun than real political problem.

Now even friends and family members are much more aggressive, often just ready to cling to each other's throats. People really fear for their future and the future of their children. This is not a mockery of tactlessness or the speech blunders of the idiots from the White House, and not a joke about the dress that has been stained with sperm. This is hate, and it goes from the head.

I do not want to repeat here the things that I hear every day, I do not want to repeat for fear of being immediately accused of being “not aware of” or that I became a victim of “rumors”, but as they say, there is no smoke without fire . The president should not even be remotely associated with talk of hatred of America, of a burnt flag, or, even worse, raise doubts among citizens regarding the place of birth or be associated with such terrible characters as Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers and Rev. Wright.

Sex? Sex is another matter. Sex is great. We, in America, love sex. Kennedy was still that walker, and look: he is a national symbol.

But I was distracted. When I came to America in the 1979 year, it was a completely different country, Russia then was also unlike today's. Russia, or more precisely, the Soviet Union, was a state made up of fifteen republics, united by force, the mentality of a huge population was deformed by years of socialist propaganda, fear, poverty and corruption. Three hundred thousand Jews fled from there, from secret and overt anti-Semitism, to start a new life somewhere else. America generously opened its doors for us, as it has always done for people of all races and nationalities since the very first days of its existence, because the first Americans themselves were guests here.

In America, the novelty for us was literally everything — from the abundance of food and the availability of toilet paper (we never had toilet paper in Russia then; we used to use newspapers) to American work ethic. We saw that the Americans had to work much harder than the average Russian. That was a real bummer, and the Americans had to work hard for this! Employees had to come to work on time; some people had only 30 minutes for a lunch break, and a vacation was one week, two or more weeks of paid vacation could be obtained only after several years of work. In Russia, the month of vacation it was the standard! Hour allotted for lunch (called lunchtime), people spent in stores, standing in long lines to buy the most necessary things that were always in short supply in a socialist society - shoes, food, clothes. It was a world completely different from America with its huge abundance of goods, where there was a completely opposite problem: how to sell a product - how to create demand for goods.

Most Americans know very little or nothing about real Russia. They have very specific ideas about her - her magnificent ballet, severe frosts and Russians who drink vodka always and on any occasion.

How did we live under the so-called “developed socialism?” Why work harder and harder if your income and level of your life were largely predetermined for many years to come? An ordinary employee — secretary, engineer, teacher — received approximately 120 rubles a month. You may ask - how much will it be in dollars? But then no one thought in dollars, and, according to the law, the possession of foreign currency was strictly punishable. One can only say that this was barely enough to have some modest food on the table, nothing more. At the same time, a pair of winter boots cost 80 rubles, and a pair of American Wrangler jeans - the same 120 rubles. The cost of the Soviet car - buckets with nuts, was approximately 3 000 rubles. Do it yourself. It was possible to save money all my life and still do not have enough money to buy it.

Under the watchful eye of the KGB, the majority of the population lived quite poorly. Living honestly meant to condemn yourself to this 120-ruble (small plus or minus) existence for the rest of your life. So why bother, kill yourself with work? Under socialism, all people are equal! That's the thing.

Health care in the Soviet Union was public. Doctors received the same scanty money as other employees, but they worked really hard. Most of the medical professions moved into this noble profession with high ideals of helping people, saving their lives (the “ideals” were really high in Russia, socialism is very good in the art of brainwashing people), but they ended up working literally in slavery, in terrible conditions, for pennies .... If they didn't take bribes, especially surgeons and dentists. Nobody wanted to have scissors in their stomachs, left during the operation, or drill or extract a tooth without Novocain.

I would like to stress again and again, because it is very important. In a society where everyone is equal, a bribe becomes the only way to get something special, special — individual service, service, favor, or even just make others treat you like an important person, providing, for example, the best table in a restaurant. Are you sick? Die in the common room, lie in a puddle of urine, or pay the nurse only to change your bedclothes.

The Soviet Union was a very poor country with a very proud people, who lived under "developed socialism", officially "built a bright communist future", with a military machine, equal, if not better than in the USA, with a finger always on the red button, a country that asserted that everything in it is wonderful, while people did not have money, and the bosses in the Russian White House (oh no, in the Kremlin) lived like kings. I repeat: the average salary was 120 rubles per month, and it was guaranteed. On the payday the workers received their guaranteed earnings. They deducted very little of it, in some jobs nothing at all, in larger organizations they took very little money for contributions to the union, could collect money for someone’s funeral or a wedding gift, but that was all. Thus, if the worker did not spend money on vodka before returning home, then he would bring all his salary home, to his wife and children.

An unpleasant discovery awaited us, the emigrants who arrived in America!

I remember very well how I received my first salary. This was my first job - in the medical office in Manhattan. I worked as a clerk in a large Jewish charitable organization, feeling my almost zero English at every step. Ironically, my salary at that time was 120 dollars per week, which of course was astronomically more than 120 Russian rubles, and, at the same time, the lowest wage here. However, I had a job and I was very proud of myself. It was 1979 year.

I mentally recalculated my first paycheck, planning on spending this huge, and at the same time, paltry money, sufficient only to pay rent for my small apartment, which I shared with another person. Before, I never paid for utilities or telephone. I dreamed of buying a sofa because I slept on a mattress that I pulled out of the trash can. I would like more curtains on the windows. Oh, and the heat! Quiet horror - New York in August! I never suspected that the heat could stop so ..., the air conditioner was just a pipe dream. I had a fan, which I also found on the trash bin, but it helped very little, just kneaded moist, hellishly hot air. Sometimes it was so stuffy and hot that I slept in the bath. I remembered ...

But I was distracted. What happened to my 120 $? I received a check for 83.79 $. But why? In tears, I ran to Lillian, my manager, a gray-haired, stately woman who calmly and patiently explained to me about taxes. Uncle Sam, a skinny dude in a top hat, who was drawn caricatures in Soviet Russia ... he wanted to get his share.

I was crushed. I did not understand this. I thought about it when I drove home on the subway and looked at the homeless and all the tramps that I later realized live off my taxes while I get up in the morning 5 and go 16 blocks to the subway to get to work . We work, and they are lying on benches and sleep ... at our expense. And we pay our taxes on this?

Most of us, Russian immigrants, have already lived under “victorious socialism,” where you do not need to work hard, because there is nothing for which it would be worth working and earning. You have no incentive to do anything. This is a system that equalizes everything and everyone. This is socialism.

The problem is that it is a lie. And there, and here, and everywhere. Some go up to the corpses and get the best piece of cake, like many politicians here, who (think about it), just do absolutely nothing, but somehow get arranged that even after they leave the office, they lead a luxurious lifestyle, get money, great benefits and in general - anything. Yes - yes, something is very wrong in this picture.

I face this problem all the time ... when my taxes are used to feed robbers, when my daughter (a girl with disabilities) cannot get basic services, and drug addicts get it, because the liberals call them "sick" ... and some were not even born here!

I have been to several offices where food stamps are issued, and I have never seen a single white person, a single person in a wheelchair, not a single person older than 30; why, on 11 in the morning, they were not at work, but received food stamps? Some of them looked inhibited, as if they had just taken a dose. You paid for it - liberals. Keep paying until finally you get what you are doing. Or better yet, go buy a potion for yourself. Catch the buzz. I heard that this is great ... and on any one is better than giving such pleasure to someone else, haha.

After going with my daughter fire, water, bureaucratic battles and slingshots of the system (my elbows became like steel from this work), I still absolutely can not understand how it works. It is becoming more and more bureaucratic, the number of required papers is growing constantly. Who invents all that shit? Who complicates simple things to madness? I just watched a video about new programs created exclusively for ObamaCare ... a huge pile of pieces of paper - a list of new state institutions, exceeding by volume the famous "aria list" in "Don Juan" by Mozart, when a faithful servant lists his names to Don Juan sweethearts. But that doesn't seem funny to me. Is this the embodiment of Obama's idea of ​​"creating new jobs"?

I remember one remarkable episode.

October 1979 of the year, my first year here and the election year, I then worked in the same medical office, and I was terribly interested in who people would vote for. Naive and graceful like an elephant in a china shop, I pestered people for a long time with this question, until all the same Lillian I mentioned above invited me to my office and said it very primly (I already have a cold skin) - "Young lady. Let me tell you two things. First: never ask people how they vote - this is a personal, private question, and none of your business. [This was new to me - the very notion of "none of your business", in my understanding, your business is our common cause. In any case, this is true when everyone lives with his entire family in a tiny apartment in a standard panel house. But this is another story. ] Second: we are Jews. Jews traditionally vote for Democrats, always. "

On this she put the point. I was stunned, and later I stuck to another manager in our office, who was very smart and probably gay. I always asked him about everything. He told me about the past of American Jewry - about trade unions, traditions, etc. I mentally traced connections with the Russian revolutionaries and idealists, of whom almost 80% were Jews. Jews made a revolution. And of course, as soon as socialism collapsed, the Russians immediately accused the Jews of destroying their beloved Russia. As usual, if something happened - blame the Jews!

Now everything became clear to me. Plus this very Jewish love of tradition. During my life in America, I have many times encountered the importance of tradition in everything, including "party affiliation", it is especially important now that I continue to meet many very intelligent Jews who simply refuse to see, hear, accept the obvious facts. This is not only sad, but scares me! How important is the Jewish "tradition" of being a democrat, that they must remain blind and deaf to obvious lies coming from the White House? Tradition! As it was said loudly and clearly from the stage in our beloved Fiddler on the Roof, this is what has fastened our people for many millennia of the diaspora, systematic persecution, and finally, Holocaust (another name for the Holocaust, translator's note, perevodika. ru).

Traditions are wonderful ... where they come from and what they belong to, that is, at home and in synagogues. But not in the voting booth. My dear blood brothers, no one encroaches on our right to blow into the shofar (Jewish ritual musical instrument, translator's note, perevodika.ru), build a sukkah (covered by green branches temporary dwelling in which, according to the biblical prescription, Jews are obliged to spend the holiday Sukkot , translator's note, perevodika.ru, turn the dreidl (the top with which, according to tradition, children play during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, the translator's note, perevodika.ru), eat stuffed fish, or whatever it is. Not yet. But, if we continue to follow this particular tradition and remain blind to what is happening, then instead of living under “Stars and Stripes” and under the Star of David, we will all live under a crescent. But not for very long, because these guys only want to see us dead.

