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Scientific companies in the Russian army: attempts to attach "nerds" or real modernization?

The issue of attracting talented and well-educated youth to the army in our country has been discussed for a long time. A new impetus to the discussion of this issue was received when it was announced about the modernization orientation of army reform and fleet. According to the plan of the authorities, until 2020, the Russian fleet of military equipment and weapons should be updated by at least 70%. And if you take into account that certain problems are being discovered with the training of professional military personnel in Russia, then there may come a moment when there will simply be no one to service the new military equipment in the troops. More precisely, this way: the staff may be staffed, but no one can vouch for the quality of professional knowledge of these personnel. This, unfortunately, is bitter, but true.

If we consider such a military service sector as a conscript service, here the level of preparedness of soldiers to conscription and the degree of quality in mastering military art in the course of direct service for the most part leaves much to be desired. Naturally, this fact beats not only the prestige of the Russian army, but also raises the question of its real, rather than declarative development. One may say that in our country the percentage of young people who have received a higher or even two higher education is increasing, but in the overwhelming majority of cases such people either join the army of “runners” or are clearly unable to apply the results obtained in the educational process. knowledge.

Considering this situation superficially, one can say: why are these white-collar workers in the army needed at all? .. The army must be strong, mobile, strong, and “these” (recruits with university diplomas) only add extra problems to the commanding fathers ... In general There is a special stratum of people in our society, which believes that the Russian army today must remain “worker-peasant”, and only rural guys need to be recruited into it, who at least pushed the tank out of the mud, while the aircraft on the deck of the aircraft carrier Ormoz ...

However, in today's realities, such reasoning does not hold water. Of course, the appeal of strong, resilient, executive and independent guys is the dream of any military enlistment office. But, firstly, the situation with the quality of health of recruits today leads far from the most optimistic thoughts, and, secondly, if modernization of the army is not really an empty phrase, then it’s time to seriously think about how you can use various graduates Russian universities are not just for cleaning the parade ground in front of the headquarters building from the snow cover, but also for the actual maintenance of the latest technology coming into the troops, or for the development of this technology.

Obviously, such a problem really attended to the Ministry of Defense of the country. This fact was outlined in the words of the head of the military ministry Sergei Shoigu, who, at a meeting with the teaching and student staff of the famous Bauman Moscow State Technical University, touched upon the possibility of creating so-called scientific companies. According to Shoigu, these companies could be staffed with talented graduates (or even current students) of higher education institutions who, together with certain teachers, would carry out design or scientific and technical work on behalf of the Ministry of Defense. Ultimately, talented young people could recruit such companies in various regions of the country and do military service without even leaving the walls of the alma mater. After all, to give a debt to the Fatherland is, you see, not only service in combat units, improvement of drill and the ability to shoot straight. In the end, why would the development of new technical means by active and talented students (even if the so-called, forgive the term, "glasses" or "nerds"), create advanced logistics projects for the troops during combat operations, develop projects communication systems, performing the functions of a program to combat a potential or real adversary is not to be placed in the same row with the same shooting from various types weapons or guard duty.

After all, there are in the Russian army, for example, sports companies, whose tasks are sharply limited. What, indeed, can prevent the Ministry of Defense from translating the idea of ​​scientific companies into reality?

Yes, of course, there will be those people who say that a soldier cannot be considered a soldier until he himself passes through the crucible of the military unit with ups and downs. And they will also say that this is not a soldier’s business with the development and plans to deal with, so to say, there are officers who received their professional education. But no one is going to argue about the existence of professional officers and their tasks in the army. Here, after all, the question is different. The Ministry of Defense today cannot afford excessive wastefulness, which leads to the fact that, up to 60, percent of graduates of Russian universities are among those who have taken the path: “study, study and study again until 27 is fulfilled, and there - goodbye military registration and enlistment office forever ... ”In addition, today only every 7 graduate of the university goes to military service (we are talking about guys, of course).

Why produce an army of "mowers", if the same talented students (and there are a lot of them in Russia) can be attracted to the army service where they can truly show their talent for the development of the country's Armed Forces.

