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Drone-bird dives and grabs prey like a predator

Once upon a time, huge flying lizards — pterosaurs — lived on planet Earth. They could swoop down on their prey the size of a car, grab it with powerful claws and then finish off appetizing it. Nowadays, thanks to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania laboratory, we will again see those times when invisible sky hunters can easily grab a person on the street.

Drone-bird dives and grabs prey like a predator

The development team has succeeded in creating a flying quadcopter that is capable of grabbing onto an object with a single, three-fingered 3D printed claw. Source of inspiration to create drone-birds served as real flying predators - bald eagles. The quadcopter imitates the actions of an eagle when it hunts for fish, snatching them out of the water, and this process occurs very quickly. To the credit of its creators, the drone also has an impressive speed of movement - about 2-3 meters per second.

What is the plan to use such devices? An optimistic view suggests the use of a drone in emergency situations to save people or some valuable items. However, it is likely that this clawed robot will be used in military operations — for example, to rescue hostages or capture criminals if they are hiding in difficult terrain — for example, in the mountains, in the forest, etc. Apparently, such an “arrest” would look very impressive. This can be like the eerie scene from the 4 Terminator, when the giant robot “Reaper” grabs people with its claw.

With the massive spread of quadrocopters and unmanned drones, more and more new types of them appear. We already have small HD streaming spy camera quadcopters flying Robotsspiders that will go anywhere, a dragonfly robot and other "insects", not to mention hordes of entertaining flying robots for various shows. Now you can add a predatory drone to this series, imitating the hunting of birds of prey.

Video from the developers will help to better understand our future. Just in the place of the object, which is tightly enough drone, imagine a person.


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  1. fenix57
    fenix57 18 March 2013 05: 56
    Thank. We will often look not under the legs, but higher. Here are just two questions:
    1. The size of this "miracle" (to capture the average weight of a person, strength is still needed).
    2. It follows from the first: type of mover ...? hi
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 18 March 2013 06: 01
    They’re doing all kinds of nonsense! Whatever the child would not amuse, the leash would not hang himself! Probably they watched anime cartoons, there are a lot of similar things!
    1. StrateG
      StrateG 18 March 2013 07: 00
      They’re doing all kinds of nonsense! Whatever the child would not amuse, the leash would not hang himself! Probably they watched anime cartoons, there are a lot of similar things!

      Why not. This rewarding experience can be taken into account when creating the next robot. You know, experience comes from small. First, you make like small "Little Animals" like this quadrocopter, experience accumulates, ideas and developments appear. And everything that you have accumulated "Playing" in them can be used to create a serious contender. Peter the Great also did not immediately create an army. At first it had Funny Shelves.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 18 March 2013 08: 11
        Mlyn, and none of the members of the forum will remember that it was Aksakal who proposed the development of predatory drones that attack reconnaissance drones in approximately this way. Powerful clawed legs made of strong steel, combined with the landing gear, special algorithms for approaching the target and further attack -)))). They laughed at me, I laughed myself, but now it’s not very funny -))))). It does not appear with us. Why are we always late with non-standard things?
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 18 March 2013 10: 36
          There was a publication about UAVs from the USA, for street battles, their invulnerability, benefits and other advantages were signed. They demonstrated an attempt to bring down this bird from the machine. I looked and thought how invulnerable they are to standard thinking. ))))) Take a shotgun, buckshot three 0, or a fraction, and there is no miracle for 200 thousand green ones. Although a similar miracle of the Chinese model aircraft industry can be bought for 300 - 500 bucks. That's where I saw it.
        2. Georgs
          Georgs 20 March 2013 11: 29
          Quote: aksakal
          Why are we always late with non-standard things?

          By laziness of mind and dull grayness of diverse leadership.
  3. Gavril
    Gavril 18 March 2013 08: 24
    Well, if you think about what it’s worth attaching a grenade to it. Let him fly over the battlefield and where he needs to drop it.
  4. Dmitry Desnyansky
    Dmitry Desnyansky 18 March 2013 09: 37
    skyline is coming
  5. Sewer
    Sewer 18 March 2013 11: 19
    A normal invention and quite interesting, with great prospects!
  6. Hemi cuda
    Hemi cuda 18 March 2013 16: 27
    An entertaining contraption, software on small robots work out.
  7. Honory
    Honory 8 March 2016 15: 30
    Here is a bird, and if it will be several times larger?