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The loss of Venezuela has become a loss for Syria


A small cozy mansion not far from the Mezze highway in Damascus ... This is the area of ​​foreign embassies. We, a small delegation of Russian women, will recognize the Venezuelan embassy through a lowered flag with a mourning ribbon. When we told the embassy staff that we were Russian, they did not check either the bags or passports, despite the terrorist threat in the city. It hurts to see a portrait of a smiling Hugo Chávez with a mourning ribbon ... We lay a bouquet of red flowers around him. We leave an entry in the book of memory. One of the embassy employees speaks Russian: “Thank you, Russia.”

The tragic, premature departure of the President of Venezuela was a huge loss, not only for Latin America. But also for the Middle East. Chavez was known for defending the rights of the Arab nation. He was one of the few who sharply and consistently condemned the US and NATO aggression against Libya. He came to the defense of Syria and its legitimate authority. Without any ambiguous phrases, without any duty calls for “ending violence from all sides,” as many politicians say, putting a different meaning in it.

Last July, he intervened on behalf of both Russia and China, when former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatened them hysterically for speaking out against aggression against a sovereign state. Let me remind you that at that time Clinton said at a meeting of the so-called "Friends of Syria" in Paris that Russia and China would "pay dearly" for their position on Syria. Chavez specifically convened a press conference in Caracas, where he said: “We saw clear threats from the Secretary of State to Russia and China. Supposedly they will have to pay dearly if they do not do what is demanded of them. This is already an obvious, open madness on the part of those who consider themselves masters of the world. ” The Venezuelan president also said that Clinton should have addressed the problems of the American people: “The problems in the US itself are enough, but they want to do the same in Syria that they have done in Libya.”

In October 2012 of the year, speaking after winning the presidential election, Chavez said clearly and clearly: “How can we not support the government of Bashar Assad, if this is the legitimate government of Syria? If we do not support him, then whom do we support then? Terrorists who kill their people? ”He added:“ Syria is a sovereign state like the United States. We must support the sovereignty of other nations. ”

However, even before the tragic events in Syria, which began two years ago, there were very warm, friendly relations between Syria and Venezuela. Back in 2006, while visiting Damascus, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad agreed to take a common anti-American position. Chavez then said that both countries share a strong and firm position against American imperialism and its desire to dominate the world. “We have a common political vision and together we will resist American aggression,” he stressed.

However, these relations were not limited to ordinary economic and political cooperation. Without exaggeration, they can be called true friendship. Syrians told such history. One day, Hugo Chavez, being in the Middle East, wanted to visit Syria. The problem was that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was on a foreign visit at that time, and he was not in the country. According to the rules of the protocol, the head of a foreign state cannot visit the country in the absence of its leader. Hugo Chavez contacted Bashar Al-Asad by telephone, and the Syrian leader told his Venezuelan colleague: “Come whenever you want. This is your country. ”

With the Venezuelan side were in friendship and other political forces of Syria. The representative of the United Communist Party of Syria said that his party held a meeting with one of the former ambassadors of Venezuela, Dieia Ayndari, who, in particular, told the following story. When Chavez was not yet the President of Venezuela, a rally of his supporters was to be held. But something prevented the event, and only one person came to it. And Chavez spoke to this man. One of his comrades told him that it was not worth spending so much energy on one listener, but the politician replied that it was important for him to convey his position to everyone. And continued to speak.

Shortly before the start of the attack against Syria — in 2010 — the projects of close cooperation between the three countries — Venezuela, Belarus, and Syria — were being developed and a meeting of the three presidents in Damascus was being prepared. In fact, it was about creating a new alliance, which, of course, was across the throat for the United States and its allies. Perhaps this, too, was one of the motives for speeding up the conspiracy against Syria.

