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Albert Pirmanov: The world lives by tsunami forebodings

In life, everything is so funny and interconnected. At first, the average American, almost twisting his arms, was forced to live beautifully and beyond his means. Teach the same, bastards! Not on your own after all. American banks, and not American too, were always ready to provide loans to their customers. All over the world they know that the best friends and clients of banks are Americans (s)

The last 25 years financial feast was in the West. At the same time in Russia and the countries of the former USSR there was an epidemic of liberal plague, pestilence and devastation. And it could be different.

At the end of 80 and the beginning of 90 in the USA and Western Europe, the economic situation was akin to the current situation for the USA and Western Europe. The economy of the West was a dead end, and there was no way out of it. Not from the good life of the United States began to transfer production to China and transfer to him first the simplest technologies, and then the more advanced ones.

Strange as it may sound for some readers, but the United States began to lose the arms race of the USSR in almost all types of strategic weapons. Even the arms race imposed by the USSR at the beginning of 80, the notorious SDI program - the Strategic Defense Initiative, the favorite brainchild of Ronald Reagan, turned out to be a terrible failure for the military-industrial complex and the US Aerospace Complex. This is how so many readers will be surprised? After all, the USSR lost the arms race and, accordingly, the US “cold war”! You are mistaken. Or rather, you are hammered into your heads a “truly correct” thought from the neoliberal press, and this cesspool has dominated the press and on the television of the USSR and Russia over the past 30 years.

Strange as it may seem, but the USA themselves have overstrained themselves from the arms race they imposed in space. During the 1990 period, expert circles in the US who worked in the field of space technology and weapons made conclusions about the futility of continuing to promote the Star Wars program. In the USA, strangely enough, there used to be many high-class experts in the field of space and weapons. So - these very specialists in space and armaments carried out an unequivocal verdict: Reagan's favorite toy and the US military-industrial complex - SOI failed miserably. These same analysts have calculated: if an armed conflict begins with the USSR, provided the latter uses all types of weapons, the United States will have absolutely no chance of winning, even theoretical ones. If even these specialists in the United States had learned that the program of launching weapons into space in the USSR had advanced by leaps and bounds, their verdict would be more categorical and unequivocal: a total defeat awaits the United States.

But история does not know the subjunctive mood. At the helm of the USSR stood weak-willed, ambitious and proud henpecked Mikhail Gorbachev.

From time immemorial, the folk wisdom of the people of Russia has always been able to give the most accurate and capacious definition to its rulers. Mikhail Gorbachev's popular rumor “christened” simply - “Marked Judas”, and to be like this for centuries. The local overseers are waiting for him in hell with hot impatience, he deserved that.

Gorbachev chatted a lot and did little. Now, if his words and deeds did not disagree with the deeds, then the USSR would be able to quietly carry out first a technical, and then ideological modernization. The USSR had almost everything needed for independent development from the rest of the world. If some do not know, then the USSR and the USA in 1990 were the two most economically developed countries in the world. Funny No, not funny. If the United States was in first place in the world in terms of GDP - about 25% of the total world GDP, then the USSR was in second place - with 12,5% of world GDP. But the figures for GDP are always crafty - what went into the calculation of US GDP has never been taken into account in the USSR.

Others will immediately say weightily and categorically: there were still countries of Western Europe and of course Japan, the world technological leader of the world of that time. But this is the very opinion that Japan is the technological leader of that time, in some way a massive fallacy. Yes, Japan was ahead of the rest in the production of consumer electronics, cars, and something else. So what? From the point of view of the average man in the USSR, consumer electronics are the highest technologies, but he is also a man in the street.

Many homegrown experts cannot answer the direct question: why the USSR with its 12,5% of world GDP could adequately develop the most advanced technologies and withstand the arms race with the whole Western world? There is no answer from “prominent” economists and luminaries of neoliberal pop party, for them it’s fantastic!

At the time of the political and economic collapse of the USSR, it was ahead of the rest of the world in many scientific and technical fields, and in some technologies was ahead of other countries by 15-20 years. Even the United States could not boast of so many advanced technologies. In the USSR, it was bad for providing the population with household goods, but science was at a height that was unattainable for many countries. Only together, the entire Western world, could compete with the USSR in the development of science and technology.

I see, I see a malicious smile at some specimens from the order of rodents and the subspecies "underdeveloped hamsters." You can’t throw the words out of the song, but the USSR really was ahead of the rest of the planet in most fundamental technologies. In the USSR, fixed assets were directed to the development of heavy industry and fundamental science, and not to the production of consumer goods.

To meet domestic demand and saturate the market with everyday goods, the leadership of the then USSR had to simply gradually give economic freedom to the population. It was in this order: first, gradual economic freedom and the saturation of the domestic market with consumer goods, and only after a certain number of years, say years through 25, could political freedom be given.

This is the same algorithm that China followed and used its chance for all 100%, and the result is in front of everyone. For China at that historical moment, after the death of Mao Zedong, the moment of truth came. Life itself posed seemingly intractable questions for China. What's next? Where to go? What to do? One part of the ruling elite wanted to continue on the path of the great helmsman. Another part of the elite wanted to put on the face of China only a surface layer of cosmetics. And the third part of the elite, led by Deng Xiaoping, saw the future of China in technological modernization without being tied to ideological dogmas.

After the death of Mao Zedong, a struggle for power began in the country. On the one hand, there was a “gang of four” led by their leader Jiang Qing, and she was the last wife of Mao Zedong, and on the other hand, a temporarily formed alliance of their opponents. The temporary alliance included Hua Qofeng with his like-minded people and the Deng Xiaoping clan. The result of this power struggle turned out to be that the power of the PRC turned out to be a pragmatist to the roots of the hair, Deng Xiaoping. He beat everyone. After the defeat of the “gang of four”, two pretenders for power remained - Hua Guofeng and Deng Xiaoping. In this scenario, Deng Xiaoping didn’t have much trouble pushing aside the careerist and theorist Hua Gofeng.

When he came to power, Deng Xiaoping did not completely mix the former leader and one of the founders of China, Mao Zedong, with the crap. Deng Xiaoping chose a wiser decision and did not unleash the next stage of the struggle and confrontation between different groups of the population, those behind Mao Zedong, and his opponents.

It is necessary to take into account that Deng Xiaoping himself suffered from the repressions of Mao Zedong, but he did not settle small scores with the dead lion Mao Zedong. Dan acted as the real leader of the nation, he declared for the whole country that: “Mao Zedong was bad on 3 / 10 and good on 7 / 10.” Truly Chinese wisdom.

China is very lucky with the national leader. What can not be said about the leaders of the former USSR. Remember the past of our country. Who of the former rulers of the USSR after the death of Stalin did not fight with the shadow of his former patron and did not blame him for common mistakes? That's right, such monstrously few. In addition to Putin, there is no one to remember.

That is why the USSR airliner stepped into a sharp corkscrew and crashed, at the most crucial moment for the country, a petty and talkative worker with painful vanity and a complete lack of will turned out to be at her helm. This leader also decided that everyone who was in power of the USSR before him should be in shit and only he is all white and holy. This is what the person and the leader of the nation means on a historical scale.

Is it possible to put on the scales of Deng Xiaoping and Gorbachev? But as? The right question is how to put an elephant and a pug on the scales. Ah, we, it seems inadvertently, offended pug. Forgive us, pug. That's right, we are wrong. The scales are the true leader of the state Den Xiaoping, he is an elephant, and Gorbachev louse hamster.

Am I wrong in the letters? Not. The leader is not about the “tagged one”, he is just a petty louse with a hamster. I hope you know that hamsters are carriers of the plague. On this Malchish-Plohish will be for thousands of years to stand the stigma of Judas, only Judas knew his sin perfectly and tried to redeem him with his death on aspen. It’s not worth waiting for such an act from the labeled one; he did not destroy the great empire for that. And for what? Labeled, like Malchish-Plohish, sat before foreign "burzhinami" for the sake of "a jar of jam and a whole basket of cookies."

But the glory and laurels of the empire-destroyers do not give rest to many figures of world politics. Willing to overthrow the empire, voluntarily or unwittingly, a great many. It's time to hold the bride for the role of the main candidate in Malchish-Plohisha. More perspicacious people will boldly say: there is already such a candidate! And they will be right. At the moment in the world there is only one candidate for the role of Malchish-Plohish. Who is he? One dark guy with a muddy lineage. Not enough information? He promised to end the war. Little again? Let's go further. He was previously blessed with the title of Nobel Prize winner in the field of peace. Not yet know? Ok, one more tip. He is the president of the evil empire. Well, now is correct. You are right - this is Barack Obama. And they said, you will not guess. It turns out that everyone knows the evil empire and its president!

Barack Obama at the moment does not even suspect what role he has been prepared for. The main. And the most important thing is that Barack Obama actually plays the role of a scapegoat. Barack Obama does not even suspect that his most important advisers, from the ancient sons of Israel, just concocted for him the role of a scapegoat. Well, because someone has to answer for the fun of the last 40 years in the West. It does not matter that Obama presides only the last 4 of the year, but he is extreme!

