Stalin's last project

Stalin's last project

How the Soviet leader fought against the “dictates of imperialist currencies”

The last strategic event of the Stalinist foreign policy, including foreign trade, was held on February 23 - March 4 of the year 1953. It was a conference of the UN Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECADO) in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. It was convened at the initiative of the USSR, supported by China, Mongolia, India, Iran, Indonesia, Burma and North Vietnam. The Soviet initiative was that it was proposed to introduce a system of intergovernmental mutual settlements in national currencies and to remove restrictions in mutual trade, that is, to move towards a free trade regime in Asia and the Pacific basin.

The idea of ​​the USSR was supported by 20 countries, which accounted for the majority of ECADV members who signed the corresponding communiqué. The United States and its main allies — Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan — came out against it. At the same time, Australia and New Zealand, contrary to pressure from the United States, said that Moscow’s proposals are interesting and promising, therefore their study is required. By the way, the same questions remain relevant today, which is confirmed, for example, by the concluding negotiations on the free trade zone of Russia, other countries of the Customs Union - Belarus and Kazakhstan - with Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Vietnam, Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Syria, Israel. Similar negotiations are scheduled with Egypt, Cuba, Nicaragua, Algeria, Mongolia, and Lebanon.

The named Soviet project was put forward by the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in October 1951: “in order to establish equitable Asia-Pacific and international trade, exclude both economic discrimination, and the decisive role of individual currencies (British pound sterling and US dollar. - AB) in interstate and regional trade ... "

The USSR, moreover, proposed negotiations on this issue between the CMEA, China, Mongolia and other countries of Asia and the Pacific. The number of states that supported this idea and rejected it was then almost the same as later in 1953.

Negotiations with the states that endorsed this project were planned for mid-March - early April 1953. But already in April, 1952, at the first international economic meeting in Moscow, representatives of many countries-opponents also supported this idea, and for the whole world. In this case, I.V. Stalin in his interviews, although very rare, at the end of 1940's - early 1950's for foreign media and in conversations (also infrequent at that time) with ambassadors, for example, Argentina, Sweden, Finland, China, India, Ethiopia to the formation of the economic and political bloc of non-Western countries and on this basis - to the creation of an equal world economic order, respectively, “to abandon the dictates of imperialist currencies”. The same idea was noted in his latest book, The Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR (September 1952), so the initiative, of course, came from Stalin.

Stalin's projects found support even in the UK. Here is the information from the newspaper Sovetskaya Latvia from 23.10.1952: “A company was created in London called“ The International Joint-Stock Company of Merchants to implement the trade agreements concluded by the British delegates at the International Economic Conference held in Moscow in April 1952 ”. The first chairman of this society was Lord Boyd Orr, who led the British delegation at the International Economic Meeting. The stock company stated that its goal is to “encourage ... and facilitate the implementation of the trade agreements that were concluded in connection with the International Economic Meeting in Moscow, held in 1952, and all such agreements in the future. All income and property of this society will be used exclusively to achieve these goals. ”

The Soviet proposals of the beginning of the 1950-s were supported not only in the UK. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, the first steps to resume trade between China and Japan were associated precisely with the holding of the Moscow International Economic Meeting 1952 of the year.
During the meeting, representatives of interested Japanese business circles met with the Chinese delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Trade Nan Hanchen. And in early June 1952, the first Japanese-Chinese trade agreement on a barter basis for a period of six months was signed in Beijing in the post-war period. Then it was constantly extended, including at the aforementioned Manila Forum ECADW.

After April 1952, Moscow, supported by socialist (except for "Titov" Yugoslavia) and many developing countries, began to promote the draft of a new economic order in the world at the regional level. So, in January-July 1953, intergovernmental forums were planned, similar to Manila, in the Middle East (Tehran), in Africa (Addis Ababa), South America (Buenos Aires), Northern Europe (Helsinki), but opposition from the West, especially the USA, and the death of I.V. Stalin, prevented these events. After 5 in March, 1953 preferred to ignore such projects in the USSR leadership.