In a difficult moment, Venezuela was a country with a helping hand. Without fearing accusations of violating sanctions against Syria, Chavez sent several tankers with fuel to a friendly country, which was extremely necessary. Not to mention that at all meetings of the UN organizations, Venezuelan representatives voted against the anti-Syrian decisions and raised their voices in defense of the UAR. In particular, at the end of January of this year, the Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the UN, Jorge Valero, on behalf of his country, categorically condemned the hypocritical policies of Western countries that declare their fight against terrorism, but at the same time support and finance the militants in Syria. He also said that Venezuela supports the political program for resolving the crisis, which was put forward by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Such warm relations between the two countries provoked the vicious fury of the enemies and the media controlled by them. And they are happy to scratch with tongues. After late last year, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mekdad visited a number of Latin American countries with friendly visits, the evil tongues said that this way Bashar Al-Assad was seeking political asylum. Only the media, as they say, “got entangled in the testimony” and did not agree, in what country does the President supposedly seek refuge: in Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua or Cuba? Most often it was called Venezuela. Although the head of the Syrian state clearly and clearly told the whole world that he did not intend to leave his country.

Especially in this case, the Qatari Al-Jazeera tried. This “TV channel”, trying to play in objectivity, took a telephone interview with the professor of the Venezuelan Institute of Diplomatic Studies Ramón Kabshi. When it came to this most mutated question concerning the granting of asylum in Venezuela to Bashar al-Assad, Kabshi categorically denied this and called these conjectures untenable. And Al-Jazeera immediately tore off the mask of objectivity: she unceremoniously interrupted the interview and cut off the communication with the professor. However, it can be recalled that in February 2011 of the year, since the beginning of the attack against Libya, the same media, led by Al-Jazeera, squealed, as if Gaddafi had fled to Venezuela. Do they have Ms. Vu?

... The heavy news of the loss of Hugo Chávez with pain was perceived in Damascus. President Bashar Al-Assad sent a letter of full sympathy and grief to Venezuela. He said that this loss is his personal loss and the loss of all the freedom-loving people of the world.

“He left the ranks of his people and was always with his people,” said the President of Syria, “It was a great leader who demonstrated legendary resilience in opposing the attempts of the United States and its allies to establish hegemony over all nations and states. He supported the freedom and development of all nations and became a symbol of the independence and dignity of Latin America. ” Bashar Al-Asad added that Chavez was a great and loyal friend who took the defense of Syria and spoke the truth about what is happening in Latin American society and the whole world.

Despite the difficult situation in which Syria itself is located, she sent a government delegation to Caracas led by State Minister Mansour Azzam to bid farewell to Hugo Chavez. Prime Minister Vail Al Khalki visited the Venezuelan embassy in Damascus and, together with other public and political figures, left an entry in the book of memory.

14 in March, the Permanent Representative of the SAR to the UN, Bashar Al-Jafari, spoke at the UN General Assembly meeting dedicated to the memory of Hugo Chavez. He stressed that the Venezuelan leader devoted his life not only to defending the sovereignty of his homeland, but supported the struggle of all nations against occupation, aggression and oppression. He advocated equality and social justice.

Jafari also said that Chavez’s death is a huge loss not only for the people of Venezuela itself, but also for Syria and its people, who will remember forever that Chávez supported Syria in its fight against terrorism and colonialism.

... Shortly before his tragic departure, the Venezuelan leader said: “I see in my brother, the Syrian president, a great and generous man. Take care and support him, and may, throughout the Arab world, new leaders emerge who can unite. I feel like a Syrian, Arabic blood flows in my veins. ”

And against Syria, and against Venezuela are the same foe. When Chavez was dying in Caracas, the Gosdep puppets came out for a demonstration and shouted "Go away!". The cynicism of this act is blatant, this is only one step to arm and go kill your brothers, as do the gosdepovskie puppets in Syria.

The Syrian people also understand the common interests of the SAR and Venezuela - it is not for nothing that the portraits of Hugo Chavez can be found next to the portraits of Bashar Al-Assad (I personally saw these portraits in the Syrian city of Tartus). All who fight for true freedom are brothers ...

And these days I remembered the poem “Chile in the Heart” by the Soviet poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky. Another country, which had fallen under other circumstances, but which also wanted real freedom, was trampled by American puppets.

The poem has these words:
I choke with names
Like a gush of blood.
Our martyrs are too many
And the list is not closed yet ...
Still, these people
Shot in the darkness of nights
There were, there are
A hundred times more alive than their executioners!