Problems in the global economy are growing, and they can not be resolved even with the help of fakirs from the financial guild. There were plans to resolve these problems, but the time was gone. The main problem of the world behind the scenes is Putin and Russia. Not China, as the vast majority of people think, namely Russia. The elites of the USA and Europe were confused by all the cards of Russia and Putin personally.

The struggle of “European” and “American” Jewish families is a struggle of Nanai boys, a crow does not peck out a crow (c). The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers scold - only amuse themselves. The capitals of these families, and many other Jewish families, have intertwined most closely over the last millennium. As you understand, not only their capital intertwined, but also children with their grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Apparently, therefore, their descendants suffer from many chronic diseases. It is almost incest. Jewish capital is now being actively invested in genetic research and biotechnology, hope

correct your sinful bonds of the ages.

But, we were distracted.

As soon as Putin began to collect the lands of the Russians and wrested sovereignty from the hands of the world gendarme, then the insoluble problems began in the fate of the United States. I have already said more than once and am ready to repeat the common truth: the power of the “dragon” is based on the printing of green candy wrappers by the “stone masters”. The Yankees have lived with the turnover of all world trade. For a comfortable life with butter and caviar, 5-6% with turnover is enough, such a kind of tax on the whole world. And what can you trade? Yes, the same things they traded at all times, starting from the pharaohs and up to this day. So what?

I am sure you will say - finished goods. Almost correct. Let's just say it all began with barter: I give you a spear, and you give me the skin. Then people began to look for exchange equivalents, ersatz money. Meryl had a lot, but gradually gold captured world trade. Gradually, other world currencies were tied to gold, and then the sages of the Fed made an ersatz of gold - a dollar. Remember, quite recently, almost the whole world was selling for dollars, except for the countries of the former “Warsaw bloc”.

After the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw bloc, the world actually traded only for dollars. And by the year 2000 in Europe began to trade for the euro. The world was inundated with candy wrappers; naturally, this was no longer the natural resource. And commodity prices, nominated in the very same candy wrappers, are creeping up like yeast. It is impossible to stop the growth of prices for natural resources, in any case, by printing “Everest” new candy wrappers, they cannot be stopped. There is a very simple explanation.

The resources on earth are not limitless and they will be fought for life and death. The shooting season of the owners of the most valuable natural resources has begun. It began after only Putin and Russia presented their legal rights to their land. After such a sharp and undesirable turn of history for the West in Russia, the rapid rise in oil and gas prices around the world began. Resources are life! Putin fired a starting pistol, and the world began a race for resources for those who do not have or very little. Mr. “Hu Iz” didn’t be a fool and he accepted the challenge and the rules of the game imposed by the West on the whole world, where money is the measure of everything.

Eeehhh. Play so play, and ... so the queen!

Little-by-little, little by little, he suggested that the West lie down on the resource needle's “Procrustean bed”. Resources, too, are valuable, not just money. This is a bed from Putin - a more suitable measure than the ninth shaft of colored pieces of paper. All valuable, really valuable - to leave, and the superfluous and superficial - cut off.

That's where the real break-ups for the West went, so have passed. Since then, the West has gradually cut off all unnecessary things - salaries, pensions, social guarantees, the middle class. What can I say, cut off the whole country.

But this destructive storm and the “ninth wave” of sequesters and cuts in the state budgets of Western countries are only a forerunner of the global tsunami and violent changes in the lives of ordinary gold-milliards. Spiders in a golden “can” began to eat each other, only the crunch of bones and loud champing can be heard.

The currency truce was the first to be decided to break Uncle Sam, although at the same time he thrust into Durku — I am not me and my greens are not mine! When those who wanted to save the green was not found in the necessary volumes, Uncle Sam decided to start his new life from scratch, through “Abduction of Europe”. In the US, they decided to sacrifice Europe to a golden calf and throw it into the abyss of the global crisis. Himself to survive. Europe did not understand this immediately, but when it did, it was too late. In Europe, “suddenly” it became very difficult to live. Life will be worse, life will be harder! (c) B. Abama.

In the West, words and deeds have long since gone their separate ways, and even more so across the ocean — as a result, their cozy and selfish world is crumbling before their eyes. Tension and a premonition of collapse hung over the golden billion, their ship sinking. The legendary “Titanic” had an incomparably better chance of escape than the current golden billion.

The Dreadnought “The Golden Calf” is still afloat, but everyone knows it is doomed. The rats had already run away from him, and some passengers secretly lower the boats and want to move away from the dreadnought before he starts sinking and dragging the passengers and the ships accompanying the warrant into the giant funnel.

It got to the point that even the former vassals of Uncle Sam in Europe and Asia began to look for a new breadwinner and suzerain. Europe is finally beginning to realize: they also want to gut it, as well as North Africa and the Middle East, in favor of the womb of Uncle Sem. Japan and other US satellites in East Asia are also not idiots, they understand, rather, they even sense one place, that in the current situation in the world, some of them are simple loose change in the game of China and the United States, and others are simply unsinkable “aircraft carriers” in underbelly of China. Asians will be sacrificed, even by “aircraft carriers”, without the slightest regret, the instinct of their own preservation of the United States requires it. Himself die, and help out a friend! (C) - This is not about Uncle Sam. In the desert will turn these "aircraft carriers".

Time monotonously counts the inevitable collapse of the United States. As Putin takes control of oil and gas flows in the territory from the Baltic-Black Sea arc and to the Pacific, the chances of US survival are becoming increasingly illusory. It was worth making, not even at full capacity, the ESPO pipeline - and in Europe there were problems with oil. The elegant move by the Putin pipeline - and Europe has competitors in the face of Japan, China, South Korea and other APR countries.

There seems to be a lot of oil in the free markets, go and take it, but it was not there. Is it true that it is very good when the market creates healthy competition from buyers, Europe and Asia? As we know from our teachers, the market will judge all. Do not you, gentlemen neoliberal missionaries? And what will happen when new pipelines start working? If you thought about the South Stream, then in principle you thought correctly. But they will also build gas flows to China and Japan, as well as plants for liquefying natural gas. One cannot rely on only one gas buyer, there must be natural competition. When selling natural resources, healthy competition and rivalry will not hurt anyone. They, as a rule, only raise prices for raw materials - and rightly so.

Uncle Sam caught on too late, he clicked Putin’s strategic steps on linking Europe to Russia through transport and oil and gas flows. In this chess game, Putin has always been ahead of Uncle Sam by several moves ahead.

When the United States realized that they had actually already lost this party to Russia, it forced them to get involved in heavy gas with shale gas. Drowning for a straw clutches. What kind of environmental problems and poisoned lands for many decades, if your own life is at stake?

Uncle Sem began to disperse the legs between the continents. Under the threat of getting a painful injury — the crotch can be torn off — the United States is ready to leave many key points of the planet, but to return from the calculations after reformatting its own economy.

But before they leave, they solve small applied problems — they need a huge arc of instability, from Rabat on the Atlantic coast to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The fuel material in the region is at least a heap, from oil to several hundred million "extra" souls.

Time forward!!!

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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 12 March 2013 15: 45
    if you recall the 3th law of Nton, then everything is back to square one, the states are still slurping crap .... no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten, neither Libya nor Yugoslavia ... and further down the list ...
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 12 March 2013 16: 13
      Many people say: "-that is, they say all the time that the states are sinking and sinking, but they will not sink in any way" ... To which I answer: "-the USA on the world stage is only 70 years old (in fact)", they passed the stages of the empire in a very short time, which is connected with - another question. But the fact remains, all the signs of decay are visible ... My opinion ...
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 12 March 2013 16: 20
        Quote: klimpopov
        states are sinking and sinking, but they will never sink. "

        The weakest empire is one that holds on to money. There is no money and no empire hi
        Quote: klimpopov
        , on the face are all signs of decay ... My opinion

        And it is not the only one drinks
        1. klimpopov
          klimpopov 12 March 2013 16: 51
          Well, it’s just that empire formations in the states flew by very quickly ... Now they have what they have ... And even if it all falls apart it will be 30 - 40 - 50 all the same very quickly ... drinks (but I quit drinking until May)
          1. mealnik2005
            mealnik2005 12 March 2013 23: 28
            Quote: klimpopov
            but I quit drinking until May

            Respect ... support ... laughing
        2. Kaa
          Kaa 12 March 2013 17: 29
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          The weakest empire is one that holds on to money. There is no money and no empire