According to a number of archival documents of the former ministry of foreign trade, the State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations and the State Planning Committee of the USSR, from the autumn of 1952, Stalin constantly asked for foreign information about the trade plans of foreign countries, companies, banks in relation to the USSR, CMEA and China. As well as publications, books, radio commentaries on this subject in Western countries. He was also actively interested in the dynamics and assortment of industrial exports from the West to developing countries, and estimates of their demand for foreign loans, capital investments, and finished goods. One way or another, but during the Manila meeting, more than 10 countries signed contracts with the USSR for trade or for attracting Soviet investment. According to reports, the March 2 of these successes Stalin reported in detail the Soviet delegation. There was no answer. We decided to repeat 3 March - also unanswered.

It is noteworthy that the USSR Ministry of Foreign Trade did not inform the Soviet delegates in a timely manner about Stalin’s fatal illness. However, official bulletins about his health began to be published only with 4 March. 5-th and 6-th bulletins were published on the course of his illness, 6-th was informed about his death, there were responses to the death of Stalin, including in the member countries of the Manila Forum.

Thus, the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, noted that “under Stalin, especially after the war, the role of the USSR was clearly defined not only as a military-political, but also as an economic rival of the United States. Including in the field of international trade. ”

Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi emphasized "historical "the role of Stalin and his policy in strengthening the authority of the USSR throughout Asia - from the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean." A similar opinion was expressed by the founder of independent Cambodia, Norod Sihanouk.

But the assessment of the historian and publicist Sherwood Ross (Scoop, New Zealand, 8 June 2010): “... Today’s historians are only beginning to understand the complex and sophisticated personality that was Joseph Stalin, who ruled Russia for almost thirty years until his death in 1953 year. Those people who speak disdainfully about Stalin, calling him a certain paranoid and crazy, are deeply mistaken. This man was not a criminal, although he is responsible for the death of millions. He was a very hard-working and business man with simple tastes, the father of three children ... "

Here, in fact, it is stated that Stalin was eliminated: “... the main associates of Stalin had not only political, but also personal reasons for deciding that he should be eliminated. American historian Jonathan Brent claims that “Lavrenty Beria, who led the KGB secret police during the Second World War, and later was responsible for creating the Soviet nuclear bomb, and Ukraine’s leader Nikita Khrushchev, invented a way to poison Stalin at his dacha and thus get rid of him. "

Further, the publication says: “... pointing out that Stalin did not have a close friend, Brent says that Stalin’s notes (on the margins of books, articles, informational posts, draft government decisions. - A. B.) show what kind of person he was “In the quiet of his office at 4 in the morning when no one was looking at him; we see how hard his brain was constantly working. ”

... Stalin understood that he was a living symbol of that Great State that he was striving to create.

When his dissolute son Vasily terrorized his teachers and schoolmates, declaring: “I am Stalin, and you cannot punish me,” the father, who was tired of it, grabbed him by the collar and said:

“Listen, you are not Stalin. Even I am not Stalin. Stalin is the Soviet power. Stalin is what they write in newspapers, paint on portraits. ”
This shows that Stalin understood that he was “greater than himself,” and that his power was personal ”.

... So, to understand the views and thoughts of Stalin is extremely important for understanding what is happening in today's Russia. "