Hugo Chavez was also shot, though not directly. Shot with malice and slander, shot with the meanness of enemies (it is possible that his illness is not accidental). And he ranked with the Chilean President-Hero Salvador Allende. And just as he is - a hundred times more alive than his executioners. And his moral victory gives hope here, in distant Syria.
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  1. Zubr
    Zubr 16 March 2013 09: 52 New
    Yes, the commandant left, but left behind a rich inheritance. I'd like to believe that he changed Venezuela to always and will continue to be ruled by his successor and pursue the same foreign and domestic policy.
    For all of South America, this is a huge loss, well, as they say, the seed is thrown, and God forbid that it gave good fruits in the future.
    And this is in the present and future our potential allies and close friends.

    When we told embassy officials that we were Russian, they did not check any bags or passports, despite the terrorist threat in the city. It is painful to see a portrait of a smiling Hugo Chavez with a mourning ribbon ... We lay a bouquet of red flowers near him. We leave an entry in the memory book. One of the embassy employees says in Russian: “Thank you, Russia.”

    1. maxon109
      maxon109 16 March 2013 11: 59 New
      who has connections, help get to Syria
      1. Vodrak
        Vodrak 16 March 2013 18: 29 New
        I would like to ...
        If we cannot end the war there, we will have to end it at the threshold of our house.
        1. Quiet
          Quiet 16 March 2013 21: 48 New
          "Workers of all countries unite" - the old but very relevant slogan now .... good
      2. axpert2008
        axpert2008 17 March 2013 00: 56 New
        I subscribe .... I would like to help the brothers ...
      3. aksakal
        aksakal 17 March 2013 18: 32 New
        Assad turned to the BRICS countries for help, with military assistance.
        I think that the BRICS countries are so far formally united by the scientist Rubini on the basis of some commonality and similarity in the field of economic development (all fast-growing economies, but in some respects not reaching the economies of developed countries), in the field of social and political structure (everything, besides China - democracies, which again do not reach developed countries in some respects) and in the field of scientific and technical potential (all countries have good scientific and technical potential, but there is some lag behind developed countries in the field of production, processing and information transfer). They are formally united, but so far they have not confirmed their commonality, have not developed a common goal and strategy, and have not identified themselves at all.
        This Assad’s appeal is a good occasion for the BRICS countries to feel each other, try to work side by side, find out common goals and try to achieve them together, if only in Syria. In the international arena, this will be a serious bid for the emergence, the real emergence of another global player with its real interests and global interests, with its alternative vision of the world structure and with the potential for further evolution into another world power pole.
        Now, if a BRICS summit is convened regarding Assad’s appeal and the appeal is considered positively, you, Maxson109, will have a chance to get to Syria on completely legal grounds. Wait -))))).
        If BRICS ignores the appeal or refuses Assad, then this should be understood as the BRICS’s unpreparedness for its appearance, and not in the minds of economic analysts, in addition, it should be understood as Russia’s unwillingness to defend itself on the far approaches to itself, beloved.
        1. GreatRussia
          GreatRussia 17 March 2013 22: 35 New
          Patriarch Cyril compares Syria to the ruined Stalingrad

          Moscow. March 15th. INTERFAX - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill believes that further military operations in Syria will lead to the destruction of the country.

          "Today, before the eyes of the whole world, a real humanitarian catastrophe is occurring in this country. Dozens and hundreds of people die every day. Thousands of Syrian citizens have lost their jobs. There are problems with food, arranging people's lives," the patriarch said in a meeting with a Palestinian leader in Moscow on Friday. Mahmoud Abbas.

          According to the primate, many leave Syria, a large number of refugees in neighboring countries, they find refuge in Russia.

          “It’s impossible to put up with this state of affairs. If the focus is further on the use of force in resolving this internal Syrian conflict, the consequences could be most dire. Weapons will be more and more involved in this situation, and military tension will increase,” he emphasized. .

          The patriarch is convinced that "it is necessary to immediately stop hostilities that simply can destroy the whole country," and begin the negotiation process.

          He recalled that until recently, Syria was a flourishing country with a high standard of living, in it "inter-religious and interethnic relations were harmonized."