          Quote: klimpopov
          But the fact remains, in the face of all the signs of decay ... My opinion ...
          "The article" To top it all off, a Russian professor predicts the collapse of the United States "(As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of US) has become an" information bomb "in the United States. The main idea of ​​Panarin's forecast is as follows: the US economy is a" pyramid ", and it will surely collapse, which could lead to the disintegration of the United States into six separate parts. Panarin is sure that the United States will not be able to pay such an external debt. How can this lead to the collapse of statehood? “Firstly, financial problems in the US will intensify. Millions of citizens lost their savings there. Prices and unemployment are rising in the country. On the verge of collapse, General Motors and Ford, which means that entire cities will be without work. Governors are already in strict form demanding money from the federal center. Discontent is growing, and so far only elections have held him back and the hope that Obama will perform a miracle. The second factor is the vulnerable political structure of the United States. There is no single legislation in the country. There are not even general rules of the road. The backbone that connects the United States is fragile enough. Even the armed forces in Iraq are largely represented by non-US citizens, they fight because they are promised American citizenship. Thus, the army, as a melting pot, has already ceased to fulfill the function of fastening the American state. By the split of the elites, he does not understand the contradictions between the Democrats and the Republicans, but the struggle of the groups of "globalists" and "statesmen." The first are the American "Trotskyists", and if Trotsky "did not need Russia, but a world revolution", then for the "globalists" the United States is just the same as the basis for control over the whole world. The confrontation between the “globalists” and “statesmen” is a confrontation between the financial elite of the USA and the American armed forces, special services and the military-industrial complex. Recently, the confrontation between the two clans has become open. Thus, according to Panarin, the richer states will cease to transfer funds to the federal budget and actually withdraw from the union. This will be followed by social unrest - up to the civil war, the ethnic factor will play a decisive role, and foreign states will come into play there. While journalists shake the air with spells in the spirit of “this cannot be, because it can never be,” the US military prefers to look at the situation soberly and prepare for not the most rainbow scenarios. Although the United States has a law passed 130 years ago that restricts the use of US forces inside the country, military analysts suggest that in the current situation, emergency measures will have to be taken. In a December 2008 report, the American Army’s Military College’s report already examined the possibility of using US troops to suppress civil unrest caused by the worsening economic crisis. The authors of the report warn that the US military must be prepared for “violence in the United States,” which could be triggered by “an unforeseen economic collapse,” or “a loss of political and legal order.” The Americans, who are not indifferent to the fate of their country, are already trying to take a critical look at what is happening and find these new ways (another question is whether their aspirations are shared by those who hold real power). Europe and Latin America are looking for the same questions. It is important for Russia not to be late with its ideas, if it has them.
          1. dmitreach
            dmitreach 12 March 2013 18: 29
            remember how it was
            1. Sandov
              Sandov 12 March 2013 22: 40
              To survive, they want to unleash a world carnage. am
              1. Simon
                Simon 18 March 2013 22: 51
                But they are afraid to untie it, as a double-edged sword. One end is bound to hit the states.
          2. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 12 March 2013 19: 38
            At the moment when such a scenario becomes irreversible, China will rush at us. Southeast Asia cannot provide China with resources, if only because there are myriad people. And our Siberia, according to the Chinese, is simply empty ... and filled with treasures. For the timber alone, the Chinese would have immediately strangled us if they had not been afraid of a US blow to the back.
            We need nuclear weapons now more than ever, only it can save us at such a moment! The main thing then will be - to apply it with an unwavering hand ...
            1. djon3volta
              djon3volta 12 March 2013 20: 00
              Quote: Mikhail3
              China will rush at us.

              let China not rush on us and think soberly. what kind of fool will attack a nuclear power, tell me? even nobody will rush to the DPRK first. if the DPRK first attacks the South Caucasus, then yes, they will attack the DPRK, and so will the DPRK even no one dares to get drunk. and in Russia even more so, if only a suicide.
              1. Gregazov
                Gregazov 12 March 2013 21: 20
                If now China puts under arms a million volunteers to restore order in South Korea, then Japan and the United States will threaten him with a finger.
              2. Nick
                Nick 12 March 2013 22: 41
                Quote: djon3volta
                so on the DPRK, even no one would dare to rip. and on Russia, and even more so, if only a suicide.

                Much depends on who will be the top commander at that moment ...
            2. Bashkaus
              Bashkaus 12 March 2013 21: 53
              China will not climb by military means, if these vultures were scammed from overseas in the 90s, when we were coughing up blood in a cuvette, then these would definitely not turn up.
              They don’t need much, despite the size of China itself, the population density is mainly concentrated on the coast, the losses will be eaten: those who do not evaporate the nuclear explosion themselves will kill the consequences, and who survives, drown in the sea of ​​decomposed corpses, a billion is not a joke.
              Or you can humanely act, shandarahnut three missiles into the upper reaches of the main rivers of China and watch from the side (who wants to stretch this pleasure)
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 16 March 2013 17: 58
                The launch of the ICBM will trigger an AUTOMATIC response. The Americans will not calculate exactly where we are shooting, the probability of what's in them is too high. In fact, we can only strike with aviation. Not so much against a country like China. Losses do not bother them, infection too - they will have Siberia.
            3. The shelezyak
              The shelezyak 12 March 2013 23: 38
              China is not a fighter. The proof of this is more than 4000 years of its history.
              They will wait. If China wanted to, it would have mastered Siberia before Yermak. Yes, in general, I would have "mastered" everything, every 4th person on Earth is a Chinese.

              Well, worthy goals if 20-30 million Chinese people evaporate at once, the point is not iron.
              Besides us, who can so frantically defend their cities?
              That is why we own a vast territory.
              And with Vovan so generally the devil himself is not a brother =)
            4. ikrut
              ikrut 13 March 2013 01: 00
              Quote: Mikhail3
              At the moment when such a scenario becomes irreversible, China will rush at us.

              The first and main problem of China is Taiwan. China will never take any serious international adventures until it decides on the issue with Taiwan. Taiwan is a bomb under the state system of China. And it will certainly explode if you forget about it for a moment and give free rein to some other globalistic fantasies. IMHO.
          3. edge731
            edge731 12 March 2013 23: 56
            I especially liked it - "which can be provoked by" an unforeseen economic collapse ""
        3. yak69
          yak69 12 March 2013 20: 07
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          No money and no empire

          100% true !!
          And one more true sign - in America, the largest number of lawyers and dentists. What is this talking about? The fact that people are busy with all kinds of lawsuits and their appearance (Hollywood smile). That's all their values ​​and guidelines.
          I did not doubt a single moment in the depravity of the capitalist path, and we still will witness the collapse of this evil empire.
          BUT. There is a very subtle point - the world behind the scenes has long ago sentenced the United States to death (don't be surprised, it is so!) And, under the noise of color revolutions and the impending disintegration of states, they planned a powerful flow of "refugees" to Russian territory. No matter how fantastic it looks! But any means, even such "roundabout" ones, are suitable for the destruction of Russia.
          Imagine a situation where a mass of unemployed high-class specialists will rush from the crisis to us - our work is not an open end and there are vast open spaces !! Well, then, all according to the classical scenarios. So, the joy of the death of the United States may turn into new problems for us.
          I am sure that we need to think about it ...
          1. zennon
            zennon 12 March 2013 20: 21
            Yes, in the states tens of thousands of lawyers are graduated annually and ... about 400 geologists!
          2. Bashkaus
            Bashkaus 12 March 2013 21: 57
            Yes, no question, I’ll meet at the station with a compote, pies and an orchestra. The shovel in the teeth and for the development is aimed, whoever is there to take shelter there and it’s not a pity, who will survive, then not everything is lost, assimilated, crumbled)
            1. Egoza
              Egoza 12 March 2013 22: 40
              Quote: Bashkaus
              Yes, no question, I’ll meet at the station with a compote, pies and an orchestra.

              Yeah! As one guide who had a group of Americans said.
              "I would like to draw your attention to the beautiful, cleanest, largest lake in the world - Baikal! It is so deep that if you take the entire US population and drown in Baikal, the water level will rise only by 10 cm."
          3. Cheloveck
            Cheloveck 12 March 2013 23: 31
            Quote: yak69
            Imagine a situation where a mass of unemployed high-class specialists will rush from the crisis to us - our work is not an open end and there are vast open spaces !!
            What job? What are you talking about?
            Streets of revenge and laying bricks?
            Or do you mean "effective" managers, so we don't need this good at @@@. We have had our fill for 20 years.

            In the meantime, Russia does not have the main thing: financial (the ruble is tightly tied to the dollar) and food independence. We do not have a domestic consumer market, i.e. we cannot exist on our own.
      2. Onotollah
        Onotollah 13 March 2013 07: 37
        Quote: klimpopov
        the states are all drowning and drowning, but no matter how they drown

        It is believed that this is not drowning lol
      3. nnz226
        nnz226 18 March 2013 16: 32
        There was a good anecdote in Soviet times: “The imperialists stood on the edge of the abyss:“ And what are the Bolsheviks doing there ?! ”The collapse of the USSR began with the arrival of the bald corn-grower, and continued during the Central Committee, whose members had a favorite sport of“ carriage races ” !!! Gorbachev brought Yeltsin to power, who made a "control shot" So that the first prizIdent of the Russian Federation is also "bowing low", but better spitting at the place on Novodevichy.
    2. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 12 March 2013 16: 59
      Cool article ...
      in my opinion amers "arc of Wakhabism" do in the east and in the west - "arc pido.rasov"
      everyone knows how Wahkabits relate to pido.ram. bad attitude ...
      here's the bait of the loya wahkabits ...
      war will be. and there already nobody cares how much and to whom the amers owe ..
      I think so.