Perhaps, one cannot but agree with the last statement.
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  1. +20
    14 March 2013 08: 47
    He was the genius of his country of his time and should not be denied, and it is time to stop this company by slandering him, after his death we no longer had such leaders of the country who would be more for their people for their state.
    1. +5
      14 March 2013 10: 08
      But we know that once in the SRT years such people are born, and this is a vokurat, somewhere the "future" of the motherland is growing up. wink
  2. 0
    14 March 2013 08: 48
    He was the genius of his country of his time and should not be denied, and it is time to stop this company by slandering him, after his death we no longer had such leaders of the country who would be more for their people for their state.
  3. 0
    14 March 2013 08: 48
    He was the genius of his country of his time and should not be denied, and it is time to stop this company by slandering him, after his death we no longer had such leaders of the country who would be more for their people for their state.
  4. +9
    14 March 2013 08: 59
    once again convinced, it was a great man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Suitcases
    14 March 2013 09: 03
    When his dissolute son Vasily terrorized his teachers and school friends, stating: “I am Stalin, and you cannot punish me”

    Stalin I.V. Letter to V.V. Martyshin
    Teacher t. Martyshin.

    Your letter about the arts of Basil Stalin received. Thanks for your letter.
    I answer with a big delay due to work overload. I apologize.
    Basil is a spoiled young man of average ability, savage (a type of Scythian!), Not always truthful, likes to blackmail weak “leaders”, often sassy, ​​with a weak or — or rather, unorganized will.
    He was spoiled by all kinds of “kums” and “gossips”, which continually emphasize that he is “the son of Stalin”.
    I am glad that in your face there was at least one self-respecting teacher who acts with Vasily, as with everyone, and demands from the impudent obedience to the general regime at school. Vasily is spoiled by a director, like the people you mentioned, rags who have no place in school, and if the insolent Vasiliy didn’t manage to kill himself yet, it’s because there are some teachers in our country who don’t let the whimsical barge go.
    My advice: to demand a stricter from Vasily and not be afraid of false, blackmailing threats of capricious about “suicide”. You will have my support in this.
    Unfortunately, I myself have no opportunity to mess with Vasily. But I promise from time to time to take him by the collar.
    1. Gladiatir-zlo
      17 March 2013 13: 08
      During the bloodthirsty Stalin, in the midst of bloody purges, he suddenly complains humanly, sho missed his son’s upbringing, and I’m glad of the principle position of one teacher !! Will you seriously consider him a monster after such a letter? Interestingly, celestials contemporary to us have at least a dozen such examples of interaction with a teacher of their children? I strongly doubt it.
  6. +5
    14 March 2013 09: 26
    Q.E.D. All progressive initiatives did not come from Europe !!!
    Finally, it worked, hello everyone hi
    1. Suitcases
      14 March 2013 10: 10
      earlier, maybe they would have avoided many mistakes.
  7. +18
    14 March 2013 10: 01
    It turns out all the best in the world created or proposed by IV Stalin!
    1. +2
      14 March 2013 13: 31
      Quote from Uncle Lee
      It turns out all the best in the world created or proposed by IV Stalin!

      Stalin against the dollar.

      link to video

      Alas, the video stopped loading
      1. +7
        14 March 2013 13: 39
        At the meeting, the USSR proposed: first - two and multilateral agreements with similar conditions (on price, customs, credit benefits, commodity quotas), then - a gradual unification of the principles of foreign economic policy and the development of "bloc-wide" free trade. And at the final stage - creation of an interstate settlement currency with mandatory gold content and, accordingly, the actual creation of the mentioned market.
        By 1953, the gold reserve of the USSR was one of the largest in the world and amounted to 2050 tons. This could well have ensured precisely the ruble as the estimated monetary unit of the new financial and commercial entity.
        What would happen if this proposal were really implemented, and even with the calculations tied not to the dollar, but to the gold equivalent? Where would lovers of world wealth be in very quickly in exchange for unsecured green papers? (remember what happened when Charles de Gaulle decided to exchange dollars for gold with the Americans)
        That's why it is Stalin is today the main object of hatred of world parasites and others like them. The creation of an extra-systemic force of world significance, completely independent and possessing a financial system inaccessible to global speculators - is it possible to imagine a more terrible nightmare for those who have been thinking about global control for decades?