The ancient postulate "God of Gods, Caesar Caesar" works here clearly: one recruit - control of military equipment, the other - accurate shooting, and the third - work on the creation of advanced weapons or computer protection of secret information. Everyone performs work on the site, creating a really efficient army. After all, today the army’s combat capability is not only how many kilometers its individual fighter can run across rough terrain in full combat gear, and not only how smoothly and up-to-foot this fighter can walk the parade, but there are defenses and others parties. So why not use those young people who see in themselves (and teachers see in them) the strength and talent for the implementation of a serious project that can help solve certain tasks as intended.

True, if the idea of ​​implementing such scientific companies is supported, then here we will have to actively roll up the sleeves of the staff of military registration and enlistment offices. After all, now the meaning of the call comes down, let's say, to an unfiltered recruitment: get the right amount of recruits at any cost, and then let the troops themselves figure out where this or that young man will fit. In fact, the Soviet sign of recommendations of military registration and enlistment offices was lost when, at the district level, on the basis of education and medical indicators, the young man was sent exactly where his skills and abilities could serve the cause in the best possible way. Of course, in Soviet times, RVC recommendations were far from being fulfilled by 100%, but now this practice seems to have outlived itself. “Plugging holes” leads to the fact that draftees with completely different educational and medical indicators are in the same military unit, which leads to a headache already for the local officers. As they say, the military registration and enlistment office has done its work - it has provided the w / h with new replenishment, and then think for yourself how to quench the personnel hunger in place ...

When creating scientific companies, employees of military registration and enlistment offices will have to turn on their imagination, cooperate more actively with universities, and keep full records. But in order to be able to put this imagination into practice, the Ministry of Defense must itself develop the concept of the functioning of scientific companies. After all, in our country it often turns out that even a very productive idea already at the first stage of its incarnation wallows in a swamp of public apathy, in a windbreak of mature bureaucracy and the absence of a high-quality legislative base.

If Sergei Shoigu expressed his words for a reason, and invested in them real joy for the modernization of the Russian army, then there is no doubt that things will go in the right direction. Well, if it is nothing more than words, words are beautiful and causing attention, but not supported by ideas of their realization in reality, then ultimately they will remain words. First, they will cause controversy and discussion, and then dissolve in the vast expanses of our country. Frankly, I would like to expect that words with deeds will not disperse in this case, otherwise public apathy over time will absorb even the idea that stands a step away from incarnation.

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  1. klimpopov
    klimpopov 13 March 2013 09: 37
    When creating scientific companies, military registration and enlistment office staff will have to include imagination, actively collaborate with universities, and keep full records. But in order to be able to put this very imagination into practice,

    That is, to return something that was once .... Once again I am convinced that the Soviet education was the best. Moreover, it solved a complex of problems. Prepared a full-fledged person needed by society. Not without problems but cooking. Now there is virtually no education and it needs to be re-created. So why invent a bicycle?
    1. I think so
      I think so 14 March 2013 19: 41
      People are infinitely far from the kind of activity that they, in principle, can’t think of anything worthwhile, much less carry out ... And most importantly, you don’t understand and you can’t do it yourself - at least consult people who know how to do this or raise archives and see how it was done in the USSR ... so no ... there are not enough brains and ambitions go off scale ... well, the result is complete g.but ... like EVERYTHING has money and desire, but there’s no sense ... and there won’t be ...
      1. yak69
        yak69 17 March 2013 15: 07
        Quote: I think so
        there are not enough brains and ambitions are going off scale ... well, the result is complete, but ... like EVERYTHING is money and desire, but there’s no sense ... and it won’t ...