Let's go back to my 120 dollar check. Thus, now Obama wants to feed more drug addicts and illegal immigrants at the expense of honest laborers. Plus, this disgusting idea of ​​“redistributing wealth”, which I have already written about, is pure socialism, which, like an insolvent idea, was rejected even by Russians. Hello ... come ... did he not hear that it doesn’t work? Harvard and Columbia don't teach history? Or did he miss those classes?

Even I know that most of the money is earned by Americans through hard work, prudent endeavors and good business practices. These opportunities are open to all. Isn't that why America is called the land of opportunity? Mr. Obama himself is a very good example of this! He is well managed for a dark-skinned guy - he constantly plays a racial card, which I consider absolutely disgusting ... and, by the way, I didn’t notice that he was “spreading” his personal capital. And you? Did he set up an orphanage or animal shelter, sponsor any facilities for the disabled? Medical charities? Did he personally help the victims of the tsunami? Perhaps I missed these aspects of his noble life. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I still would like to know about the modest lifestyle that he proposes to extend to us all. I heard that he earned many millions by selling his touching book ... why not share some of this wealth with unprivileged citizens, since he is so ready to give them money earned by other people?

The average ordinary Russian of my generation is an honest immigrant who came here with empty pockets, hoping to find freedom and start a new life after many years of nightmare. The so-called "new Russians" who came here in the 90s are crooks, drug dealers, vile greedy adventurers, rogues of all stripes, with money made unknown on what. These are other people from another Russia. Those I am talking about are people who came here before perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, those who had very good reasons to emigrate - fear for their lives.

They - or rather, we are very grateful to America, and most of us are true American patriots.

We know what socialism is, we came face to face with it.

We do not want to live in it again.

We do not want the destruction of this country.

We don't want him here because we have nowhere else to run.

Alla, an American patriot.
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  1. +33
    18 March 2013 06: 16
    Why is this nonsense on "my" military-political site.
    1. +19
      18 March 2013 06: 47
      Really, some kind of crap. The author ponders and draws analogies between the USSR and the USA as if, as it seemed to me, she lived very little in Russia, but has been sticking out in her blessedly stupid America for 32 years. Yes, Soviet people received 120 rubles, but then money was not happy, ideals were different - otherwise where did older people have such powerful nostalgia for the past. Moreover, 120 rubles was enough for a relatively normal existence. Recall the cheap products - sausage, vodka, not to mention bread. In the USSR there was a powerful social policy, society punished parasites, there were public courts. In people, not the amount of money per soul was valued, but moral features. Society lived with high ideas, the best medicine, education, science, etc. in the world flourished in the country.
      The author of this article obviously, in my opinion, overdid it, looking for negative things in the life of Soviet citizens, although, of course, there were also enough minuses in the USSR - but where, tell me, is everything perfect ???
      1. +7
        18 March 2013 06: 55
        Quote: aktanir
        In the USSR there was a powerful social policy, society punished parasites, there were public courts. In people, not the amount of money per soul was valued, but moral features. Society lived with high ideas, the best medicine, education, science, etc. in the world flourished in the country.

        But in the 90s liberals came and everything went to hell!
      2. +12
        18 March 2013 06: 56
        Quote: aktanir
        The author ponders and draws analogies between the USSR and the USA

        Based on what was written, she hated the USSR, and now is disappointed in the United States, for which she fought ............ hi In search of a better life with a foundation of money.
        1. +14
          18 March 2013 07: 45
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          , she hated the USSR, and now is disappointed in the USA,

          Sasha, Ivan hi ! Says a Russian Jewess, then she should be familiar with this, she found what she was looking for:
          1. bask
            18 March 2013 13: 42
            Quote: Tersky
            yelling Russian Jewess, then she should be familiar with this, she found what she was looking for:

            Hello fellow countryman. What do I care about this Jewess where and when she ran away.,
            from Chechnya. I myself escaped terror from militants in 1992 with my family.
            Like hundreds of thousands of other Russian people, I want to return and live in my homeland in the city of Grozny.
            but firstly there are no security guarantees.
            Secondly, who will give the taken away housing.
            I am not a Jew, but must live far from my home.
            And upon the fact of mass killings of civilians will there be an investigation and trial?
            1. lechatormosis
              18 March 2013 14: 11
              given the current tolerance of the AUTHORITIES, there is NO AND WILL NOT BE any trial of persons who have organized the GENOCIDE of OUR PEOPLE.
            2. +3
              18 March 2013 17: 11
              Quote: bask
              I myself escaped terror from militants in 1992 with my family.

              Hello fellow countryman! I myself left Grozny in 94! There’s nowhere to return, Our city is no more! And the fact that in the place of Grozny blinded Kadyrov, I can’t look without disgust! hi
        2. +7
          18 March 2013 08: 28
          Alexander Romanov "Based on what was written, she hated the USSR, and now she is disappointed in the USA, for which she fought ............ In search of a better life with a foundation of money."
          In Germany, I spoke with our Germans ... let's say there are Russians, Kazakhs, etc. among ours. But, of these, not all are well-organized in life, and there is disappointment in their views on life in Europe. If not for loans, many would have rushed back here.
        3. -1
          18 March 2013 10: 41
          I would not say that she hated the USSR. She rather suffered from anti-Semitism. But the USSR, and so in general, like that ... I don’t really like it, but it turned out to be even sadder in the states ....
          1. Georgs
            18 March 2013 12: 16
            Quote: Geisenberg
            She rather suffered from anti-Semitism.

            Oh, but there is no anti-Semitism in the USA! For that matter, tell me, where in the world is he missing? In Israel, and that is. "It's the same everywhere, and it's also cold in Antarctica."
          2. +4
            18 March 2013 15: 51
            Well, I don’t know, many Jews worked at our enterprise (power engineers, technicians), even if I didn’t notice that someone would terrorize them and they would "suffer". There were many very good specialists among them. And they left after the collapse of the USSR, not out of fear for their lives or offense, but said that they did not see a future for their children. (Kazakhstan).
      3. DimychDV
        18 March 2013 07: 30
        My friend is a sailor. He says: 120 rubles is for those who are timid and want nothing above. But you could go to the mine, to the sea, go to SeverA - and earn much more. They gave people money, that's what. And most importantly - they appreciated the personal qualities of people by work.
        1. +13
          18 March 2013 10: 46
          At the end of the 80s, while working at a plant, he received his first salary of a little less than 200 rubles, he "did not know" what to do with it)))) Colleagues older and with the highest rank received up to 500 rubles. Poor woman, endure so many hardships, hardships and most importantly SELL HOMELAND and such disappointment in the promised land.
        2. +2
          18 March 2013 15: 52
          Just under a lying stone, water does not flow!
      4. predator.3
        18 March 2013 07: 30
        Author Alla Axelrod (Alla Axelrod) with her family arrived in the USA in 1979. She achieved success and gained some fame as a musical entertainer and comedian actress.

        You say an honest Russian immigrant, of course with a "native Russian surname" laughing In those days (the end of the 70s), everyone was eager to go to the "homeland - to the promised land", the route was like this, Moscow - Vienna - Tel Aviv, but for some reason many, instead of kibbutz, ended up in the USA !
      5. +27
        18 March 2013 07: 47
        At the construction site, the salary reached 600 from rubles, when I started working as a carpenter in the 1 category, my salary was 250. That's just honest Jews, I have not seen at a construction site.
        1. +7
          18 March 2013 12: 02
          Back in the early 2001s (XNUMX, maybe), I came across the docfilm "Bonfire on Thursdays", something in the manner of a modern journalistic "journalistic investigation" salaries in the region of one hundred and fifty THOUSAND rubles. and apartments in those cities that they raised in an open field.
          A film-reflection on young people going to the construction of new cities, on the problems facing young specialists.
          The film is the diploma work of VGIK, on ​​the line of the Higher School of the Komsomol, in other words - a propaganda order (color film for the graduate, they just won't give it). But the time there is 1976; seem. And the footage shows quite happy people, 20-30 years old and older. Contrary to popular belief, there is criticism of those who go too far before "give a five-year plan in one day" or "we will hand over the kindergarten by the New Year" (actually built with a delay), for a prize. And they say in the USSR they did not criticize the managers ... A similar atmosphere is conveyed by the cinema of the 80s - "Take care of women" (about the female crew of a tug), only without talking about salary. The trick of this propaganda is that in spite of the state order, there were social elevators in the Land of Soviets. And the state order (I anticipate a fierce popabol among those who disagree) is good. Maybe it's about 1200 rubles. because the "lottery" (with the artel workers and the foreman may not be lucky, there are different groups), but there was also the film "Dima Gorin's Career", as reflecting the ideals of several generations who built the Country. Nowadays, "Our Russia: The Golden Eggs of Genghis Khan" and "Generation P" are in fashion ... Like a gritsa: feel the difference!
          So in the USSR there was an opportunity to earn money, but for this it was necessary not to drag in a bank, now, but a tiler, a welder, a high-rise installer, to build a homeland.
          1. 0
            18 March 2013 12: 24
            Found on the net.
            Bonfire on Thursdays. (only there in the title of 1980, and I watched 1976 or 74 ... I approximately remember the final title, because I took it for stylization "under an old movie film" ...)
            1. 0
              18 March 2013 13: 51
              By the way: I treat "propaganda" through the prism of a dictionary: lat. propaganda literally - "subject to dissemination" (for example, faith, but in this case: "information"), from lat. propago - "I distribute".
          2. +3
            18 March 2013 16: 13
            Quite right! My neighbor went to work at BAM in the 80s, a year later he bought a Zhiguli. A cousin for 10 years worked as an installer on a rotational basis, they pulled a power transmission line-500 in Siberia - an apartment, imported furniture, a car - everything worked there. And if it had not been for "spent on drink" the s.v.o ... and headed by the USSR Eltsyn, he would have worked there for another 20 years. Yes, there was still one bastard, a traitor who "sat out" in the Crimea, who brought the country to such a state.
            1. +4
              18 March 2013 16: 21
              I revise this film and the thought is formed in my head ... Now, "they rush to the capitals for a long ruble to trade in wholesale ...", and in those years they did not consider it a feat - "in the wild, the capitals were erected in bulk." difference.
              The generation has become shallow ...
      6. +1
        18 March 2013 09: 23
        Quote: aktanir
        The author of this article obviously, in my opinion, overdid it, looking for negative things in the life of Soviet citizens, although, of course, there were also enough minuses in the USSR - but where, tell me, is everything perfect ???