        “And yet, no matter how the events develop, time will pass, and the eyes of new generations will be turned to the deeds and victories of our socialist Fatherland. Year after year, new generations will come. They will once again raise the banner of their fathers and grandfathers and will pay tribute to us in full . They will build their future on our past. "

        I.V. Stalin
  8. 0
    14 March 2013 10: 04
    The great man has not had such rulers since the time of Peter 1. In some article, the author decided to compare mutin and Stalin ... such reformers ... but what can I compare, one took power in the country with a plow and left it with an atomic bomb. and the second turned everything back ...
    1. mda
      14 March 2013 17: 17
      Quote: Blad_21617
      and the second turned everything back ...

      You confuse Yeltsin with Putin
      1. Zopuhhh
        14 March 2013 21: 17
        He does not confuse, he specially manipulates the facts
    2. region34
      14 March 2013 19: 15
      do not exaggerate, almost everything that the post-revolutionary government implemented was invented and developed by tsarist officials and employees, everything from universal education, electrification and industrialization, and even the construction and development of the Moscow metro, all these plans were developed back in tsarist times, but World War I and the subsequent revolution postponed these plans for several decades and could have been achieved much earlier and with much less casualties.
      so they didn’t accomplish anything so outstanding
      1. -1
        14 March 2013 23: 15
        And brothels in all the major cities of tsarist Russia were also invented by brilliant tsarist officials ??? :)))))))))))))
      2. Gladiatir-zlo
        17 March 2013 13: 14
        I disagree with you in principle, I think it is a great merit that the plans you indicated were created by the most progressive figures under the tsar, but they found the will to implement them (plans) already in the new realities. It's scary to imagine how many great developments of the "Soviet period" were buried by the new liberal government? I am sure that building the future on the basis of the past, Stalin was right!
    3. Nesvet Nezar
      15 March 2013 07: 29
      Yes, they can not be compared. Putin does not shoot, because Stalin did it for 15 generations of leaders in advance ....
  9. Denis_SF
    14 March 2013 10: 09
    A brilliant ruler, whatever they say. And now, against the background of past years, you can’t imagine a better idea. If the matter were brought to the end, then the karachun would be America with its small henchmen.
  10. +8
    14 March 2013 10: 37
    Well, about Vasily I disagree. Most of the Soviet aces of World War II, who had a chance to serve with him, spoke of him as a brave and experienced pilot and a good commander. Moreover, they responded during the reign of Khrushchev, when V. Stalin was convicted. In the post-war years, the MBO air army under his leadership was considered the best, and not because he was the son of Stalin, but because it had an order, starting from clean barracks that had been repaired and built by the state, and ending with combat training for pilots. He thumped no more than other flyers. During the battle with the German aces did not hide. He loved to fly and was not afraid to fight.
    In a word, his character was exactly the opposite, he is with our dear prime minister and ex-president.
    Vassili Steel-man of the year.