        A very inappropriate remark. And it only says that there is a lack of breadth of vision and a look at the problems of the army. Of course, when you stand on the nightstand or flatten the parade ground, it just seems like this is the whole army. And if you go higher - to the tower, to the hill, to the mountain, then everything looks a little different. I remind you very smart: "" Switzerland can overnight put under arms and put in tanks and planes 400 thousand ... they serve their obligatory 260 days (in total, it turns out a year, since weekends are not counted in the service) not immediately, but by lumping, stretched for more than 10 years ..... "" ""
        Read in full:
        And this army is not the latest in the world in combat readiness. And if they happened to fight, Switzerland will become European Stalingrad - each house will become a fortress. And they go home with their weapons (automatic, machine gun).
        But Shoigu proposed the correct EXPERIMENT, and during its implementation there will be adjustments, because the new MO is a normal person and cares about his business. This is already becoming evident - a person is not long at the post but more or less correct decisions are already being made. Or do you want a stool back again ?!
      2. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 17 March 2013 18: 25
        You just need to return to the revival of compulsory military departments in large state universities and prepare reserve officers, with 2-3 one-time 2-month military training during the period of study at the military department. The rest of the term, up to a year, is to "finish" after graduating from the university on a "diploma military internship" before passing the state military examinations for the officer rank - lieutenant.
        As a result, the state and the army will receive qualified reserve officers who have served their obligatory one-year soldier's duty, who can be recruited if necessary if there is a shortage of regular officers. Reserve officers get class !!!
        I am writing with knowledge of the matter, as a former lieutenant - a two-year-old who graduated from the military department of the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute (IPI), who served 2 years and knows how to do this for the benefit of the case. Honestly, it was difficult to start an officer career, especially in the first 3 months, because we had only one military 1-month training camp before state examinations for the officer rank.
        1. yak69
          yak69 18 March 2013 00: 24
          Quote: vladimirZ
          You just need to return to the revival of compulsory military departments in large state universities and train reserve officers

          It’s also the right proposal, you can go that way. The main thing is to start moving in the right direction at least from somewhere. And at the same time remember that any normal initiative will always have serious opposition in the upper echelons - there are now so many liberalists in the government dug in. Only one iPhone is worth (a servant of the liberals).
    BARKAS 13 March 2013 09: 47
    As I understand it, students are going to use a more sophisticated recruiter to serve new equipment, they say a draftee can’t cope with it, but this is nonsense. Modern technology is being introduced in all the life of our lives at home and in production, even in the village, tractors and combines are equipped with electronics like a fighter with several on-board computers and simple peasant guys work on them from which our army consists today.
    1. Trofimov174
      Trofimov174 13 March 2013 10: 15
      Well, firstly, not all villages can see the picture that you described, the ancient K-700 and MTZshki still form the basis of the technical park of the village. Secondly, the ability to use Skype and install applications on smartphones is unlikely to help in the development of high-tech military equipment. Here you will simply need the technical knowledge that is taught in universities (electronics, automation and mechatronics)
  3. Nesvet Nezar
    Nesvet Nezar 13 March 2013 09: 48
    Clever is more needed in the right army. Even a tank commander is now essentially a "white collar". It is only important to understand that a "white collar" is not a bespectacled man with a book. In general, I think the scope is correct.
  4. Dimach
    Dimach 13 March 2013 09: 53
    More than a strange idea ...
    The same botanists, children of wealthy parents, will continue to buy off the army. and those who are unable to pay off - repay the debt to "Motherland" in advance.
    And why are special military institutes needed, where equipment is being developed? Direct the nerds there - at least there is no hazing.
    And as BARKAS said, servicing the equipment will not be difficult even without higher education, but to use it - not botanists are needed here, but specially trained people (officers).
    Just in this way they want to compensate for the shortfall in the army. they would have said so bluntly, otherwise Kozhugetovich twisted a difficultly simple thought.
  5. Piterkras
    Piterkras 13 March 2013 09: 53
    The same nonsense as sports. In the Army, even a birdie can learn to use technology. Serious weapons such as airplanes or submarines are run by graduated military universities.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 13 March 2013 09: 55
      It is very correctly written. But apparently these obvious things will not reach the leaders ...
  6. Nesvet Nezar
    Nesvet Nezar 13 March 2013 09: 54
    Now even professional suitability is easier to determine with the help of computer games. Do you like the counter-strike partisan saboteur. Do you like nidforspid-sapper. Eve online is a pilot. You play the Second World War - a druid strategist, a shaman-mortar, and so on. The line is infantry and cooks. HERE - motorized arrows and drivers))))))))))))
  7. Nesvet Nezar
    Nesvet Nezar 13 March 2013 10: 01
    The army is strong when it is active. And we have a problem with this. They do not give birth to children and we always pose as pacifists. That we have few loafers and marginals? Give them the opportunity to take place. In Africa and the Near East it is necessary to fight ....
  8. Andrey57
    Andrey57 13 March 2013 10: 04
    It's a good idea, the only thing is that again this idea did not turn out to be a "legal" departure from service for the rich and other "mowers", and the corruption of the same military enlistment offices is no secret to anyone ... hi
  9. Professor
    Professor 13 March 2013 10: 10
    Scientific companies in the Russian army: attempts to attach "nerds" or real modernization?