        Well, she herself answered:
        [img] http://demotivatori.ru/images/demotivators/4/43856/original_43856.jpg?13246
        43692 [/ img]

      7. +3
        18 March 2013 12: 53
        Remember, there was such a phrase: "Do not stick your pork snout into our Soviet vegetable garden ..." So it seems ... It smelled like a pigsty from this article ...
      8. alex popov
        18 March 2013 13: 19
        Quote: aktanir
        The author of this article obviously, in my opinion, overdid it, looking for negative things in the life of Soviet citizens, although, of course, there were also enough minuses in the USSR - but where, tell me, is everything perfect ???

        At the same time, the author did not try, but he could not terrify. One can frighten now with a stable salary, vouchers for dispensaries, "fears of the KGB" (what is the KGB in front of the modern police?) And so on, you can only really understand nothing at all, a person cut off from life. it is about the USSR or the USA.
      9. 0
        18 March 2013 15: 39
        ..... The USSR had a powerful social policy ...

        That's right, but now these "dUMyts" are already trying to raise the issue of paid secondary education. What, the extracted gas, oil, minerals are already not enough for this? Well, on the other hand, for example, Abramovich otrohal such a yacht that the Western moneybags' jaw dropped. And he also "feeds" not Russian athletes, but Anglichan. And in general, if the bowels of the land of the country of the USSR belonged to the people, so there was a social. protection, but now, for example, one of the "owners" of these subsoil is the same Abramovich, his "fortune is from 328 billion 720 million to 348 billion 762 million rubles (according to Forbes and The Times for the last year" (2012 This is what the deRmocrats were trying to achieve, or it will still be, take at least housing and communal services ... but after all, only rights and freedoms are "taken care of" ...
      10. +1
        18 March 2013 16: 55
        Quote: aktanir
        Yes, Soviet people received 120 rubles,

        Well, about this I can not agree. The father in the early 80s received 280 rubles, mother 190 rubles. In 1989, I just went to work as a master salary of 200 rubles, a senior master of 220 rubles, a mechanic 250 rubles, a mechanic of 6 category rate 196 p.,. This is a net tariff, no premium (from 50 to 150 p.), Plus 20% regional, 30% northern, 12 to 24% harmful. It came out very, very decent.
    2. +11
      18 March 2013 06: 53
      Quote: kagorta

      Why is this nonsense on "my" military-political site.

      Yes, let it be, the next orange doll was brainwashed. It is enough to read. That in its understanding was the USSR. She is afraid for her skin and the basis of her life is these $ 120, she went after a fairy tale and let her stay there.
      1. Vanek
        18 March 2013 07: 11
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        went for a fairy tale

        Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors.

        Alexander. hi
    3. redwolf_13
      18 March 2013 07: 28
      Ta ki Sarah is crying to Abram. If she cries quietly who hears who regrets
      One thing is interesting to me, as with Amers they are Russian, as in Russia they are Jews.
      1. Georgs
        18 March 2013 12: 19
        Quote: redwolf_13
        One thing is interesting to me, as with amers they are Russian, as in Russia, so they are Jews

    4. chistii20
      18 March 2013 08: 45
      Quote: kagorta
      Why is this nonsense on "my" military-political site.
      And the mare
    5. Nevsky
      18 March 2013 08: 55
      kagorta I agree, I was sick angry from this Russian Judah!
      1. Nevsky
        18 March 2013 09: 53
        Why am I minus? For the fact that I am offended and sick of how this lady watered my homeland - the USSR? Liberals got here too! angry
        1. +3
          18 March 2013 13: 22
          By cons, you can count liberoid Russophobic nits. There are more normal people anyway, so stay in the black)
        2. 0
          19 March 2013 00: 17
          I can assume - "-" was set, since Judas was called Russian hi
    6. +3
      18 March 2013 09: 30
      Yes, here is such an American dream in real life ... we draw conclusions ...
    7. Nevsky
      18 March 2013 09: 51
      She wanted to live in Manhattan and in Hollywood to share secrets .... am
    8. NKVD
      18 March 2013 11: 17
      I did not like it in Russia, now in America, bring the trolls to the moon ... am
      1. +4
        18 March 2013 11: 55
        Quote: NKVD
        I didn’t like it in Russia
        Author:I talked with many people - the same emigrants from Russia as I did, was interested - what they think about the current situation in our new homeland.
        negative From this statement alone it is already possible to judge a person. I myself currently live in Germany, but I have neither the old nor the new Homeland, but only one USSR.
    9. +5
      18 March 2013 11: 55
      Quote: kagorta
      Why is this nonsense on "my" military-political site.

      I agree!
      The site is patriotic. What are the traitors to the Motherland doing here, who were so “discredited” during the union, so “discredited”, so “mocked” that these “sufferers” sit everywhere in politics, economics, in all important, main, monetary posts.
      USSR it was an era. By myself, I know if you want an apartment or a car, there are no problems, BAM, Atommash, a lot of Komsomol construction projects, where you could work, buy a car, an apartment. Medicine is not without flaws, but it’s quite good, they didn’t let die, education is THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Social protection was nowhere like this. It’s not funny, but if the husband offended his wife, he’s like a silk through a stiff patrick. Neither prostitution in such numbers, nor drug addiction! Healthy sports community. Try not to attend any class at school. Parents were immediately called to the head teacher. Competition is not a problem, all at the expense of the state.
      All the same, how did you get these paper maracas! This nation is to blame for the fact that it has become the executive will of the world tycoons. They knew what they were selling their souls for 30 pieces of silver. And now they are groaning while playing offended, but this again reminds Krylov's fable about a wolf and a fox. The beaten one is not lucky. How many Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians suffered, and how many of us were killed. And how much did they falsify Holocaust documents !?
      I express dissatisfaction with the site moderator for publishing such an article. This is a provocation and veiled obscene language in the direction of our memory and our Great people and Great country. This is an insult to our ancestors, to which we all owe!
      1. +5
        18 March 2013 12: 41
        This article is needed because the discussion and debunking of the MYTH, this separately identified Jewess, spawns.
        Watch the movie "The Fire on Thursdays". It was at THIS time that she left the country.

        Bonfire on Thursdays. 1980 (46:54)

        Annotation: A film-reflection on young people going to the construction of new cities, on the problems facing young specialists.

        Film description: Seeing the Komsomol detachment to the All-Union Komsomol strike building in Neryungri, where a coal mine is being developed and the city of Neryungri is being built. The construction of the city of Neryungri, the work of technology in a coal mine. The work of Komsomol members in the construction of cities: Nadym in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Naberezhnye Chelny. Types of cities: streets, buildings. Life builders of cities. Youth classes in sports clubs, the youth theater of Neryungri (synchronously). Young builders talk (synchronously) about their work at the All-Union Komsomol construction sites.
        And they mention salaries in the region of half a thousand rubles ... such things ...
    10. +3
      18 March 2013 14: 41
      And what, it’s interesting to read how she hates the USSR with TOSKA, between the lines I read that he’s got h ... r. And she understands the fact that they will pray under the crescent, and from this she still has h.r...
    11. Van
      18 March 2013 15: 35
      This text is a Typical understanding of man in a capitalist society, built on greed and cynicism of consumerism and material dependence. fellow

      PS such a development of man leads to the fact that we now have at the moment all over the world. what
      And who will tell me then, what is the happiness of man? request
    12. +3
      18 March 2013 17: 09
      Quote: kagorta
      Why is this nonsense on "my" military-political site.

      The enemy must know.
      They have special services that study us - how we live, what we breathe. This allows them to calculate future moves and even understand how you can try to manage us. We are under their close attention.

      If you do not want to be experimental rabbits, you need to master the entire arsenal of the enemy no worse than him, and even better - in addition, invent something of your own.
  2. Vanek
    18 March 2013 06: 23
    Everything is clear, but never mind.
  3. +5
    18 March 2013 06: 27
    Russians in Russia ..
    1. +4
      18 March 2013 06: 36
      Beautifully said and to the point. Even if the GDP would have understood.
      1. vladsolo56
        18 March 2013 07: 51
        It’s beautiful, but everything about the USSR is nonsense, that it worked for anyone haphazardly it can judge by itself, my parents worked as workers at the factory and worked as they should, I myself worked, and everyone I knew worked, not lazy . Two simple and well-known examples in the USSR were the world famous ophthalmologist Fedorov, and the equally famous orthopedist Ilizarov. Not to mention many other doctors and scientists. what do we have now? We destroyed everything we were proud of, all the best. hay revolutionaries of the Bolsheviks, but then what is better?
        1. +4
          18 March 2013 10: 06
          Quote: vladsolo56
          Two simple and well-known examples in the USSR were the world famous ophthalmologist Fedorov, and the equally famous orthopedist Ilizarov.

          By the way, the children of Gabriel Abramovich live in the United States, even money for a monument near the RTC WTO them. Academician Ilizarov was not allocated, it was installed with the money of employees and patients !!!! ....................
          1. +2
            18 March 2013 10: 52
            By the way, Mikhail Prokhorov built a new stadium for the NBA Brooklyn Nets team. That's so patriot.
            1. Georgs
              18 March 2013 12: 23
              Quote: Sirocco
              By the way, Mikhail Prokhorov built a new stadium for the NBA Brooklyn Nets team. That's so patriot.