    About the conversation between father and son. Stalin said: "Do you think, you are Stalin? No. Do you think I am Stalin? Also not! He is Stalin," said Joseph Vessarionovich and showed the end of the pipe at the portrait painted by the artist. "He understood the existence of the personality cult and used it. But he used something to set the general vector of movement of the entire country. And forward and up.
    1. +6
      14 March 2013 11: 01
      Please note that, in fact, we are talking about two different people: one student, i.e. child, the other is a mature husband. So such a metamorphosis is very possible-- I personally saw it in the face of my nephew: a big gouge at school, nevertheless he successfully graduated from the university, now he is a very serious and collected person.
    2. Gari
      14 March 2013 12: 49
      "Do you think you are Stalin? No. Do you think I am Stalin? Also not! He is Stalin," said Joseph Vissarionovich and showed the end of the pipe to the portrait painted by the artist "This is more reliable
      The great ruler understood the significance of the Personality for such a Power, that if he is a real Leader, he does not belong to himself, but belongs to his people, his country, and they do not serve him, but he serves them.
      What it was.
  11. +1
    14 March 2013 11: 39
    Yes, JV Stalin should be given credit for his multi-vector thinking, his providence, and well-adjusted geopolitics.
    1. Nesvet Nezar
      15 March 2013 07: 37
      And he burned all enemies with fire from his ass)
  12. +2
    14 March 2013 12: 30
    It's about the same thing that Stalin proposed 60 years ago !!!
    Great was a man.
  13. wax
    14 March 2013 12: 33
    Yes, it was a project of world-historical significance, the implementation of which would create a completely different configuration of the world community.
  14. +3
    14 March 2013 12: 33
    Although not quite the topic, but nice
    In Kharkov, a businessman proposes to erect a monument to Stalin
    In the first capital, the passions around the Lenin monument had not calmed down (recall, Mayor Gennady Kernes promised to break his hands to those who encroach on Ilyich) when another leader of the Soviet era, Joseph Stalin, was in the spotlight. Kharkov businessman Yevgeny Zhilin is ready to finance the installation of the Kobe monument. Communists are ready to support the initiative of the businessman.
    The businessman and leader of the Oplot public organization, Yevgeny Zhilin, is known in Kharkov for his reverent attitude to the Soviet past: he congratulated veterans on Victory Day and arranged round tables on the fight against Nazism. This time, he decided to go even further and proposed to erect a monument to Stalin in the first capital. The opening of the new monument is scheduled to coincide with the 70 anniversary of the liberation of Kharkov, which is celebrated on 23 in August. “I am inspired by the stories of the participants of the Great Patriotic War. These people say: “We perished for Stalin. We believed him, ”Zhilin said on the air of one of the radio stations. “And repression is a legal term; it’s not always bad.”
    Pensioner Ivan Shekhovtsov, who three years ago became famous for giving 50 000 hryvnias of personal savings for the manufacture of the Kobe monument in Zaporozhye, is also ready to help the businessman with the installation of the monument. “If permission to install it is obtained, I’m ready to sell my apartment and give all the money to create the monument,” Ivan Timofeevich said to “Today”. -