    An attempt to smear sons from military service.

    IMHO everyone should serve. Serve and go study at least at the nerd at least at the manager.
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 13 March 2013 10: 30
      That's for sure, all the "wool" will go to the scientific companies!
      Although this idea needs to be worked out in detail.
  10. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 13 March 2013 10: 11
    that’s all nonsense and scattering of funds, no matter how talented a student, it’s far from a competent engineer, they’ve been creating something for years in the Design Bureau, but for students who have to go out for a year, they’ll have to buy laboratories so that they can do it for free when they are in civilian life and for a big salary it is difficult, were there any serious developments from them during this period? I have only seen robotic toys
    1. Waroc
      Waroc 13 March 2013 10: 46
      In my opinion, all such ideas are nothing more than convulsive throwing from ignorance of the situation and despair. What does it mean to create a scientific company, what will they do there besides drawing colorful posters and projects. No, of course, something will be within their power to develop and create, but nothing out of the ordinary, specialized organizations would not be able to cope with anything (and without any special problems, because they have for this both experience and experience and practice in their fields ) In such structures, there is and will not be anything to carry out scientific work: there is no material and technical base, there is no experience, there is no practice, there is no test base - what can be done in this situation, rightly - nothing but colorful fantasy posters. By the way, do not forget that the “employees” will come there for 1 year - the conclusion? - the turnover of even such small frames. Serving a room for 1 year instead of serving in the armed forces - what is not an official way of excuse? It is better to let research teams and organizations take a look at promising students during their studies, and after serving in the ranks of the RF Armed Forces - these comrades are invited to work in the corresponding scientific design enterprises! Actually, as it was once before! Nefig invent a bicycle - it was just necessary not to destroy the existing system of training and the search for scientific personnel.
      1. valerei
        valerei 19 March 2013 12: 41
        Waroc, a perfectly fair remark. As a former mechanical engineer, I’ll say that this specialty has been prepared for years, based on the experience of senior comrades, and there should be at least a penchant for this work. To be more or less useful in this job, a former student must serve at least 5-6 years in this very company! If such companies are created, then this will be an official reserve for the respective children, and you don’t have to pay either money or hide somewhere, getting under the article.
  11. kagorta
    kagorta 13 March 2013 10: 32
    Everyone should serve, this is just populism and flirting with the electorate. And the military registration and enlistment offices need to restructure their work and be more flexible with "highly educated" recruits. For example, I graduated from finance, but ended up in the artillery, in those companies, since I had the rights of B, C. That it was impossible to send me to the military bank, or to the fin. part in the specialty. You can, just no one needs it.
    1. smel
      smel 14 March 2013 08: 32
      I finished financial, but got into artillery
      Military banks will not be enough for all financiers and accountants .. Likewise, military attaches for our internationalists will not be enough. There will not be enough military prosecutors for an army of graduate lawyers. Yes, and there are few military traders now for managers at various levels. One must serve everywhere a young man. And think at this time about your benefits to the country in which you live
  12. Suitcases
    Suitcases 13 March 2013 10: 36
    After all, there are in the Russian army, for example, sports companies, whose tasks are sharply limited. What, indeed, can prevent the Ministry of Defense from translating the idea of ​​scientific companies into reality?