              Who is a patriot? With which Prokhorov should be a patriot? Yes, even Russia? Was his pedigree analyzed? If not, swipe. And all questions will quickly disappear.
        2. 0
          18 March 2013 13: 54
          Quote: plotnikov561956

          Russians in Russia ..

          Sorry, I meant it, not article + drinks
    2. +6
      18 March 2013 07: 00
      Quote: plotnikov561956
      Russians in Russia ..

      The author's name is Alla Axelrod! Don't call those wink
  4. Dimani
    18 March 2013 06: 28
    Having removed their head, they don’t cry through their hair. They always don’t like something.
  5. +20
    18 March 2013 06: 29
    What kind of people Russia has lost !!! And what fiery, selflessly loyal patriots America acquired to her !!! God give her always such happiness !!!

    left for an abundance of goods, and now is ready to cling to the throat. Even a quarter of the article has not been mastered, but the feeling of satisfaction that we are no longer compatriots, I think, will not pass when.

    Be happy Omerika with such a population.
  6. +2
    18 March 2013 06: 29
    Some kind of nonsense. What kind of nonsense? What is what?
  7. fenix57
    18 March 2013 06: 30
    Confessions of EMIGRATION. And you do not expect this in the near future ... This is where everything goes. "Awakening from sleep" .... am
  8. +7
    18 March 2013 06: 31
    Strange phrase: honest emigrant. Well, let them run to where it is warmer and there is feeding. Late to complain. When it was difficult, all lovers of warm places fled. Sooner or later, one has to pay for one’s actions and alluvial expense from their lips against their former homeland.
  9. vladsolo56
    18 March 2013 06: 43
    Bullshit is a provocative propaganda no more, built on mercantile interests
    1. +2
      18 March 2013 13: 16
      The author's interests, with a speaking surname, are the same - to shit where he eats, like a pig. And what wouldn’t be brought to court, at the end of the article a "liberal patriotic" attribution, they say, I love, I can’t sleep.
  10. Vanek
    18 March 2013 06: 46
    musical entertainer and comedian

    What else is not clear ???
  11. +6
    18 March 2013 06: 49
    And the words that the first Amerikos were also guests entered me in emotion ... This, however, did not stop them from destroying more than 100 million Indians, and driving the rest on the reservation. Then bring almost 40 million Negro slaves ... Normal country. Good luck to her with our Jews.
    I am sure that if we had saved what had collapsed mercilessly — healthcare, education, science, the military-industrial complex — even today many countries would envy us.
    1. +3
      18 March 2013 10: 14
      Quote: smel
      even today many countries would envy us.

      Not yet evening. hi
  12. +10
    18 March 2013 06: 54
    I understand that now the toad is strangling the author, at the sight of wealthy Russians, because she herself has to sleep on a mattress from a garbage bin across the ocean with a heap of crumbling plans and wants compensation for a change of homeland, the immigrants ate sausage and want something else but not know where to go for it
  13. Kaa
    18 March 2013 07: 04
    The author groans: The Soviet Union was a very poor country with a very proud people living under "developed socialism" ..... who claimed that everything was great about it, while people had no money, and the bosses in the Russian White House (oh no , in the Kremlin) lived like tsars. I repeat: the average salary was 120 rubles per month, and it was guaranteed“So, the minimum wage in the USSR in the 80s was 70 rubles a month. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Soviet citizens with higher education began their career with a salary of 105 rubles. The salaries of teachers, doctors, engineers after many years of experience could reach up to 200-250 rubles. Highly skilled workers received 200-500 rubles. Comparatively high salaries have always been with the military and police. Just entering the service a lieutenant received 250-280 rubles a month.
    Thus, it turns out that the average salary in the USSR was about 150 rubles. The cost of housing for Soviet citizens was always relatively small: the rent per person was several rubles a month. Products were also inexpensive: 2,8-3,5 rubles per kilogram of meat, 13-16 kopecks - a loaf of white bread, 90 kopecks - 1,3 rubles - a dozen eggs, 36 kopecks - a liter of milk, a bottle of vodka before the price hike - the famous 3 ruble 62 kopecks. Plus transportation costs: 5 kopecks a trip by bus and metro, 4 kopecks - by trolley bus, 3 kopecks - by tram. Do not forget that all Soviet citizens received certain social guarantees - free medical care, education, etc. .http: //www.great-country.ru/rubrika_articles/sov/111010-01.html
    Or maybe the whole thing is this:"Plus this very Jewish love for tradition. To live honestly meant to doom yourself to this 120-ruble (small plus or minus) existence for the rest of your life. So why bother, kill yourself with work? Under socialism, all people are equal!"
    Or maybe it was worth going to work as a steelmaker, miner, to go to the North with their coefficients? To become a military man, a scientist: "Here are the figures for calculating the salary of a lieutenant in the USSR in the early 80s. Salary by position (" platoon commander "120 rubles a month), plus a salary by rank (" lieutenant "120 rubles a month), plus compensation for food rations 20 rubles a month (a total of 260 rubles a month). The salary of the military was not subject to income tax (since the end of the 70s), that is, the hands were given "clean" 260 rubles. Plus the thirteenth salary at the end of the year, plus for each military duty 20 rubles, plus an annual payment “for length of service.” With each promotion, the salary increased by 10 rubles. At a defense enterprise (“defense” and “space”), at the so-called “secret” facilities, a salary of 140 rubles could be given to a young a specialist immediately after graduation in the late 50s. A candidate of sciences was paid 100 rubles in addition to his salary. They paid a one-time fee for properly formalized inventions in this area, the bonus could be 1000 rubles or more, but it was also subject to income tax. They spent their time at the "testing grounds" (cosmodromes, etc.), sometimes for years. Their salaries were doubled there.
    -cheloveka-165-rublejj-75-kopeek-v-mesjac 08.08.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX
    1. +8
      18 March 2013 08: 03
      Quote: Kaa
      North with their odds?

      My dad in 1981 I got 600r with a pipe cutter-turner. Also, a Jew worked there, whom, for obvious reasons, the team did not like to put it mildly, doing the same work he received more than the rest, and now I think that the others will be protected, this is their main tradition hi
      1. +5
        18 March 2013 11: 09
        Now I understand why Jews are not liked. In the past years, the same "specialist" was transferred to our workshop, from the adjustment workshop. So friends from that shop immediately warned the ROCKER. And he was not long in coming. At the checkpoint, our colleague was prodded by VOKHR, with the deprivation of bonuses and other "gifts" But they warned me.
    2. Fox
      18 March 2013 09: 35
      Quote: Kaa
      Or maybe you should go work as a steelworker

      Dear, for my past years, I have not met ANY Jewish worker. But more than once I heard a Jewish expletive: "It's dirty under your nails."
      1. +4
        18 March 2013 11: 44
        Quote: Fox
        for my past years, I have not met ANY Jewish worker

        Well, YOU! There were workers too - in our country, almost one shoe factory in Kiev was fully equipped with Jewish workers. And among the teachers there were wonderful people. All the same, forgive me, moderators need, as the Jews themselves say, to distinguish between Jews and women ... Perhaps they are right.
        1. Kaa
          18 March 2013 13: 47
          Quote: Egoza
          in Kiev, almost one shoe factory was fully equipped with Jewish workers

          Quote: Fox
          I have not met ANY Jewish worker

          Naturally, there were. I had good acquaintances in my youth, including both workers and highly qualified ones, they worked there at CNC, etc. For what I respected them especially - they did not hide their 5th column, and none of my acquaintances thought of it is to mock or make fun of ... such is "everyday anti-Semitism", assessed for character, attitude and what you can do. And there were "Russians", "Ukrainian" - a natural question, if you are an honest person, why is this mimicry? Although we correspond with those and others (most of them ended up in Germany, the climate is probably), sometimes we meet like old friends ...
    3. +4
      18 March 2013 09: 55
      And the skill of my grandfather was a blacksmith, I only remember that he had a pension of 120 p. And the miners in the mine with us (Kuzbass) to 700 p. EARNED. And then work was for what. It’s just that this lady’s work seemed to have (well, by virtue of Jewish tradition) office work - such as a librarian or the like. And yes, I don’t remember something among the hard workers - drummers (again, tradition). Although there could probably be exceptions
    4. +3
      18 March 2013 11: 05
      I confirm your words, at the end of the 80s a general machine operator 4 category, on the defense industry, the salary was a little less than 200 rubles
      1. alex popov
        18 March 2013 15: 38
        Quote: Sirocco
        I confirm your words, at the end of the 80s a general machine operator 4 category, on the defense industry, the salary was a little less than 200 rubles