      1. Feanor
        Feanor 12 March 2013 18: 43
        Eh, I ruined such a country for the sake of jeans and sausage spineless Judas ...
    3. Anatol 85
      Anatol 85 15 March 2013 06: 21
      it’s sensible ... only in the article there is a lot of water, and there is not enough meat, and the meat is as follows: if you look at our perimeter - missile defense in the EU, new NATO bases in the Baltic states and Romania, B. East boiler trailer (Azerbaijan - NATO - Afghanistan - Karabakh ) and with a smoldering wick + Korean tension ... I would (purely strategically) in the place of the USA set fire to all sides and as if, they say, they have nothing to do with it ... and where should they go, creatures? a budget hernia is equal to their GDP, and it will force ... so we are waiting for anything, but not a quiet life - a 30 year pregnancy doesn’t resolve itself ...
  2. Renat
    Renat 12 March 2013 15: 59
    Our answer to Chamberlain.
  3. Asgard
    Asgard 12 March 2013 15: 59
    States and People will suffer from the "Tsunami" .... The whole problem (not in the name of the state) We must identify our enemies - This is the TNC, the highest layer (dedicated leadership)) Special services ...These are the enemies of humanity...
    1. Suhov
      Suhov 12 March 2013 20: 03
      Everything will be fine. We will agree with America.
      "The Americans are not aggressive," said Bogdashin Vladimir Ivanovich, in 1988 the commander of the guard ship Bezavezhetny. But he clarified: "When they give them on the forehead."
      As the Soviet fleet of Americans in Sevastopol prescribed:
      1. Tatarus
        Tatarus 12 March 2013 20: 40
        Quote: Sukhov
        Everything will be fine. We will agree with America.

        With whom??? With America ??? Let's agree ???. You would, SALAGA, read the archive of articles. Well, at least for the last 3 months. How can the living agree with the dead? Have you seen zombie movies? Here it is the same. Let the zombies not kill, but you can destroy. (Sorry for the salag. This is not about age, but about epaulets)
        1. Suhov
          Suhov 12 March 2013 23: 01
          With whom??? With America ??? Let's agree ???. You would have it, SALAGA ...
          I agree, the mistake came out. I was in a hurry. The word "agree" should have been put in quotation marks right away. Corrected. This is on my part. Maybe you, for your part, will do something with the SALAG?
          And by the way, if you go to the address I indicated:, or at least search the Internet for something on the topic: How the Soviet American fleet registered in Sevastopol, then it was possible to understand from the context what was meant by the word "agree".
          And by the way. In the aforementioned 1988, in the vastness of the Black Sea, our commanders: Vladimir Ivanovich BOGDASHIN, the commander of the "Selfless" TFR, as well as Anatoly I. PETROV, the "SKR-6" commander, in 1988 managed to "negotiate" with the Americans.

          And for age and epaulettes - is taken. Hurried, and here is the result!
  4. bap063
    bap063 12 March 2013 16: 08
    Well done author!
    Everything will return to its circles, and the marked Judas will receive his, for everything. and not only at the judgment of God, but the people's anger will still get it!
    1. maxon109
      maxon109 12 March 2013 16: 27
      We wouldn’t make mistakes ourselves in this game. + author
      1. Komodo
        Komodo 12 March 2013 16: 36
        Author ++ !! Our chess players are the best in the world !! All NAEBEM !!
        The rules of the game of capitalism have been studied. Now liberoids to you,
        your weapon will laughing .This is the true elite of the nation-scientists, doctors, diplomats,
        intellectuals, strategists, hi not that crap with stolen billions.
    2. sanyabasik
      sanyabasik 12 March 2013 16: 42
      Quote: bap063
      labeled Judas will receive his

      Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called - the highest state award of the Russian Federation, the press service of the Gorbachev Foundation said.

      “I accept the highest award of the Russian state with excitement and gratitude. Before my eyes, my whole life passes. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done, ”Gorbachev said, accepting the order from the hands of the president.

      .. and cf .. they wanted to your national anger ...
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 12 March 2013 17: 45
        Quote: sanyabasik
        . and cf .. they wanted to your national anger ...

        Forced to agree.
        As for the article. I could not first decide what to put.
        I decided to see the publications of this author.
        And he set a minus. All the articles are in the same style, but I don’t like the style of presentation of the material. Even if there are common thoughts, they need to be formatted accordingly.
        I got the impression that the author even somewhat despises those for whom he writes.
        1. dmb
          dmb 12 March 2013 20: 01
          You know, this is not the first time this clown has performed such servile squeals. Interestingly, he really does not remember that not so long ago Putin (being Prime Minister) called Stalin a criminal. I think that Pirmanov remembers everything. Simply, as it is fashionable to say now, the "trend" has changed. And now a "brilliant phrase" is being born. "Remember the past of our country. Who of the former rulers of the USSR after the death of Stalin did not fight with the shadow of their former patron and blame common mistakes on him? Just about, there are monstrously few of them. There is no one but Putin to remember."
      2. not good
        not good 12 March 2013 22: 06
        For what, without fear of sin, the cuckoo praises the rooster .... The little traitor awarded the big one.
      3. vadson
        vadson 13 March 2013 00: 07

        Well, and you,
        With an saber like that?
        We’re holding you for that,
        So that the coast of the tsars rest!

        After the rain on thursday
        I'll give you a medal over
        Only you try
        So that people do not overthrow me! ..
      4. ikrut
        ikrut 13 March 2013 01: 06
        Quote: sanyabasik
        Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called - the highest state award of the Russian Federation, the press service of the Gorbachev Foundation said.

        “I accept the highest award of the Russian state with excitement and gratitude. Before my eyes, my whole life passes. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done, ”Gorbachev said, accepting the order from the hands of the president.

        .. and cf .. they wanted to your popular anger ..

        I think that the time will come and Russia will take away all the awards from him. And his name will be anathematized, like the name of Mazepa. Traitors in Russia have always been worse than enemies.
        Father said that they had a tacit order at the front - to deal with the Vlasovites at their discretion. And if they are captured with weapons in their hands, they should not be taken prisoner. And understood. And this is marked much worse than the Vlasovites. IMHO.
    3. hommer
      hommer 12 March 2013 17: 35
      Quote: bap063
      labeled Judas will receive his, for all. and not only at the judgment of God, but the people's anger will still get it!

      I'd love to see. Here is how his land wears. I repeat my post a year ago:
      Still, I will quote a piece from an article I liked - "Is it possible in our countries (for now, I will only talk about a hypothetical Eurasian Union) to achieve the same thing that we achieved in China? It is easy. For this, you need to do only two things. Here are the ones.

      Firstly, it is necessary to find spiritual harmony.
      To do this, take only one Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, wrap a scrotum around him with a guitar string - and hang it in some crowded place, I agree to Red Square.

      You see, the problem is not that the USSR did not have its own Deng Xiaoping (what the hell is not joking, it might have appeared in time). The problem is that the USSR had its own unprincipled one with a spot on the head and maggots inside it. Having at hand the experience of China's reforms, he did everything exactly the opposite. Another couple of mistakes could be attributed to innate cretinism, but the consistent erasure of the Chinese experience can be explained only by a rare moral mutation. The country was deliberately doomed to ruin, war and the subsequent outrage of the oligarchy.

      So either a string and Red Square, or an alternative in the form of a glass prism, where the Great Destroyer of the Berlin Wall should be contained as an exhibit of interest to science studying rare forms of moral deformities.

      To abolish the moratorium on the death penalty and, at the same time, tighten the punishment for corruption crimes.

      Personally, to my shame, I believe that human nature is equally weak and base, regardless of citizenship. I’m sure that another Chinese official also sometimes dreams of launching a paw in the treasury or squeezing an entrepreneur for a rollback. But the fact is that he correlates his personal enrichment plans with the prospect of getting a bullet in the back of his head. And therefore, all reforms work in China, and the expression “drank the budget” to the Han is not translatable even approximately, even at the level of meaning.

      Yes, of course, my beloved Progressive World Community will be outraged by these repressive measures, this departure from the principles of liberalism and scrapbooking (or whatever else human rights activists say) - and will express a strong protest. Hillary Clinton will probably even make a harsh statement. Oh, wei.

      In this case, I undertake to personally make a speech for the heads of state of the Eurasian Union. Do not be afraid, it will be short, suggestions in two:

      “Dear Progressive World Community! Come on ...! ” Restrained applause, in brackets.

      And PMS (where did he go then?) - Will go. Hissing, snapping over his shoulder and dragging both legs - he’ll go where he was sent. Surely in Hollywood they will shoot a couple of talented blockbusters about how the heroic Ramba successfully fights with a resurgent scoop. Well, they’ll take off - we’ll leave, we’ll grumble.