    And for the guys from the village to create an agricultural. companies, from cities - industrial companies, from show business - blue companies, and from graduates of military universities, military companies.
    When creating scientific companies, the military enlistment offices will have to include imagination
    In other words, for what ... they are needed, it is not clear.
  13. Renat
    Renat 13 March 2013 10: 37
    What kind of education would not be, but everyone should hold the machine, dig in the ground to understand the basics. At least some idea of ​​the army to have.
  14. smel
    smel 14 March 2013 07: 03
    Dear forum users! Reading the article, and some of the comments, one is simply amazed at the naivety of those who positively accept this proposal. From my point of view, this is an elementary flirtation with students, the usual PR of a high-ranking official. There can be no question of any combat readiness of a company with a staff coming for 2-3 months, or of any development of a specialty by this incoming contingent, despite all the education (or the semblance of education) of this. Apart from the hemorrhoids, which the commander will receive, there will be no more result. I had soldiers in my unit, even candidates of science at the age of 26-27 (this is 1979-1982) But despite their training, excellent knowledge of mathematics and physics still took a year to fully master the specialty of a topogeodesist, calculator, computer operator. Well, then, actually, for demobilization (since they had 1 year of service) And here ... Although the Bible says ... "Blessed is he who believes ..."
    1. zardoz
      zardoz 18 March 2013 05: 41
      I don’t know what you had for the Doldon candidates there, but you obviously didn’t teach them that. The surveyor must take people from building technical schools / colleges and universities. We had two semesters of geodesy and I didn’t notice anything complicated there. It may be even more difficult for a military surveyor there, but for people with existing knowledge and skills it will be easier to master. The calculator - I did not understand that for a specialty, I will not comment. And the computer operator is also such a vague concept (a calculator is also a computer and even modern phones are also a computer). What functions did your computer operators have? Of all my peers (1981-1983) who have a technical education with whom I had to communicate, 70% of computer problems do not arise. Many sales have an idea about the existence of Linux, and sales are able to put it. Although I happened to be in the military prosecutor's office during the repair of the building, the equipment there causes a depressing mood. It’s easier to do it manually than cheat on it. Can the technique just not keep up with the work of the brain of your pupils? I met this identity when we were taught the basics of programming. You typed a line, you look up at the monitor, and it still prints somewhere at the beginning of the line (it was fun time).
  15. O_RUS
    O_RUS 14 March 2013 07: 06
    "According to the authorities' plan, by 2020 the Russian military equipment and weapons park should be renewed by at least 70%. And if we take into account that certain problems are discovered with the training of professional military personnel in Russia, then such a moment may come ..."

    ... Well, not can write in the article as is, but has already arrived - every year it becomes more difficult. Newcomers (sometimes not a word in Russian, but dad has a tightly stuffed wallet) someone's child (dad doesn't give a shit where the child will study if only there is a "tower", and there are no problems with money) - and there are a lot of such applicants

    Quote: Nesvet Nezarya
    Do you like the counter-strike partisan saboteur. Do you like nidforspid-sapper. Eve online is a pilot. You play the Second World War - a druid strategist, a shaman-mortar, and so on. The line is infantry and cooks. HERE - motorized arrows and drivers))))))))))))

    ... we read between the lines: the son of the worker - max. from. Grazh special worker.
    the son is small beginning - platoon, or where it’s calmer and so on, based on the capabilities of the parents.