        I confirm. Locksmith on Uralmash in the mid 80s - 180-220. The refrigerator on ZhRU 240-300.
    5. +1
      18 March 2013 13: 19
      Sorry for the third time I mention the movie "Fire on Thursdays".
      I categorically and strongly recommend it, because this is DOCUMENTAL evidence of the lice affluence of the article under discussion.
      1. +1
        18 March 2013 15: 55
        In the film there is a huge block called "For a long ruble" and begins with the announcer's phrase: "let's talk about grabbed"(hack) ... So this is a hike-case, the fathers of the generation that went to the sect of the iPhone Prisnosuschiy and the authors of the film say about disease-Running ... Here's your attitude to the "consumer society".
        Eh .. Romance. Their era has passed ... How many films do you know that glorified the heroes of the Second World War and how much about the Builders of Zurbagan?
        It's funny, the movie has a word: "Cottage" ... lol
      2. +2
        18 March 2013 16: 11
        Well well.
        Hooked everyone ... this nonsense.
        120 rubles ...
        Take the purchasing power of that ruble and the current one. The ratio of 1 to 150 is approximately. (Well, a box of matches then cost 1 kopecks, now 1-2 rubles.)
        So why and how much can we buy at 12 000 rubles?
        It is now rubles - "wooden", and not under the USSR.
        The lieutenant on the KSF received 315. First, this is 1981 year. At the end of the service (1984) - already on 700 was. For three years.
        In civilian life, an engineer at the ITC - I immediately received 165.
        An engineer at the Algorithm in Tashkent, at the same time - as many. We switched to self-financing - easily the salary was rolling out for 300.
        And when together, on a contract by 2 they could do a set of UBDs (from Elbrus computers) per month - then the salary was 1200 rubles. Soviet. Pilot IL-86 - the salary was 1000r.
        Koreans every summer and autumn fled for onions. To Krasnodar, Volga region. And the bill there went to multiple thousands.
        About the artists - and there is nothing to say. Favorite places for touring are miners, gold miners, sailors.
        Rubbish article. Rubbish memories of the author.
    6. Urrry
      18 March 2013 16: 48
      a kilogram of meat for 3,5 rubles - this is in the market, in the store from 1,7 rubles ... that's why there were queues in the stores, for it was cheaper - and they did not want to buy at the market, although there it was in bulk. The whole "secret" of the 90s for saturating the shelves with food was: they took the "market" prices and set them in stores - immediately the queues for meat disappeared and it also began to "lie on the shelves in abundance" :)
    7. Shuriken
      18 March 2013 23: 04
      After the army he went to the mine, 88g., S / n was 500-600 r This is in a mechanized slaughter, at the boy of a 20-year-old. And the drifters and slaughterers on the hammer, who were not lazy, 800-1000! What can I say, in the construction team in 85 180-220, + feeding is free ... And this is not in Siberia, in the Belgorod region !.
  14. -2
    18 March 2013 07: 05
    If you have nowhere to run, run back to Russia. Although no one is waiting for you.
    1. +7
      18 March 2013 07: 28
      Quote: Delink
      If you have nowhere to run, run back to Russia. Although no one is waiting for you.

      Why are they here? these are usually people who think that everything around them owes them, and they will always whine to their lot, 80% of my family emigrated to Germany in 89, I know what I'm talking about, let them be sincerely happy that they fled from hell to paradise and let in that paradise and they teach the horrors of hell.
    2. +1
      18 March 2013 16: 48
      There is no need to flee to Russia, let them look for something "deeper". They are in Russia, and so behind the eyes: all the bankers, oligarchs, look at the TV screen, on all channels ... You cannot enter the same river twice ... At our work, in Soviet times, an employee (engineers) quit, then decided to return , and the chief engineer is a Jew, but he was a competent and respected person, he said literally!: - "We do not accept TRAITORS back!" Like this...
  15. +4
    18 March 2013 07: 09
    Judging by the stuffing like "the vigilant eye of the Kagebe, hunger, barefoot and undressed Soviet Union", this article is a propaganda campaign for "domestic", American use, on the topic "Down Wall Street!"
  16. OlegYugan
    18 March 2013 07: 22
    Kaa; From the same repertoire.
    Give the broom with a motor - where did you see the broom, and even with the motor.
    And where did you see a Jew with a broom ??
  17. +6
    18 March 2013 07: 26
    I read ... laughed. The doctor ... I emphasize ... the sensible doctor in Soviet times did not know any problems ... he had EVERYTHING in the full understanding of this sense, but he had to be an intelligent doctor. proudly recalling this ... insanity. But for some reason IT associates itself with the Russians ... although it is clearly from a God-chosen nation ... it can no longer be funnier.
    1. 0
      18 March 2013 11: 08
      Quote: Strashila
      well-known as a music entertainer and comedian
      Quote: Strashila
      even funnier can no longer be.

      I totally agree.
  18. +3
    18 March 2013 07: 26
    Can the Soviet newspaper be sent to the author so that nostalgia does not torment? But I won’t send them, I have few of them on the shore. Let her use it.
  19. GHG
    18 March 2013 07: 26
    I am sure by the evening this post will not be exhausted. I'll check from work laughing
    1. +3
      18 March 2013 09: 36
      My God, like vi pgava dagaga, like vi pgava ...
    2. +3
      18 March 2013 13: 30
      One site has introduced a unit of measure - "Glitch".
      Introduced in honor of the surname enchanting dolb French Russophobe - André Glucksmann. Suffering from an incurable, rapidly progressing to the terminal stage of the disease (Latin: Butthurt), in relation to the mention of the word: "Russia". Shit Gave bricks in bulk, in the newspaper Le Monde. He writes "revealing" libels about Russia, which makes him incredibly happy. Both liberals and normal people. One that justifies hatred of the Motherland, the other - that is a kosher clown. In his honor, a unit of measure of journalist libel was invented - "one Gluck". I propose to assign article 10 "Glitches" on the Glucksmann scale, because the afftor is not really buggy.
  20. +8
    18 March 2013 07: 28
    Delusional article. Jews, when they never had their homeland, everyone was looking for where to build themselves so ... oops were warm, and live at the expense of others. honest people in the Union have always lived in abundance. and the salary was enough for life, for leisure, and for raising children.
    1. +4
      18 March 2013 08: 12
      Quote: Blad_21617
      The Union has always lived in abundance. and the salary was enough for life, for leisure, and for raising children.

      Moreover, it was possible to learn any specialty for free, as well as to get a job literally crossing the road, workers were required everywhere, I’m not talking about specialists, in this story the article for parasitism is the norm, although it’s kind of harsh !!!
    2. rolik
      18 March 2013 16: 10
      Quote: Blad_21617
      Delusional article. the Jews, when they never had their homeland, were all looking for where to build themselves so ... oops were warm,

      Absolutely agree. In the USSR, Jews who were specialists lived very well. Moreover, they were specialists in their original professions. These were gynecologists, dentists, jewelers. Really unnecessary elements really ran into the mattress, even here.
  21. Alexander-Tomsk
    18 March 2013 07: 31
    Having read the whole article and did not understand who the author considers himself, he calls the poor and unhappy Jew who escaped from the totalitarian Soviet Union, then the Russian immigrant (God forbid such Russians). Poor poor America, God forbid any revolution happens there, idealistic Jews will be blamed for everything laughing
  22. djon3volta
    18 March 2013 07: 48
    Why don't people come back?

    The question arises: why is everyone leaving and not returning?

    90 percent are so-called "refugees". Supposedly they were driven and they fled. They are poor fellows. The most unhappy people. They sold their apartments and gave them Russian (Ukrainian, Belarusian) passports - they won't be allowed back, and there's nowhere to go. The money from the sold apartments is immediately consumed. What is left for them? Console yourself. They are happy to hear if something bad is said about Russia - it’s not so offensive to sit here. For example, when it is reported that dad ate his children out of hunger.

    By the way, about the Russian passport. With what pride I carried it in America, I was afraid to lose it, I kept it with me all the time! And this is really great value! You can’t imagine how happy you are with a Russian passport - a passport of the freest and most beautiful country! After this American abomination, you begin to love your homeland, your family ... Moreover, I will say that what the communists used to tell us about America is only half true. They did not tell us the whole truth about American insanity!

    After refugees, the second category is illegal immigrants. These are those who came to visit on fictitious invitations, but remained to earn some money. The main thing that is the 100% reason for the non-return of illegal immigrants: the inability to earn money. They went to America, thinking of making money and returning home with money to buy a car or apartment. And now they’re not coming back, because it’s embarrassing to look in the eyes of neighbors (funny as it may be). Do not come from America to the poor! (By the way, it tormented me too, but I spat and returned to beggars). Hoping to earn, they remain more than the period specified in the visa. And that means they will never be allowed back. Therefore, they live in limbo - and they cannot earn, and they cannot return without money ...

    And making money in America is impossible. Once again I will explain the situation: the salary is not more than 6-7 dollars per hour. Even if there is a permanent job, it is 1000-1200 dollars a month. After all deductions per month, you can set aside 100-200 dollars. If you have been looking for work for a whole month (and this is exactly so, even more), then time goes by, the money is melting, you have lived 600-800 dollars. Only to work them out, you need 4-6 months! And try to hold out on one job for at least a month! Well, if a week! And what can we say about making money? Many people set themselves the goal of earning 5-10 thousand and returning. Very few people succeed. Most do not have a permanent job and do not have these $ 1000 per month.
    1. djon3volta
      18 March 2013 07: 50
      Why do some say America is good?

      This is a very interesting point. Those who find good jobs don't tell the truth, because they will be kicked out immediately. There is no freedom of speech there. In Russia, freedom of speech is 100 times more. Those who say in a personal conversation that America is good sometimes think that this is so, because they have not been to Russia for a long time. Sometimes they convince themselves. But in 100% of cases, when I started to challenge them and say: "Okay, let's compare what's here and what's there ..." they gave up five minutes later and agreed that they were sitting in deep shit. And there is no way out. And that all of America is a complete deception. No one has ever been able to prove to me otherwise.

      Many call their relatives in Russia and sing all kinds of fables about America - as if they were in paradise. Most often this is because they are ashamed to admit that they are fools and fell for an American fishing rod. And some call relatives to themselves, so that they are not the only ones who are fools and not live so sadly together.

