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Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (MSFV), Afghanistan

Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (MSFV), Afghanistan

The Mobile Strike Group (MSFV) vehicle is a new 4x4 armored vehicle specially developed by the American company Textron Marine & Land Systems for the Afghan National Army (ANA) under the US Army MSFV program.

The first 18 of the three variants produced by MSFV were sent to Afghanistan in November 2011. Before shipping, all three options were thoroughly tested at the Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) test site. The US Army began transferring MSFV to the ANA in February 2012. MSFVs are deployed in the ANA's rapid reaction force battalions.

Textron Systems employed seven Canadian companies to supply components for the MSFV program. These components were integrated into MSFV on a production line in Louisiana.

MSFV orders and shipments
In May 2011, Textron Marine & Land Systems entered into a full contract with the US Army for the supply of 240 MSFVs for the ANA. The contract also included the supply of related equipment, spare parts, field service and staff training. In March 2012, Textron Marine & Land Systems was awarded a contract for an additional 64 MSFVs for ANA. In April 2012, in accordance with the second part of the contract with the American army, another 65 MSFVs were delivered in all three modifications.

In June 2012, Textron Marine & Land Systems awarded a third contract with the US Army Command for the supply of 71 MSFVs to the Afghan National Army. The contract value was $ 79.2 million, and the deliveries themselves are scheduled to be completed by October 2013.

To date, Textron Marine & Land Systems has received orders for a total of 499 vehicles of the mobile strike group. Orders include testing MSFVs, and initial small-scale production.

Modifications of mobile shock group machines
MSFV is available in three versions, including an armored personnel carrier (MSFV) equipped with a standard turret with an 40-mm automatic grenade launcher / machine gun caliber 12.7-mm, BMP with a special gun protection kit (Objective Gunner Protection Kit, OGPK) and a highly passable version of a medical machine .

The United States plans to supply ANA 352 armored vehicles equipped with turrets, 142 armored vehicles with a special gunner protection kit and 23 medical machines.

Design features of armored vehicles
The design of the MSFV is based on the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) armored vehicles tested in combat conditions. Compared with its predecessor, the body was extended by about 0.6 meter.

The enlarged hull is capable of accommodating seven people, including four crew members, a driver, a gunner and a commander. The MSFV BTR variant with OGPK is capable of accommodating up to ten fighters.

The modified design provides increased internal volume and additional location of crew seats.

MSFV armament and protection
On the MSFV version with a standard turret, an 40-mm automatic grenade launcher / 12.7-mm machine gun and a smoke grenade launcher can be installed.

MSFV is equipped with an enhanced survivability kit (Enhanced Survivability, ES) that provides a high degree of driver and airborne protection. The kit includes slightly larger tires (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, HEMTT) with a redesigned axle. Big tires lift the car higher from the ground to increase survivability against mines and land mines.

Machines equipped with the ES kit retain the original V-shaped ASV case. This form increases survivability by deflecting the impact of a mine explosion from a machine. Equipped with turrets, MSFV variants can also be equipped with an additional mine sweep for operations in areas saturated with mines.

MSFV provides a higher level of ballistic protection than MRAP machines. The machine also has innovative design features that allow you to achieve a level of explosion protection like the MRAP.

Engine and mobility armored 4x4
MSFV is driven by a Cummins diesel engine and an automatic transmission. Suspension mounted on the car increases ground clearance by 0.2 meters relative to the base model M1117. To ensure high mobility and ride quality, the car has all-wheel drive and a central tire inflation system.