    And such a thought has become more common in articles ... clans, castes?
  16. Suitcases
    Suitcases 14 March 2013 08: 46
    This site brings together people from various military branches. Now imagine that you are the commander of the military unit, have you presented? Now the answer is, what will you do with the scientific company? Now imagine how many orders and directives will appear regarding these companies. Think how many new pieces of paper will appear in the unit.
    Please share your opinions.
  17. Dejavu
    Dejavu 14 March 2013 09: 16
    I think here we are not talking about what nerds will develop turbolasers, but as the author pointed out, "God of God ...". My university profile is English and I got into electronic intelligence, where my ears, oh, how useful they were, only because I knew the language and not bad. Next to me were my colleagues, who at school seemed to be somehow in English, but not more than average and could no longer understand anything from what I understood. So why, then, are graduates of language universities not sent to similar positions in the army? It's the same with athletes from my own university. On the first exercises, I was dying of habit, and he still took a chela on the ridge and dragged him O_o. So it was in the spetsnaz then, it was still not clear to him in intelligence to do it. And they served together. I think the minister is talking about such a differentiation.
  18. Alekseev
    Alekseev 14 March 2013 13: 16
    Arestan companies, yes, they were in the old army, and they would be useful even now! laughing
    And there are scientific institutes, design bureaus, not companies!
    Yes, and most students now, especially second-rate universities are far from science. Weight to ensure den. signs of the faculty. Their higher education is very arbitrary.
    My opinion is that they serve (undergo military training at training centers) everything. Of course, given the level of training, specialty.
    And the most "ardent" talents can be released from service in units, given the opportunity to undergo training at the training camp, etc.
    И they should not be, of course, many thousands.
    And just as dad’s got a little more money, so Lomonosov’s second is ready. Which, by the way, served as a grenadier among the Prussians. Nothing really hurt ... wink
    1. воронов
      воронов 14 March 2013 23: 06
      So his namesake Mikhailo Yurich Lermontov served and not only served, but also fought, and how !!! Both Vereshchagin and L.N. Tolstoy both served and fought, however this did not hinder them in their creative activity, but quite the contrary !!!
  19. alex shnajder
    alex shnajder 14 March 2013 14: 23
    like bespectacled and nerd I'm FOR !!!
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 14 March 2013 17: 37
      Quote: alex shnajder
      like bespectacled and nerd I'm FOR !!!
      Just not to serve. In the SA they kept a bunch of idlers - district and army ensembles, sports companies, artists at clubs - and all this was "thieves". Now the fireman has come up with a new joke. If he had served even a day in the army, he would have known what all the detachments and guards are to look after this "blatot", what it is like to serve the equipment with half of the staff. The great fighter with the bathhouse and footcloths opened a new front of struggle. Hooray!
  20. homosum20
    homosum20 14 March 2013 17: 54
    There are different ways to advance progress.
    An example of darpa is one of them. There is another: Japan achieved a breakthrough in production in the 70-90s because there were specialists in each workshop who could figure out and operate any new equipment.
    The example with darpa for us, in my opinion, is not relevant. They will scold everything, including the sign. We have always been distinguished by ingenuity, technical "genius" and the ability to grasp everything new on the fly.
    In accordance with this (I graduated from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic, worked as a mechanic, programmer, electronic engineer), I am inclined to think that the nerds will benefit more at the place where the person specifically interested in the result will be above them, than in a sharakovo type where it will be above them science official interested in reports.
  21. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx 14 March 2013 18: 53
    Each one only benefits, being consumed in its place!
    But! To send yesterday the medical student to the operational medical department where the knowledge and skills in military field surgery are needed, this is bullshit watered by moonshine! Without the experience of military service, the ability to properly operate military equipment, no breakthrough innovations in the field of defense are possible!
    Better invent weapons on new principles, all sorts of plasmoids and fireballs.
    And so another loss of time and money.
  22. воронов
    воронов 14 March 2013 20: 03
    Another attempt to give mom sons the opportunity to otmazatsya from real service
  23. deoman
    deoman 14 March 2013 21: 28
    Why did you decide that such people cannot do anything? Those. is the military department in our university (MSTU named after N.E.Bauman) not needed? And indeed, why train people who, later in the field, will be able to repair equipment? They are all nerds and mama's suckers, they will pay off, they will leave the poor peasant guys. It seems that we live in one country, but it's a shame when they try to introduce something useful at once, you need to look for a catch in this. I am ashamed to read such comments. Why do guys go there? Why then they still go to serve and work for our army, when, as you say, they can "pay off" and stay at home? Nobody will set such "companies" the task of inventing new types of weapons, although they can if they want to. We have many laboratories where there are real models of combat missiles for aircraft, and various systems for tanks and vehicles. People from the Ministry of Defense or Almaz-Antey, for example, often come to us, asking for help, solving certain technical problems. In our university there is a groundwork, there is a means to really help improve our technology, to bring something new, even if it is just a night vision sight, but perhaps those who invent it will discover something new. And then they will be taken to the KB. It will also be a forge of personnel, from this number of people it will be possible to select those who want and will work for the defense industry. Those who may then be able to head these design bureaus or open new ones.
    1. воронов
      воронов 14 March 2013 22: 58
      First you need to plow another year old, run around with a machine gun, with full combat gear, shoot from it, learn how to disassemble it, assemble it, throw RGD-5, F-1, or in artillery, or in tank troops, or in the airborne forces, or in the navy serve, etc., i.e. join the army, look at it from the inside, and then at least to the military design bureau or circus laughing
      1. deoman
        deoman 15 March 2013 19: 43
        No one argues that this is useful, but after a year a person will no longer be able to immediately start work. The cessation of scientific activity, also leads to its degradation, here, too, you need to constantly work. As well as assemble and disassemble the machine. No one wants to replace one with another. In any case, such companies will have a smaller composition in terms of the number of people than the entire army, it will not get worse.
        1. Professor
          Professor 15 March 2013 21: 03
          The cessation of scientific activity, also leads to its degradation, here, too, you need to constantly work.