          “Now what television shows is reminiscent of paintings from the Battle of Stalingrad. This is really the image of the destroyed Stalingrad,” said Patriarch Kirill.

        2. Zubr
          Zubr 18 March 2013 20: 55 New
          This appeal is to GOD IN EARS! I really want to believe and hope that the answer will be swift and in favor of Assad’s request. If BRICS now takes Syria under its guardianship, consider that the question of ending the war has been resolved and Iran will become an unattainable dream of world domination for them, also a potential BRICS member. There is still on the way Venezuela. Already came out on top in proven proven oil reserves, and this is a tidbit for our "sworn friends." I also really want to hope that this is a potential member of the BRICS. Well, wait on April 14, comrades.
  2. Explore
    Explore 16 March 2013 10: 21 New
    Comandante lived. Is alive. And he will live forever. In our hearts...
    1. freedom
      freedom 17 March 2013 01: 54 New
      HUMANLY! Now there are such fingers, on one hand. Yes, and even bend a couple?
    2. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 17 March 2013 22: 39 New
      The kingdom to him be heaven! There are almost no such leaders in the world. Almost all spread out under the United States.

      Patriarch Kirill calls Chavez one of the brightest political leaders of our time

      Moscow. March 7th. INTERFAX - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill expresses condolences on the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

      "The deceased was one of the most striking political leaders of our time, a sincere patriot of his country, who made a lot of efforts to improve the living conditions of the Venezuelan people. Mr. Chavez was widely known in the world community for his independent position and integrity," the acting Patriarch said in a telegram President Nicolas Maduro, the website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

      As the Primate noted, he warmly recalls the meeting with U. Chavez, which took place during his visit to Venezuela in October 2008 when he was Metropolitan of Smolensky and Kaliningrad, the main synodal department of external church relations.

      “During our dialogue, my interlocutor proved himself to be a strong-willed statesman who attaches great importance to the development of spiritual ties between peoples,” the telegram says.

      Patriarch Kirill wished the relatives and friends of the deceased fortress strength and comfort in the grief that befell them.

      During the meeting of the then Metropolitan Cyril with U. Chavez in October 2008, the President of Venezuela offered his assistance in the construction of a Russian Orthodox church in this country.
  3. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 16 March 2013 10: 36 New
    Great person. Very sorry. Why is Bush or this hysterical ... Clinton not dead? So many nonsmokers trample the earth with perverted ideas about morality and morality and nothing, but worthy people leave - where is justice?
    1. orkibotu
      orkibotu 16 March 2013 11: 43 New
      and always! Evil people live longer than the good ones who fought for the liberation of their people from the Masonic yoke
      1. Vodrak
        Vodrak 16 March 2013 16: 31 New
        There is a belief that the Lord calls the best people to himself before ...
        And about Clinton and others, there is a saying: shit does not sink .....
    2. F117
      F117 20 March 2013 19: 32 New
      If nobody needs them here, then to whom did they surrender in the next world?
  4. George
    George 16 March 2013 10: 38 New
    Hello everyone .
    Honestly, it becomes very embarrassing to see how these small states fiercely defend themselves against large predators, and we, Russia, the largest power in the world, only pitifully object and condemn criminal actions. This suggests the corruption of our ruling elite and the development of its Western investments . I see no other explanation for our helplessness.
    Thank you Elena for the excellent article and photo selection.
  5. wolk71
    wolk71 16 March 2013 10: 40 New
    A worthy man !!!! I would be happy to live in the country under his leadership. A true patriot of his people and his homeland !!! Our leaders need to learn and take an example from Chavez how to love their people and their homeland. His death is a loss for all honest people around the world.
  6. 120352
    120352 16 March 2013 10: 48 New
    Hugo Chavez is an unrivaled figure in modern world politics. Despite the fact that Venezuela is a small country, excuse me, its role under Chavez has grown so much that it could well compete with world giants. "The word Venezuela was well worth it."
    Now, after his untimely death, someone must take the place of Chavez. I think that Russia should raise and increase its international responsibility. Especially in matters relating to the state of affairs in Syria. If there was such an opportunity, Syria would have to be accepted into Russia, at least for a while, in order to defend the interests of Syria, like the interests of Russia. We must not surrender Syria to Islamic extremist fanatics paid by NATO and the USA, otherwise the next blow will be on us! And here we will not survive.
    1. maxon109
      maxon109 16 March 2013 12: 06 New
      you are right in many ways, but will Syria want to go to Russia
      1. Vodrak
        Vodrak 16 March 2013 18: 46 New
        Yes, you do not need it as part of Russia !! This will allow enemies to talk about the loss of sovereignty.
        It is enough to invite to the CSTO, only it would be desirable if Iran were present there.
        This will allow us to send our troops into Syria ....
        The only problem is the activation of Islamic radical groups in Russia and the CSTO countries.
        I think that because of this we are not in Syria yet.
        the leadership of our countries fears an outbreak of Islamic extremism.
  7. maxon109
    maxon109 16 March 2013 12: 08 New
    wrote koment some flood turned on, is it me flood ???
  8. lemal
    lemal 16 March 2013 13: 25 New
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  9. deman73
    deman73 16 March 2013 13: 29 New
    Great man of his people Eternal memory to you Comandante!
  10. megatherion
    megatherion 16 March 2013 15: 28 New
    Elena, please view this news:


    Does the Syrian government know that American drones may appear in the country under specious pretexts?

    I sent you a personal message on the same topic.
  11. fartfraer
    fartfraer 16 March 2013 18: 11 New
    I called the embassy (in Moscow) to express my condolences, I was surprised how the girl on the other side of the wire reacted — she began to sob, thanked, and I heard in her voice that she was almost crying. And then I stopped wondering, I just realized that it’s impossible to buy such a high love of the people pensions, not loud promises, only deeds for the people and in the name of the people. God forbid that such a pronounced leader also appears in Russia!
  12. Snoop
    Snoop 16 March 2013 20: 02 New
    Yes ... there is no other charismatic leader. Indeed, why do such fiery wrestlers leave faster? Sorry, I hope that the receiver will be worth it.
    1. elenagromova
      17 March 2013 11: 50 New
      They are probably burning in their own flames to light the way for others ...
      1. atalef
        atalef 17 March 2013 11: 53 New
        Quote: elenagromova
        They are probably burning in their own flames to light the way for others ...

        That is the wish - that you burned down - should be taken as a compliment? stop
        spontaneous ignition of people remains probably the most terrible mystery. Pyrokinesis (or PVL) is, simply, for no apparent reason, partial or complete combustion of a person. An autopsy determines that the victim was burned in a fire, but this is the biggest mystery: surrounding objects, including flammable ones and even clothes, remain untouched ...

        People who abuse alcohol usually burn
  13. Stalinets
    Stalinets 16 March 2013 21: 05 New
    Chavez, this is a kind of Stalin, wise and very strong-willed! And he died, like Stalin! Eternal memory of Hugo Chavez !!!!!
  14. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 17 March 2013 06: 39 New
    This "channel" THIS TELEVISIONAL, so it will be fairer.
    1. aleshka
      aleshka 17 March 2013 12: 44 New
      The eternal memory of the TEAM !!!
  15. knn54
    knn54 17 March 2013 13: 40 New
    It is unfortunate that death pulls such fighters out of our ranks.
  16. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 17 March 2013 14: 18 New
    It's a shame when the true and faithful friends of Russia leave !!! Eternal memory to him !!!
  17. bandabas
    bandabas 17 March 2013 14: 47 New
    I won’t argue about a person, but unlike the rest of the leaders of the countries, like Mr. I didn’t swim in the hole.
  18. komar672
    komar672 17 March 2013 18: 20 New
    Still, Hugo Chavez is a strong personality. Before him, few spoke about Venezuela.
  19. Nikolaitch
    Nikolaitch 18 March 2013 01: 13 New
    Everlasting memory!!! Hugo Chavez was a strong and true patriot of his homeland! Russia must help the orphaned Venezuela recover from the blow. Helping, we will become stronger. Friends do not give up!
  20. elenagromova
    18 March 2013 13: 41 New
    Quote: atalef

    People who abuse alcohol usually burn

    So burn with alcohol in your kibbutz.
    And someone burns in a flame of struggle for a better future.