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Izhmash received a license for the development and production of ammunition

Izhmash received a license for the development and production of ammunition

Scientific and Production Association (NPO) "Izhmash" received a license from the Federal Service for Defense Order for the development, production and sale of ammunition.

As ITAR-TASS correspondent was told today by Izhmash’s press secretary, Elena Filatova, for 205-year-old history the largest weapon enterprise of Russia obtained such a license from Izhmash for the first time: before it did not manufacture or sell cartridges. The company will be able to develop and produce ammunition with a caliber of up to 30 mm, which will allow it to more effectively carry out development work on the creation of promising samples weapons civil and military purposes.

"Now Izhmash will not only be able to develop products for existing types of cartridges, but will also design entire rifle complexes of weapon-ammunition," said Vladimir Zlobin, chief designer of the enterprise.

The first to be developed and produced will be high-precision ammunition for sports and sniper weapons. At present, three rifle complexes are already under development at Izhmash, including a promising machine gun for the Russian Armed Forces AK-12.

"Izhmash" - the largest Russian manufacturer of automatic combat and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, as well as a wide range of civilian products - hunting rifles, sporting rifles, machine tools and tools. The company was founded in 1807. Izhmash products are shipped to 27 countries, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

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  1. crambol
    crambol 11 March 2013 17: 54
    The company will be able to develop and produce ammunition ...

    Now, if it put an end to iron sleeves ...
  2. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 11 March 2013 17: 55
    It looks like Izhmash was taken seriously, which pleases.
  3. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 11 March 2013 18: 22
    Well, the US has a "wildcat" cartridges that can be developed and produced in small quantities ... by anyone. Attention, the question is - who will always be ahead in the development of this kind of ammunition? You don't have to answer ...
    1. Region65
      Region65 12 March 2013 08: 46
      Well, if you consider that Saddam Barack Hussein Obama will still restrict the circulation of weapons in the US, then all these "anyone" will soon have to switch to agriculture or handicrafts.
      1. Mitzhel
        Mitzhel 12 March 2013 10: 41
        if we consider that in the United States the president is not a dictator but simply an elected official whose power is limited by Congress, the Senate and local laws of the States, then the developers and testers of their own cartridges are not in danger ... and even if the dreams of Obama and his fellow party members come true, then the limitation of the turnover of "assault weapons "at the federal level, there will be no relationship to patrons, to those who equip them and come up with a relationship.
  4. bemsy
    bemsy 11 March 2013 18: 26
    Fine. Now they themselves will have the quality standards of cartridges for themselves to provide.
  5. Recon
    Recon 11 March 2013 18: 44
    high-quality ammunition is very important. I, thank God, this did not happen, but the wedges and jammed sleeves at the most important moment, oddly enough, have a place to be. not at the shooting range, not at the shooting range. in the forest...
    APASUS 11 March 2013 18: 56
    It makes sense only for the release of a pair of weapons-ammunition.
    Just the release of cartridges will put other enterprises on a dry ration.
    1. Melchakov
      Melchakov 11 March 2013 19: 16
      Quote: APASUS
      will supply other enterprises

      It would be nice if these enterprises worked in one structure.
      1. Cpa
        Cpa 11 March 2013 19: 49
        Quote: Melchakov
        It would be nice if these enterprises worked in one structure.

        It is better to make two identical for competition.
        1. Romch
          Romch 11 March 2013 20: 25
          Beauty. IMHO
  7. Romch
    Romch 11 March 2013 20: 23
    We can do well both weapons and supplies, the bureaucracy is strangling.

    ORSIS T-5000 sniper rifle with a long barrel, caliber 7.62mm. The rifle is additionally fitted with a night monocular in front of the optical sight
    The results of firing from an ORSIS T-5000 rifle of .338 Lapua Magnum caliber at a range of 300 meters in the field, 4 shots.

    Caliber: 7,62x51 (.308 Win), .338 Lapua Magnum
    Type: Manual reload, longitudinally sliding rotary shutter
    Total length: no data.
    Barrel length: 610 mm
    Weight: From 5.6
    Magazine capacity: 5 or 10 rounds
    ORSIS T-5000 high-precision sniper rifles (ORSIS T-5000) are manufactured by the ORSIS arms factory of the Promtekhnologii industrial group, located in Moscow. Launched in May 2011, this plant is unique in its way to the Russian arms industry. This is a full-fledged high-tech production of full-cycle weapons, built at the expense of private investors under the guidance and with the active participation of shooters of the highest level. The enterprise is primarily focused on the civilian market of high-precision hunting and sporting weapons, however, in the ORSIS product line there are also specialized sniper systems designed for particularly accurate shooting at medium and long ranges. These rifles can be used both by special units of law enforcement agencies (FSB, FSO, Ministry of Internal Affairs), and specially trained army snipers.

    All ORSIS rifles are produced entirely by the enterprise itself, purchasing only raw materials from plastic suppliers (plastic, steel, bar stock in the form of a bar). Due to the widespread use of precision CNC machines, ORSIS rifles, based on one basic design, can have a wide variety of configurations. If we talk about ORSIS T-5000 sniper rifles (ORSIS T-5000), then these rifles are offered in two basic versions - with a standard bolt group under the cartridge .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 and with an extended bolt group under the cartridge .338 Lapua Magnum / 8.6 x71. In both calibers, ORSIS rifles in real field conditions provide a very high and stable accuracy of fire - less than 0,5 MOA, often of the order of 0,3 MOA or better. The practical range for .308 rifles is about 800 meters, for .338 rifles - up to 1500 meters.
    1. Passing
      Passing 11 March 2013 21: 06
      Quote: RomCH
      We can do well both weapons and supplies, the bureaucracy is strangling.