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  1. Mikhado
    Mikhado 11 March 2013 09: 20
    Another example of amerskoy system of saw-kickbacks. First, we will break everything at the next Papuans, then we will "rebuild" everything ten times - so the lards from the budget have settled for the necessary guys.
    Scale - Serdyukov weeps bitterly from resentment wink
    Let our overseas partners go the same course, PERSONALLY I do not need a strong USA.
    1. bask
      bask 11 March 2013 09: 51
      Yesterday about this armored car, the article was.
      Cadillac Gage ... new kemamo-composite armor. The geometry of the body has been changed. The level of ballistic and mine protection STANAG 10. It is used as a police armored car and tactical to guard and escort the columns. 150 units were built.
      1. Professor
        11 March 2013 10: 01
        Here you can find out more about the car:
        BTR Commando V-150 / V-150 Commando

        In the early 1960s, Cadillac Gage created a new armored personnel carrier, which was first introduced in 1963 under the designation V-1OO Commando. Chrysler's gasoline-powered car was successfully tested, and export-oriented serial production began the following year. However, with the outbreak of the Vietnam War, most of the new armored personnel carriers were supplied to the American troops to perform tasks of protecting various objects and escorting columns. But the gasoline engine was flammable, and even minor damage to the fuel system led to serious consequences.

        And here:
        BTR Commando V-100, M706 / Commando V-100, M706

        In the early 1960s, the BTR armored personnel carrier (V-100 Commando) B-100 Commando began to be developed, and in 1963 it was introduced. This machine was developed for export, and therefore, its design has great potential for flexible operational use. Reliability of operation and ease of maintenance were achieved through the use of components and assemblies of serial off-road trucks. BTR V-100 Commando (V-100 Commando) was offered in two versions - with an armored or open roof of the airborne squad and remote main armament. In the variant with an open airborne squad, the protection of the airborne assault was reduced and the cost of armored personnel carriers was reduced, but various weapons could be installed inside, for example, a mortar or a launcher of anti-tank guided missiles.
  2. Professor
    11 March 2013 10: 06
    My favorite modernization is Indonesian, if it's hot, I need air conditioning laughing :

  3. Vadivak
    Vadivak 11 March 2013 10: 19
    You will not say anything - traditions and school

    Chevrolet Т17Е1 (М4) Steghound. Two liquid-cooled carburetor engines "GMC" 270 with a total power of 208 hp. working volume 4428 cm3. Transmission - semi-automatic type Hydramatic, which included two four-speed gearboxes (4 + 1). Disconnecting drive of the front axle, as well as the movement of the armored car with one engine running. The fuel tank capacity was 340 liters. In addition, two external cylindrical fuel tanks with a capacity of 90 liters each were attached to the sides of the vehicle.
    The M6 ​​Staghound armored car is the heaviest of all used in World War II. The combat weight of this vehicle with a welded main body and a cast turret was 13,9 tons. In fact, it was a wheeled tank, similar in armament and mobility to the light Stuart. Ammunition 103 rounds 5250 rounds.
    Independent suspension on semi-elliptic leaf springs. Each suspension unit had a hydraulic shock absorber. Due to the use of an electro-hydraulic power steering Saginaw 580-DH-3, as well as hydraulic brakes Bendix-Hydrovac with a vacuum booster control of the fighting vehicle was no harder than a passenger car. On the highway, the armored car developed a speed of up to 88 km / h, easily overcame the ascent to 26 °, a wall 0,53 m high and ford up to 0,8 m deep.
  4. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 11 March 2013 10: 32
    Hmm ... well, plagiarism.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 11 March 2013 10: 43
      On the contrary. Rather, this BRDM is plagiarism. In the Soviet Union there was no side exit. Because there were additional wheels.
      1. Professor
        11 March 2013 10: 51
        I didn’t want to interfere, but ...
        The bourgeois was officially patented in 1962, in 1963 a prototype was made, and in 1964 put into service. Soviet, of course, was not patented anywhere and was adopted (naturally, subject to all secrecy measures) in the year 1962. IMHO no one stole from anyone.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 11 March 2013 11: 19
          The photograph is not adopted by the BRDM-2. The photograph shows a much later post-Soviet modification. Remade many, Ukrainians, Poles, ours. The total in these alterations was one - removed additional wheels and installed side hatches
          1. cth; fyn
            cth; fyn 11 March 2013 11: 49
            So the BRDM-2 was adopted and in Grozny it did not prove itself badly, maybe you had in mind the very modification that you didn’t accept in the picture, then express yourself more specifically.
            1. Lopatov
              Lopatov 11 March 2013 12: 00
              The one in the picture is generally a Ukrainian fake.