      These are the offers for a historical perspective.

      Full article It will be interesting to everyone, especially the Kazakhs.
        SASCHAmIXEEW 12 March 2013 18: 17
        I completely agree with you !!! Fear has not been canceled by anyone !!! Shooting + confiscated and relatives too, if they do not prove the legality of the existing !!!!
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 12 March 2013 22: 43
          Quote: SASCHAmIXEEW
          confiscated and relatives too

          I think that the confiscated goods for these bastards will be worse than execution. Shooting that - once and for all. But to see how "Your" went to the state and some people there .... Torture of hell! laughing
        2. explorer
          explorer 13 March 2013 07: 10
          I'm afraid it won’t help:
          "The post of the grand vizier is the most profitable, but also the most dangerous:
          after the resignation, as a rule, the death penalty follows. Must have
          strong nerves to occupy this diabolical synecure.
          However, to the honor of the Turkish viziers, I must say that they
          possessed nerves thicker than arcana: knowing what awaits them in
          end of career they robbed as if hoping to live a thousand
          Favorite 1 volume Pikul Valentin
          Classic... winked
      2. DAOSS
        DAOSS 13 March 2013 04: 50
        I agree in every sense, In Ukraine, the death penalty is asking for Ash !!!
        And about the tagged one, I slipped higher, and from this I suggest starting.
    4. Sandov
      Sandov 12 March 2013 22: 08

      The last 25 years financial feast was in the West. At the same time in Russia and the countries of the former USSR there was an epidemic of liberal plague, pestilence and devastation. And it could be different.

      As you know, this disease came to us from the west, Spotted with EBN did their best.
    5. DAOSS
      DAOSS 13 March 2013 04: 44
      I’ll be happy to get it if you throw yourself into organizing an execution.
  5. Gazai
    Gazai 12 March 2013 16: 38
    I agree with the previous speaker !!!!!!!! But only too many Judas of that time easily got off, i.e. simply did not survive but a righteous trial, offensively !!!!!!!!!! A ARTICLE IS RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 13 March 2013 09: 01
      Precisely said.
      So I imagine a picture - you go out to Red Square, and there is a string of pillars, exactly so that you can see from the Kremlin, and they hang on it in chronological order: a marked Judas, an alogolic with a revolutionary's grandson, a red-haired beast and other people responsible for the collapse of the USSR, and do not forget to place "cultural figures" in the second row.
  6. Galinanp
    Galinanp 12 March 2013 16: 40
    Most likely, the United States will not be allowed to collapse immediately, neither China, nor another one of the world players. It is unprofitable even to Russia. In the world, Americans have tied too much on themselves. They are likely to be slowly blown away.
    1. Delink
      Delink 12 March 2013 16: 50
      They are likely to be slowly blown away.

      They will pour them into the toilet, like slops. Or they themselves will perish there.
    2. DPN
      DPN 12 March 2013 22: 41
      You are right, otherwise there will be nothing to put on their green fatiki. And our millionaires cannot live without greens.
    3. Suhov
      Suhov 13 March 2013 02: 22
      Quote: GalinaNP
      They are likely to be blown away slowly

      If the balloon is already inflated, then sticking a carnation into it is really not worth it - it will burst! The sound will be sharp, you blink, and there (while your eyes are closed) - anything can happen ... "Partners" are nimble.
      For me it’s better to take the ball and let it go ...
      Of course, for some time, the smell of talcum powder will be present in the room ...
      But still, talcum powder and just a little while ...
  7. I think so
    I think so 12 March 2013 16: 50
    He put a plus, but does not agree with Putin's role ... More likely he is a brake than a strategist ... Attributing the problems of the West to Putin's "genius" is a delusion. Putin is a weakling and those microscopic positive actions of his are not worth such diferambs, otherwise, after reading this (and what the hell is not joking), he will also become proud and will stop working altogether. I completely agree with Gorbachev's characterization, and even think a bit soft about this monster, the author spoke out.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 12 March 2013 20: 11
      Quote: I think so
      It’s more a brake than a strategist

      But then, before him, the process was different?
    2. Tatarus
      Tatarus 12 March 2013 20: 49
      Okay. Putin g ***. Who now, in your opinion, can replace it? Just do not need to say that anyone, yes anyone ... Specifically, NAMES.
    3. polly
      polly 13 March 2013 00: 12
      Do not pass off wishful thinking: the "brake" and "weakling" is in the Kremlin, and you are behind the clave. You write hamster comments, and even with errors!
    4. Tartary
      Tartary 13 March 2013 05: 01
      Quote: I think so
      Put a plus, but do not agree with the role of Putin ... Rather, he is a brake than a strategist ...

      It turns out, in your opinion, that Putin slowed down and slowed down, while the gas pipelines were being built by some "hero in the bushes"? Who is ????????
      A stub fund and FBP has accumulated by itself?
      Who allocated 20 trillion for the army then and for what reasons?
      Who is clearly pulling Russia out of the clutches of liberal networks?
      What kind of people do all this and what are their names?

      And where are these sparks from Putin's brakes? Who is putting them out and why so that besides you we don’t see them ?????
  8. sad1940
    sad1940 12 March 2013 17: 30
    It is stated beautifully, but in my opinion it is far from the truth. Yes, there are trends, but they still need to be able to implement. What do we have today? Oil, gas pipelines and other raw materials? But you cannot build a strategy on this; this parameter is too unstable. And how could this feast end, we have already passed - remember the time of Gorbi, when gas and oil prices collapsed, what did we have? And today, what except raw materials? C / economy is collapsed, we feed 80% to strangers, industry is in ruin, it needs urgent resuscitation, advanced technologies are lost and revive them oh it’s not so easy - you need personnel, but where are they? So shouting cheers and throwing bonnets into the air is not the time. We must plow and plow!
    1. slvevg
      slvevg 12 March 2013 19: 16
      Pipelines is a strategy for no more than 20 years. Imagine what will happen to the Russian economy if "tomorrow" an alternative energy technology is thrown out into the world, of course you will say utopia, but there are enough such technologies closed from humans, waiting for their time. You never know? belay
    2. rereture
      rereture 12 March 2013 22: 53
      There is no agriculture, but we export wheat ... Strange ... what
      1. Cheloveck
        Cheloveck 12 March 2013 23: 43
        Quote: rereture
        There is no agriculture, but we export wheat ... Strange ...
        Nothing strange.
        Agriculture on wheat does not end there.
        It is interesting that the main consumer of cereals (including wheat) in the Soviet Union, along with the population, was animal husbandry, now only crumbs are left of it, so "surpluses" for sale have been organized.
    3. Egen
      Egen 13 March 2013 08: 00
      Yes, right, any freshman marketing specialist will say that there is no analysis of the internal environment :)
    4. Dima67
      Dima67 13 March 2013 09: 07
      Pipelines to whom have YOU built everything? To me? And who are they feeding? Only billions go into the pockets of those who have already overeated them until I can not. And the country, as it has been pulled away, continues to continue. Have we built a lot in so much time? There are no strict laws, and until they monitor their implementation, we will not have a damn thing. My opinion
  9. horoh
    horoh 12 March 2013 17: 32
    The article is good, quite voluminous, and very interesting.
    1. TRex
      TRex 12 March 2013 19: 31
      And it would be nice to back up all these slogans with specific data, figures, graphs, etc. - about the collapse of Europe, America and other "partners" ... And so - a simple concussion to the overseas side and the expectation of a miracle - when the whole world collapses, and we, thanks to the genius of the PVV, will become "ahead of the rest of the planet" ... I will disappoint all the blessed - if the world collapses, then we will find ourselves with it, in one "dupe". There will be no one to buy oil and gas. And the Third World War will equalize the chances of everyone on this planet ..
      1. Atrix
        Atrix 13 March 2013 09: 20
        Quote: TRex
        And it would be nice to back up all these slogans with specific data, figures, graphs, etc. - about the collapse of Europe, America and other "partners" ... And so - a simple concussion to the overseas side and the expectation of a miracle - when the whole world collapses, and we, thanks to the genius of the PVV, will become "ahead of the rest of the planet" ... I will disappoint all the blessed - if the world collapses, then we will find ourselves with it, in one "dupe". There will be no one to buy oil and gas. And the Third World War will equalize the chances of everyone on this planet ..