      First, ORSIS strangled Tsar Cannon with the help of bureaucracy, now the bureaucracy is strangling OSIS. Don't dig a hole for another ...
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 11 March 2013 21: 18
        As far as I remember, Tsar Cannon was stifled by Lobaev’s inability to switch from an individual to a small series, for which he was cursed by customers more than once or twice
        1. Passing
          Passing 11 March 2013 21: 40
          Ah, I caught up with the mating! Oh what a villain! Nobody drives a marriage in our military industrial complex, just like someone finds a marriage, they close it right away! And Izhmash was closed and the AMZ was closed, and even the RKK Enegia was closed ... And how many officials of their post were lost for the collapse of production, as the factory collapsed, they immediately kicked out of the post ... for promotion! am
          Sense to revoke a license? Makes a marriage, do not buy, what's the problem? If truly uncompetitive, he will go broke. What is the point of the state to artificially close the domestic producer? Maybe it will be correct, is there a chance ?!
          So I don’t believe in this canoe about the incorrigible podkudnik-bribe-taker Lobaev, the casket opens much easier, Rogozin’s son worked in ORSIS, for what kind of merit did the young guy immediately go to deputy director? Here dad and fulfilled the advance - underhandedly strangled a potential competitor.
          And in general, are you aware that Lobaev made the most accurate rifles in Russia? Although it would be piece samples. Someone was able to surpass him? That same ORSIS surpassed? Is this generally a state approach - kick out of the country one of the country's best gunsmiths? Or maybe it's just someone's selfish interest has become higher than the state?
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 11 March 2013 21: 47
            Yes. We live in an imperfect world. Nevertheless, the fact remains that at the initial stage a good producer, Lobaev began to produce a bad product
            1. bunta
              bunta 11 March 2013 23: 44
              Quote: Pimply
              being at the initial stage a good manufacturer, Lobaev began to produce a bad product

              He is the same victim as you, Pimpled. You are both products poisoned by Western philosophy. The philosopher infected with benchrest, suddenly decided that if he buys the best industrial equipment in the world, he will instantly conquer the market. I still had some doubts about its adequacy. But when I read Lobaev’s book, everything fell into place for me.
              1. Pimply
                Pimply 12 March 2013 15: 44
                How charming.
          2. Romch
            Romch 11 March 2013 21: 47
            Everything is correctly said, but I’m only for our production to be more, and the market itself will leave the strongest. It is nice to see the news of our, and not foreign, manufacturers. I also like what has been done completely by our manufacturer. And everywhere there is enough podkoverny fuss and sons of someone or relatives, and there are more and more of those icicles. IMHO wink
  8. volan
    volan 11 March 2013 21: 37
    Great news!
  9. Byordovvv1
    Byordovvv1 11 March 2013 22: 59
    Good news. Maybe the reduced military representatives will be returned.
    1. Passing
      Passing 11 March 2013 23: 31
      It is not necessary to return military representatives, but to cultivate REAL competition.
      The point in these military representatives? Who among them will "stand to death" in the way of hack-work? The wrong country, the wrong power, there will be no sense from this. And there will be another parasite with a grasping reflex, a bureaucrat feeding from his post. Even if a well-disguised principled person makes his way into this system and suddenly interferes with running a well-established business, he will be quickly thrown out of his post and replaced with a more "sane" person who will not hesitate to join the budget development scheme.
      1. Waroc
        Waroc 12 March 2013 12: 47
        In vain you are so about military representatives. Yes, the place of the military representative is quite desirable for work, but experienced officers have already served in such positions for more than a dozen years, they are not boys whom you can kick and never notice. At the enterprise, they have very great power - they can stop the acceptance of products at any time and you can’t argue with them very much. He worked at the workshop on Rostvertol a little at one time, and so there the military representative several times in my memory stopped the acceptance for a day or two just because the workplaces weren’t in order and the workers cleaned and cleaned the machines poorly and he absolutely I have the right for cleanliness and order in the workplace - is an element of the technological process, but what can we say then about more compelling reasons ??? And about their possible corruption - of course, anything can be under the moon in this world, but not a single military representative will go for serious violations because he is PERSONALLY responsible for the product he has taken - the documents have his name and signature, so he is a person under jurisdiction, if you want it - if you don’t want it, you’ll be outrageously principled and corrosive.
        Something like that ...
    2. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 11 March 2013 23: 32
      Already the shifts are beginning, only who wants to return back after being treated?
  10. fweadcSZ
    fweadcSZ 12 March 2013 00: 34
    It seems to be so bad, but no, we have to do worse. The authorities do not cease to amaze. This site just recently came across: where information about each of us has been posted publicly. I don’t know why to do this, but it personally scares me. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to delete my data, though I had to register, but no one could "dig up" anything on me.
  11. fzr1000
    fzr1000 12 March 2013 01: 25
    And what do we have with ammunition from 30 mm? Who's in the subject? What about "innovation and modernization" in a good way?
  12. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 12 March 2013 16: 41
    Rational decision. +