      And what do the newspapers write about Russia? That everyone is stealing. That a hungry dad ate his children in Samara. When I said that this was nonsense, the former Russians replied: “But here's the newspaper, it’s written in it, so it’s true. No, we will not go to Russia. Besides, there is anti-Semitism.” Everyone is sure that there is very strong anti-Semitism in Russia. Pogroms. Although after five minutes, forgetting about this topic, when it comes to their past life, they recall: "Oh, I had such an apartment, 5 rooms ... And I worked as a chief engineer ... And we all went to rest in the south. time ... And in Russia I also had a foreign car and a garage, and a dacha ... And what kind of people there were, what kind of friends, what kind of neighbors, I felt so great there ... And there no one cheated ... "

      Lying about what is good in America, the immigrant is very easy to bring to clean water. Just tell him something like this: "You like it here, but I came here and I am suffering. I had a car, an apartment, a job, friends in Russia, I went to rest in the south, there were no problems ..." And he he will immediately start boasting: "What is this! I had my own house, I was generally a warehouse manager, I met with the secretary general and the president and went to a restaurant with diplomats and actors ..." And then he fell silent and was silent ...
  23. +3
    18 March 2013 08: 26
    Pisulka of a man who fell into a cesspool and pretending to be there on business. I read to the phrase
    Russia, or more precisely, the Soviet Union, was a state made up of fifteen republics, united by force into a single whole, the mentality of a huge population was deformed by years of socialist propaganda, fear, poverty and corruption.

    and lost interest in the article. For its further content became clearer than clear. A quick look at the rest only confirmed these conclusions.
  24. Avenger711
    18 March 2013 08: 27
    Well, what kind of scribble of a TP that was a parasite in the USSR, and now the same parasite in the USA? The main thing is that we did not go back to us.
    1. +3
      18 March 2013 09: 31
      If the purpose of this article was to wake up the slumbering anti-Semite in me, then it (the goal in the sense) has been achieved. This people from the population of the USSR was the noisiest (had access to the media) as well as now, and really work, create a product, he did not like it very much, and the leadership of the USSR and the people did not welcome the thousand-year craving for gesheft. They were beaten on the hands for speculation, and they bleated about the lack of freedom. Citizens of the USSR and "honest emigrants" have a different concept of Freedom, hence the Niagara of hatred and filth against the Soviet Union. But this is my personal opinion (zadolbalo write "IMHO").
  25. +5
    18 March 2013 08: 32
    The article put a minus. Because this is an article by an angry man who left for "heavenly manna" and toilet paper, and saw there that no one needed it. The main motive of the article is envy. Why, black Obama did not share with her .... And in the USSR and present-day Russia, people continue to live, love, suffer and do not think to flee despite the difficulties and obstacles that have fallen on us. So I wanted to add tar.
    1. +1
      18 March 2013 17: 01
      Everything was obviously in the USSR, but she wiped it with a newspaper (she’s lying!), And in the USA she sleeps on a mattress from a garbage can ... ha ha ha!
  26. +3
    18 March 2013 08: 34
    If you read some books of writers who once lived in the USSR, and now in Israel (Rubin, for example), we can conclude: remembering with nostalgia their childhood, youth, maturity, with the conviction that these are the life cycles of an outstanding person, they grew and brought up in an environment that savored the future death of the USSR. As an intelligent Jew, a prophet with a whisper is sure to predict the death of an evil empire that has no place on earth.
    I have nothing against the Jews (there are friends among them), but some of them, necessarily educated and necessarily classifying themselves as intelligentsia, have long been engaged in such fencing of their homeland. A new homeland will also begin to be quietly bonfired when they believe that it does not give them well-deserved benefits.
  27. +3
    18 March 2013 08: 41
    Three hundred thousand Jews fled from there, from secret and overt anti-Semitism, to start a new life somewhere else.

    It will not be enough why everyone was not captured.

    America has generously opened its doors for us, as it always did for people of all races and nationalities

    To crooks, thieves and losers in their country ...
  28. +2
    18 March 2013 08: 52
    People who come in large numbers in the United States are also disliked, but keep quiet because of political correctness.
    As the crisis began, so my friend was the first to leave the factory in Chicago. He is at least a Jew, but not local. Sits on benefits and catches fish in the lake, and does not howl to the whole world.
    Got into town - don't tweet.
  29. +4
    18 March 2013 09: 01
    we are Jews. Jews traditionally vote for Democrats, always. "

    -------------------------------------------------- ------
    The average ordinary Russian of my generation is an honest immigrant

    And where does the "Russian"?
    Snot of a Jewish woman who fled from the USSR to the USA in 1979, deciding that someone needed her in America. What panos is in her homeland. Losers and unhappy people, they hate the USSR-Russia badly, the USA hate badly too, but it’s worse to fuck up in the homeland.
    Needed where was born.
    Well, where we do not.
    It’s with a million bucks you’re at least where the Man is, and such as she is chantropa and her own is in the USA.
  30. +3
    18 March 2013 09: 12
    Yes, she’s a fool)) let him now sit and finger suck, patriot fucking. So the place is just there, super-hater. The article is written in such a tone that it becomes disgusting from such a bias towards Russia. I would include her on the list of banned ....
    1. +10
      18 March 2013 09: 57
      Quote: afire
      yes she is a fool

      Oh don't tell me! She is not a fool, she is a provocateur !!! Custom article. I will not list the lies mentioned above. I will pay attention to the following:
      "an honest immigrant who came here with empty pockets,"
      Yes, none of them went "with empty pockets"! Or is it anger that the hidden diamonds and gold were taken away at the border.
      "with my almost zero knowledge of English"
      Since 1970, in the United States, they have not been officially hired unless they have finished and passed the exam in the English language course "Step by step", which was developed by S. Molinsky specifically for the rapid development of spoken language (a good course, by the way. She herself prepared some of those eager to leave for it)
      The lady works as a clerk. The clerk, like other positions, has a salary ceiling. it all depends on the company! Apparently in the Union she worked as a "clerk" for 120 rubles. I thought that for the same work in the office they pay 1000 bucks! laughing
      "these are people who came here before perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, those who had very serious reasons to emigrate - fear for their lives"
      Is this an allusion to the pogroms that "took place in the USSR" or someone threatened their lives before perestroika? Maybe all the same these are people who were afraid that they would be imprisoned for their deeds (or shot for major embezzlement)?
      This article is written for Americans! For it indicates: a) how bad it was under the USSR, b) loyalty to American ideals is expressed, c) "help the poor Jews! We are honest"
      1. Nevsky
        18 March 2013 10: 09
        Egoza You, as always, put everything on the shelves! good
  31. Fox
    18 March 2013 09: 20
    after the first lines, I thought: "a Jewess wrote, who never did ANYTHING with her own hands ..." and, for sure, a Jewess. I minus the article, but in advance, because noh! ...
    1. Kaa
      18 March 2013 13: 53
      Quote: Fox
      the position of an unburdened intellect, a liberoid parasite louse, is stated.
      A very true statement, liberoism has no nationality, in Tahrir Square the overwhelming majority of Muslims raged (and rage periodically), this is a sign of a way of life - "Wherever you work, just NOT to work!"
  32. 0
    18 March 2013 09: 28
    I consider her a scum and I wish that she died there.
    Three hundred thousand Jews fled from there(from the USSR), thank God that the country has thrown off such a burden.
    1. +2
      18 March 2013 12: 24
      Poor, poor Jews. 120rub / month without toilet paper .... OOOOOO! crying
  33. 0
    18 March 2013 09: 34
    Quote: Hutsul
    Odessa was not part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Do not disgrace the next time.

    What a nightmare. fool
    But nothing that Odessa was part of the Ukrainian SSR.
    You unsuccessfully googled and confused Odessa mother with Odessa in the USA.
  34. Genera
    18 March 2013 09: 50
    We don’t have such a gift and don’t need such money. Let them roam about in life, it’s not for nothing that they have been fornication for thirty years (or how many Moses drove there by their nose), they will now never stop. For them, it was no longer deposited on the genetic level, so let them shy away further from us. A parasitic people is not a patriot people
  35. Corporal
    18 March 2013 09: 51
    A man painted a picture of the world in which there is a country of dreams, and in this country everything is correct and reasonable. And this world gradually fell apart. Normul. All people live in their fantasy world. They need him for a sense of comfort, for a sense of the meaning of life, for peace and mental health.

    And stop finding fault with toilet paper. Yes, she was gone. Rather, it was, but in short supply.
    My father is a welder, my mother is an employee of Gosstrakh, they lived in Norilsk, a city more than prosperous and secured as the Far North. I am 74 years old and I remember how my parents took out this unfortunate paper by pull, like many other things. I think less adapted people got along with "Soviet newspapers" in those days.
  36. Ruslan_F38
    18 March 2013 09: 52
    The USA is an absolute evil, there are no people living there, dummies, what is there to talk about? They filled the whole world with innocent blood and are trying to pretend to something else.
  37. Shumer
    18 March 2013 10: 02
    "It is becoming more and more bureaucratic, the amount of paperwork required is constantly increasing. Who invents it all. Who makes simple things crazy?" - - for some reason I immediately remembered our (already capitolistic) BTI, I had to stand in line for two days.
  38. +3
    18 March 2013 10: 03
    Quote: Kaa
    Or maybe it was worth going to work as a steelworker, a miner, to go to the North with their coefficients?

    By the way, yes. Many friends, having arrived from the north, immediately bought a car (it seemed to be enough for a Muscovite). Plus, their pension was normal.
  39. s1н7т
    18 March 2013 10: 06
    "... jokes about the semen-stained dress."
    Shopipets! laughing laughing laughing
    "And these people forbid me to pick my nose ?!" (C) laughing
  40. +5
    18 March 2013 10: 08
    The article is similar to the statement from the movie "The weather is good on Deribasovskaya, but it is raining again on Brighton Beach." There the character said the following - "There I was against the KGB, and here I am against the CIA." In my opinion to the very point.

    Something I did not understand at all, what kind of ideological drain? Above is the article titled "The Great American Myth", followed by this one. Why, we already know who is who. Here people are adults. These articles, the very place on "Hyde Park", is where the hysterical debate would begin now.

    Anyway, in this "confession" resentment can be traced. Resentment that in the United States it did not work out to live "beautifully and for free." As soon as the tax was removed from her 120 bucks, that's it, the fairy tale ended. Everything is bad, deceived (like in the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune" - and now there is pasta in prison). I had to think with my head when I left. She herself writes that in the USSR, in principle, there was no need to take care of anything, everything was planned for years in advance. Yeah, the toad is choking. I agree, 120 rubles was not a lot of money. But with this money, my mother took me to Adler and Petsunda, with this money we traveled all over the USSR. I don’t want to say anything bad about the children of Israel (but I want to), but here the Jewish logic can be clearly traced. As in a joke - Yes, you really Abram decide where you feel good - And I feel good on the road.
    1. Kaa
      18 March 2013 14: 09
      Quote: Averias
      Yes, you already Abram decide where you feel good - And I feel good on the road

      Quote: albert
      A normal person has only one homeland !!