              On the Soviet BRDM-2, additional wheels with an extension mechanism are installed
              1. cth; fyn
                cth; fyn 11 March 2013 12: 27
                Not fake, but alteration i.e. modernization.
                1. Lopatov
                  Lopatov 11 March 2013 12: 38
                  Modernization that reduces the characteristics of the original sample? Does this happen?
                  1. bask
                    bask 11 March 2013 17: 13
                    Quote: Spade

                    Modernization that reduces the characteristics of the original sample? Does this happen?

                    Codillac Gage M1117 AVS Texton ,, Not an upgrade to Commando100 / 150/200 ... In its purest form, this is a completely new machine, re-created. With a V-shaped body and multi-layer armor.
                    In 2012, there was a modification of AVS.
                    Commando MSFV (Select, Utilitu, Elite With even more armor and survivability during explosions.
                    [media = http: // forumID = 2401]
                    M 1117 ASV.

                    M 1117 Guardian

  5. Lopatov
    Lopatov 11 March 2013 10: 49
    SW Professor, heard on the basis of M1117 created machines of advanced artillery and air observers. Do you know anything about this?
    1. Professor
      11 March 2013 11: 02
      Tell the truth. There is such a machine.

      How many of them and where are in service is not yet clear. By the way, the level of ballistic and mine protection STANAG 1.

      There is such an option

      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 11 March 2013 11: 28
        Thank. According to the second option, they put these masts on the commander’s MRAPs. So this is hardly an advanced machine
        1. Professor
          11 March 2013 12: 00
          The first car is called Commando advancedsecond Commando elite. They do not differ significantly (mass, protection ...) and both serve as the basis for reconnaissance vehicles.


          This mast contains an optoelectronic day / night surveillance system (thermal imager), and sometimes a radar.
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov 11 March 2013 12: 20
            Thank. I was just somewhat strained by such a powerful combat module.
            1. Professor
              11 March 2013 12: 22
              Duc battle intelligence however. wink Found a tank and burned it with an ATGM ... bully
              1. Lopatov
                Lopatov 11 March 2013 12: 33
                That's just to ensure that the crew didn’t want to burn anything, they try not to install anything more than a rifle caliber machine gun.
          2. bask
            bask 11 March 2013 19: 05
            FENNEK-2. Issued by KMW
            Weight 5.0 to 24 tons, depending on the task and configuration. 4/4 .6 / 6.
            length 5.0 m, width 2.5 m, crew of 3-6 people.
        2. bask
          bask 11 March 2013 18: 57
          German anagol BRM FENNEN. KMV is produced, 613 units are built.
          Weight is 12 tons, length is 5.5, width is 2.5, HEIGHT is 1.79.
          4.4. Turning radius 13 m. Mine and ballistic protection STANAG 2
          MTO in the stern, diesel 300 l / s /. stock of stroke-1 cells. Autonomously 1000 days. There are 3 applications.
          1.FENNEK is an intelligence machine.

          2.FENNEK - transporter, PRTRK

          3.FENNEL - command vehicle.

          4FENNEK MACHINE - target designator, for artillery

          5.FENNEK-JFST - Injection laser illumination for aircraft

          7. tactical armored car SW.TACP

  6. Rim-roev
    Rim-roev 11 March 2013 14: 06
    Cool technology, Americans well done.
  7. rubber_duck
    rubber_duck 11 March 2013 19: 00
    Mobile Shock Force Vehicle (MSFV) is a new armored vehicle

    Yeah, new ... He will soon be fifty kopecks, if not already. negative
  8. fweadcSZ
    fweadcSZ 12 March 2013 00: 39
    It seems to be so bad, but no, we have to do worse. The authorities do not cease to amaze. This site just recently came across: where information about each of us has been posted publicly. I don’t know why to do this, but it personally scares me. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to delete my data, though I had to register, but no one could "dig up" anything on me.