          What kind of scientific activity? These are just green students who have not yet completed the tower course.
          1. deoman
            deoman 16 March 2013 13: 56
            In the last courses, you can already work in full. As an example, I can speak in person. Since the 4th year I have been working for Almaz-Antey. Here is your activity, and in order to forestall the statement that this is work in sorting papers, I will tell you that this is not at all the case.
            1. Professor
              Professor 16 March 2013 14: 12
              I know what kind of work this is, I myself have been working at the department since the 4th year. And therefore, I am convinced that science will not lose anything if everyone honestly serves the Motherland with arms in their hands, and then you can go into science.
  24. crambol
    crambol 14 March 2013 22: 44
    Quote: sso-250659
    To send yesterday a medical student to the operational medical department where the knowledge and skills in military field surgery are needed is bullshit

    Interesting thought. The trouble is that the groveling stratum will begin to execute this not as an idea, but as an order. As a result, the "scientists" will sweep the parade ground and paint the lawns. A thorough study is required. It is possible that the institute of scientific companies may turn out to be inappropriate to field structures. Here you need to think seriously.
  25. Explore
    Explore 14 March 2013 23: 05
    Then they unsubscribed from unnecessary "non-combat" honors. Then new ones are introduced.
    I have the following opinion: why should the university not agree with RVC that its graduates will serve in their specialty? * It is the graduates and it is exactly 1 year, and not 9 frail months (3 times 3).
    And there you look and the VUS will receive the title.
    Why are we breeding incompetent, non-serving reserve officers?

    And yes. How do they understand military service in "three times for three months" ???
    By the way, it’s certainly easier for a tractor driver to drive a tank than mathematician Mark ...
  26. spok
    spok 15 March 2013 00: 21
    complete nonsense the creation of another structure is to cut money and weaken existing ones
    Shoigu didn’t take it, and he’s not a military man
    the collapse of the army continues at full speed
    Oh, I wrote it now. It's called stylish.
  27. rubber_duck
    rubber_duck 15 March 2013 22: 24
    No, we need finance companies and legal battalions first! As well as management regiments and at least one resort and tourist team! Seriously, I want to spit from almost any decision or statement of the modern government. Well, he took off our "Great and Mighty" Serdyukov, well, he appointed this reserve lieutenant, what has changed? Lovers? Uniform? Mouse fuss and "media reasons" are all. Clowns and mentally ill people in positions of responsibility. Some kind of immoderate verbiage on every occasion, but no real deeds. No, in fact, the main thing now is to burn down the stocks of footcloths and establish scientific companies! The sun is suffocating from real, urgent, tangible, like a garrot on the throat, problems, but nothing is done to solve them, everything is drowning in the verbal diarrhea of ​​"effective managers".

    When creating scientific companies, military registration and enlistment office staff will have to include imagination, actively collaborate with universities, and keep full records.

    Issue an order: "All employees of the military commissariats turn on their imaginations within two weeks!" angry