        Well, this is in the style of this site such articles. The main thing is to shout that the USA will break up, and Russia will remain alone. But no one understands that now everything is tied to the USA and if it crashes there the whole world will be so nightmare that 90 will seem like paradise and prosperity. Remember the crisis of 2008 as nightmares Russia and Europe, and what happened to the United States, but how they lived and live for themselves.
        Better than sitting and writing about the imminent collapse of the West, go work for the bright future of Russia. And then some of them all shouted for 70 years about the collapse of the West, and they themselves shamed the USSR, we are again in the ass, and the West lives happily ever after.
  10. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan 12 March 2013 17: 35
    What is TRUE is the TRUTH. Well, the wait is not long, on May 19, the amers should decide what to do with the debt. Increase to 16 trillion (I don’t remember the exact number) or Default. One thing is worrying how mother will catch Russia this event.
    I’m sure of one thing, BORING WILL NOT fellow
    1. DPN
      DPN 12 March 2013 22: 48
      They will print the same amount, but Russia will help out, redeem half for oil, and even buy their investments
    2. Atrix
      Atrix 13 March 2013 09: 26
      Quote: OlegYugan
      What is TRUE is the TRUTH. Well, the wait is not long, on May 19, the amers should decide what to do with the debt. Increase to 16 trillion (I don’t remember the exact number) or Default. One thing is worrying how mother will catch Russia this event.
      I’m sure of one thing, BORING WILL NOT fellow

      Nothing will be raised 100 times since 1940, and before writing about the US debt you need to know the structure of the debt, almost 70% of the US owes to itself
  11. SSR
    SSR 12 March 2013 17: 40
    Our fellows have laid a "string" of the gas pipeline to the key player in Europe - Germany
    In December, the South Stream was squeezed, where the main participants were Germany Italy France. (England is gone and great ...)
    The key players of Europe, tied by pipes and energy, play into the hands of Russia, and if Russia is in trouble. then it will backfire on them, and the gas liquefaction plants being built in the Far East only strengthen Russia because you want "peace" in the energy sector? do not bite the hand that feeds you. (something like this IMHA).
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 12 March 2013 21: 38
      Quote: SSR
      to a key player in Europe - Germany South Stream was put on the squeeze in December

      And how does it all come in handy to them now. They just showed on the First Channel that the whole northern Europe was filled with snow, do not worry at all. There are tracks, airports, no high-speed trains. Traffic jams for 70 km ... And such weather is forecasted until the end of the week ..And we are familiar, so break through.
  12. darkman70
    darkman70 12 March 2013 17: 47
    The article is good, but this one:
    As soon as Putin began collecting Russian lands

    I think a big exaggeration.
      HAIFISCH 12 March 2013 19: 50
      It is unlikely that there is any exaggeration, one Chechnya is worth it, there is little sense from it, but still. There were only ones who screamed to separate tries, but you cannot separate otherwise sworn friends will reach, or the Islamists, but rather both.
      1. Egen
        Egen 13 March 2013 08: 05
        Quote: HAIFISCH
        Chechnya alone is worth nothing from it, but still

        IMHO Chechnya exists for the convenience of stealing the national money :)
        The devil forgot the author, I read a fantastic novel about 10 years ago, how one tovarisch in a parallel world with "mirror" Chechnya figured out
        by force - that’s what I understand :)
    2. ochakow703
      ochakow703 12 March 2013 21: 03
      Any other options? Or amnesia in the 90s?
    3. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 12 March 2013 21: 44
      Quote: darkman70
      great exaggeration

      In your opinion, it may be an exaggeration, but rather caused by a lack of real information. By the end of the 90s, the country was spreading like a rotten rag. Not one region has deducted a dime to the federal budget, separatism has gone through the roof. Do you not know? So take an interest. You it will be better. You will not write posts on topics about which you do not even have a vague concept. For sim-sorry. Do not be offended.
      1. darkman70
        darkman70 12 March 2013 23: 07
        Tverichanka, we are talking about different things. You are talking about lands that are already included in the Russian Federation, and I'm talking about those that did not fall into it. Maybe you don’t know, but outside the Russian Federation there are 20 millions of Russians left. The fact that Putin stopped the spread of the Russian Federation is of course a big plus for him, but I talked about something else. And there is enough information here. All Chisinau residents have cable TV. For example, I have 100 channels and almost everything is in Russian. There are all the central Russian television channels and not only all this costs a penny (by Russian standards). But in 90 I lived in Moscow.)
  13. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 12 March 2013 17: 53
    at first glance, the estimates are too emotional, but nevertheless quite objective.
    The finances of the R&D clans have already been relocated to the Asian region. Because of this, the "statesmen" howled at the amrikoses, they say now this is a priority area of ​​our attention and sent the fleet :) exercises are being conducted ...
  14. shurup
    shurup 12 March 2013 18: 18
    I thought that Prokhanov, but it turned out - Pirmanov. An article of one-year freshness, but with a claim to relevance.
    To build a tram - not to buy a donkey. Next, the ugly face of Putin-builder and legs close-up. What about the tram? - We’ll finish in Moscow!
    Housing and communal services is beating in the stomach, the official salary of officials is increasing by orders of magnitude, but a modest drop in the pocket of the court scribblers begins to murmur a stream.
    Will Americans eat horse meat! They will see Kuzkin’s mother again! Our wolf calf wring, like two fingers ... show!
    Restarting perestroika, the new thinking of a worn boot and the glasnost of corruption. Kvachkov is a gkchepist, and the Yeltsinoids will trample America with secret technologies and flood the oil tsunami.
    Time, face !!!
  15. 30143
    30143 12 March 2013 18: 27
    The Russians will not be offended, but it seems to me that D.M. can become the second in a row after "TAGGED". He also chatters, but there is no sign of business. I watched the meeting with V.V.P. with the President of Ukraine and the impression was that V.V. looks bad and scared, but who ... will replace, if what? There will be confusion again ...
    1. ochakow703
      ochakow703 12 March 2013 21: 07
      Yes, it's scary to stay with iPhone ...
      1. olegyurjewitch
        olegyurjewitch 12 March 2013 22: 29
        Quote: ochakow703
        Yes, it's scary to stay with the iPhone ..

        No, I don’t think DM and will not stay in the premieres. I can’t think for myself. And he doesn’t have authority either, I lost during the time that I was at the helm.
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 12 March 2013 21: 50
      Quote: 30143
      what V.V. looks bad and scared

      What do you say ... wow! And looking at the same meeting, but in Russia, we made sov.inverse conclusions. It seems like your Yanukovych was "turned pale", maybe he "got sick"? Do not flatter yourself! And to replace "if that "There will be people!
    3. hrych
      hrych 13 March 2013 02: 04
      Well, as you can’t see anything, the clocks moved beyond the astronomical one, so that in some regions the sun was stolen by people, like by Chukovsky.
  16. Atlon
    Atlon 12 March 2013 18: 28
    The article is undoubtedly a plus! And what Putin has done and will do for Russia, we will all understand much later ... And then many will be ashamed ...
    Recently the film was watched "Stalin with us". The parallels are there.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 12 March 2013 21: 52
      Quote: Atlon
      l "Stalin is with us"

      Not a bad movie, right? And I agree with your every word.
      1. Atlon
        Atlon 12 March 2013 23: 02
        Quote: Tverichanka
        Nice movie, right?

        Interesting ... Many unknown facts, uncovered.
    2. dmb
      dmb 12 March 2013 22: 31
      On 21: 00 has already done once again. Head of the Central Bank Nabiullina. Kudrin was already glad.
      1. ABV
        ABV 13 March 2013 01: 11
        The ride was rolled (and thank God) - well, it remains for him - a good mine with no game ...
      2. Egen
        Egen 13 March 2013 08: 18
        Quote: dmb
        Head of the Central Bank Nabiullina

        An interesting career of a simple Soviet girl from a working-class family - if you look at the biography. What will she do interesting for finance? We'll see. Her friend did a lot for medicine - doctors will never forget ...
  17. Sergey47
    Sergey47 12 March 2013 18: 31
    To the author +! The article, of course, is a bit pathetic, but who doesn’t want everything that is stated in it to come true. And it will come true! Only the tagged one will die, and a passing x ... I’m in him ... y. Only we ourselves need to prepare now, strangle the swamp infection, introduce the death penalty for treason. And it’s best to bring the military junta to power by about 20 years old. And now it’s time to execute embezzlers on the air now.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 12 March 2013 19: 04
      No, you can’t junta, nt in any case.
      Our "hats" will give civil thieves a hundred points ahead. wassat
    2. mamba
      mamba 12 March 2013 23: 24
      Quote: Sergey47
      The labeled one will die, and the passing x ... I’m in him ... y.