      But we are talking about a people scattered around the world, each has several homelands, but not everyone aspires to historical
      1) The Jewish population of the world (including Israel)
      2) The population of Israel
      (1800) 2,500,000 6,000
      (1880) 7,750,000 25,000
      (1939) 16,620,000 445,000
      (1945) 11,000,000 565,000
      (1948) 11,530,000 650,000
      (1950) 11,373,000 1,203,000
      (1955) 11,800,000 1,591,000
      (1975) 12,742,000 2,959,000
      (1985) 12,871,000 3,517,000
      (1990) 12,869,000 3,947,000
      (1993) 12,963,000 4,335,000
      (1995) 13,000,000 4,550,000
      (2001) 13,254,000 4,952,000
      2002 Exact data not yet known 5,292,000
      They got their homeland with a capital letter, for some reason they are in no hurry to move, maybe colleagues from Israel will explain? But the Israeli press is also concerned about this ... "If we stay in Germany, we will be able to talk about the whole stratum of the Jewish population of this country, which formed earlier" Russian "immigration and represents another side of the same phenomenon. We are talking about many thousands of Israelis. who moved from Israel to Germany in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century.In these two decades, Israelis left for the West in search of better financial prospects and a more "convenient" social order. Of course, most settled in big cities in English-speaking countries, however, the presence of a large Jewish community in Germany only underlines what ultimately drove these Jews. It was for economic reasons that they neglected the widespread prejudice of the majority of Jews against life in Germany. Nowadays, this attitude has become more tolerant, but in 70 - 80 years of the 20th century, when tens of thousands of Jews, and in the end - hundreds of thousands, left Israel, the prejudice against them was still very strong. http://www.jewishagency.org/JewishAgency/Russian/Education/Jewish+World Maybe it's not about nationality, but about "freebie"?
      1. alex popov
        18 March 2013 15: 25
        Quote: Kaa
        Maybe it's not about nationality, but about "freebie"?

        In a passion for freebies.
        With this, the letter begins. With the enthusiasm of toilet paper and the surprise that you need to work a lot.
  41. +5
    18 March 2013 10: 11
    I talked with many people - the same emigrants from Russia as I did, was interested - what they think about the current situation in our new homeland. A normal person has only one homeland !!
  42. -5
    18 March 2013 10: 43
    Why are there so many disadvantages? You can see people did not live under socialism. The article is good. The moral in it is this - for every cunning "w" o "poo there is a threaded bolt. I sympathize with the author.
    1. 0
      18 March 2013 20: 52
      Quote: Geisenberg
      Why are there so many minuses? People you see under socialism did not live
      So many disadvantages because they lived under socialism! And the author of this "article" seems to have lived in some other country, not in the one in which most of those present here lived! hi
  43. 0
    18 March 2013 10: 51
    some kind of muddy article
  44. Vladimir_61
    18 March 2013 11: 03
    "... after many years of nightmare ..." Nightmares are ahead - in the cradle of democracy. It is a waste of time to comment on this opus. Try to tell the blind about the beauty of dawn.
    1. +4
      18 March 2013 11: 52
      Quote: Vladimir_61
      Try to talk about the beauty of dawn to the blind.

      This lady can only say: "We are from that dark past, about which you, in the bright future, can only dream of" (c) fellow
      1. Vladimir_61
        18 March 2013 13: 44
        Quote: Egoza
        This lady can only say: "We are from that dark past, about which you, in the bright future, can only dream of" (c)

        And a brighter future is not a metaphor.) The law is simple, like a sine wave: a decline is replaced by a rise, which will be in our country - it is a rise. While those countries that have used their rise in terry egoism will go down sharply. And some for a long time.
  45. +4
    18 March 2013 11: 14
    An old, greedy, embittered "woman". What a blessing that she left our country. on here and here the whole brain would have endured.
  46. fenix57
    18 March 2013 11: 33
    Quote: Vanek
    Left? For God's sake! It’s not necessary to pour current to my homeland. Like, there was no toilet paper.

    Well now oh how enough. If the US dollar was not a world reserve currency, and the whole world did not prefer to keep its foreign exchange reserves in US government bonds, they would have long since gotten rid of the debt ceiling. They got rid of default. AS A STATE: USA. hi
  47. vseprosto
    18 March 2013 12: 07
    Not a bit of compassion !!! negative
    He seeks justice where it is not by definition. fool
    Sell ​​your People = Homeland for rags and gmo soup ... .... ABOMINATION! am
  48. ed65b
    18 March 2013 12: 08
    Aunt wrote an article from despair, she so wants in the USSR. with his 120r and the prospect of living like that until the grave. There is a sausage, sausages. fly to the sea for 70 rubles or by train in a compartment for 15 rubles. A daughter with a disability after studying at a boarding school would work for 40-50 rubles (sewed slippers for example in the society of the blind) and receive a small but pension. I would go to a demonstration, and after home, sitting near the TV set, a light hovered along the way while eating chicken and washed down with Bulgarian wine for 3 r.
    In the evening, going out onto the street and searching with her eyes, she calmly called her home and put her to bed, she would have sung a lullaby and quietly left the room and went to bed. In order to go to work at the Philharmonic in the morning and leave my grandmother's daughter to go to the ches with some sort of song and dance ensemble.
    And here you are - Instead of honoring the poor people (Jews) who have survived the horrors of socialist life until the end of their lives, the American people have to secretly attend the synagogue. She saw crowds of black Americans who sit on benefits and do not want to work. Envy that she left early, then new ones arrived with big money and also many Jews, and her paravoz had already left and she had made a wrong bet. EEEEEH.
  49. ObnaPur
    18 March 2013 12: 31
    The whining of sausage emigrants. They have nowhere to run and they will defend their new homeland until shit.
    1. alex popov
      18 March 2013 13: 34
      There is no such homeland, neither new nor old.
  50. +4
    18 March 2013 13: 09
    The hidden meaning in the article afftorshi:
    We saw that the Americans had to work much harder than the average Russian. He was a real idler, and the Americans had to work hard for real! Workers were required to arrive at work on time; some had only 30 minutes for a lunch break, and leave was one week, two or more weeks of paid leave could be obtained only after several years of work. In Russia, a month of vacation was the standard!

    This means that in the USSR there was labor legislation of the Labor Code, aimed at protecting workers. Where will you be able to take a vacation on time, dine quietly and rest from work at lunchtime. And in America, if you are late, you will be fined for being late, and most likely it will not be a fixed amount but a percentage of what you earn. You’ll go for a vacation when they give it and don’t roll your lip for a long rest.
    Health care in the Soviet Union was public. Doctors received the same meager money as other employees, but they worked really hard. Most doctors went into this noble profession, driven by high ideals of helping people, saving their lives
    This means that in the USSR all people were socially well off and in medical terms too. And in America, you need to pay money for standard health insurance, and even dentistry is not included in this standard. So the low-income population of dash sparkles with holes in their teeth)))
    What happened to my $ 120? I received a check for $ 83.79. But why? In tears, I ran to Lillian, my manager, a stately gray-haired woman who calmly and patiently explained to me about taxes. Uncle Sam, a skinny dude in a top hat on which caricatures were drawn in Soviet Russia ... he wanted to get his share.
    This means that the top is robbing the population of America, since under American law only profit is taxed, and their salary is not considered profit, it is considered an exchange, you give the employer labor, and he gives you money.
    As for the emigrants, I want to say the following. People who emigrate to a foreign country as a soft place to build their own happy life do not have a homeland on the mental level, and their emigration looks especially selfish, since in a country where people live "better" than in their homeland, it did not come better by itself, it was better built by the fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers of those people who live and work there now. And these kind of "offended" immigrants came to this place that was not built by them and not for them and began to use it. So the screeching afftors like
    Thus, Obama now wants to feed more drug addicts and illegal immigrants at the expense of honest workers. Plus this hideous idea of ​​"redistributing wealth"
    especially vile and cynical, because she hates even people like herself. As the saying goes: Do not like it, do not eat!
    1. alex popov
      18 March 2013 13: 45
      but I liked this quote more:
      We know what socialism is, we came face to face with it.

      We do not want to live in it again
      Are these people sure that Obama is building "socialism"? ))))))
  51. +2
    18 March 2013 13: 17
    I actually burst into tears!
  52. +2
    18 March 2013 13: 25
    This is the first swallow, more to come. She came to us in 1979, almost at the beginning of the “unprecedented generosity” credit attraction, which began after the crisis of the early 70s. They will still have a hard time on the western side, or there will be more...
  53. GP
    18 March 2013 13: 30
    He shed a bitter tear for the poor Jew crying . What an unfortunate thing, I missed the promised land. 32 years, but it took 40 years for Moses to drive out slavery, another 8 years and the “slavery of socialism” will evaporate from the puny little soul. Amen.
  54. alex popov
    18 March 2013 13: 33
    The author is clearly worried. Well, of course, the sausage paradise where they fled from the “damned union” is melting before our eyes. Where will he go now? To China? Do they care about such “rootless” people?
    There is an interesting point in this. All the “troubles” that she describes about the USSR are easily projected onto modern Russia for a huge number of our citizens living outside the boundaries of large cities. But with one change. There is no stable employment for you, no apartment, no boarding houses and the Black Sea coast, no free medicine, no education and is not even traceable in the future.
    At the moment, these people are experiencing the “Soviet shortcomings” with a “capitalist bias”... And this bias came precisely with the collapse of the USSR. What is the use of 30 types of “sausage” and 10 types of toilet paper if your salary is enough for a free newspaper and a black loaf? I’m exaggerating a little, of course, and I’m not getting into trouble at all... but now the concept of social justice is completely absent. Unlike the USSR, when there was at least an appearance, when they stole and were embarrassed about it, and did not boast, when a competent mechanic of the 5-6th category could earn more than an engineer and a little less than a director. My uncle worked for almost 20 years at Uralmash, “stood at the machine.” In their workshop, machine operators earned higher earnings than the bulk of engineers. Is this possible now? Well, more of an engineer, yes. “A little less than the director” - never. And we did not live in eternal fear, but quite freely and happily. Because happiness was not in the types of sausage... The author, apparently only now began to understand this.
    I “caught” the late USSR, since I was born in 1979. But at the same time, I came to the Black Sea for the first time at the age of three, and until 1991 I spent almost every summer either in the Crimea (Skadovsk), or in the Caucasus (KB, Abkhazia) or in FREE pioneer camps. In this regard, I had a great “early childhood”! At the same time, both my mother and father did not work as secretaries of city committees.
    And now I can afford my child Turkey and Egypt, and Tuapse for the whole summer with relatives. I have my own business. But many of the people around me do not have this opportunity. Costs of capitalism. Since they work for someone else’s uncle and the salary is barely enough to rent an apartment and food with rare trips to the shopping center “on an excursion”... Plus, both I and they have absolutely no confidence in the future...
    And at the same time, neither I nor they are trying to disappear over the hill in search of satiety, but are trying to arrange our lives here, change something, improve something. Because here is my Motherland, my ancestors lived here, and I will not give up my country to anyone and will not go anywhere.
    1. 0
      18 March 2013 14: 09
      "troubles" a la "Soviet shortcomings" with a "capitalist bias"