    Of course, not everyone supports this idea, and the City Council resists, and seems to be conducting a "poll" of citizens, forgetting to mention that not a penny will be spent from the city treasury, which is what people fear most.
    Conclusion: It is necessary to cover more and more often the true activities of I.V. Stalin in the media, so that people finally "clear up in their heads" and they understand what exactly needs to be demanded from the government, for which it is really worth going to rallies.
  15. Terkin
    14 March 2013 14: 15
    No wonder Stalin was poisoned. The Americans generally panicked in 52-53. because were sure that the USSR would crush the United States economically. Only now Beria did not participate, they just want to denigrate him. Stalin was always surrounded by conspirators, and Khrushchev was the first de-Stalinizer.
  16. Pere lachaise
    14 March 2013 14: 36
    I agree, after him there were no others like him in asceticism and honesty. However, the camps spoil his glory .. BUT, even the generals themselves who raised confusion in the Imperial army, said that they had no idea how so quickly and for the most part provocateurs appeared among the people. "We didn't cook them, then where are they from?"
    I suspect, I just suspect, and not say that Stalin fought precisely with them. With agents of influence, for sale, and just easy-going crime. He wanted to leave society monolithic in the ideology of centrism.
  17. Gari
    14 March 2013 15: 15
    The last strategic event of the Stalinist foreign policy, including foreign trade, was held on February 23 - March 4 of the year 1953. It was a conference of the UN Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECADO) in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. It was convened at the initiative of the USSR, supported by China, Mongolia, India, Iran, Indonesia, Burma and North Vietnam. The Soviet initiative was that it was proposed to introduce a system of intergovernmental mutual settlements in national currencies and to remove restrictions in mutual trade, that is, to move towards a free trade regime in Asia and the Pacific basin.
    At the meeting, Stalin first proposed the creation of a transcontinental "common market", which would operate its own interstate settlement currency. The sonorous Soviet ruble had all chances to become such a currency;
    The idea of ​​the USSR was supported by 20 countries, which constituted the majority of the members of the ECADW, who signed the corresponding communique.
    Against the United States and its main allies - Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan - Who thought what they would be for?
    And on March 5, Stalin died, and after March 5, 1953, they preferred not to recall such projects in the leadership of the USSR.
    But the “Stalin case” was continued by Charles de Gaulle, who was elected President of France in 1958, and in 1965 re-elected with the broadest powers that the country's presidents did not have before him. De Gaulle set the task to ensure the economic recovery and military power of France and on this basis to recreate the greatness of his power. Under him, a new franc was issued with a denomination of 100 old. Frank, for the first time in many years, has become hard currency. Having abandoned liberalism in the country's economy, De Gaulle achieved by 1960 the rapid growth of the country's gross domestic product
    From 1949 to 1965, France’s gold reserves increased from 500 kilograms to 4.200 tons, and France ranked third in the world among the “golden powers” ​​- excluding the USSR, whose gold reserves were kept secret until 1991
    In 1960, France successfully tested an atomic bomb in the Pacific Ocean and three years later refused to participate in NATO's combined nuclear forces. In January 1963, de Gaulle rejected the "multilateral nuclear forces" created by the Pentagon, and then removed the French Atlantic fleet from NATO command. Neither Franklin Delano Roosevelt nor Winston Churchill de Gaulle, to put it mildly, did not like.
    And we already know how Gorbachev fell in love and what we all got.
    February 4, 1960 announces that his country is now moving to real gold in international payments
    In 1965, at a meeting with US President Lyndon Johnson, he announced that he intended to exchange 1.5 billion paper dollars for gold at the official exchange rate: $ 35 per ounce. Johnson was informed that the French ship loaded with "green candy wrappers" was in the New York port, and a French plane with the same "luggage" landed at the airport. Johnson promised the President of France serious problems. In response, De Gaulle announced the evacuation of NATO headquarters, 29 NATO and US military bases from France, and the withdrawal of 35 troops from the alliance. In the end, this was done, but while the essence and the matter, de Gaulle for two years significantly facilitated the famous Fort Knox: more than 3 thousand tons of gold.
  18. Gari
    14 March 2013 15: 17
    The French president set a dangerous precedent for the United States, other countries also decided to exchange their "green" for gold, followed by France, Germany presented dollars for the exchange. On August 15, 1971, US President Richard Nixon announced on television that henceforth the gold security of the dollar is canceled. At the same time, “green” was devalued. Shortly afterwards, the crisis of the fixed exchange rate system began, the new principles of currency regulation were agreed in 1976, the dollar remained the key currency in international payments. In 1968, massive student unrest swept France, Paris was blocked by barricades, and on the walls hung posters "13.05.58/13.05.68/28 - 1969/XNUMX/XNUMX, it's time to leave, Charles." April XNUMX, XNUMX, ahead of schedule, de Gaulle voluntarily left his post.
    Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempt of General de Gaulle - to leave the paper money zone and return to gold, i.e. Swung at the main value of the modern world - the banking system. The recent global economic crisis has forced several states to talk about the introduction of interstate settlements in gold. China announced the minting of the RMB, and talked about the gold standard in the Middle East. The main initiator of the refusal to make payments in dollars and euros was the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who urged the Arab and African world to switch to payments in a single currency - the gold dinar. On this financial base, Colonel Gaddafi proposed creating a single African state with an Arab-Negro population of 200 millions of people and further well-known events: the war in Libya, the assassination of October 20 Gaddafi and the war in all the Arab countries.
    1. +2
      14 March 2013 19: 18
      The list of victims when trying to touch the print dollar can be supplemented by US presidents:
      1. Abraham Lincoln - the abolition of the right to print the dollar. Gunned down.
      2. John F. Kennedy - attempts to issue dollars not controlled by the Fed. Gunned down.
      1. Gladiatir-zlo
        17 March 2013 13: 23
        In guys, this is the true face of rights and freedoms, a lifelong, inherited right to print unsecured papers. Those who disagree under the knife are very democratic and tolerant.
  19. +1
    14 March 2013 18: 12
    Gari. In this grim list, and Hugo Chavez, who created the b / n BOLIVAR ...
    1. Gari
      15 March 2013 11: 34
      Yes, you're right, I confess I forgot about Chavez, an officer in my country’s patriot, he was healthy as a bull, and also an incomprehensible disease and death
  20. 0
    14 March 2013 20: 12
    In 20, and so far in the 21 century, there is no person comparable to I.V. Stalin and in the foreseeable future it is not planned
    1. Nesvet Nezar
      15 March 2013 07: 51
      Now it’s more difficult to kill with impunity and the ideas of social equality have been sold.
  21. Orion
    14 March 2013 21: 08
    The Soviet initiative was that it was proposed to introduce a system of interstate settlements in national currencies and remove restrictions on mutual trade, that is, move towards a free trade regime in Asia and the Pacific.
    This is what Putin is promoting right now.
  22. Algor73
    14 March 2013 21: 10
    Stalin was a strategist. And then a brilliant strategist. And for such people, basically, "Power is above all." It is a pity, there would be in our time such, would have long been ahead of the entire planet.
    1. Nesvet Nezar
      15 March 2013 07: 57
      It’s a pity that you are not like that, otherwise life in our country would be better.
  23. +1
    14 March 2013 23: 54
    Undoubtedly Stalin is an epoch-making figure of a planetary scale !!! According to the foresight and scale of his plans, He can be compared only with Napoleon, Lenin, Mao-Dze-tung or Hitler ...