      This is to his delight: he recently broke his many years of silence by angrily condemning the law on the prohibition of homosexual propaganda among teenagers adopted on January 25 by the State Duma. In his opinion, this is a violation of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.
  18. DDR
    DDR 12 March 2013 18: 34
    I would like to see how the minke whales will howl once in our skin of the 90s. Let them try what a pound of dashing
    1. Concept1
      Concept1 12 March 2013 18: 54
      America is only while there laughing
      They do not have a basis, the core-people in whose circle everything would be held. But this is purely my opinion, maybe I'm wrong!
  19. megatherion
    megatherion 12 March 2013 18: 46

    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 12 March 2013 19: 16
      Ummm, they forgot about the toilet ..... about the butt and the toilet hi
  20. Jungar
    Jungar 12 March 2013 19: 01
    The article is so categorical that it cannot but be true. It remains only to add that we have less and less time. We must have time to grow stronger morally and physically so that in the event of the collapse of the hegemon (his mother) not only stand on his feet from the blast wave, but also so that no one else ever doubts our invincibility. The collapse of the USA is a moment of truth for us.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 12 March 2013 21: 59
      Quote: jungar
      so that no one else will ever

      Well, this is unlikely, as comrade Sukhov said! Always and at all times they will look for the slightest opportunity to substitute a leg when you least expect it. The only thing that you can wish for all of us is to shake the noodles off our ears more often and remember that "there is no sweeter friend, than a dear mother "In the sense of the Motherland! And that's all! And may we all be different, believers and non-believers, for the USSR and against, we are children of one country and nothing is more important than its prosperity and security!
  21. rodevaan
    rodevaan 12 March 2013 19: 07
    Whatever you say, the USSR was really ahead of the rest in terms of science and technology!
    - All the new products of the current military-industrial complex, which are being revived in modern Russia and have no analogues in the west, are all developments from Soviet times!
    In the space industry, pin-syatina is far and long behind us. We were already building long-term orbital stations while they fumbled with our shuttles.
    The fact that all the shameful 90s were imposed on us and are trying now is liberoid diarrhea of ​​their own Russophobes and enemies of the people. Which drive shameful broom in UWB They have a place.
    We will have to get out of that shit into which our own offspring, led by Humpback and EBN, will have to get out for a long time - but we will get out! For 20 years of quiet development - I think Russia will seriously approach the level of the USSR. I hope so.

    And our main enemies are not Pindo Syatina and the world Jewish Freemasonry, as some believe, but their own stupidity, perhaps their own mess and irresponsibility, which all our enemies enjoy with pleasure.
    But as soon as the Russian people are accustomed to at least relative discipline, a quick take-off is just around the corner!
  22. koksalek
    koksalek 12 March 2013 19: 16
    Article as a balm for the soul. Plusanul!
  23. djon3volta
    djon3volta 12 March 2013 19: 34
    Putin and Russia have claimed their legal rights to their land. After such a sharp and undesirable turn of history in the West in Russia, a rapid increase in oil and gas prices began around the world.

    I wrote about the same thing about two or three weeks ago. That it was when Putin became in power in 2 that the price of energy began to rise. I even put forward a version of why this happened, and why if you put pressure on Russia, the world will end. if you leave us alone, Russia will stabilize. and the trick is that Putin could secretly threaten with nuclear apocalypse for the whole world, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. uncles yes I have nuclear weapons in Russia more than the whole world combined, and this is also not a secret.
    1. Concept1
      Concept1 12 March 2013 20: 22
      Consistently, step by step, Putin is rebuilding the Russian Empire, and only fools do not see this!

      Such words can be written by a person only from the heart, who is not indifferent to his country and his people.

      Each of us must!
      Make the most of that chance
      Who gave us Fate
      To serve Russia!
  24. Chuck-norris
    12 March 2013 19: 42
    It is good that the article was posted, I was afraid that the admins would not post it. I have been reading Albert for a long time. He speaks well both on business and his own style is present.
    BIGLESHIY 12 March 2013 20: 32
    The article, in principle, about what RENtv has been talking about for 3 years in programs about world conspiracies.
    As soon as Putin began collecting Russian lands and wresting sovereignty from the hands of the world gendarme

    What kind of land did he begin to collect? This hoopoe gave China Tarabarov and part of the Big Ussuri Island !!! And there was talk of transferring part of the Kuril Islands to Japan, but after that the governor of the Sakhalin Region announced that he would appeal to the constitutional court and the people about state treason, at the top this topic was closed !!!
    Quote: djon3volta
    when Putin took power in 2000, energy prices began to rise

    Only inside Russia prices also crawled up and even became more than in the world !!!
    In our Far East, the price of electricity is 3rub.10kop. per kW. to China, we deliver it for 30 kopecks., here is such a zigzag of the economy of materieichi. negative
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 12 March 2013 22: 31
      Quote: BIGLESHIY
      3rub.10kop. per kW. to China we deliver it for 30 kopecks

      3.10 intermediaries deliver it to you. In the Volga region 2.45 costs.
      the Chinese are poor people, they will not be able to buy 3.10 directly, otherwise inside China there will be 7-10 rubles.
      1. BIGLESHIY
        BIGLESHIY 13 March 2013 08: 00
        And where did the intermediaries come from, they did not exist before, but they came under Putin as a result of the reform of RAO UES of Russia (he put Chubais on nanotechnology for the collapse of RAO UES, and he showed him a book reader for 10t. Rubles for this when it was possible in a store for 2-3 tr.Buy). And many more intermediaries will appear, as he stands for a new "privatization" of state-owned companies that have not yet been pilfered!
  26. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 12 March 2013 20: 36
    Correctly in essence, but, somewhat emotionally or pathos, I don’t understand!

    There is a certain bitterness! About the tagged right and the other right.

    Finally, drop by drop appears - TRUE!
  27. zennon
    zennon 12 March 2013 20: 41
    It must be admitted that by the beginning of the 80s the USSR was in crisis. The GDP of a huge country could be correlated with the turnover of one General Electric. However, the country really had a powerful scientific and technical potential. How needed then a strong leader with a coherent program ! But the mountain gave birth to a mouse ...
    We got it ... To paraphrase Krylov-donkey's grandfather, Kazel, a monkey and a hunchbacked bear started a quartet ... Perestroika, her mother! China at that time had a billion hoes and no more horseradish. Look what they have become in 30 years! And in what anus, thanks to mediocre guidance, we are.
    BIGLESHIY 12 March 2013 20: 43
    About Putininoids began to minus. Guys if something does not suit you then write. bully
  29. Alexey M
    Alexey M 12 March 2013 20: 51
    There will be no global conflict. The world leader will simply change and he will wake everything in his mouth together. And Putin V.V. the pipe was already fussed over to China, put on a needle. So while Siberia is behind us China is interesting to us. As a market, we are not the last place for China either. Amer will slowly move to settling their problems, Europe and a prostitute will turn back to Amers, and Asia before, which basically happens. A good article is correct with emotions. In general, the site has gathered good people sincere. Let Putin let him read the link.
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 12 March 2013 22: 34
      Quote: Alexey M
      Let Putin let him read the link.

      He hangs on Rambler, we are not interested in him ... laughing
  30. sergo0000
    sergo0000 12 March 2013 20: 56
    ... Meanwhile, about an hour ago, V.V.
    Putin will nominate Nabiullina for the post of head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
    In turn, Elvira Nabiullina asked Vladimir Putin to appoint, if approved by the head of the Central Bank, Sergei Ignatiev, to the post of adviser to the chairman of the Central Bank. “I would also ask for this,” Putin said, addressing Ignatiev, whom he thanked for his work.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 12 March 2013 22: 39
      Quote: sergo0000
      ..And meanwhile, about an hour ago VV
      Putin will nominate Nabiullina for the post of head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

      Significant appointment. Those who counted on a change in the Central Bank's status can breathe more evenly, everything will remain as it was. Putin made his choice in favor of LLC "Central Bank of the Russian Federation". The reluctance of the GDP to return Russia's sovereignty over the Central Bank is possible for two reasons: either the Wise Leader is playing chess again (and will undoubtedly beat everyone); or the Good Tsar-Father again nay .. or the liberals.
  31. Octavian avgust
    Octavian avgust 12 March 2013 21: 02
    Competent article! hi +5 to the author and there is nothing to add!
  32. pogis
    pogis 12 March 2013 21: 11
    Mass executions will save Russia! Corruption under Medvedev reached such a level that it threatened national security! We once had no democracy, and the stronger the dictatorship, the greater the country's power!
    1. ekama1
      ekama1 12 March 2013 21: 37
      Not massive but exponential
    2. DPN
      DPN 14 March 2013 21: 24
      mass shootings just won’t save, our society has been divided into white and red since 1993. Today, former speculators and those who found blue blood prevailed. All the wealthy bought the titles of princes, counts., who remembered that grandfather had a factory, but no one remembers that education, apartments, cheap trips, medetsin were free and fees in the housing and communal services cost a penny., so it was almost communism.
      Now a simple hard worker now does not shine housing, but the apartments are mostly from the sellers.
      The media, on the other hand, continues to search for all the bad things, to praise Kolchak, the Communists, who beat up a lot of the Russian people, Wrangel Is it time to unite the people, and not pit him. (transmission of Svanidze)
  33. ekama1
    ekama1 12 March 2013 21: 31
    IMHO, the Yankees have one way out-world war (as they climbed 1 and 2) and they will
    try to untie her, of course, far from her borders !?
    1. optimist
      optimist 12 March 2013 21: 54
      Gold words! These kids have already done this 2 times and everything worked great for them (I remind you of 1914 and 1938). Those who are here rejoicing at their imminent "end" do it a bit early. It can be seen that history was taught poorly. (If anyone thinks what kind of Americans I am, it’s in vain: for me it is the most disgusting nation on Earth: the descendants of criminals, adventurers, prostitutes and other trash, many of whom in Europe were "lighted" by the gallows at that time). So, these kids have already pulled us up to the very best two times (in 1917 and 1991). Surely they have already figured out how to "reset the counter" this time. And our task is not to "throw our hats", but to think with our heads.
    2. mamba
      mamba 12 March 2013 22: 45
      Quote: ekama1
      the Yankees have one way out - a world war (as they climbed 1 and 2) and they will try to unleash it, of course, far from their borders !?