      Russia and Russian citizens need to decide, not Turtle Tortilla with dual citizenship and the like (aka Old lady Shapoklyak Alekseeva Lyudmila Mikhailovna).
      Well, I can’t talk about such people with respect for their age. She earned it, but didn't deserve it.
      1. alex popov
        18 March 2013 15: 18
        Mitrich, what does Alekseeva have to do with it? hi
        I am sure that the fate of such “refugees” and insolvent “permanent residents” does not interest her at all.
        In general, all internal problems of a country should be solved by citizens of the country permanently residing in this country. Applies to any country: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Syria, Egypt, Libya and so on on the list. Any intervention “like help” HAS NOT LEADED TO ANYTHING GOOD AND WILL NOT LEAD TO ANYTHING GOOD.
        1. +1
          18 March 2013 15: 28
          The internal problems of the country must be solved by the citizens of the country,

          I'm actually talking about the same thing.
          And he “mentioned it in vain” to Alekseeva, in the context of Alla Axelrod. She also went to the USA to scold Russia.... In February, it seems... (Where Gudkov Jr. distinguished himself) So: two boots are a match. Only one is a patriot, and the second is a human rights activist with striped citizenship.
  55. Rrrrr
    18 March 2013 13: 41
    I demand to return the nationality to registered users of the site !!! Where are the country flags? Is someone afraid of something, or is it easier for some foreigners to fool us and make trouble? Return the flags !!!
  56. bilgesez
    18 March 2013 13: 59
    It's a pity that not all of them left then.
  57. RPD
    18 March 2013 14: 08
    like the slop was poured out. Why reprint the poor ones?
  58. lechatormosis
    18 March 2013 14: 14
    Why the hell are these US immigrants teaching us?
    LIVE THERE and don’t bother us with your moralizing.
    1. RPD
      18 March 2013 14: 22
      and they are itching in one place from the awareness of betrayal
  59. georg737577
    18 March 2013 14: 29
    How is it - “there is nowhere to run...” What about Auschwitz?
  60. +6
    18 March 2013 14: 34
    .. there were very serious reasons to emigrate - fear for one’s life. ....from the abundance of food and the availability of toilet paper.....we are used to using newspapers)

    Why are you lying, dear?! Who threatened you during the USSR?! And about poverty, and about the “newspaper” for women... Well, are you full? and wipe it with what you need? Yes, there was a shortage, there were queues, and this, by the way, was arranged artificially in order to make people dissatisfied with the Soviet regime!
    Here is just one example: - “1988 - in the USSR there were 4 tobacco factories, which were AT THE SAME TIME GOSPLAN put on scheduled repairs. The result was a shortage of cigarettes, because there were not enough supplies of Bulgarian cigarettes, and they did not bother to introduce additional imported poison. This only ONE of the mass of facts of the action of agents in the highest echelons of power." You can give a bunch of examples.
    This and that didn’t exist, but everyone had everything, didn’t they?
    What can you say about free, one of the best education in the world under the USSR, free medicine (and they pulled teeth with novocaine) and operated successfully, but there were, are and will be mistakes, it depends directly on the people.
    People who left for Germany during the collapse of the state were shocked by the general education system, including the music system. Unfortunately, Russia in this regard, under the leadership of Fursenko, followed the same path.
    Over the years, former employees came from Israel and the USA, they said that from specialists (with a capital letter, without irony) they “retrained” to become janitors, mechanics, electricians, nannies... And their censorship in both places is worse than the USSR! There you can’t say at all that you don’t like something, that you’re dissatisfied with something, letters are studied under a microscope. I have no doubt that they have regretted finding a “new homeland” thousands of times...
  61. 0
    18 March 2013 14: 56
    “There is no more terrible enemy for a new emigrant than an experienced emigrant who arrived here several years earlier” (c) (V. Kunin)
  62. +2
    18 March 2013 14: 59
    Greetings to everyone, I read the article and slowly became angry, how can a person who grew up in the union write such nasty things? This d.u.r.a. criticizes the Soviet way of life, Soviet ideology, but in the USA which ideology is better? Moral degradation, perversion, violence, drug trafficking, racial persecution, instead of moral values, material values ​​are put in first place, alienation of man from society, and all this is given by Western ideology, which officially proclaims “freedom for man and the individual,” but in fact , the authorities don’t give a damn about this very person. There are shootings in schools, a high crime rate, prostitution, and they also legalized the rights of homosexuals, allowing them to take to the streets. And she loves this country and considers herself a patriot? Without saying thank you to the simple teachers who taught her to write and read, to become a doctor? It would be better not to publish this article, I’m angry, I’ll go have a smoke and calm down.
    1. alex popov
      18 March 2013 15: 21
      So her letter is imbued with just such “values”. It all starts with the “material” in the form of a lack of toilet paper, it ended with just bilious envy and hatred... And there is so much racism... it is the fruit of such a “free world”!
  63. amp
    18 March 2013 16: 23
    It is much more interesting for me to know what the residents of Vologda think, for example, than what people of Russian origin think.
    I didn’t care about them or their Obama.
  64. +2
    18 March 2013 16: 29
    Hmm, the hewn horns sang, the prostitutes screamed. But what kind of garbage the country got rid of in its time. True, we should have sent at least another million and a half to the suitcase-station-Israel, but it’s clear that some of the guys here have settled in well. Just look at Bolotnaya, there was still a lot left. Not enough, not enough was released, we had to drive them out with kicks. But maybe everything is ahead.
    1. amp
      18 March 2013 17: 10
      At a minimum, ban dual citizenship. Either refuse foreign things, or go to hell.
  65. 0
    18 March 2013 17: 29
    Quote: kagorta
    Why is this nonsense on "my" military-political site.

    Why in quotes?
  66. Urrry
    18 March 2013 17: 37
    Let them write and read such articles in America...God forbid, they will think that everything is fine in Russia - and they will start returning back! We just didn't have enough of them here! :)
    In short, “we don’t have toilet paper here! And we never will!” )
  67. 0
    18 March 2013 18: 59
    The “honest” representative of the nation of doctors and lawyers left in the late 70s. Was anyone upset then? Well, someone was upset, V. Dolina had a most heartbreaking song about acacia, about emigration...
    Over the years, the girl began to ask Russian questions. She feels bad. Will we regret it?
  68. TAGIR
    18 March 2013 20: 07
    http://youtu.be/gLjx0yGkLj8[media= http://youtu.be/gLjx0yGkLj8] Жириновский про евреев
  69. GEO
    18 March 2013 22: 00
    There is one less cosmopolitan bitch in my homeland.
  70. rodevaan
    19 March 2013 19: 17
    I didn’t even bother to read this pathetic nonsense!

    All this notorious herd, calling themselves “patriots of Russia”, but in fact dreaming of living and eating on benefits, “getting into a black Mercedes” (as in one stupid song), unable and unwilling to live and work normally in THEIR country, running like a herd of useless sheep somewhere abroad in dreams of free wealth and a fat, ugly husband-sponsor - a priori for me is not only an indicator, but nothing at all.
    These are not compatriots, these are the masses who, at the slightest difficulty, fled to a foreign country so that they could be watered, fed, clothed there for nothing, in short - these are empty cattle-ballast, which, for example, our country, for example, I think is absolutely not needed.
    Why do we need these so-called “patriots”, who are not the backbone of the country - but its corrupting element?
    I think so - those who pray for Westerners and who have S.Sh.P a light in the window with blue curtains - you are welcome to leave the country! Nobody is keeping the borders open. Why do we need these here? We managed just fine without you before and we can do it now. And beyond the hill there are just not enough dishwashers and cleaners. Blacks don’t want to work, and neither do Latinos. These are exactly the kind of decomposers our enemies need. So let's go to the New Motherland, gentlemen.
    Less trash means a cleaner house!
  71. 0
    19 March 2013 20: 32
    I don't feel sorry for this aunt with her painful life! She wanted “freedom” - toilet paper, she got it. In the USSR, although not everything was smooth, BUT education was free, medicine was free, and you could always find a job. This whole foreign “paradise” is only beautiful in appearance, but in fact there is a lot of rot in it
  72. bazillius
    23 March 2013 21: 08
    According to the article: Citizens, read this article. Very helpful. Please pay special attention to:
    1. honest Russian - does not hide the fact that she is Jewish (this is probably a new nation: Eurus);
    2. constantly remembers the past, how bad it was then in the USSR, how happily the exodus from Egypt... from a country where the ancestors of the Jews made a revolution and for some reason they weren’t loved for it?
    3. In a purely American way (although it would be more correct “in the United States way”) it cries out - where do my taxes go?
    4. He is sincerely surprised: why does the president not pay attention to honest Russian Jews.
    I want to believe that the author of the article really wants to consider himself Russian, but then why constantly mention his Jewish origin. Yes, it really is a shame when there is injustice around, but this is the country you chose, either fight, or go to another country (as you already did once).
  73. sander
    13 November 2013 09: 27
    I think that she was lucky to rise from the bottom like that... not everyone who immigrates to the Than succeeds, although there are many different Jewish communities and foundations there, I think they helped her... she wouldn’t have been able to get out on her own...

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