    "Stalin accepted Russia with a plow and left with an atomic bomb" - this is Churchill's well-known phrase ... When the cleverest enemies speak in this way, it speaks only of personal respect !!!

    You can soberly weigh what happened before Stalin and what after:

    Before - 1. Russia was mainly an agrarian country with an industrial one which was almost entirely controlled by Western capital ...
    2. Russia was a country of contrasts - a country with a bunch of social strata, including a country of poverty and huge fortunes ...
    3. Russia had a backward army - the facts speak of this - over the past 70 years of tsarist Russia, 3 wars were lost and one was won - and even then the results that Russia never took advantage of !!!
    4. Russia was a country where many simply could not read and write !!!
    5. Russia was a country with high infant mortality and medicine for the rich !!!
    After (At the time of Stalin's death) 1. The USSR had a powerful industry, and especially the military-industrial complex, which created the most advanced weapons in the world !!! At the same time, some areas of industry literally made a breakthrough in development - having achieved great results (aviation, space, metalworking, chemistry, machine building, housing, etc.)
    2. Stalin managed to unite society in a short time in the name of great tasks - albeit not by democratic methods, but at that time there was no other way ...
    3. The Soviet Union had the best army in the world, equipped with the most advanced weapons and capable of defeating even the most powerful opponents !!!
    4. In the USSR, universal secondary education was introduced, and by the number of universities, we, too, were in front of the whole planet !!!
    5. In the USSR, the entire population and especially ALL children were provided with high-quality medical care !!!
    6. Under Stalin, in the shortest possible time, the oromic territories of the USSR were developed and settled ... And the Soviet man was the master - from the ice of the North Pole to the deserts of Turkmenistan and from Berlin to Japan !!!

    And this is not all that was done in the era of Stalin - but how many beautiful buildings were built under him in the center of our major cities? And everything was built thoroughly - as they say for centuries !!!

    Given all of the above, it becomes clear why, under the miserable presidents of the 80s and 90s, Stalin's days were so diligently darned !!! After all, it was the peak of the dawn of our state in the 20th century !!!