      Having provoked the First World War with the help of Masons and Jewish oligarchs, the States turned from a debtor country into a creditor country, simultaneously collapsing four empires.
      Having completed a similar operation and provoked World War II, the States overcame the decades-long economic crisis and turned into a world superpower, simultaneously disrupting the British Empire.
      Having provoked the collapse of the USSR, the United States, without a single shot, received a raw materials appendage with a completely controlled elite, economy and resources. We didn’t even need to be bombed.
      Planting "controlled chaos" all over the planet, the States are preparing a new world war, which they expect to rise again, and at the same time topple competitors.
      They cannot be stopped. Better to destroy!
  34. Hemp
    Hemp 12 March 2013 22: 35
    Rather, they would have begun the restructuring - that would be fun! ...
  35. Orion
    Orion 12 March 2013 22: 53
    I would like to add that Gorbachev betrayed the interests of the country knowingly, that is, he was an agent of the United States
  36. suharev-52
    suharev-52 12 March 2013 23: 33
    I read the article with interest. I don’t agree with everything, but I mostly support it. I have no doubt that the world will face severe upheavals. How would you wait out all this for Russia with the least damage? I really want to, but I'm afraid it will not work. We are like a bone in the throat for the world behind the scenes. So men, it would not hurt just in case to prepare for disasters. Sincerely.
  37. ausguck
    ausguck 13 March 2013 00: 46
    For a long time and many times, all sorts of smart people among our enemies said that Russia cannot be defeated from the outside, it can only be destroyed from the inside ... that is why it is necessary to ruthlessly crush any pro-Western liberal agitators who sweetly broadcast to us about how good it will be for us to live under the control of a "civilized humanity "Only this can destroy our country. Remember the 90s, because they stopped at the edge of the abyss, just a little more and that's it. For Russia, there is no worse enemy than the fifth column inside, the rest, external ones, are not yet relevant ...
  38. kukuruzo
    kukuruzo 13 March 2013 01: 02
    the picture is super :) :) I’ll mark it separately !!
  39. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 13 March 2013 02: 37
    Quote: Atlon

    The article is undoubtedly a plus! And what Putin has done and will do for Russia, we will all understand much later ... And then many will be ashamed ...
    Recently the film was watched "Stalin with us". The parallels are there.

  40. greenx
    greenx 13 March 2013 02: 41
    check sdfsdfsdf
  41. Logician
    Logician 13 March 2013 02: 54
    time to collect stones ... they’re just very hot ... they don’t steal chestnuts from the fire !! negative
  42. Alex
    Alex 13 March 2013 04: 40
    To the author, of course, +. The trend has been noticed correctly, but do not forget that the United States has the most powerful army in the world, and it would be naive to think that at the critical moment they do not use it. It has long been known that the best cure for the crisis is world war. And if Obama does not have the guts to unleash it, then the same Rothschilds and the Rockefellers will find him a worthy replacement.
  43. andrei332809
    andrei332809 13 March 2013 05: 05
    The article is interesting. I won’t say anything about the economy of the USSR, I just remembered one interview. some economist told why the USSR bought grain over the hill. the cost of one loaf of bread was twenty rubles, and the state sold kopeks to the population at 20. the state compensated the remaining ruble from its pocket at the expense of these notorious oil tanks. and let someone say that the USSR did not care about people
  44. DAOSS
    DAOSS 13 March 2013 05: 22
    The article, in general, is not bad, but it smelled like patriotism and Putinism. It seems to me that articles on this topic should not be biased and one-sided, and here Putin’s too much chanting, and he also does not make an adult sound! One Serdyukov is worth it!
    In general, the article is another attempt to give out wishful thinking.
    The collapse of the states is not beneficial to anyone.
    For China, the main buyer and its collapse, without exaggeration, will lead to a disaster in China.
    For Russia, the collapse of the United States is also kapets, the states consume almost 30% of world oil and gas production. A drop in demand in the United States will bring prices down to $ 20-30 per barrel, and an ordinary Russian does not live very happily at $ 100 per barrel.
    I believe that the collapse of the United States (as if I did not want to) will not happen, but if suddenly this happens, then it will be a complete pipets to everyone !!! War. riots, anarchy, etc. 90s seem to us a golden era
  45. Town Guard
    Town Guard 13 March 2013 07: 20
    "Who of the former rulers of the USSR, after Stalin's death, did not fight the shadow of his former patron and blame common mistakes on him? Just about, such are monstrously few. There is no one to remember except Putin."
    I can not agree. I recall Brezhnev - although they say that stagnation, but my parents consider this time to be one of the best. Brezhnev was already old, but he was not a traitor, and besides, there was some restalization under him, whatever one may say. Maybe this was done in defiance of Khrushchev, or maybe, quite consciously, I don’t know. Khrushchev’s policy in this direction has been revised.
  46. Alex45
    Alex45 13 March 2013 07: 29
    The article leaves ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, a lot of things are written correctly, but if you look at the article as a whole, you get the feeling that the author has inserted a variety of different things into a self-sufficient and integral text. "irritants. " Putin, Gorbachev, Masons, Jews and even the shadow rulers of the world with genetic abnormalities - this is a set in which everyone will find a topic for themselves in order to argue, refute or support. Even from the commentary it is clear that many discuss and comment not on the article as a whole, but on the "irritants" that have most affected them. Why the author did this is not clear to me.
  47. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin 13 March 2013 07: 30
    It is clear that the most pot-bellied are in fact frail dystrophies, who keep afloat only due to the bickering of the whole world. The United States did not really play a special role in the world before World War II, but God gave us such a "partner"! The USSR was a counterweight to the West. He was gone, the balance was upset and the West went downhill. If the really marked did more, and ideally handed over the throne to someone wiser, then the United States would long ago have bitten a long tongue. But here, as they say, no luck. Now Putin is at the helm, and he certainly will not manage while intoxicated, such is the metaphor. The West has driven itself into the anal of history, so let it not squeal now that Russia is living better.
  48. Nesvet Nezar
    Nesvet Nezar 13 March 2013 07: 43
    Good article, only aggression is superfluous. And the fact that the main crowd is divided into polar opinions proves that it is a crowd, not a people. Everything will be fine.
  49. Atrix
    Atrix 13 March 2013 08: 22
    Are you still waiting for the collapse of the USA ??? Better go work for Russia to develop If the USA goes down, then Russia and the whole world will already be there.
    So write pseudo-patriots, and the world as it developed without your participation will continue to develop
  50. Egen
    Egen 13 March 2013 08: 40
    In general, everything is true, although the conclusions are not quite the same.
    But I did not like the juggling: VP Well done, Gorbi is bad. IMHO is not entirely ethical.
    Firstly, if you think that Gorbachev is bad, it’s good, and I also have an opinion about his negative role in history, but if you write about this, you need to argue. Despite all the above arguments, with which everyone (and I emphasize) agree, there are other facts, for example, an attempted coup in the 1st — on the contrary, they still supported Gorbachev! (not me, I emphasize again) And now, in hindsight, harassing all the excuses :( Then, he has long been a pensioner, and I still ultimately just feel sorry for him :(
    Secondly, in which VP is well done, we will see this for now, so far - from the above examples it is not visible.
    B-3, it is written incorrectly about oil and gas.

    "As Putin takes control of oil and gas flows from the Baltic-Black Sea arc to the Pacific Ocean, the US's chances of survival are becoming increasingly illusory."
    - where did you get that? I read that on the contrary, the share of the Russian Federation in the world market is declining (although it’s also an interesting point how to count - in money or barrels and at prices where :)), the world leader in coal export - Australia, the United States produces coal three times as much as the Russian Federation, and China - forgot, either 5 or 10 times more.
    It is written at all corners that the United States has already stopped importing gas in connection with the production of shale, and in five years it will begin intensive export.
    And so as you write to influence the market, you need to occupy a decent strategic place on it.
    A pipe is good, but it is only a means of logistics, expensive and non-universal. Another tool is LNG technology, it may not be cheaper, but it’s more universal.
    Then, on energy, the light did not converge, there are also all kinds of chemistry based on oil and gas - for example, mineral fertilizers. Already wrote about China - our entire RF could not satisfy the needs of only one small agricultural province in China in fertilizers. And also in other industries with which I came into contact I know for sure - tires and raw materials for them (caprolactam, cord), textile components, etc.
    Therefore, unfortunately, the Russian Federation, I hope so far, is not a very significant player in the world market, and you paint it like a little wrong :(